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Setting up shop where baking and science meet, this podcast is focused on all the technical aspects of the commercial baking industry. It covers everything from food safety, ingredient and equipment solutions and innovation. With guests from all corners of the industry, talking on some of the hottest topics and trends, BAKED in Science is right in the midst of the mix!
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EP 82: Best in Bakery Trends 2023

The baking industry is always evolving to meet consumer demands. This changing landscape may help drive innovation but can also pose challenges when it comes to maintaining quality and consistency. That’s why it’s important to keep tabs on the latest bakery trends (, equipment, and ingredient solutions. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Dr. Lin Carson to discuss bakery highlights from 2023 and predict what’s in store for the bakery industry in 2024. What Bakery Trends Will Continue into 2024? While discussing top bakery trends, some topics covered include: Sugar reduction ( Flour quality ( analysis tools Staff shortages in the baking industry High fiber ( baking Keto baking ( Sustainability
01/02/202450 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 81: Exciting Bakery Solutions from iba 2023

Last year, BAKERpedia was on the show floor at iba 2023 (! As the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery, and snacks, it is one of the best places to see the latest industry trends and innovations. Mark Floerke was there to report on bakery trends, equipment, and ingredient solutions, and share them back to our commercial baking community. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by three baking industry professionals to explore equipment, ingredient, and ventilation solutions at iba 2023. Julio Aviles is the CEO and founder of A&A Baking Solutions Corp ( He is specialized in Business & Marketing and has been a baker since he was 7 years old. Over the years, he has worked as a technical advisor and Bakery R&D Director. Julio is a Baker-to-Baker evangelist in the Americas. Remi Reguero is ​​the Technical Director at Benexia ( He has 20 years of experie
18/01/202419 minutes 9 seconds
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EP80: Baking With Steam at iba 2023

This autumn BAKERpedia attended iba 2023 ( in Munich! iba is the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery, and snacks where the latest trends and innovations in the industry are presented. Usually, this trade show takes place every three years, however, due to the pandemic, it was postponed. From October 22 – 26, 2023 iba will open its doors once again and Mark Floerke was there to report on bakery trends, equipment, ingredient solutions, and much more directly from the show floor. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Matthijs Sillevis Smitt from S&S Baking Solutions about their solution for baking with steam. Steam Baking Technology In Asia, buns and other bread products have been cooked with steam for centuries; however, in the baking world, steam injection ( technology has yet to be widely applied to many applications. Mark and Mattijis discuss steam technology
27/11/202325 minutes 12 seconds
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EP79: The Bright Future of UV Sanitizing Technology

Shelf life extension is a significant concern for bakers, and with the rise of the clean label bakery trend, many are searching for more natural methods. Introducing UV sanitizing (, which can be used to kill bacteria, molds, yeasts, and viruses on bakery products and is as natural as sunlight. Ultraviolet rays encompass the invisible spectrum of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 100–400 nanometers (nm). UV sanitizing referred to as UV-C rays covers the wavelength range from 100–280 nm. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Cajus Dinies, General Manager of Dinies Technologies, as well as Ken Sturgess and Nick Sturgess, Business Development Managers at Dinies North America to dive into the science behind UV sanitizing, how it can extend shelf life (, and applications for it in the baking industry. UV Sanitizing & Improving Sh
17/10/202339 minutes 14 seconds
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EP 78: Boosting Efficiency and Sustainability with Release Agents

There’s nothing more frustrating than baked goods getting stuck in their pans, which is why release agents are so valuable for commercial bakers. In the baking industry, release agents ( are used to help remove baked goods from baking pans, molds, tins, trays, conveyor belts, or packaging. With the industrialization of baked goods production also came the need for automation and systems to help release the product and speed up production, which requires an understanding of baking, engineering, and equipment maintenance. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Adam Oberheu, Equipment & Engineering Manager at Vantage Food. Optimizing the Bakeout Phase with Release Agents Nowadays, a wide variety of release agents are used in the baking industry depending on the application, type of product, formulation, production process, and desired shelf life of the product. Mark and Adam discuss how release agents can be s
22/08/202340 minutes 14 seconds
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EP77: Improving Shelf Life with Enzymes

Shelf life extension is a complex issue that doesn’t have a simple solution, however, enzymes ( can be a useful tool on the journey towards keeping baked goods fresher longer. In bakery systems, enzymes can be utilized as dough conditioners, fermentation enhancers, and anti-staling agents. The latter is particularly interesting for bakers interested in extending the shelf life of their baked goods. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Dipak Roda, Vice President of Market & Business Development at Enzyme Innovation, Inc. ( A chemical engineer with a Master’s Degree in Bioprocess Technology, Dipak has over 27 years of experience in enzymes and probiotics, ranging from product and application development to sales and marketing. Using enzymes for prolonged freshness As bakery processing technologies and ingredient innovations advance, shelf-life extension has becom
28/06/202328 minutes
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EP76: Regulations and Compliance in Food Labeling

Getting your product to market has many steps, and a crucial one is developing a compliant nutrition facts label. Food labeling ( needs to be easily understood by consumers and must comply with federal regulations. Proper food labeling is vital to a product’s success, as products that do not comply or are in violation of the regulations may be subject to recall. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by three nutrition, food regulation, and allergen labeling experts to explore the nuances of the nutrition facts label. Lauren Swann is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science in Nutrition Communications and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in the state of Pennsylvania. With over 40 years of experience, she has worked for companies such as Concept Nutrition, Inc., ( Foods Group, and Vlasic Foods & The Pinnacle Food Corporation. Kamran Khan is a food regulation compliance
31/05/202356 minutes 11 seconds
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EP75: Unleashing Innovation in Baking Industry

Success in today’s baking industry calls for more than just making bread or cake. It requires a broad range of knowledge in fields like food science, engineering, R&D, and packaging—to name a few. Cross-training in these areas to expand skills allows bakers to take advantage of new opportunities and trends in the market. So what should you focus on in today’s world of food? To help share the big picture of the baking industry, two seasoned experts and Certified Master Bakers join host Mark Floerke in this episode. Richard Charpentier has over 35 years of extensive bakery experience in snacks and breads. Classically trained as a French baker and Certified Master Baker, he has gone on to include bakery science, grain milling and food history in his repertoire. Richard spent years working in the industry for retail bakeries and large CPG Brands, leading Research and Development teams. He is currently the CEO of Baking Innovation, finding practical uses for emerging innovations and tec
27/04/202331 minutes 27 seconds
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EP74: Modernizing Baking Techniques

Each year the baking industry gathers to learn, network, connect and explore at BakingTECH, a show hosted by the American Society of Baking (ASB). This year was marked by the introduction of new leadership, discussions on hot topics like AI, and making space for a new generation of bakers. In this special episode recorded live from the show, Dr. Lin of BAKERpedia sits down with Kristen Spriggs, the new Executive Director of ASB. Kristen has over 20 years of experience in membership-based organizations and is known for creating and supporting communities. Although new to the baking industry, she has already started building relationships with industry partners, feeling a strong bond between professionals in this field. With a passion for innovation and a collaborative approach, she looks forward to working with other trade organizations and service partners to advance the industry’s success. Lin and Kristen cover a lot of ground in this episode, including glimpses at what is in store
28/03/202320 minutes 44 seconds
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EP73: Shared Knowledge for the Baking Industry

Being a skilled baker is a continuous process of refining your craft. It starts by mastering new techniques, comprehending the science behind it, or learning the skills to keep up with emerging trends. That’s why the team at BAKERpedia shares information: to empower, inspire change and improve food manufacturing processes. So how did we become the digital epicenter for baking? From a 200-page resource to a comprehensive database of over 980 pages, along with multiple forms of media like videos, podcasts, and seminars, BAKERpedia has come a long way. Here to share the journey and what’s next is BAKERpedia Founder and CEO Dr. Lin Carson. Along with host Mark Floerke, she’s joined by Bob Schnyder, VP of Growth. The group shares about their efforts to create a central hub for all things baking, plus what’s in the works for 2023 to give you access to more resources and knowledge! Want to learn more about how to get involved with BAKERpedia as a supplier and sponsor? Email bob.schnyder
02/03/202327 minutes 40 seconds
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EP 72: Empowering Research and the Senegal Bonbon Bouye

As food science and technology continue to advance, so do opportunities to elevate nutrition and quality of life for communities. One impactful example of this is indigenizing food science, the process of integrating traditional food knowledge and nutrition into modern food systems, helping preserve cultural heritage and promote economic development. When put into practice, this can help indigenous farmers limit food waste by incorporating technology to preserve or process raw materials. That’s just the type of project a team from Montana State University, led by Dr. Wan-Yuan Kuo and graduate researchers Edwin Allan and Chidimma Ifeh, launched in partnership with farmers in Senegal, West Africa. The goal: to turn underutilized natural resources into a nutritious baked good that farmers could produce and sell, helping improve the local economy and environment. In this BAKED in Science episode, host Mark Floerke talks with this team and Aliou Ndiaye, who played an influential role
13/02/202344 minutes 31 seconds
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EP71: Possibilities in 3D Food Printing

