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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 37 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 7 minutes
Official BankerX podcast. Raw, unapologetic & unfiltered. Covering trading, start-ups, personal finance, careers & life hacks. Expect high quality industry expert insights, illicit substances & steel cage matches.
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BankerX and Binance.

Through great conversation, comes great collaboration! Koshiek speaks to the Binance team about the great partnership between BankerX and Binance and what's in store for the community.
4/19/202440 minutes, 12 seconds
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First place, with Capital Engine

On this episode of Good Company, Koshiek and Akshay speak to Bryan Smith of Capital engine finding out how a fellow South African, raced to America to start a very Good Company.
3/4/202432 minutes, 28 seconds
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Squid Game Corporate

The crew cover the cut-throat life of corporate life, deception of fancy job titles, hacking the career ladder, how corporates are often incubators for mediocrity & a list of survival hacks
11/10/202159 minutes, 44 seconds
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The crew run the numbers on the massive positive impact of negotiating the home loan price, pushing for a lower interest rate & paying a deposit will have on owning your dream home. Covering the era of adult res developments & how to avoid living in a prison cell. 
11/2/202151 minutes, 37 seconds
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House Hacks

The crew cover the true costs of home ownership, challenges in furnishing a new place, the rent vs buy argument & the hidden costs!
10/28/202153 minutes, 52 seconds
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The economics of OnlyFans, sex work inequality, difficulty in converting clicks into cash, challenges of being a content creator, archaic legislation & how social media algorithms run our lives... featuring garage pies
9/24/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 36 seconds
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No Pants!

Work from home or always working? The crew cover the pros/ cons of remote work & tools for surviving this unpredictable new world. 
8/23/202152 minutes, 17 seconds
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Black Mirror

The crew delve into Robinhood, gamification, microtransactions, FIFA points, data privacy & how to avoid being a digital prisoner 
8/11/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 32 seconds