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English, Christianity, 3 seasons, 301 episodes, 4 days 8 hours 19 minutes
Relationships and sexuality are areas of life that can be beautiful or confusing, life-giving, or painful. Becoming Whole is a conversational podcast for men, women, and families seeking to draw nearer to Jesus as they navigate topics like sexual integrity, relational healing, spiritual health, and so much more.
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This Is Actually Pointing to That

Embark on a profound journey with us to understand how our deepest physical desires mirror an intrinsic longing for spiritual union. Our latest conversation unravels the mystery behind our sexuality, guiding you to discover how the yearning for intimacy transcends mere human connection and points toward communion with God. Throughout this episode, we discuss the sacredness of our bodies and the divine intention in our design. This isn't just about understanding our physical impulses—it's about aligning them with a higher purpose and walking the path towards sexual integrity and ultimately, a life that glorifies God. Want us to talk about a specific topic? Change up the format, or just tell us the podcast rocks! We want your feedback on Becoming Whole. You can leave your feedback hereIf you are in the Baltimore Area, Regeneration
20/02/202413 minutes 59 seconds
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When You're Afraid To Tell Your Wife the Truth, Part 3 - Healthy Check-Ins

Embark with us on an intimate expedition into the dynamics of healing after the storm of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. As we unravel the threads of recovery dialogue between partners, we&apos;ll equip you with the strategies for conducting meaningful check-ins charting a course through the rough waters of rebuilding trust. In a space set apart from the everyday, you’ll discover how to foster transparency without oversharing, balance reassurance with accountability, and navigate the delicate dance of communication that is both honest and compassionate. Let this episode be a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a renewed partnership grounded in understanding and shared growth. Want us to talk about a specific topic? Change up the format, or just tell us the podcast rocks! We want your feedback on Becoming Whole. You can <a href='
07/02/202417 minutes 54 seconds
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When You're Afraid to Tell Your Wife the Whole Truth, Part 2 - Her Trauma

 In the previous episode, we delved into the delicate topic of how to address disclosing sexual sins to your spouse when fear and relational brokenness come into play. We discussed the importance of working through your own fears and the impact of relational brokenness on your perception. Today, we&apos;ll explore the trauma experienced by the spouse on the receiving end of such revelations. We&apos;ll address the concept of betrayal trauma and its profound impact on a spouse&apos;s sense of reality and trust. We&apos;ll also touch on the process of disclosure and the vital role of being an ally in each other&apos;s healing journeys. Join us as we navigate the complexities of honesty, trust, and healing within marriages affected by sexual brokenness. Want us to talk about a specific topic? Change up the format, or just tell us the podcast rocks! We want your feedback on Becoming Whole. You ca
30/01/202412 minutes 18 seconds
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When You're Afraid to Tell Your Spouse the Whole Truth, Part 1 - Your Fear

Welcome to Becoming Whole Audio, where we provide insight and guidance on sexual integrity and wholeness. In this episode,  host Josh Glaser delves into the delicate topic of disclosing unwanted sexual behavior to a spouse. He responds to a listener&apos;s question about how much should be shared with a spouse, particularly when they have already disclosed some details and encountered negative reactions. Josh explores the importance of trust, the impact of secrets on recovery, and the role of truth in healing relationships. The episode is the first of a three-part series, offering a compassionate and practical perspective on navigating this challenging aspect of recovery. Join us as we delve into difficult but crucial conversations for the journey towards wholeness. Want us to talk about a specific topic? Change up the format, or just tell us the podcast rocks! We want your feedback on Becomi
23/01/202414 minutes 11 seconds
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Sexual Integrity and Healing

Growing up in the shadow of my parents&apos; divorce, I found myself seeking validation in all the wrong places. As we unravel the threads of childhood wounds and their influence on adult behaviors, particularly sexual integrity, this episode is a candid reflection on the often unconscious quest for self-worth. We discuss the intricate process of healing memories and the profound impact this journey can have on our lives, looking closely at how negative experiences and familial relationships can lead to sexual compulsions. I open up about my personal battles and how the false comfort of pornography briefly masked a deeper need for love and acceptance, emphasizing the importance of addressing these underlying issues for a healthier, more authentic self.This series culminates with a powerful invitation to bless our past hurts with the Lord&apos;s presence. We talk about the importance of replacing the harmful voices of yesterday with the truth and blessing of our C
16/01/202414 minutes 19 seconds
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Story Work - Part 2

What does it mean to feel stuck in unwanted sexual behavior, and how does our personal anger factor into the equation? This very question is what we are unpacking in this episode with our guest Aaron Tagert. We walk with you through the profound insights of Jay Stringer, aiming to shed light on the six core experiences that characterize these struggles: deprivation, dissociation, unconscious arousal, futility, lust, and anger. In the midst of these conversations, Aaron urges us to gently examine our own experiences, inviting us to engage with our patterns through a lens of curiosity and compassion.Furthermore, Aaron introduces an exciting upcoming resource, a tailored coaching group for men on the journey toward understanding their sexual struggles. Over the course of eight intensive weeks, participants are guided to explore their stories within a faith-filled and supportive community. This group is not just about identifying participants&apos; struggle
21/11/202319 minutes 31 seconds
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Story Work - Part 1

What if we told you that exploring your past could be the key to unlocking your sexual wholeness and integrity? This episode is a powerful exploration of understanding sexual brokenness and the path toward healing. Join our riveting conversation with Aaron Tagert, a seasoned coach at Regeneration, as we dissect the insights from Jay Stringer&apos;s thought-provoking book, Unwanted. We&apos;ll confront our family dynamics, the effects of abandonment and enmeshment, and the pivotal role curiosity plays in this journey. Story work, as you&apos;ll discover, can offer profound insights into our lives, habits, and patterns of brokenness.Ever wondered why we remain stuck in patterns of sexual brokenness and how we can liberate ourselves? Our guest, Aaron Tagert, brings his expertise to the table, illustrating God&apos;s care for our past and His invitation to participate in our healing process. Together, we&apos;ll probe into addressing sexual temptation
14/11/202316 minutes 2 seconds
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3 Legs of the Journey to Sexual Integrity

Are you ready to step up and take control of your sexual integrity? This episode will equip you with a blueprint to do just that. We journey into the first leg of this process - managing patterns and creating boundaries to shield ourselves from behaviors that lead us astray. From identifying your triggers to setting up filters, blocks, and time limits, we’ll guide you through creating yellow line and guardrail boundaries - a potent double barrier to ward off temptation.Then  we take a deep dive into the art of engaging in healthy relationships, the second leg of your journey to sexual integrity. We share invaluable insights on regulating your emotions and addressing pain in healthier ways instead of retreating to old sexual behaviors. This conversation is more than just about sexual integrity; it&apos;s a call to engage life as an adult, leaving behind the wounded child within. This episode is a transformative exploration into creating healthy boun
07/11/202315 minutes 48 seconds
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Does the Enemy Really Want You to Have Fun?

Imagine a cunning enemy, a cloaked figure weaving a grand illusion, promising sweet pleasures and enticing favors. But beneath the guise, he&apos;s a true enslaver, pulling you into a web spun from deceptions and false promises. That&apos;s Satan for you – not the fun uncle he pretends to be but a true master of disguise. Through an exciting exploration of biblical stories and fairy tales, we unmask his cunning strategies, drawing parallels from Jesus&apos;s temptation in the desert and the Little Mermaid&apos;s tale. It&apos;s an opportunity to gaze through the looking glass, to see beyond the allure of temporary pleasure, and to recognize the chains that come with it.As we step into the second part of our journey, we encounter a liberating alternative - Jesus, the essence of true freedom and the power to resist temptation. Serving Him doesn&apos;t lead to enslavement but to authentic liberty. And so, we arrive at the crucial crossroads: whom will you serve? Wil
31/10/202311 minutes 18 seconds
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Down the Rabbit Hole: Navigating the Joys and Pitfalls of the Internet Era

Picture you&apos;re a 14-year-old growing up in the digital age, with a universe of information at your fingertips - thrilling, isn&apos;t it? That&apos;s the world my son and I explore in this honest chat, scrutinizing the marvels and the perils of the internet era. We dive into the advantages, like the ease of satisfying curiosity or troubleshooting issues, and the pitfalls, like the danger of sliding into a rabbit hole of misinformation. We even share personal anecdotes about treading the thin line between leveraging this tool and getting consumed by it. Consider this: have you ever sought the assistance of the internet to satisfy your deepest desires? We also discuss this sensitive subject, debating the temptation to utilize the internet as the ultimate problem solver for our soul&apos;s longings. We navigate this complex landscape together, underlining the peril of using the internet for something only God can truly offer - eternal satisfactio
24/10/202310 minutes 2 seconds
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Understanding the Root Issues Behind our Behaviors

Have you ever wondered why we keep producing &apos;bad fruit&apos; in our lives? What if the key to addressing these issues is not just to pluck them away, but to trace them back to their roots? Let&apos;s journey together through an exploration of life&apos;s root issues, inspired by Jesus&apos; saying that a healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit. We&apos;ll discuss how to acknowledge our condition without shame or isolation, and how to seek guidance from Jesus. In our deep dive, we&apos;ll also reflect on how Jesus promises liberation from the corruption that taints our world. Together, we&apos;ll learn how to identify the bad fruit in our lives and lean on Jesus for healing and transformation. Echoing Brother Lawrence&apos;s wisdom in &apos;Practicing the Presence of God&apos;, we&apos;ll learn to trust Jesus, embrace our shortcomings, and seek His help to change. This is a powerful reminder that we&apos;re not alone in this journey. <br/
17/10/202311 minutes 58 seconds
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Examining the Theological Implications of Pornography

What if there&apos;s more to our bodies than what meets the eye in the world of pornography?Engage with us in this eye-opening conversation as we expose the profound distortions in the portrayal of human bodies and sexuality in pornography.We dig into the theological implications, examining the chasm between the demeaning images presented in adult content and the divine design of our bodies.We&apos;ve discovered a troubling narrative, where male strength and genitalia are associated with power, control, and selfish pleasure, while a woman&apos;s body is reduced to an object of arousal, devoid of its divine essence.Witness as we unravel the dark underbelly of pornography, where God&apos;s beautiful design for the human body is twisted and distorted for superficial satisfaction.We dissect the stark contrasts between this distortion and the tenderness, nourishment, and nurturing associated with God&apos;s love.Pornography may
10/10/202313 minutes 38 seconds
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Theology of the Body: Discovering How Pornography Distorts God's Sacred Design

Prepare to be enlightened about the intriguing interplay between theology, our bodies, and sexuality.Ever wondered how our bodies reflect the divine image?Strap in and get set to unlock the enigmas behind theology of the body.We journey together, investigating the divine design of male and female, the sacredness in our roles as parents, and our destiny as human beings.We delve into the profound symbolism embedded in marital union, pregnancy, and even a woman&apos;s labor pain as a mirror of Christ&apos;s suffering on the Cross. Hold onto your seats as we take an unexpected turn and venture into the theology of pornography. Gasp at the stark contrast it poses against the divine blueprint of our bodies. We scrutinize the messages pornography conveys about God and his creation.Stay tuned for our next episode as we continue this captivating conversation and strive to reconcile these contrasting ideologies. Want us to tal
03/10/202310 minutes 59 seconds
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The Spell of Cultural Language: Navigating the Confusion of Our Sexually Dark Age

Language wields more power than we often consider, particularly when it comes to sexuality.As we&apos;ve noticed, the words we use to discuss topics like abortion - &apos;pro-life&apos; and &apos;pro-choice&apos; - carry substantial weight and can reveal underlying worldviews. We&apos;ve also seen a fascinating evolution in how society talks about gender transitioning, shifting from &apos;sex change operation&apos; to &apos;gender reassignment surgery&apos;, and now, &apos;gender confirmation surgery&apos;.So, we&apos;re going to delve into these linguistic nuances and explore how changing terms reflect changing societal attitudes.But it&apos;s not just about linguistics.The conversation takes a deeper turn as we consider the very foundation of our understanding of gender and sexuality. In a world that has seemingly redefined these terms without concrete scientific proof, it&apos;s important to approach this discussion with compassio
26/09/202315 minutes 6 seconds
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Unlocking Sexual Integrity Through the Power of Your Words

Ever wondered how the words we whisper, speak, or shout can shape our reality, particularly in our pursuit of sexual integrity?Prepare to expand your understanding as we delve into the astounding power of language - both God&apos;s and our own. Drawing from scripture, we explore how words can either propel us towards or pull us away from our quest.Ready to use this powerful tool to move forward on your journey to sexual integrity? Join us as we unravel this intriguing concept.Ever stopped to consider the transformative effect of God&apos;s mercy and forgiveness in your life, especially in the context of sexual integrity?Let&apos;s make sense of it together.By precisely identifying our sins and acknowledging the need for God&apos;s mercy, we reveal a path for profound change. We&apos;ll also discuss the purpose of God&apos;s commands, shifting focus from restriction to protection, and emphasizing the immense love behind them.<br/
19/09/202317 minutes 55 seconds
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Becoming Someone More: We Are More Than Our Sexual Addictions

This episode is not just a guide, it is an invitation to transformation, to becoming more like God in every aspect of your life.Imagine giving up unwanted sexual behavior, not just in the sense of refraining from certain acts, but in the transformative way that helps you align closer with God&apos;s design for your sexuality.This episode takes you on that enlightening journey, shedding light on how to not just become a non-entity, but how to recognize the goodness within yourself.We discuss how our sexuality is a good gift to God, to others, and especially to our spouses and children.We tackle the challenges of sexual sin and how the enemy exploits our vulnerabilities, prompting us to look beyond the act of leaving something behind and instead becoming someone fuller and more in tune with God&apos;s plan.Venture with us as we discuss the concept of self-giving love and how it plays a crucial role in our journey to wholeness. We discu
12/09/202311 minutes 36 seconds
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Seeing Through Porn’s Illusions

Let&apos;s pulls back the curtain on pornography and explore the truth about the men and women involved in the industry. We often see these individuals as people who simply love money and sex, but the reality is far more complex.Through real-life testimonies and research, we discover that those in the porn industry may be dealing with addiction, desperation, past abuse, and various other factors.Josh encourages us to see beyond the facade and recognize these individuals as whole people with hearts, souls, and families.By shifting our perspective, we can resist the harmful allure of viewing others as sex objects and find true joy in relating to one another.Join us as we uncover the truth about pornography and how it impacts our perception of those involved.The importance of seeing people instead of sex objects- Lust vs love- Recognizing people as individuals- Changing perception and treatment of others<
05/09/202317 minutes 18 seconds
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Battling Cultural Expectations: The Challenge of Vulnerability for Men in Society

Are you hiding parts of yourself out of fear or shame, most notably in relation to sexual sins and insecurities? You&apos;re not alone.We&apos;ll venture back to the Garden of Eden, exploring the original concept of being &apos;naked and unashamed&apos;, and how our perception of vulnerability has been distorted since sin became part of our world.This episode serves as a sanctuary to inspect our fears, acknowledging that it&apos;s normal to feel endangered as we expose our truest selves, and how experiences of shame often amplify this apprehension.Trusting in societal norms that equate strength with solitude can lead us astray. In fact, we challenge the misconception that the &apos;better&apos; you are, the less you need others.Instead, we promote interdependence and community, asserting that the healthiest, most attractive, and godly among us are those integrated individuals who are not afraid to reveal their true selves to reliable
29/08/202311 minutes 20 seconds
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Navigating the Intersection of Spiritual Needs and Human Desires

Have you ever paused to consider that our sexual desires are essentially a longing for God&apos;s presence?In our enlightening conversation, we unearth the profound connection between our physical desires and our spiritual hunger.We discuss the concept that temptations, such as pornography and other sexual behaviors, are not mere urges but indicators of a deeper yearning for God.What if our sexual integrity is intertwined with understanding these signals and aligning them with God&apos;s design for sexuality? Shame plays a significant role in our lives, shaping our actions and choices. But instead of labeling ourselves negatively, we shift our perspective.We unveil how our temptations are born from a thirst for God&apos;s goodness. We delve into our human needs for comfort, power, tenderness, and pleasure, and discuss how to harmonize them with our spiritual needs.Our discussion aims to guide you through this sensitive topi
22/08/202311 minutes 43 seconds
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Beyond the Label: Exploring the Pros and Cons of Identifying as a Sex Addict

Can calling oneself a &apos;sex addict&apos; serve as a stepping stone toward healing, or does it become a stumbling block on the path to sexual wholeness?Join me, Josh Glazer, in an intense exploration of this provocative subject, where we dissect the benefits and potential downsides of adopting this potentially loaded label. Through the lens of my personal journey from sexual addiction towards sexual integrity, we address the humbling effect of acknowledging the addictive nature of sin and recognizing our own inability to conquer it alone.Yet, we also highlight why our ministry prefers to avoid this tag, citing its capacity to hamper recovery and growth.Venture further with me as we probe the dark side of the &apos;sex addict&apos; label and its capacity to snuff out hope and deter us from taking healthy risks. As we peel back the layers, we&apos;ll unmask the divine intent behind our sexuality, revealing its purpose as a mirror reflecting G
15/08/202318 minutes 1 second
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Jesus' Sacred Perception of Sexuality

What if we&apos;ve been interpreting Jesus&apos; view of sexuality all wrong?Join me as we explore a fresh perspective on this topic: how Jesus saw people as sexual beings without objectifying them.We&apos;ll unpack how Jesus saw whole people, highlighting the divine difference between being sexual and being sexualized.Drawing from the ancient wisdom of Scripture, let&apos;s redefine how we view and value what it means to be sexual, applying it to our own interactions and personal perspectives.The media, with its relentless spotlight on physicality apart from personhood, often distorts our understanding of sexuality.Together, we&apos;ll uncover the media&apos;s impact on the sexualization of individuals, revealing how it often disconnects sexual parts from their procreative power, reducing people to mere objects of desire.Jesus offers a way out of this narrative. .Get ready to embark on a transformative journey to
08/08/202313 minutes 36 seconds
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Help! My Same-Sex Attraction Is Hurting My Friendships!

