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Basecamp: Into The Dark

English, Religion, 1 season, 80 episodes, 2 days, 21 hours, 17 minutes
Explore the darkest places and worldviews for the Gospel with All Things All People, and be equipped to go Into The Dark yourself.
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Cosmic Geography and Sacred Space w/ Dr. Joel Muddamalle

This episode is the recording from ATAP's Exploration Society Fall Lecture. Dr. Joel Muddamalle taught about the spiritual world, cosmic geography, and God's plan to restore for himself sacred space here on Earth. The lecture and conversation that followed all took place at Hope House Coffee in Forest City, NC on October 29th, 2023.
11/2/202353 minutes, 27 seconds
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"Why Can't There Be More Than One Way to God?"

Is God a mountain to be climbed or a destination to arrive at? Listen in on this week's BASECAMP as Jeremy speaks to students at Clemson University and does his best to answer a question that humans have been asking for thousands of years. Subscribe to the Exploration Society Journal: Get your ATAP Fall Lecture ticket:
10/4/202329 minutes, 56 seconds
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"The Best Apologetic for a Changing Culture" with Brad Cooper

Brad Cooper is one of the lead pastors at NewSpring Church in South Carolina. In this episode, Brad and Jeremy discuss how to minister across generational, ethnic, and ideological lines. They also talk about the best apologetic for a world that is quickly departing from a Christian worldview, especially in regard to sexual ethics. Get the Exploration Society Journal: Get your ticket for the Exploration Society fall lecture with Dr. Joel Muddamalle: Follow Jeremy on Instagram:
9/13/202352 minutes, 43 seconds
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"How Do I Discuss the Holy Spirit with Non-Christians?"

The Holy Spirit is the least understood person of the Trinity. So how do we explain it to non-Christians? This episode walks through the various groups we might come across and how we might begin conversations around the Holy Spirit, and God's trinitarian nature as a whole. Sign up for the Exploration Society Journal: LDS/JW Scripture Reference Guide: Email Jeremy: [email protected] Follow ATAP on Instagram:
9/6/202334 minutes, 15 seconds
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"Is God Actually a Human?"

Who and what is God? This question forms the beginning of a conversation with Latter-day Saints about their belief in who they call "Heavenly Father". The conclusions found after exploring that question lead us to realize that not only are the LDS views on god irreconcilable with historic Christianity, but they also fail the basic tests of logic. Find out why in this episode of BASECAMP. Sign up for the Exploration Society Journal: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
8/30/202338 minutes, 13 seconds
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"War Against Spiritual Darkness" w/ Eddie Penney

Eddie Penney spent 20 years in the United States military, serving as a Marine and a member of the Navy's most elite unit, SEAL Team 6. He battled terrorists in Afghanistan, Africa, and Iraq throughout his 7 combat deployments. His biggest battle came at home when he became a single father of three young children. He is candid about his struggles, failures, and faults in uncharacteristic honesty. Today, he is a business owner, a bestselling author, and an unapologetic Christian. He has faced death and darkness on many occasions and has found the light. His goal is to help others along that path, whether they be struggling veterans, their families, or anyone facing the challenges that life brings. Eddie is the author of UNAFRAID: Staring Down Terror as a Navy SEAL and Single Dad, architect of the UNAFRAID brand, and host of The UNAFRAID podcast and The Penney's Podcast with his wife, Amanda Penney. In this episode, Jeremy and Eddie talk about Eddie's stories of war both overseas and at home. They speak at length about the mindset Christians must have if they are to survive the spiritual war all believers are subject to, whether they know it or not. Eddie's UNAFRAID Ministry: Get the Exploration Society Journal: Follow Jeremy on Instagram:
8/24/202355 minutes, 3 seconds
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"Was Jesus a Student of the Buddha?"

Did Jesus spend his lost years in India, studying at the feet of Buddhist monks? In the eyes of some scholars, this would help explain some of the issues they have with Jesus and his teachings. Yet, their arguments fail. Listen to this episode with Jeremy from All Things All People and hear why Buddhism or any other human religion did not influence Jesus. Read the article:
8/9/202331 minutes, 38 seconds
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"Should Christians Do Yoga?"

What is the true background of yoga and how should Christians interact with it? Is there room for "Christian freedom" to play a part in this Hindu religious practice? Jeremy Jenkins, of All Things All People, walks through these questions and more as ATAP seeks to "explore the darkest places and worldviews and equip Christians to engage them with the Gospel." For more info on yoga, check out this article:
8/2/202331 minutes, 31 seconds
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"Demons & The Spiritual World" w/ Dr. Joel Muddamalle

"What exactly are demons and where do they come from?" This question and so many more like it are inevitable when engaging with not only worldviews and religions counter to Christianity, but also when reading the Bible itself. In this episode, Dr. Joel Muddamalle gives the Biblical background for the origin of the demonic and much of the spiritual world. Joel and Jeremy also discuss spiritual warfare and how the Bible should inform our outlook on it and the evangelism that is sure to bring it about. Find out more about Dr. Joel Muddamalle: Follow ATAP on Instagram: Find out more about ATAP:
1/24/202357 minutes, 20 seconds
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Big Conversations & the State of Belief w/ Justin Brierley

Few people can speak to the nature of belief in the world today like Justin Brierley. Justin is the host of Unbelievable and Ask N.T. Wright Anything, and is a respected speaker and author in the world of apologetics. He joins Jeremy to discuss the special series of Unbelievable called The Big Conversation, as well as what the world really believes! Make sure to check out The Big Conversation and everything else Justin puts out! Watch Unbelievable and The Big Conversation:
7/6/202246 minutes, 47 seconds
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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

13,000 Latter-day Saints, protesters, hateful street preachers...and the guys from ATAP.  That is what it was like in Salt Lake City in April 2022 as Jeremy and David journeyed out to Utah to visit LDS General Conference and see Latter-day Saint culture as a whole. Listen in on their experiences as well as some teaching on basic LDS history and beliefs.  BASECAMP is the monthly podcast of All Things All People, chronicling experiences and teachings that come out of ATAP's missions "into the dark". For more information on All Things All People, check out and follow us on Instagram.
5/3/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 36 seconds
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Joe Barnes- Maverick City, Promises, and The Next Generations

Any trip down the "Greatest Hits" of the ATAP Podcast to this point has to include Joe Barnes. Well known as a member of Maverick City, Joe came on the show in October of 2020 and it became one of the show's most popular episodes. It is obvious why, as Joe's heart for Jesus and leading people to Him through song was nothing but evident. Listen in and enjoy this older episode as ATAP prepares to come back from hiatus with more amazing guests in December!
11/10/202151 minutes
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Tim Mackie- Knowing the Real, Mind-blowing Jesus

