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English, Political, 1 season, 234 episodes, 2 days, 18 hours, 54 minutes
Your alternative to talkback. Backchat is a weekly show of news, politics, interviews, discussion, satire, and feature reporting. Hosted by Swetha Das and Shami Sivasubramanian. Executive produced by Natalie Sekulovska, with producers Amelia Zhou and Cameron Wilson. Got an idea for a story? - [email protected] We're also on Twitter @BackchatFBi [405192]
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This week, fellow Backchat Producer, Rebekah Manibog joins to chat about why NSW Health was forced to clarify the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, after rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted about her hesitancy to get the jab earlier this week. Next, we chat to Joannie Lee, a community organiser from Democracy in Colour about the concerns over Kristina Keneally being chosen for the Labour seat in Fowler over Tu Le, a community activist who grew up in South West Sydney & the daughter of Vietnamese refugees. Lastly, resident from Common Ground, Robin, chats to Lill Scott about the alleged mistreatment and over-policing at Common Ground social housing in Camperdown, operated by Mission Australia. This episode was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Eddy Diamond, Sana , Rebekah Manibog, Charles Rushforth, Chantelle Al-Khouri, Lochie Stevens, and Jostina Basta. Special thanks to our guests, Rebekah Manibog, Joannie Lee and Robbie.
9/17/202124 minutes, 4 seconds
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This week on Backchat, our producer, Tanita Razaghi and hosts discuss the Women's Safety Summit to kick off the show. They talk about Scomo's presence as the speakers...Yikes. On Backchat we are also bringing awareness to Mental Health with R U OKAY DAY and Suicide Prevention Day this week. Nigerian-Australian re searcher, Angelica Ojinnaka, jumps on to talk about African Australian and migrant mental health. Wakka Wakka and South Sea Island activist, Kevin Yow Yeh, also jumps on to spread awareness about Indigenous Mental Health. This episode was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Eddy Diamond, Eamonn Snow, Rebekah Manibog, Charles Rushforth, Chantelle Al-Khouri, and Lochie Stevens. Special thanks to our guests, Tanita Razaghi, Angelica Ojinnaka and Kevin Yow Yeh
9/10/202123 minutes, 21 seconds
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This week on Backchat we talk to Michael Sun about the Triple J tweet that got people hot and bothered! The backfired meme got many upset with accusations of ageist tones from the youth radio station. We also speak to Paraolympian and Member of Gosford, Liesl Tesch, about the payment of Paralympians and Scomo's intentions to equalise the medalist incentives, announced this week. Lastly, Backchat Producer, Vanessa Lim, speaks to Auspol commentators, Osman Faruqi and Jacqueline Maley, about youth faith in politics. This episode was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Vanessa Lim, Lachlan Stevens, Charles Rushforth and Chantelle Al-khouri. Special thanks to our guests Michael Sun, Liesl Tesch, Osman Faruqi and Jacqueline Maley.
9/3/202122 minutes, 48 seconds
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This week on Backchat we speak to Zac Crellin, a news writer from the Pedestrian about the restriction lifts for vaccinated people from the 13th of September. After, we speak to Only Fans content creator Darcy Deviant about the recent ban on sexually explicit content that was revoked by Only Fans days after the announcement. Finally, we discuss asian media reprsentation with Filapina-Australian creative, ShainaCabusi. This episode of Backchat was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Rebekah Manibog, Lill Scott and Lochie Stevens.
8/27/202120 minutes, 52 seconds
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This week on Backchat we discuss bad takes made by politicians on social media, after Sam Lee from the Redfern Legal Centre discusses ramifications of the police crackdown on the vulnerable community, lastly Charles Rushforth talks with Afghan migrants about how the Taliban takeover has given them anxiety and uncertainty for the future. This show has been brought to you by Millie Roberts, Charles Rushforth, Lochie Stevens, Eddy Diamond Jostina Basta and Vanessa Lim.
8/20/202123 minutes, 19 seconds
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This week on Backchat we farewell our beloved member of the Backchat family and producer, Niki IIagoueva for her last show with Backchat! We kick off with some of the questionable hygiene and bathing habits of celebrities - from 'being green', to hygiene not being a priority, to showering only if you see 'dirt'. For us 'commoners' ... are we missing something? Next, we have an important discussion on community healing surrounding youth violence in Sydney's West featuring Ian Escandor, artist and youth leader from the organisation Street University. Lastly, we chat to Paridhi Jain, the founder of the financial education company called SkilledSmart about tips on financial literacy for youth and saving your coin during lockdown. This episode of Backchat is brought to you by Millie Roberts, Charles Rushforth, Chantelle Al-Khouri, Niki IIlagoueva, Rebekah Manibog, Lochie Stevens, and Jostina Basta.
8/13/202122 minutes, 42 seconds
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In this episode Backchat talks with FBi Radio Up For It show host and Auspol reporter, Lil Scott on what vaccines incentives mean for you. After, we chat with HSC student Jessica Grimes to discuss a recent petition created to call out growing conerns around HSC support during lockdown. Lastly, Backchat Producer, Charles Rushforth interviews non-binary Indignenous academic Sandy O'Sullivan about how the recent census hasn't accurately included gender diverse people in the survey. This episode of Backchat is brought to you by Millie Roberts, Charles Rushforth, Tanita Razaghi, Lochie Stevens and Vanessa Lim. In this episode Backchat talks with FBi Radio Up For It show host and Auspol reporter, Lil Scott on what vaccines incentives mean for you. After, we chat with HSC student Jessica Grimes to discuss a recent petition created to call out growing conerns around HSC support during lockdown. Lastly, Backchat Producer, Charles Rushforth interviews non-binary Indignenous academic Sandy O'Sullivan about how the recent census hasn't accurately included gender diverse people in the survey. This episode of Backchat is brought to you by Millie Roberts, Charles Rushforth, Tanita Razaghi, Lochie Stevens and Vanessa Lim.
8/6/202122 minutes, 34 seconds
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This week on Backchat, Chantelle Al-Khouri and Charles Rushforth bring us a packed show about the anti-lockdown protests and funding for our arts industry during the pandemic. First up, Backchat producer Eddy Diamond joins us in a roundtable to reflect on anti-lockdown influencers and the types of public discussion we are seeing around them. Next, Backchat producer Eamonn Snow brings us a handy explainer on the timleline of arts funding promised to the Australian arts sector, which we found last week has still not fully been delivered by the federal government. Then we are joined by Federal Labour MP Tony Burke to discuss this slow rollout and the challenges faced by the Australian arts community. Lastly, with anti-lockdown protests happening last week and another one anticipated by NSW Police today, there is a lot of anger in the community. To dive deeper, we chat with Senior Researcher in politics and religion, Dr Joshua Roose, about what conditions drove thousands of people to go against public health orders. This show was brought to you by Charles Rushforth, Chantelle Al-Khouri, Millie Roberts, Eamonn Snow, Jostina Basta and Vanessa Lim. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
7/30/202121 minutes, 39 seconds
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This week on Backchat - we got Chantelle Al-Khouri and Charles Rushforth digging into racism in football, job losses during lockdown and the latest news! First off, our rountable chats feature 22-year old Sudanese professional football player, Abraham Majok. He provides his insight and experiences into racism in the sports industry - particularly with the racist backlash that followed Euro 2020. Next, we catch you up on exploring insecurity of jobs at Marrickville's Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre. Don't miss out for some weekly updates as NSW lockdowns persist - where the the COVID-19 outbreak in the state has been declared a 'national emergency' with the rising case numbers. This show was brought to you by Charles Rushforth, Chantelle Al-Khouri, Millie Roberts, Eamonn Snow, Jostina Basta and Vanessa Lim. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
7/23/202116 minutes, 49 seconds
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This week hosts Chantelle Al-Khouri and Charles Rushforth talk about the current Sydney lockdown situation. First up, Backchat discusses the recent controversial government COVID-19 ad with Edwina Storie what seems to be targeted towards a younger demographic. After, we chat with youth advocate Jahin Tanvir from South-West Sydney about the recent treatment of young people in South-West Sydney amid lockdown laws. Finally, we talk Mental Health during lockdown! Dr. Marlee Bower breaks down how it has impacted young people and gives up some tips for how to cope whilst we're home. This show was produced by Nicole Iliagoueva, Lachlan Stevens, Millie Roberts, Vanessa Lim and Sana Shaikh.
7/16/202121 minutes, 30 seconds
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It's NAIDOC Week! Our new Backchat cohosts, Charles and Chantelle, delved deep what needs to be discussed, and how to participate in the annual celebration during lockdown this year. First, Will from environment organisation Seed Mob speaks about the importance of Indigenous activism in this space, and what this year's NAIDOC theme 'heal country' means to him. Then, local artist Louis Libran chats to us about First Nations representation across sports, music and more, and what's next for these trailblazers. Finally, Miah Wright from Parramatta Council joins us to share some tips of how to celebrate NAIDOC virtually and the events she's helped pull together. This EP is brought to you by Charles Rushforth, Eamonn Snow, Lochie Stevens, Millie Roberts and Jostina Basta.
7/9/202119 minutes, 6 seconds
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This week we say our heartfelt goodbyes to our long-time host, Shami Sivasubramanian, who is flying solo as host amidst the current lockdowns. We hope you are all staying safe! Given our farewells to Shami after 3 years of presenting with FBi, Chantelle joins on the show to quiz Shami on the top stories of the week - from politics to Tiktok favs. JOIN IN THE CONVO AND TXT IN @ 0409 945 945. This EP is brought to you by Charles Rushforth, Eamonn Snow, Lochie Stevens, Millie Roberts and Jostina Basta.
7/2/20219 minutes, 26 seconds
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It's the end of Pride Month, so we delved deep into the topics that matter to Sydney's queer community. First up, Shami Sivasubramanian spoke with Associate Professor Doctor Jason Ong about why gay and bisexual men born overseas aren't seeing less HIV diagnoses overall, in comparison to people born in Australia. They also look at PrEP medication, and policies that need to catch up with the times. After, Jasmine Ligaya from All Out Blacktown breaks down misrepresentations of the LGBT+ community in Western Sydney, and how more conversations and less preconceptions can help set the record straight. Contrary to popular opinion, there's a thriving world of queer love, art, and culture outside the Inner West! This episode of Backchat was brought to you by Eddy Diamond, Lochie Stevens, Millie Roberts, Niki Iliagoueva and Vanessa Lim.
6/25/202114 minutes, 4 seconds
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This week on the show we have a xtra spesh guest, Journalist and Host, Elfy Scott, alongside new host Charles Rushforth. The first story we jump in on the current work climate in one of Newtown's king street bookstores, Better Read Than Dead. As workers continue to strive for better work conditions including a formal contract and better wages - the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union has had their back. Secretary of RFFWU, Josh Cullinan, jumps on to talk about 'vas happenin'. Second story follows the story of the Biloela Family. With #HOMETOBILO taking over all social media and calls to help the family, Backchat invites advocate Bronwyn Dendle on to chat about all the updates surrounding the family. Our famous ~ Backchat Roundtables ~ features the famous brand Victoria Secret and their current changes to their image. So bye to angels and hello to the everday woman! BC Charles Rushforth, Millie Roberts, Tanita Razaghi and Elfy Scott, chat about their thoughts on the current changes. This EP is brought to you by Charles Rushforth, Millie Roberts, Tanita Razaghi, Elfy Scott & Rebekah Manivbog. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
6/18/202118 minutes, 58 seconds
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This week, presenters Chantelle Al-Khouri and Sana Shaikh speak to Blue Mountains MP Trisha Doyle about how a lack of rental properties might be contributing to homelessness in the area. After, we catch up with Backchat producer Eamonn Snow about his Young Walkley Award nominated story about pollution in the Kincumber reason. And lastly, Backchat producer Charles Rushforth joins Chantelle and Sana to discuss the full frontal penis shown on the ABC that drove conservatives mad. This show was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Nicole Iliagoueva, Sana Shaikh and Vanessa Lim. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
6/11/202123 minutes, 24 seconds
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This week, presenters Chantelle Al-Khouri and Charles Rushforth speak to model Lynn Mathuthu about the importance of diversity and representation at Australian Fashion Week. Followed by Backchat producer Niki Iliagoueva chatting to Co-CEO of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Alex Ryvchin, about the rise in antisemitism in the international and Australian Jewish community. And lastly, Backchat producer Jostina Basta joins Charles and Chantelle to discuss tennis player Naomi Osaka pulling out of the French Open, and why its caused shock waves in the sporting world. This show was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Nicole Iliagoueva, Sana Shaikh and Vanessa Lim. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
6/4/202121 minutes, 28 seconds
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For National Reconciliation Week, Backchat firstly speaks to NITV journalist Jennetta Quinn Bates who has been closely following the story of Michael Peachey, a Gamilaroi man from Gunnedah who died after a police altercation. After, we dive into the race to return Indigenous artefacts. Eddy Diamond chatted to Dharawal man Ray Ingrey from the Gujaga foundation into their efforts in La Perouse. Finally. we speak to Professor Larissa Behrendt about one of the first Indigenous university residential housing being built at UTS in Ultimo. This show was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Nicole Iliagoueva, Sana Shaikh and Vanessa Lim. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
5/28/202122 minutes, 24 seconds
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On Backchat this week, we look firstly at the fresh round of cuts for Universities in this year's federal budget and what impact this will have on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at our unis. After that, Backchat producer Charles Rushforth shares his latest investigation into staffing isues impacting nurses in the state's public hospitals. Finally, our EP Millie Roberts joins Chantelle and Eamonn to discuss the good and bad sides of celebrity activism. This show was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Nicole Iliagoueva, Sana Shaikh and Vanessa Lim. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
5/21/202121 minutes, 23 seconds
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This week on Backchat, C squared [ Chantelle and Charles ] , take over your airwaves with the latest news and current affairs as well as some quirks stuff you wanna hear. Chantelle Al-Khouri, explores the rise of abuse towards journalist and the Government roles in this issue. Next, an electrifying subject! Robots are slowly taking over tiny roles in retail and the grocery stores! *COUGH COUGH* HAWKIE FROM WOOLIES. Dr Kathryn Kasmarik joins us for a mini deep dive into the mechanics of AI retail futures. Lastly, we listen to the voices of the Australian Indian Community and how to second wave back home has impacted them. We then jump into a mini roundtable with Backchat Producer, Rebekah Manibog, about the travel ban and its impact. This show was brought to you by, Eamonn Snow, Rebekah Manibog, Millie Roberts, Charles Rushforth, Chantelle Al-Khouri, Sana Shaikh, Nicole Illangoneva. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
5/7/202122 minutes, 11 seconds
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This week on Backchat we discuss how Olympians are currently getting prioritised to get the COVID-19 vax and some individuals in Canberra have had early access to the Pfizer vaccine despite not being eligible. Backchat producer, Eamonn Snow, takes us to the Central Coast on a recent ocean protest over Pep-11 and we're chatting to pro-surfer Lucy Small who called out organisers of a Sydney surfing competition for unequal recognition. This episode was produced by Millie Roberts, Eamonn Snow, Charles Rushforth and Jostina Basta. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
4/30/202121 minutes, 40 seconds
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On this week's Backchat, we talking about political correctness in Sydney's comedy scene and that fake viral fiary bread petition you may have seen around. Backchat producer, Rebekah Manibog, catches up with the young Australians who are working together to create change and awareness in their home country of Myanmar. This episode was produced by Millie Roberts, Vanessa Lim, Niki Illiagoueva and Rebekah Manibog. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
4/23/202121 minutes, 1 second
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This week on Backchat, we question whether the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout is accomodating homeless people. Then Chantelle and Charles chat with Sydney filmmaker Amira about the suburb of Miller, and how more areas can better support young people. Finally, we crack into the FriendlyJordies vs Triple J Hack video and discuss the news young people want to hear. This episode was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Rebekah Manibog, Sana Shaikh and Tanita Razaghi. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
4/16/202119 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork


This week on Backchat, we investigate a polluted waterway in the NSW Central Coast and chat with a Pakistani-born lawyer about growing up with autism. Then cohosts Eamonn Snow and Niki Iliagouyeva are joined by producer Rebekah Manibog to grapple with Prince Phillip's death, and whether it's okay to poke fun in light of sad announcements. This episode was brought to you by Eamonn Snow, Millie Roberts, Rebekah Manibog and Niki Iliagouyeva. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
4/9/202121 minutes, 38 seconds
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This week on Backchat, we investigate the threat to social housing in Waterloo as it undergoes one of the largest redevelopments in Sydney and discuss death of Mhelody Bruno - a Filipina trans woman who was failed by NSW's justice system. Then presenters Millie Roberts and Chantelle Al-Khouri chat about free disposable menstrual products and share some personal stories. This episode was brought to you by Rebekah Manibog, Tanita Razaghi and Millie Roberts. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
4/2/202123 minutes, 48 seconds
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This week on Backchat, we speak to family member of a Christchurch terror massacre about the continued effects of the event, two years on. Then, we speak to Western Sydney student Ishmamul Haque about how international students are faring going into the new semester. Finally, Backchat producer Rebekah Manibog recounts the March 4 Justice rally against sexual assault and violence. This episode was brought to you by Charles Rushforth, Jostina Basta, Millie Roberts and Rebekah Manibog. Edited by Lachlan Stevens.
3/19/202122 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork


This week on Backchat, we discuss the infamous Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan with 9Honey's UK Correspondent Karishma Sarkari. We also discuss the allegations of racism and the backlash that has followed. Our Producer Sana Shaikh then brings us a story on how job service providers can take advantage of vulnerable people on JobSeeker. Kristin O'Connell from the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union joins us to unpack the topic further. This episode was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Niki Iliagoueva, Sana Shaikh, Shami Sivasubramanian, and digitally produced by Vanessa Lim and Jostina Basta.
3/12/202123 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork


This week on Backchat, producer Tanita Razaghi sat down with Dr Yumiko Kadota to discuss her new memoir 'Emotional Female' in time for International Women's Day. Next, queer activist Lungol Wekina spoke to us about Mardi Gras queerbaiting and corporatisation. Finally, sex culture educator Gala Vanting discussed concerns around the contentious Online Safety Bill and what it means for sex workers.
Episode Artwork


On this episode of Backchat, we’ll be talking about racism towards Asian Australians during Lunar New Year with Chinese Cumberland City Councillor Kun Huang. Then, we discuss Myanmar’s military coup and how it affects Burmese Australians with a member of Myanmar Students Association Australia, Taryar Myint Mo. Finally, we talk all things there is to love about “eshay” culture and how they’re represented in the media with Backchat producer, Tanita Razaghi. This episode of Backchat was brought to you by our producers Charles Rushforth, Millie Roberts and Vanessa Lim.
2/12/202120 minutes, 54 seconds
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This week, Chantelle Al-Khouri speaks to Wiradjuri woman and founder of Blak Business, Olivia Williams, about the boycott movement against Penrith burger joint, Downtown Brooklyn. Producer Rebekah Manibog speaks to winner of Acclaim All Star Award's Rookie of the Year, Barkaa, about the changing face of Australian of hip hop. And arachnologist Dr. Lizzy Lowe joins us live to explain why huntsman spiders numbers are on the rise. This episode was produced by Millie Roberts, Rebekah Manibog, Adele Luamanavae and Vanessa Lim.
2/5/202121 minutes, 52 seconds
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On this episode of Backchat, we’re recapping the 2020 Invasion Day Rally with seventeen year old activist and Gumbayngirr and Darug woman, Shanaya Donovan. We’ll also be discussing animal hibernation during the bushfires with research fellow at University of New England and zoologist, Dr Chris Wacker. This episode of Backchat was produced by Rebekah Manibog, Tanita Razaghi, Millie Roberts and Charles Rushforth.
1/29/202121 minutes, 11 seconds
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On this special Invasion Day edition of Backchat, we’re exploring a plan for the Aboriginal flag to be flown at half-mast on January 26 with Djabwurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman and Greens senator, Lidia Thorpe. We’ll also be discussing the complex attitudes new migrants hold towards January 26 with Catherine Scarth from AMES Australia. Finally, we’ll be running through a few things you can do to support First Nations communities ahead of January 26. This Episode of Backchat was produced by Charles Rushforth, Millie Roberts, Tanita Razaghi and Vanessa Lim.
1/22/202119 minutes, 6 seconds
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#LETTHEMSWIM & the toxic side of Australian cricket

This week on Backchat, Shami Sivasubramanian and Chantelle Al-Khouri explore the trans women ban in the McIver Baths and the toxic side of Australian cricket. Janet Anderson, the founder of the #LETTHEMSWIM campaign, jumps onto backchat to talk about the ban of trans women at the McIver baths and how we can be allies to help our trans community feel more accepted. Daniel Beswick, sports statistician, also join in on the conversation about prejudice in Australia in terms of racism in the good ol' Cricket after the complaints made against the Indian Team of the Aussie crowd - causing some spectators to be ejected out of the game. Listen into Backchat every Saturday, Live, on FBi Radio 94.5FM! 9:30AM-10AM AEST. This show was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Shami Sivasubramanian, Chantelle Al-Khouri, Niki Iliagoueva, Tanita Razaghi, Vanessa Lim & Rebekah Manibog.
1/15/202123 minutes, 42 seconds
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Rich Australians getting Richer and Omegle Dangers

This week on Backchat we're talking about Australia Billionaires and how some have managed to thrive during the pandemic, with John Stensholt from The Australian. After, Digital Producer Vanessa Lim talks to us about the dangers of Omegle and how it's become a Tiktok trend for young people to go onto the website. This episode of Backchat was produced by Chantelle Alkhouri, Vanessa Lim and Eamonn Snow.
1/8/202119 minutes, 11 seconds
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Millie Roberts and Chantelle Al-khouri explores the great outdoors of Australia in the final summer banga of 2020-21! From extreme selfies to Western Sydney heatwaves and Sharks, Backchat covers all you want to know about the great Aussie Backyard. This episode also touches upon potential punishments for internet trolls, as well as how to be a good ONLINE citizen and Refugees who were brought to Hotels all across Australia under Medevac Laws. This episode is brought to you by Chantelle Al-Khouri, Millie Roberts, Eamonn Snow, Rebekah Manibog, Niki Iliagoueva & Sana Shaikh.
1/2/202150 minutes, 20 seconds
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Refugee to Rapper, Want No Hot Cross Bunz hun! & MORE!

Chantelle Al-Khouri and Millie Roberts host the first EP of 2021 - starting the new year off with a Backchat summer banga! This episode includes; Sana Shk speaks to refugee turned rapper, MC AK about his lyricism. Chantelle and Millz also debate about hot cross buns and their contribution to food waste in Australia. Learn how to be a better ally in 2021 with Nina Funell, Markus Mariano and Issy Phillips. And many more hot-topics! PLUS ANOTHER NEWSICLE ORIGINAL BY NICK HARIOTT.
1/2/202152 minutes, 13 seconds
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Coronavirus Mutations, Drug Trafficking and Hilaria Baldwin

This week on Backchat we discuss the new strain of Coronavirus and how it will affect Australia with Associate Professor from the Kirby Institute, Stuart Turville. After, Backchat producer Charles Rushforth investigates how the transnational drug market has been impacted by border closures around the world. Finally, we end on Hilaria Baldwin's made-up Spanish accent, and how common her behaviour is with other cultures as well. You'll hear from founder of We Are The Mainstream Priyanka Bromhead to break this down.
1/1/202126 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Quarantine Crissy, New Year Bummer, #STOPTHEKILLINGSPH + more! (1 HOUR SUMMER BANGER)

On the last episode of the year, Chantelle Al-Khouri and Vanessa Lim reflect on Christmas and upcoming New Years celebrations. First up, they chat with Danni Petkovic about how the police stopped Sydney Street Kitchen from delivering meals to the homeless on Boxing Day. Then, Chantelle sat down with journalist Jan Fran about having to isolate over Christmas after ending up in the same venue as a positive case recently. After, ABC journalist Alison Xiao goes over what New Years will look like given the Northern Beaches cluster, before Macquarie Uni lecturer on terrorism studies Lise Waldek explains the increase in far-right extremism here in NSW. After the break, Backchat's producers recount the major news stories of the week. Then, we hear from Jasmine Phillips from AllOut - an LGBT+ youth community group in Blacktown that faces defunding next year. Towards the end of the show, Backchat Producer Rebekah Manibog speaks with the Manilla reporter at the Washington Post about police brutality in the Philippines, before finally, we speak with former sex worker Billie Blu about Instagram's latest community guidelines and how it affects the sex work industry. Stick around at the end to hear Sydney musician Nick Harriott's original number "The Northern Beaches" - a surfy track reminiscing on the latest Covid cluster. This special summer episode of Backchat was brought to you by Eamonn Snow, Chantelle Al-Khouri, Millie Roberts, Rebekah Manibog, Tanita Razaghi and Vanessa Lim
12/27/202059 minutes, 52 seconds
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Media Bias and Modern Love in 2020

This week on Backchat we discuss the double standard and racism within media reporting, especially throughout COVID-19, with Get Up's senior campaigner Tessa Pang. Love guru and positive communication expert Sue Langley gives us some hot tips on how navigate online dating. Finally, the Backchat team runs you through their TV picks of 2020.
12/25/202023 minutes, 3 seconds
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Worker Exploitation and IR Issues

This week Backchat explores all things worker exploitation in Australia. First up, we have Edward Cavanaugh from the McKell Institute discussing his new report into worker exploitation at NSW fruit farms. Next, producer Sana Shaikh chats with Employment Lawyer Grace Cummings about proposed changes to laws for casual workers. After that, we speak with *Jasmine, a casual worker looking to share her lived experiences. This episode was produced by Nicole Iliagoueva, Sana Saihk, Rebekah Manibog and Eamonn Snow.
12/18/202024 minutes, 11 seconds
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Drug Penalties Changes and The Future of Pill Testing

This week Backchat dives into the world of drugs and drug policy. First up we have a package from reporter Chantelle Al Khouri exploring proposed changes to the NSW drug penalty system and their potential impact. Next, NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge joins us to unpack these proposed changes. After that, the head of Harm Reduction Australia, Gino Vambucca, jumps on air to talk about what we’re at with pill testing in Australia. This episode was produced by Niki Iliagoueva, Millie Roberts, Charles Rushforth, Rebekah Manibog, and Eamonn Snow.
12/11/202022 minutes, 50 seconds
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Disability Visibility 2020 and Baby Yoda Momalorians