In this week&apos;s podcast, Josh replies to questions from a listener who feels his same-sex attractions are getting in the way of forming new friendships.Perhaps you, too, have same-sex attractions and wrestle with fears of rejection or judgement as you try to build new friendships with other men or women. Or maybe you wonder how to tell if you&apos;re truly desiring friendship or unconsciously hoping to get closer to someone you find attractive.You&apos;re not alone, and in this podcast, Josh unpacks these emotions and the complexities they bring to developing male relationships.Listen in as we explore questions like these alongside the thoughtful listener who wrote in.Josh shares insights and experiences and most importantly, he offers hope.Undeniably, fear, shame, and insecurities can be major roadblocks when trying to foster healthy same-sex friendships. But what if we told you that it&apos;s both possible and important</em
01/08/202314 minutes 41 seconds
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Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity: A Journey Towards Integrity and Wholeness

Join us for this heart-felt episode where we explore the arduous journey of rebuilding marital faithfulness after infidelity.This is a must-hear for those eager to regain a spouse&apos;s trust after being unfaithful.In this episode, we discuss the importance of focusing first on strengthening your character, rather than prioritizing winning back your spouse&apos;s trust.In the second half of today&apos;s show, Josh shares a story from Clinton and Charity Munoz, creators of Restored 2 More, about navigating moments when a betrayed spouse is triggered and feeling unsafe.Clinton&apos;s ability to validate Charity&apos;s feelings of fear and insecurity was pivotal, underscoring the importance of honesty, vulnerability, and empathy in repairing a marriage.If you are on the road to sexual integrity and seeking to heal a marriage in the process, you&apos;ll find valuable insights to help you progress towards becoming more whole.Tu
25/07/202315 minutes 31 seconds
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Facing Temptation: Fostering Sexual Wholeness and Growth

Do you find yourself fleeing or distracting yourself when faced with temptation?This approach may actually be doing more harm than good in your journey towards sexual integrity, wholeness, and maturity.In today&apos;s episode, we explore the importance of acknowledging the underlying distress that often accompanies temptation and offer three steps to navigate through it more effectively.Listen in as we discuss strategies for feeling the distress, seeking help from friends and family, and moving towards sexual wholeness.By becoming more aware of our thoughts and feelings when experiencing temptation, we can better understand our struggles and address them head-on.Don&apos;t miss this insightful and practical conversation on managing temptation and fostering sexual wholeness in our lives.Ready? Let&apos;s dive in!-- What We Discuss:   00:04 - How to deal with temptation?   02:25 - How to deal with tem
18/07/202313 minutes 53 seconds
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The Connection Between Confidence and Sexual Integrity

What does it truly mean to walk in sexual integrity, and how can confidence play a vital role in this journey?Discover how our own sense of goodness and value can greatly impact our ability to love and be loved. In our conversation, we unpack the connection between our desire for goodness, the attractiveness of others, and the importance of cultivating a deep-rooted confidence that is essential for walking in sexual integrity.Embracing Jesus and recognizing His infinite goodness is key to becoming whole.In this episode, we explore the importance of receiving Jesus as a gift, praising Him, and striving to become more like Him.Tune in as we share valuable insights and resources from Regeneration Ministries that can help guide you on your journey towards a more whole and confident self.With these tools and the support of a like-minded community, you can learn to walk in sexual integrity with confidence.Ready? Let&apos;s dive i
11/07/202315 minutes 20 seconds
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A Journey to Understanding the Roots of Attraction

Are you struggling with the magnetic pull of an idealized lover? Wondering how to break free from comparing your significant other to this seemingly perfect person?Fear not, as we reveal a powerful two-step process that will not only help you tear down that pedestal but also reclaim control over your thoughts and feelings.Together, we&apos;ll explore the childlike part of ourselves that&apos;s stunted, and dig deep into our past influences on attraction.We&apos;ll uncover the reasons for this enticing vortex by asking crucial questions about your idealized lover and understanding the connection points between them and significant people from your past.Learn how to open yourself to Jesus with kindness, and see your idealized lover as a normal human being, regaining control over your life.Don&apos;t let the illusion of perfection hold you back – join us in this eye-opening episode!Ready? Let&apos;s dive in!-- What W
04/07/202313 minutes 9 seconds
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3. From Fantasy to Intimacy: A Journey of Self-Discovery

What if our deepest sexual fantasies were actually signposts toward healing and connection?Join us for an eye-opening conversation with Drew Boa as we uncover the transformative power hidden within our desires.We discuss how our fantasies can point us toward safety, glory, and connection while providing the keys to unlock intimacy and healing in our lives.In this journey of self-discovery, we learn to face our fears, undo shame, and grieve our losses, bringing about personal growth and deeper connections with those around us.Drew Boa shares his wisdom in navigating the often misunderstood world of sexual desires and fantasies, guiding us toward a place of love and understanding.Listen in and embrace the life-changing potential of exploring your own desires and stories, and let this powerful episode inspire you to find safety, glory, and connection with God and your loved ones.<a href='
01/07/202312 minutes 26 seconds
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2. Divine Restoration and the Secrets of Our Desires

What if the secrets to unlocking our hidden qualities and traits lie in our deepest sexual fantasies?This episode invites you to join our captivating conversation on how interpreting these desires can help us reclaim our identity and discover the glory God has put in us.We delve into the power of the particularity of fantasies and discuss how they provide us with data that needs interpretation.With our guest, we explore how to tap into the original glory within us and seek safety and glory in healthy ways. By understanding trauma, addiction, and embracing a story-centered approach, we discuss how our fantasies can point to something good within us and how God is restoring what was already there.Get ready to deepen your understanding of yourself and your fantasies in this insightful and thought-provoking discussion.More online here.
01/07/202313 minutes 47 seconds
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1. Unraveling Unwanted Sexual Fantasies: Healing and Understanding with Drew Boa

Have you ever found yourself struggling with unwanted sexual fantasies, attractions, or fetishes, and wondered how to overcome them?Our conversation with Drew Boa, founder of Husband Material, offers powerful insights and practical steps to help you heal and understand these complex issues. Join us as we discuss befriending our sexual thoughts and feelings instead of trying to get rid of them, and how God can speak to us through these different parts of us.We&apos;ll also explore the intriguing connection between fear and sexuality, including the physical effects of fear on our bodies and how arousal and pleasure pathways can shed light on the development of our sexual preferences.Don&apos;t miss this transformative and thought-provoking conversation with Drew Boa as he shares his personal journey of healing and freedom from the shame associated with his own sexual fantasies, offering hope and guidance for those struggling with their own unwan
01/07/202317 minutes 18 seconds
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Understanding and Overcoming Temptation

Do you know how to resist temptation and protect yourself from the enemy&apos;s lies?Join us as we explore the patterns of temptation and reveal valuable tools to strengthen your relationship with God.We dive into the story of Adam and Eve, uncovering how the enemy tries to divide us, exaggerate God&apos;s prohibitions, and downplay God&apos;s generosity.Learn how Sun Tzu&apos;s quote, &quot;if you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles,&quot; applies to our spiritual battles against temptation.We also discuss the dangers of isolation and how to break free from the enemy&apos;s traps.Through the story of Adam and Eve, we see how the enemy attacks God&apos;s character and our belief in Him.Discover how temptation led to sin and death entering the world, and how the enemy whispers that it&apos;s God&apos;s fault when bad things happen. Empower yourself with the tools to resist temptation and shi
27/06/202322 minutes 23 seconds
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Walking through the Minefield of Modern Conversations on Sexuality and Marriage

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the countless voices discussing topics like sex, gender, and marriage, and unsure of who to trust?You&apos;re not alone!In this episode, we dive into the wisdom of fourth-century theologian Gregory of Nazianus, who faced similar challenges in his time. Listen in as we share some of Gregory&apos;s insights on how to navigate these complex and controversial subjects, and how his approach can help us today.We discuss how Gregory believed that being a theologian meant not only knowing about God but truly knowing and seeking God.In this episode, we explore how we can apply Gregory&apos;s wisdom to our own journey by examining our motivations and submitting our hearts to the truth of God.Additionally, we delve into the importance of virtue in the life of a theologian and how it can help us discern who to trust when it comes to discussions about sex, gender, and marriage.Join us as we learn from the
20/06/202313 minutes 53 seconds
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From Lustful Gaze to Awe and Reverence

Do you ever feel like lust and pornography are taking over your life, and you can&apos;t break free from their grasp?What if I told you that lust isn&apos;t the real issue at hand, but rather our inability to truly see the world and the people around us?In this eye-opening episode, I share a powerful story from the memoir &quot;The Glass Castle&quot; that illustrates this concept and how it&apos;s not lust that we need to overcome, but our clouded vision.Join me as I discuss how God doesn&apos;t want us to simply look away from temptation, but rather to open our eyes and truly see the person in front of us, beholding them with awe and reverence.This transformation of our vision can lead us to a place where we no longer want to degrade others by treating them like sex objects. Our ultimate goal should be to honor one another and elevate our consciousness to recognize the reality of God&apos;s beauty in each other.So, let&apos;s embark
13/06/202312 minutes 4 seconds
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Christ's Compassion in the Transgender Conversation

What does Jesus teach us about sex and gender, and how can we apply that to the complex and controversial topic of transgenderism?With humble hearts and minds, we turn to Scripture and the historic teachings of the  church to understand how to respond as Christians.Join us as we examine the original plan for creation in Genesis 1 and 2, and explore Jesus&apos;s teachings in Matthew 19 to navigate this important conversation.We also contemplate the hope found in the Incarnation, discussing the implications of God becoming flesh.Jesus&apos;s care for the physical bodies of men and women illustrates his love and compassion, ultimately leading him to the cross for our sake. His death and resurrection offer hope for those who have a transgender experience or have irreversibly altered their body.Learn how we can walk alongside those in that space with grace, understanding, and a compassionate heart.Ready? Let&apos;s dive in!
06/06/202318 minutes 12 seconds
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Embracing Imperfections & Deepening Connections in Marriage

What if we told you that you have the power to redefine beauty and truly appreciate your spouse&apos;s appearance, imperfections and all?Join us in this eye-opening episode as we uncover powerful insights on how to retrain our minds, heavily influenced by media and pornography, to recognize and delight in our partner&apos;s beauty, even as they age or change.Together, we&apos;ll challenge society&apos;s expectations of beauty and aim to cultivate a healthier, more loving perspective of our relationships.Discover how to view your spouse&apos;s body as a map in marriage, where we can learn to view our spouse&apos;s body as a map of their life, finding beauty in wrinkles, gray hair, and other &quot;imperfections.&quot;We&apos;ll discuss the importance of self-giving love in relationships and share practical tips for embracing a deep and meaningful connection with your partner by focusing on the good and beauty within them.Learn to see y
30/05/202315 minutes 11 seconds
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Do I Need to Look at My Past?

Do you need to look at your past? If you want freedom from unwanted sexual behavior? Do you need to go back there?Do you need to think about mom and dad and kids at school and wounds you experienced if you want to be free?We&apos;re going to talk about that in today&apos;s podcast.Now, when we talk about looking at our pasts, we are not talking about blaming wounds we&apos;ve experienced on our sin, we are responsible for our behaviors.Nonetheless, at Regeneration, we do spend time helping people unpack their stories, and by stories we mean their lives in the past, up to the present, and looking forward into the future.And we do that because we believe it&apos;s incredibly beneficial, and illuminating and powerful, as we want to draw nearer to Jesus, and heal from those things that have hurt us.So we can walk in greater sexual integrity.&lt;h2&gt;What We Discuss:&lt;/h2&gt;    00:02 Do you need to look a
23/05/202315 minutes 55 seconds
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When You Lack Desire for Your Spouse

When you find yourself lacking desire for your spouse, I would invite you to look somewhere else.I want to invite you to look at how you feel about yourself.  How good I feel about yourself is usually more of the underlying reason why you lack desire for your spouse, then your spouse&apos;s. It really has to do with you.So let me unpack that a little bit.When you look in the mirror, are you free from shame? Or maybe when you stand in front of a group of people? Do you feel free from shame with your clothes on for example?Do you feel free from shame, when you buy that great new outfit, and you get that great new haircut, and you&apos;ve been working out and you feel like you look great?The fact that we spend so much time in front of the mirror, or so much time at the gym are often indicators that we actually feel a great amount of shame.We&apos;re trying to do things to cover up our shame, but if we live long enough, you find y
16/05/202311 minutes 44 seconds
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Your Imagination Is Better Than Porn

In this podcast, we are talking about your imagination.We who are seeking sexual integrity know the problem of how our mind can get us into trouble with sexual thoughts, sexual fantasies, and sexual imaginings that lead us down a path. It can start with just a small thought that seems to kind of drift into our brain.Then something inside grabs a hold of it. And we muse on it. And it grows and grows, until we&apos;re doing things that we promised ourselves and others that we wouldn&apos;t do.So the imagination has been taken captive, and we&apos;re doing it again.What we want to remember in this podcast is that the imagination initially was not Satan&apos;s idea. It&apos;s something that he seeks to use to draw us away from God, but it wasn&apos;t his invention.The imagination is God&apos;s invention.But what did he design it for, and how can we utilize the way that God intended our imagination to be: to help us grow into th
09/05/202314 minutes 14 seconds
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Let Christ Smash Your Ceilings

So many people have ceilings on how far they can go in life.Some ceilings come from what people say is or isn’t possible as it pertains to change and transformation.In our culture many believe there is a ceiling with those who wrestle with same sex attraction or men in general, that they  will always struggle with lust and have no possibility of change.On the other side there are those that resist all ceilings, you can be absolutely healed of everything with no struggle ever again count on it, depend on it, just believe. I believe there is error on both sides of that debate.Let’s dig into what these ceilings are and how to move past them.Highlights:The reality of the ceilings on transformation.Many people have ceilings on how far they can go.Men struggle with lust. The error on both sides of this debate.People who resist and reject all ceilings.The error on both
02/05/202312 minutes 48 seconds
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Sometimes You Gotta Fight

I want to talk today about a little bit of a dichotomy that a lot of people experience in their journey towards sexual integrity.If you&apos;ve listened to this podcast for any length of time, or been involved in our coaching, groups, or events, I hope that you&apos;ve picked up on the reality that we seek to bring the love and grace of God into all things.We believe that real life change happens through the kindness of God.It is the kindness of God that leads to repentance. Where sin increases, Paul writes in Romans, Grace increases all the more. We really are transformed by God&apos;s movement in our lives.The more we can do to open ourselves to the kindness, the goodness, the love, the gift that God is, the gifts that God offers, the better off we&apos;ll be. And in general, Legalism, being hard on ourselves beating ourselves up, doesn&apos;t work, it actually can be counterproductive towards growing in virtue and growing in sexual integrit
25/04/202311 minutes 22 seconds
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Behold the Man

If you are tuning into this podcast you are either wrestling with or striving for sexual integrity or love someone who is struggling with sexual integrity, or you just care about this topic. I believe as we take a look at a small part in Jesus&apos; life we find a very big revelation.God had a design for human beings. They were designed to reflect the image of the invisible God. That image of God is a self giving, self donating loving God who rules over His creation in a loving way. And their male and female complementary physical design, was meant to image that as they lovingly give themselves to each other. Not using each other, not lusting after each other, but giving of themselves lovingly. This is God’s beautiful Design.But Adam and Eve both rebelled and every single person after them did as well. All humanity has, until Jesus. Jesus lovingly gives himself, His body, His life for us.When Jesus is arrested and in the custody of Pilot at this point t
18/04/202313 minutes 50 seconds
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Searching for God in the Good of Sex

When we are pursuing sexual integrity, we all experience this mental combat between sexual sin and our desire for sexual integrity. It’s not just an experience we have in our thought life alone.We feel it in our bodies when they become aroused by things we see, the thoughts we have, and by the longings we have.One of the ways we try to combat and move away from our sexual orientations is by thinking about good things.And so we take our sexually sinful thoughts, we try to train them out for pure thoughts, good thoughts, thoughts about beauty, thoughts about truth. But I think a lot of us when we do that, we forget that there are good, pure, true thoughts about sex.And so we go from thinking sexual thoughts that are sinful to thinking about anything else besides sex.We try to get our thoughts in other places. And that’s good, because sex is not everything in life. But there’s so much good about God’s design for sex, that can act
11/04/202312 minutes 24 seconds
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3 Quick and Easy Mental Shifts to Help You Grow

In today&apos;s podcast, I have three simple mental shifts for you. These three simple changes you can make will help you in your journey toward sexual integrity. It is my aim that these small mental adjustments will help you see how you should approach your journey for sexual integrity in a fresh light.Mental Shifts1. From this as an opportunity to sin to this as an opportunity to grow.2. Every time you hear the word I or me in your thoughts, shift to asking the question, “Is it really me talking or the enemy?”3. Recognize when you&apos;re thinking about temptation, that you are really thinking about people.Outline:Simple mental shifts to help with sexual integrity.Shifting from opportunity to sin to opportunity to grow. Simple mental shift number 2.The malevolent voice in your head. Mental shift number three.Mental shifts to overcome temptation. Help the sho
04/04/202310 minutes 26 seconds
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Stop Trying to Stop Lusting

Have you ever wanted to stop something so badly, yet couldn’t figure out how to stop. Or even why? Have you tried to stop lusting?In this weeks podcast, just speaks to the importance of learning to love in recovery from unwanted sexual behavior, rather than just focusing on stopping the behavior.Key takeaways:The goal of recovery should be to learn to love in a self-giving way, rather than just stopping the unwanted behavior.God’s mercy flows to the lowest places, and His grace is for those places. He is there right alongside us in those place. Let Him in.Counter arguments:It may feel wrong to receive God’s mercy in places where we feel like we know better and keep doing it anyway.It may be difficult to open up those places to another person and ask for their help. When you are able to though, Regeneration is here. Resources:<a href='
28/03/202313 minutes 35 seconds
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Exposing the Online God

Living in a digital age, we are faced with the reality that we have tough competition. That the internet is competing for our attention, our affection, for our questions, and our devotion.Today we will talk about this competition and what it provides; especially in the area of sexual integrity. Whether it&apos;s a struggle with pornography, or looking for hookups. So often, we are turning to our devices for things that are really, really good. And our devices offer pretty tough competition. So let me just give you five examples.The Internet provides all the things your looking forThe internet never shames youThe Internet never makes you feel like an outsiderThe Internet rewards curiosity.The Internet is always availableBut does it really, are these statements true? Join us today as we expose the online god and reveal what it actually does for us and to us.Discover the truth of what w
21/03/202316 minutes 24 seconds
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Walk Don’t Run When Sexually Aroused

To start I want to let you know this podcast will be a little different. One that I hope will be helpful for you.I am going to talk about the difference between arousal and desire.The reason that’s so important for us to recognize is that when we feel arousal towards something that we know we don’t want, it can produce an amount of shame for us.If you’re pursuing sexual integrity, if you’re trying to walk away from unwanted sexual behaviors, the fact that those behaviors are unwanted means you desire something more for yourself, your family and for your life than the sexual sin that’s entangled you.Today is not going to be very prescriptive in the sense of offering you three steps to this or that. But I&apos;d like to share with you what happened to me recently and how I dealt with it in the hopes that it will be useful for you and help you see things that you might want to do differently.Outline:The difference bet
14/03/202313 minutes 30 seconds
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Is It Okay to Fantasize About Your Spouse?

In today’s podcast I’m going to be answering a question that was emailed to us. Is it okay for a man to masturbate while fantasizing about his wife?We encourage you to send us your questions as I really love to answer some of things that you all are experiencing and facing.So the question I got this week was from a guy who&apos;s involved in an accountability group. The guys in the group are making good progress.They&apos;re leaving their unwanted sexual behaviors behind including masturbation and fantasy, but one of the questions that&apos;s come up in the group is, “Is it okay for a man to masturbate while fantasizing about his wife?” Is it okay for a man to fantasize or a woman to fantasize?If the man is fantasizing about his wife, if the woman is fantasizing about her husband?There&apos;s actually a lot in that question.So I want to address this question by asking two questions:    what does scripture say?</
07/03/202314 minutes 40 seconds
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Can I Really Change!?!