Creativity has always been a fundamental part of food. The industry is constantly looking for ways to build something groundbreaking and eye-catching from simple ingredients. What’s interesting is when new technology comes into the mix. Say for instance, 3D printing customized strawberries filled with chocolate ganache. In this BAKED in Science episode, Mark Floerke sits down with Meagan Bozeman, Co-Founder at CURRANT™ 3D and Sugar Lab. With a degree in mechanical engineering and 2 decades in the 2D printing industry, Meagan began focusing on 3D printing technology and how to take it into new spaces. She connected with Kyle von Hasseln, who during graduate school for architecture, had started using sugar instead of plastic to 3D print more affordable building models. This innovation led to 3D-printed cake toppers, an acquisition of Sugar Lab, and Meghan developing CURRANT™, the printer their company is now based around. Now a few years and many R&D hours later, food possibilities
20/12/202229 minutes 1 second
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EP70: Add Protein, Hold the Gluten

Developing products for the healthy food market has become so much more than adjusting fat or sugar levels. The rising demand for high protein, high fiber, plant-based, egg-free, or gluten-free baked goods is causing bakers to rethink whole formulas and find new functional, nutritional ingredients. A Master Baker and innovative developer, Chadwick White is no stranger to this space. Initially an artisan bread baker and pastry chef, he began developing gluten-free products at the very start of the trend. In 2008, Chadwick partnered with Udi and Etail Baron to develop Udi’s Healthy Foods and successfully built Udi’s Gluten-Free. Going on to help brands improve their gluten-free products, his latest venture is Nepra Foods—a transformative company founded in allergen-free and plant-based food and ingredient solutions. Learn more about plant-based protein: In this episode, BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke chats with Chadwick ab
08/12/202231 minutes 58 seconds
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EP 69: IBIE Trends and Highlights

The baking industry gathered from around the world at IBIE 2022 to talk shop and explore the latest trends and innovations. Since this baking expo only happens every three years, there’s always plenty to catch up on and discover. While we can’t capture everything we saw in just one podcast (check out our IBIE hub for that:, BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke shares a few favorite highlights and interviews he recorded live from the show floor. IBIE Trends Roundtable First up, Mark is joined by Dr. Lin of BAKERpedia, Arnaud Dubat of KPM Analytics and Dr. Sophia Pai of Tate & Lyle. The group of seasoned professionals discuss what’s been catching their eye at the show and the industry overall. Topics include sugar replacement, quality control and tracking data for success, dealing with ingredient shortages or replacements, and vegan grilled cheese sandwiches. Did you know that you can use KPM Vision Inspection Technology to improve product quality and
07/11/202222 minutes 50 seconds
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EP68: The Art of Lamination

A sixth-generation master baker, competitor and jury member for international baking competitions, business owner, consultant, professor, and most recently, author—Jimmy Griffin has just about done it all in his baking career. He got his start working from a young age in his 125-year-old family bakery set in Dublin, Ireland. Now, he’s finding ways to pass his knowledge and craft down to younger generations of bakers. BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke invites Jimmy to share his story in this episode. Starting back in Ireland during the late 1700s with his journeyman ancestor, and the start of the family bakery in the late 1800s, Jimmy shares what life as a baker looked like back then and the memories that have been passed down over the decades. His own career officially started at 17, as he studied baking at a university and helped run the family business, eventually starting his own cake shop on the side. From there, Jimmy would go on to win a silver medal in the Coupe du Monde Ch
29/09/202228 minutes 58 seconds
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EP67: Baking Industry Update and Top Trends Pt. 2

There’s no shortage of new ideas and markets popping up in the food and baking industry. The question is, which ones will still be thriving in the years to come? To give a fresh and informed perspective on the industry, your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke brings on guest Jerry Smiley. No stranger to the food industry, Jerry’s career includes brands such as Quaker Oats, Heinz, Sara Lee and Technomic. In 2000, he founded Strategic Growth Partners, Inc., a management-consulting firm dedicated to the food industry. His consultancy work has allowed him to partner with food service, commercial, and in-store bakeries, as well as leading ingredient and finished goods companies around the world. In this conversation, Jerry and Mark start off talking about sustainability and how to be in the innovative mindset for the baking and food industry. They also discuss what’s an emerging trend or just a passing fad when it comes to: - Food as medicine - Fiber (
04/08/202219 minutes 20 seconds
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EP66: The Gift of Baking: Marda Stoliar

Bakers have a special knack of seeing opportunities instead of risks. It’s a gift that allows food to make an impact on the world, even if it just starts by helping one person. In this episode, your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke interviews 81-year-old Marda Stoliar about her adventures baking around the world. Originally with a career in shoe design, her work took her to Europe. While there, she fell in love with an Italian hard roll and was determined to learn how to bake it herself. So, over the next few years she worked in the fashion world during the day, and then got two hours of sleep before working in a bakery all night. This kicked off a life journey of baking that wound through France, owning a bakery in Oregon, teaching baking classes in Asia, and operating the International School of Baking over the last 30 years. Still teaching, Marda helps bakers from around the world, helping them design and launch their own bakeries. Marda shares some of her favorite experience
11/07/202228 minutes 10 seconds
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EP65: The Science of Flavor

Rich, complex flavors can truly set a baked good above the rest. And while familiar, traditional flavors can make customers fall in love with your brand, out-of-the-box profiles can take it to a whole new level! The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to flavors in baking.Typically, they are added to food to boost the aroma, taste and sensate components that make a food more desirable—from a burst of fruit flavor to a kick of spice. Learn more about flavors in baking: So what’s new in the world of flavors? In this episode of BAKED in Science, your host Mark Floerke is joined by Jeff Stopa, Research Chef & Taste Designer at ZoomEssence—a supplier of powdered flavors for food and beverages. Their patented process allows for natural flavors that bring a strong punch and long shelf life. As a Research Chef, Jeff applies his training in both culinary and food science to create food and beverage products. Currently at ZoomEssen
24/05/202217 minutes 59 seconds
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EP64: Baking FAQ with the BAKERin Team

Here to tackle the biggest issues and top questions in the baking industry is the BAKERin team (! As part of BAKERpedia’s influencer program, these seasoned professionals share their knowledge and keep you up to date on the latest innovations. In this roundtable discussion, the group talks through some of the frequent problems they see in their respective fields, such as: - What needs to be changed about manufacturing in the baking industry - Improving productivity and consistency for bakeries - Understanding flour quality and how to communicate more efficiently with your miller - Explaining raising cake prices and necessary ingredients to customers - The need for more accessible training in the industry - Our most frequently asked questions on social media Meet the 2022 BAKERin Team Gideon Butler-Smith Hailing from Kansas City, Gideon is a Kansas State alum with a degree in Bakery Science and Management. He now resid
29/04/202240 minutes 40 seconds
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EP63: Baking Industry Update and Top Trends Pt. 1

What’s the latest trends and biggest topics in the baking industry right now? After a disruptive few years, with aftershocks still impacting businesses and consumers, there’s a lot to talk about. To give a fresh and informed perspective on the industry, your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke brings on guest Jerry Smiley. No stranger to the food industry, Jerry’s career includes brands such as Quaker Oats, Heinz, Sara Lee and Technomic. In 2000, he founded Strategic Growth Partners, Inc., a management-consulting firm dedicated to the food industry. His consultancy work has allowed him to partner with food service, commercial, and in-store bakeries, as well as leading ingredient and finished goods companies around the world. Key Bakery Trends in 2022 Mark and Jerry discuss the top trends and updates they’ve been keeping an eye on over the last year or two. One pandemic-driven shift is an increase in mega-mergers and acquisitions, whether it’s people wanting to get out of a business,
29/03/202221 minutes 19 seconds
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EP62: What’s New at BAKERpedia

As a baking professional, there’s always something you can do to further improve your craft. Whether it’s learning more techniques, understanding the science behind it, or learning new skills for popular trends, more knowledge is out there. At BAKERpedia, our goal has always been to share that knowledge with you. In this episode of BAKED in Science, host Mark Floerke is joined by Dr. Lin Carson who shares how BAKERpedia has created new online training and learning opportunities through the pandemic, and what’s in store for 2022. The BAKER Academy Last year, we launched the BAKER Academy, an online learning platform that gives easy access to videos, technical papers and live seminars. This year, we have a full line up of content based on the hottest trends and trending topics. Here are some upcoming seminars: March 10th: High Protein Baking March 24th: Hamburger Buns Production April 7th: Thermal Profiling for Cakes April 21st: Vegan Indulgent Desserts May 5th: Donut Quality May
08/02/202213 minutes 45 seconds
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EP61: Planting a Love of Cereal Science