ATAP is going back into our greatest hits and pulling out some of our favorite interviews while we're on hiatus. It is tough to not start with Tim Mackie! Listen in on one of our most popular episodes!
10/26/202146 minutes, 20 seconds
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Austin Suggs- Catholics, Orthodox, & Gospel Simplicity

Austin Suggs is loving across the lines with the work he does creating content on his YouTube channel Gospel Simplicity. There he can be seen going into Catholic and Orthodox settings and engaging people in fascinating interviews and conversations. In this conversation, Austin and Jeremy talk about crossing lines of belief to better understand eachother, and to help others understand as well. Listen in and be encouraged! Check out Gospel Simplicity: Follow ATAP on Instagram: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
10/14/202147 minutes, 44 seconds
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BASECAMP- Wicca & The Occult

In this edition of BASECAMP, the ATAP guys explain the core beliefs surrounding Wicca, Neo-Paganism, New Age, and more. These belief systems are growing significantly, especially among the youngest demographics. Listen in as Josh, Ben, and Jeremy teach and share their own experiences visiting and speaking with practitioners of Wicca and other Neo-Pagan faiths. Make sure to follow up with any questions you have from this episode by reaching out to ATAP at [email protected]
10/7/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 2 seconds
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Vera Schmitz & Natalie Abbott- Dwelling Differently on God's Word

You're going to dwell on something, why not dwell on the Word of God? That's the sentiment of this week's guests, Vera Schmitz and Natalie Abbott. They are the co-founders of Dwell Differently, a company geared towards helping you ensure that God's Word is a part of everything you do because you take it everywhere you go. Through visually striking temporary tattoos, keychains, bracelets, posters, and more they are making sure that you can focus on the thing that might actually change your life. In this episode, hear them share with Jeremy their vision for seeing scripture become part of the fabric of people's lives because of the absolute life-changing experiences they each have had with it. Check out Dwell Differently and get the tattoos sent to you: Follow Dwell Differently on Instagram: Follow ATAP on Instagram: Reach out to Jeremy & ATAP: [email protected]
10/6/202146 minutes, 43 seconds
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Gavin Ortlund- Catholics, Deconstruction, & Truth

Gavin Ortlund is an accomplished author, scholar, and YouTuber. He is also the Pastor at First Baptist Church in Ojai, California. He can often be found engaging with some of the most difficult topics in Christendom his YouTube channel, Truth Unites. Whether introducing complex philosophical concepts or debating Catholic apologists on the core tenets of our faith, Gavin is a Christian thinker you should know. In this conversation, Gavin and Jeremy discuss how to engage with people who see the world differently than us. They also discuss the beauty of the Gospel in the face of a growing deconstructionist movement. Check out Gavin's YouTube channel: Reach out to Jeremy: [email protected]
9/28/202143 minutes, 22 seconds
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Lauren Chandler- Is God With Us in the Wilderness?

Lauren Chandler is an accomplished speaker, teacher, writer, and worship leader. She is also the wife of Matt Chandler, one of the lead pastors at The Village Church. She is the author of the Lifeway Study, "With Us in the Wilderness", where she walks through the Book of Numbers and parallels Israel's wilderness experiences with our own. In this conversation, Jeremy and Lauren discuss the wilderness experiences she has had in ministry. She details the hope God has continually given her and how she now walks even more refreshed and renewed. Check out Lauren's website: Reach out to ATAP: [email protected]
9/14/202149 minutes, 42 seconds
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BASECAMP- Hinduism

The smell of incense being burned as an offering to a false god really stays with you. You'll be able to hear it in the voices of the guys on this episode. This week, the ATAP guys detail Hinduism and the various beliefs that can be found in it. Even more, they share their own stories of visiting Hindu temples in the states and in South Asia and the effect that witnessing Hindu worship has had on them as they seek to share the Gospel in the darkest places. Come hear their stories about sharing the Gospel in places where the name of Jesus is not known. Reach out to Jeremy- [email protected] Follow ATAP on Instagram:
9/7/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 42 seconds
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BASECAMP- Scientology

BASECAMP is all about going, "Into the Dark", and this episode starts with a bang...going into Scientology. One of the least understood, but most influential (at least in American pop culture), Scientology is a mystery to most. In this episode, Jeremy, Josh, and Ben detail the basic teachings of Scientology as well as recount their visit to the Church of Scientology.  Make sure to follow along as BASECAMP comes out each month and details various faith groups as ATAP ventures "Into the Dark" to teach, understand, and reach people with the transforming message of Jesus!
8/31/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 9 seconds
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Chris Ammen- Biblical Fluency and the Bible's Greatest Hits

Chris Ammen and his team at Kaleidoscope are reinventing the way kids are taught the Bible. Seriously. In this conversation, Chris and Jeremy talk about how most kids are left stranded once they "grow out" of the Jesus Storybook Bible and are expected to understand the ESV or NIV Bible their church hands them. Kaleidoscope is writing and designing amazing books of the Bible crafted specifically for the age where kids begin to lose interest in continuing to explore the "greatest hits" and want to see the Bible that wasn't covered in their children's edition. Check out Kaleidoscope: Follow Kaleidoscope of Instagram: Reach out to Jeremy and ATAP: [email protected]
8/24/202145 minutes, 45 seconds
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Pieter Valk- Celibacy, Equipping the Church, and the "Gay Teen Test"

Pieter Valk is the founder and leader of Equip, which seeks to help churches become places where LGBT+ Christians could belong and thrive according to a traditional sexual ethic. Not only does he help pastors and parents navigate this difficult issue, but he also counsels young people who struggle with same-sex attraction and points them lovingly and gently to the life-changing message of the Gospel. In this conversation, Pieter and Jeremy discuss how the Church can better minister to those struggling with same-sex attraction without sacrificing the truth of God's design for our lives. Pieter also illustrates what a dynamic life of celibacy, of which he is called to, looks like and how it impacts the kingdom in ways marriage does not. Listen in and be challenged and ministered to by Pieter and his work to glorify God and to equip others to do the same! Visit Equip: Contact ATAP: [email protected]
8/17/202159 minutes, 48 seconds
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Nathan Finochio- Hillsong, TheosU, and a Faith Augustine Would Recognize