This week we talk to Disability Activist Robin Eames about Disability Visibility 2020. After, Backchat Digital Producers Rebekah Manibog and Vanessa Lim delve into the world of Baby Yoda and momalorians. This week's episode was produced by Niki Iliagoueva, Millie Roberts, Vanessa Lim, and Rebekah Manibog.
12/4/202019 minutes, 18 seconds
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In this week's episode, the Backchat team chat to the Director of Advocacy and Campaigns from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Jana Favero, to discuss the sudden visa changes and what it means for vunerable refugees. After that, we have a 'Rona Roundtable with Nine News producer, Andrew Rickert, to unpack what it means to be living with Miss 'Rona and unpack the year of COVID-19. This episode was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Tanita Razaghi, Eamonn Snow, Rebekah Manibog, Chantelle Al-khouri and Vanessa Lim.
11/28/202025 minutes, 29 seconds
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In this episode of Backchat we chat with CEO of Women's Health NSW, Hayley Foster, about this week's domestic abuse reforms in NSW, how they impact survivors and future changes that her organisation is involved in. We're also joined by Founder and CEO of Oxford Art Factory, Mark Gerber, to discuss a survey by MusicNSW which found that 85% of NSW music venues predict their own shutdown in the next year, and what it'll mean for your fave local artists. Backchat is brought to you by our producers Millie Roberts, Nicole Iliagoueva, Sana Shake and Vanessa Lim.
11/20/202026 minutes, 12 seconds
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This episode, in a NAIDOC week special, Backchat explores a range of inspiring First Nations stories. We chat with Wiradjuri Brotherboy Hayden Moon about long-standing gender diversity in First Nations communities, and how colonisation has affected gender binaries. Backchat Digital Producer Rebekah Manibog also sat down with Ngen'gi Wumirri artist and hunter Kieren Karritpul to explore how his award wining fashion designs have served as an important vehicle for Indigenous storytelling. Our final guest, Gomeroi woman Rachael McPhail, joins us to discuss her campaign to have First Nations place names included in all Australian postal addresses. This episode of Backchat was brought to you by Rebekah Manibog, Vanessa Lim, Millie Roberts, Tanita Razaghi and Eamonn Snow.
11/13/202025 minutes, 29 seconds
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Drag Kings and COVID-19 Tracing

This week on Backchat we're looking at the history and future of the Drag King community. During the lockdown in Sydney this year, drag king shows continued via live stream despite the undesirable circumstances. Backchat talks to performer Gabriel King about the revival of Drag King shows. If you’ve been to the pub in NSW recently, you’ve probably handed over your email address and phone number in some way or another. From physical pen and paper sign-in sheets to dubious QR codes leading to shoddy Mailchimp forms, the way you leave your personal information is likely to be different for every business you visit. Backchat talks to Sacha Molitorisz about data breaches in Covid-19 tracing. This episode of Backchat was brought to you by Rebekah Manibog, Millie Roberts, Vanessa Lim, Charles Rushforth, and Sana Shaikh.
11/6/202021 minutes, 11 seconds
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#EndSARS and North Head's Wildlife

This week on Backchat we speak with President of Next Generation Naija Judy Okan about the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria and Australia. After, Niki Iliagoueva chats with Chief Exec of NSW Nature Conservation Council, Chris Gambian about a routine burn gone wrong in North Head, Manly, and how it's affected the area's wildlife. This episode of Backchat was brought to you by Chantelle Al-Khouri, Millie Roberts, Niki Iliagoueva and Vanessa Lim.
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Student Protests and Eco-Friendly Business Models

This week on Backchat we speak to Sydney University's SRC president, Liam Donohoe, about police violence and the right to protest for student activists. Founder of small eco-business, Plasswitch, Ankita Agarwal joins us to discuss the small changes businesses and individuals can make that prioritise the environment's future. This episode of Backchat was brought to you by Millie Roberts, Tanita Razaghi & Bek Manibog.
10/23/202023 minutes, 10 seconds
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Visa Language Changes and Sexual Assault on Tinder

Ali Mojtahedi, a Principal solicitor for Immigration Advice and Rights Centre joins Backchat to speak about the changes to partner visas in regards to their English proficiency. After, we spoke with Journalist Ange McCormack on Tinder being a breeding ground for sexual predators.
10/16/202024 minutes, 44 seconds
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LGBTQIA+ Conversion Ban, Backlash Against Jessie Tu's Review and Protect Trans Kids Rally

This week Backchat speaks to SOGICE Survivors about plans to ban LGBTQIA+ conversion practices in NSW, backlash that Jessica Tu has faced for her review literary review and Mark Latham's proposed education legislation changes and how this will impact trans and gender diverse children in NSW. This episode of Backchat was brought to you by Izabella Antoniou, Bek Manibog, Tanita Razaghi, Millie Roberts and Charles Rushforth.
10/9/202027 minutes, 11 seconds
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Rural Abortion Healthcare and Over-Policing in Western Sydney during COVID-19

Although it’s been a year since abortion was finally decriminalised in NSW, people with uteruses living in regional Australia still need to travel to different cities to have an abortion. Imogen Todd, the young women’s coordinator at Illawarra Women’s Health Centre, talks about some of the challenges women in rural areas are facing, now more than ever in COVID-19. A freedom of information investigation conducted by the Sun Herald last week found that Western Sydney suburbs like Mount Druitt and Liverpool, which were at the top of the list - prompting concerns about the over-policing of minorities in those regions. Samantha Lee, a solicitor with Redfern Legal Centre, to discusses the issue with us.
10/2/202023 minutes, 15 seconds
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JobKeeper Changes and Food Delivery Workers in the Pandemic

This week Backchat dives into the plight of young workers in the COVID era. Our reporter Sana Shaikh explores changes to JobKeeper legislation and the impact this will have on those receiving the payment. We also chat to Jack Boutros from the Transport Workers Union about the challenges faced by food delivery workers during the pandemic. FBi SUPPORTER DRIVE - If you love what we do at Backchat, please consider joining us as a supporter. We need you to keep producing quality, independent journalism. Head to to sign up! This episode was produced by Eddy Diamond, Millie Roberts, Natalie Sekulovska, Sana Shaikh and Tanita Razaghi.
9/25/202023 minutes, 58 seconds
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24-hour Sydney and Public Housing during the 2000 Sydney Olympics

The NSW government this week introduced a plan to turn Sydney into a 24-hour city by extending opening hours and reducing red tape for businesses. Michael Rodrigues from the Night Time Industries Association discusses how these changes could affect our nightlife. This month marks 20 years since the Sydney Olympics and looking back, there was a lot happening behind the scenes. Backchat reporter Charles Rushforth investigates how the 2000 Olympics caused mass evictions, threatened public housing, and put pressure on Sydney's homeless population.
9/18/202026 minutes, 39 seconds
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R U OK Day and Aboriginal Flag Copyright

20 percent of Australians experience a mental illness in any given year, and research shows these conditions are more prevalent among 18 to 24-year-olds. Backchat reporter Chantelle Al-Khouri spoke to the Black Dog Institute, the Butterfly Foundation, and the Indigo Project about the spike in mental health issues facing young Aussies. A movement to change the Aboriginal flag’s copyright permissions has recently kicked off. Nearly 150,000 people signing a petition to “free the flag”, while a federal inquiry into its licensing arrangements and use was launched last week. Wirlomin-Noongar writer and poet Claire G. Coleman helps us break down the misconceptions in this divisive debate.
9/11/202022 minutes, 20 seconds
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'Rising Heart' Memoir, #LetUsSpeak and Indigenous Bushfire Management

In 1999, Aminata Conteh-Biger was snatched from her father’s house as a teenager by rebel soldiers during Sierra Leone’s Civil War. She discusses her experiences in her 'Rising Heart' memoir and talks to us about the Maternal Aminata Foundation, that she started to help Sierra Leonean mothers. Recent changes in Victoria mean that thousands of sexual assault survivors could be jailed or fined for speaking out under their own names. We speak to the people behind the #LetUsSpeak movement to find out what these reforms mean. With our bushfire seasons becoming longer and more deadly, it’s clear something needs to change. Oliver Costello from the Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation to gives us insight into traditional fire management practices and how they can be used in future bushfire seasons.
9/4/202030 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ageist Tinder and Period Poverty

A report by CHOICE Australia found that over-30s could be paying nearly $35 a month for this premium service. That’s compared to young queer females, who pay around $7. Erin Turner from the consumer advocacy group CHOICE talks about their findings on Australia’s most downloaded dating app. It’s estimated that period poverty affects over a million Aussies who can’t afford or access sanitary items due to homelessness, domestic violence or economic circumstances. The founder of Share the Dignity, Rochelle Courtenay, talks about their goal to pair people with these necessities this month.
8/14/202019 minutes
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National Homelessness Week and Renting during COVID-19

Teenagers in out of home care are more likely to become homeless or end up in prison, within the first 12 months of leaving the state care system when they turn 18. National Homeless Collective campaigner Nevena Spirovska talks to us about why it’s so important to provide extended care to young people in NSW. A new survey has found fewer than one in ten renters who were struggling during the pandemic received a satisfactory rent reduction from their landlord. Joel Dignam, the Executive Director at Better Renting chats to us about their findings.
8/7/202019 minutes, 22 seconds
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Economic Prospects for the Youth and Meme Factories

The Productivity Commission's report found that incomes for people aged between 15 and 24 fell by nearly 2% a year, between 2008 and 2018. CEO of Youth Action NSW, Kate Munro explains what economic prospects for young people will look like in a post-Covid world. Meme factories can shape social media, cultural references and public opinion. Internet studies researcher Dr Crystal Abidin talks about what meme factories are, and how they pivoted to corona content, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.
7/31/202025 minutes, 52 seconds
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Samsung Adani Protests and Tax Time Tips

Last week, environmental groups threatened to boycott Samsung products if they didn’t stop funding Adani. Dan Gosher, the director of climate and environment at the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility explains why corporations should reassess their corporate social responsibility when it comes to the climate crisis. The end of financial year is where you’ll either get a fat sum back in your pocket or find out you owe the government a lot of money. To help us out with your concerns, we speak to director of tax communications at H&R Block, Mark Chapman.
7/24/202027 minutes, 6 seconds
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TikTok Bans and Counter Magazine

Countries around the world are moving to ban TikTok in fear of data being sent to the Chinese government. Internet aficionado and tech journalist Cam Wilson talks about the likelihood of Australia also banning TikTok. Counter Magazine covers all things tough, taboo and the beautiful when it comes to food. Counter Magazine co-editor Kate Johnston speaks about their unique approach to food journalism, and what we can expect from their second issue.
7/10/202025 minutes, 18 seconds
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Women's Health and Diverse Hair Care

Studies show women wait longer in emergency rooms, are less likely to receive painkillers, and have our side effects ignored in medical research. Gabrielle Jackson, the Guardian Australia's Associate News Editor, has written extensively on gendered health treatment and shares her own experiences. Despite a lack of training on BIPOC hair, there are over a million First Nations, Torres Strait Island, African and Caribbean Aussies. Chrissy Zemura started a petition to mandate afro-textured hair education in TAFE’s Certificate III course and discusses the importance of inclusive haircare in Australia.
7/3/202019 minutes, 38 seconds
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Uni Fee Hikes and Australia's First Trans-Led Legal Service

The Morrison government has proposed uni fee changes that would ramp the costs of arts and humanities by over 100% in some courses. Sophie Johnston, a Commissioner with the National Youth Commission, explains what these changes mean for the next generation of students. The Roberta Perkins Law Project, Australia’s first-ever transgender legal service staffed by trans and gender diverse lawyers, was officially launched in Melbourne. Sam Elkin, a writer, activist, and lawyer at the Roberta Perkins Law Project to tell us what they’re doing there, and how other states can follow suit.
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Future of Public Housing and Sustainable Fashion during Refugee Week

With the recession around the corner and unemployment on the rise, affordable housing is more important than ever. Pam Barker, CEO of youth social service Y-Foundations joins us to discuss the importance of affordable housing, particularly for at-risk youth. World Refugee Day is a time to raise awareness and celebrate the contributions made by refugees. Kate Clugston from The Social Outfit tells us how they support Sydney’s refugee community by employing, educating and training refugee women in the fashion industry.
6/19/202026 minutes, 42 seconds
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Protests during Covid and Bushfire Twitter Bots

Sydney’s Black Lives Matter protest was authorised by the Supreme Court in the knick of time, despite a campaign from NSW Police to stop it from going ahead on the grounds of public health concerns. Lawyer Sidnie Suh-rang from O'Brien Solicitors worked on both cases before the Supreme Court and shares the reasoning behind these judgements. Hashtags about arson during our last disastrous bushfire season sparked debate about the true cause of this year’s Black Summer. Our reporter Eamonn Snow dug deep on online disinformation and how it can sway the Australian public.
6/12/202028 minutes, 47 seconds
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Indigenous Deaths in Custody and Robodebt

The Black Lives Matter protests in America catalysed from the death of unarmed African-American George Floyd by police officers, have led us to reflect on how we treat Indigenous Australians. Joshua Creamer, a Barrister at Law, Waanyi and Kalkadoon man, talks about the high rate of Indigenous deaths in custody. This week, the Government acknowledged their failed robodebt system - a highly flawed, automated crackdown on welfare. Jenny Cao talks about her experiences with being a recipient of robodebt.
6/5/202022 minutes, 47 seconds
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National Reconciliation Week 2020

One of the enduring issues faced by Indigenous communities is the forced removal of children from their families. Richard Weston from The Family Matters campaign explains why Indigenous kids are 10 times more likely to be removed than non-Indigenous children. A survey by Reconciliation Australia revealed that while 90% of Australians support reconciliation, less than a third know how to help. Yorta Yorta woman and lecturer at the University of Wollongong, Summer May Finlay explains how non-Indigenous people should engage in Indigenous spaces, and what we need to improve beyond National Reconciliation Week.
5/29/202025 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Arts Industry and Future of Drag