How free can you be? How free? Can you be?In some version or another, this is a question that we get a lot, especially for people who are just starting their journey towards sexual integrity.They&apos;ve wrestled with their specific attractions and temptations and are wondering, is this going to be a part of my life forever? Can I actually be free? Can real change happen for me?Can I Really Change!?!In some ways, they&apos;re asking three different questions.How much change is possible for me?How much change can I expect; specifically? And that&apos;s a slightly different question.Has God actually promised me change?So there&apos;s three different kinds of versions of the same question of can I ever really be free?And the answer is yes, yes you can be free!Join me in this episode as we walk through those three questions as I answer both from my experience in 20 years in this minis
28/02/202317 minutes 32 seconds
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Using Your Imagination for Fantasy or Faith

In Genesis when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and there was adelight to the eyes, and the tree was to be desired to make one wise she took of its fruit and ate.What did she see?The enemy when he tempts us wants us to see something. But the truth is, what he wants us to see is not reality.She saw something that wasn’t actually there. And the enemy does the same thing to us.He gets us pointed at pornography, at an extramarital relationship, masturbation, fantasy, a hookup, or a same sex relationship.And he tells us all that will be there for us and all that it’s going to do for us. And it feels on some level like it will. And it never does.Join us as we talk about the power of our imagination and how to take hold of it for His glory.Outline:Your imagination is a part of the struggle you have with sexual sin.What the enemy wants us to see is not reality.Your
21/02/202317 minutes 16 seconds
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Accountability and Integrity

At the core of every sexual integrity problem is relational brokenness. Because God created sex to be relational, it is relational down to its core. And so if you are dealing with a sexual issue, you are dealing with a relational issue.What is a partner or group for accountability? It&apos;s a certain kind of connection. As a result, if you have a relational brokenness in your life, you may have similar relational issues. Could they prevent you from achieving the level of sexual integrity you desire?Listen in as we identify some of those tendencies and those broken relationship pieces. Also a few ideas about how you can even beginning today, improve your accountability relationships.Outline: Do you have an accountability partner?  We are human beings, not human doings.  The tendency to avoid pain.  Don’t focus on behavior and focus on sin.  Let’s bring kindnes
14/02/202315 minutes 37 seconds
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The Why Behind the What

If you are wrestling with unwanted sexual behaviors or recurring sexual behaviors, and want to get free, you have to know the why behind the what? What is the why, behind your specific what?So for example, if you struggle with pornography, and you&apos;re typically looking for a certain kind or genre, types of people, gender, or specific sexual acts in the pornography? What&apos;s the why behind those specifics that you&apos;re looking for? Or if you&apos;re acting out with other people physically, and you&apos;re typically doing certain behaviors, or looking for certain types of people, what&apos;s the why behind the specific kinds of people or activities you&apos;re, you&apos;re typically drawn to.You can&apos;t stop the behaviors by just knowing the what. If I know that I&apos;m typically looking at pornography, I can get filters on my computer, I can set up accountability software, I can get rid of my smartphone and have a dumb phone. If I know I&apos;m actin
07/02/202316 minutes 5 seconds
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Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Talk About Sex in Church

There are just things you don&apos;t talk about at church, right?Absolutely not!I think the church is meant to be a place where we talk about the things that are really the most difficult to talk about in life. If we can&apos;t do that in our church community, where will we do it?Certainly, one of those topics is sex.Both in its beautiful, glorious holy intention that God designed sex to be between husband and wife in marriage, and also in the fallen expressions of sex that pervade our culture.So if you&apos;re a Pastor, layperson, or Elder at a church, maybe you&apos;re a parent or a leader in some other fashion, or perhaps you lead a youth group or a small group, I want to talk to you on this podcast about how important it is to talk about sex in some way or another. And share some light ideas about how you might begin to go there with the people who are in your care.Sex is a very sensitive topic. Bringing it up on Sunday
31/01/202315 minutes 31 seconds
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Break the Allure of Sexual Temptation

This week we will talk about breaking the allure of temptation. We will unpack it through the pattern that the enemy uses to tempt us. We can look at our sexual experiences and think that it’s just something that’s before us.But it is actually tempting us. It looks so appealing and harmless.  Yet it has this magnetic pull that draws us in. So by talking about the patterns the enemy uses to pull us in, it will provide us the tools to get out of his tractor beam. It will expose the reality of what’s happening.Hopefully this podcast will illuminate some things and draw you towards God in ways that will bring help and healing. Scripture reference: Genesis 3Know your enemy’s tactics 1. He divides and isolates2. He exaggerates God&apos;s prohibitions3. He attacks God&apos;s character, attacks God&apos;s characterDoes this sound familiar?Your divided, you feel isolated. He exaggerates God&apos;s prohi
24/01/202322 minutes 26 seconds
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My Relationship With God and My Sexual Sins

This week we will be responding to a question from one our listeners. “How does someone deal with doubts about identity in Christ while struggling with sexual addiction?”There is something about sin in general when it’s habitual and repetitive. When we experience in our bodies that conflict that we do what we don’t want to do, and we keep on doing it.It’s hard to believe that we have a new identity in Jesus. Or in my case, there were worse sexual behaviors that I engaged in after I had a conversion and really started to follow Jesus.So how could I trust that my conversion was real?How can I trust that I have a new identity in Christ.Help the show:Support the showAsk a question by emailing usLeave a review<a
17/01/202319 minutes 45 seconds
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When Your Wife Asks "Do You Think I'm Pretty?"

You know, it&apos;s just interesting, isn&apos;t it? That so many women wrestle with self esteem issues around their bodies. And so many men wrestle with lust.And it seems like the enemy just has a hay day there. Because put those two together and it just seems like a recipe for couples really to struggle.Pornography impacts both husband and wife and it certainly impacts their sexual intimacy. Here&apos;s what happens. He recognizes that when he looks at porn she feels hurt by him. From that hurt, all sorts of questions arise in her, like, am I not valuable enough for you? Am I not pretty enough? Do you find them sexier than me? Am I not pleasing you in our bed?When he recognizes that she feels those things, he&apos;s tempted to to keep his sin from her. To not let her know because he doesn&apos;t want to hurt her in that way. It&apos;s wired into him to want to be her hero, not the villain who hurts her. On her side of things, she feel
10/01/202322 minutes 21 seconds
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Promises to Stop Are Part of the Problem

Is lust a problem for you that you&apos;ve been trying to overcome? If so, my guess is that at some point in your life, you&apos;ve made promises to change. You&apos;ve promised yourself you would change, you&apos;ve promised God you would change, and you&apos;ve promised others that you will change.The problem with making promises to change is that making promises to change is actually a part of the problem. Say that five times fast. I want to explain in this podcast why that is and give you three reasons why making promises to change actually is a part of the problem.And if you are ready, I want to offer you a better way forward.Highlights:Do you wrestle with lust? How does it feel?Can you relate to this? Does it resonate with you?When our children are born, everything changes.The problem with pornography is not that it shows too much, but too little.What does God do in response to our lusts
03/01/202315 minutes 48 seconds
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Lust Has a Cure

Today, I invite you into the healing connection between our wrestling with lust, and the face of Jesus; his visible face. As a parent, especially a mom, you intimately knew your child when you were pregnant. You carried the child in your womb. Even dads know their kids while they are in the womb. And then they were born. We saw their face for the first time, and everything changed. Everything deepened. And of course, that only continues as they grow. As we see new aspects of their personality, their heart, and their mind. There&apos;s something about this understanding that matters for us in the realm of lust. How Jesus, the Word who is the invisible God, became the visible God for us. There&apos;s something about this that offers us an antidote, a cure, a healing balm for our lust.Highlights:Do you wrestle with lust? How does it feel?Can you relate to this? Does it resonate with you?When our children are
27/12/202214 minutes 3 seconds
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Your Next Step toward Sexual Integrity

Are you ready to be free?Are you ready for life in the area of sexual integrity?Are you ready for your relationships to be healed, and working the way God intended them?Together we will walk through 8 phases in the journey to sexual wholeness. Through this process, you will know where you are and how to take the next steps.Highlights:Phase 0 – Ground zeroIn this phase, there is an awareness of sexual addiction. You are living in denial and still enjoying your sin. There is a tendency to be distracted from your deeper felt needs and to often blame others or circumstances for the things not going right in your life. Phase 1 - Uncertain but curiousThere is some acknowledgment of the pain of the problem but otherwise, you feel you&apos;re okay.You may begin looking for recovery options at this point, but no real commitment.Phase 2 - InterestedAt this point, your pain poin
20/12/202216 minutes 56 seconds
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Why Sexual Temptation Hits at Christmas (and What You Can Do About It!)

As the garland and the lights and the holiday specials and the festivities ramp up, where are you?If you’re feeling temptation take over, you’re not alone.There’s a lot more of just about everything during the holidays. Let’s try to recapture what Jesus has given us. Together, we’ll name 5 things that can distract us from Immanuel.And, we’ll unpack 5 ways to recenter our focus back on our Savior’s birth.Highlights:FACING TEMPTATIONS1. Busyness Increases Sexual sin is offering you an answer to your pain, discomfort, faulty views of yourself and others at a deeper level.The answers though, are not truly satisfying.2. Expectations IncreasesImages of happy people, loving families, wealthy displays and spreads of food lead us to feel more expectations.We’ll also feel increased inadequacy, inferiority, futility in our lives.When the comparison game is squashing you, the message of po
13/12/202215 minutes 1 second
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Is Your View of God Blocking Your Healing?

Is your view of God getting in the way of your pursuit of sexual integrity? God isn’t blocking your healing. But your view of Him, your assumption about God could be an obstacle standing between you and your freedom.Let’s try to understand the theology working in the background of your heart, that may be limiting your progress.Let’s blaze a trail to Jesus when you need Him most.Highlights:Functional belief = what you believe in the moment of pressureWhen you’re tempted to sin sexually, what do you think about God in that moment? How is god seeing you in that moment?How do you feel in that moment as God sees you?When you fall into sexual sin, how do you feel God sees you then?How does He feel about you then?The next time you go to an adult book store or knock on the door of your next hookup; bring Jesus with you. He’s already there.Pay attention to the reality Jesus i
06/12/202215 minutes 31 seconds
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You Aren’t Chronically Unique

Struggling with unwanted habits can feel isolating. Your journey to sexual integrity isn’t a common or easy topic of conversation which can leave you feeling alone. Satan seizes your isolation as a perfect opportunity to tell you you’re different, dirty. This belief stacks a wall between you and your healing. Let’s tear down the wall that says you’re chronically unique so you can keep moving towards becoming whole.Highlights:There are so many men and women, who struggle with sexual sin, believing that their struggle is different from everybody else.If that feels like you, you need to know that belief is part of your problem and part of what keeps you stuckWhen you view your problem as that which makes you chronically unique, then you actually damage your own ability to be free.The separation from other people, from ourselves, from God is what makes us feel chronically unique.  We were never in
29/11/202214 minutes 10 seconds
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You Are Made for Greatness

Pitfalls, betrayal, pride, shame, cycles - While you do the work of becoming whole, these are some of the things that will pull you from your calling.You are made for greatness. And God gave you a vision for what that looks like in Jesus: “We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in Him.” (Romans 8:29 MSG) Keep doing the hard work. You were made for greatness. Don’t you forget it.Highlights:Do we no longer do the hard work of pressing into the subtle, sinister places in us that keep grasping and holding onto sexual immorality?We can be transformed in the innermost person.Transformation is more than setting up legalistic boundaries. It’s actually about heart transformation that exudes through how we act with one another physically.If we’ve lost that vision, then we’ve stopped believing in the power of the Gospel, we’ve stopped believing in the power of the Resurrectio
22/11/202212 minutes 46 seconds
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When Temptation Comes Knocking

Let’s isolate the moment of temptation: Maybe it looks like your fingertips hovering to type in a string of words you know will lead you to that site. Or maybe it looks like driving home a different route so you find yourself rolling slowly past that street. Every bit of you pulses with energy in that moment of temptation.The world is encouraging you to say “Yes” to the urge. Giving in can leave you alone with shame and regret. So, let’s pivot to a different “yes.” This is hard work but shift your heart, mind and body in that moment to a different option. God is inviting you to a bigger YES. Let’s listen in for more.Highlights:The world tells you, “You can’t be yourself in holiness. You can only be yourself in sinfulness.” What if that is a lie from the pit of hell?Christianity understands that human beings are not just disembodied spirits. Human beings are embodied creatures, embodied spirits.W
15/11/202217 minutes 12 seconds
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Sex: Back to Basics

A jumble of frayed ends - consider the raw, exposed mess of a jumble of frayed ends. Keep this image in mind as we consider our current cultural belief system. Josh is about to carefully look at each broken strand of thinking and tie them back into one, whole, intentional, truth. God has a good, holy, beautiful design for our sexuality.  So, why is sex today a jumble of frayed ends? Let’s find out.Highlights:God could have made the method to produce babies anyway He wanted and He chose to connect sex and pregnancy.What happens if we no longer connect sex with pregnancy?Pregnancy moves from unexpected to unplanned to unwanted.Notice the difference between God’s design for pregnancy and our current cultural concept around pregnancy: Pregnancy is a risk, a threat, a danger. What happens to a cultural psyche when we think of children as unwanted.Believing that anyone is
08/11/202224 minutes 26 seconds
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Encountering His Kindness

Let’s go beyond reading words about God’s kindness. If you are wrestling ongoing sexual sin, if you are battling shame, if you are facing past traumas; God is inviting you to experience His kindness. Right now, what if you could hear Jesus saying to you, “I’m right here and I love you.” (be sure to look in the Homework Section for more questions)Highlights:God is near and He loves you.It’s hard to accept God’s love for you in the difficult areas of wrestling with sexual sin.We carry deep within us a fear that if anyone knew the full scope of that part of our lives they would pull away.Shame and fear are heavy burdens to carry.It’s so important to receive God’s nearness, His kindness. It is His kindness that leads us to repentance, it is His kindness that heals us. (Romans 2:4)Homework: PAUSE with these QuestionsWhere are you m
01/11/20229 minutes 24 seconds
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Fantasy to Flesh Pt 2

We’re going deeper in Part 2. Paying attention to the symbols and story-lines in your sexual fantasies often point towards a treasure within you. Sound twisted?  Look to the “Homework” section below for key questions to help you untwist your temptation from your truest desires.Let&apos;s dive in.Highlights:Your imagination is given to you by God as a creative force.When your brain stirs up a sexual story line or sexual scenes, even though it’s directing you towards something sinful, it’s also intended to create something.Begin to pay attention to the storyline or the theme of the fantasy.Temptation taps into a God given desire that you are made for however it points you in a direction that it won’t be fulfilled.Untwist the fantasies to better understand what they’re trying to reveal about what we are made for.So often, our sexual fantasies are try
25/10/202216 minutes 45 seconds
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Fantasy to Flesh Pt 1

Fantasy looks like the scene you work up in your head from time to time. It seems innocent enough. You may tell yourself the fantasy is just a fleeting thought. But as you add details, you add emotions. Soon enough, your sexual fantasy works itself from your brain to your body amping those thoughts to feelings. In this short series, we want to urge you to take fantasy seriously. This Part One can be your Step One to breaking free from your unwanted sexual habits. (Stay tuned for Part 2 next week)Highlights:Sexual Fantasy is when you have a thought or image and you begin to work a storyline in your brain.Sexual Fantasy engages your will.Recognize that it looks kinder, gentler but it’s part of the same beast.Sexual fantasy is where you start to dissociate or unplug from the the real you in the real world with real relationships with real responsibilities where there are
18/10/202210 minutes 53 seconds
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Don’t Fight Porn Alone

Something in your story made pornography enticing. You didn’t just stumble on it.Have you ever wondered what was happening in your life that made porn seem like a safe place to run? Decades of work in healing from unwanted sexual behaviors lead us to this episode. You are meant to do this work alone and here’s why.Highlights5 Reasons You Think You CAN Heal on Your Own:Fear asks, “What happens if I get found out? What will I lose? What will people think?”Shame says, “If people know the real truth, they’ll reject me.”Pride believes, “I’m not that bad. I can stop on my own.”Ignorance moves unaware of how addiction has affected you neuro-biologically, spiritually, emotionally.Not Ready because maybe “You don’t want to give it up.”Romans 7Some people have to lose a lot before they realize the addiction wa
11/10/202215 minutes 2 seconds
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Did She Cause You to Sin?

Let’s start with Adam. God went into the garden and asked him a question. Adam pointed to Eve in shame. Are you pointing fingers when it comes to your lust? Are you pointing to the pop up ad? To the woman at the bar? As you are trying to break free from lust, consider what it could look like for you to stop accusing others around you and start acknowledging what’s within you. You are designed out of love and for love, not lust. While you’re working towards sexual wholeness, remember this: God went into the garden looking for Adam and Eve in His love not because of their lust.HighlightsJesus takes lust seriously. And, there’s no where in His words that a man is not responsible for his own adultery.God made our eyes for love not lust. The God-given design of our eyes is to love, to see others and love them.Why do you blame others for your lost? Shame. Shame that we can not control ourselve
04/10/202211 minutes 48 seconds
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The Tension of Beauty

Beauty carries a powerful tension. Seeing beauty isn’t enough. C.S. Lewis writes that “We do not want merely to see beauty, though, God knows, even that is bounty enough. We want something else which can hardly be put into words — to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it.”Beauty leads us to wanting more of it.A recent email we received asks, “What place does beauty have in the observance of another human being? Is there an ability to recognize physical beauty without assigning value or taking something from a person? Is it possible to view the human form, clothed or not, without lusting or coveting while still admiring the physical beauty God created?” So glad you asked. Let’s begin.HighlightsThere is a difference between noticing beauty, observing beauty and lusting after beauty.Lust wants to take beauty an
27/09/202218 minutes 19 seconds
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Do I Need a Filter?

Before even stepping into the deeper waters of whether a filter shows wisdom or weakness; you can’t  ignore the tsunami coming at you. Do I Need a Filter?Listen in as Josh describes the unique age we’re living in as two powerful waves of sexual immorality and digital connectivity crashing on us 24/7. They create floodwaters rushing through your living room, bedroom, locker room, office space, car. Is a filter enough? Let’s find out.HighlightsCommon Objections to Filters:A filter is an obstacle on my computer getting in the way of work, school, and everyday tasks.My device is given to me and I can’t put a filter on it because it will expose my addiction.A filter will expose me to my spouse or family on the home computer.I want to engage in more than  “ behavior management.” We are living in an incredibly unique time in the history
20/09/202213 minutes 18 seconds
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Mercy Meet Me Here

If you have a hard time believing God wants to forgive you; again and again - This episode is for you.If you notice you’re trying to raise yourself up, reducing what you’ve done to receive mercy – This episode is for you.Let’s appreciate God’s gift of mercy as a GIFT, freely and generously given, for you right where you are.Highlights:It can feel difficult to separate the anger you feel with yourself about your own condition and how God feels about you.1 Corinthians 6:18 “Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.”We have two responses when we feel frustrated with ourselves and/or the cycle we battle: 1.     Start to downplay the seriousness of what we’ve done by justifying it or spiritualize it. This avoids the significance of what we’ve done and to avoid our own fears and difficulties accepting God’s forgiveness.<em
13/09/202214 minutes 57 seconds
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Sacred by Design

Read this sentence a few times: Human beings are the crown of creation. What a glorious declaration! Now consider the fact that sexual sin contorts that truth. A building block to sexual integrity is the understanding and appreciation of the inherent value within you and the people around you. Recognize God’s ideal representation of Himself is the man you are, is the woman you are because you are sacred by design.Also, today we are launching “Sacred by Design” a new addition to the Regeneration Ministries podcast family! “Sacred by Design” is hosted by the women on our team for women covering topics like unwanted sexual behaviors, shame, relational healing and more. Make sure to Subscribe and Share and Join us every other week as we unwrap the gift of understanding we are Sacred by Design. Highlights:It was not good that Adam was alone. It w
06/09/202210 minutes 38 seconds
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How are Your Eyes?