Nathan Finochio is the founder and leader of TheosU, an exhaustive (not exhausting) library of amazing Christian teaching that rivals any college or seminary you could possibly attend. He is often found speaking at churches all over the world, and he is a fascinating guy. In this conversation, Jeremy and Nathan talk about TheosU and how it seeks to inform a church that is quickly falling into liberal and relativistic teachings. Nathan also speaks about his experiences at Hillsong NYC and how it helped launch the vision that would become TheosU. Check out TheosU: Follow Nathan on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Reach out to ATAP: [email protected]
8/10/202154 minutes, 9 seconds
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Dr. Travis Kerns- Ministering Among Mormons

Dr. Travis Kerns is Associate Professor of Apologetics and World Religions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His research and writing interests focus on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, world religions, and the application of apologetics. He formerly served as a missionary and pastor in Salt Lake City, ministering among and to Latter-Day Saints. In evangelicalism where it is difficult to find world religion experts, he stands out. In this conversation, Jeremy and Dr. Kerns discuss LDS thinking and theology, tackle some of the most common questions about the Latter-Day Saints, and Dr. Kerns shares his wisdom on how to share the true Gospel with Mormons. Help ATAP Win an Award!-  
7/27/202151 minutes, 1 second
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Glen Scrivener- Creative Evangelism and Justice in the Church

Glen Scrivener is the Director of Speak Life in the UK. He can often be found speaking in churches, universities, producing online media, and writing. He is a leading voice on sharing the Gospel in winsome ways and letting people know that Jesus is the answer to the questions they're asking. In this conversation, Jeremy and Glen touch on what makes evangelism creative, how the person with the microphone does not always speak for the crowd, and how the Church should be handling the scandals that have seemingly plagued it in the last few years. Check out Speak Life: Follow Glen on Twitter: Help ATAP Win!:  
7/20/202155 minutes, 8 seconds
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Mike Kruger- Surviving Religion 101

Dr. Mike Kruger is one of the leading New Testament scholars in the evangelical world, but he started his studies learning from one of the leading non-Christian scholars in the world. He wrote "Surviving Religion 101" to help people go through the experience of having their faith questioned in the often intimidating academic setting. Check out Dr. Kruger's book: Contact ATAP: [email protected]
7/13/202143 minutes, 58 seconds
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Brett McCracken- The Wisdom Pyramid

Brett McCracken is a senior editor and Director of Communications for The Gospel Coalition. He is the author of quite a few books including "The Wisdom Pyramid" which argues that there is a better way to think about the content we consume every day and where exactly we get our "wisdom".  In this episode, Brett and Jeremy talk about the lives we are leading and what our spiritual diets look like. This one will challenge you to evaluate what exactly you're consuming, and what exactly you're valuing. Check out "The Wisdom Pyramid"- Brett's Website- Go Vote for ATAP- ATAP World Religions Basics-
7/6/202159 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Stephen Nichols- R.C. Sproul, Teaching, and Chalk

Dr. Stephen Nichols spent the last years of R.C. Sproul's life interviewing him and preparing to write his biography. In early 2021, that biography was published detailing the amazing life of one of the best Christian teachers of the last 100 years. In this conversation, Dr. Nichols and Jeremy talk about Sproul, his life and influence, and the future of what he started. Buy the biography, "R.C. Sproul: A Life": Check out Ligonier Ministries: Contact Jeremy: [email protected]
6/29/202137 minutes, 39 seconds
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Sam Allberry- What Does God Have to Say About Our Bodies?

Sam Allberry is a pastor, apologist, author, and speaker. He is the author of a number of books, including Is God Anti-Gay?; Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?; and 7 Myths about Singleness. In this conversation, Sam and Jeremy dig into his latest book, "What Does Have to Say About Our Bodies?" and they seek out just what a Biblical view of the physical self is. Sam's point of view is one that is so needed in today's world where unbiblical views of the physical abound. Pre-Order/Buy "What Does God Have to Say About Our Bodies?": Check Out Sam's Website: Check Out the ATAP World Religions Basics Page:
6/22/202148 minutes, 5 seconds
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Tim Mackie- Knowing the Real, Mind-blowing Jesus

For the 52nd episode of the ATAP Podcast, we got one of our favorite communicators to come and be on the show, Tim Mackie! Tim is one of the founders of The Bible Project, whose videos are some of the best Bible teaching around right now. Tim has spent his years as an academic, a pastor, and a teacher trying to get people to understand that Jesus is the gateway to understanding our life's purpose and meaning. In this episode, Tim and Jeremy talk about Jesus and how every time they meet with Him it is like it is the first time. They also discuss the amazing new projects The Bible Project is working on and why you should be excited for them! Watch The Bible Project on YouTube: Follow The Bible Project on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email ATAP: [email protected]
6/14/202146 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Carrington Gaines- Vulnerability to Breakthrough & "Say No More Jesus"

Carrington Gaines is one of the worship leaders at Forest City Church in Rockford, Illinois ( He is a gifted leader, singer, & songwriter. His passion for seeing King Jesus praised is contagious, so you might sing with him on this episode. In this conversation, Carrington, and Jeremy talk about watching songs he wrote get sung by people who have no idea of his experiences when he wrote them. He talks about the Lord calling him somewhere he never thought he would go, and all the amazing things God has done once he said, "Say no more Jesus!" Check out Forest City Worship on YouTube: Follow Carrington on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
6/8/202147 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bobby Jamieson- The Sonship of Christ, Hebrews, & Melchizedek

The sonship of Christ is one of the most important doctrines in all of Christianity, but very few Christians have a firm grasp of the intricacies of it and the questions people often have surrounding it. Bobby Jamieson can help you with that, and in this episode, he does just that. Bobby wrote, "The Paradox of Sonship: Christology in the Epistle to the Hebrews" which tackles some of the most intricate aspects of Christ's sonship as described in Hebrews. In this episode though, Bobby and Jeremy talk in general about Christ's role as son in eternity and how it also came to mean different things in His role as Messiah. Listen in on this one with a Bible open and ready to take notes! Check out "The Paradox of Sonship: Christology in the Epistle to the Hebrews": Follow Bobby on Twitter: Follow Jeremy on Instagram:
5/31/202142 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Melissa Kruger- Mentoring, Presence, & Growing Together

