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English, R&B, 10 seasons, 109 episodes, 6 days, 18 hours, 45 minutes
BAAS Entertainment showcases the best in independent Soul, R&B, Jazz and House music. Since 2009, we have been a force in promoting indie artists around the New York City area. Many impeccable artists have graced our stages, including Alyson Williams, Angela Johnson, Gordon Chambers, Darien Dean, Kimberly Nichole, Trina Broussard and the list goes on. The BAAS Entertainment Podcast continues our tradition, highlighting the best in Soul R&B, Jazz, and House music.
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Chester Gregory- A Look Into His Multiverse World

Episode 108- Join host Troy Saunders as he takes a look into the world of the multitalented Chester Gregory!Troy and Chester met back in 2008 and by that time Chester had already solidified his name in the annuals as one of  Broadway's finest performers; and was in the process of releasing his first independent soul album, "In Search Of High Love". Prior to this Chester taught in the Chicago public school system & performed around Chicago in several plays. This led him to the lead role in "The Jackie Wilson Story" which toured the country. The performance brought Chester and the cast to The Apollo Theater in Harlem NY, where it was met with rave reviews. Chester shorty after landed a major role on Broadway in "Hairspray" and the rest is history.  In this episode Troy and Chester discuss Chester's reverence for his home town Gary, Indiana and the role it played in his career choices. As we all know Michael Jackson  (one of Chester's biggest influences) was from Gary. Chester explains how playing Jackie Wilson & Berry Gordy brought him to meeting Michael himself. It was a full circle moment. Chester also tell Troy his feelings on getting a Honorary Doctorate from his alma mater, Columbia College Chicago.Throughout the conversation the guys play snippets from Chester's 2008 album "In Search Of High Love" and his latest offering "Retrograde". Chester tells the listening audience to be on the look out for a new album but wouldn't give a release date but explains the premise behind the project.Chester is one of the most talented people in entertainment. Tune in to get a glimpse into what makes this incomparable genius tick. It was a wonderful conversation full of insight, history and of course music.Listen and subscribe to the BAAS Entertainment Podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Podchaser, Pocket Casts and TuneIn. “Hey, Alexa. Play the BAAS Entertainment Podcast.”
6/14/20241 hour, 12 minutes, 25 seconds
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100th Episode Celebration with Special Guest: Ledisi- Welcome To The Good Life

Episode 100 - Join host Troy Saunders as he celebrates the BAAS Entertainment Podcast's 100th Episode and 3rd Anniversary. Hanging out for the celebration is singer, songwriter, producer, actress, professor, entrepreneur, Grammy Award Winner Ledisi!Ledisi has been a constant on the R&B and Jazz charts since 2001. Collecting several Billboard Top 10 albums and singles, 14 Grammy Nominations (finally winning in 2021) and winning 2 Soul Train Music this episode Ledisi and Troy  converse about how they first met over 20 years ago and  how their friendship has lasted over the years. They openly discuss topics like, Ledisi's humble beginning, working with her long time producer (Rex Rideout), her current tour and new album and the state of R&B today. Through out the conversation Troy selectively plays snippet of songs off of Ledisi's new album "Good Life"Their love and mutual admiration for one another shine through. Troy tell  the audience that "This is no casual acquaintance", and it is evident. Ledisi was at home as they laughed about past experiences and mutual friends. You feel like you are in the middle of something real, special and sincere.Several artists and industry insiders give congratulatory messages to Troy and BAAS Entertainment Podcast for 3 years and 100 episodes in support of Independent Artist. Heartfelt  messages from Helen Bruner and Terry Jones, Meli’sa Morgan, Gordon Chambers, Christian De Mesones, David Sosa,  Jay Ross the Boss,  Kevin Owens and Grenique are all included.This is one celebration you don't want to miss. Listen and subscribe to the BAAS Entertainment Podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Podchaser, Pocket Casts and TuneIn. “Hey, Alexa. Play the BAAS Entertainment Podcast.”
4/5/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 56 seconds
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Kevin Owens- Ministering Through Love Songs

Episode 99- Kevin Owens may not be a household name; but his voice is woven into some of R&B's greatest moments. From lead singer of the group Ray, Goodman and Brown, to one of Luther Vandross' center stage background vocalist to lending his sound to some of music's most memorable tunes like, Alicia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name"; just to name a few. Join host Troy Saunders as he and Kevin take a quick stroll down Kevin's musical history. Hailing from Manhattan NYC, 63rd Street and Amsterdam Ave, Kevin tells us about his growing up in this close knit neighborhood and how they banded together to help Kevin develop and expand his passion to make music.After graduating from the world famous "Performing Arts High School", Kevin decided to enter the Army. Even though he signed up to be a field radio man;  his love of music lead him to put together a band that became well known on many of the military bases in Germany; and eventually had him and his band, as a  featured performers on many military shows. Lifting him to celebrity status with special privileges. Retuning home he became immersed in NYC's vibrant music scene. Quickly forming new bands and meeting some of the best in the scene including the then behind the scenes vocalist, Luther Vandross.These connections led to him being ask to join the group Ray, Goodman and Brown. Kevin was the perfect fit for their artistry and a strong bond was forged.Having known of Kevin's work and incredible vocal abilities; Luther set eyes to woo Kevin from Ray, Goodman and Brown. Luther was revamping is stage show and thought Kevin would be the perfect fit. After a lot of back and forth; The group gave Kevin their blessing to join Luther Vandross' band. The rest is history. In this episode we talk about these wonderful times. Kevin recalls fondly how Luther took care of everyone and how no one ever had the need for anything. They were a family.Currently , Kevin is throwing his hat back in the ring with a new song "Hot Spot"  and an upcoming album. His new musical venture is a collaborative effect between him and his children, who write, sing and arrange on many of the songs. Talk about a talented family!!! This episode is full of wonderful memories and bright aspirations from a man that has lived his life sharing is ministry through music.Listen and subscribe to the BAAS Entertainment Podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Podchaser, Pocket Casts and TuneIn. “Hey, Alexa. Play the BAAS Entertainment Podcast.”
3/29/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 42 seconds
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SIX DEGREES OF... CHAKA KHAN- Family Affair-Chaka Khan's Incredibly Gifted Family: Take Boom, Mark Stevens and Indira Khan aka IKHAN

SIX DEGREES OF… Season 1 Episode 6. This episode concentrates on Chaka Khan’s incredibly musical family!! Taka Boom, Mark Stevens aka Noochi Norton; Chaka’s Siblings and her daughter Indira Milini Khan!!! This 2 hours and 25 minutes podcast will take you on a trip through each family members musical journey from groups they have been in, songs they have written, solo ventures, collaborations and much more. Unfortunately we couldn’t cover everything because each persons repertoire is so vast. But,we hope you will see how incredibly gifted are Chaka Khan and her other family members; and how each contributed to music.
1/17/20232 hours, 25 minutes, 2 seconds
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Introduction to BAAS Entertainment

BAAS Entertainment- Listening Experiences for the Indie Artist Aficionado is back with a new podcast highlighting the best in Indie Soul and Jazz artist. Our first guest will be the soul siren Tanqueray Hayward!!Tanqueray has won Best New Artist Award and is tearing up the charts in the U.K.  Her new album “Definition of the Woman” was released on March 26th 2021 to rave reviews!!Come join me on May 14th as we converse and highlight her great music!!
5/11/20211 minute, 10 seconds