Considering all the tools you’re working with for sexual wholeness- group work, reading, one on one counseling, software filters - how are your eyes? A key component to your becoming whole is how you are seeing other people. Hashtags, movies, social media scrolls and commercials are at war with the important work you’re doing. Open your eyes to acknowledge the battle for your vision. Then open your heart to pray, “Lord, help me see.” Highlights:We strive in our culture to become attractive because we want others to see us as “good.”Goodness is not found in other people being drawn to us. Goodness is found by virtue of being created by God.It is up to the beholder to see the good God has sown into other people.There is something wrong with our eyes, with our hearts, when we are perceiving people as either objects or obstacles.How do we see people differently? This is a proc
30/08/202212 minutes
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The Power of Your Sexual Fantasy

As your sexual fantasy starts playing out in your head, you might shrug it off as “just my imagination.” But sexual fantasy carries more power than you know. It’s the gateway that leads to everything else you’re battling. So, let’s consider taking a different point of view of your sexual fantasy and taking back some of the power it holds on you. What if you tried more than just putting it out of your mind? What if you could connect the storylines of your fantasy to the storyline of your life? There is power in understanding the where and why and who your imagination invites in. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh offers 3 simple steps to get you started. Let’s begin.Highlights:A lot of us who have wrestled with unwanted sexual behaviors, tend to think that fantasy is kind of the light end of things.Sexual fantasy is the gateway that leads to everything else.There are common threads for people in t
23/08/202213 minutes 26 seconds
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What Sexual Sin Says About You

You are created to be loved by God. You are created to be part of a grand, triumphant story. Your sexual sin doesn’t subtract you from the story. Throughout scripture, we see God choosing and inviting all sorts of characters with all sorts of issues into THE bigger story. Don’t let shame make you believe otherwise. God still wants you. God still chooses you. Your sexual sin doesn’t disqualify you from being chosen, it doesn’t cross you off God’s invite list. Highlights:Our bodies play a significant part in sexual sin.In a unique way, those of us wrestling with sexual sin are prone towards a greater amount of shame.We are more prone to believing something really negative about ourselves, not just about what we’re doing but about our very essence, because of sexual sin.This area of struggle does not mean that there’s something really awful, perverse, weird, unusual about you. <p
16/08/202211 minutes 26 seconds
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Your Body Is Not the Enemy

Battling sexual sin does not mean going to war against your body. Your eyes, hands, feet, your genitals are not the enemy. The Enemy is the enemy. Understanding God loves your body is key in your fight to becoming whole. At the most precious point in the creation story, God created the human body. Your body is not the enemy. Highlights:Your body matters immensely to God. When God sees your body, He sees you.Your body is not an accessory to who you are, it is a fundamental part of who you are.You are a fusion of body and soul. This is at the core of what Christianity believes about human anthropology.At the core of Christian theology is that God himself, who is spirit, became flesh. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”   John 1:14For those of you wrestling with sexual sin; you sin sexually with your body. We feel temptation in our bodies,
09/08/202211 minutes 57 seconds
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They Will See God

God’s word tells you, “your name is written on the palm of His hand,” and that “He knows the number of hairs on your head,” and that “It was for you He died.” Consider this - The same is true for the porn actress and the man you just swiped left for. God designed you and lives in you. God designed and lives in them.  We encounter God when we encounter other people. There’s a lot packed in this short episode, let’s begin.Highlights:“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8“Because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them.” Romans 1:19Because of God’s goodness and love for everyone; we encounter God when we encounter other people.We are meant to honor others because God has made them in His image and likeness. There is something about them that God sees and honors and loves and delights in. And He sees them as children.</e
02/08/20229 minutes 38 seconds
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The Reality of Temptation in a Fallen World

“In this world you will have troubles, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” Temptation is trouble. In fact, temptation is multi-layered trouble because it wants you to believe there’s something bad about you that leads you to be tempted at all. Jesus knows temptation and He knows you. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” we’re reframing temptation through God’s word and Jesus’ grace.Highlights:Jesus taught us to pray in the Lords Prayer - “And do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.” Matthew 6:1&quot; John 16:1-4 Jesus prepares comforts and prepares his Disciples for His crucifixion with these words: “These things I have spoken to you, that you should not be made to stumble. They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.  And these things they will do to you because they have no
26/07/202212 minutes 24 seconds
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When Shame is Driving You

You’re here now, listening for a reason. Maybe you’re hoping to find a new way, break a habit. Understanding the motivation behind your goal is key to healthy change. In this episode, we’ll explain how shame works. Learning to recognize the sneak and bully Shame is in your work towards wholeness is important. From the outside, your eagerness to volunteer and motivation to serve can look godly and impressive. But, if shame is driving you; that eagerness and motivation can push you towards internal chaos.  For now, try to take a breath and relax your shoulders. As you’re becoming whole, learn to look for shame and listen for Jesus.Highlights:Shame masquerading as godly zeal is going to do internal damage inside a person.The outside might look like motivation but inside shame drives you to damaging ways.Shame communicates the message that you are a bad, unworthy person; that there’s somethi
19/07/202211 minutes 32 seconds
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Embracing God, Not Results

Tenacious. That’s the kind of grip your sexual addiction can have on you- no matter if it’s porn, masturbation, or hooking up. So, here’s a tough question. While your sexual sin is holding on to you, what are you holding onto? The reality is we are living in an on-demand kind of world. As a Christian battling for sexual freedom, it’s important to recognize if you’re holding onto the hope of instant results or the hope of God.  In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” we’ll confront the struggle together and then show you how to consecrate the process. True sexual freedom embraces God’s plan, design, and timing, not results.Highlights:If your unwanted sexual sin never goes away, what will you do? If the temptations persist and you continue to fall, what will you do?Confront yourself with the possibility that you may not be as free as you had hoped to be free.Confront yourself with the possibility
12/07/202213 minutes 4 seconds
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3 Steps to Navigating Temptation

What if you could watch footage of yourself just as you’re caught in a moment of temptation? No one else knows what’s about to happen, but you: Your finger might be lingering above the “play” button. You might be walking down the specific hallway where you might see her. You might be standing in front of your bedroom door. Hitting pause at that moment would hold a lot of meaning for you in battling your unwanted sexual behavior. And the pattern is deep, the temptation is painfully intense and you can barely catch your breath. Stretch out your hands, take a deep breath and let’s hit pause together. In today’s episode of “Becoming Whole,” we offer you 3 Steps to Navigating Temptation. We hope these three simple steps can become part of your new routine so you can begin pursuing your truest desires.Highlights:1.              Admi
05/07/202212 minutes 34 seconds
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Sexuality Doesn’t Have It’s Own Rules

Dieting, Parenting, Working - these are just a few of the arenas in our lives in which boundaries are not only necessary but good. These guidelines establish our limits, communicate our comfort levels and set expectations. When it comes to sexuality today, it seems the lines are blurred. Remember, your body is significant to what it means to be a human being. Your body is significant to the story of salvation. We hope you’ll consider this episode of “Becoming Whole” as a reset, realigning your identity in grace and truth.Highlights:Christians, in the name of love, are refusing truth, turning away from truth. We are bending the knee to lies and deception and darkness.Jesus came with Grace and Truth, not one or the other, but both.“If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.” 1 John 1:6 The body is a sexed body; it
28/06/202211 minutes 57 seconds
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What Do You Really Want!?!

We believe God is omniscient. And yet, from Genesis 1:1 all the way to Revelation 22:21, there are more than 3,000 questions logged in the Bible. Why? Why would our All-Knowing God shape so much of His Word into questions? Consider how questions serve as a powerful tool to connect, dig and uncover. Perhaps God is asking you questions to connect, dig, and uncover your truest desires with you. Let’s take some time to consider the questions God may be asking. Highlights:Why does God ask questions? Part of the answer is that He wants you to pay attention to what is happening you or in your life.“After this, many of his disciples left. They no longer wanted to be associated with him. Then Jesus gave the Twelve their chance: ‘Do you also want to leave?’ Peter replied, ‘Master, to whom would we go? You have the words of real life, eternal life.’” - John 6:66-68 MSGWhat we desire has a capacity
21/06/202211 minutes 48 seconds
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Pulling on a Thread of Lies

The enemy is hard at work weaving lies about who you are, hoping to trap you under a suffocating blanket of who you are NOT. Don’t fall in the trap. The fabric of your being is more intricate and intentional than you can imagine. But the world and the enemy are diligent to get you to believe that what you struggle with is you, is your fault, is because of what you’ve done. As you listen, allow the Lord to tug at a few threads with you to discover the lies you might be living under. Consider letting the masterful hands that created you be the ones to uncover the larger identity you are made for.Highlights:An abuser tries to get their victim to believe they wanted the abuse, they invited it, caused it to happen. The enemy is using the same tactic on you.When you believe something false about yourself you are more likely to live into the faulty narrative the enemy wants you to believe.The enemy tries
14/06/202214 minutes 30 seconds
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Why Can’t I Stop Watching Porn? Part II

“Why Can’t I stop watching porn?” This question deserves a 2 part answer, at least.In last week’s episode, we offered a high-level understanding of our neurological mapping. Learning the intricacy and purpose of serotonin, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and dopamine are important to appreciating God’s design for you. We know porn rewires our God-given desires. The on-demand, accessible nature of porn shuts down the detailed work of your Heavenly Father.  It’s time to treat yourself as someone who is worth the time and effort it takes to be free. Listen in.HIGHLIGHTSThe human body is not designed for the flood of chemicals produced by on-demand pornography.For the person habitually accessing on demand porn, two things begin to happen:1.              Thrill and exhilaration are harder to reach. So, whatever porn you’ve been viewing can cease to bring the same high it once did. As a result, you may increase the frequ
07/06/202215 minutes 35 seconds
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Why Can’t I Stop Watching Porn? Part I

Simply put, pornography jumbles up the delicate, powerful wiring of your brain. Neurology is anything but simple. But, let’s try to our look at our neurological mapping for enough understanding to unpack and move forward in our walk towards sexual integrity.Porn rewires our God given desires. Let’s try re-wiring to what God intended for us. “The process of sanctification is an addiction to holiness, a compulsive fixation on Christ and an impulsive pattern of compassion, virtue and love.This is what we are wired for. This is what we are meant for.” (Dr William Struthers)Highlights:God wired us neuro-chemically in a way that plays into His beautiful design for us as human beings.When we use pornography on a regular basis; our wiring gets hijacked.God has designed us with intentionality and that’s true for our sexuality.4 Neuro-ChemicalsSerotonin (The Happy Chemical) – produces a sense of wel
31/05/202215 minutes 29 seconds
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Road Hazards to Sexual Integrity

The journey to sexual integrity is loaded with potholes and detours. Road Hazards to Sexual Integrity.Let’s be honest - It’s easy to come out of one ditch and end up stumbling into another. You’ve been doing such important work walking towards sexual wholeness.When it comes to your lusts, we hope this episode serves to alert you to two pitfalls.  As you move forward, be aware of them and be listening for Jesus invitation in it all. Let’s begin.Highlights:Two pitfalls we can fall into:1.              We focus on a body part, reducing a person to an OBJECT.2.              We focus on the person as an OBSTACLE to our sexual integrity.In both cases, we’re only concerned with ourselves and not the other person.“There is no dignity when the human dimension is eliminated from the person. In short, the problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far too little.” -Po
24/05/202216 minutes 43 seconds
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The Integrity of Sex

Sex is more than an act. It’s more than a bandaid, more than a habit, more than an excuse. Consider this - one of your deepest needs and desires is to be fully seen, fully known, and fully loved. A bandaid or habit can’t fulfill that kind of need. There is more to sex.  In this episode, we’ll hear how to appreciate God’s design for the relational dynamic sex offers a husband and wife.  As you’re doing the work towards sexual integrity, it’s important to also understand the integrity of sex. Highlights:We tend to treat sex as a separate entity. God’s heart for sex is that it is part of a relationship between husband and wife.Through sex, husbands and wives can give themselves as a self-gift for the good of the other.One of our deepest needs, one of our deepest desires is to be seen; to be completely seen and completely loved.Homework:• Instead of seeking to feel good, can you s
17/05/202215 minutes 37 seconds
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Breaking Unholy Agreements

When it comes to your story, God is the Author. And, you should be aware the enemy is eager to weave lies into every single chapter. So how do we break unholy agreements?When you hear those whispers and believe them to be true; you’re making an unholy agreement. The lies we agree to change our perception, even our experience, of reality. We hope this episode motivates you to ask the Lord to highlight the Truth so you can spot the lies and move through this chapter in true freedom. Let’s begin.Highlights:When you make an unholy agreement, you come under the lordship of a competing authority.2 Corinthians 10:5 “We destroy every argument and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ.”Homework:BREAKING UNHOLY AGREEMENTS:Ask God to reveal the unholy agreements in your life.Renounce your agreement with the lies. “I brea
10/05/202221 minutes 1 second
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The Defining Source

The age old question, Who am I? is important and fundamental to each of us.  Who are you trusting with the answer? Consider your sources: An internet search will give you more than 11 BILLION ideas to sift through. Social media offers you thousands of hashtags. And libraries are spilling with books full of answers. The world is loud with expressive individualism. Scientific language applied to social theory has trickled its way into some churches. As you do the work of uncovering and healing, we hope this episode encourages you to look to the One who created you as the source to define you.Highlights:Widely speaking, there is a general acceptance that who you experience yourself to be inwardly is the most important thing about who you are.These streams of thinking that have flowed into the Church have actually infected some of the way that the Church understands what it means to be a human being.</
03/05/202213 minutes 46 seconds
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Lust is a Fractured Thing

Within the realm of sexual sins, maybe you tend to look past Lust as “not so bad.”  But, looking past Lust gives this quiet sin even more destructive power.In your journey to sexual integrity, you’re working towards becoming whole. And part of that work means considering yourself and others as whole persons.Lust dismantles that work one body part at a time. It quietly splits us from ourselves and from others. Please consider taking some time to work through the Gospel Meditation in the Homework section.Highlights:Lust can be defined as looking at another person as a sexual object for my own selfish, sexual desire rather than seeing a person who’s created in God’s image to be loved.When we objectify another person, it elicits a sense of pleasure and as we hold onto the parts that make us feel good; we are discarding the rest.Lust says, “I want the parts that arouse me but not the parts that require somet
26/04/202215 minutes 36 seconds
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Easter: Redeeming Reunion

Journaling, Fasting, Denying, Confessing, Releasing, Praying – Becoming Whole is a process. For Jesus, because of you, it is a process worth dying for. Friends, we have arrived at the end of Lent, which brings the beginning of a new Hope. While the world is grabbing at your sexuality to pull it away from your spirituality, Jesus is breaking through the grave to make you whole again. You are worth it. Jesus’ arrival on this earth declared God’s value on both your spirit and your body as a treasure.  Jesus’ death and resurrection promises redemption of the rupture. This Easter, absorb the declaration of hope for the union of your body and your spirit in complete wholeness through our Lord Jesus Christ.Highlights:Christianity is a religion, a faith, a worldview that sees the union of spirit and body as essential to what it means to be a human being.We live in a culture that separates spirit from body in so m
19/04/202212 minutes 44 seconds
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Not My Will

It’s striking to consider Jesus’ will being apart or different than God the Father’s will.After all, He came to do the will of the Father. That’s how Jesus lived His life on earth to the end. And yet, in the last days, Jesus exposes a gap. He exposes it through a desperate cry out to his Abba - “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done.” Consider Jesus’ heart and his vulnerability.Exposing that His will might be different from God’s makes space for us to pull in closer to King Jesus and learn. His final days on Earth offer us more than an example. He leads us to a deeper relationship where we can acknowledge our choice, seek God’s heart, cry out and say, “Not my will but yours be done.”Let&apos;s dive in.Highlights:Your choice to echo his words comes out of union with Jesus and fosters union with Him.Obedience can cause suffering, can make things har
12/04/202211 minutes 3 seconds
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A Pledge for Your Body

Have you noticed? There are invitations for each distinct part of you in these recent episodes of “Becoming Whole.”Our hope is you’ll say yes to the invitations and incorporate all of you into this meaningful season of Lent:  Whether it’s through Confession widening awareness for your heart or Meditation as it transforms your mind.Now, as you listen, allow your body to move through a prayerful exercise. This is simple yet powerful. As you sense your body communicating needs and desires; consider Jesus’ words. Jesus goes first. He gives us the words and so much more. Let’s begin. Highlights:“And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19Jesus gives us His body, His death and His Resurrected body too.In the face of our temptations, our unmet longings, our bodily desires, those things we
05/04/202210 minutes 8 seconds
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The Life in Confession

Lent invites you to take a longer look at Jesus on the Cross. This season, we invite you take time to consider Confession as a way to fully understand the choices you are making. Naming and owning your sin is uncomfortable (and that’s putting it lightly). But as you’ll hear, confessing sin plays a vital role to your relationship with God.  Before we get started, let’s pray: “Lord, I confess I can’t fully see the death and destruction that come from my sin. Many times, I don’t want to see it. Have mercy on my body and on my impulses. Change me through the resurrection of Jesus. Make me a new creation.”Let’s begin.Highlights:Sin is a violation of who we are and who we are in relationship with God.By avoiding our sin, we have forgotten the reality of what sin does to us, how quickly it moves into us and through us.“Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? I s
29/03/202213 minutes 44 seconds
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A Lenten Meditation

Friends, this is our 200th episode!That’s 200 conversations and teachings we hope have accompanied, encouraged, and equipped you on your journey to Becoming Whole.At Regeneration Ministries, we believe the trial you’re struggling with can serve as a holy invitation from God to know Him more deeply.  While these episodes aren’t meant to be substitutes for coaching, they can certainly be a first step to understanding the invitation more fully. Often, we go wide together here, covering a multitude of topics on sexual integrity. Today, we are going deep together through a prayerful meditation. Ask the Holy Spirit to open and guide your imagination. Allow yourself to hit pause on the activity around you so you can shift more fully into a posture of prayer. Together, let’s take a deep breath as we enter more deeply into the mystery of choice and suffering and Jesus. Let’s begin.(We humbly ask that you take a moment to <a href='https:
22/03/202215 minutes 54 seconds
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Freedom through Fasting

If you accept the invitation, Lent can be so much more than a countdown to Easter. It is a season steeped in rich tradition.Fasting is one way to observe Jesus’ walk to the cross. But this tradition goes beyond depriving yourself of food or alcohol. Specifically, for you, as you journey to sexual integrity, fasting can be a powerful way to grow in self-control. What initially feels like denying yourself can become, with diligence and dedication, a chance to free yourself.In this episode, we’ll turn to the Gospel to hear how Matthew gives voice to our hunger and how Jesus gives voice to our satisfaction.Highlights:Fasting helps you grow in self-control. Strengthens you to say ‘no’ to what you don’t need.Matthew 9:9 “As Jesus walked on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at his tax collector’s booth. And Jesus said to him, ‘Follow me and be my disciple.’ And Matthew got up and followed him.”In thi
15/03/202216 minutes 26 seconds
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Your Invitation this Lent

