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TWO GIRLS, ONE DREAM. A fresh, unfiltered behind the scenes of two licensed esthetician business owners talking all things beauty, business, and everything in-between. With over 20 years combined experience in the industry, Kasey and Lorena have grown successful brick and mortar / e-commerce businesses in Los Angeles and a die-hard following on social media focused on sharing tips and tricks. This led to the creation of “Beauty Biz BFFs’ and together they hope to continue to change the beauty industry by recognizing true creatives and professionals that are breaking the mold.
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Riding the BIZ roller coaster and knowing what you're good at.

In this episode we cover a few important topics:Should you be the jack of all trades and master of none or embrace offering multiple services to your clients without getting burnt out?We take a trip down memory lane and talk about what it was like in the beginning of our businesses and how we adapted and learned from our mistakes. -taking Groupons-underpricing-overworking -doing services we didn't enjoyWe also discuss how pulling yourself out of your treatment room full time can be beneficial to expanding and growing. There are other ways to make $$ and change lives and it's not just from seeing clients. Shop Dear Lash+Love HEREShop Glow Skincare HERE Support the show
5/19/202048 minutes, 6 seconds
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Sticking to routines and getting creative with your free time!

In this episode we talk about ways to stay productive and positive while getting creative and sticking to a routine. Nows the time to take pressure off the table and start on things you’ve always wanted to but never had time for. sponsors Gusto Online payroll listeners get 3 free months when they run their first payroll Online payroll firstleaf Custom wine custom wine shipmentssign up with our link and get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 Better help online counseling 10% off first month Support the show
3/24/202023 minutes, 30 seconds
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5 biz tips to stay on top of your sh*t!; YES to MEN in the industry and client quality over quantity.

In this week’s episode we first talk about men as clients! Why we like them and why they’re someof our favorite customers. Next we talk quality over quantity. The amount of clients you have does not and should not define you as an Esthetician, Lash Artists or anyone who sees and takes clients as their job. We discuss what really matters and it’s not the #s unless the #s matter most to you.Last, we talk 5 tips to stay on top of your sh*t in and out of the treatment room! These tips will help you feel organized, less anxious and more ahead so when you’re having an off day or slow with clients you’ll feel confident that you’re still on top of your biz game! Sponsors BetterHelp Online Counseling listeners get 10% off their first month with code: beautybizbffs Gusto Online payroll company listeners get 3 free months when they run first payroll Support the show
3/17/202037 minutes, 47 seconds
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When things go wrong don’t go with them: An “escape plan” for your business !

In this episode we talk about planning ahead for potential down time in business. Do you have backup help, a savings, insurance and a plan?Do you know how to handle your clients professionally? We always expect for things to go right but when they don’t, having systems in place will ease the uncertainty . We discuss :Savings Backup help Insurance Communication with clients Emotional boundaries Support the show
3/10/202055 minutes, 46 seconds
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Rosé roundtable; Four Estheticians talking business, balance, family and how-tos.

We rounded up two other Estheticians to talk shop, share stories and what it means to be an Esthetician in their world. From balancing family, kids, to owning their own businesses and having longevity in their careers; we talk about how they got there! sponsors:Betterhelp Online Counseling listeners get 10% off first month with code beautybizbffs the show
3/3/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Beauty Biz Bffs guide to launching a product

“It's a lot more relatable to hear it from two girls who work for themselves, who didn't get funded by anybody, who didn't have massive savings accounts that we were able to dip into, and we’ve created products that have worked and have been successful” In this episode we discuss how and why we launched products to add to our business. We both started as Estheticians providing services and then created additions to our businesses by creating something to sell. We talk about what to do first, what to think about before launching and the importance of having a why before you start any of this. 12:06 “you don't have to have a huge following on instagram, your clients are right there, wanting to buy products from you you just need to know what they want and need” - Lorena 12:50 “If you're just starting out as an esthetician or lash artist or whatever, focus on your craft for a couple years before you dive into a product” -Kasey sponsors:-GustoOnline Payroll listeners get 3 free months when they run their first payroll -CareOfpersonalized vitamins and supplements 50% off your first order Go to and enter code: biz50Support the show
2/25/202049 minutes, 14 seconds
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Get yourself a Hailey: behind the scenes with our Operations Manager and ultimate side chick who runs the real show!

Talking with Hailey; our Operations Manager about what she does for us, how she got hired and more entertaining info. Plus things to look for when you want to hire someone to help with your business; what things to delegate and what she does for us on the daily.  She gives a behind the scenes on running and managing our businesses and what it takes to be the right person to work side by side with us! Thanks to our Sponsors:Gusto online payroll company listeners get 3 months free when they run their first payroll First LeafWine Club sign up with the link and get 6 bottles of wine for only $29.95 +free shipping Wantable personal styling service $25 off first edit Support the show
2/18/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 33 seconds
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Starting 2020 right, embracing the new year anxiety and tips to ease into your work week!

