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BEEF with Bridget Todd

English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 41 episodes, 1 day, 2 hours, 27 minutes
BEEF is an original scripted non-fiction storytelling podcast where Business Wars meets pop culture history.Award-winning host Bridget Todd tells the stories of legends in their fields and how they tried to stomp out their competition only to find that their enemies become the driving force behind their success, ultimately changing the world as we know it.
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Vote for Beef in the 2023 Signal Awards!

The Beef team is honored to be named as finalists for Best Writing, Best Emerging Podcast and Best Host in the 2023 Signal Awards. Check the show notes to learn how to vote! Voting is open until October 5th. Go to to cast your ballot! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Introducing...In The Cards: Episode 1 - “The Meaning of Toast”

Gil visits a psychic after Lex asserts he has the worst luck of any person he’s ever met. Nadya, the beautiful psychic, isn’t exactly truthful about what she sees in Gil’s tarot spread. Later, after attending a college philosophy class, Gil has serious doubts about his standing in the universal order. “IN THE CARDS”, was written and directed by KEVIN HENDERSON. Cast: CONNOR RATLIFF as GIL STEVEN BOYER as LEX LAILA ROBINS as BELLA JAMIE ANN ROMERO as NADYA CHUKWUDI IWUJI as PROFESSOR PETER TOWERS ROBERT CUCCIOLI as JIM JOANNA GLUSHAK as CATHERINE CORKER, HELGA and OTHERS MAHRI SANDOVAL as CLEA and OTHERS CHRIS HENRY COFFEY as BRYSON and OTHERS NANCY RODRIGUEZ as MONICA and OTHERS DELPHI HARRINGTON as MRS. TASSIOPOULOS and OTHERS MICHAEL GOODFRIEND as ROBERT and OTHERS ADDITIONAL VOICES performed by: AMY MALLOY GIGI HENDERSON DECLAN HENDERSON ADAMARIS GUTIERREZ …and COURTNEY ROSEMONT   Casting by THE TELSEY OFFICE: KARYN CASL, CSA.   Original Music Composition, Sound Design and Mix by SHANE RETTIG. Sound engineering by SADAHARU YAGI. Mix Engineer and Dialogue Editor: LARRY WALSH and ROBERT McNABB. Podcast Mastering by GREG CORTEZ at New Monkey Studio. Coordinating Producer: TRANSCEND STREAMING (KYRA BOWIE and LEANNA KEYES). Executive Producer: MICHAEL GOODFRIEND.   The Managing Director of Business Operations and Partnerships at Next Chapter Podcasts is SALLYCADE HOLMES.   Special thanks to Jeff Talbott, Mike Mariano and Tallula Henderson    “IN THE CARDS” is produced by NEXT CHAPTER PODCASTS and is made possible by the generous support of THE HITZ FOUNDATION. Visit for more about the series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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