As we step into the season of Lent, maybe you’re feeling a sense of somberness. That’s understandable considering Lent walks us through Jesus’ journey to the cross. It also walks us to a confrontation with our own sin. On this episode of “Becoming Whole”, listen in as Josh juxtaposes Simon’s first meeting with Jesus and his last.  There’s an invitation within this season and the two stories of Simon Peter to understand who we are and who God is.Maybe your unwanted sexual habit or past trauma drops you to your knees making you want to push the Lord away.  We pray you’ll allow this Lent to be a season where you spend time acknowledging your sinful nature while making time with your savior Jesus.Let’s jump in.Highlights:In Luke 5:7 “Simon said, ‘Depart from me because I am a sinful man.’”This Lent we are invited to a space of facing two realities: First, that Jesus is God in the flesh. And that Jesus came to ea
08/03/202215 minutes 52 seconds
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Your Father's Response

We’re taking your battle with sexual addiction deep into a familiar story and see The Father&apos;s Response!While you may have heard the parable of the Prodigal Son before, this time try listening with your eyes closed and heart open to see where you fit in. As the story highlights the different paths two sons will take, allow it to draw a picture of how you may be relating to God the Father in your battle against sexual sin. Where do you see yourself? Are you the one pushing away or the one pressing in to earn approval? Listen for your role in your own story and listen for how God’s heart is revealed in the father’s voice.Highlights:Younger Brother - Posture of Rebellion:Believes truest satisfaction found in sin.Older brother - Posture of Earning:Believes working hard to do the right thing, abstaining from desires almost acting like this is what I need to do in order to have God’s blessings.Father’s Response:</p
01/03/202216 minutes 26 seconds
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Beyond Your Imagination

When you hear the word “imagination,” chances are you’ll put it in one of two boxes- it’s either child’s play or a path to deviance. For a moment, let’s re-imagine imagination. There is great power in this tool. What if we view our mind’s ability to be creative as a positive not a negative?  This episode will challenge you to push past the idea that your imagination is a mere tool for daydreaming and that it is much more than an avenue to unwanted sexual behaviors.  By inviting the Holy Spirit into your imagination, you can begin to bring the Jesus of the Gospels alive in your day to day. This will take time and practice. Make sure you check out Josh’s blog for more ideas and practices. Begin challenging yourself to use this gift as a way to connect to a Hope beyond your imagination.Highlights:The power of our imaginations is God given. And God wants to use our imaginations to move us away from the domain of darkness and toward th
22/02/202214 minutes 40 seconds
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Gay or Same-Sex Attracted – The Words Matter

We’re weighing in on a continuing conversation of language because the words matter.Join us as Josh unpacks the terms “Gay Christian” and “Christian with Same Sex Attraction.” Followers of Jesus who hold a traditional view of God’s design for sexuality, can split when it comes to the wording. We’ll explore how language elevates orientation to the same status as belief in Jesus. We are beloved, image-bearers of God and need to be aware of labels that can limit our core identity. While this may not be a personal issue for you, we encourage you to stay as this is a “person” issue. And we want to care for the full body of Christ together with dignity and honor.Highlights:Our bodies, our maleness and femaleness make VISIBLE something of God’s invisible attributes.Wording can de-emphasize the biological, heterosexual design of your body.Be aware of how language elevates orientation to the same status as b
15/02/202221 minutes 13 seconds
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The Fruit of a Tree and Sexual Brokenness

You’ve probably heard it said here before that breaking a habit of unwanted sexual behaviors goes beyond “Behavior Management.”Setting up filters or throwing away devices might eliminate the cues to your addiction, but it still leaves you exposed. There’s deeper work to be done.Ultimately, to change your behavior you need to understand the why’s to your behavior. The actions you choose are connected to your emotions, to your thoughts and to your beliefs. You are wonderfully complex. In this episode, we’ll be looking at the design of a Tree to illustrate how you work and why you need to go deeper. (Be sure to look to the Homework section for ways to make the Tree model work for you.)Highlights: FRUIT (Our Behavior)The fruit of the tree, the leaves of the tree represent the behavior, the outward sign.BRANCHES (Our Emotions)When we experience some type of emotional pain or discomfort in our bodies, that ser
08/02/202217 minutes 36 seconds
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Powerful Partnership: Do’s and Don’ts

The term “Accountability Partner” can carry a high cringe factor.  Yes, they are meant for good - offering space to confess to one another, to pray with one another, to hope for the best for each other. But, if not handled well, Accountability Partners can cause more harm than good. The enemy would love nothing more than for you and your partner to focus on your behavior, smother you in shame and isolate you. Brothers and sisters, moving towards sexual wholeness begs for more than behavior management. Follow along as we work through some tips on how not to have an effective partnership. And then, get your pen and paper ready for 5 tips to a powerful partnership. Highlights: Making Accountability Partnerships Work:1. Frame up thinking with these questions: What do you want to do? What are you looking for? What do you desire?2. Focus on the positive so you can begin to see your progress.3. Celebrate,
01/02/202218 minutes 57 seconds
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Your Story and Your Sexual Integrity

Your life tells a story. And you are the main character. But what if you’re battling an ongoing porn addiction, unwanted same sex attraction or can’t stop hooking up?This is where an understanding of who you are meant to be and the story your life can tell is powerful. If Satan has taken over as the role of co-author, you are believing a false storyline. Don’t let his whispers sabotage the purpose you are meant to live out.Dig deep into the story you’ve been living to discover where the lies are. God wrote your story with love and friendship and honor and dignity in the details.Begin your next chapter with the truth as “it is written.”Highlights:Growing in sexual integrity includes: 1. Unearthing those subtle stories we are living. 2. Unearthing the faulty role we believe we hav
25/01/202218 minutes 34 seconds
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Pursuing Sexual Integrity

As you do the work of pursuing sexual integrity, cultural messages keep watering down God’s heart for you as His creation. So, let’s pause for a deeper sense of what it means to be a man or to be a woman. Both the mystery and the glory of being man or being woman have been lost in our society. Christ is inviting you to stop and consider the creation story, the very beginning. You and I were created to be image bearers of God. Have you considered how your body’s sexuality images God? Let’s start now.Highlights:Sexual integrity means trusting that your body is made for God and not for sexual immorality.If we’re to become people of sexual integrity then we need to become more emotionally whole.Your body is designed for God. Whatever it feels in the moment of sexual pleasure, you still can always acknowledge that your body is designed first and foremost for God and for His will, not for sexual immoralit
18/01/202220 minutes 38 seconds
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Sexual Integrity & Your Emotions

Sexual integrity is about you becoming whole. You are made up of many parts – mind, body and soul. And in your journey to becoming whole, it is key to address all the parts that make you, YOU. In the last episode, we examined the role of the body. This week, we’ll learn more about the role of emotions. There is a direct link between your unwanted sexual behavior and your emotional life. And, if you’re willing to pay attention to your feelings, they can serve as clues into something inside you that needs your attention. This is not easy work. It takes courage and vulnerability. Facing your feelings connects you to who you are at a deeper level. Don’t be afraid. Let’s move beyond regulating an unwanted sexual behavior boundaries and protocols into living a life of freedom and wholeness.Highlights:If you want to be a person of sexual integrity, there is no way to do that without becoming an emotionally healthy person.<
11/01/202215 minutes 10 seconds
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Sexual Integrity Starts Here

Sexual Integrity Starts Here. Integration is a big word describing the large task of becoming whole. Over the next couple of episodes, we’ll dedicate time to understanding the mechanics of sexual integrity. You are a complex, marvelous being with many layers and even more moving parts. When it comes to sexual integrity, you may assume your body is the enemy, the source of sexual sin. That is just one sign of the dis-integration we’ll identify. You are worthy of and designed for wholeness. The journey to sexual integrity starts here, with your body.Highlights:To be a person of sexual integrity means all these parts are healthy and they are working together that you might live out your life physically, relationally, sexually, with integrity.Your body is not the enemy.Honor your body because you are designed bodily for God not for sexual immorality.Homework:Talk to your body p
04/01/202214 minutes 13 seconds
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Was Porn Your Teacher?

God’s design for sex includes your questions and desires and hopes. But, if pornography was your sex-ed teacher, you absorbed imagery and ideas that changed your brain.On top of that, your heart is probably holding onto shame too.  We live in a world where pornography is literally at our fingertips. If you started watching it as a kid, we hope the message is clear for you to stop blaming yourself for that early exposure. Those visuals should never play the role of teacher.In fact, trusted adults are meant to be God’s provision to help kids begin to understand what sex is all about. We hope this episode encourages you to ask God to untangle the good from the bad so you can walk more fully as the man or woman God designed you to be today.Highlights:Far too many of us have been shaped by porn in such a way that it’s changed our sexual templates.Porn is highly addictive for adults. So, it’s all the more so for kids who
28/12/202111 minutes 51 seconds
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A Christ-like Christmas

We’re moving closer to Christmas. Ironically, this is about the time when ads and expectations and schedules pull us further from Christ.For sure, there is an abundance to this season but not in the commercial way you may be thinking. Strip away the fussy garland and the must-have linens and the coordinated outfits. Let’s listen for the call to you and me; inviting us to a more Christ-like Christmas. Highlights:How much of the way we expect to make Christmas meaningful, how much we pursue has more to do with the culture and media have put in front of us than what God has put in front of usWhen we seek to make Christmas about Christ in a way that moves us, draws us, reorients us, helps connect us with the truth of who God is and why we worship him in the first place. Do we do so around a liturgy of commercialism or around a truly Christian liturgy?The commercial liturgy in the U.S. is powerful and embedded
21/12/202113 minutes 40 seconds
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If You Want Integrity, You Have to Wait

We are in a season of waiting for the arrival of Jesus. And, while we count down the days of Advent by eating chocolate or reading devotions, the anticipation builds. In the area of sex and relationships, waiting can lead us to a place where we are really tempted to compromise. As a culture, we are too short-sighted and impatient. Where are your sights set this season? Experiencing Advent side by side means we can wait with each other. There’s community and power and beauty when we share in each other’s suffering.Listen in as we learn to wait together.Highlights:The church of Jesus is suffering on a big scale. We struggle with waiting.When it comes to sexual integrity, relational wholeness, health in our sense of identity; I believe that one of the reasons the ch
14/12/202114 minutes 59 seconds
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Meditating on Mary

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is an important figure in every way. After all, it was her body that ushered in the tiny body of our Savior, Jesus, into this world.Still there is controversy among us, as believers, on the amount of time we should dedicate to her.For now, let’s spend a few moments meditating on Mary. Because, if we make too little of Mary, we miss out on more of God.Looking at Mary and seeing how God sees her gives us a window to see how God sees us. Her role then is significant to you now. This week in Advent, join us as we explore the mystery of our Savior’s birth through a young girl named Mary.Let&apos;s dive in!Highlights:We take the humanity out of Jesus when we make his birth too abstract because we think of it as something that is surreal, that is beyond the physical world.Jesus becoming flesh dignifies our flesh.Part of Jesus’ story is that his body came into this world th
07/12/202112 minutes 52 seconds
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An Embodied Advent

“And the Word became flesh.” Let&apos;s discuss An Embodied Advent!As the holiday hustle and bustle begins, let’s consider how the season of Advent highlights the relationship between God and your body.Your flesh is so important to God that He became flesh. Your body is central to who you are and God cares deeply about it. So, this season allow the Light of the world to reveal something new to you about your addiction to pornography, your struggle with infidelity, your flesh.The Hope of Advent begs to help you in your walk towards sexual wholeness. Let’s unwrap this gift together.Highlights:Our bodies are not an accessory that we wear. We are our bodies. We are embodied creatures. You take away the body and you lose who you are.Advent is the declaration that God cares for your bod
30/11/202116 minutes 3 seconds
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5 Steps to Shutting Down Temptation

When temptation comes knocking, you have more options than slamming the door and running away. In fact, fleeing can actually contribute to the cycle of sexual sin. Here are 5 Steps to Shutting Down Temptation.So, let’s face temptation head on with feet firmly planted. In this episode, Josh offers 5 steps to help you shut down temptation.  While the enticement can be loud and dizzying, you have options. If your body is charged with the bait of temptation, let’s begin with a simple prayer: “Lord, bring your Holy Order to this disorder.”Let&apos;s dive in!Highlights:When you’re tempted take notice of your breathing and slow it down.God has put you in a physical body and in the body of ChristAs you slow down, be curious why you’re feeling temptation.Homework:Take some time to write out the 5 steps on an index card.BREATHE in through your nose (count to 4) and
23/11/202114 minutes 12 seconds
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4 Reasons to Open Up About Your Sexual Past

Seen, Soothed, Safe and Secure -these are key elements for a healthy relationship and 4 Reasons to Open Up about your Sexual Past. But when it comes to your unwanted sexual behavior; it might feel like a secret you should just keep hidden.  Is your relationship secure enough for you to tell your boyfriend or husband about your sexual history? Do you really want your girlfriend to know about your addiction to pornography?  The dangerous truth is while we keep back the darker parts of our lives, we deny ourselves real intimacy and continue bringing that deep need to illegitimate sources. As you’re moving closer to relational intimacy and marriage, opening up about your sexual history or sexual habits is important. Every person longs to have someone see the full scope of who they are and be loved.  You and your loved one deserve each other fully and wholly. Here are 4 Reasons to open up about your sexual past.Highlights:<em
16/11/202115 minutes 20 seconds
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2 Reasons You Don’t Want to Talk about Sex

Talking about sex - yikes - Nobody really wants to talk about sex. It’s private. It’s personal. It’s painful. It’s none of your business. As awkward as it may feel, we need to be talking about sex. Together let’s better understand why we don’t talk about sex and consider why we should. In this episode, Josh will be exploring two reasons you avoid the topic. For more reasons, head to the blog.Highlights:How do we talk about sex in a way that honors the goodness and sacredness of sex?We want to be honest, but we don’t need to be graphic. The world says otherwise.Sex is not just an activity. It’s a God-given, faithful relationship that has the capacity to impart new life into the world.Extras:“Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World
09/11/202115 minutes 32 seconds
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Does God’s Love Save You?

From the beginning, our story reveals we were created by God’s love. God’s immense love is moving, it is powerful and it is good BUT… and that’s where we pick up in this episode, with the weighty ‘however.’  Does God’s Love Save You?Because reducing God’s love for us to a mere feeling subtracts the power and freedom and consequences we have been given the ability to choose. Also, from the beginning, scripture reveals the cost of our sin. Our society is softening that part of our story, saying Sin is covered by God’s all-encompassing love. We can’t gloss over the very real consequences when we choose our own way. God’s love is more than sentimentality. It is a commitment. Allow this episode to challenge you you to a better understanding of God’s love for you.Highlights:God’s love is not just a feeling that He has towards us. God’s love i
02/11/202115 minutes 6 seconds
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Why Our Bodies Matter

There’s a story, a set of rules and ideas that you’ve accepted as truth for your body and your sexuality. You might not even be aware. It’s ok, we’ve all done it. But, what if we were to UN-do the story?Authors Linda Noble and Linda Stewart join Josh on the podcast to pull apart the narrative and present you with an invitation to The Body and Personhood.There are no rules here, just God’s heart for the human person you are meant to be.There is an unrepeatable value about each person.There is an unrepeatable value to you. Let’s dive in.Highlights:We need to rewrite the paradigm. We need to go back to the very beginning and start over.Actually, we are embodied persons. Our body expresses who we are and the things that we do with our body affects who we are and our person. So, we really need to change the message.There’s a differ
26/10/202126 minutes 55 seconds
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I Can't Yet See

There are times in this journey towards sexual integrity for teaching through a lesson and maybe even assigning homework. And yet, sometimes the most powerful lesson can come from a voice saying, “I understand. Me too.” If you find yourself wrestling with lust, we hope you’ll allow this episode to come alongside you. Lust is blinding. Let’s unpack a vision for seeing the way God intended.Highlights:We live in a culture of entertainment. We live in a culture of lust. We live in a culture of consumerism. And we live in a fallen world -All of these things conspire against our eyes capacity to see.We are designed to see people and to hold them in esteem and value.Lust can make people objects or obstacles but not human beingsExtras:Genesis 1 and 2Romans 1:18-32“There is no dignity when the human dimension is eliminated from the person. In short, the problem with pornography is
19/10/202115 minutes 26 seconds
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Moving Beyond Marital Manipulation

Maybe you’ve heard or you’ve said these words: “If you don’t have sex with me, I’m going to be tempted to stray.” Either way, we encourage you to stay and listen. Let’s, together, start Moving Beyond Marital Manipulation.On this journey to sexual wholeness, the world is eager to bombard you with “facts” and “studies say” and “research shows.” The world discredits who God made you and is calling you to be.Let’s understand five ways marital manipulation short cuts the courageous work you’re doing.Highlights:5 Reasons Marital Manipulation FailsPlaces the husbands’ sexual integrity on the womanRemoves the Cross of Jesus from the equationDegrading to womenDegrading to menMars the image of GodYour heart is to cherish your wife. She is designed by God to be a woman to be loved, cherished, honored.That on demandIn all the ways that Jesus demonstrated integrity and self-
12/10/202116 minutes 16 seconds
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Do You Want to Look at Porn?

