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Autonomy means deciding and moving. Ryan, Andy, and Jarlo aren't here to shill for some stupid supplement company. This show explores fitness as a way to play your own game and do more of what matters, all based on decades of training, coaching, and clinical experience. And truly awful jokes. If you hate every formulaic fitness podcast, you just might be in the right place.
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Instruction Manual for Your Hips: Physiology and Injury

Hip problems are one of the most common causes of injuries and pain in other parts of the body, and most people never even realize that they have an issue. The truth is almost everybody has some form of hip dysfunction, and in this episode Jarlo and Rose go over basic hip anatomy and physiology, common issues and injuries, and how to get back to moving and grooving in the best way.You&apos;ll learn specific problems you can avoid with the right exercise and routines (which we&apos;ll teach you). You&apos;ll also come away with a better understanding of how to even know when things are working as they should and what to do when you notice pains and restrictions cropping up. If you&apos;re gonna bother having hips, you should learn how to use them properly. This episode is your instruction manual. If you were to only do two hip stretches, do theseDifferences between men and womenMuscle vs Joint issues<a href
26/03/202053 minutes 5 seconds
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Why Hip Impingement Shouldn't Automatically Mean Surgery

If you&apos;ve got hip pain that keeps you from doing stuff you want to do, one of the diagnoses you might get is femoroacetabular impingement, or FAI. Which basically means the bones that make up your hip joint aren&apos;t the &quot;right&quot; shape. So they cause you problems when you move in certain ways.If you ask an orthopedic surgeon what to do about it, there&apos;s a good chance they&apos;ll recommend surgery. Literally shaving down your bones to make them fit together better.Which leaves a lot of people wondering if there&apos;s a less invasive option.In this episode Jarlo talks with Shane Dowd and Matt Hsu of the FAI Fix guys. They discuss Shane&apos;s journey of getting diagnosed with FAI and searching for non-surgical ways to get moving again. Together he and Matt created a system of assessment and treatment that helps you
30/01/202053 minutes 36 seconds
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How to Maximize Recovery for Better Training Sessions

Supplements and fitness gadgets are really easy to sell. &quot;$50 for rock-hard abs and elite endurance? Sign me up!&quot; But this episode aims to save you some money. Working out stresses the body. It stresses your muscles and joints and nervous system. It uses energy that you have to replenish with food. It takes time for your body to return to neutral after training so you can be in good condition for your next session. Learning to recover effectively means you can be ready to great training more quickly and more reliably. Ryan and Andy have tried all kinds of routines and practices, and this episode is about the surprisingly simple things that make a hundred times more difference than the gimmicks. Stick it in your earhole and learn how to feel better and perform better by recovering more fully between sessions. Episode transcript and additional notes<a rel="payment" href="ht
27/10/201944 minutes 55 seconds
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How we keep the basics interesting

We talk a LOT about &quot;the basics,&quot; but we also get that literally zero people are out there thinking &quot;oh wow, I can&apos;t wait to do basic stuff forever!&quot; Basics aren&apos;t sexy. They&apos;re actually a lot like spinach. You know they&apos;re good for you, but you&apos;d probably rather have some fried chicken or ice cream instead. So this show is about how to do two things that&apos;ll help you give the basics the love they deserve without wanting to throw yourself in front of a train:1. how and why you should cultivate a greater tolerance for boredom2. lots of ways you can make basic exercises more interesting, even after you&apos;ve been practicing them for yearsRyan will share some of his tips that have helped him continue to enjoy working on skills like handstands, even after almost forty years of practice.If you want our suggestions for basic skills to work on while you apply these tips, check out
16/10/201952 minutes 11 seconds
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Mental Models for Better Decisions

