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Bad Women: The Blackout Ripper

English, Investigative journalism, 3 seasons, 39 episodes, 22 hours 50 minutes
It’s a cold case like no other. In the fall of 1888, five women were brutally murdered in the slums of London. The attacks were so violent that the killer earned a nickname - Jack the Ripper. But everything you think you know about Jack and those murdered women is wrong. Historian Hallie Rubenhold uncovers new facts about the five victims - revealing the appalling treatment they faced as women in the 1880s, and completely overturning the accepted Ripper story.
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Serial Killers & Misogyny: Hallie Rubenhold on Betwixt the Sheets

Hallie Rubenhold joins Betwixt the Sheets host Kate Lister to discuss our culture’s fascination with serial killers. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Peter Sutcliffe, Jack the Ripper…. these violent people are famous, but we only know them for their horrific crimes. What role does misogyny play in how these serial killers are portrayed on our screens and in our newspapers? And how does it affect court cases? Hear more from Betwixt the Sheets, from our friends at History Hit, wherever you get podcasts. See for privacy information.
04/04/202339 minutes 55 seconds