Do you want to look at porn? The pull of pornography is devilishly strong. Whatever your reason is for seeking it out, let us offer you 5 reasons to NOT look this time. Don’t let the cycle continue to dull your senses in this life. You are created and meant for living fully alive, fully loved and loving, and fully whole. We hope this episode spurs you towards conviction without condemnation. There is no shame here, only encouragement for better understanding. Don’t waste any more time feeling bad about your pornography use. Rather, let the conviction become an action point to end your addiction. Regeneration Ministries is here to help you towards becoming whole.Highlights:Pornography provides you with “sex” on demand and your brain doesn’t know what to do with it. Your brain isn’t wired for that.<e
05/10/202112 minutes 58 seconds
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The What and Why of Unwanted Sexual Behavior

If you find yourself here, you are battling more than sexual sin. You are fighting to become whole.  And that is why, at Regeneration Ministries, our mission is to help you face your issues and break free from patterns holding you captive. Together, we are doing more than just kicking a habit. Satan is loud and thick with shame, grabbing at you to keep you from breaking your habit. God, on the other hand, loves you so much He is both willing to let you walk away and wait until you return. We need to be sober about our choices.In this episode, let’s unpack the what and why of “unwanted sexual behaviors.” There is intention and an invitation waiting just for you.  Highlights:Unwanted Sexual Behaviors - on one hand, we want it. On the other hand, we want to stop.“The man who is lost in his passions is less
28/09/202114 minutes 35 seconds
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Getting Practical About Recovery

The habit loop, for good or bad, goes something like this: Trigger. Craving. Response. Reward. Let&apos;s get Practical About Recovery.When it comes to unwanted sexual behaviors, that loop slides shame in just after the reward. That’s why you’re here now. You’re doing the work to break the cycle. But sometimes, the work feels annoying, unnecessary, and even boring.If you wish you could stop with the steps and just “lean into Jesus,” you’re in the right place.  Friend, there is a battle for your heart. And Jesus, as both God and man, wants you whole.  The battle plan must include the heart work and the homework. Listen in as Josh lays out your battle plan using both spiritual and the practical.Highlights:“The ultimate freedom we have as human beings is the power to select what we will allow o
21/09/202113 minutes 9 seconds
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“That was Weird” - A Conversation for Men

There’s an exclusivity in the topic of sexual abuse and rape as something that only happens to women. That is simply false. Men, let this episode invite you in, giving you space to consider what may have felt “weird” or called “lucky” as perhaps, abuse. Allow this time to clearly define your understanding of what sexual abuse and rape can mean for men. You are not meant to be left out.Let’s begin with affirming that what happened to you was wrong, that it was a violation, it was abuse. Don’t carry it alone anymore.Highlights:A sexual violation is a violation because it is a failure to respect the body of another person.God wants to restore the truth of who you are.There are so many men who were sexually abused as children, or as young adults, or who were sexually violated as men, including adult men who had been raped and did not know that’s what they could call it.Homework:</p
14/09/202117 minutes 23 seconds
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There’s Another Option

Most of us battling unwanted sexual behaviors teeter between Option A- Resist or Option B-Give In. Which option do you choose? If you’re wrestling with issues of pornography, lust or masturbation; this episode explores another Option.  Jesus is inviting you to see more, not to see less. As St. John Paul II put it “there is no dignity when the human dimension is eliminated from the person.” Let’s unpack the options together to understand them better. Then, moving towards integrity, let’s pray to see.Highlights:First reaction is to look, to indulge. The second reaction is to look away, to avert our eyes in some way.There’s a problem with both reactions in the moment
07/09/202115 minutes 40 seconds
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Focus On the Cross

In your journey towards sexual integrity, it matters what you’re looking at, it matters what you’re looking for. Focus on the Cross!In this episode, we hope to encourage you to fix your focus on the Cross.As you’re doing the work to become whole, to break old patterns, to make new choices; set your eyes on Jesus on the Cross. Don’t let shame or hopelessness take your eyes off the Salvation Jesus is offering you from the Cross. Focusing on the Cross with you!Highlights:It matters what we’re looking at. It matters what we’re looking for, and that’s absolutely true in our journey towards sexual integrity.If you’re a person who struggles with sexua
31/08/202116 minutes 18 seconds
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Identity and Orientation Part 2

Let’s continue the conversation on Identity and Sexual Orientation. This matters because becoming whole includes radical change for our sexual orientation. But, we live in a sexually confused world, one that has decided on its own words and definitions.In this episode, Josh offers more on the topic through a Christian lens.  We’re diving deeper into Sexual Orientation, the concept of Change and Happiness. The bottom line is we all need to change our sexual orientation. You read that right. We all need for Jesus to come in and realign our desire to be more in line with His intent. Listen in.Highlights:Because we’re all living in a very sexually confused world, we all have a need for our sexual orientation to change. For Jesus to come in and realign, reorient our desires to more align with His intent.The world suggests happiness now, death later. But the way of the Christian is deat
24/08/202121 minutes 8 seconds
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Identity and Orientation Part 1

We’re looking at Sexual Orientation in a special two-part series. If this feels personal, that’s okay. It’s important to recognize that sexual orientation is quite personal. But, the world has laid out it’s terms and it’s ideals for what sexual orientation means. Our culture tells us who we’re attracted to in fact, defines us. In this series, we’ll be discussing the cultural conversation set up with cultural standards and comparing it to what Jesus has to say about you. The world is feeding you a narrative. Jesus is inviting you into your identity.Highlights:A Definition: Sexual orientation is the direction of your sexual or romantic attractions.Culturally, we talk about sexual orientation not as something people experience, not just as a feeling that they’v
17/08/202116 minutes 18 seconds
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Theology of the Body

Your body is a glimpse of God himself, a Theology of the Body.“The human body includes right from the beginning... the capacity of expressing love, that love in which the person becomes a gift – and by means of this gift – fulfills the meaning of his being and existence.”That being said, where are you headed sexually?Together, let’s cast a clear vision for our sexuality the way God intended it. The theology of the body is larger than just a freedom from lust. The vision God has for you is to be sexually whole, as man or woman. Lord, give our bodies vision to reflect your glory.Highlights:What’s your vision of what it means for you to be a sexually whole person?“The body is not just biological, it’s
10/08/202115 minutes 20 seconds
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Fragments of You

Looking up pornography, arranging an affair or hookup; these things cut you off from you. Unwanted sexual behaviors are an escape mechanism and their gift is dissociation. When you don’t know how to deal with the hardships in your life, dissociating through distraction can feel like an easy way out. But the further deep you are in your sexual sin, the farther you are walking away from you. This leaves you operating in this world with mere fragments of you. God made you body, mind, heart and soul. You can start reconnecting the fragments.  This is key in having a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse or future spouse. Learning how and why to face patterns of dissociation is an important first step towards becoming whole. Let’s get started.Highlights:“Dissociation seduces us out of the present moment and into the meaningless world of distraction.” - Jay StringerWe learn to run to sexua
03/08/202114 minutes 33 seconds
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Parenting Pioneers

Parents, we are living in a digitally connected, sexually saturated world. Being a mom or dad in this day and age can feel more like Pioneer Parenting.  We are the first generation to raise kids in a world that is globally connected, 24/7.   And the internet can be tough competition, especially when it comes to talking to our kids about sex. When you’re too tired or too uncomfortable to have “The Talk” with your son or daughter; the internet is always ready and willing to answer any question. No filter. The internet is never going to be stumped by their questions.  In fact, our kids have access to words and ideas we’ve never heard of. So Parenting Pioneers, how do we handle this? As your kids wonder, don’t let them wander. Questions about sex come from natural, normal curiosity. Your kids need you, not a search engine. Listen in for encouragement and look to the Homework section for practical tips to equip you as you navigate the world alongside yo
27/07/202114 minutes 14 seconds
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To See and Be Seen

The power to see and be seen is more than just opening our eyes. We easily diminish that power with our human tendencies towards lust or comparison or judgment. What is it like to see how Jesus sees? In this episode, we’ll examine our human vision versus Jesus’ all-powerful, all-knowing, loving vision. Jesus knows you through and through and loves you. Before hitting play, pray the words of a blind beggar and open your heart to learning how to see and be seen; “Lord I want to see.”Let&apos;s become whole together by seeing as He sees.Highlights:When we look at one another we have a tendency to compare each other.When we look at one another we evaluate - we’re either raising someone or lowering someone on some kind of scale.We consume one another with our eyes.Jesus sees it all and yet he doesn’t comp
20/07/202113 minutes 12 seconds
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Enemy on the Prowl

Reality check friends, you have an enemy. An Enemy on the Prowl. The message in this episode isn’t meant to scare you. Our purpose is to issue a loud wake-up call for your heart, mind, soul, and body. More often than not, we don’t believe we have to deal with an actual enemy. But he is alive and active, taking shape in issues from our past and battles in our present. There’s only one creature made in the image and likeness of God- that’s you. Satan can’t stand that. He’s been on the prowl since Adam and Eve. Listen in to learn more about the enemy and prepare a battle plan.  Because you, friend, are designed with an authority and an invitation to fight him. Highlights:The enemy’s goal is to isolate us, to split us off from ourselves, from other people, and from God.It is helpful to recognize this is the enemy of my soul trying to steal my joy, my attention, and all the good and perfect gifts from the
13/07/202114 minutes 16 seconds
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Disarm the Alarm

You’re doing good work to break the patterns. But what happens when your unwanted sexual behavior steps into the room, in the flesh, or comes up on the screen in full color? Alarms go off. Does your alarm scream “Danger” or yell “Go For it!”? Disarm the Alarm.Listen in as Josh explains these alarms; their distinctions, their source, and your response.  Your response to those alarms matters a great deal.  We’ll also explore the concept of walking in the flesh versus walking in the Spirit. When you find yourself falling in temptation and the alarms are sounding; we hope this episode gives you pause to say, “This time lord, I want to walk in Your spirit.”Join us as we Disarm the Alarms.Highlights:The alarm sounds very different but they’re both coming from the same source. And they’re both telling you to respond according to the flesh.“The Holy Spirit has the power to renew and breakthrough generational patterns of
06/07/202113 minutes 18 seconds
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Good God, Good Light

Light is powerful. It can rise, grow, reflect, change, dim. Light can be intimidating, scary even when we consider it in the same breath of our secrets. Jesus, the light of the world, offers His light to you.  We invite you to listen to this episode to consider Jesus’ light for you in the dark, painful, scary things in your life. We’ll focus on John 3 and 4 comparing Jesus’ meetings with Nicodemus vs the Samaritan woman at the well. Let’s remember the promise when Jesus said He came into the world not to condemn it but to save it. The light Jesus offers is not a spotlight to glaringly expose your shame. We have a good God offering good light meant to heal you and make you whole.Let’s listen in.Highlights:When we have sin in our lives, things that have been done to us by others, or things that we have done, it can be really scary to be in the light with those things.Jesus doesn’t call us into the li
29/06/202112 minutes 7 seconds
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Damn These Eyes

Your body was created by God and it is very good.  If that doesn’t feel true to you, this episode is for you. We’re challenging the lie that says your body is to blame. And that’s harder than it sounds. What would it look like to allow the words in this podcast to make their way from your ears to your brain, to your heart all the way to your fingertips? Be willing to believe your body is not the enemy. This shift in mindset matters so much as you find yourself wrestling with temptation and sin. Your body is an ally, fight for it not against it. Jesus himself saw fit to move into the human body. God is not against your body. He is for it. Are you? Highlights:God is not against our bodies. God is for our bodies. If our bodies are bad then the incarnation of Christ ceases to make sense. Jesus became flesh - fully God and fully human. The incarnation of Jesus is affirmation of t
22/06/202113 minutes 9 seconds
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Tread Boldly

To “tread” means to walk in a specified way. Tread Boldly.As a parent, especially of teens, you may consider treading carefully as the best way to handle hormones and cold shoulders and uncomfortable conversations. But, as you’ll hear Josh explain; you are called to tread boldly.This is a special episode as our very own Josh Glaser releases his first book today - “Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World: A Field Guide for Parents.”  Josh and co-author, Daniel Weiss, lay out the groundwork for you to be better equipped in our digitally saturated culture.  Don’t shy away from this one. This is a unique opportunity to hear Josh’s heart and advice before reading the book. What’s one way to tread boldly today? “Focus on what you are FOR, not against.”Listen in.Highlights:Backward Vision: “Don’t have sex until you’re married. Don’t look at pornography.” That’s backward vision. Look forwa
15/06/202114 minutes 13 seconds
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Jesus Wants to Wash Our Feet

We all long to be known, to be seen, and to be loved for who we are. Jesus aches for this very thing, and this is why Jesus Wants to Wash Our Feet.Are you willing to be cleansed by Jesus? For him to stoop down and to wash your dirty feet? For him to come near to the parts of you that perhaps even you don&apos;t want to look at yourself? This week Josh humbly speaks about Pride Month, LGBTQ+ loved ones, about pride in general, and about the humility of Jesus. He speaks deeply about the longing that Jesus has to cleanse us all of our dirt, our past, our hurts, our pride. He wants to enter into our pain and sin, and wash us clean.Let us put aside everything that keeps us from allowing Jesus to cleanse us and let us wash the feet of others just as Jesus does. Are you ready to Become more Whole?Highlights:...want to just honor the the reality that every single one of us, every single on
08/06/202120 minutes 14 seconds
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7 Mistakes Parents Make When They Learn Their Kid is Watching Porn

Discovering your young son or daughter has been exposed to pornography is upsetting.  You can’t make your children un-see what they saw, but you can help turn a bad thing into an opportunity for good conversation and a deeper connection with you around a very important topic.This week Josh jumps into 7 very important things not to do when you as a Parent find out your son or daughter has been looking at porn.Let us equip ourselves and one another as we continue towards “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:So many of us when we find out a son or daughter&apos;s been viewing porn, we feel paralyzed, we feel concerned we don&apos;t know what to do, we feel inadequate, we don&apos;t feel prepared for this. Temptation is a normal human experience for men and women living in a fallen world, including saved men and women, Christian men, and women who have a new identity in Christ....if your son or daughter has been exposed to pornogra
01/06/202113 minutes 38 seconds
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Temptation's One-Two Punch

Temptation and Accusation are some of the strongest and most used tools of the devil(s) in making us feel like we are not worth it, we are weak, we will never heal and so many other lies he whispers to us. Temptation&apos;s One-Two Punch hurts!In this episode, we’re diving into the whys of temptation and the ways in which this deceiving intruder tries to get at us.A left jab gets us on our heels, and the right cross comes in fast and knocks us off our feet. This is right where the devil wants us.The truth is, that God is in the ring with us. He is beside us as we continue to fight and even when we fall against this sneaky enemy we have. When it comes to sexuality and the lies we believe, we must equip ourselves with truth.Let us equip ourselves and one another as our next step to “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:Temptation is a normal human experience for men and women living in a fallen world, including saved men and women, Christian
25/05/202115 minutes 23 seconds
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Examine the Roots

Porn, voyeurism, extramarital affairs - We do what we do based on what we believe about ourselves. Let&apos;s start examining the roots. In this episode, we’re going beyond behaviors to examine roots. Understanding what you believe to be the truth about who you are deep down is key to making real change. And you are worthy. True change is more than a shift in behavior. Examining your deep-down beliefs about yourself determines how you’re growing, or not. Lord, open our hearts and show us what we are believing about ourselves. Give us the courage to examine our roots as our next step to “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:This is not about a bad habit. This is about an issue with your sense of identity.If you’re doing something you feel ashamed about its because you are reinforcing the shame you already feel about yourself.Our new identity isn’t meant to be a mask that we wear over our identity, that false i
18/05/202113 minutes 3 seconds
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Is Lust Okay in Marriage?

Is lust okay in marriage? That’s a loaded question.Dan Keefer joins the podcast to unpack the answer.Stopping to consider lust in your marriage may be new to you. We’ll take the first step to define and understand what lust means. There are so many layers. And this conversation is careful to help you understand them. Picking and choosing parts of your spouse to focus on deconstructs the person you married.We’re going to look at your spouse and lust more thoughtfully. We’ll go beyond fantasy so sexual intercourse becomes an expression of connection versus selfish wants. This look at lust points out it’s what we do with it; using phrases like “If Only…Then” can take our good, God-given desire and steer it somewhere it doesn’t belong. So, is lust okay in marriage? Let’s listen and find out.Highlights:<
11/05/202124 minutes 35 seconds
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Postures of Recovery

Recovery from unwanted sexual behavior is up to you. And only you can know how much of “you” is going into the work. It&apos;s about postures of recovery.In this episode, Josh and Kit examine a few postures toward recovery and how to readjust for lasting impact.  This important journey is about more than trying to quit a bad habit. True healing hinges on your posture. How vulnerable are you? Who are you doing this for?  We are digging deep into these questions with you. We pray you feel brave enough to recognize your motivation, honest enough to acknowledge your true level of commitment, and willing to stretch into a posture for true recovery. God is inviting you to more.Highlights:Postures of Recovery: If I’m really doing the work of recovery, it means that I am literally walking places, looking at parts of my life, talking about things that I may have never looked a
04/05/202122 minutes 44 seconds
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Desire is one of those touchy subjects no one really wants to touch. But we’re going there. Depending on the way you were raised; you might consider desire to be mysterious or dirty or something to be quiet about. In this audio snippet from our latest video, Kit and Rebecca are putting the subject of desire front and center. That deep down longing is part of your special wiring and it is worth exploring. Desire is spiritual, emotional, and physical - that means facing it is a vital part of your spiritual journey.  If you’re battling unwanted sexual behavior, let this conversation guide you into your own conversation with God about how your desire feels distorted. If you’re a parent, listen in for ways to understand your own desire and guide your children with more compassion. Have you considered bringing your desires before your Heavenly Father? God knows your deepest longings because He inst
27/04/20218 minutes 59 seconds
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The Earthquake of Sexual Betrayal

Infidelity can feel as crushing and disorienting as an earthquake. Sexual Betrayal is trauma. To help us navigate the aftershocks of discovery and pain; we’ve invited Dr. Barbara Steffens to the podcast. The Earthquake of Sexual Betrayal.As the founder of the APSATS, the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists, Dr. Steffens points out this is more than relationship counseling. She walks us through sexual betrayal with both the expertise of a trained clinician and the heart of a woman who has been betrayed. The earthquake of infidelity is unexpected. In the midst of your disorientation; we hope you’ll take this unique and deep offering as a first step to understanding your pain in a new way.  And then, use it as a launching point to move you in your next steps to “Becoming Whole.”If you want to read more on this topic, you can at <a href='
20/04/202132 minutes 32 seconds
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Looking At Sex in a New Way

Calling all husbands and wives - “Does Your Marriage Need a Different Sexual Lens?” Josh recently shared this question through a thoughtful article on the Regeneration Ministries website. And today, Josh and Kit are unpacking what it means so you can experience sex in a better way with your spouse. Our culture tends to put expectations sex - what it should look like, what you should look like, how you should feel, when it should happen, even how often it should happen. Sex is all about what you get out of it. In this conversation, we’re hoping to shift our gaze from what the world tells us about sex and ask our Creator what He means it to be instead.  That’s where the shift comes in.  The different lens we’re exploring transfers sex from self-serving opportunity to an opportunity to give of yourself. When you strip away the societal constructs to allow yourself to be naked in mo
13/04/202121 minutes 13 seconds
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At the End of You

If you are saying “I can’t handle this. I can’t control this. I don’t have answers.” It sounds like you may be at the end of you.  How do you get from there to admitting, “It’s okay that I’m not okay.” There’s a lot of work involved.That “at the end of you” feeling coupled with ongoing recovery work towards sexual integrity or for saving your marriage can feel overwhelming. We pray this episode comes alongside you. Listen in as we turn to Psalm 131 and find an invitation to go beyond the practical day-to-day work towards recovery and go beyond the end of you. Your Heavenly Father wants more than recovery for you. He also wants wholeness for you and with you. Josh and Kit point out the invitation to be small in the midst of big anxiety and temptation. We need to be willing to understand some of the ways we haven’t been able to humble ourselves, then surrender to God and trust H
06/04/202124 minutes 16 seconds
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We Are All Searching For Meaning

We Are All Searching For Meaning.Right now, let’s take notice. For this next half hour together, let’s be aware of that need deep inside you. And this time, let’s promise to not look away but to be present and understanding because you are a person of great worth. Your habit of turning to pornography or hooking up is more than an unwanted sexual behavior. That pattern in your life is connected to a desire for worth. But searching for a sense of calling is not limited to just you. Googling “How do I find purpose,” comes in with more than 10,880,000,000 results. We are all searching for meaning.Sometimes, that lack of mission can become a trigger for unwanted sexual behaviors. On this episode, Josh and Kit ask important questions while coaching you through taking time to listen for your own answers. Fruitfulness is attached to our sexuality. Futility can take that sideways into things like porn and more. Beloved one, there is a tension between the fr
30/03/202126 minutes 15 seconds
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Disordered Desire