Melissa Kruger serves as director of women’s content at The Gospel Coalition. She is the author of many books including "Growing Together: Taking Mentoring beyond Small Talk and Prayer Requests" where she discusses the dynamic nature of mentorship in the church and how we might be missing it more than we know. In this conversation, Melissa and Jeremy discuss mentoring, how to be a part of it even when you feel like you have nothing to offer, and the challenges Gospel Coalition is facing in a world where faithfulness is not very "marketable". Melissa's book, "Growing Together": Follow Melissa on Instagram: TGC Women:
5/24/202145 minutes, 57 seconds
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Heaven & Hell Questions- ATAP Crew

This week the ATAP Crew devotes some time to discuss YOUR questions on Heaven and Hell. "How do we talk about Hell with kids and teens?", "Why does Hell cause people to lose their faith?", and so many more. Listen in on this week's crew episode!
5/17/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 52 seconds
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Brenna Blain- A God Who is Near to Mental Health, Emotions, and Questions

Brenna Blain is passionate about God's involvement in our pain and suffering and her life story of dealing with mental illness is a testament to that. In this conversation, Brenna and Jeremy talk about her experiences with bipolar disorder, as well as how she arrived at where she is today helping others through their own questions. ***In this episode, Brenna discusses her experiences under Mark Driscoll's teaching at Mars Hill Church. Brenna does not endorse Mark's teachings fully, and her experiences have not been everyone's.*** Follow Brenna on Instagram- Listen to the Can I Say That? Podcast- Email Questions for ATAP: [email protected]
5/10/202148 minutes, 6 seconds
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Mark & Luke Glanville- Refugees, Kinship, & "Who Am I Responsible For?"

Are Christians responsible to help those who have been displaced by war, famine, and economic hardship? In their new book, "Refuge Reimagined: Biblical Kinship in Global Politics", Mark and Luke Glanville argue that Christians should be the example of what it looks like to treat the weakest and hurting as family. The ethic they propose in the book is one that every Christian should familiarize themselves with as our world continues to get small each day. In this interview, the Glanvilles and Jeremy discuss how all throughout the Bible God's people are commanded to put the weakest among them at the center and how this might impact the lives of Christians if they take God's word seriously. Check out Mark and Luke's new book: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy a Question for Future Episodes: [email protected]
5/3/202156 minutes, 9 seconds
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Shama Mrema- Getting Fired, Poking Fun, & God Laughing

You've been laughing at Shama's videos for the past year, now listen and find out why. In this episode, Shama and Jeremy talk about how he notices all the absurd stuff that happens in church and how it made him hilarious. They also talk about how Christians shouldn't settle for diet versions of secular stuff. Listen in and hear Jeremy laugh more than he ever has with a guest and learn exactly why comedians can be thinkers too. Follow Shama on Instagram- Follow Deuteronomemes on Instagram- Ask ATAP a Question- [email protected]
4/26/202148 minutes, 32 seconds
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Amy Gannett- Holy Curiosity, Fix Your Eyes, and Tiny Theologians

Amy Gannett is the founder and creator of Tiny Theologians, creating discipleship tools to pass on the Christian faith to the youngest members of our households. She is perhaps most well known as simply someone who loves the Word of God so much that she creates and distributes high-quality exegetical Bible studies, courses, and tools for people to learn to study and love the Word themselves. Her forthcoming book “Fix Your Eyes: How Our Study of God Shapes Our Worship of Him” is an exploration of how our study of the nature and character of God as revealed in his Word, is truly an invitation to respond in the affectionate, obedient discipleship of worship and how worship should always be rooted in theology. In this conversation, Amy and Jeremy talk about how curiosity is the best tool to bring to your Bible. They also discuss how to navigate the most difficult questions life and faith have to offer whether you're discussing it with adults, college students, or our own children.  Pre-Order "Fix Your Eyes" on Amazon: Check out Amy's website: Visit Tiny Theologians: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
4/19/202157 minutes, 7 seconds
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Maj. Jeff Struecker- Black Hawk Down, Bulletproof Faith, & Supernatural Peace

Major Jeff Struecker is a retired U.S. Army Ranger who fought at the Battle of Mogadishu which was made famous in the movie, "Black Hawk Down". Due to his bravery in this, and many other combat tours, he finished his enlisted duty as a decorated soldier. He re-joined the Army as a chaplain where he served Rangers and Airborne soldiers. He now pastors minutes away from the base where he once trained as a soldier and Ranger. His story of bravery, as well as the faith that got him through battle, is an amazing testament to God's goodness. In this conversation, Major Struecker tells Jeremy the story of Black Hawk Down, the peace that got him through that horrible night, and the life of ministry that followed. Check out Major Struecker's website: Check out the ATAP Shop: Follow Major Struecker on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Reach out to Jeremy: [email protected]
4/12/202135 minutes, 45 seconds
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Phylicia Masonheimer- The Christian Mind, Women Theologians, and Discernment

Phylicia Masonheimer is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, and host of the Verity podcast. Her blog and shop, Every Woman a Theologian, exist to teach Christians how to know what they believe and live that out boldly.  Phylicia’s writing addresses cultural questions through the lens of church history and sound biblical interpretation. Because theology touches every area of life, you’ll see content on everything from baptism to motherhood and marriage! She lives in northern Michigan with her husband, Josh, and three children: Adeline, Geneva, and Van. In this episode of the All Things All People Podcast, Phylicia and Jeremy discuss the parallel goals of ATAP and Every Woman a Theologian, to see Christians use their minds to glorify God. They also talk about how to ensure your theology makes its way from your head to your heart, and how Christians should be the most discerning people around. Listen in on what was a phenomenal conversation with an amazing guest! Find out more about Phylicia- Check out the ATAP Shop- Follow Phylicia on Instagram- Follow Jeremy on Instagram-
4/5/202146 minutes, 25 seconds
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Dr. Andreas Kostenberger- Holy Week and The Final Days of Jesus

What was the last week of Jesus' life actually like? To discuss this, Jeremy welcomes back to the show Dr. Andreas Kostenberger! Dr. Kostenberger is a well-known New Testament scholar, professor, and writer. He lends All Things All People his expertise on Jesus to help answer some of the most common questions about Holy Week, the cross, the resurrection, Jesus "descending to Hell", and plenty of other topics! Listen in on this conversation with the first two-time guest in ATAP Podcast history! Check out Dr. Kostenberger's books: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email ATAP- [email protected]
3/29/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 58 seconds
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Best Dinner Party in History- ATAP Crew