The art industry is on high alert after the NSW Government withheld an annual grant from Australia’s biggest multi-arts venue Carriageworks, forcing it to go into voluntary administration. Executive Director of the National Association for the Visual Arts, Esther Anatolitis discusses how COVID-19 has affected the arts industry. Since the pandemic venues have been shut down, meaning drag queens are unable to perform live in person, in front of large crowds until further notice. Drag Artist, Etcetera Etcetera talks about what the drag community is currently doing online and the potential future of drag.
5/22/202025 minutes, 57 seconds
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Social Wellbeing After Lockdown

A survey by the ABC has found only one-in-eight Aussies would feel comfortable attending a large event, one-in-five would consider flying on a plane, and only 40% would dine-in at a restaurant. Dr Rachael Murrahee, clinical psychologist and the director of the Kidman Centre joins us to talk about what social wellbeing will look like after lockdown.
5/15/202019 minutes, 13 seconds
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COVID-19 Racism and Sustainable Fashion

The coronavirus pandemic has seen racism against Australia’s East Asian community increase in recent months. A survey by the Asian Australian Alliance revealed 178 incidents of coronavirus-related racism in just a two week window. Osmond Chew, a research fellow at social justice and inequality think tank Per Capita, joins us to talk about this spike. Later, the fashion industry is turning on its head—small businesses have closed up shop, global imports have been impacted and yet online shopping has skyrocketed during quarantine. Natalie Shehata, eco-stylist and founder of ethical fashion platform, tommie magazine, joins us to talk about unethical consumerism and the uncertainty for the future of fashion.
5/8/202024 minutes, 4 seconds
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COVIDSafe and the Economic Future

The government’s COVIDSafe citizen tracking app launched last week. Naturally there are concerns over privacy, and exactly how it’ll work. Professor Kimberlee Wetherall, specialist in technology law, joins us to discuss exactly what this new app is all about. Later, as the coronavirus continues to hammer the Australian economy, young people are going to bear the brunt of the downturn in the future. Ed Miller, Economic Fairness Campaigns Director at GetUp, joins us to talk to us about the economic cost of the pandemic and how we’re going to be paying for it in the future.
5/1/202024 minutes, 27 seconds
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Domestic Violence in Lockdown

As families are urged to self-isolate, survivors of family violence are being forced even closer to their abusers, causing an increase in cases of domestic and family abuse. Jess Hill, investigative journalist and author of See What You Made Me Do, joins us to talk to us about how survivors of family violence are being affected by the coronavirus lockdown orders. If you or someone you know is impacted by domestic or family violence, call 1800 RESPECT or visit
4/24/202024 minutes, 15 seconds
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5G Conspiracies and Eating Disorders in Isolation

Of all of the COVID-19 news, perhaps none is absurd is the backlash against 5G data technology. Joining us first is Cameron Wilson, Buzzfeed Internet Reporter and former Backchat producer to chat with us about the conspiracies behind Coronavirus and 5G technologies. Later, Winnie Dunn is the General Manager of Sweatshop, a literacy movement which supports writers in Western Sydney. She’s got some news about Sweatshop’s new anthology. She’ll also be speaking to us about her experience living with an eating disorder in coronavirus isolation.  If this content was troubling, or you’re struggling through this crisis, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 44 or visit for support.
4/17/202026 minutes, 6 seconds
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Isabella Kwai is a reporter for the New York Times who spent several weeks in Hong Kong covering the Coronavirus first-hand. She joins us to talk about watching the virus unfold from near the heart of the pandemic. Later we’ve heard about the effects of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry, hospitality and retail, but what about sex work? Cameron Cox, CEO of the Sex Workers Outreach Project joins us to talk about how the virus is effecting the industry.
3/20/202024 minutes, 7 seconds
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Climate Change Bill and Health Insurance

The effects of the climate crisis are clearly showing, and while our country burns, our government seems to be doing very little. Federal member for Waringah, Zali Steggall, is introducing a new bill to parliament, which will ensure Australia has a clear national response to our climate challenges. Backchat producer Eden Faithfull sat down with Steggall to find out more about the bill. Later, more and more young Australians are turning their backs on private health insurance, and many of us feel like we’re not getting value for money. We’re joined by Dean Price, Senior Campaigns & Policy Advisor at CHOICE, to unpack health insurance, and whether or not we really do need to be covered.
3/13/202025 minutes, 19 seconds
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All About Women

The All About Women festival was held at the Opera House on the weekend, for International Women’s Day. This week we speak with two incredible artists who were featured at the festival. First up, we’re joined by Stanislava Pinchuk AKA Miso, a Ukrainian-born, Melbourne-based artist, that maps areas of conflict around the world, using traditional materials like textiles, as well as tattoos. Later, Sarina Masukor is a writer and filmmaker living in Sydney, whose work explores what it’s like to live in the twenty-first century. Sarina joins up to discuss her work, as well as the importance of diversity in the arts across Sydney.
3/6/202021 minutes, 40 seconds
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Urban Farming and Mardi Gras Coporisation

As the ongoing droughts make fresh produce more difficult to farm, it’s past time we start looking at alternative farming methods. blakthumb is a startup working to create small, networked farms in unused urban spaces. Co-founder Mel Fyfe joins us to talk about future-proofing our cities with urban farms. Later, with Mardi Gras about to kick off, there’s a lot of chatter about corporations co-opting pride. Queer activist Aiden Magro joins us in the studio discuss the corporatisation of Mardi Gras, and how it might be taking up space from more important queer conversations.
2/28/202020 minutes, 29 seconds
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Buy Now, Pay Later and Kin Fertility

More and more 'buy now, pay later’ options are emerging, and young adults are putting themselves deeper into debt than they realise. Paridhi Jain, founder of financial training service Skilled Smart, joins us to talk about better managing our finances. Later, Kin Fertility is a new startup, looking to revolutionise reproductive healthcare in Australia, and educate people with a uterus about how to best access the healthcare they need. Co-Founder Nicole Liu joins us to talk about their work.
2/21/202026 minutes, 21 seconds
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Microclimates and Individual Carbon Output

Earlier this year, Penrith was the hottest place on earth, and microclimates in Sydney’s urban sprawl are creating temperature disparities of over 10°C. Dr. Sebastian Pfautsch, a climate expert from Western Sydney University, joins us to talk about his work with Penrith City Council to quantify temperatures and mitigate the climate crisis. Later, while trying to hold the government, and corporations to account for the climate crisis, how much individual responsibility to we each bear? Madeleine Morris, ABC News finance reporter, joins us to talk about reducing your individual carbon footprint.
2/7/202028 minutes, 25 seconds
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we are the mainstream and Sweaty City

we are the mainstream is an emerging collective for Black, Indigenous and Womxn of Colour, exploring what it’s like to be a woman of colour across various industries and, within the context of every day Australian society. Founder of we are the mainstream, Priyanka Bromhead, joins us to talk about the collective, and their upcoming symposium on Feb 29th. Later, Sweaty City is a new publication focusing on environmentalism and urban ecology, aiming to chart the stories of Sydney's residents affected by climate change and rapidly expanding urban sprawl. Founder Angela Heathcote joins us to discuss the new magazine.
1/31/202021 minutes, 20 seconds
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Health Star Ratings and AustraliaSim

Recent reports indicate that the Health Star Rating System isn’t that reliable. Choice, Australia’s largest consumer advocacy group, has accused food manufacturers of "gaming" the system, by picking and choosing which products to put stars on, leading to a bias towards those products. Linda Przhedetsky, a food policy expert from Choice, joins us to explain. Later, we look into the recent ‘Yes’ vote on the referendum for Australia to become a Republic. Not for real Australia, but the alternate reality one which plays out on the Subreddit, ‘AustraliaSim’. Buzzfeed News reporter, and former Backchat producer Cameron Wilson joins us to talk about this bizarre pocket of the internet.
11/15/201926 minutes, 33 seconds
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Rap in Sydney's Wast and Villawood

Grime and Drill music are becoming increasingly popular, and many are finding ties to Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Writer and host on Vice’s Violent Times, Mahmood Fazal, joins us to talk about the special connection between rap music and Sydney’s West. Later, it was recently reported that Villawood, one of Australia’s major immigration detention centres, has been scolded by a tribunal for repeatedly bringing detainees to their hearings too late. This is just one in a host of problems faced by detainees at detention centres. Buzzfeed reporter Hannah Ryan joins us to discuss lengths the Australian government has gone to in order to keep sick refugees away from our shores.
11/8/201923 minutes, 2 seconds
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Syrian Ceasefire and Consent Laws

After the ceasefire between the US and Turkey ended, Turkey has indicated they intend to remain in Syria, meanwhile Donald Trump announced US forces with also remain to protect oil fields from Islamic State. Dr Mehmet Oz-alp, Director of the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation at Charles Sturt University, joins us for insight on the situation. Later, it’s been two years since same-sex marriage was passed, but beyond the law, how much has changed? Backchat reporter Olivia Stanley takes a look into the treatment of LGBTQI+ Australians in the church. Finally, daft proposals to change the NSW consent laws were submitted this week. They clarify that sexual consent hasn’t been given, if a person “freezes” or doesn’t give any direct, verbal indication of consent. Many experts are saying they’re still not strong enough. Academic and researcher Dr Rachael Burgin who specialises in sexual assault law in Victoria joins us to discuss the proposal.
11/1/201929 minutes, 14 seconds
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Universal Job Guarantee and Fast Fashion

There are currently seven hundred thousand people in Australia actively looking for a job, and a market with only two hundred thousand vacancies. Not to mention the further million who are under-employed. Edward Miller, a Campaigns Director for Economic Fairness at GetUp joins us to discuss the possibility of an Australian Universal Job Guarantee initiative. Later, ‘fast-fashion’—single-wear wardrobe fillers from brands like Zara and H&M may be cheap, but they come at other costs. Natalie Shehata, founder and editor of Tommie Magazine joins us to talk about slow-fashion, recycling, and making ethical choices with your wardrobe.
10/18/201927 minutes, 55 seconds
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Social Media Data and Problem Gambling

The more information we give to social media, the more power they have to influence us. Lyndsey Jackson, a digital rights expert from Electronic Frontiers Australia, joins us to talk about the ways in which our favourite social media apps are changing, and what that means for our online security. Later, Australians gamble $24 billion a year, and growing concern for problem gamblers has helped launch the Community Benefit Payment Scheme. Backchat reporter Eamonn Snow looks into gambling issues in Australia, and what the government is actually doing about it. If you or somebody you know suffers from a gambling addiction, you can reach out to the Multicultural Problem Gambling Service on 1800 856 800 or to Lifeline crisis support on 13 11 14.
10/11/201920 minutes, 44 seconds
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Refugees in Uganda and Gossip Journalism

According to the United Nations’ Refugee Agency’s 2019 report, there are currently more than 70 million displaced people around the globe. Lynn Dang is a former refugee, board member of Australia for United Nations Refugee Comission, and head of talent acquisition at Microsoft Australia—she recently travelled to Uganda to understand the progressive programs they’ve implemented to support their 1.3 million refugees. She joins is to share her insight into refugee policy in Uganda, and what we in Australia could learn from them. Later, we take a quick look inside the glossy pages of gossip magazines at celebrity rumour journalism.
10/4/201924 minutes, 52 seconds
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Congestion Crisis and Child Modelling

Congestion in Sydney is an ongoing problem, but over the next decade the city’s population is expected to grow to over 7 million people, pushing us into a congestion crisis. Deputy CEO and Director of Policy for Committee of Sydney, Eamon Waterford, talks with us about what 'congestion crisis' means, and what we’re doing to prevent it. Later, ‘Breaking the Model’ is a new doco on SBS Viceland’s The Feed, looking into the way the modelling industry exploits child models. Documentary creator, comedian and former child-model Jenna Owen joins us.
9/27/201927 minutes
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Drug-Testing Welfare Recipients and Lockout Laws

Scott Morrison’s government has revived controversial legislation that would force 5,000 Newstart and youth allowance recipients to undergo drug testing to get their welfare payments. Dr. Nicole Lee, drug policy expert from Curtin University’s National Drug Research Institute, joins us to discuss the proposal. Later, after 5 years of controversy the state government is taking steps to remove the lockout laws - everywhere except for Kings Cross. Michael Rodrigues, Managing Director of Time Out Australia, and chair of the Night Time Industries Association speaks with us about the changes. Finally, ‘Her Sound, Her Story’ is a moving documentary exploring women in Australia’s music scene. An intimate conversation with 45 artists spanning six decades, it discusses the experiences, triumphs and social impact of women in the industry. Documentary co-creator and self-taught music photographer Michelle Grace Hunder joins us.
9/13/201932 minutes, 40 seconds
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Water Crisis and Domestic Violence

Sydney Water levels are dropping faster than they have in decades across 11 dams in Greater Sydney, and levels are about to drop below 50%. Still, we aren’t talking about drought in greater Sydney. Environmentalist Liz Miu joins us to discuss the water crisis, and what small changes that we can all make to conserve water. Later, Archibald Prize finalist Amani Haydar has a new exhibition at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery. Lawyer, artist, mother, and domestic violence advocate—Haydar joins us to talk about her life, art and advocacy. If you or somebody you know is experiencing domestic violence you can visit or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 to be put in contact with State Crisis Services.
9/6/201923 minutes, 44 seconds
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Russian Internet and Drug Laws

