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Each week hear from the people behind your favourite podcasts, how they started out, their ups and downs, what they have learned and the process behind how they make their show.So if you have a podcast of your own, or even if you just dream about doing one, check out Behind The Podcast, An Australian Podcast Awards and DM Podcasts production.
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The Late Night Exodus Continues, Joe Rogan's looming decision, Insights Podcast by SBS, The Directors Commentary is Back! & Jules and Stocks 'Best of the Year' list

This week has Stocks post swim and Jules sipping Scotch by the fire, as they tuck into the biggest Podcasting stories of the week. Plus, we find out the surprising news that Jules is a genuine MAFS fan and the guys give us their 'best podcasts of the year' lists. Mentioned this week: [02:21] James Corden strikes deal for new podcast with SiriusXM [05:07] Trevor Noah is NOT going to create an echo chamber [06:51] Joe Rogan's big Spofify Decision [14:04] SBS Insight to get its own podcast [15:08] Directors rewatch their films [18:17] The Economist Goes Behind a Paywall Recommendations: Stocks and Jules Best Podcasts of the Year NEWS (S) The Rest is Politics (S) This Week on the Internet (J) Podlitical  KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATION (S) Acquired ENTERTAINMENT (S) Culture Club (S) Mamamia Out Loud (S) The Watch (J) Search Engine (J) The Drop with Osman Faruqi SPORT (S) 6 Trophies (S) No Laying Up (J) The Pool Room with Tony Armstrong  (J) Owned with Rex Chapman TRUE CRIME/ SCRIPTED (S) Sherlock and Co (J) Scamanda  (J) The Kinahans  GUILTY PLEASURE (S) Heavy Hands (J) McCartney: A Life in Lyrics Contact Jules and Stocks and follow BTP on Instagram HERESee for privacy information.
11/8/202338 minutes, 46 seconds
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Britney Gets Toxic On Audio, It’s All in the Detail on TikTok, Wonderful Wondery & BTP’s Podcast Blacklist

This week it's coffee for Stocks and red wine for Jules as they settle in for a long chat about the state of play in podcasting this week (with a small side of NBA musings). Brittany has been on high rotation for Stocks, we get inside info on how TikTok is taking on YouTube and the lads get fired up about what not to put on your 'best of' end of year podcasting lists.  Mentioned this week: [03:16] The Brittany Spears Audiobook (find on Spotify Premium) and the meme that has gone viral from it. [08:11] This app is making podcasts more TikTokable [15:15] Why Wondery is so successful [22:08] Fair Enough on Nan's Favourites on how they were cancelled by Spotify [23:07] What is the Optimal Number of Ads in an Audio Ad Break? [25:25] Don't put these podcasts on your end of year lists. Just don't. Recommended: Audiobook: The Moon's a Balloon David Niven Nan's Fav's -  Ep 28 Lachlan Fairbairn: Getting His Podcast Cancelled.   Contact Behind the Podcast and follow BTP HERESee for privacy information.
11/1/202332 minutes, 35 seconds
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Mia Khalifa Exposed, Jon Stewart Gets Dropped, Apple is Selling Ads, Wondery Going Fast on Amazon, Suge Nite From Behind Bars, Spotify Break Even & Serial Back in Your Feed

As Jules settles in to Scottish life and a reduction in sunlight, Stocks prepares to jump on the Fast TV train. This week the pair discuss some big new podcasts on the way and the most significant podcast new of the week, including Apple's change in download data collection and Spotify's promising financial outlook. Mentioned this week: [02:20] Mia Khalifa ‘dropped from Playboy podcasting deal’ after Israel-Palestine comments [05:27] Jon Stewarts Show on Apple is Ending [07:47] Apple considers selling ads on original shows [09:33] Apple’s latest iOS update could have a big impact on podcast downloads [11:39] Wondery launches three podcast FAST channels on Amazon Freevee [15:35] Suge Knight Launching ‘Collect Calls’ Podcast From Prison [18:43] Spotify Reports Second Quarter 2023 Earnings Podcasts to Look Out For: WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker to launch podcast The latest from the makers of Serial - The Kids of Rutherford County Contact Behind the Podcast and follow BTP HERESee for privacy information.
10/26/202323 minutes, 8 seconds
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A Behind The Podcast Exclusive with Spotify's Prithi Dey

With Jules still settling into his new digs in Scotland, Stocks grabs the reins and brings in Spotify's Content Partnership Lead, Prithi Dey for a chat all things 'Big Green'. If you're a podcast creator who wants to know how to get noticed and hear what genres are trending on Spotify this episode is for you. Podcast Recommendations and Mentions: Sweet Bobby Serial Endless Thread RadioLab Today in Focus The Daily Prithi's guilty pleasure listen - Toni & Ryan Conviction Children in the Pictures Find Prithi on Instagram, LinkedIn and email the Spotify team HERE Contact Behind the Podcast and follow BTP HERESee for privacy information.
10/19/202334 minutes, 22 seconds
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The podcasting fallout continues, Pushkin and The Athletic consolidated for growth, The portable studio is Here, The new AI Helping Polish Your Pods & Spotify’s Expanded Audio Universe