Who are 6 people (alive or dead) that you would invite over for dinner if you had the chance? That is the question the ATAP Crew (Jeremy, Josh, and Ben) deliberated together in this week's episode. Listen in as they talk about their dream conversations (and arguments) with some of their heroes and people they're interested in. For more information on the lists the guys put together, check out the All Things All People Instagram: Contact Jeremy: Jeremy
3/22/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sarah Yardley- Changing Cultures, Cornwall, and Creation Fest

Sarah Yardley is a Californian based in Cornwall, England. She grew up at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa before obeying the call to lead Creation Fest, a huge Christian event in the UK that is doing amazing work and still growing. Sarah has a deep heart to know Jesus and make Him known, and you'll be able to tell in this interview. In this episode, Sarah and Jeremy talk about making good art and telling good stories, and changing cultures because of it. Check out Creation Fest: Follow Sarah on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Contact Jeremy: [email protected]
3/15/202152 minutes, 12 seconds
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Dr. Joshua Swamidass- Evolution, Adam & Eve, and Not Rooting Faith in Genesis

Dr. Joshua Swamidass is a computational biologist at Washington University in St. Louis and author of, “The Genealogical Adam and Eve- The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry” where he explores an interesting scientific hypothesis regarding Adam and Eve and how evolution might have played a role in the history of humanity. In this interview, Dr. Swamidass and Jeremy discuss the book and the implications his theory might have on the dialogue between science and faith and how he sees himself in between. Listeners will certainly be challenged to think of Genesis in new ways no matter their theological background.  Check out Dr. Swamidass' book- Follow Jeremy on Instagram- Reach Out to ATAP with Questions!- [email protected]
3/8/20211 hour, 36 seconds
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Dr. Christina Crenshaw- LGBTQ+, Cancel Culture, and Showing Grace

What if an entire group of people tried to "cancel" you for an honest tweet? Dr. Christina Crenshaw knows this reality all too well. After a tweet where she questioned recent rulings regarding transgender rights, she was singled out by members of the student body at her school, Baylor University, as "transphobic". Dr. Crenshaw has stood against these claims and fought for her voice to be heard and with it the orthodox Christian view on gender. In this episode, Dr. Crenshaw talks about the unlikely place she has found herself, never having thought she would be in a position like the one she is now. They discuss the need to show grace to have our voices heard and to stand for truth in a way that invites questions. Dr. Crenshaw is a true Christian thinker and it was an honor to have her on the All Things All People Podcast. Follow Dr. Crenshaw on Instagram: Follow Dr. Crenshaw on Twitter: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
3/3/202149 minutes, 42 seconds
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Bobby Conway- One Minute Apologist, Doubts, and Mental Health

Bobby Conway is the "One Minute Apologist" but he certainly understands that our questions take longer to deal with than 60 seconds.  Between meeting Jesus, battling alcoholism, earning a Ph.D., planting and pastoring a church, and struggling with mental health Bobby knows what it is like to have questions. He is a tremendous example of a Christian thinker because he has come out on the other side of all of that closer to Jesus than he went in. In this conversation, Jeremy and Bobby discuss his ministry as the One Minute Apologist, but also his heart for pastoring and helping those struggling with mental health. He explains how Jesus is big enough to deal with our doubts, and we think you will believe him. Watch the One Minute Apologist channel on YouTube- Follow Bobby on Instagram- Follow Jeremy on Instagram- Email Jeremy- [email protected]
3/1/202140 minutes, 18 seconds
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A.D. Thomason- Permission to Be Black

A.D. "Lumkile" Thomason is a filmmaker, teacher, activist, and author who has written, "Permission to Be Black: My Journey With Jay-Z and Jesus". He joins the show not just to promote the new book, but to discuss with Jeremy the aspects of western Christianity that came from anywhere but Jesus and the Bible. He also talks about his own personal story of finding his place in the church, and how God's mercy makes up time and time again for our shortcomings. Go buy "Permission to Be Black":  Follow A.D. on Twitter: Follow A.D. on Instagram: Email ATAP: [email protected]
2/22/202158 minutes, 39 seconds
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Think Like a Christian, and the Sermon on the Mount

In this ATAP Crew episode, Jeremy, Josh, and Ben discuss Jesus' most radical teachings and how they show us what it means to "Think Like a Christian". Listen for some hints as to some cool stuff coming up in the life of ATAP, and to get to know the guys even better! Reach out with any questions or ideas for future crew episodes- [email protected]
2/15/202156 minutes, 31 seconds
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Corey Miller- Leaving Mormonism

Dr. Corey Miller is a former Mormon who now is CEO and President of Ratio Christi, an organization devoted to seeing the Gospel spread on campuses all over the country. In this episode, Dr. Miller and Jeremy discuss his conversion from Mormonism to Christianity and all that came with that journey. They also talk about the mission of Ratio Christi and the effort it takes to see the Kingdom grown on campuses all over the country. Buy Dr. Miller's books- Follow Jeremy on Instagram- Email Jeremy- [email protected]
2/8/202151 minutes, 39 seconds
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Jeff Marburger- Fostering, Adoption, and Being For Life

Jeff Marburger is the founder of One More One Less Project, a ministry seeking to "Inform, Inspire and Intertwine the local church with foster care and adoption." Jeff and Jeremy are old friends and in this conversation, you'll hear them remember back to the first phone call Jeff got about becoming a foster dad, as well as Jeff and his team's passion to see the local church become champions for children who might feel like they have none. In the intro, Jeremy shares his heart for why he believes ministries like Jeff's need to be where Christians begin allocating more resources to. Check out OMOLP's website- Follow Jeremy on Instagram- Contact Jeremy for questions/booking- [email protected]
2/1/202151 minutes, 22 seconds
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Lauren Scott- Discouragement, a Crazy Jesus Story, and a Seat at God's Table

Lauren Scott is a gifted singer & songwriter who has written and lead with International House of Prayer, Forest City Worship, and Maverick City.  In this episode, Lauren and Jeremy go all the way back to when God first gave her a song, and talk about battling through crippling discouragement to see God bring her to where she is now. She is certainly someone you need to know as she is involved with some of the most exciting and God-glorifying things in Christian music today. Follow Lauren on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Contact Jeremy: [email protected]
1/25/202159 minutes, 13 seconds
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Gordon Nickel- The Quran with Christian Commentary