Free flowing information on the internet is seen as tantamount to a functioning democracy. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Russia’s government is looking to implement a centralised, state controlled internet. We’re joined by Russian independent investigative journalists Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, who have spent years investigating how the Kremlin watches over its citizens Later, in the wake of an increase in accidental deaths by drug overdose, new laws by the NSW government may see people who sell illicit drugs be prosecuted for homicide if the person who uses the drug dies as a result. Dr Elyse Methven, Lecturer in Law and a UTS Early Career Research Fellow, joins us to discuss the new law.
8/30/201925 minutes, 23 seconds
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Diversity in Arts Leadship

A new report from Diversity Arts Australia indicates that Australian art bodies are lacking in culturally and linguistically diverse leadership across all sectors. Lena Nahlous, Executive Director of Diversity Arts Australia joins us to talk about their report, and what we can do going forward.
8/23/201912 minutes, 31 seconds
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Pacific Islands Forum and University Funding

At the Pacific Islands Forum 2019, Scott Morrisson made his opposition to other Pacific Islands nations’ views on climate change known. When it was called for an immediate global ban on the construction of new coal-fired power plants, Australia was the only country to opt out of supporting the statement. Director of the climate and energy program at the Australia Institute, Richie Merzian joins us to discuss our representation at the forum. Later, as of 2020, Australian universities will be measured across new performance criteria to unlock funding increases. These criteria include graduate employment outcomes, student experience, and enrolment of Indigenous, disadvantaged, and rural students. Desiree Cai, Australia-wide President for the National Union of Students, joins us to unpack these changes.
8/16/201924 minutes
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Successfully Protesting and Audio Captions

We’re seeing more and more climate protests across the world, and last week Lobby group Extinction Rebellion hit the main stage with attention-grabbing demonstrations in Brisbane. Nicola Paris from CounterAct joins us to talk about what makes for a successful protest. Later, do you ever wonder how visually-impaired people get immersed in cinema, TV and theatre, or even live public events? Backchat reporter Rhianna Soliman looks into how audio captions work, and why Australia is so far behind.
8/9/201919 minutes, 40 seconds
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Decriminalising Abortion and Sex and Disability

Globally, 2019 has been full of bad news for reproductive rights. The good news is, the Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill 2019 has seen bipartisan support in NSW Parliament. Medical Director of Family Planning NSW, Dr Deborah Bateson joins us to discuss the ramifications of decriminalising abortion in NSW. Later, dating can be tricky at the best of times. For young people with intellectual or learning disabilities, the challenges and stigma surrounding dating and relationships can be overwhelming. Relationship coach and sexuality advisor Liz Dore is a on a mission to break the taboos surrounding love and relationships for everyone—she joins us to discuss her work. Finally, that feeling of overwhelming sadness, and dread has a name—‘climate grief’. Comedian, ASMR eco-activist, and climate griever Issy Phillips talks about mourning the Pale Blue Dot.
8/2/201926 minutes, 45 seconds
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NAIDOC: Constitutional Recognition, Deadly Science, and Statistical Representation

NAIDOC week was observed from July 7th to 14th, celebrating the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This week’s show reflects some of the voices of the people behind these achievements. Thomas Mayor, a Torres Strait Islander man born on Larrakia country in Darwin. He’s also the National Indigenous Officer at a construction union and an advocate for the Uluru Statement from the Heart. He spoke to us about his work on the Statement, and where we should be looking to from here. Later we’re joined by Corey Tutt, a Kamilaroi man who runs Deadly Science, a program which encourages Indigenous students to stick with STEM subjects, by sending them books and equipment across the country. Finally, we speak with Kalinda Griffiths, a Yawuru woman and Epidemiologist at the UNSW Centre for Big Data Research, about how Indigenous people are represented in Australia’s official statistics.
7/12/201929 minutes, 58 seconds
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HECS Repayments and Hating On Canberra

Starting this month the HECS repayment threshold has dropped to $45,881 a year. To discuss what this will mean for lower-earning graduates, and the broader economy, Sam Langford, Junkee news and politics reporter joins us. Later, Canberra is always the butt of Sydney’s jokes, but why is our nation’s capital also our punching bag? Prue Robson, Canberra migrant, and PhD candidate from the University of Canberra joins us in defence of the city.
7/5/201921 minutes, 26 seconds
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Climate Crisis and Sydney Transport

‘Climate Emergency’ has been declared in Sydney by Lord Mayor Clover Moore, following 600 similar declarations worldwide. City of Sydney Councillor and Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee Jess Miller joins us to discuss climate futures in Sydney and Australia. Later, transport in Sydney is a constant cause for complaint, but recent shakeups and innovations seem to be inching us forward. Transportist David Levinson, an Honorary Associate at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at Sydney University, joins us to talk about the state of transport in Sydney.
6/28/201926 minutes, 47 seconds
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Refugee Legal Aid and Climate Change ASMR

Every day the plight of refugees coming to Australia, especially those on Manus and Nauru, is becoming more and more dire. Florence Cruz Montalvo is a solicitor at Legal Aid’s Refugee Service, and she joins to us about the ways in which their service can improve the lives and experiences of young people and refugees in Australian society. We also hear a story from Backchat’s regular co-host Shami Sivasubramanian about Techfugees: a not-for-profit that seeks to use technology to help newly-arrived refugees to Australia.  Later, we’ve been yelling about climate change for a while, maybe it’s time to try whispering. Comedian Issy Phillips joins us to talk about ASMR as the next frontier of climate activism.
6/21/201926 minutes, 58 seconds
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Superannuation Changes and the Geography of Islamophobia

From July 1st, there are going to be big changes to how your superannuation is managed, but most young people don’t even know how much is in their super. Acting Director of the Superannuation Consumers’ Centre at CHOICE, Xavier O’Halloran, joins us to explain what’s happening. Later, the role of geography in Islamophobia. We’re joined by Rhonda Itaoui from the Challenging Racism Project, and PhD candidate at Western Sydney University, to discuss how racism manifests differently depending on where you live and work.
6/14/201924 minutes, 51 seconds
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Reconciliation Week and Reproductive Rights

It’s national Reconciliation Week, allowing us time to reflect on the contributions and achievements of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. However the week doesn’t go by without criticism from Indigenous Australians. To discuss the triumphs and shortcomings of Reconciliation Week, Nathan moodyi Sentance, a Wiradjuri man from the Australian Museum joins us. Later, the term ‘revenge porn’ has been used for some time to refer to the sharing of partners’ private images. Many academics are pushing for a move away from the term to ‘image based abuse’, in an effort to desexualise the act and better address the motivations, and consequences for victims. Associate professor in the Social and Global Studies Centre at RMIT University, Nicola Henry, joins us to discuss. Finally, the abortion ban in Alabama has sparked conversation about reproductive rights the world over. We’re joined by Sydney high school student Bella Ziade has organised a rally to fight for bodily autonomy on June 9th.
5/31/201932 minutes
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Diversity in Publishing and Repealing Medevac

The lack of diverse publications has been increasingly highlighted and internationally challenged in recent years, forcing us to question how well represented Indigenous and people of colour writers are in Australia. Gaining statistics to answer this question, however, is proving very difficult. Hella Ibrahim is the founder and editorial director of Djed Press, she joins us to discuss the issue of representation in publishing in Australia. Later, following the Coalition’s election victory, one of the LNP’s first priorities is to repeal the medevac law. This law allowed refugees and asylum seekers in need of medical attention to be transferred to Australia. All of this follows a notable spike in self-harm and suicide attempts among off-shore refugees and asylum seekers in the wake of the election. Keeping us up to speed on developments is human rights campaigner Renaire Druery from GetUp!. If you or anyone you know is in need of support, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, at any hour of the day.
5/24/201923 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Young Vote and Eurovision in Israel

With a nail-biting election in process, the unprecedented number of young voters enrolled is expected to shake up results. Ariadne Vromen, a Professor of Political Sociology at the University of Sydney, joins us to discuss the election from a young voters perspective, and the way major parties have (or have not) effectively made campaign appeals to the demographic. May 18th is also significant in global politics this year, as the finale of the Eurovision contest is set to go ahead in Israel, despite controversies due to the ongoing conflict with Palestine. This comes just three days after Nakba Day, literally translating to ‘Day of the Catastrophe’, which commemorates the mass displacement and human rights abuse of Palestinian people that has continued since late 1940s. Sydney lawyer and Palestinian rights activist Ramia Abdo Sultun joins us to talk about the controversy caused by the decision to host the finale in Israel.
5/17/201924 minutes, 36 seconds
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Islamophobia and Election Advertising Laws

A recent YouGov survey indicates that 51% of Australians have ‘unfavourable sentiments’ towards Islam, with only 10% of the population looking upon the religion positively. The results also revealed that Australia is more negative towards Islam than 17 of the other 22 countries surveyed. Writer Ruby Hamad joins Backchat to discuss this survey outcome, and Islamophobia in contemporary Australia.  Later, a look into the election campaign. Voters are being bombarded with promises and posturing on more platforms than ever before. Whether it’s Clive Palmer’s bizarre United Australia Party’s ads, smear campaigns, or straight-up lies—it seems like it’s pretty much a free-for-all for politicians. Shami and Swetha look into the laws surrounding election campaign advertisements, and just how tight they are. Also, producer Eden Faithful joins for a pop quiz on how well you’ve been following politics in the lead up to the election.
5/10/201923 minutes, 36 seconds
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Young Voters and Domestic Violence Funding

The 2019 federal election is set to boast the highest enrolment rate in Australian history—96.8%, and a record enrolment rate for young Australians aged 18-24, at 88.8%. Katie Acheson, CEO of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, joins Backchat to talk about the reasons behind the enrolment spike, a possible election outcomes. Also, the Coalition has recently committed to funding two additional case workers and cyber security measures at the Penrith Women’s Health Centre. This comes under its total domestic violence spending, which adds up to 328 million dollars. Lula Dembele, Co-Founder Childhood Domestic Violence Australia, joins to discuss the ways in which the government can move to a safer and more rigorously supportive society for survivors of domestic abuse.  If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please call 1800RESPECT for help and information.
4/27/201924 minutes, 49 seconds
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Rainbow Warrior and Youth Homelessness

Jason Wing is a Canterbury-based Birripai Chinese-Indigenous artist who has just unveiled ‘Rainbow Warrior’, a new mural at Ewan Perk in Hurlstone Park as part of the 2019 Wurridjal Festival. Jason joins Backchat to talk about his work, the importance of contemporary Indigenous art, and maintaining cultural history. Backchat reporter Lindsay Riley also investigates the impact of the 2018 Data Sharing and Release bill which gives the government the power to share their data on you.  Finally, we look into the rise of youth homelessness in Sydney, particularly in the Inner West. Zoe Robinson, CEO of YFoundations joins us to explore the issue, and discuss the work of her organisation.
4/20/201927 minutes, 35 seconds
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Deportation Due to Disability and the One Asian Party

The Wangchuks are Bhutanese a family who have lived and worked in Australia since 2012. They are now facing deportation after their permanent residency was refused, because their deaf son would be a “cost” to the taxpayer. Disability Officer for the National Union of Students and friend of the family Will Edwards, joins us to explain their situation and help share their story.  Also, Michael Hing, comedian and writer for SBS’s The Feed, is now a senate candidate. Set to take Australian politics by storm, Hing has formed the One Asian Party, and he joins us to talk about policy and his potential political career.
4/13/201923 minutes, 43 seconds
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Children on Nauru and the Uluru Statement

This week on Backchat, we talk to photojournalist Mridula Amin and artist and photographer Lachie Hinton who recently reported on the experiences of refugee children living on Nauru for the New York Times. Later, we chat to lawyer and human rights advocate Teela Reid about the importance of a First Nations Voice before Australia puts forward a republic referendum.
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Backchat 2003 edition

We are celebrating 15 years of FBi Radio this week! Listen for all the hits from 2003, including Guy Sebastian's Angels Brought Me Here and Missy Elliot's Work It. Plus, we quiz our hosts Swetha and Nat about Australian pop culture from the year. We also chat to Newtown Greens MP Jenny Leong about proposed changes to NSW's rental laws and pill testing at music festivals.
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Abortion decriminalisation and women in politics

Three quarters of people in NSW do not know that abortion is a crime in this state. We chat to Maddy Ward, women's collective officer at the University of Sydney, who was nearly suspended for protesting against an anti-abortion stall on campus under pressure from Labor MP Greg Donnelly. Later, we talk to Ash Streeter-Jones, co-founder and COO of Jasiri Australia, about women in politics and improving gender representation in parliament.
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Commercialisation of universities with Dr Na'ama Carlin

Big news in politics this week! An ex-campaign advisor to Trump has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI about Russian intervention in the 2016 elections. Plus, the sexual harrassment claims against Barnaby Joyce were declared inconclusive. We also chat to sociologist and academic Dr Na'ama Carlin about the commercialisation of Australian universities.
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Architectures of war and Australian youth affairs

This week, we discuss the Liberal Party's huge bloodspill following the leadership change, plus Mark Latham's defamation case against Backchat alumnus Osman Faruqi. Plus, we welcome Marwa Al-Sabouni, author of The Battle for Home: The Memoir of a Syrian Architect, to talk about design and architecture's role in rebuilding war-ravaged cities. We also chat to Terri Butler, Shadow Minister for Young Australians and Youth Affairs, about pressing issues for young Australian people today, including housing affordability.  
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Race politics and data encryption laws

Earlier this week, Queensland senator Fraser Anning used his maiden speech in parliament to call for an end to Muslim immigration in Australia, invoking the "final solution to the immigration problem." We discuss what Anning's speech reflects to the state of race politics in Australia. Later, we chat to Lyndsey Jackson, Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia, about a new law proposal which would create a process where the government would be able to access your encrypted data. She discusses the draft laws and how it would impact on our privacy.
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News Corp and Superannuation

