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Becoming Her, with Lombe Posa.

English, Personal/Lifestyle/Family, 1 season, 6 episodes, 2 hours, 45 minutes
This podcast focuses on mental, spiritual and emotional growth, and how we can navigate our way through life to become the HER we’re meant to be.
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"would you never do it again?" - what do we actually do when God is testing us?

when God is testing us, it can sometimes feel like He's abandoned us or maybe He's punishing us, and most times we resent Him for it; especially during the process. However, in hindsight, we see that all along, it was for our own development. It's in these moments that He asks us "would you never do it again?"
12/10/202320 minutes, 9 seconds
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you’re going through a transitional phase…and so am I.

The infamous “transitional phase”. We all hear about it, we’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives but what we don’t do is TALK about it enough. In this episode, I share my experience with my own transitional phase and how God has helped me navigate my way through the turbulence it comes with.
11/25/202320 minutes, 54 seconds
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dealing with failure - in uni, love, work, and life.

(This episode was recorded 21st April). Hi guys! Welcome back to another episode. This episode covers a very personal topic for me: failure. It’s not easy to come out and accept failure, but once you do you free yourself from the shackles of it! Deep dive with me into what God has to say about your “setbacks” :)
4/27/202320 minutes, 33 seconds
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understanding your self worth: becoming the best version of yourself

episode 3: in this episode, I’ll be giving you guys some insight on what I think becoming the best version of yourself really is. We talk relationships, friendships and some self introspection!
2/13/202327 minutes, 26 seconds
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Q: who am i? - beginning with who i’m NOT

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the love on episode one :) I hope you enjoy this one!
11/6/202234 minutes, 51 seconds
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things I’ve learnt in my 20s

Hey guys! Welcome to my podcast! After months of procrastination, I finally made it. I hope you enjoy this little segment I prepared for you. This is episode one of the ‘Who am I’ season. Ps: this episode isn’t perfect. I’m still getting the hang of recording and editing so bare w me, lol. Be sure to subscribe and share! xx (ps ii : this video was recorded on Sep 6th!)
10/5/202241 minutes, 37 seconds