Is lust truly every man’s battle? Generally speaking, lust gets put in a “Men Only” category. Maybe that’s because of the idea that men are more visual than women and thus more prone to this disordered desire. On this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Dan distinguish desire from lust imploring accountability and honesty. The world tells us men are bound to fall into lust but this conversation hopes to refute that toxic message and help you break free. This is not about condemnation. Consider this episode more of an ongoing invitation to becoming whole, looking beyond your disordered desire to connect with the freedom and honor God has for you.Highlights:Lust dehumanizes the person. It reduces them to be an object of desire, an object to be consumed. It also dehumanizes the person who is doing the lusting, it reduces who he is as a man.Lo
23/03/202125 minutes 51 seconds
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Healthy Touch

We are designed for hugs and holding hands and more. Touch IS a good gift from God. Healthy touch! Maybe this truth has you clenching your jaw but don’t be too quick to run away from this conversation. Your current sexual addiction or your past sexual trauma may have twisted the idea of touch into dark confusion and shame. If so, please stay. Perhaps you’re one of the many people during this pandemic going long stretches of time without an embrace, please stay. Touch and longing are not easy topics to bring up in conversation. So, let this episode with Josh, Kit and Kyle be a starting point for you. We pray you won’t stay stuck in the messages about sexual desire from the world or how your family of origin framed it. We pray you will learn to understand basic desire as good and avoid the dangerous turns of shame.  For now, quiet the other messages on desire and invite God to tell you His
16/03/202129 minutes 3 seconds
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Waiting for Healing

An anonymous question came in through the Regeneration Ministries blog setting the stage for this conversation “…Why does God set one free from sin and stronghold immediately and not another?“ Why are we waiting for healing and other&apos;s aren&apos;t?If you keep struggling with sexual sin and have watched others gain freedom; that can feel hard. On this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit tackle the mystery of healing and the ‘why’s’ that can come with it. Listen in as they navigate the touchy questions like “Is it something you earn? Why don’t I deserve it?” It can feel like there’s an unevenness in healing. But, witnessing someone else’s freedom from sexual sin while you keep struggling shouldn’t lead to condemning God or you. God has a different experience for you. If you are longing to find freedom, we pray this conversation soft
09/03/202132 minutes 52 seconds
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Healing from Abuse: A Personal Story

Abuse is a powerful weapon; destroying its victim&apos;s sense of value and robbing their voice. Years of ongoing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse had reduced Bonnie’s voice to a mere whisper. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” we are honored to let Bonnie use her voice to tell her story. The fact that Bonnie would sit at a microphone to share with you reveals the triumph of her healing.  Her words are transparent revealing a beautiful honesty with God even through the details of her abuse. And while she’s experienced healing, Bonnie is still doing the work with her Regeneration Ministries counselor, Anne Donahue. This conversation is a unique opportunity to hear from both counselor and client; how their partnership of Spiritual Coaching and prayer operates. Hearing Bonnie tell her story,  Anne affirm and encourage Bonnie, and hearing the Lord through it all is tender and po
02/03/202140 minutes 25 seconds
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How to Suffer Well

Life with Jesus does not mean a life without suffering.  So, how do we learn How to suffer well? Now, maybe that’s what you were taught or maybe you just assumed it to be true. Let’s face it, the typical American dream version of Christianity can paint a pain-free picture. But as you know, suffering is a reality. The world’s message about pain doesn’t set us up well either. We hope you’ll take time to listen as Josh, Kit Elmer, and Dan Keefer discuss the hard truth about suffering and constructive ways to suffer well. The ripple effects of avoiding or numbing out affect the most important relationships in our lives. You owe it to you and to those around you to learn to suffer well. Listen in.Highlights:Our sexuality is deeply impacted by suffering. Our relationships are deeply impacted by suffering and if we don’t learn to suffer well th
23/02/202140 minutes 4 seconds
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A Deeper Kind of Friendship

Your Bro’s, Your Girls, Your Tribe, Your Squad - No matter what you call it, you need a deeper kind of friendship. You and I are wired for connection. Friendship is a special kind of relationship that builds intimacy and brings fun while giving us some footing in this world. Rebecca Baker joins Josh and Kit on the podcast today to unwrap the gift of friendship. You’ll hear how true friends don’t just happen. Intentionality and vulnerability and risk are worth the gain. We hope this conversation blesses you, encouraging you to ask good questions, share your stories, listen &amp; laugh well, standing shoulder to shoulder with the friend God has for you.Highlights:In a deeper kind of friendship, you are inviting someone into your life to take a different kind of role in your life-giving them a place where they can speak into your life, they can hold you accountable, they can get to know you in a deeper way which is
16/02/202129 minutes
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When Temptation Gets Loud

“I want what I want.” There it is; Temptation is calling. You’re in deep and need an escape. But, you’ve made a commitment to stop. Desire can flip the switch on commitment, detouring your willpower and ushering shame in like a tidal wave. It’s powerful that way but in moments of temptation, you may forget you have power too. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit offer you a pro-active approach to temptation with practical ways to use your power. Be sure to scroll down to the Homework and Extras sections for ways to maximize your resistance before temptation gets loud.Highlights:Guilt says what I did was wrong. Shame says You are bad.Temptations lead to a moment of escape. It’s a drug in that moment of difficulty.Because God is kind and compassionate with us, we can be kind and compassionate with ourselves.Homework:Step 1: INVITE GOD IN. You may have pushed God out of
09/02/202126 minutes 46 seconds
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Making Moments Sacred

On this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit unpack a spirituality tool for you that may seem tiny but has huge benefits.  “The Examen” is a way to hit pause on your schedule to sift the day out. It’s a powerful habit developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola more than 500 years ago. Now more than ever, while our world glorifies busy-ness, hurriedness, loudness; the quiet slow of The Examen feels more than necessary. It may also feel counter-cultural and uncomfortable at times. And yet, the value of opening your eyes and your heart to being truly aware of the life before you can not be denied. We hope you’ll consider the structured quiet time to reflect and see the good and hard spots in your day to day. In the show notes, you’ll find different ways to incorporate The Examen as an intentional process in your precious life.Highlights:The Examen: It’s slowing down long enough to pay attention to those things and bring them to God and say, ‘
02/02/202118 minutes 3 seconds
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Rewind to Reveal

Rewind to a time in your past that was full of hurt, pain, wounding. Release, if you can, any feelings of shame and grief. As hard as it may be to believe; there is more to be found in your past wounding.In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit explore the practice of rewinding to reveal the glory waiting in the wounding. This is not a practice of glossing over our pasts looking for the positives. We are loved by a God of redemption who has, yes, written glory even in your wounding. We hope you’ll accept this as an invitation to begin exploring the glory that is yours to claim, to take notice of the elements you never noticed before. Satan wants you to stay stuck, to be lost in rejection and shame. But God is waiting to give you more through the little version of you who endured so much. That version of you, who was hurt so long ago, deserves another look back to discover the way forward in healing and strength and God-given glory.<
26/01/202116 minutes 55 seconds
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Recognizing a Destructive Marriage

Can you recognize a destructive relationship? No relationship is perfect. But, we’re talking about more than just feeling disappointed. Can you tell the difference between a difficult relationship and one that is tearing you down? In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit identify patterns to look for and unpack what they mean. Our deepest desire is to be known and loved. At a deep level then, you must be aware that something is not right. We hope this message puts some light on the truth about your relationships, the good and the bad. We hope you’ll learn what is healthy versus unhealthy. We hope you’ll be empowered to make change and move forward in health and reclaim your hope. (This conversation is inspired by “The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope” by Leslie Vernick. Please see the Homework and Extras section below for more)Highlights:Ask God for the truth, begin to
19/01/202119 minutes 50 seconds
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Power Issues

The Power Stance - feet apart, chest out, arms at your side. The pose is meant to inspire your own sense of confidence while giving others the idea you are powerful. The issue goes deeper than a perception though. And in this episode, Josh and Dan take a look at the past for where the Power Issues lie. When it comes to men and their unwanted sexual behaviors, power, or lack thereof, can point to the patterns we want to overcome. Listen in for a better understanding of what power is all about.  If we’re hoping to recover from an addiction, the affair, cycles of abuse; we have to identify our the power issue in our story. Let’s take a step back in order to move towards becoming the empowered man with purpose and intentionality you are meant to be.Highlights:Any power that Jesus wielded, he wielded for the sake of others. He used his power, recognized his power was a tool for the sake of love. That’s our goal.W
12/01/202126 minutes
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Moving into Hope

Expectations for how the holidays should be were even more upside down this year because 2020. The usual anticipation we all feel leading up to Christmas has come and gone.Now what? Hope.Beyond expectation and anticipation, there is Hope. The very virtue of Hope is living in the present moment with the validation of a close, attentive God covering your life. Listen in for how and why you need to invite God into your hopes and then take notice.We pray you’ll be encouraged to train your eyes to be aware of the ways God is moving, train your heart to share all your hopes with God and train your mind to release your cares to Him.It’s hard work.When you can see the ways God is moving and revealing himself to you; that leads to a life filled with Hope. Join us.Highlights:His goodness is bigger than this present moment.Are we willing to release our grip on the specifics of what we’re hoping for?</p
29/12/202022 minutes 27 seconds
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The Reason for the Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It&apos;s the reason for the season. Is it though?Feels more like ’tis the season for unmet expectations. Combine those unmet expectations with Covid restrictions and it feels even more difficult to find reason for our weary world to rejoice.Whatever hurt you’re facing - loss, grief, financial struggles or isolation - it hurts even deeper around this tender part of the year. Without the usual bustle of holiday parties and traditions; it may feel easier to numb out. Rather than running away from the pain, hit play and listen in. This Christmas episode of “Becoming Whole”  offers a deeper way to understand the reason for the season.Highlights:And yet, I think this year offers us a real opportunity especially as we’re all in this together to face the reality, to wrestle with the reality, to be mindful of the reality that this is precisely why Jesus came.You who are suffering,
22/12/202022 minutes 24 seconds
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Expectations vs. Hope

This short episode is packed. We encourage you to listen, then let it all settle in and listen again. Josh and Kit unpack a lot on the big topic of Expectation vs Hope in a little amount of time. There’s a lot to process here on the definitions of both concepts. When you were little, you were probably taught a happiness equation suggesting “Life’s going to be great as long as you (fill in the blank).”  But, that equation subtracts the realistic bumps (or worse) in the road. This conversation challenges that idea while exploring Expectations and Hope in relation to your contentment. Change the narrative and invite God into life, whatever it brings.Highlights:Things are going to be challenging and things are going to go in ways you don’t expect. God will meet you there. What if you were told that as a young person?Hope in God is not in the specific end that I might expect or anticipate or be working towards;
15/12/202016 minutes 52 seconds
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Self-Kindness Heals

Abuse, Divorce, Loss, this Pandemic; Trauma comes in many shapes. You may still be figuring out all the ways trauma has left its mark. Trauma may have impacted your ability to build healthy relationships. The memory of your past trauma may still haunt your present day. The common denominator in all this is YOU. Our offering, in this podcast, is a look at how you can help you.Josh and Kit dive into the topic of Self-Kindness and Attachment Repair. Being kind to yourself plays a significant role in how you heal - heart, mind and body.  You’ll hear how important it is for you to pay attention to your emotions and how to lean into them with God. You feel emotions in your body. And, you have a God who knows what a hurting heart, a stabbing headache and that pit in your stomach feels like - you have Jesus. We’ve provided a list of valuable resources below. Also, look in the “Homework” section and consider printing out or writing out the Affirmatio
08/12/202025 minutes 14 seconds
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Practicing Solitude

The practice of Solitude is...A.  Not possibleB.  Scary C.  Inviting D.  All of the Above In the busy-ness of life right now, this is the episode for you.  Josh and Kit are exploring how the practice of hitting pause is vital to living your life. We’re going to define the spiritual discipline of Solitude and ways you can move towards it.We hope you’ll understand how to set realistic expectations for yourself so you can begin where you are with what you have.Rather than wait until you’ve got it all together; show up with what you’ve got. God, ever-present and always patient, is waiting in the stillness as you take this step towards “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:Solitude is a meaningful time, an intimate time to be honest and vulnerable with yourself and with God about the things that are going on in your life.It is an intentional way to move away from the front lines of life and to just be wit
01/12/202018 minutes 16 seconds
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No Longer Afraid of Fear

Where are you experiencing fear right now? What scares you most? Maybe it’s something that haunts you from your past. Maybe it’s the idea of a potential outcome in the future. Josh and Kit are exploring a new approach. Instead of trying to escape fear, numb fear or minimize fear - today, we’re going to face fear. You can do this. Facing your fear is a power move to pull back some of that control you normally give it. The rabbit hole of “what if’s” pulls your brain down a long, dark drop of doom. Your past can sneak up on you, trapping you.The present - right here and right now - We’re talking about trying something very different. Don’t deny fear. Don’t drown in fear. Today, your next step to becoming whole is Facing your Fear. Listen in.Highlights:Our fears want to be heldIt’s a present moment experience of instead of panicking and focusing on what if or if only’s you’re present.<br
24/11/202021 minutes 50 seconds
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Stopping the Shame Cycle

Shame is a powerful influencer. And if we let it get loud enough, it convinces us that we are walking report cards. Shame gives us a capital F saying our behavior is who we are. Let’s turn down the volume on shame. You may be struggling with your behavior but you are not your sin. Your identity is not wrapped in your performance alone. If that statement can’t find it’s way into your heart; listen in on this conversation. Josh invites Regeneration Ministries, Dan Keeffer, to dig deeper into the shame cycle and how to stop it. Because destructive behavior, greased with shame, can move quickly into more destructive behavior. You are meant for more. Stop wrecking yourself with shame and start reconciling yourself to the truth of God your Father. You are loved and welcomed and invited to “Becoming Whole.” Listen in.Highlights:need to be careful about determining who I am or how I’m doing based on any given moment a
17/11/202026 minutes 36 seconds
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When Spouses Have Different Sex Drives Part 2

You are a sexual creature, created by a Holy God. Your sex drive has an ebb and flow. You have unique factors that contribute to the rise and fall of your libido. There’s a peace and confidence in that awareness.If you’re married, remember the same holds true for your spouse - EXCEPT that their ebb and flow and drive and triggers may be completely different.  It’s no wonder that 1 in every 3 couples struggle with problems associated with different sexual desires. Couples are made up of two people with two different minds, hearts, and yes, different sexual patterns. Sexual compatibility is such a common issue but we don’t talk about it with the person who matters most.  Listen in as Josh and Kit carefully set you and your spouse up for a meaningful conversation. They’ll examine the role past wounds, comparison and other factors play in the bedroom. Learning how to attain full sexual intimacy with your spouse is the goal on this next episode of “Becoming Wh
10/11/202026 minutes 58 seconds
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When Spouses Have Different Sex Drives Part 1

If you’re married, you can attest to the fact that Holy Matrimony don’t necessarily mean holy harmony. Marriage involves the sometimes tough work of learning, adjusting, confronting, putting up with, and blessing your spouse&apos;s differences. When those differences hit the bedroom, couples tend to avoid the necessary work. If that sounds uncomfortably familiar, you aren’t alone. In fact, 1 out of 3 couples struggle with differing sexual desires. Josh and Kit invite you into a two part series covering the beautiful and sacred topic of Sex. When love and libido for a husband and wife don’t magically align, it can be disappointing, frustrating and confusing.This challenge can lead some couples to drift apart. Others believe the answer will be found by exploring different sexual techniques or preferences. Both these miss an important truth to building sexual compatibility: The foundation of a good sex life is love--love for one another right there in
03/11/202027 minutes 22 seconds
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The Confusion with Infatuation

“My experience indicates that most people become infatuated or fall in love with others an average of six times in the course of a long marriage.”  Six times - Does that make sense to you or does it offend you?This is the statement Gary Thomas used to share an honest blog post admitting his own attractions while offering advice on how to handle them. Thomas is a best selling author and international speaker whose ministry works to bring people closer to Christ through marriage, parenting and spiritual formation. His heart and career center on the sanctity of marriage.  As you can imagine, Thomas’ words unlocked a flood of raw, revealing comments. And those readers’ comments became a launching point for this episode of “Becoming Whole.”Josh and Kit pick up where the comments left off. Listen is as we take a longer look at the statement, the blog post and the comments to carry on the conversation with just as much honesty and care.  If you are single,
27/10/202037 minutes 46 seconds
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Band of Brothers - Men Need Each Other

With no tools, no teams or projects, three men sit down on this episode to talk Friendship. Connection can typically be filed into a “Women Only” category. But, as you’ll hear from Josh, Matthew and Dan; men don’t just need but actually long for deep connection with each other. We hope you’ll listen to this honest conversation between men about men and come away with a better understating of this deep need.For our male listeners, hearing words put to buried feelings can help serve as a model of guys needing guys. For women, hearing men discuss connection and acknowledge a desire for brotherhood can help take the weight off your own relationship. Both men and women were made for community. The idea that men don’t need anyone leaves our husbands, fathers, sons, brothers feeling isolated and alone. Maybe this conversation will make you cringe.  That’s ok. We hope you don’t just shrug it off because building community among men is
20/10/202030 minutes 10 seconds
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10 Tips for Parents When Your Kid’s Viewing Porn

Porn - this little word carries a heavy load of shame for some or maybe guilt for others.  What about when you find out your child has been viewing porn? Our offering for you is today is 10 Tips to help you navigate the path forward when you discover your child has been viewing porn.  Michelle Dunn - a Regeneration Team member and Therapist - joins Josh on the podcast to help us walk with our kids, not just as moms and dads, but also as allies in the world of sexuality.Everything we’re talking about on this episode HINGES on the relationship you have with your teen. Our hope is that we can take shame out of the conversation around porn. Don’t let the accusing voices in your head be louder than your child&apos;s voice. Pay attention, a pornography problem is usually a symptom of a deeper problem rather than the core problem itself. Listen in as Michelle and Josh coach us through adjusting our posture to be less fearful and more approachable. We pray
13/10/202029 minutes 34 seconds
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Lovingkindness for LGBTQ+

There’s a simple call for all of us who claim to be followers of Jesus: Love others.But when it comes to LGBTQ+ people, we can let fear and misunderstanding get in the way of that call.Do you feel clear about what the Bible says about homosexuality? What does discipleship look like for Christians who experience same-sex orientation? What are we calling them to?Today we talk with Dr. Preston Sprinkle, a biblical scholar and NY Times best-selling author with a ministry centered on faith, sexuality, and gender.  He tells us 83% of LGBTQ people were raised in the Christian Church and 51% leave by the time they turn 18. Why? They were alone and scared. Bad church experiences can push LGBTQ people out of churches. We can change that with love and kindness and grace.Everyone deserves dignity because they’re made in the image and likeness of God.That truth holds true for every LGBTQ+ person.Jesus came with grace and truth, and He surpri
06/10/202045 minutes 28 seconds
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Single: More than Un-Married

Single: More than Un-MarriedWithin the church, it may feel like being married is the goal. While being single is reduced to being un-married. Checking one box and not another can lead to resentment. Within the church, there can and should be a way to bring all of our gifts together. “For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.” (1 Corinthians 12:12) This episode is a deep dive between two people who have a lot in common as “members of the body”- both men, both in their 40’s, both love Jesus. Laurence Koo, our guest, is single. And Josh Glaser, our host, is married. We hope this conversation challenges you to challenge the misconceptions and encourages you to learn from each other’s unique roles. There is intimacy and fulfillment to be found in the community around us, regardless of which box you check. Let’s tear down the idols of marital status and start
29/09/202037 minutes 27 seconds
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Powerful Parenting

