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We’re Jamal & Natasha Miller, and I’m Amanda Ross, and we’re here to help you get unstuck in your singleness. We teach you how to grow in your relationship with God, and run freely in your heavenly purpose. Because you were made to do so much more than “find the one.” You were made to “become the one.” Welcome, and thanks for joining us.
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Are You Worth The Work?

Are you worth the Work? During this Episode, Sloane Crawford and co-host Cee Choice announce that they are this year's Pray For You Future Spouse Hosts. Join them as they go in-depth on what the PFYFS challenge means to them and singles worldwide!  As this year's host, Sloane and Cee want to personally invite all BTOP listeners to the PFYFS Challenge as their plus one with a special perk! Listen now for a special BTOP BONUS! This challenge was created by TOU Co-founders Jamal and Natasha Miller! For 5 years, they've been walking singles through wholeness, purpose, and marriage. Officiating marriages for Christians single worldwide, they have successfully transitioned chritaisn from single to married. The challenge begins on  August 16th - 20th. Join the challenge at  
13/08/202120 minutes 52 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 11: Dating Chronicles Recap with Sloane Crawford

Welcome back to this last and final episode 4 family! We are so sad to say goodbye, but we’ve had such an amazing season!! Our gracious host, Sloane, is recapping the highlights and her biggest takeaways. There are so many aspects of dating, And dating as a Christian, adds another layer of complexity. So this season, we wanted to focus on the dating phase by getting some insight into what it means, how to date God’s way, and talking to real live Christians who are out there and doing it. Things have changed so much over the years. We’ve gone from arranged marriages to dating apps, and many of us are still learning to navigate through all of the culture shifts. We wanted Becoming the One Podcast to help answer some of these hard questions and give insight to Christian singles. “Sometimes we tend to look at the beginning of a thing and the end of a thing. But, the meat of it is in the middle — the actual process." A
26/07/202129 minutes 8 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 10: Dating Chronicles Part 4: Dating Post Promiscuity with Laterras R. Whitfield

Today we’re going to tackle the challenges of living pure after promiscuity! So many of us are dealing with the residual effects of a lustful past, and we wanted to help our listeners with this candid discussion. We want you to know that you are not alone! Joining us today, we have Laterras Whitfield. He is a TOU member and a man of God who opens up and shares his journey to freedom. In our culture today, the term promiscuity is typically assigned to women, and men who sleep around are considered more desirable or ungettable. But we know that God holds all of his children to the same standards. “Honesty is telling the truth when a question is asked, but transparency is telling what they don’t even know to ask.” You can follow Laterras on YouTube at “Dear Future Wifey” or on Instagram @Laterrasrwhitfield! We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Becoming the One Podcast with our lovely host Sloane Crawford! Make sure you subscribe a
19/07/202133 minutes 27 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 9: Dating Chronicles Part 3: Dating Smart with Valerie Williams

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about Dating Smart with our special guest, Valerie Williams! Many of us have experienced abusive and manipulative relationships because we haven’t learned the healthy way to love. There is a stigma attached to domestic violence that makes victims shy away from getting help, but it could be a matter of life or death. Valerie is a Speaker and Author, and she runs a non-profit organization called Love Smart. Here is a bit of her story and why she feels so passionately about this topic. Don’t just be a survivor, be an overcomer and live beyond what happened! You can follow Valerie Williams on Instagram and Facebook at Lovesmartinc and check out her websites and to connect. We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Becoming the One Podca
12/07/202139 minutes 50 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 8: Dating Chronicles Part 2: Dating After Divorce with Rob and Brittany Badgett

As you know, Becoming the One Podcast talks about all things dating, and today we wanted to help out our divorcees. Dating after divorce can be really scary. You’re mourning a marriage and getting to know yourself all over again. But, when you are ready to get back out there, you’re going to need some tips and support along the way. Well, we’ve got you covered! Joining us today, we have Rob and Brittany Badgett! Rob was married before Brittany, and he shares how, after being single for five years, he was able to heal and prepare to remarry. We hope you enjoy this episode of Becoming the One Podcast with our lovely host Sloane Crawford! Make sure you subscribe and join us here every Monday. Lastly, follow us @theoneuniversity on Instagram, and if you haven’t yet, join TOU now!
05/07/202147 minutes 15 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 7: Dating Chronicles Part 5: Dating After 40 with LaWana Wilson

Today we’re talking to the 40 and up club!! We want to give a voice to all of our members here at TOU and highlight the various dating perspectives. Things change with time and experience, and we understand that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Joining us today is LaWana Wilson. She is 49 and fine! S an author and a speaker, she emphasizes the importance of maximizing your single season. LaWana is out here mingling and patiently waiting for the one while becoming the one. We hope you enjoy this episode of Becoming the One Podcast with our lovely host Sloane Crawford! Make sure you subscribe and join us here every Monday. Lastly, follow us @theoneuniversity on Instagram, and if you haven’t yet, join TOU now!
28/06/202148 minutes 6 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 6: Dating Chronicles Part 1: Dating and Deconstructing with Briana Whiteside