Dr. Gordon Nickel is a scholar in the area of Islam and the study of the Quran. He has experience teaching all over the world and now has written "The Quran with Christian Commentary". It serves as a phenomenal help to anyone seeking to understand the Christian perspective on the Islamic holy book. Dr. Nickel is perfectly suited for this task as he is a gentle and loving believer who genuinely desires to see our Islamic friends come to know Christ. In this episode, you'll hear Dr. Nickel and Jeremy discuss the book and what it means for those studying Islam and for Muslims as well. They also discuss some of the more common questions about Islam including whether Yahweh and Allah are the same, and how to engage effectively with Muslims who question Christianity. Buy Dr. Nickel's books- Follow Dr. Nickel on Twitter- Follow Jeremy on Instagram- Email Jeremy- [email protected]
1/18/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sam Chan- How to Talk About Jesus (Without Becoming "That Guy")

Dr. Sam Chan is a truly fascinating guy. He is a medical doctor. He has his Ph.D. in theology. He regularly teaches and speaks on Christianity for the City Bible Forum in Sydney, Australia. He is an accomplished author on the topic of evangelism, and his newest book, "How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being THAT Guy)" is an amazing resource for the Christian who desires to share their faith. In this episode, Sam and Jeremy talk about how evangelism in the 21st century has to be different than the evangelism found in the 20th and what it should look like. You'll not only learn a ton but will also be hugely encouraged by Sam as he shares his heart on this important topic. Follow Sam on Instagram- Follow Sam on Twitter- Follow Jeremy on Instagram- Email Jeremy with questions for future episodes- [email protected]
1/11/202154 minutes, 4 seconds
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John Onwuchekwa- Pastoring, Coffee, & Racial Justice

Pastor John Onwuchekwa is a pastor and coffee lover from Houston, Texas who pastors in Atlanta. He is a phenomenally gifted teacher and writer who has a perspective that you need to hear. In this conversation, John and Jeremy talk about their experiences pastoring and their shared love of coffee and ministering in the marketplace. They also discuss racial justice and how the past few years have been for John and his congregation. Listen and learn with this amazing brother in Christ! Follow John on Twitter: Follow John on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy with questions: [email protected]
1/4/202154 minutes, 8 seconds
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Podcast Awards and "What If 2021 Sucks too?"

Jeremy and the guys finish out 2020 by recognizing some of the amazing guests we've had on the show along with talking about the serious business of preparing for a new year that might still be difficult. Make sure to listen and let us know what you thought of the awards and whether 2021 will be a year of relief. Contact Jeremy with questions for future crew episodes and booking: [email protected]
12/28/202058 minutes, 20 seconds
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Dr. Andreas Kostenberger- What Was Christmas Actually Like?

Dr. Andreas Kostenberger is a world-class New Testament scholar and has written about the early days of Jesus and what Christmas would have actually been like for Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. In this episode, Dr. Kostenberger talks with Jeremy about our misconceptions over Christmas, what the world would have actually looked like at this time, and how much sweeter Christmas is once we have a Biblical view of it. Make sure to check out Dr. Kostenberger's books: Buy Dr. Kostenberger's newest book, "Signs of the Messiah: An Introduction to John's Gospel"- Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Twitter: Email Jeremy with Questions and for booking: [email protected]
12/21/202059 minutes, 39 seconds
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Frank Turek- Marxism, Morality, and Standing in the Way of Evil

Frank Turek is one of the best-known apologists in the world right now. His YouTube videos, often featuring him answering tough questions from college students, have millions of views. His organization Cross Examined helps teach Christians to engage the world around them with the Gospel through learning how to defend it. He has written books and spoken all around the world, so it was an honor to have him on the show. In this episode, Frank and Jeremy talk about the growing calls for what Frank considers Marxism and communism and how the Bible opposes such philosophies. They discuss Frank's way of looking at apologetics, including the basis for much of what Cross Examined does. At the end of their conversation, Frank discusses raising children in the world we live in today and how sometimes parents must "stand in the way of evil" and that means teaching our children apologetics from an early age. Listen in and share with an apologetics loving friend! Follow Frank on Twitter: Follow Frank on Instagram: Check Out Frank's Books: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Join the ATAP "Behind the Scenes" Facebook Group!:
12/14/202052 minutes, 39 seconds
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Mike Bird- Mere Evangelicalism, a Middle Eastern God, and Jokes

Mike Bird is a world-class scholar having written and edited over thirty books in the fields of Septuagint, Historical Jesus, Gospels, St. Paul, Biblical Theology, and Systematic Theology. Along with these credentials, he also has a tremendously pastoral heart that comes with a phenomenal sense of humor. He is a rare breed in the world of Christian scholarship, and his perspective is a valuable one. In this episode, Mike and Jeremy discuss his experience debating Bart Ehrman, writing about the "evangelical word", and why Christians shouldn't simply follow the latest guy, "with a book deal and a neck tattoo". This episode is full of deep insights, challenging suggestions, and funny one-liners. Follow Mike on Twitter: Check Out Mike's Books: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Join the ATAP Podcast "Behind the Scenes" Facebook Group: Contact Jeremy for Booking and Questions: [email protected]
12/7/202056 minutes, 9 seconds
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Dorothy Littell Greco- Marriage, Malleability, and the Middle of Life

Dorothy Greco has been featured in Christianity Today, Missio Alliance, Relevant Magazine, Sojourners, and many other publications. Her first book, “Making Marriage Beautiful”, was published by David C Cook in January of 2017. Her second, “Marriage in the Middle”, came out with InterVarsity Press in September of this year. Dorothy and Jeremy's conversation on marriage, relationships, and everything in between will certainly be enlightening to you no matter what stage of life you're in. Buy Dorothy's books on Amazon: Follow Dorothy on Twitter: Check out Dorothy's website:  Reach out to Jeremy: [email protected] Follow Jeremy on Instagram:
11/23/202052 minutes, 42 seconds
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Justin Brierley- Atheists, Unbelievable, and N.T. Wright

Justin Brierley has been the host of "Unbelievable?", a show that hosts conversations between the world's most important non-Christian and Christians. He is also the host of "Ask N.T. Wright Anything" where he allows those of us on the outside the opportunity to hear from the prolific scholar and adds in his own two cents from time to time. Justin is routinely surrounded by the best minds this world has to offer, and he is not one to be overlooked. In this episode, Justin and Jeremy discuss the growth of "Unbelievable?" and the imprint it has made on non-believers and Christians alike. They also discuss how the years have influenced Justin himself as no one has heard more arguments against Christianity than Justin, yet his faith is more alive now than it was in 2005. Check out "Unbelievable?" and "The Big Conversation" on YouTube: Buy Justin's book: Follow Justin on Twitter: Follow Jeremy on Twitter:
11/16/202055 minutes, 23 seconds
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Election 2020, Loving Enemies, and Anime