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Fairfax-Nine merger and sexual assault on campus

Half a million Australians went to the polls last week to cast their votes in not one, not two, but five by-elections. We also look at the latest developments in the state government's review into sexual consent laws. The NSW Bar Association recommended this week that a person who has an unreasonable but honest belief in consent shouldn’t be guilty of a crime. Later, Eden Faithfull investigates university support services for those who report on sexual harrassment and assault on campus. We also chat with Dr Andrea Carson, incoming associate at La Trobe University, about the implications of the Fairfax-Nine merger.
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Petition to fly the Aboriginal flag on the Harbour Bridge and My Health Record

In big news this week, the Israeli government pushed through a controversial law declaring the country as the "nation-state of the Jewish people", defining Israel first and foremost as a Jewish state where Jewish people have an “exclusive right to national self-determination”. Later, our reporter Eden Faithfull reports on the petition to permanently fly the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and we chat to ABC Online Technology Reporter Ariel Bogle about My Health Record.
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NAIDOC Week: Indigenous youth incarceration and data sovereignty

We're excited to celebrate NAIDOC Week on Backchat today. Joining us in the studio is Dylan Voller to talk about Indigenous youth incarceration. Last month, the Northern Territory government confirmed that all children currently in detention in the Northern Territory are Aboriginal. The numbers haven’t changed since the Royal Commission into the youth justice system, which took place after an ABC’s Four Corners report uncovered the treatment of Indigenous children in the Don Dale youth detention centre. Later, we chat with Dr Maggie Walter, inaugural Pro Vice-Chancellor of Aboriginal Research and Leadership at the University of Tasmania, about the significance of Indigenous data sovereignty for the Uluru Statement.
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Workplace sexual harassment and National Refugee Week

Hosts Swetha Das and Natalie Sekulovska bring you the freshest wrap of news from the week, including the World Cup, a just launched inquiry into workplace sexual harassment, and a new English language test for migrants under consideration by the government. We also welcome Regina Jefferies, teaching fellow at UNSW and affiliate of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, to discuss Australia's National Refugee Week and immigration policy in the US.
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Trump-Kim summit and defamation reform

Maddison Connaughton and guest host Johnny Lieu discuss the biggest story dominating headlines this week - the Trump-Kim summit. The two leaders signed a joint statement promoting "mutual confidence building" and to potentially pave the way to denuclearisation. Later, Sydney Morning Herald Legal Affairs and Investigations reporter Michaela Whitbourn talks to us about Australia's defamation laws and why a review of the current laws are needed.
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Abortion safe zones, anti-PC culture, and sniffer dogs

What's new in politics this week? After a marathon debate, abortion "safe-access zones" legislation has passed through the lower house in NSW. Plus, Tony Abbott and Alan Jones launched a new anti-PC book by Dr Kevin Donnelly, called "How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia." Later, we chat to Matt Noffs, CEO of the Ted Noffs Foundation, pill tester, and author of the book "Addicted", about sniffer dogs at music festivals.
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Uluru Statement and Indigenous memory institutions

It’s National Reconciliation Week and our hosts Maddison Connaughton and Swetha Das speak to Teela Reid, a lawyer and human rights advocate, about the Uluru Statement. We also chat to Nathan Sentance, librarian and First Nations programs officer at the Australian Museum, about reclaiming Indigenous voices in galleries and museums.
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Abortion "safe zones" and virtual kidnapping scams

This week hosts Maddison Connaughton and Swetha Das welcome Gina Rushton from BuzzFeed into the studio to chat about the NSW parliamentary vote on abortion “safe zones." Later, we chat about a “virtual kidnapping” scam that’s been targeting international students in Australia with Dr Lennon Y.C Chang, senior lecturer in Criminology at Monash University. Plus we round up some of the most important stories in politics this week, including Luke Foley's "white flight" comments and the anniversary of Sorry Day.
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Gentrification in Redfern-Waterloo and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Over the past decade, Sydney has become one of the least affordable places in the world to buy a house. Indigenous architect Joel Spring comes into the studio to chat about gentrification and its impact on local communities in Redfern and Waterloo. Later, we welcome in author and race scholar Randa Abdel-Fattah to talk about the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict after nearly 60 Palestinians were killed in the Middle East when Israeli troops fired shots during a protest last week.
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Budget Special, Confucius Institutes, and Aboriginal deaths in custody

This week, hosts Maddison Connaughton and Swetha Das discuss all things federal budget. Who are the winners and losers this year? What sneaky cuts has Scott Morrison introduced? Later, Jackson Kwok, policy analyst at China Matters, drops by the studio to chat about the NSW government's relationship with Confucius Institutes. Gavin Walker, an activist co-chairing this week's FIRE rally, also comes in to discuss Aboriginal deaths in custody.
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USYD's arms investments and pokies peril

Hosts Maddison Connaughton and Swetha Das bring you the freshest wrap of news this week, including the latest in the banking royal commission, Australia's first pill testing trial, and free TAFE in Victoria. We welcome Jodie Pall from the University of Sydney into the studio to discuss the university's investment in arms manufacturing after her protest video went viral earlier in the week. Drew Rooke, the author of One Last Spin: The Power and Peril of Pokies, also drops by the studio to chat about Australia's pokies epidemic.
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Housing in the West and High Speed Rail

Sydney’s Western Suburbs was formerly considered a ‘first-time homebuyers’ haven, now it seems like the housing crisis has hit the West. Charlton Wun from the Western Sydney Community Forum joins us to discuss the mounting housing stress that is facing homeowners and renters in Sydney’s Western suburbs. Also in the show, Backchat reporter Eamonn Snow takes a look into Mumble Rap, pop-culture and prescription drug abuse. Later, the proposal that comes up every election cycle—a high speed train connecting capital cities on the East Coast of the country. Joey Watson, a features writer at Radio National, and presenter of Out of the Box here on FBi Radio, joins to talk about just how feasible this proposal is.
5/5/201828 minutes, 34 seconds
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Pill testing and NDIS

A new era of Backchat begins! It's our first show off the block with new hosts Maddison Connaughton and Swetha Das. First up, we chat about this week's Korean Summit - making history as the first time North Korea's Kim Jong Un crossed over to the DMZ to meet South Korean president Moon Jae-in for peace talks. Next we welcome Brad Esposito from Buzzfeed into the studio to talk us through pill testing and the trial at Groovin the Moo festival. We also have Robin Eames, one of the Disability Officers at the University of Sydney, chat to us about the NDIS.
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Farewell to Osman and Ariel!

It's a big one on Backchat this week - we're saying goodbye to our longtime hosts Osman Faruqi and Ariel Bogle! We give a warm welcome to our new presenters, Maddison Connaughton and Swetha Das. Plus, we run through the hottest news in politics from the past few days, including the banking royal commission and the weed legalisation debate.
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Commonwealth Games and the US-Syria conflict

This week, hosts Osman Faruqi and Ariel Bogle discuss the disappearance of athletes at the Commonwealth Games, suspected as a bid to gain asylum in Australia because of human rights concerns in their home countries. Later, we welcome in lecturer at the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Gorana Grgic, to discuss the latest developments in the US-Syria conflict and deteriorating East-West relations.
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Big government and Indigenous incarceration

This week, hosts Osman Faruqi and Ariel Bogle discuss Richard Di Natale's pivot to big government policy, including his Universal Basic Income proposal and interventionist push into the housing market. Later, we talk to Karly Warner, Executive Officer of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, about the ALRC's recent inquiry concerning Indigenous incarceration.
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Rebecca Walker on feminist movements in the #MeToo era

American feminist activist and writer Rebecca Walker joins Backchat to discuss feminism, race, and power. She talks about growing up as a child of the civil rights movement, intersectional feminism and the #MeToo era, and reframing beauty as a form of resistance.
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Sydney University debating society and Cambridge Analytica

This week, hosts Ariel Bogle, Swetha Das, and Maddison Connaughton discuss Obama's visit to Australia and University of Sydney debating society's affirmative action policies. Later, we turn to the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal. Could this be the beginning of the end of Facebook?
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Trump's tariffs and Australian gun lobby groups

This week, Osman Faruqi and Ariel Bogle plus special guest Maddison Connaughton talk about tampon tax cuts and Greg Norman's involvement in tariff lobbying with Trump. Later, we welcome in Guardian reporter Michael McGowan to discuss Australia's gun lobby groups and their links to far-right anti-Islam organisations.
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Tasmanian elections and campus sexual assault

This week, hosts Osman Faruqi and Ariel Bogle talk about the Tasmanian state elections. Later, we welcome in Anna Hush, ambassador for End Rape on Campus and co-author of The Red Zone report, to discuss sexual assault on uni campuses. What is feeding this culture and how can we go about changing such behaviours?
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Nationals leadership and Florida gun control

Backchat returns for our first show of 2018 with the freshest wrap of news and current affairs. This week, hosts Osman Faruqi and Ariel Bogle discuss the parliamentary turmoil following the resignation of Nationals' leader Barnaby Joyce. Next, we look at the rise of teen activism in America following the Florida school shootings. How effective has the youth crusade for gun control been so far?
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Year in Review

This week for our very last episode of 2017, we're doing a recap of the year. Think marriage equality, Malcolm Trumble, Barnaby Joyce's NZ citizenship, Ja Rule's epic Fyre Festival, Katter's crocodiles and last, but not least, Sean "Spicey" Spicer. Join our hosts Osman Faruqi, Sam Jonscher and Selena Shannon as they look back at their favourites stories, political blunders and predictions for next year.
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Professional right-wing trolls and internal divisions within the Coalition

This week, we chat to Josh Butler about professional right-wing troll Milo Yiannopoulos, why he's chosen to come to Australia and what his press conference was like. We also talk about the internal divisions within the Coalition, the New England by-election and calls for Malcolm Turnbull to step down as PM.
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Parliamentary holidays and the Streets boycott

Have you spent the last few weeks boycotting Paddlepops, Magnums and Golden Gaytimes? This week, George Simon from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union joins us to discuss the end of the Streets boycott and what it means for the company's workers. We've also thrown in some parliamentary chit-chat for good measure, focusing on Bob Katter's crocodiles, more citizenship drama and PM Malcolm Turnbull's decision to suspend the House of Representatives for a week.
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Breaking down the result of the same sex marriage survey

This week, our Backchat hosts Ariel Bogle and Osman Faruqi break down the result of the same sex marriage survey with Ben Raue, a data analyst from Get Up, and Carrie Hou, who campaigned with Democracy in Colour for the Yes vote in Western Sydney.
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Save the Sirius Building and the Citizenship Saga

This week, we chat to Shaun Carter from the Save Our Sirius Foundation about the fight to save Sydney's Sirius building. What does the future hold for it, and why is it so important to the city's heritage? We also talk about the citizenship scandal rocking Australian politics. Even after the High Court challenge last month, a number of politicians have been found to be dual citizens. Backchat hosts, Osman Faruqi and Sam Jonscher look into the issue, discussing the latest developments in the saga.
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Youth unemployment and NSW Police's "secret blacklist"

Youth unemployment rates are currently at a staggering 17 per cent in Australia. We talk to some recent graduates to hear their struggles on finding a job. We also welcome in Dr Vicki Sentas, senior lecturer at UNSW, to talk about NSW Police's latest "Suspect Target Management Plan." The "secret blacklist" policy targets children as young as ten and is being criticised for criminalising young people.
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Go for gold: Medals of Honour and Dishonour

This week we have a special edition of Backchat for FBi Radio's Go For Gold supporter drive. Joining us as our extra guest host is Backchat alumnus Luke Marshall. We talk Jacindamania in New Zealand, Malcolm Turnbull's new energy policy, diversity in music, and black holes.
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Politics of pop culture panel at NYWF

Listen back to our panel discussion on the politics of pop culture at the National Young Writers' Festival. Our panelists are poet and activist Evelyn Araluen, and writers James Colley and Sinead Stubbins. Moderated by Backchat hosts, Osman Faruqi and Ariel Bogle.
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Pill testing and Australian anxieties over China

This week, we chat pill testing at Australian music festivals. Later, we invite James Laureceson, the Deputy Director of Australian-China Relations Institute, to talk about Australia's growing anxieties over China.
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Macklemore's "Same Love" and rigged pokies on trial

This week, Backchat discusses the culture wars revolving around Macklemore and his song "Same Love." Later, we chat to journalist Drew Rooke about whether pokie machines are being rigged. A former gambling addict has taken Crown Casino and Aristocrat to federal court on claims the popular "Dolphin Treasure" machines are deceptive. Are they in breach of Australian consumer law for misrepresenting punters' chances of winning?
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Trump's "Rocket Man" UN Speech and NZ general elections

Guest hosts Johnny Lieu and Swetha Das cast their eyes across the seas to Donald Trump's controversial UN speech, in which he threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea and branded Kim Jong-un a "Rocket Man." The North Korean leader hit back in a rare statement, calling Trump a "dotard." Next, we jump over to New Zealand. Today, the Kiwis are voting to decide on their next PM. Backchat talked to Duncan Grieve, editor of pop culture website The Spinoff, about the parliamentary battle.
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North Korea and Local Council Elections

This week, we chat about North Korea. Will they mark their national holiday, Foundation Day, with another missile test? We also have Ben Raue from GetUp and the Tally Room joining us to discuss local council elections.
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Citizenship scandal and shareholder activism