Flour is at the heart of so many baked goods, so it’s no surprise that wheat is a passionate subject for many bakers and food professionals. For Claudia Carter, that passion has not only driven her career, but inspired her to share it with the next generation. In this episode of BAKED in Science, your host Mark Floerke is joined by Claudia Carter, the Executive Director of the California Wheat Commission(CWC). While studying food sciences, she developed a passion for understanding the quality of wheat and its many varieties. This led to her obtaining a Master of Science in cereal sciences. She first joined the CWC in 2014 as a lab director to take care of flour quality testing, and was promoted to director in 2016. Now, she helps educate millers and bakers on the specific benefits and unique features of California-grown wheat. Over the last few years, she has run an educational program with local elementary students. Claudia shares how the program helps teach children the way food
20/12/202122 minutes 6 seconds
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EP60: A Marketing Strategy Success Story

With all the changes to the baking industry over the last two years, how companies interacted with customers was a big one. Trade shows, face-to-face demonstrations, and lab visits were uncertainties or simply impossible. Here is how one ingredient supplier met these challenges head on. Your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke invites Anne Hoest Stenbaek from Arla Foods Ingredients. With over 20 years of international marketing communication experience with both BtC and BtB in the food value chain, she is now Head of Marketing at the whey-based ingredient supplier ( As the company heeded into 2021, they found the pandemic had completely disrupted their go-to marketing strategy. Even as tentative trade shows were scheduled, Arla Foods Ingredients decided to fully embrace online solutions by directing their marketing budget to create an in-house webinar platform and broadcasting studio. Anne shares with Mark about the strategy behind
30/11/202120 minutes 31 seconds
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EP59: Cut Carbs & Boost Fiber with Resistant Starch

If you’re not familiar with resistant starch, you should be! This power-house ingredient is a unique and interesting form of starch with many applications and benefits. It’s a type of dietary fiber that’s resistant to degradation and digestion. In baked goods, it boosts nutrition and adds functionality as well. Learn more: In this episode of BAKED in Science your host Mark Floerke gets all his resistance starch questions answered by Tanya Jeradechachai, the Vice President of Ingredient Solutions R&D at MGP Ingredients. With a background in cereal science and a solid familiarity with flour milling, baking, and pasta industries, she leads the MGP team that develops resistant starch products, among other things. Tanya and Mark dive into the function of resistant starch in baking, which has become a welcome solution to low-carb and keto baking. Thanks to its absorption capacities that are similar to wheat flour, it can replace flour
28/10/202118 minutes 57 seconds
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EP58: Talking Donuts

Donuts are a classic bakery treat that seem to be a forever favorite. Ranging from simple to deliciously complex, they also are a space for innovation and creativity. And while producing fried dough may seem simple enough, donuts do come with their fair share of unique challenges. So here to circle up the truth about donuts is your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke and Randy McArthur with Dawn Foods. Randy is a second generation baker who grew up above his father’s small bakery in St. Louis, Missouri. He took over the business in 1976, and over the next 36 years grew it to include 3 locations and a small wholesale section. Now working in the technical department of Dawn Foods, Randy shares his experiences to help customers troubleshoot and formulate new ideas. Mark and Randy discuss new innovation opportunities, like the sourdough donut mix from Dawn Foods. Sourdough is a hugely popular flavor trend at the moment, and serving it in donut form opens up exciting possibilities. A f
14/10/202122 minutes 22 seconds
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EP57: Survival and Evolution in the Baking Industry

Since 2020, the baking industry has seen its fair share of changes, shake ups, and pivots due to the pandemic. Even now as the world makes its way to a new normal, the effects of the last year and half are still impacting bakers around the world. In this BAKED in Science episode, your host Mark Floerke interviews 4 different stakeholders to see how different bakers and companies have survived and evolved from the pandemic. Keith Foreneck at Lallemand Baking Solutions With 34 years in the baking industry and several bread technology patents, Keith now works as a technical product manager with Lallemand Baking— a supplier of yeasts, enzymes, and other ingredient solutions. Keith talks about the shipping disruptions and gluten shortages faced by the industry. However, he also shares about a cost-effective gluten replacer that offers multiple solutions. Mark Tsemak at Red Square Bakery For the last 31 years, Red Square Bakery has been selling authentic Russian foods to Canada and th
29/09/202136 minutes 9 seconds
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EP56: Gluten Free Pt. 2 Product Development

As the demand for gluten-free baked goods has grown over the years, so has the ingredient technology to make delicious products. However, there are still plenty of challenges and opportunities for bakers and R&D teams. When removing protein in the form of gluten in baking, it is mandatory to incorporate other sources of protein to replace that functionality. Plant-based proteins, natural fibers and gums are capable of forming strong gels, binding water, emulsifying and stabilizing foams. Common sources of gluten-free protein include egg solids, dairy/whey, soy, rice and pea protein. Learn more here: Gluten free product development So what are helpful points for gluten free product development? In this episode of BAKED in Science, your host Mark Floerke covers this topic with Michael Childs, a long-time player in the gluten free baking world. With over 25 years in the food industry, Michael is now a Principal Development Scientist
28/07/202137 minutes 11 seconds
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EP55: Gluten Free Pt. 1 Why it Matters

The interest in gluten free products ( is not slowing down and has established itself as a lasting trend. Usually, when discussed in the baking industry, the conversation focuses on replacing gluten in formulas and R&D solutions. However, sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and hear stories from the customers buying gluten-free products. At the peak of the trend in 2015, 8% of people followed the gluten-free diet and 64% of US consumers indicated they considered it to be very healthy. Motives for purchasing gluten free products can run from trying something new, to dietary restrictions, to serious health issues. In this episode, BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke is joined by Coral Bajas, who knows the importance of having quality and delicious gluten-free products available. Seven years ago, Coral’s young daughter began experiencing serious health issues, leading doctors to believe she had cancer. However, the diagnosis came b
16/06/202126 minutes 50 seconds
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EP54: Getting a Rise with Chemical Leavening Pt. 2

Take a deeper dive into chemical leavening in part two of our look into the systems help so many baked goods produce the final perfect texture and structure. Chemical leavening systems are essential to a number of baked goods. Blends, like baking powders, are typically made up of a food-grade base, a leavening acid, and an inert filler like starch. They must be blended at just the right ratio into your formula for success. In this episode your podcast host Mark Floerke explores the impact these systems have on the development of products. He is joined by Dr. Sharon Book, a bakery technologist for ICL Food Specialties. After obtaining her MS and PhD degrees focusing on cereal starch and proteins, she went on to work for Monsanto investigating how to make bread without yeast, resulting in a patent. Now with ICL, a company that manufactures a portfolio of leavening acids, her work focuses on researching chemical leavening and baked goods. Mark and Sharon’s conversation starts with phos
29/04/202145 minutes 18 seconds
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EP53: Getting a Rise with Chemical Leavening Pt. 1

Forever causing reactions in baking science, chemical leavening systems are essential to a number of baked goods. Typically made up of a food-grade base, a leavening acid, and an inert filler like starch, they must be blended at just the right ratio into your formula for success. Here to dive into the science of chemical leavening systems and how to navigate baking with them is your BAKED in Science host, Mark Foerke. Joining him are April Welsh, R&D manager, and Laurie Borden, culinary scientist, with Nutriati. Nutriati is an ingredient technology company that specializes in plant-based protein flours and products made from chickpeas, making them an ideal choice for gluten-free products. So April and Laurie spend quite a bit of time working with chemical leaveners—a key ingredient in formulas without gluten to help to trap and hold yeast. Properly balancing leavening systems and getting the desired rise out cakes, breads and cookies can be tricky. Mark, April and Laurie discuss
09/04/202136 minutes 20 seconds
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EP52: Mix, Match & Maximize

Looking for a way to mix things up with your product lines? Add new flavors and cut costs with mixes and bases. This is a way to maximize opportunities for growth, innovation, and diversification. So what exactly are mixes and bases, and why are they so great? Well, here to tell us all about it are two industry experts who work with them quite a bit. Your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke is first joined by Al Orr, the VP of Sales and Marketing with J&K Ingredients, a value-added ingredient company that’s been around for over a hundred years. With almost 30 years in the industry, Al brings his expertise to help customers find the right custom blend for their product. Mark and Al discuss the difference between a mix, base and concentrate: Mix: all ingredients are included, making up anywhere from 50 to 100% percent of a formula.You just need to add water or another liquid. Base: usually around 20% of a formula, it calls for the addition of ingredients like oil, shortening, yeast,
26/02/20211 hour 4 minutes 7 seconds
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EP51: A New Era of BAKED In Science

Here to kick off a new year—and brand new era of BAKED in Science—is Mark Floerke! With 45 years of industry experience, he knows the ins and outs of baking. And now he’s here to host this podcast, sharing all his knowledge and insight with you. From working in small to large bakeries, to preparing food for royalty and popstars, Mark has had an eventful career in baking. It all started with an apprenticeship in Germany as a pastry chef. He credits his humble beginnings as the root of his practical and scientific understanding of baking. From there, he gained many experiences in various facets of the industry, from retail bakeries, cafes, restaurants, catering companies, hotels, resorts, conference centers, commercial commissaries and commercial bakeries, to corporate experience in technical service, product development and ingredient research. Over his career, Mark has mentored future industry professionals as a baking and pastry instructor for community colleges and private baking
11/01/202119 minutes 44 seconds
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E50 - Is Aquafaba the Future of Egg Replacement?