The intercontinental eepisodes of Behind The Podcast have begun, as Jules settles into a cold attic somewhere in the hills of Scotland for the foreseeable future. This week Jules and Stocks discuss the continuing fallout of podcast consolidation, some exciting new podcasting tech, the strategic move to offer audiobooks by Spotify and more. [00:47] Podcasting’s fallout continues,  Pushkin restructures - job losses, The Athletic cuts down on Sports podcasts [08:26] Keet: the future of podcasting with P2P innovation powered by Tether [12:42] This New Portable Studio From Austrian Audio Makes Great Podcasting And Recording Simple [16:12] AI making it easier for podcasters to sound more polished  [17:57] As podcasting grows so does co-listening [20:34] Spotify is giving paid subscribers 15 hours of audiobook listening per month Recommendations this month: The Rewatchables: ‘Toy Soldiers’ With Bill Simmons and Kyle Brandt The Voice Podcasts: The Squiz The Daily Aus The Guardian Podcast  The Voice Referendum Explained - ABC Listen Contact Behind the Podcast and follow BTP HERE  See for privacy information.
10/11/202329 minutes, 45 seconds
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A Podcast Super Consumer and BTP Superfan Joins the Show

This week in the pod-cave Jules and Stocks invite an avid listener of BTP to wax lyrical about all things podcasts. Super-fan, Jimmy Mack, joins Stocks and Jules to chat about discovery, their favourite podcasts and their consumption habits. For all things Behind the Podcast follow BTP on Instagram and get in touch with us at [email protected]  Produced by DM PodcastsSee for privacy information.
10/4/202316 minutes
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Apple Becomes Your All-In-One Destination for Audio, The Rise of the Call Her Daddy Empire, Spotify AI Making You A Multi-Lingual Superstar & The Kast Fallout Continues

It's a sad day in the studio today as Jules and Stocks enjoy the last face-to-face episode before Jules packs a haggis into his sporran and moves to Scotland. Today the lads chat about the latest tech developments, biggest movements and most interesting players in the ever-changing world of podcasting. Mentioned this week: [01:25] Apple becomes your all-in-one destination for audio  [04:00] Podcasting’s No. 1 Agent Now Copes With Crash of Market He Hyped [12:44] Spotify using AI to imitate podcast hosts’ voices in different languages [17:35] Meghan Markle Bids Adieu To 'Archetypes' Podcast, Withdraws Trademark Request [19:21] Sarah Silverman signs with Lemonada - leaving Kast For all things Behind the Podcast follow BTP on Instagram and get in touch with us at [email protected]  Produced by DM PodcastsSee for privacy information.
9/28/202320 minutes, 40 seconds
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36. Who Runs the World - Girls? Where Are We Going? Podcasts take Flight and Spotify in Damage Control

In this week's edition of 'not your average podcast about podcasts' - Jules and Stocks discuss the latest from podcasting powerhouse Mamamia, Future podcasting forecasts, Podcasts appearing on in-flight channels and Spotify's talk circuit of damage control. Mentioned this week: [00:44] Mamamia Upfront Shows the Econonic Power of Women [08:08] Podcasting: Recent trends and future goals #RDA23 [13:57] Podcasts on Delta Airlines as Tweeted by @AlbanBrooke [19:36] Spotify CFO Touts AI DJ, Podcasting “Evolution”: “We Are Signing Deals Differently Producer Mandy's recommendation: Revisionist History: Doctors, Guns and Money  See for privacy information.
9/14/202325 minutes, 11 seconds
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35. Strike Force 5 Pod For the Writers, Spotify Bet Big on Podcasts But Will It Pay Off & How Much is Too Much Podcasting?

A lubricated Stocks and a determinedly abstinent Jules bring you the hottest news from the podcast world, including the new (old) kids on the block and Spotify's big risky podcast gamble. Mentioned this week: Late-Night Hosts Switch To Podcasting To Fund Out-Of-Work Staff Spotify’s $1 Billion Podcast Bet Turns Into a Serial Drama Spotify is reportedly limiting ad payouts for white noise podcasters The nonstop podcast listeners are on to something For all things Behind the Podcast follow BTP on Instagram and get in touch with us at [email protected]  Produced by DM PodcastsSee for privacy information.
9/7/202326 minutes, 16 seconds
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Last Voyage of the Pong Su - Richard Baker

Richard Baker is one of Australia's finest investigative journalists and podcasters for Fairfax.He gives great insights into his 'Golden Rules' for making series like The Last Voyage of the Pong Su, Phoebe's Fall and Wrong Skin.The Last Voyage of the Pong Su was nominated for Best True Crime Podcast at the Australian Podcast AwardsFollow Richard on TwitterRichard listens too these podcastsScript NotesThe DailyABC Cricket CoverageBehind The Podcast, brought to you by the Australian Podcast Awards and is created by DM PodcastsSee for privacy information.
1/19/202142 minutes, 33 seconds