Derryn Hinch is trying to refer himself to the High Court, but when will the citizenship scandal finally be over? Plus, we speak about how to get involved with shareholder activism with Brynn O’Brien, Executive Director of the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility.
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Comm Bank scandal and Tony Abbott's drunk sleepover

This week, CBA is in major trouble and the government is drug testing welfare recipients. Most importantly, Tony Abbott drank lots in Parliament House in 2009 and slept through the GFC stimulus vote.
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Media funding reforms and neo-Nazis in Virginia

This week Pauline Hanson pushed for a $12 million boost to community radio funding, but why? Charlottesville, Virginia was targeted by neo-Nazis angry about the removal of Confederate statues - but are the Australian far-right just as dangerous? And are Australian colonial statues just as bad?
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Martin Place homeless evicted and Clinton's walk from Perth to Sydney

This week, Backchat went down to Martin Place to speak to the residents of "tent city" before they were asked by the NSW government to move out. Plus, we speak to Clinton Pryor -- a man who has walked from Perth to Sydney for Aboriginal rights.
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Marriage Equality and PaTH

This week we talked pub internships and the politics of marriage equality with Lane Sainty from BuzzFeed Australia.
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Peter Chudd, Scaramucci and s44 drama

Backchat golden boy James Colley rejoined the show to shamelessly launch his new book, Too Right, co-written with prominent right-wing columnist Peter Chudd. We also talked about Anthony Scaramucci. What a guy.
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Greens in crisis, WestConnex and Canada's First Nations

This week, we spoke to Greens expert Dr Stewart Jackson about the resignations of Senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters. We also speak to Canadian First Nations activist Sarain Carson-Fox, who took on Justin Trudeau, and we speak to Sydney City Councillor Jess Miller about WestConnex.
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Scott Ludlam quit! Encryption, Internet Speeds & The Gig Economy

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has resigned, but where does that leave his beautiful hair? We also looked into Aussie internet speeds, Turnbull's encryption proposals and a recently launched investigation into the operations of Uber and Deliveroo in Australia.
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Is Chris Lilley's comedy racist?

This week: Chris Lilley's show was pulled from NZ TV, but is his comedy really racist? Plus, it's a NAIDOC week special, and we look into Indigenous languages in Australia.
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NSW Police powers, the Vatican and Sydney fire safety

This week on Backchat: the Liberals and the Greens are in turmoil, but is it something normal people should care about? Also, we look into the complex diplomatic relationship between the Vatican and Australia, we have a feature on NSW fire safety and we talked about police powers with Stephen Blanks, President of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties.
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NT Intervention, the tampon tax and the NSW Budget

It’s been 10 years since the Northern Territory intervention, and fresh research has suggested it hasn’t really been effective. We chatted to Steve Bunbadgee Hodder, who was living in Alice Springs when the intervention was rolled out, to talk about its impact and legacy. Also this week, the NSW government unveiled its budget, and it’s Gladys Berejiklian’s first. So what did you miss? We’ll fill you in! Finally - Backchat legend Bish Marzook joined to talk tampons and tax.
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Clean energy, roadside drug testing and the closure of Parramatta Pool

What the Finkel? We make climate change politics fun (well, we try) with Ketan Joshi; a look into roadside drug testing in NSW; and an investigation into the closure of Parramatta Pool.
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Linda Burney, sexual assault on campus, police raid on Club 77

Linda Burney joins Backchat to discuss the Uluru summit and #robodebt, we look at the latest scandal at St Paul's college and what universities are doing to educate students on consent, and what happened at Club 77 during a controversial "police raid".
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The Constitutional recognition summit, Young & Black, and NSW'S Aboriginal water expert

It had been a huge week in Indigenous affairs. Backchat spoke to an ABC journo in Uluru to give us the latest on the Uluru summit, Laura Murphy-Oates told us about her new doco Young and Black, and water expert Bradley Moggridge told us what it's like to "infiltrate" Western institutions with Aboriginal knowledge.
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Sex robots, bus privatisation, drug testing and big data

We investigate the future of sex robots, explain what privatisation means for you, check out how the government is using data to drug test people, and discuss "big data".
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Ransomware, Catholic schools, climate change and The Red Pill

We got an update on the ransomware outbreak with Troy Hunt from Microsoft; we talk about what's missing from the budget (hint, it's gonna make the planet pretty toasty) with Richard Denniss; we get a history lesson about Catholic schools in Australia; and the team went to the controversial screening of The Red Pill at Sydney University to give you the full low-down.
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Fairfax cuts, the Budget, Trump meets Trumbull

This week, Fairfax journalists around the country went on strike after yet another round of serious cuts were announced at the news company. Jack Fisher joins to explain why they undertook a wildcat strike. Student media have been left out of the loop, without media access for the 2017 Budget. Honi Soit editor Kishor Napier-Raman joined Backchat to tell us why the government is locking them out.
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Metadata, Anzac Day and the French election

What have the AFP been caught doing with journalists' metadata? Plus, we report on an Anzac Day cricket match between the Navy and Tamil refugees. We have take a look at the French election results. Will the far-right triumph?
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Eagle Rock, Aussie Citizenship and Clubbing in Western Sydney

This week on Backchat, Daddy Cool's 1971 banger "Eagle Rock" has been at the centre of a controversy at the Australian National University in Canberra. We also discussed the big changes to migrant worker visas, hearing from people affected by the change. Also on the show, how the lockout laws have led to a resurgence in Western Sydney’s clubbing culture.
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US strikes Syria, the Co-op Bookshop AGM, Deliveroo and Rentberry

Today on the show, we hear from Deliveroo riders about what it's like to work for an app. Plus, the US Studies Centre's Gorana Grgic joins to chat about Donald Trump's missile strike on a Syrian air base. We also investigate property management app Rentberry, and investigate why students are crashing Co-op Bookshop's AGM.
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University trimesters and the Section 18c battle is finally over

This week, 18C died a quick death in parliament. As ever, it inspired our politicians to say some outlandish things in public. We’re also zoning in on university timetables. It may not sound like a big deal, but shifts to trimesters are happening everywhere and messing up our study plans. So why are they doing it? It's gotta be the money, right?
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Affordable housing for Sydney, 18c changes and the Don Dale scandal

This week Backchat took on the housing crisis and changes to affordable housing in Sydney. We also talked to the Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Tony Burke, about the government’s proposed changes to Australia’s race hate laws. Lucy Hughes Jones from the Australian Associated Press phoned in to discuss revelations on treatment of detainees at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.
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Civil disobedience and energy policy

We spoke to Paul Karp from The Guardian about Sally McManus's first scandal, to find out more about industrial relations law and if we should be breaking bad laws. At the end of February, 24 Indigenous leaders formed the First Nations Renewable Energy Alliance. The group is pushing for renewable energy in Indigenous communities. We spoke to committee member and Murrawarri elder Fred Hooper to find out more.
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Sexual assault on campus, Women's refuges and WA election day!

It’s election day in Western Australia! We chatted to Ben Raue, the founder of The Tally Room and one of Australia’s best electoral analysts. Will Pauline Hanson strengthen her grip on Australian politics? We continued our coverage of sexual assault on campus, talking to advocacy group ‘End Rape On Campus’. We also explored the impact of putting women’s refuges funding under the general homelessness program.
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NSW Police and the queer community, Pauline Hanson, and Centrelink scandals

Guardian journalist Paul Farrell joined to unpack the scandal over Centrelink releasing personal data about a welfare recipient to a journalist. We also looked at the changing nature of Australian racism - in particular how Pauline Hanson has shifted her focus from Asian Australians to Muslims. Former police officer Duncan McNab joined to talk about NSW Police's darkest chapters of homophobia.
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25/02/17 - Penalty rate cuts, NDIS and Mardi Gras

This week, Sunday penalty rates were cut. We spoke to Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner Alastair McEwin about the NDIS, talked to James "Breko" Brechney about Mardi Gras and had reports from South Korea and Indonesia.
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18/02/17 - Grandmothers Against Removal, the plight of the Rohingya and "Clean Coal"

It's nine years since Rudd's apology, but does "sorry" mean you don’t do it again? Grandmothers Against Removal talked to us about their campaign against removals of Indigenous children in care. We also reported on the situation with the Rohingya people in Myanmar, and unpacked the great energy debate with The Australia Institute's Rod Campbell.
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11/02/17 - An Aussie republic, women in science and male-only scholarships

This week we discussed an Australian republic with Peter FitzSimons, travelled to Antarctica for Women and Girls in Science Day and chatted to USyd's Women's Collective about a males-only scholarship. Plus, what's up with Cory Bernardi?
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04/02/17 - Malcolm Trumbull, festival assault and Centrelink for de facto relationships

This week it's Trump vs. Trumbull. We talked to the CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia about the US refugee deal. We also investigated the issue of sexual assault at music festivals. We chatted to festival promoter Adam Lewis and Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich from Melbourne band, Camp Cope about the issue and how to tackle it. Moving in with your partner can seriously impact your Centrelink payments. We have a report on de facto relationships - what they are, how they can impact you and what your rights are when it comes to the government.
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January 26 Special

This week we're exploring the debate around Australia’s national day and diving into some of the history of the protests against Australia Day, from the 1988 Freedom March to today. Tune in at 11 on Saturday morning. If you have questions or an experience you want to share, hit us up on [email protected]. With your hosts Ariel Bogle and Osman Faruqi.
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21/01/17 - Mike Baird Resigns, Women's March and Centrelink Debt Debacle

Keep Sydney Open Campaign Manager Tyson Koh joins Backchat to discuss what this means for the anti-lock out movement now #casinomike isn't in the main seat. Sydney Morning Herald State Political Editor Sean Nicholls tells us what the NSW government will look like sans Baird and what this means for the issues you care about. Trump's gearing up for his inauguration and people on both sides are mobilising across the globe. Backchat speaks to organisers of the Women's March Sydney and an American women participating in the movement in DC. Did you receive a debt recovery notice from Centrelink? Some have been forced to recover years of payslips from several employers to prove their debt is false. Backchat investigates the legality this process, who has the burden of proof? With hosts Ariel Bogle and Osman Faruqi.
1/23/201744 minutes, 37 seconds
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17/12/16 - Sex, Drugs, and Adani

It’s our last show of the year! We talked sexual health with Heath Paynter from The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and Mish Pony from the Scarlet Alliance. We also explored Adani’s Carmichael coal mine and the response from the traditional land owners.
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10/12/16 - AACTAs Sausage Party, typing with your eyes and NSW Corrective Services

We talked the AACTA sausage party protesters and met the people making it possible to type with your eyes. Plus, find out how prison teachers are feeling about NSW Corrective Services shake-up. Tune in at 11 on Saturday morning. If you have questions or an experience you want to share, hit us up on [email protected].
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03/12/16 - Trials from A.B. Original, poverty porn and youth mental health

This week on Backchat: we talked to Trials from A.B. Original, investigated poverty porn in the western suburbs and discussed high youth suicide rates. Tune in at 11 on Saturday morning. If you have questions or an experience you want to share, hit us up on [email protected].
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26/11/16 - Peter Dutton, NSW ICAC changes and campus sexual assult

This week on Backchat: we examine Peter Dutton's verbal attack on Lebanese migrants, St Pauls College avoiding an independent inquiry into sexual assult, and Fairfax's NSW political editor Sean Nicholls stops by to talk about changes to NSW ICAC. Tune in at 11 on Saturday morning. If you have questions or an experience you want to share, hit us up on [email protected]
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19/11/16 - Know your rights: Renting in NSW

This week on Backchat: the treachery of tenancy. We explore your rights as renters in NSW. When you're leasing a place it can be hard to know where you stand. What do you do if your landlord refuses to fix your stove? How much is too much when your rent increases? Is your non-Anglo last name holding you back from finding a lease?
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12/11/16 - President Trump, 18c and professional gaming

We talk to the US Studies Centre's Gorana Grgic about incoming President Donald Trump, Emily Smith reports on the future of s18c of the Racial Discrimination Act, and Ariel Bogle reports on Australia's pro gaming scene.
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05/11/16 - US election, casino assaults and USYD's Jacaranda

This week we talk the US election, the death of Sydney University's famous jacaranda and The Star's assault figures.
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29/10/16 - Arts in Australia

A broad look at the state of arts funding and education in Australia with New Matilda's Ben Eltham.
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22/10/16 - Clinton leaks, Nauru and Juries

This week Backchat election tragic Oscar Coleman brings a feature on Clinton's campaign leaks, we discuss teaching on Nauru and modernising the jury system.
10/22/201659 minutes, 19 seconds
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15/10/16 - Greyhounds, Oil and Mardi Gras

This week we spoke to SMH State Political Editor Sean Nicholls about Mike Baird's greyhound ban back-flip, we investigate BP's withdrawal from the Great Australian Bight and we talk to Ollie Henderson and Kat Dopper about Sydney Mardi Gras board elections.
10/15/201641 minutes, 7 seconds
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08/10/16 - Education funding, renewable energy and tropical mardi gras

We chat to the CIS's Trisha Jha about private school funding, there's a feature by Rachel Eddie on the SA blackout and we investigate the Tropical Mardi Gras in Cairns.
10/8/201658 minutes, 25 seconds
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01/10/16 - Southend Rainbows and Student Politics

For FBi supporter week we have 1980s rock legends Southend Rainbows join us in the studio. Plus, journalist and documentarian Alex McKinnon talks student politics.
10/1/20161 hour, 1 minute, 20 seconds
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24/09/16 - Welfare special