In this "ATAP Crew" episode, the guys talk about engaging individuals with the Gospel in unique ways. Hear them talk about sharing the Gospel with sub-cultures, tribes, and hungover college students. At the beginning of the show, Jeremy reflects on the fallout from the 2020 election and what it might look like if Christians loved their enemies. Follow Jeremy on Twitter: Follow ATAP on Instagram: Email ATAP: [email protected]
11/11/202057 minutes, 15 seconds
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Kristi McLelland- Jesus and Women

Kristi McLelland is the author of the Lifeway study, "Jesus and Women". Kristi is a professor at Williamson College and serves as a biblical culturalist. She has dedicated her life to teaching people how to study the Bible, specifically through the lens of the world it was written in. Kristi and Jeremy have an amazing conversation about how women fit into the history of Israel, and the radical place they found in the ministry of Jesus. Buy Jesus and Women: Make sure to check out Kristi's website: Follow Kristi on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
11/2/202050 minutes, 56 seconds
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Jason Cizdziel- Frontier Missions and the End of the Story

In the remote jungle of Papua New Guinea, Jason Cizdiel studies a language few people have ever spoken so that the Wabuku tribe can hear a Gospel no one there has ever heard. Jason and his family are missionaries in one of the most remote areas of the entire world, and I think you need to hear his story. A story of jungles, hammocks, canoes, and spirits. A world that he hopes to play a small part in Jesus changing. Follow Jason's adventures on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Reach out to Jeremy for booking and questions: [email protected]
10/26/202047 minutes, 18 seconds
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Joe Barnes- Maverick City, Promises, and The Next Generations

Joe Barnes wrote and sang the Maverick City song "Promises", which at the time of recording this show sat at 14 MILLION views on YouTube. While he is certainly a uniquely gifted songwriter and worship leader, he is mostly just a guy who is trying to point people to Christ. He and Jeremy talk about Maverick City, the process of writing songs like "Promises", and what his vision for the next generations of Christians is. Do not miss this conversation with one of the most influential worship leaders and songwriters around right now! Follow Joe on Instagram: Go watch Joe sing "Promises": Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
10/19/202050 minutes
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Russell Moore- On Abortion, Trump, and Courage

Russell Moore has spoken in front of a Pope, been criticized by a President, and shared the Gospel with politicians. So he might be the best person to mark the first venture into politics for the podcast. Dr. Moore and Jeremy discuss President Trump, the Supreme Court, abortion, and many other important cultural issues in this episode. Dr. Moore's eloquence along with the love he exemplifies is certainly a model for Christians as we engage with this broken world. Make sure to check out Dr. Moore on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
10/5/202050 minutes, 56 seconds
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"Why Should I Worship a Man Who Lived 2000 Years Ago?"

Jesus was a man who spoke Aramaic, lived a life of around 33 years, and somehow is still the most important person who has ever lived. These facts confound many as to why he should be someone who is worshiped, while seemingly being able to relate to little of what the modern person experiences on a daily basis. Even more, the culture he lived in is vastly different from most cultures found on the planet today. Yet Jesus is still relevant and transcends culture and Jeremy and Josh describe why in this episode. Make sure to follow Jeremy on Instagram: Contact Jeremy: [email protected]
9/29/202056 minutes, 12 seconds
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Skip Heitzig- Pastoring from SoCal to Saudi Arabia

Pastor Skip Heitzig has a prolific reach. His Bible teaching reaches thousands each week through his radio program, app, and teaching live at his church. He has authored numerous books, and just finished one that is hitting shelves soon. Despite all this, when you talk to him you feel encouraged as if he was your neighborhood pastor. That's why so many people love him. Along with that is the fact he is a phenomenal Bible teacher, so make sure to check him out in the various ways you can engage with his content. Check out his books and pre-order his newest book, "Biography of God": Go to his website and download the app to keep up with his latest Bible teaching: Follow him on Instagram:
9/21/202046 minutes, 21 seconds
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Barnabas Piper- Pastor's Kid and Recovering Cynic

When your dad is one of the most famous pastors in America, you have a different Church experience than the other kids in your youth group. Actually, you have a different life entirely. Barnabas Piper doesn't shy away from talking about his dad, especially when he talks about just how great a dad John Piper was for him and his siblings. That being said, Barnabas is an accomplished author and speaker on his own and offers a fresh and unique perspective on church ministry and culture. Our conversation centered on his life with his dad, getting over some of his struggles in life including being a "recovering cynic", and what he thinks of the future of church ministry in America. Follow Barnabas on Instagram- Go check out Barnabas' books- Listen to "The Happy Rant Podcast"- Reach out to Jeremy- [email protected]
9/14/202054 minutes, 24 seconds
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Andy Bannister- Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Dr. Andy Bannister is a rare breed. He is an expert in Islamic Studies and frequently lectures on Islam, while also regularly engaging with atheists. As you will be able to tell from this interview, he is a uniquely gifted Christian scholar and thinker, and you will be blessed by listening to him discuss whether Allah and Yahweh are the same, what questions Generation Z is asking, how you show the love of Christ to someone completely opposed to it, and more. In this episode: Sign up to be notified when Andy's new book comes out!: Follow Andy Bannister on Instagram: Follow the Solas Centre for Public Christianity: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Reach out to Jeremy for questions and booking: [email protected]
9/7/20201 hour, 33 seconds
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The Problem of Evil and Ganesh

"If God is omnipotent and loving, why does He allow evil in the world?" I get this question all the time, and that makes sense because it is an important one. Today we're going to look at one of the most fundamental defenses in the discussion of the problem of evil, Alvin Plantinga's "Free-will Defense". Along with that, we discuss the Ganesh Chaturthi festival currently happening in India and if evaluating the character of other gods gives us an insight into the character of Yahweh. Make sure to get a free All Things All People Podcast sticker: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Email Jeremy: [email protected]
8/31/202028 minutes, 59 seconds
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Dr. Michael Heiser- Demons and the Powers of Darkness

