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English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 33 episodes, 16 hours
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Khoa's miserable week and were opening a restaurant!

Khoa has the worst week of his life and we have a huge announcement!  --- Support this podcast:
14/03/202326 minutes 3 seconds
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caught up in all the drama!

Last week, we talked about how we get all our news on social media and this includes drama as well! Keren keeps up with all things Selena Gomez and goodness gracious are celebrities dramatic. --- Support this podcast:
01/03/202321 minutes 36 seconds
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What would we do in an apocolypse situation?

we just got into the HBO Max show The Last Of Us and cannot get enough of it. We talk about what we would do if that were to happen in real life and then we talk about the news that we get from social media. Where do you get your news from? --- Support this podcast:
22/02/202329 minutes 21 seconds
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I have Lucky Girl Syndrome

Some might call it lucky girl syndrome but Khoa calls it manifesting your destiny. We talk about our past and what ambitions we had.  --- Support this podcast:
15/02/202324 minutes 13 seconds
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our honest opinion on the internet/social media

The internet is an interesting place. Is it good or is it bad? Let's get into it. --- Support this podcast:
08/02/202325 minutes 41 seconds
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new things coming

where we've been and where we are going --- Support this podcast:
01/02/202325 minutes 54 seconds
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what we’ve been up to!

Some wild stuff --- Support this podcast:
06/12/202127 minutes 8 seconds
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Baby #4 Name Hint + Making Time For Sex As Parents

We talk baby names, how Khoa allegedly stole keren’s pregnancy pillow, everyone wants to hear about our sex life and more! --- Support this podcast:
15/10/202138 minutes 53 seconds
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Keren Goes To The Emergency Room Again

We talk about being a YouTuber, life insurance, pranks, our channel being blocked and Keren going to the ER --- Support this podcast:
08/02/202129 minutes 37 seconds