Aquafaba, the waste water from cooking legumes such as chickpeas, may not sound that exciting. However, it can be utilized in innovative and sustainable ways by the food industry. It’s protein and fiber content allows it to function as an egg replacement! The research into aquafaba has been going on for a few years, but it’s now reached a point that’s ready to move onto the commercialization stage. Here to tell us all about it is Luca Serventi, a lecturer at Lincoln University in New Zealand. Luca, whose focus is food innovation and development, has spent the last four years researching the applications and functionality of aquafaba. He is now focusing on getting it from the lab to the industry, looking into large scale production. Aquafaba in baking Dr. Lin and Mark Floerke chat with Luca to learn more about how aquafaba functions in baked goods, especially with the increasingly popular vegan and plant protein trend around the world. A few questions covered are: - What in a
18/11/202019 minutes 58 seconds
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E49 - Prevent Mold

Have you had issues with mold developing on your product? Or maybe some of your baked products later have a small amount of water gathered? Water activity is one of the biggest reasons why breads and pastries have fast mold growth. So on today’s podcast Richard Charpentier and Dr. Lin answer your mold and shelf life questions. If you want to go in depth into improving your cake or bread shelf life, go to the BAKERview section on our BAKER academy ( to download the episodes on cake and bread shelf life extension techniques. They are absolutely free to our users, thanks to our amazing sponsors. Shelf life questions and answers Dr. Lin and Richard cover a few different aspects of stopping mold and extending shelf life. They answer these questions: -What is water activity and how do I measure it? -How can I stop my cakes from molding? -Can I make my no bake cookies last 90 days? -How can I extend the shelf life of my donut for more than 24 hours? -How
09/10/202021 minutes 17 seconds
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E48 - 9 Baking Questions with Richard Charpentier

At BAKERpedia, we hear a lot of questions from bakers. And most of the time, we find that a lot of other people are wondering the same thing. That’s why we spend time each week answering questions on social media and our BAKERforum ( A few questions keep coming up. So in this episode, Dr. Lin Carson brings on Richard Charpentier to answer 9 of them. Since a very young age growing up in France, Richard has had a heart for baking. From an unpaid apprenticeship at 16 in a very tiny bakery to a commercial bakery, he learned the art of bread and croissant baking. After completing a Master Baker Program along with a marketing degree he moved to the Bahamas and fell in love with the science of baking. So, he went to study R&D at Kansas State University. From there, he worked in flour mills, created baked good MRs with a 3 year shelf life for the military, and worked on Twinkies at Hostess. Now, his company Baking Innovation helps smaller bakeries with R&D c
27/08/202039 minutes 25 seconds
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E47 - The Vegan Trend in Baking

The vegan trend may have started off small, but it’s a force to be reckoned with these days. For bakers, it means replacing key functional ingredients. However, it’s also an opportunity for innovation and powerful solutions. So what do you need to know about it? Our first guest to weigh in is Mark Floerke, the community and forum manager with BAKERpedia. Trained as a pastry chef and confectioner in Germany, Mark is a seasoned baker who has recently retired after 25 years with ADM. He shares with Dr. Lin how he has seen the vegan trend evolve over the years and the driving factors behind it. A few topics they discuss are: - How to design a food product for the vegan trend - The key functional ingredients to replace - Innovative solutions that work well - Why egg replacement is a big deal in this story - Why the vegan trend is driving innovation and new products Speaking of innovation, our next guest is Tyler Lorenzen, CEO of PURIS. Tyler grew up helping his father
11/06/202040 minutes 29 seconds
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E46 - Shelf Life and Enzymes

Freshness is one of the biggest challenges in baked goods. The trick is keeping products tasting good over a long shelf life, especially if you have a clean label. But why do baked goods go stale in the first place? And what role can enzymes play in this process to save the day? To answer these questions, Dr. Lin is joined by Tisa Drew, a staff scientist at Novozymes— a world leader in enzyme production. Tisa breaks down the science of how enzymes function in baked goods, and the role they play in protecting freshness and shelf life. She also tackles some of the misconceptions about enzymes, touching on subjects like GMOs and what to declare on labels. Plus, get some specific enzyme application suggestions. Other topics are: - How enzymes are produced - What happens to them during the baking process - New trends for enzymes - Enzymes and cakes Learn more about enzyme solutions from Novozymes and get samples:
28/05/202025 minutes 48 seconds
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E45 - Egg Replacement

Navigating egg replacement in baking can be a challenge. There are plenty of reasons to remove eggs from your formula, from costs to labels. But don’t worry, there are options out there that make it all possible. Here are some tips on how to successfully replace eggs in your baked goods. Joining us first off is Nanna Vardar Berthel from Arla Foods Ingredients. The company produces a variety of whey-based ingredients, with bakery as one of the areas of focus. One of the functional uses of whey in baking? Egg replacement. From tests in their application center in Denmark, they’ve found their whey egg replacer Nutrilac® works in a variety of products, such as pound cakes, muffins and cookies. A few things Nanna and Dr. Lin discuss are: - How Nutrilac® fits into your formula - Replacing powder vs. liquid eggs - The effects on baking, texture and shelf life Learn more about Nutrilac® and egg replacement:
08/05/202038 minutes 47 seconds
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E44 - What’s New in the World of Sourdough

Sourdough might not be a new technique, but it’s the hot bread these days. What’s new in the world of sourdough? And what does it look like around the globe? In this episode, Dr. Lin brings on guest Kevan Roberts, a master baker, teacher and author of the upcoming book, “Baking Sourdough.” Kevan has been baking his whole career. Originally from the UK, he was first introduced to the art of sourdough in the south of France. From then on he was hooked, going on to opening a bakery and baking school in the UK. He has since gone on to help with new product development, designing recipes for supermarkets. Now an instructor at the Bread Ahead School in London, Kevan continues to work with sourdough, as well as donuts, ancient grains and more. Dr. Lin and Kevan discuss the journey of sourdough in the UK and US, and why it’s making a comeback in the baking industry. From clean label, to dealing with fermentation on a commercial scale, to bringing out flavors, they cover it all. A few
23/12/201927 minutes 2 seconds
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E43 - What's New at IBIE pt. 3

In this third and final installment of BAKERpedia’s tour of IBIE 2019, Dr. Lin talks protein, heat stable emulsifiers and how to make gluten-free nutritional! Every 3 years, the baking industry gets together for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). And every 3 years we love exploring it to find new innovations, solutions, and trends. Follow along on the show room floor with Dr. Lin, as she learns about what’s new at IBIE 2019! Resistant Starch with MGP: This year resistant starch was approved by the FDA as a dietary fiber on food labels. This cross linked starch offers some great benefits, both in nutrition and function. Here is more background about this starch, and its baking applications. Learn more at Flavor Premix with Lallemand: Time to spice things up! Tortimix is a dry powder mix of natural ingredients with different flavors, ranging from mole to pico de gallo. Oh yeah, it’s also vegan. Just add flour, salt and water.
03/12/201941 minutes 50 seconds
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E42 - What's New at IBIE 2019 pt. 2

The biggest baking show deserves more than one podcast! Part 2 of BAKERpedia at IBIE 2019 includes virtual reality, innovative bake lines, and delicious toppings. Every 3 years, the baking industry gets together for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). And every 3 years we love exploring it to find new innovations, solutions, and trends. Follow along on the show room floor with Dr. Lin, as she learns about what’s new at IBIE 2019! Virtual Inspector & BakePro Certification with AIB International Training continues to evolve, and more facilities are looking for convenient options. So AIB has come up with online classes, and customized training based on the company’s equipment and products. There’s also the virtual inspector, which teaches employees how do self inspections in an engaging, game-like way. Learn more at PGP International | Gluten-free Solutions Learn about this range of organic rice products. From functional flours like
14/11/201945 minutes 5 seconds
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E41 - What's New at IBIE 2019 pt. 1

Every 3 years, the baking industry gets together for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). And every 3 years we love exploring it to find new innovations, solutions, and trends. Follow along on the show room floor with Dr. Lin, as she learns about what’s new at IBIE 2019! Thermal Profiling with BakeWATCH: You’ve probably heard Dr. Lin talk about the importance of thermal profiling before. Learn about the technology that makes tracking arrival, yeast kill, starch gelatinization and more possible. ECD has the tools to help you be objective and efficient with bake times and proofing. Learn more: Sourdough with Puratos: Did you know there’s a Sourdough Library that’s home to starters from over 120 countries? Learn about why Puratos studies sourdough, why it’s important to the baking industry, and how you can use liquid sourdough products to make your own signature bread. Learn more: https://www.pur
22/10/201934 minutes 52 seconds
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E40 - Taste and Aroma in Baking

