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What can Agbalumo teach us about God?

S4 E4. Patience, persistence, and uniqueness. African star fruit is my favorite fruit!  I was supposed to release this last week. Yikes! 
2/8/202213 minutes, 35 seconds
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LOL: A Tale of Dog Meat

First of all, don't judge! The beauty of culture is that it is dynamic, where I come from, eating dog meat is normal and acceptable so turn down your upturned nose!  Anyway, this was the funniest and most stressful day I've had in a long time and thought just before I go back and repeat it, let me do a little episode for my podcast family because life is dynamic. Dog meat for the win!  Till the next episode, please like and share, and if you like this, give this podcast a solid rating so others can find it on their podcast platforms.  Love, Bunie
6/17/202116 minutes, 51 seconds
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L.O.L: Dealing with Mental Health as a Christian

How can you have mental health struggles as a Christian? In this episode, share my struggle with mental health and how I'm dealing with it.  If you're struggling with your mental health and need someone to talk to, Brothers Keeper (@brotherskeeperNG on social media) is a faith-based mental health organization that is a safe place for anyone. You will have a counselor to talk to there.  Share your story with me via email. Preferably with a voice note. Email: [email protected] My social media is @shefancysthat everywhere Jesus loves you.  Bunie.
5/22/202115 minutes, 50 seconds
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L.O.L: Work-Life Blend or Balance?

Inspired by a conversation featuring Mayowa Daniel, Harold Ukpai and my partner. Believe me, I have these sorts of conversations more frequently than you think. Wanna hear more? Let me know! Pick my brains in the podcast email: [email protected] (send me a VN).  All my love,  Bunie
4/26/20217 minutes, 32 seconds
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Bonus: Do it Afraid

Inspired by Tonye’s Love Letter; I’m getting back into this. Let’s go guys!
4/14/20204 minutes, 17 seconds
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Bants With Bunie (Trailer)

12/31/201830 seconds