We’re back and we’re starting with our first live podcast event January 18 at The Forward Female in Los Angeles. Talking all things BYOB “being your own boss” GET YOUR TICKET HERE: get into fighting the after holiday blues/anxiety and talk about a few key things we can all do to ease into the week. -pre plan a few posts-do 1-2 things that HAVE to get done to move down your list -new year new treatments shout out to our sponsors! Customized vitamin packs from payroll made easy counseling at your pace on your time the show
1/7/202036 minutes, 43 seconds
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Manic Monday- We’re talking Howard Stern

When’s the last time you heard about Howard Stern? He’s showing a softer side since the 90s and taking interviewing to the next level. Kasey gets into her new obsession with his show on Sirius XM and how he connects with his guests. Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
6/24/20193 minutes, 47 seconds
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Manic Monday- you do you

Support the show
6/24/20199 minutes, 12 seconds
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Manic Monday- Makeup basics and our quick go-tos

Talking our current favorite beauty products and why were very much into “less is more” should you wear makeup to work, an interview? We give our opinion. Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
6/17/201912 minutes, 11 seconds
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Manic Monday -See you in Vegas

Support the show
6/10/20193 minutes, 10 seconds
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Manic Monday + Kylie Skin update

It’s just another Manic Monday with us! Short snippets about whatever we want are the topic of conversation on Mondays. We’re wrapping up our thoughts on Kylie Skin from a few weeks back so you won’t want to miss it if you’re on the fence or have serious questions about that walnut scrub. Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
6/3/20195 minutes, 21 seconds
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Monday To-Do:Treat Yo self

Hey ladies! Take some time to treat yo self. Whether it’s a facial, manicure or a quick walk to decompress, taking care of YOU allows you to be a better person for you and your clients ! Support the show
5/13/20192 minutes, 42 seconds
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Monday To-Do: a thank you goes a long way.

Let’s start with the basics of being clear in what you’re asking for and ending it with a thank you. Kasey and Lorena talk being direct and detailed when asking for something you want. Emailing a business or person? Pay attention to detail from the start. Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
5/6/20193 minutes, 59 seconds
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Monday To-Do: Beauty space details. Let’s talk scents.

We love a room that smells good. Between candles, diffusers and wax warmers, we’ve tried it all. Spice up your room and space with our favorite scents. It’s all in the details and clients will love it. Shop both of our favorites in our Amazon shops on our websites! Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
4/29/20194 minutes, 23 seconds
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Monday To-Do: Thoughts and actions and what to do with them.

Did you know your brain doesn't know the difference between a thought in your head and an actual action? That's pretty powerful if you think about all the positive and negative thoughts that pop into our head on the daily. Changing your mindset, will change your life. Start your week in a better head space and watch good things come in to your life. We also talk briefly about the book "The Alcohol Experiment" because like the Author says "changing your habits can be hard without the right tools. This is especially true for alcohol because habits are, by definition, subconscious thought processes." Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
4/22/20196 minutes, 36 seconds
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You know how we feel about ONLINE booking. Time is money and time spent booking clients can be spent working ON your business not IN your business. We chat about our favorite booking systems and encourage you to make the switch! Support the show
4/15/20195 minutes, 6 seconds
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Monday to-do: Show Face ON social

Showing face can help build your business and your brand. Where to start? Start educating your clients and followers and don't be afraid to get in front of the camera. Connection comes from personal stories and experiences and tying that into your business will set you up for success. Support the show
4/1/20192 minutes, 18 seconds
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Monday to-do: Break a sweat!

Working out is so much more than getting fit. It helps clear the mind so you can start or finish your day right. Take a walk, try a new workout class or just add an extra day to your typical routine. It’s good for the body, mind and soul. Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
3/18/20193 minutes, 40 seconds
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Monday to-do: Ivy Lee Method

Let’s get PRODUCTIVEHave you heard of the IVY LEE method? It’s a simple yet efficient way to get sh*t done. Write down 6 things in order of importance and tackle #1 first. The trick is you can’t move on to #2 until you complete the first. Email: [email protected]: @beautybizbffsTwitter: BeautybizbffsFollow Kasey : @glowskincarela SHOP Glow Skincare: www.glowskincarela.comFollow Lorena : @dearlashloveSupport the show
3/4/20194 minutes, 11 seconds
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Monday to-do: Do you have a morning routine?

Support the show
2/25/20196 minutes, 24 seconds
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Your Monday To-Do: Rose and's a thing.

Let's celebrate Lorena's Birthday by sipping' on some rose and sharing on social!We are launching a new weekly snippet where we give you a to-do for the week...this will be every Monday which will help with the dreaded Monday blues we can sometimes get.  It can be anything from focusing on client boundaries to stepping up your beauty routine ! These short tasks are going to be a fun way for us to connect more on social media. Make sure to tag us in any posts so we can share and hold each other accountable! These “to-dos” will be every Monday and regular podcast episodes will be on Tuesdays. Support the show
1/28/20191 minute, 57 seconds
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#18 January blues and how to kick em!

In this episode we talk about the pressures of the new year, January blues, injuries from working and doing too much. Sometimes you're just not ON and that's OK! We also chat about our next round of events for 2019 and what we're focusing on. Support the show
1/22/201941 minutes, 9 seconds
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TO-DO Dress like you give a sh*t

Throw on a blazer, wear a @dearlashlove tee, paint your nails and tag us in your cute outfits ! Taking the extra step to look cute in the mornings will set you up for success throughout the day...because when you look good, you feel good!Support the show
1/14/20193 minutes, 56 seconds
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#13 Black Friday recap and reinvesting into your Biz

We chat about the aftermath of Black Friday and what if’s so important to put money back into your business. When you’re growing a business, you’re never really rich!Support the show
12/4/201852 minutes, 33 seconds