What’s the best part about baked goods? The way they smell and taste, of course! It’s easy to forget that at the end of the day, taste is the key driver for better sales. But from a production standpoint, taste and aroma can be hard to quantify—and keep consistent! In this episode, Dr. Lin covers just how to do that. Although first, she brings on a guest to talk about a great natural flavor solution: onions! In the natural, high protein and keto baking trends, bakers often turn to flavor masking to cover the use of alternative flours. However, herbs and spices like onions are a natural, delicious option. Rien Murre is from TOP-Taste B.V., a family-owned company from the Netherlands. While they offer a whole range of onion products, their specialty is crispy fried onions. Raw onions are cut and fried into an end product that can be put directly into the bread dough for a big flavor punch and visual appeal. Rein discusses the history of the company, what goes into processing onions
24/09/201943 minutes 6 seconds
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E39 - Cancer Causing Baking Ingredients

Do we need to be concerned with the ingredients we’re eating and baking with? You may be familiar with the concern over the use of ADA (Azodicarbonamide) in bread. Although the additive is banned in some places, such as the EU, it can be used in the U.S. Dr. Lin Carson talks with Kristine Sherred from William Reed Business Media to clear the air on ADA and other ingredients currently in the spotlight. ADA is used as a whitening agent in cereal flour, as well as a dough conditioner in bread baking. Dr. Lin explains why bakers begin using this ingredient, and the roll it plays in high speed bread production. But is it dangerous? Dr. Lin goes into why ADA shouldn’t scare you. The two discuss the media coverage of this ingredient, the difference in regulations around the globe, and what science has to say about it. A few talking points are: - Why the U.S. allows food other parts of the world doesn't - Public perception on chemical ingredients - Scientific studies don
18/09/201930 minutes 33 seconds
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E38- Sustainability Practices Affecting the Baking Industry

Finding creative and practical ways to be sustainable is key for the baking industry. From the ingredients we use, and where they come from, we’re finding better ways to bake with the future in mind. Because being sustainable isn’t just what your business does, but the entire baking ecosystem! There are a lot of companies out there making bold strides towards sustainability. Here are two that joined us for this episode. Matco Foods : Safwan Ghori with Matco Foods joined Dr. Lin to discuss how this company is making a difference. Based in Pakistan, Matco Foods exports rice and rice byproducts all over the world. For the baking industry, this means rice syrups. However, 7 years ago they started the Friends of Farmers program to help their area. Safwan shares about how their unique program provides education for not only farmers, but for children in the area as well. Aqua Faba: Water from soaked chickpeas may not seem that exciting. But did you know this simple byproduct can be used
03/09/201914 minutes 15 seconds
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E37 - More Innovations from IFT 2019

There was just too much happening on the IFT trade show this year to limit it to one episode! The annual event has always been a place for finding new innovation and ingredients, and 2019 was no different. In this episode, Dr. Lin talks about oat fibers and hydrocolloids, vegan cheese, and sugar replacements. Oat Fibers from Grain Millers: Robert Serrano shares about the many uses of oat fiber, which helps replace gums, improve rollablility and bread crumb. Plus, depending on the processing, it can be used in a gluten-free system. Grain Millers has also found ways to include more than just the oat hull fiber. So, bran and beta-glucans are included to help hold more water. Learn more at Vegan Cheese from Ingredion: Matt Yurgec talks about a vegan cheese that’s rich in protein, and a baked beet cracker. Both are made with texturizers that help improve quality. Ingredion has pea starch-based texturizers that help with sheatablity and expansion during ba
22/08/201917 minutes 52 seconds
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E36 - Innovations from IFT 2019

The IFT annual event is a place bustling with new technologies, interesting ingredients, and hundreds of other things to spark the interests of the food industry. There’s plenty to explore, so in case you didn’t get to see everything, here are a few of our favorite innovations from the show. Dr. Lin learns about new fiber innovations, sugar reduction solutions and vegan ingredients! New Fibers from InterFiber: Witosław Pastuszka from Interfiber shares about their sugar cane fiber product. Besides adding fiber to products, it’s zero calorie. It also adds no taste or sweetness, and has a very neutral color and taste. They share their favorite use for it, and some other fiber products. Learn more at Sugar Replacement from Ingredion: Eric Shinsato with Ingredion talks about Astraea Allulose, a sugar replacement. A low-calorie bulking agent, it’s 70% as sweet as sugar. Plus, it has browning benefits. The ingredient is available in liquid or crystalline form. Eric covers
30/07/201919 minutes 57 seconds
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E35 - Baking with Ancient Grains

Ancient and heirloom grains are popping up everywhere. While there is plenty of variety and benefits, which ones are hot in the baking industry right now? And what can they offer to products and labels? On this episode I talk with two experts in the field of ancient grains to learn more about this trend. Angela Ichwan is the tech lead at The Annex at Ardent Mills. The Annex is a speciality business unit that started almost 2 years ago to specialize in specialty grains. One grain growing in popularity is quinoa. Angela discusses the sustainable story with this grain, its nutrition, and how it’s been finding a place in U.S. agriculture. We also cover: - Other ancient grains - Gluten-free grains - Products to try ancient grains in - IQF processing to improve functionality I’m also joined by Troy DeSmet, CEO and Founder of Freekeh Foods. Troy shares how after decades in the agricultural industry, he got involved with the production of Freekeh. The timing for its best qu
16/07/201933 minutes 35 seconds
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Ep 34 - What in the world is the Chorleywood baking process?

If you live in the U.S., or anywhere else that’s not the U.K. you may not be very familiar with the Chorleywood baking process for bread. And no, it’s not just another name for no-time dough. It is a whole other process, that has some very intriguing points and uses. To get a birds-eye view of the process, I bring Michael Addams onto today’s show. He is the Bakery Science Manager at Campden BRI, a membership-based organization that works with the global baking industry to help problem solve with ingredients and products, answering the questions behind the science of baking. Based in the U.K., the organization is very familiar with the Chorleywood baking process. This dough-making method originated in England after WWII, as bakers needed to find a way to utilize their home-grown soft wheat. So what is the Chorleywood process? Michael explains the key components of this quick-time dough that relies on the mechanical development of gluten. The dough is mixed not to a certain time, b
02/07/201925 minutes 4 seconds
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E33 - Emulsifier Replacement Technologies

There’s a lot of focus on solutions for replacing emulsifiers. In fact, so much that you’re probably tired of hearing about it. But this is really a fascinating field, with some exciting benefits for baking. So to give you some fresh insight into the trend, I talk with two specialists from Europe about their latest research with enzymes! First up is Dr. Helmut Reuscher, the technical director at WACKER. For more than 25 years, he’s been working with some truly mind-blowing molecules: cyclodextrins. Made from starch sources such as corn or potatoes, an enzyme is taken out. Then, bits of the starch helix are cut out and the enzyme is put into a ring form. As a result, when water and fats are added, it works an emulsifier! Dr. Reuscher goes into the science of this molecule, how it is used in baked goods, and why it’s unlike anything on the market. Next, to understand more about the science of enzymes and their use as emulsifiers and dough strengtheners, I talk with Iannis Samakidi
21/06/201932 minutes 47 seconds
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E32 - What's the Most Important Aspect of Flour?

Take a close look at flour, and you’ll find a lot of valuable information there. Understanding the makeup of flour gives insight into baking factors such as protein, starch, and moisture. Another key aspect of flour science is analyzing it. Because types and even batches of flour can differ in composition. In this episode of BAKED in Science, Dr. Lin Carson is joined by grain and flour expert Dr. Jayne Bock, Technical Director for the Wheat Marketing Center. Dr. Carson has her PhD in grain science, and is the CEO and founder of BAKERpedia. Dr. Bock, Technical Director at the Wheat Marketing Center, has publications covering topics including wheat and flour quality, dough rheology, and gluten structure-function. The two discuss components of flour, functionality and different flour analysis methods.This covers topics such as: - Just what flour is made of - The function of the components of flour - Flour moisture - Other grain flours like sorghum, corn, barley and rice - T
29/05/201922 minutes 2 seconds
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E31 - Baking with Natural Flavors and Colors

It’s time to get au naturel with your baking. Natural colors and flavors are one of the challenges of clean label or natural baking. So let’s dive in to taste and see! We start with one of the most storied flavors: vanilla. Daphna Havkin-Frenkel is a biologist and food scientist, as well as owner and manager of Bakto Flavors—a company that specializes in natural flavors for gourmet goods. Daphna has spent many years focusing on the flavor vanilla, and the process behind it. The world of vanilla is a fascinating one, from farming the plant, to its extraction, to the market surrounding it. Daphna and Dr. Lin discuss all aspects, like: - What makes vanilla so unusual? - What’s the science behind the curing process? - Conventional vs. organic methods - The vanilla crisis - Labeling vanilla If you’d like to learn more about the vanilla world and using it as flavor, learn more at To learn more about the colorful side of natural baking, w
07/05/201943 minutes 40 seconds
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E30 - Breaking Down the Artisan Bread Trend