Power Parenting is possible!  It IS possible to have an actual conversation with your kids, even your teenagers. Michelle Dunn, a Counselor &amp; coordinator of the Regeneration Ministries PG series for parents, is on the podcast offering tips on powerful parenting through topics such as school, sports, and even sex. Parents need to push past the anticipated eye roll or angsty attitude to keep connecting. As much as they pull away, moms and dads need to lean into their teen’s life, learn their interests, and ask questions. The big kids are not the only ones who need to learn how to do things differently. Parents need to shift and grow too.As you’ll learn in this episode, there’s more power in parenting from a place of relationship versus a place of dictatorship. Learn how to develop a real connection with your teenager. Listen for words like margin and agenda and comparison. Take it all in. You’ve got this.High
22/09/202031 minutes 31 seconds
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Recovery Mission: Healing from Infidelity

Abandoned &amp; Shattered: these are the two words we hear most from those who’ve learned their spouse has been unfaithful. Vows that were spoken in front of friends and family are now shattered. And the shrapnel, the disorientation is hitting everyone you love. Where are you in the story? Are you feeling abandoned? Or Are you the one who did the shattering? We are here for you now. Join Regeneration Ministries Team Members - Josh, Kit, and Anne - for a wider look at infidelity and how to recover.The ground beneath you has been cracked open. Learning your marriage isn’t what you thought it was, is catastrophic. But, your marriage isn’t necessarily over. It will take work on both sides to rebuild from the trauma.  We hope this conversation equips and encourages you with two more words as you heal- Empathy and Hope.Highlights:there’s a greater recognition that what has happened here literally is a trauma because reality has b
15/09/202035 minutes 13 seconds
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Contentment and the Ache Within

“God, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they can find rest in you.” This is Contentment and the Ache Within.Augustine wrote these words on contentment long before instant text messaging and social media. The truth remains; you were made by God, for God. Yet you live in a world that says we can double-tap, swipe-right, thumbs up our way to happiness. The problem is instant gratification does not equal happiness. Your very essence is designed to find rest and wholeness in your Creator. While the world says contentment is a state of happiness or satisfaction we know there is more.  Reverand Bob Ragan, a member of the Regeneration Ministries team, is on the podcast to unpack the meaning of contentment and 4 ways to develop it in your own life.  Come as you are. “Becoming Whole” is inviting you to discover how to satisfy the ache within.Highlights:The world&apos;s idea of contentment is based on my emotio
08/09/202046 minutes 36 seconds
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The Art of Human Relationships

It seems as though we’re all hunkered down in our political and ideological trenches these days. We hurl arguments like grenades, watching them explode from a “Twitter” distance away, high-fiving those on “our” side. Division is competing with COVID for pandemic status in our country. How do we, as believers, make our way through this division? We connect.Josh and Kit invite Ana Samuel, PhD to share practical ways for you to be loving and kind in a world that is anything but.You don’t have to slink away from the heated debates. As hard as it is, you can engage people of different world views. This is delicate business but it is necessary and do-able. Samuel is an expert in the art of human relationships and she brings the foundations of a personal approach to being a person.When it comes to the hot button issues, you don’t have to stick your head in the sand. Rather, come out of the trench and open your eyes to see others as good people, no matter their view. We
01/09/202038 minutes 8 seconds
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Come Back to the Cross

We’ve lost our center.Our focus on the Cross has faded; making the conversation you’re about to hear necessary. The world and, in some cases, even the church is offering a watered-down Gospel. Rather than looking past the Cross as a place of burden, let’s start to look to the Cross as a place of intimacy.  Lingering where Jesus died for you may make you uncomfortable. You may even question the power behind an event that took place more than 2,000 years ago. We want to challenge you to stay and listen to the invitation God sets before you. The power of the Cross is very much alive, active, and waiting for you.Do you feel the weight of the desire to be changed from the inside out? It’s time to re-center our gaze on the Cross. Listen in as Josh and Kit explore 3 ways to access the power of the Cross in your life with God: Sanctification, Healing of Wounds, and New Identity.We encourage you to say yes to a deeper understanding of the Cross. We hope you will set
25/08/202035 minutes 22 seconds
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Discovering Your True Self

Who you are and who you want to be… Do they feel oceans apart? If you’re feeling a disconnect between the two, you’re not alone and you’re probably exhausted.The battle between True Self and False Self is more common than you know. What is true is you are created in love by God for a purpose. But, this broken world takes a toll on that vulnerable, soft, true core. So, the “True Self” gives way to the “False Self.” In this episode, Josh and Kit expose the masks and fronts we use for what they are - survival mechanisms.  And, you were made for much more than just survival.  We hope you’ll join us as we explore another step in your spiritual journey.  Unraveling the mask to discover your true self, to live in freedom; this is your next step on ‘Becoming Whole.”Highlights:our false self is often created by pain and pain is often a way we discover our way to our true selfWhen we can embrace the identity God has g
18/08/202030 minutes 5 seconds
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Understanding and Healing the Mother Wound Part 2

Understanding and Healing the Mother Wound Part 1 gave us an understanding of a Mother Wound. Now, let’s keep the conversation going. There is more to you and the relationship with your mom than the wounding. You are not stuck. This second part of the conversation pushes past the initial step of facing a mother wound to the work that comes next.And, the work is hard. There may be anger. There may be tears. And that is okay. Acknowledging your mother wound means moving past shame and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. No, it&apos;s not easy but your story doesn’t end there. You are meant for more. God’s plan for you is full of honor and hope and freedom. It takes courage to face wounds and trust God with them. Our work&apos;s focus at Regeneration Ministries is coaching you through the process. We pray you can listen to today&apos;s episode and allow it to be another step towards “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:A lot of people are vulnerable
11/08/202024 minutes 34 seconds
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Understanding and Healing the Mother Wound Part 1

Mother. Mommy. Mom. Momma.When you were just a baby, your first smile was for her. And when she locked eyes with you and smiled back, something cemented deep down inside. As a child, seeing your emotions reflected back from your mom’s face was validating and connecting for you at a foundational level.  That “mirroring” became an understanding for how you on how to move through relationships with yourself and others.So, what if mom didn’t smile back because of her own depression or pain? What if that Mommy Mirror was broken and she couldn’t lock eyes with you? Parents give us a sense of themselves and in turn who we are. Since Mom is the very first relationship we have, there’s something even more powerful to that bond; for better or worse.In this episode, Josh and Kit sit down to talk about Understanding and Healing the Mother Wound.  The conversation is as delicate and intense as the topic. As an adult, whether you know it or not, you carry those needs
04/08/202030 minutes 26 seconds
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What is Spiritual Coaching?

“Becoming Whole” - that is the goal. But, when you can’t see past your past, it’s hard to believe you can be whole again.  Have you ever considered Spiritual Coaching?We’re sure you have lots of questions: What is it? How does it work? Why should I even try?Listen in as Josh invites coaches from the Regeneration Ministries Team to unwrap what it all means.To be clear, we all have secrets and baggage. Spiritual Coaching offers a way to lay it down in a safe, sacred space and see a path beyond it. Despite our brokenness, God is inviting us into a life of wholeness and goodness and freedom.Spiritual Coaching is a way to hearing God’s call and saying yes.Highlights:It is this privilege to come alongside people wherever they are, and to listen to them, and to listen to God, and to help them understand some of what’s going on in their life.There is something
28/07/202028 minutes 24 seconds
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Mending the Split between Spirituality & Sexuality

When you step into Regeneration Ministries by talking with a counselor or listening to our podcast or exploring our webpage; our mission is clear. We hope to help walk you through the process of being reformed, regrown, created again. We believe our Heavenly Father sees the broken places in your life and wants to make them whole.Our guest, Laurence Koo, bravely, and honestly, shares his experience of living a whole life. Laurence shares what it meant for him growing up in a Christian home, developing a relationship with Jesus all while wrestling with same-sex attractions.What makes this conversation different and important is that it’s not so much about labels as it is more about living.Laurence shares his life: the journey, his hard-fought wisdom, and the questions he’s still living with. He exposes the deep split he felt between his sexuality and his spirituality. Maybe you feel that too. And how Jesus brought them back together again.This episode speak
21/07/202040 minutes 57 seconds
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Are You Listening?

Imagine sitting down to catch up with a friend. They unload all the details of all their highs and lows but just as you open your mouth to speak; they up and leave.In true friendship, that just doesn’t happen. And yet, how often do you do that with God?When you pray, you are trusting that God is hearing your words. You share all the details of your highs and lows, believing that God is listening.But, when it‘s your turn, do you get up and leave before giving God the chance to respond?Prayer is a two-way conversation- a Holy Dialogue. God wants to speak to you. And we don’t want you to miss out.For now, open your ears and your heart as Josh and Kit sift through some of the barriers to good listening.Stepping beyond your monologue and into a Holy Dialogue is the next step to “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:As we cultivate this aspect of listening in our prayer life that there’s something healing in just that
14/07/202035 minutes 29 seconds
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Parenting: Surviving & Thriving through the Teen Years

Raising a teenager is hard work. Full stop.Gone are the days of playdates and lessons on using our inside voices. Before you now, is a teenager - a growing, constantly changing human. With all this change, you might find yourself wondering, “Why is there no Moms groups for teens?”This is it. Therapist, Rebecca Baker, joins the podcast offering the support you need now. Rebecca, Josh, and Kit sit down to discuss some practical steps to pave the way to better communication with your teen. It begins with awareness. And that awareness starts with you.Shrugging off the parenting struggle with a “Big Kids, Big Problems” attitude may end in a standoff or a slammed door.Relax those shoulders. Listen in for some life skills leading to better conversations and how to give your child room to explore how they’re feeling as they’re feeling it. Connecting with your teen starts with learning to connect with your own emotions, your body, and your community. This is hard
07/07/202036 minutes 27 seconds
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5 Steps to Finding Freedom

Why is it so hard to walk away from something that hurts us? Is it the pull of the familiar or the fear of the unknown? Unwanted sexual addiction holds us captive, yet we are called to freedom.In this episode, we’ll explore a 5 Step look at finding that freedom. Dan Keefer, a counselor, and member of the Regeneration Ministries Team joins Josh and Kit to expand on “Leaving Egypt finding God in the Wilderness Places” by Dr. Chuck DeGroat.The teaching comes from looking at the Israelites journey from captivity to freedom and what we can learn from it. The Bible shows us getting from Point A to Point B is not always easy. Thank God for that.This conversation examines the Israelites – the slavery they were walking away from, their meandering through a desert, and how it mirrors our walk away from the bonds of addiction and the lostness we can feel as we keep moving further away from it.Looking back at their walk is an encouragement compelling us forward when,
30/06/202037 minutes 31 seconds
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To the Women Who Struggle With Porn

15 percent of Christian women say they watch porn at least once a month.Many are ashamed to reach out for help because they believe that pornography addiction is a man’s problem.Pornography addiction is a human problem.The need to feel cherished, seen, and loved is something we all need to hear. When we don&apos;t, we try to get it elsewhere. This week, join Josh and Kit as they welcome Kyle Bowman from our Regeneration staff onto Becoming Whole to speak to all of the Women Who Struggle with Porn.Highlights:“In confession, we break through to the genuine community of the cross of Jesus Christ; in confession, we affirm our cross.”“for many years, even centuries, it was a commonly held belief that women did not become alcoholics or addicts.”Questions:How did you begin viewing pornography?What are some of the lies you believe about yourself attached to this viewing
23/06/202035 minutes 53 seconds
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Redemptive Seeing

RevealExposedDesireThese are evocative words in the realm of pornography and lust.Put Reveal, Exposed, and Desire in the realm of Jesus’ love and light – and the lens is shattered. Maybe you’re hiding an addiction to the pull of lust. Or maybe your secret is hidden in the imaginary world pornography offers.Jesus sees you. And, Jesus sees beyond the hiding, beyond the secret and loves you.We offer this episode as a session of Spiritual Coaching. Listen in as Josh and Kit encourage you to keep working past the fear of rejection to the realization that Jesus sees you and loves you.Letting Jesus see you as you are is an important step to freedom, to healing. Redemptive Seeing is not an easy thing.We get that.It’s also not a one-time thing. The work of reimagining how you are seen and how to see takes just that, work. Learning to see ourselves the way Jesus sees us, despite our sexual sin, is the work of “Becoming Whole.”<
16/06/202025 minutes 30 seconds
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Shifting the Story on Shame

Before you hit play, take a deep breath in asking God for courage and kindness for yourself. Exhale to release anything you believe about sexual sin and shame.This next hour is not your typical Christian approach to sexual brokenness. In our interview with therapist, author, and speaker, Jay Stringer pushes against the expected talk of repentance and sin. Instead, you’ll hear about honesty and honor. If you condemn yourself in what seems like an endless cycle of triggers and shame, then settle in. We will explore the power you have in facing the past and dig into beliefs that “shame convinces us that we are unwanted and we pursue behavior that confirms it.”This conversation is startling and refreshing.As hard as it sounds, facing your pain is the way to fighting for your freedom. So often, Stringer says, we want to skip to the part where God saves the day. The problem is we end up missing the gift of endurance modeled by Jesus.This conversation is rich wi
09/06/202054 minutes 29 seconds
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Unwrapping Intimacy

Intimacy is a word, an idea, that the world reduces to nothing more than sex. But, there is so much more. In this episode, we’re taking Intimacy out of the bedroom and exploring ways to bring life to your relationship. We get it. Marriage is work. Keeping a marriage healthy is hard when a career, to-do lists, kids and busy-ness distract us. It’s further complicated by personality differences and our own unique stores and the baggage we bring into it. We encourage you to take the next 30 minutes to learn about 7 layers or aspects of Intimacy. Each one is a unique and necessary piece to making the connection you have with your spouse even stronger.Grab a paper and pencil - you’ll want to take notes. Learning how to invest in all the layers of intimacy is your next step in “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:The lack of emotional intimacy can easily dry out a marriage and leave you with a roommate instead of a husband or a wife.
02/06/202033 minutes 30 seconds
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The Paternal Puzzle Piece

Your first impression of God was formed by your father.That’s a heavy statement packed with loads of feelings and questions. And your relationship with your dad deserves unpacking.Let’s talk through this together. Listen in as Josh and Kit discuss how your relationship with your father impacts both your relationships with the men in your life and your relationship with God. Facing the good as well as the bad of this fundamental relationship is an essential piece of your “becoming whole.”Highlights:Kids are like wet cement. And what we experience begins to be formed or begins to be a forming agent for the cement and as we grow up it dries and hardens.Our earthly dads are created by God to give us our first sense of what it really means to relate with God.I was looking and thinking well if that’s what it means to be a man then I don’t want to be that I don’t want to do thatQuestions:<br/
26/05/202033 minutes 12 seconds
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Spiritual Friendships

Each of us is looking for relationships that help us feel seen and known and loved. A spiritual friendship can be a safe place to bring all of who you are, to receive understanding and support during life’s struggles, and to enjoy the goodness of life as well. Join Kit and friends today as they talk about the gift of spiritual friendship.Highlights:&quot;…Spiritual friendship begins in God, continues in God, and is perfected in God…&quot;&quot;…this is not all of who you are, but where you are today…&quot;Questions:Do you have an ache for a friendship with someone like this?Is the Lord calling you to take the first step?Would you be willing to pray for these friends to come close?Transcription:Full Transcription Available hereOriginal music by Shannon Smith. Audio engineering by Gabriel @
11/05/202029 minutes 53 seconds
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Your Story Matters

Often we don’t understand how our past impacts our lives and struggles and challenges that we’re currently having. Spending time with God, getting to know and understand our stories, can help us be aware of and heal from past experiences.Highlights:“what kinds of things might have happened, that have created some of the ways they think about themselves or life…”“our stories, each one is unique and has a purpose”“we don’t know the questions to ask, the doors to stop at that are significant…”Questions:Do you believe your story matters?What is the biggest barrier to sharing your story?Have you brought your full story to the Lord?Mentions:CoachingTranscription:Full Transcription Available here<b
04/05/202032 minutes 41 seconds
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The 4 Paradigm Shifts of Healthy Sexuality With Juli Slattery Part 2

Join Josh and Kit as they speak with Juli Slattery about the framework we are so in need of to discuss sexuality comfortably wherever we are.This week we will aim to tackle items 3 and 4 of the 4 part list below.The 4 Paradigm Shifts of Healthy Sexuality:Moving Away From Being Silent About SexualityEvery Sexual Issue Is Also a Spiritual IssueWe Are All Sexually BrokenTruth and Love Must Coexist in All Our Discussions About Sexuality.Guests:Dr. Juli SlatteryMentions:Authentic IntimacyJava w/ Juli PodcastTranscription:Full Transcription Available hereOrigin
27/04/202033 minutes 5 seconds
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The 4 Paradigm Shifts of Healthy Sexuality With Juli Slattery Part 1

Join Josh and Kit as they speak with Juli Slattery about the framework we are so in need of to discuss sexuality comfortably wherever we are.This week we will aim to tackle items 1 and 2 of the 4 part list below.The 4 Paradigm Shifts of Healthy Sexuality:Moving Away From Being Silent About SexualityEvery Sexual Issue Is Also a Spiritual IssueWe Are All Sexually BrokenTruth and Love Must Coexist in All Our Discussions About Sexuality.Guests:Dr. Juli SlatteryMentions:Authentic IntimacyJava w/ Juli PodcastTranscription:Full Transcription Available hereOrigin
20/04/202025 minutes 36 seconds
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Understanding Partner Trauma After Sexual Betrayal

Join Josh, Kit, and Anne as they speak to the wounds and traumas that many spouses live with and long to recover from. Mentions:RescueWives GroupCoachingTranscription:Full Transcription Available hereOriginal music by Shannon Smith. Audio engineering by Gabriel @ DelMar Sound Recording.Support the Show!
13/04/202030 minutes 19 seconds
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Enduring in a Sustained Extraordinary Context

Join Josh and Kit as they unravel 7 different ways to endure while we all try to navigate this strange new normal across our world.Highlights:– Begin Each Day on a Firm Foundation– Manage the Information You Receive– Establish Beneficial New Patterns– Accept Others Will Have Different Responses Than You– Listen to God for Direction and Embrace Your Kingdom Role– Find Sources of Rest as This More of a Marathon Than a Sprint– Be Gracious with PeopleMentions:RescueTranscription:Full Transcription Available hereThanks for joining us. We would be honored if you would leave a review/rating on the Regeneration podcast (<a href='
06/04/202031 minutes 16 seconds
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Choosing Spaciousness Over Addictions This Christmas

Join Josh and Kit this week as they discuss how old habits, addictions and compulsive behaviors can rear up this time of year, and what we can do to handle them differently this Christmas season.Highlights:…there is a reason we need a savior……it’s going to require some intentionality……practice God’s presence as you go…Mentions:John 15RescueCoachingThanks for joining us. We would be honored if you would leave a review/rating (here&apos;s how) on the Regeneration podcast.Original music by Shannon Smith. Audio engineering by Gabriel @ DelMar Sound Recording.
09/12/201929 minutes