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Learn how to holistically find freedom from Relationship OCD and create a fulfilling connection with your partner and your self. Meet Kiyomi LaFleur, a former ROCD sufferer, and now, ROCD, Relationship Anxiety and Awakening Relationship Expert for over 10 years. Her mission is to help you awaken from Relationship OCD and anxiety and in turn find that connection and love you're looking for not only with your partner but also yourself. Disclaimer: This channel is meant to bring you education, information, inspiration, and motivation. It is not meant to replace professional therapy but can help educate and support you along the process. Please note that all the material on the website such as the blog, course, and community is not meant to diagnose you or treat a mental health disorder, it's just intended to educate and support you.
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The REAL Reason You Have Relationship OCD/Relationship Anxiety (the blessings and gifts of ROCD)

Could there also be a deeper, mysterious reason for why you're experiencing Relationship OCD and Relationship Anxiety? Could Relationship OCD/Relationship Anxiety in someway be helping you? What if the reason wasn't because you were bad, wrong or a reason that there was something fundamentally wrong with you... What if Relationship OCD / Relationship Anxiety was there to tell you something DEEPER and GRANDER about yourself and partnership?  Watch this inspiring video for some deeper peace and ease on how Relationship OCD / Relationship (even though debilitating and extremely challenging) could be teaching you something that you will be forever thankful for. As an important disclaimer: I am NEVER here to emotionally or spiritually bypass Relationship OCD/Relationship Anxiety. I would NEVER dismiss the pain, challenge and suffering that comes with something so challenging. I am here to speak from my own truth, as I want to be honest with you on what has helped me on my journey. What I share in this video has personally been life-changing, as it has helped me break FREE from relationship OCD/Relationship Anxiety on a deeper level. In this way, I am here to share my message and voice, in hopes that it will help you too
10/19/202323 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to Heal ROCD/RA Through the Body (ft. Erin Logan)

In this podcast episode, I interview Erin Logan, former awaken into love and as she expressed, proud former KIC member, holistic somatic coach and certified mind body coach who is also certified in somatic attachment therapy. We talk about the power of healing through the body, why you can't "heal" through the mind (through thinking) and why the body is the gateway toward true integration and expansion, not only with yourself but with your partner. If youre interested in learning more about what Erin does or working with her, you can find her on instagram @the.humm
9/14/202338 minutes, 14 seconds