Artisan bread and products are flying off the shelves. Why this interest in artisan style baking, and how can you get involved—or do it better? To help sort through this trend, I bring in a few artisan experts to answer some questions. First off, some visitors from Ardent Mills: Abbey Heikes in specialty sales and Ed Reinwald, a technical analyst. Abbey works on the grain side of things, offering insight into popular grains and milling practices that go hand in hand with artisan baking. Ed works to help bakeries solve problems, like how to bake with more natural, simple lines. He shares the challenges artisan bakers face, and new technological advances that can help make a successful product A few questions we tackle are: - What are heirloom and heritage grains, and how do they bake? - What can add rich flavors to artisan breads? - How should you handle high absorption dough - What does it takes to be a successful artisan bread baker? Later, Peter Lachapelle stops by to tal
23/04/201935 minutes 43 seconds
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E29 - BakingTech and Product Development Competition (PDC)

In this episode we interviewed finalists for the Baking Product Development Competition (PDC) contest at BakingTech19. This competition facilitates the development of innovative bakery products for the wholesale baking industry and encourages students to choose careers in the wholesale baking industry. Awards include: • 1st prize: $2,000 scholarship for each team member • 2nd prize: $1,500 scholarship for each team member • 3rd prize: $1,000 scholarship for each team member • 4th prize: $500 scholarship for each team member Our first team is from University of Wisconsin Medicine, their product is Sobasoy. This product is a buckley-based flatbread with scallion and ginger inclusions served alongside a soy-based dipping sauce. The team discusses the challenges they had with leavening agents, yeast and ingredient ratios with Dr. Carson. Our second team hails from Purdue University, their product is called Lost Grains Pita Pockets. These gluten-free pita pockets are made with three anc
12/04/201946 minutes 22 seconds
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E28 - IBIE and BakingTech 2019

What’s your favorite event for the baking industry? If you don’t attend any expos or conventions, you really should start too. Or you’ll miss out on new innovations, valuable connections and informative sessions. Today, we get a special behind-the-scenes look at two of my favorite baking shows: IBIE and BakingTech. First up Jorge Zarate and Kerwin Brown from the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). This century-old show only comes around every there years, but it’s worth the wait. It’s the largest show in North America focused on baking, creating a space for all the different segments of the industry to come together. Suppliers, equipment producers, and bakers from different sectors get to make contacts, find solutions, and walk away with what they need to make their company successful. What do you have to look forward to for IBIE 2019? Jorge and Kerwin share some new features and what they’re excited for: - All the new innovations, as many companies use IBIE as a
26/03/201933 minutes 21 seconds
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E27 - Baking with Cannabis

What’s a new frontier for the baking industry? Cannabis edibles. Legislation at the state and federal level is opening doors for a new market. And while there are a fair share of hurdles and unsteadiness, there is plenty of room for profits and growth. Thinking of throwing your hat into the game? Here are some questions and answers that may help you get started. One of the difficult things about the cannabis edibles industry is a lack of information that would normally be common place for a sector of food and bakery. Doug Peckenpaugh, a Group Director at BNP Media, stops by to share what his group has been finding. They provide business and product development intelligence for every aspect of the food and beverage industry. Lately, they have been digging into the cannabis industry and have noticed a great lack of information providing guidance, especially in areas of quality control, product development, and safety. Research about cannabis’ baking applications is also in short su
12/03/201937 minutes 21 seconds
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E26 - Adam Yee Discussing Emerging Technology with Tom Mastrobuoni, CFO, Tyson Ventures

On this unique episode of BAKED in Science, Dr. Carson presents from the podcast series My Food Job Rocks, Hosted by Adam Yee. On his podcast, Adam talks to all kinds of industry professionals to help inform people about the cool jobs available in the food industry. On this episode Adam interviews the CFO of Tyson Venture, Tom Mastrobuoni. Tyson Foods has been investing a number of innovative companies, such as Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats, and Tovala. Why? As Tom explains, investing in up and coming companies is the way to get ahead and be truly innovative. So not only do these brand new companies get a leg up, but the investing company gets a boost as well. Tom talks about how Tyson Ventures finds ideas, how the deals are made and the most prominent or popular place for food companies. Emerging Trends But how do you know which up and coming companies to get involved with? It helps to know what trends are on the horizon. Adam and Tom talk about some of the biggest one for the fo
19/02/20191 hour 14 minutes 23 seconds
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E25 - Hot New Trends in 2019 for the Baking Industry

What trends should you be paying attention to this year in the baking industry? Here are a few to keep on your radar. But before you can be truly successful with new products and processes, you’ll need a solid foundation in some of the important aspects of baking and key functional ingredients. So Dr. Carson brings on Dr. Jayne Bock, the Technical Director for the Wheat Marketing Center, to answer a few commonly-asked questions such as: - What does peak time on a farinograph mean? - Why do flour properties fluctuate? - What’s the perfect pH for water for fermentation? If you’re looking for more in depth answers, you’re in luck! Dr. Carson and Dr. Bock are launching a series of 2-day technical trainings, called bootcamps! This is the chance to get hands-on experience and learn from the experts! The first one is all about flour and functional ingredients! Register here: Looking for something a little more inspirational?
05/02/201946 minutes 25 seconds
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E24 - Baking Tech 2019

Who’s ready for Baking Tech 2019? In this episode we discuss the American Society of Baking annual conference offering with Kent Van Amburg, Executive Director. ASB is a trade association in the commercial baking industry. Members are individuals, not companies. Members are students, industry professionals and retirees. ASB’s mission is to help all the individuals in the commercial baking industry to further their career by providing education and broadening their network. Their annual meeting is called Baking Tech. This year the highlights are on the future of baking. 3 keynote speakers Dr. Morgaine Gaye – Food Futurologist Dr. Gaye looks at food and eating from social, cultural, economic trends, branding and geo-political perspectives. Her work involves collaborating with food manufacturers on developing new products and ideas. Tom Gumple – Founder of MDJ Baking Inc. Mr Gumple wil be covering what’s going on in the future of bread production and what innovations we’ll be seeing f
22/01/201918 minutes 30 seconds
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E23 - Low FODMAP

Are low-FODMAP products the key to people eating bread again? If you aren’t familiar with the term, FODMAPs are fermentable short-chain carbohydrates that are hard to digest, triggering symptoms like bloating and discomfort. With over 15% of the Western world suffering from IBS, or wheat sensitivity, low-FODMAP foods tap into a huge market. There are a millions of people who can enjoy bread again as we find ways to bake for low FODMAP. In this episode I talk with two companies who are making great strides in low-FODMAP baking. Fazer is a Finland-based food company. During some consumer insight research, they found 1/5th of consumers were avoiding bread because of stomach issues. So they begin researching ways to remedy that. Their solution: a enzyme that solves the problem of FODMAPs without hurting quality, texture and taste of the final product! Jussi Loponen, head of research at Fazer, stops by to explain how this enzyme works and how to bake with it. It’s a fanzinating ingred
08/01/201935 minutes 40 seconds
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E22 -BAKERpedia Questions Answered by Dr. Lin and Dr. Debi

Every day we get questions on the BAKERpedia website. With over a thousand visits a day from people all over the world, it’s no surprise! When it comes to the commercial baking industry, there’s a lot of processes and ingredients that have to be just right so the product comes out perfect and delicious—and unique to the brand! So today to help with your unique questions, we’re going to give you some technical answers. I’m joined by Dr. Debi Rodgers, the director of baking services at AIB International. Dr. Debi teaches about the function of ingredients,science-related bakery functions and more for AIB’s classes. Together, we tackle your questions! We cover a lot of issues, like how to solve shelf life issues for both mold and staling or how to troubleshoot mixing, proofing and finishing problems. Through it all, we talk ingredient functionality, where to use what, and the science behind baking. Here are a few of the questions we answer are: - What additives are added to flour
11/12/201850 minutes 28 seconds
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E21 - Basics of Tortillas and Chips

What’s one of the fastest growing areas of the baking industry with lots of room for innovation and new products? Tortillas! From wraps to tacos to chips, tortillas are big right now. In fact, the global tortilla market is projected to reach $48.51 billion at a CAGR of 5.10% by 2023. So to help all you bakers out, I bring some tortilla and snack experts onto this episode of BAKED in Science. My first guest is Luis Belozerco, a baking professional from AIB International, whose expertise is flatbreads, ranging from pizza to tortillas. He shares what sets tortillas apart from other flatbreads, and the role ingredients play in making a product that has the needed extensibility and flexibility to be successful. We also chat clean label, gluten-free and what alternative ingredients work well. Louis talks about some innovative uses for tortillas, including chocolate ones! AIB is hosting a Tortilla Seminar on Apr 16 - 19, 2019 in Manhattan, Kansas. Learn more:
27/11/201836 minutes 9 seconds
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E20 - Are you FSMA Ready?