What does the Bible actually say about demons and the powers of darkness? Questions like this one are common in Christian minds, and Dr. Michael Heiser is one of the experts who can help make sense of this difficult topic for you. In this episode, you'll hear us breakdown the most important Biblical texts for understanding the powers of darkness and discuss what spiritual warfare should look like in the life of the Christian today. Dr. Michael Heiser served for 14 years as a scholar in residence for Logos Bible software. He now spends much of his time writing, having released recent books such as the Unseen Realm (recovering the supernatural worldview of the Bible), Angels (What the Bible really says about God’s heavenly host), and Demons (What the Bible really says about the powers of darkness). While you have likely been impacted by him already, as he has consulted on popular Bible Project videos, you should probably start listening to him dive deep into the Bible on the Naked Bible Podcast.  Read the mentioned Article on "Elohim" from Dr. Heiser! Follow Dr. Heiser on Instagram: Follow Dr. Heiser on Twitter: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Book Jeremy to speak:
8/24/20201 hour, 6 minutes, 7 seconds
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Brian Brodersen- A Teacher Who Taught Me to Teach

Brian Brodersen is the lead pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Before becoming a pastor, he worked as a plumber and surf shop employee and still surfs regularly (while the plumbing skills lay more dormant). After hearing the call to pastoring, he served as Pastor of Calvary Chapel Vista in California. He transitioned into the role of Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in 2013 after the unfortunate passing of the beloved Pastor Chuck Smith.  He is well known for being a phenomenal teacher of the Bible, while also having a huge heart for church planting and discipling the next generation of pastors and ministers to take the Gospel around the world.  Pastor Brian has been a tremendous influence on me, and I can't wait for you to hear his heart in this episode! Follow Brian on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Watch Pastor Brian on YouTube: Contact Jeremy at [email protected] for questions and booking!
8/17/202053 minutes, 19 seconds
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Seth Condrey- Your Worship Leader's New Favorite Worship Leader

Seth Condrey is a phenomenal worship leader and Dove Award-winning artist. He gained notoriety while leading worship as part of North Point Church in Atlanta, and leading well-known songs such as "Death Was Arrested". He has written songs such as "No One Higher" which has been covered by Aaron Shust, and "You Alone", covered by Lauren Daigle. He has a passion for leading worship cross-culturally, being fluent in Spanish, and has helped train worship leaders all over Latin and South America. He now leads worship at Epic Church in San Francisco, while continuing to help teach and train worship leaders all over the world. Seth is one of the most humble and authentic guys I know, which makes him one of the best worship leaders I know. Every Christian who desires to learn how to lead humbly while continuing to chase after Jesus needs to listen to Seth and learn from him! Follow Seth on Instagram: Follow Jeremy on Instagram: Contact Jeremy at [email protected] for questions and booking!
8/10/202054 minutes, 44 seconds
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Buddhism Basics- Noble Half-Truths & Nirvana

I want to introduce you today to 535 million humans that you may never have met before and might know nothing about. At around 7% of the world's population, Buddhism is one of the most influential faiths and thought systems around yet most Christians know very little about it.  Along with this, they know little about how to engage Buddhists with the message of Christianity. In this episode, we try and solve both issues- discussing the basics of Buddhism while also engaging with what Christianity has to say in regards to Buddhist beliefs. Contact Jeremy at [email protected] for questions and booking! Jeremy on Instagram:
8/3/202040 minutes, 47 seconds
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Archbishop Foley Beach- A Modern Day Reformer

What does it look like to stand up for the Gospel in American culture today? It looks like Foley Beach. Archbishop Foley Beach joins Jeremy on the show to discuss how he stood up to the unbiblical direction of the Episcopal Church in the United States, and how he is trusting the guidance of the Holy Spirit as he shepherds the Anglican Church in North America in uncharted waters. This is a show that you do not want to miss out on. Contact Jeremy at [email protected] for questions and booking! From this episode: Follow Foley Beach on Instagram: - Jeremy on Instagram: - Follow GAFCON on Instagram:
7/27/202043 minutes, 45 seconds
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Caleb Edwards- Charismatic Theology Questions

Are the gifts of the Spirit still active today? What should Christians believe about speaking in tongues? The charismatic church is one of the largest and fastest growing segments of Christianity in the entire world today. Despite this, they are often misunderstood by other Christians while also having to fight image issues due to the influence of some heretics within the movement. Caleb Edwards, one of the lead worship leaders at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City joins the show today to discuss questions submitted on social media about all things charismatic! Make sure to follow Jeremy up on Instagram at @allthings.allpeople and send your questions to [email protected] From this episode: - Follow Caleb on Instagram! - Follow the Naioth Movement on Instagram: - Jeremy on Instagram:
7/20/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 37 seconds
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Karen Swallow Prior- The Christian's English Professor

Is "Evangelical" a bad word now? Are we entering a new "Dark Ages"? Can Christians be activists? Dr. Karen Swallow Prior and Jeremy discuss the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the All Things All People Podcast. Dr. Prior is a fascinating English and literature scholar who has been teaching at Christian universities for over 20 years. She has plenty of stories and a great perspective for young Christians. Make sure to follow Jeremy up on Instagram at @allthings.allpeople and send your questions to [email protected] From this episode: - Go buy Karen Swallow Prior's books on Amazon - Karen Swallow Prior on Instagram: - Jeremy on Instagram:
7/13/202042 minutes, 47 seconds
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Sacred Texts, Stories, and Splits

There are many books considered sacred all over the world. What do you know about the Qur'an and other sacred texts? In this episode, Jeremy dives into questions about why Catholic and Protestant Bibles are different, and how did we even decide which books to put in the Bible in the first place? What does the Qur'an say about Jesus? What do other books say about creation? Make sure to follow Jeremy up on Instagram at @allthings.allpeople and send your questions to [email protected] From this episode: - Jeremy on Instagram:
7/7/202038 minutes, 55 seconds
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Cults and Christians- "How Do I tell the Difference?"

You are surrounded by false gospels pretending to be the real thing. How can you tell who the difference between a cult and someone who interprets the Bible differently than you? In this Question & Discussion episode, Jeremy covers Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, cults, denominations, and more! Make sure to follow Jeremy up on Instagram at @allthings.allpeople and send your questions to [email protected] From this episode: - Jeremy on Instagram:
6/29/202042 minutes, 4 seconds
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Jorge Gil- The Next Generation's Apologist

Christians need to change and adapt their message for the 21st century. Jorge Gil is leading the way. From his leadership at Frank Turek's Cross Examined, to his participation in Apologetics Empire (essentially the apologetics version of Hype House), Jorge Gil is someone you need to know about. Listen to Jeremy and Jorge talk about meeting Christ in prison, defending the faith against Muslims, and explaining Christianity in 59 seconds or less. From this episode: - Jorge on Instagram: - Cross Examined Website: - Jeremy on Instagram:
6/25/20201 hour, 6 minutes, 18 seconds