The government has announced a $96 million plan to outsource "new, novel and brave" ways to break the cycle of welfare dependence, and they've specifically singled out young people. Today on the show, it's a welfare special.
9/24/201639 minutes
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17/09/16 - The alt-right, lock-out law review and Indigenous health

Backchat reporter Oscar Coleman brings a story about Donald Trump and the rise of the alt-right, Emily Jane Smith reports on Rheumatic Heart Disease and Adam Lewis joins to talk about the Callinan Review.
9/17/20161 hour, 3 seconds
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27/08/16 - Clover Moore, the SCA and Coal

We chat to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, and there's reports on NSW coal mining and the Sydney College of The Arts student blockade.
8/27/201659 minutes, 57 seconds
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09/07/16 - NAIDOC Week and University Sexual Assault

We speak to Luke Pearson and Sol Bellear about what it means to be an Indigenous leader - is that just a title the media uses out of convenience? Catharine Lumby joins to talk about the culture of campus sexual assault, and we’ll be joined by Tom Joyner, who filed a bunch of FOI requests to find out the extent of unreported assaults, .and Anna Hush the women’s officer for Sydney Uni’s SRC.
7/9/201657 minutes, 54 seconds
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02/07/16 - Election Special

Happy sausage sizzles! We speak to election volunteers, Senator Ricky Muir and get expert election analysis from The Tally Room's Ben Raue.
7/2/20161 hour, 2 minutes, 22 seconds
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25/06/16 - Brexit, Medicare and the battle for Grayndler

On the show today we're talking about Brexit, the alleged plan to privatise Medicare, and the battle between Labor and the Greens in the seat of Grayndler.
6/25/201659 minutes, 39 seconds
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18/06/16 - Sydney Unlocked, Election Debate and Juanita Nielsen

Today on the show we'll be wrapping up the third and final leader's debate. We'll also talk about Sydney Unlocked, informal economies, and how arts communities can bloom even when facing a difficult regulatory landscape. Plus, we bring a feature on the tragic story of Juanita Nielsen.
6/18/20161 hour, 1 minute, 45 seconds
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11/06/16 - Election Wrap and Migration Special

This week, Heidi and Oz wrap up week 5 of the #ausvotes campaign. We have a migration special, interviewing former journo Julie Macken about a new report about women on Nauru. Plus, Backchat reporters Max Chalmers and Serge Negus explore our asylum seeker system further.
6/11/201654 minutes, 46 seconds
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04/06/16 - Labor, WestConnex and mid-election wrap

This week, we speak to Labor frontbenchers Tanya Plibersek, Anthony Albanese and Jason Clare about the threat from The Greens. A St Peters resident is furious about the impact of WestConnex, and Eliza Owen joins to chat penalty rates.
6/4/20161 hour, 2 minutes, 6 seconds
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28/05/16 - Blackchat with Oz and Bish

Osman Faruqi and Bish Marzook join to wrap up the week in politics. We speak about youth mental health and we investigate unenrolled young Australians.
5/28/201655 minutes, 34 seconds
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21/05/16 - AFP Raids, Council Amalgamations and Legal Aid

Today on the show we speak to Fairfax's Michael Bachelard about AFP's raids on Labor. We get the inside scoop on Baird's council amalgamations with Greens councillor Mel Brooks and Labor's Penny Sharpe MLC - and we have a feature on the future of Legal Aid.
5/21/20161 hour, 28 seconds
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14/05/16 - ENROL TO VOTE! + Arts Funding, Keep Sydney Open and New Police Powers

This week we speak to the AEC's Phil Diak about the 350,000 18-24 year olds who aren't on the electoral roll, and how to enrol to vote in the July 2 election. We talk arts funding with Eliza Sarlos of Underbelly Arts, we explore new police powers with Redfern Legal Centre AND Keep Sydney Open is debated in NSW Parliament. This episode was brought to you with thanks to Squarespace.
5/14/201656 minutes, 26 seconds
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07/05/16 - Killer robots, refugees and the Budget

This week we hear back from Serge Negus who went to the Budget lock up. We talk about refugees and Hannah Ryan brings a feature on killer robots. This episode was brought to you with thanks to Squarespace.
5/7/201659 minutes, 23 seconds
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30/04/16 - Safe Schools, Animal testing and Refugees

This week Max Chalmers brings a feature on the Safe Schools program. We speak to an ethicist about surgical training on live animals, and we hear about the decision on PNG refugees. This episode was brought to you with thanks to Squarespace.
4/30/201655 minutes, 35 seconds
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23/04/16 - Greenwashing, cash for containers and abortion

What happens when companies get involved in environmental initiatives? We've got a story about the cash for containers recycling system which will be voted on in NSW Parliament this month. We talked to consumer advocacy organisation Choice about greenwashing and the free range eggs debacle, and we also spoke to Bethany Sheeehan, the founder of a group called My Body My Right, who act as a human shield for women accessing the abortion clinic on Devonshire Street in Surry Hills. This episode was brought to you with thanks to Squarespace.
4/23/201657 minutes, 17 seconds
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09/04/16 - Lockouts, #PanamaPapers and queer blood donations

On the show today, Osman Faruqi and Michaela Morgan chat to Clover Moore about lockouts and liquor. We'll also cover the data leak known as the Panama Papers which revealed billions of dollars in offshore funds through an epic international journalistic collaboration. Also, we'll ask why we still don't accept blood donations from gay men. This episode was brought to you with thanks to Squarespace
4/9/201656 minutes, 36 seconds
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02/04/16 - Education Special with Eryk Bagshaw

SMH Education reporter Eryk Bagshaw joined us to explain the government's proposed changes to education funding. This episode was brought to you with thanks to Squarespace.
4/2/20161 hour, 44 seconds
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Saturday September 27: Thomas Mukoya photojournalist from Reuters; Blair Palese from; Tim Wilson on anti-terror laws; Albo signs up as an FBi supporter; News In Brief

We chat with Thomas Mukoya, photojournalist from Reuters; Blair Palese from; Tim Wilson on anti-terror laws; and Albo signs up as an FBi supporter.
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Saturday September 20: Alison Schmidt from Oaktree; Legalising medical marijuana; Rob Oakshott and reform from the right; Mohamad Tabba and terrorism laws; News in Brief.

Alison Schmidt from Oaktree; Legalising medical marijuana; Rob Oakshott and reform from the right; Mohamad Tabba and terrorism laws; News in Brief.
9/21/201459 minutes, 1 second
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Saturday September 13: Basic income; Lockout Law effects on businesses; terror threat level on high; News in Brief

What if Australia had basic income? We look at how or if it could work here as Switzerland prepares to go to a referendum to decide whether or not they should introduce BI. Karl Widerquist, the co-chair of an organisation called BIEN - the Basic Income Earth Network - talks about the history of the idea and its effects on workforce participation and inflation. USYD economist, Stephen Whelan, talks about how, or if it would ever work in Australia. Daniel Flitton, senior correspondent for The Age and former intelligence analyst, says why he thinks placing the terror threat alert level on high was perhaps not the best move for the Government to have made. And a look at the toll of the lockout laws being felt by Sydney businesses.
Episode Artwork

Saturday September 6: The lock out laws 6 months on; Fmr US ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey; international law expert Anthony Billingsley; News in Brief

Backchat looks at the lock out laws 6 months since they were put in place. Director of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Don Weatherburn, talks about whether the data released saying violence had gone down was reliable and realistic or whether it's still too late to tell what the laws have changed. Heidi and Luke tackle the Iraq debate and talk to former US ambassador in Iraq who offers one side on whether western countries should be sending arms to the Kurds, and then international law expert Anthony Billingsley to offer a counter argument.
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Saturday August 23: Phillip Pell on the impacts of extracting coal seam gas; we hear from Lock The Gate farmer Phil Herbert; NSW Greens Senator Jeremy Buckingham talks down the government's new early warning system for Coal Seam Gas; News in Brief

Phillip Pell on the impacts of extracting coal seam gas; we hear from Lock The Gate farmer Phil Herbert; NSW Greens Senator Jeremy Buckingham talks down the government's new early warning system for Coal Seam Gas; News in Brief
9/3/201459 minutes, 42 seconds
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Saturday August 30: Declan Kuch on the RET Review; Simon Hunt on the World Conference of Families; Jessica Dean on university fee deregulation; News in Brief

Declan Kuch visits the studio to discuss the released RET Review, how it's been received and what it means if it's scrapped, Simon Hunt aka Pauline Pantsdown updates us on what's been happening at the World Congress of Families in Melbourne, and Jessica Dean talks about the possible changes that could be seen within the medical community if students have to pay more for their degrees.
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Saturday August 9: Economist Jeff Borland on work for the dole; Dan Nolan and Junkee's Alex McKinnon on metadata; NSA and intelligence gathering; News In Brief

Economist from the University of Melbourne Jeff Borland speaks about the proposed work for the dole scheme. Dan Nolan and Junkee's Alex McKinnon talk about metadata, what it is and why George Brandis got his tongue tied over it. We also talk about the NSA and gathering intelligence.
8/18/201457 minutes, 38 seconds
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Saturday August 16: David Leyonhjelm on VPNs; Alex Greenwich and Rob Borsak from Shooters and Fishers on business voting; Love Makes A Way; News in Brief

Liberal Democratic senator David Leyonhjelm talks about a government minister teaching other MPs about what a VPN is. Independent councillor Alex Greenwich and Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak discuss business voting in council elections. Heidi Pett meets members from Love Makes A Way, a group of Christians protesting against Australia's inhumane treatment of asylum seekers.
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Saturday August 2: Kate McClymont from the SMH; Sam Regester from GetUp! on the Carmichael mine; News in Brief

Investigative journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald Kate McClymont chatted with us about her new biography on Eddie Obeid, titled He Who Must Be Obeid. Sam Regester from GetUp! comes in to talk about their recent YouTube controversy surrounding the Carmichael mine.
8/2/201455 minutes, 16 seconds
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July 19 2014

This week on Backchat we spoke to Stephen Blanks, President of the NSW Civil Liberties Council about Transport for NSW's privacy policy for its new Opal cards allowing personal information of users to be given to law enforcement agencies without a warrant. Melissa Brookes came in to speak to us about the Going Home Staying Home reports, while comedian Cameron Smith gave us a rundown on the death of the carbon tax. We also spoke to Luke Carroll about the legacy of the Deadlys, following the death of founder Gavin Jones and funding cuts.
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July 26 2014

On the show today we talk about asylum seekers being sent to WA with Hugh DeKretser, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre; Jonathan Moylan phones in to reflect on avoiding a jail sentence after producing a fake ANZ media release that caused a massive shock to the share market; and Backchat producer Laura Brierley tells us the real reason why electricity prices have been rising, and it's not the carbon tax.
7/26/201454 minutes, 39 seconds
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July 5 2014

This week on Backchat Emilia Terzon had a chat with Chris Graham to see what's going on with the proposed Basics Card. We also looked into our obsession with emulating America's failed policies. And we thought we'd make Scott Morrison an automated teleconferencing system for assessing asylum seeker claims.
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June 28 2014

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June 21 2014

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June 14 2014

Deciding to work from Abbott's premise that the world has bigger problems than climate change (and presumably that the main one is Labor's Legacy of Debt And Deficitâ„¢) this week we decided to look into the economics of climate change and the investment potential of renewables and carbon markets, and how they can boost Australia's economy. This week's show includes interviews with the CSIRO, advance findings from the Climate Council's report, Ross Garnaut with an economic perspective and chats with Opposition spokesperson for the Environment Mark Butler, and Greens leader Christine Milne. Who's missing? Only the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt. We asked nicely, too.
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June 7 2014

Full Episode for Saturday June 7, including Emilia Terzon's piece on unemployment in the Illawarra and our chat with Ben Solity about the spies infiltrating the Leard Blockade.
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May 31 2014

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May 24 2014

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Budget Special May 17 2014

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May 10 2014

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May 3 2014

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April 26 2014

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April 5 2014

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March 22 2014

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Girls to the Mic: International Women's Day Special March 8 2014

Your alternative to talkback! One sweet hour of Australian politics, news, and current affairs. Totally robust, never mendacious. On this very special International Women's Day edition, learn about the origins of International Women's Day within the workers rights movement. We talk to Kate Doak about what's happening to public housing right now and what it means for women, and more specifically how changes will affect trans women. We talk to Yolanda Beattie from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency about the importance of gathering data on women in the workplace, and how the gender pay gap works. Meet Hayley McQuire, a UNICEF Australia Young Ambassador. Plus, we celebrate the fact that the Minister for Women, a man, is now a feminist while the female Senator assisting him refuses to identify as one, and we explore why so many engaged and educated women who believe in equality share that reluctance to identify as feminists. Presented by AH Cayley and Heidi Pett. Produced by Andrew Rhodes. Produced by FBi Radio, Sydney.
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March 1 2014

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February 22 2014

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February 15 2014

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February 8 2014

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Sydney Liquor Licensing Special - Feb 1 2014

Our special episode on NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell's new licensing and sentencing laws, rushed through NSW Parliament two days previously to address a supposed increase in 'alcohol-fuelled violence'. We spoke to stakeholders on both sides of the issue: Opposition Leader John Robertson; Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich; Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore; NSW Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi; Gerard Hayes from the NSW Health Services Union and the Last Drinks Coalition; Kirsty Brown from MusicNSW and Keep Sydney Open; the Oxford Art Factory's 'boss', Mark Gerber; and DJ, promoter and co-owner of restaurant The Dip at Goodgod Small Club, Andrew Levins.