In this episode, Dr. Carson interviews Dr. Kantha Channaiah from AIB International and Richard Starke from Reading Bakery. Dr. Kantha Channaiah is the Director of Microbiology at AIB International, he’s responsible for performing program consulting and training food safety-related topics. Richard is the Director of Reading Thermal, a division of Reading Bakery Systems. Reading Thermal is an engineering group focused on the SCORPION Data Logging Measurement System. His responsibility is to direct the company’s operations and communicate the technical capabilities and benefits of the SCORPION system. Kantha explains that FSMA requires Kill Step Validation for bakeries, this means that all facilities need to validate their preventive controls and process steps critical for food safety. In this podcast, Kantha delves into the importance of these certifications and how AIB International can help with its multiple Kill Step Calculators available on their website. Kantha also explains w
13/11/201843 minutes 52 seconds
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E19 - Steamed Donuts and other Innovations at IBA18

You never know what bakery innovations you’re going to find at the IBA trade fair. Luckily, I got to learn about some cutting-edge products that offer interesting solutions to some of the biggest trends of the industry. Steamed Donuts If you’re on social media much, you have have noticed people’s obsession with donuts. Is there a way to make donuts healthy, though? Now there is! Masdac International and Puratos have teamed up to create a steamed donut! The fat content is cut in half, and the shelf life is up to 15 days. I chat with Hoyte Smitt from Masdac International and Xavier Taverne from Puratos about this exciting technology, and its uses beyond donuts. Learn more about steamed donuts at And go to to learn how you can test the equipment with Puratos. Temper Wheat in half the time Listeners may remember meeting Dr. Bernard Noll, inventor of Rapidojet technology, on an earlier episode of BAKED in Science. I catch up with him again to he
16/10/201847 minutes 33 seconds
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E18 - Sprouting a New Idea - a guide to sprouting your own grains

Sprouted Grains have been sprouting in the commercial baking news for quite a while. In this podcast we discuss the challenges of food safety, and science behind Sprouting. The guests are: - Rob Wong: President at AgriNeo - Dr. Debbie Rogers: Director of Baking Services at AIB International A few things we discuss are: Food Safety in Sprouted Grains: Rob explains how challenging is fighting pathogens in this industry. AgriNeo invents technology on how to fight pathogens in all sorts of flours. Rob mentions the challenge of protecting flours, implementing food safety at the manufacturing level is tricky to maintain the nutrition while still getting the pathogen killed. AgriNeo started in 2009, with a bold and ambitious mission of trying to safely feed the world. AgriNeo have a novel way of addressing food safety, reminding bakeries that the oven is not the only place where to work on killing pathogens, but also having into account the flour, mixes, toppings, seeds, etc. Their NeoP
20/09/201833 minutes 7 seconds
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E17 - IFT Bakers Round Table

Proteins, new innovations, crickets, a cereal scientist and a couple of dough heads: just your average episode of Baked in Science. This Bakers Roundtable comes from the IFT18 floor, where we cover some of some of the hot topics and products of the show. The guests are: - Ody Maningat, PhD: Chief Science Officer at MGP Ingredients - Nick McCrery: Baking & Food Technical Services Director at AIB - Emily Guilfoyle: R&D Project Manager at T.Marzetti A few things we discuss are: Wheat Gluten Isolates: Dr. Maningat has spent a career working on adding value to gluten isolates and developing products that add protein and function. We discuss how to add protein to flatbreads and pizza without making it bucky, the science behind modified protein isolates, and how they look on your label. Alternative Sugars: At IFT, a lot of options were floating around for sugar replacements that lacked the aftertaste many stevia-based products have. We talk about formulating with these new alternat
06/09/201841 minutes 48 seconds
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E16 - Alternative Protein

Bakery customers keep expecting more and more out of baked goods, like more protein in bread or sweet goods. It’s the talk of the industry: How can i make protein rich products, and what are alternative, innovative sources? If you have any doubts about the relevance of this topic, then know at the IFT 18 Expo—one of the largests events of its kind—a whole track was committed to the subject. And that’s a big deal. I chat with Brendan Niemira, a USDA research leader and chair of the Annual Meeting Scientific Program Advisory Panel (AMSPAP) who is responsible for selecting programing for IFT. He fills me in on the intensive and inclusive process that involves over 20 tracks. This year, submissions from all tracks such as food chemistry, microbiology and sustainability kept bringing up protein. So they decided it deserved a deepdyve. You can listen to the proteins programming,and all the other sessions from IFT 18 on their website. There’s a lot to consider: - Where does the prote
04/09/201826 minutes 13 seconds
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E15 - Baking with High Fiber in Sweet Goods

High fiber is one of the hottest topics in the baking industry. Partly because of its challenging, yet highly-functional and nutritious role, and partly because of the FDA’s recent work on defining it better. In June, new guidelines were announced on what can be labeled as “dietary fiber.” To help explain what this means for the baking industry, the economic impact, and what else is on the horizon in way of regulations, I chat with Lee Sanders, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs / Corporate Secretary for the American Bakers Association. Now baking with fiber is a little more straight forward. However, it won’t do any good if you can’t bake with it correctly. So to answer your questions, I bring on Roberto Serrano, Vice President of Product Development at Grain Millers. Their work is changing the way fiber is used in baking, from water absorption and a gelling capacity that mimics hydrocolloids, to playing a significant role in replacing fat. Some of the qu
21/08/201826 minutes 40 seconds
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S2E14 - Allergen Control and Food Safety

What’s your food safety culture? No matter the size of your operation, food safety programs and practices should be weaved into your company’s DNA. But don’t worry! To help answer your questions and craft an action plan, I talk with two food safety experts. First up, Bonnie Biegel, Director QA, Americas, for AIB International helps me dive into issue of allergens. Did you know undeclared allergens are the number one reason for recalls in the U.S.? Bonnie shares best practices for allergen control, what questions to ask your suppliers, tests to check for contamination, and how FSMA is impacting the industry. We also touch on how storage and line scheduling can help make things safer and more efficient. Bonnie can be reached at [email protected]. Don’t forget to mention this podcast when you call 785-537-4750 before Dec 30th 2018 to receive 20% off your next in-plant training. My next guest is Cathy Davis, CEO of Food Industry Employment Program and former processor of food s
16/08/201836 minutes 12 seconds
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E13 - Cleaning Up Your Label

The future of baking is clean label. And the future of clean label is sourdough. Why? Sourdough systems are cleaner systems. They involve a natural process and call for just a few ingredients. And low pH means mold isn’t really an issue. So how do you bake a clean label Sourdough? To answer that question, I first talk with George DePasquale a baker with Essential Baking Company. They work with organic ingredients and a simple label as much as possible. Their sourdough products have been taking off the last 5 years. We talk about why fermentation and sourdough work so well for clean label, the biggest challenges, and ways to fine tune the process. I also answer a few of George’s questions, like: - How to replace Mono and Diglycerides - What enzymes to use - Why a thermal profile can make a big difference - How protein can help your crust For another perspective on sourdough, I’m joined by David Deblauwe, a sourdough baker at Puratos. He has worked in bakeries since the age of 12
20/07/201845 minutes 38 seconds
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E12 - What are Enzymes?

Use nature to bake things right! That’s right, I’m talking about those proteins that offer the solutions the baking industry needs: enzymes! And we cover your LinkedIn questions! To help with the answers we have with us Matt Patrick, head of Research and Development for Delavau Food Partners. Matt and his team spend their days using a variety of materials in the food and ingredient industry to formulate solutions for the baking industry. Lots of those solutions are enzymes—from extending shelf life to cleaning up labels, and just about everything in-between! A few of the enzyme questions he answers are: - What exactly are enzymes and how dody they work? - How do you know if the enzyme did it’s job, and is then deactivated? - What enzymes can boost volume? Relax dough? - What solutions can we look to replace emulsifiers? - Can enzymes help low-sugar doughs? We really dig into the science of enzymes, and what’s happening on a molecular level. Enzymes are a natural protein that
15/05/201838 minutes 17 seconds
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E11 - Gluten-Free Bread

After getting over 12,000 views on our LinkedIn post, and plenty of comments on how Chadwick White was able to throw a gluten free pizza crust in the air, I was able to get Chad onto my show. As one of the original founders of Udi’s bread, Chad shared the beginnings of his gluten-free journey, and the challenges he faced when sourcing for gluten-free ingredients. He discusses the importance of the secret ingredient he used for making the dough so elastic that it holds up to the throw in the air. Chirag Sabunani, a gluten-free baker, discusses the need for gluten-free products in India and asks Chad about shelf life extension techniques. Chad can be reached at [email protected] . Also in this episode, we have a HVAC analysis expert, Paul Ziehr talks about segregating your bakery into a gluten-free area and what to look at when you do this. He recommends techniques you can use to save huge on energy costs. Paul can be reached at [email protected].
04/05/201846 minutes 38 seconds
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E10 - How you can make fermentation work for you!