If we’re going to build a healthy marriage one day, we’ve got to start with some deconstruction! Negative mindsets and false narratives have got to go if we’re ever going to connect and relate to others in a real way. Our amazing host, Sloane, is very transparent about being shallow in her past relationships. In this episode, she is determined to refocus on what’s important and change her perspective on meeting the ONE. Joining us today, we have Dr. Briana Whiteside! Former TOU student and Chicago native who grew up entirely around single mothers! She shares her story and how she has been able to tear down some old ways of thinking in order to move into what God wanted to do in her life. You can follow Dr. Briana Whiteside on Instagram @thebookofbriana. Make sure you subscribe to Becoming the One Podcast; we’re on every Monday! And, follow us @TheOneUniversity on Instagram.
21/06/202122 minutes 34 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 5: Christian Dating 101: Sloane's Biggest Takeaways

This episode is going to be a bit different. Our lovely host, Sloane Crawford, reflects on the first half of the season, and she’s announcing some exciting news for what’s up next for BTOP! For the rest of Season 4 of Becoming The One Podcast, we’re going to dive into some Dating Chronicles. Yep, we’re talking to real people to hear their stories and what they’ve learned on their journey to becoming the one. Each guest will share their experiences with us and give some tips and advice on dating well. We hope you’re ready because it’s going to get good!! The first half of Season 4 was jam-packed with valuable nuggets to help our listeners to understand dating and dating well. Now we’re ready to move forward into the Dating Chronicle series featuring amazing guests — stay tuned! Also, be sure to subscribe to our podcast; we’re on every Monday! And, follow us @TheOneUniversity on Instagram.
14/06/202125 minutes 46 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 4: The Do’s and Don’t of Dating with Kait Warman

This week we have another special guest, the dating guru herself, Kait Warman, everyone!! Kait is a single woman and a dating coach living in Southern California. She completely understands what it’s like to date today and is determined to walk us through it all as she also navigates this single season in her life. You can follow Kait Warman on Instagram, @kaitness, or @theheartofdating and catch her podcast, The Heart of Dating, on all major media platforms. She also wrote a book called “Thank You for Rejecting Me,” available now. Also, be sure to subscribe to our podcast; we’re on every Monday! And, follow us @TheOneUniversity on Instagram.
07/06/202143 minutes
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Season 4 Episode 3: Is Dating Biblical? With Dr. David Burrus

Today we’re unpacking some common misconceptions about godly dating! As Christian singles, we tend to keep our eye on the ever-elusive prize…That is, getting to the altar. But, what does Kingdom-minded dating look like? And what does the word have to say about this? Joining us, we have Dr. David Burrus, Christian relationships expert, here to help clarify! Dr. Burrus says that his mission is to help unmarrieds know what God is saying about dating and relationships and how they can get it right! BTOP host Sloane shares her reluctance to dating because while she aims to date God’s way, she feels like love is an emotional minefield. So, she starts this interview off with the burning question: Is dating biblical? You can follow D. Burrus on IG @davidburrusglobal on Facebook @The David Burrus Academy and check out his website. Be
31/05/202126 minutes 11 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 2: What is Dating? With Jamal and Natasha Miller

Welcome back to this week's episode of Becoming the One Podcast with our NEW host — Sloane Crawford! Today we have an exciting discussion lined up with our founders, Jamal and Natasha Miller. We’re diving into the definition of dating and what it looks like for modern-day singles. Jamal and Natasha are experts in the dating and relationship space. They’ve learned a lot while building TOU and helping singles become the one. So, get ready because today we came to set the record straight on dating! Follow Jamal and Natasha Miller on... Instagram:&nbsp;@jamalmiller |&nbsp;@natashaannmiller Facebook: |</p
24/05/202138 minutes 59 seconds
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Season 4 Episode 1: The D-Word! With Amanda Ross and Sloane Crawford

Welcome back to Becoming the One Podcast! Wow!! Can you all believe that we’re already on season 4?!? Our co-host, Amanda Ross, is back and… in a RELATIONSHIP!! &nbsp;She recalls her single season and the faithfulness of God as she gushes over her new beau. Things are looking up, and they are hopeful for their future together. Amanda is here today with a special announcement. With much excitement and anticipation, Amanda introduces Ms.Sloane Crawford, former TOU grad, current MMG team member, and...our new BTOP host! So, who is Sloane? Listen to this episode and find out. We hope you’ll enjoy this episode of Becoming the One Podcast with our lovely hosts Sloane Crawford and Amanda Ross. Share this with your friends, subscribe, and join us here every Monday. We want to hear from you, so make sure you comment and let us know what you think. Lastly, follow us @theoneuniversity on Instagram, and if you haven’t yet, join <a href="https:
17/05/202124 minutes 41 seconds