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English, Cultural, 1 season, 8 episodes, 2 hours, 1 minute
Season 1 (part 2) Coming January 2023! If you want to have a wedding with no regrets, a day that is stress-free, passionate, and enjoyable - in other words, if you want a badass wedding, this podcast is for you! Lexi and Daniel, will bring you actionable tools to cultivate your dream wedding. For wedding tips and jokes, follow @badassweddings on instagram.
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8. Expert Advice from a Wedding Caterer with Jose Martinez || Badass Weddings Podcast

How important is food at a wedding? Where should you start when planning the menu for your wedding? All these questions and more answered in this epidode of the Badass Weddings Podcast!Links for Jose Martinez with Confectionately ConfectionsWebsite:  Instagram:  Facebook:  Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram:  YouTube: Website:  Inquire for our services:
10/12/202231 minutes, 48 seconds
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7. The Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Hack with Carol Panico || Badass Weddings Podcast

Want to know the most stress free and easy way to plan your Honeymoon? Work with a Personal Vacation Advisor! In this episode of the Badass Weddings Podcast we chat with Carol Panico - Vacation Expert with Magical Vacation Planner - all about the honeymoons and the best way to plan yours. Links for Carol Panico with Magical VacationsWebsite:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram:  YouTube: Website:  Inquire for our services:
10/5/202222 minutes, 1 second
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6. The 9 Reasons Why You NEED to Hire a Wedding Filmmaker || Badass Weddings Podcast

True, we are a little biased when it comes to wedding films, but we’ve been in the industry long enough that we’ve heard from countless couples why it's so important to have one. So naturally, we had to dedicate an episode about the top reasons. Here they are…Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram:  YouTube:  Website:  Inquire for our services:  
9/14/202218 minutes, 34 seconds
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5. How To Write Amazing Wedding Vows || Badass Weddings Podcast

So you know you want to write your own vows. You want to share personal stories and the reasons why you love your fiance so much! You want to share with everyone why you are marrying this person… but where do you start?!On this week’s episode we are super excited to share with you how to write your vows – what to include and tips on writing them. If you take this advice I promise you will have the perfect vows. Believe us, as videographers, we have been to tons of weddings and these are the things we’ve found to make the best out of your vows.Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram: for our services: 
8/31/20229 minutes, 17 seconds
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4. How to Start Planning Your Wedding Today || Badass Weddings Podcast

This Episode is for all you couples that are in the early stages of planning.Lexi and Daniel go over 7 easy steps to start planning your wedding today!When you stick to the actionable steps in this episode you will be focused, organized,and therefore stress-free.Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram: for our services: 
8/24/20226 minutes, 43 seconds
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3. Elope or Big Wedding - What Should You Choose? || Badass Weddings Podcast

Struggling to decide whether to Elope or have a Big Wedding? There are so many options these days, we know it can get overwhelming. This week, on the Badass Weddings Podcast, Lexi and Daniel sit down and give you all the insight on which of these two options is right for you (or if you should combine them).All Inclusive Elopements:  Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram: for our services: 
8/17/202210 minutes, 25 seconds
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2. How to Involve Your Partner in the Wedding Planning Process || Badass Weddings Podcast

Looking for ways to involve your partner in the wedding planning process? Want to share the difficulties, but also the fun and exciting things that come with a wedding? This week on the Badass Weddings Podcast Lexi and Daniel sit down and give you all the tips and tricks to make this happen. They break down how they planned their wedding together and how they have seen their clients deal with this. Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram: for our services: 
8/10/202212 minutes, 11 seconds
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1. Money Management for Your Wedding || Badass Weddings Podcast

After receiving a ton of wedding related questions from clients and friends wedding videographers - Lexi and Daniel - finally decided to record the answers and create a podcast. This episode is all about money management. It includes Lexi and Daniel's personal experiences with wedding planning on a specific budget and tips to help you prioritize. Wedding Cost Estimator: Follow Badass WeddingsInstagram: for our services: 
8/4/202210 minutes, 38 seconds