Aaron Clanton from AIB International and Jacinth Cote from Lallemand, our podcast experts on fermentation get into the weeds with fermentation. Jacinth discusses Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the common Baker’s yeast (link to, and how its made at Lallemand, and how they preserve it till bakers get their hands on it. Then we go into fermentation questions posed to us from LinkedIn. How do you work with low sugar bread? How does time and temperature have an effect on cracker dough? Why does retarded pizza dough have blisters? How to multiply a biga for croissant? What is the key factor to obtaining a good fermentation for gluten-free recipe? Were some of the interesting questions answered. This episode is brought to you by Lallemand, their new Instaferm® VitaD® Premix let’s you enhance vitamin D in your baked product. Contact [email protected] to request a sample today. Now, go grab a beer or other fermented beverages and get smart on how to
17/04/201827 minutes 26 seconds
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E9 - American Society of Baking 2018 Innovation Awards

These are the American Society of Baking 2018 Innovation Awardees. Remove chlorinated flour and aluminum from your cake ingredient label? In this interview, Chuck Galliher from Puratos discussed how Tegral Silver Layer Cake uses the fundamentals of hydration to create a system that can hold up to the sugar and fats in a typical high ratio cake system. This base has no trans fat, no artificial colors and flavors, no PGME, no aluminum and no chlorinated flour. Can’t believe this? Get a sample by calling 800-654-0036 or visit ProTrax is an innovation from Intralox. It is a unique modular solution where they incorporate magnets into the belt itself. Bakers will get better pan alignment, less pan jams, longer pan and belt life and eliminating foreign material contamination. To get more information, contact 888-680-2358 or visit for more information. What is a better way to load baskets? Colborne Foodbotics’ answer is the Servo Basket Stacker/Unstacker. It is an up
05/04/201857 minutes 28 seconds
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E8 - ‘Titans I: Cordia Harrington and Rowdy Brixey at ASB’s Baking Tech 2018’

What does it take to be a Titan in the baking industry? In this surprising interview, Baking Hall of Fame inductee, Cordia Harrington talks about her entry into the baking industry. In 1996 she broke ground on her bakery, owning just 51% of it. With no manufacturing or bakery experience, she borrowed $15M from the bank just with a handshake from McDonalds. Now, her company is a giant in the industry. A risk taker, Cordia shares her tips as a woman in business on how to remain focused and clear with conversations. Cordia remains very optimistic about the future of baking and shares her vision for The Bakery Cos. Another baking titan to take note of is Rowdy Brixey. In this humble chat, we learn how Rowdy started in the industry. As you may know, he was previously an ASB Chairman and led the charge to many of the new changes we've seen in ASB. A seasoned engineer, Rowdy talks about the team and why “the “best wrench” may not be the right person to train or lead your team. Most o
21/03/201835 minutes 45 seconds
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E7 - Preventative Maintenance

Are you having issues juggling a Preventative Maintenance (PM) program? Or how do you prevent grease from contaminating your food? Our first guest have the answers to these questions and more. Meet Bill Steadman from AIB International. Bill is the Manager, Quality Assurance, GMP North America. Bill reveals that contamination risk is one of the biggest issues with the lack of PMs. In this podcast, Bill also provides the top 3 tips for an effective PM program which includes design standards, scheduling and an accountability program. Our second guest is a seasoned engineer. James Lubsby is a consultant in engineering for the last 30 years. One of the frequent problems that James experience is the lack of bake out in products, causing bread to cave-in. He attributes this to the lack of understanding of how oven works, and this can be addressed with training. Oven PM program is important to prevent lateral heat issues that contributes to product quality. He also recommends solutions if your
14/03/201823 minutes 38 seconds
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E6 - How To Excel At Your Next Food Safety Audit

Would you like to learn the secrets of a successful food safety audit? We start with Stephanie Lopez, VP of Food Safety Services, Americas, AIB International. She shares her tips on setting the tone for an audit. Why be FSMA compliant? Well, that’s because FDA has the authority to shut down your bakery otherwise. Stephanie recommends for bakeries to have a roadmap. Start with this document for your bakery. Stephanie shares her experience on how to build successful teams excel at these audits. Our second guest is Bonnie Biegel, Director QA, Americas, AIB International who provides a run down on the tools that you need at the plant level to complete a successful audit. She stresses that the plant manager should be involved with the audit, but it should be a whole team effort, and a journey that should be shouldered by everyone on the team. What does an inspector need from the plant? She urges bakery plants to be honest with their inspections, and don’t be nervous about it because every
07/03/201827 minutes 10 seconds
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E5 - Building A Bakery

When a hundred things are happening all at once, do you stay focused on your product, or compete on price? How can you be successful in running your bakery business? In this humble interview with the President of Middleby Processing Group, Mark Salman shares his bakery business journey. As a $3B corporation, being entrepreneurial, allowing mistakes to happen and fast failures are encouraged, these traits are what sets Middleby apart from their competition. Prior to joining Middleby, Mark ran a successful bakery wholesale business that he successfully exited. But let’s not talk just about successes, because we don’t really learn from successes. Here, we go in deep on what he saw was his biggest failure in one of his bakery businesses. Sharing his heartfelt bakery journey, Mark advises bakers to stay focused and passionate on their businesses. In the spirit of starting a bakery, we also interviewed Jeff Dearduff from The Austin Company, a supplier to the baking industry that works with
07/03/201834 minutes 11 seconds
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E4 - The Challenges with Flour

Who can you go to for help with your flour challenges? Dr. Gary Hou from the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, provides the flour quality support that you need. Besides running farinograph, moisture, ash and protein analysis, Dr. Hou, a flour expert, also consults on implementing flour quality programs and product development for bakeries. Julio, a commercial baker joins in to seek a solution for his flour quality issues. Why can’t your miller promise a consistent protein quality? What do you need to get from your miller? Do you need an in-house flour quality program? What do you need to clearly communicate with your flour miller before implementing an in-house flour program? Why does strong flour make Kaiser cuts disappear? These questions were answered in the podcast. To help bakers like Julio, Dr. Hou and Dr. Carson will teach you how to monitor your flour quality and implement an in-house flour quality program ( Do you have bakery
15/02/201824 minutes 59 seconds
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E3 - High Fiber Bread

We all know that baking with fiber is challenging. Not only does it mess up your absorption levels, it affects mixing time and final product attributes as well. In this episode, we have Jim Little, VP Innovations at Craftmart in Indianapolis. We talk about the new FDA regulation on fiber, and the big challenges in high fiber baking. Not all fiber are created equal. Therefore, we share some bakers tips on how to deal with flavor, texture and mold issues when baking with fiber. We discuss a new kind of fiber - resistant starch. Though a little more expensive, it has the least impact on dough as compared to many other fibers. Lastly, we covered the 5 important tips on baking with fiber. You don’t want to miss this valuable nugget on reducing your gluten usage with high fiber baking!
06/02/201827 minutes 16 seconds
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E2 - The Future of Mixing

BAKED in Science S1 E2: The Future of Mixing Do you beat the heck out of your dough during mixing and make it as warm as possible? If so, I’d like to introduce you to a new form of cool mixing from Rapidojet. Here, we learn about Dr. Bernard Noll’s startup story for Rapidojet: continuous hydration mixing technology. From Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that didn’t sell well, to learning about how the Australians inspired him, He talks about his vision for Rapidojet and explains why it suits continuous mixing. Where else can bakers use this technology? Gluten hydration. On the macromolecular level, Rapidojet penetrates the surface tension and hydrates the individual gluten particles between 250-500 km/h. At such force, Rapidojet does two things that the traditional mixer doesn’t: - It atomizes water onto individual particles that are free falling, which increases the surface area for interaction. - The force of the water (on impact) is energy converted directly into the dough (energy an
25/01/201833 minutes 59 seconds
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E1 - Trends for 2018 | FODMAPS

What will be trending in 2018? Doug Peckenpaugh of BNP media gives us an overview of the top 5 trends to watch. It’s not just clean label, but organic and fresh foods as well. Some of the other questions we dive into are: - Is old new again? - What does "health halo" really mean? In the end, value price products needs to be part of the core of the business for every baker in order for bakers to thrive in their businesses. In this episode, we also talk about why FODMAPS are important. With up to 15% of our population suffering from IBS, Manildra Australia has launched an innovative FODMAPS free mix that caters to this population. With this FODMAPS free mix, people can enjoy bread that they couldn’t before. Would this give commercial bakers a new product line? To ask for a sample, email Carter at [email protected].
25/01/201829 minutes 31 seconds