Do you find it hard to make good decisions and spend your time wisely? Whether it’s a matter of perfectionism, procrastination or just a general state of indecision, spending too much time trying to decide what to do and when leads to wasted time. If you’re having a hard time being efficient at work or even finding a set time to get your workout in, today’s podcast can help you create a better routine. Today’s guest is Shane Parrish of Farnam Street. Farnam Street is an online intellectual hub geared toward helping people make better decisions. Shane helps people understand how the world works and how to more effectively make decisions that matter. Topics we discuss today include: Why making decisions in the morning, before unhealthy food choices are already made, can help you reach your goals. Why to-do lists are ineffective, and what a better alternative is. How taking the time to evaluate and make good decisions can save yo
22/09/201631 minutes 5 seconds
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How To Get The Best Of Both Worlds: Combining Bodyweight And High Intensity Interval Training

Finding your way in fitness can seem difficult. It takes a concerted effort to test, experiment, and discover what works for you in order to accomplish your personal goals and ensure it fits in with your existing lifestyle. On this episode of the GMB Show Ryan welcomes Krista Stryker, personal trainer and founder of 12 Minute Athlete, where she develops and shares fitness routines that combine bodyweight and skills training with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Ryan and Krista discuss her path of experimentation with different systems and how she went from being bogged down by conventional fitness to discovering a combination that works perfectly for accomplishing her goals and fitting in with her desired lifestyle. You’ll hear Krista describe how she took what she liked from each system and what was working for her and adapted it to create the routines she uses now. Routines that combine the best of both bodyweight training and HIIT.<a rel="payment" href="
08/09/201624 minutes 7 seconds
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How To Achieve Transformation That Lasts A Lifetime

The world of fast fitness has undeniably invaded our culture. 30-day shredding programs, 90-minute abs, 6-week total body transformations. Yes, you can conceivably transform your body in a dramatic way in as little as 6 weeks. But what happens to it after the next 6 weeks? It’s natural to want to see the end result as fast as possible, but is the rigourous routine you undergo something you see yourself wanting to keep doing day in and day out for years to come? True transformation is sustainable for your lifetime, and let’s be honest - fast fitness results rarely last. For this episode of the GMB Show, Jarlo was so excited to interview a friend of his, JC Deen. JC is a fitness coach, writer, and self-proclaimed “former fat kid.” He focuses on physique transformation, and he’s the author of a soon-to-be released book, Stay Leaner, Longer. Listen close as JC dives deep into the true psychology of physical transformation and exposes a lot of biases that many of us aren’t awar
25/08/201646 minutes 42 seconds
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How To Future Proof Your Training with Guest Host Al Kavalo

You know that our mission at GMB is teaching you physical confidence through mindful practice. Time marches on, we can’t change that. The future creeps up on all of us. And it might leave you wondering “can I keep the strength I’ve gained?” “Is it possible to not loose those skills I busted my ass to learn?” On this episode of the GMB Show we’re happy to welcome back our good friend and favorite guest co-host Al Kavadlo. Al joins Ryan to talk about how to develop the mindful practice part of the equation and how to use that mindfulness to truly become future-proof. Priorities, abilities, and desires will change over time, but what can remain constant is the confidence you’ve built through all that deliberate regular practice.Support the show
28/07/201625 minutes 13 seconds
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Redefine Progress And Break Through Your Plateaus

When was the last time you hit a plateau? Were your pull-ups stuck on a particular number of reps? Did your pushups stall out before hitting the double digits you desired? Plateaus happen in fitness. It’s a natural part of the process. However, the typical method of “pushing through” them might actually aid in keeping you stuck. Trying to progress in a linear fashion makes sense when you first start working out, but at some point, you aren’t going to be able to keep progressing, if you define progress as simply lifting heavier weight or doing more reps. As you advance in your training, you’ll discover that progress is in fact anything but linear. On this episode of the GMB Show, we welcome Adrienne Harvey (otherwise known as Girya Girl). Adrienne’s well versed in bodyweight training and skills work as well as kettlebell training. Adrienne talks very candidly about her experience in not just overcoming plateaus, but how she had to reframe her ideas of “progress” in order to contin
14/07/201648 minutes 15 seconds
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Here’s Exactly How Many Reps, Sets, Exercises, and Workouts You Should Be Doing

One of the questions that we hear over and over again is, “how much is enough?” How many reps? How many sets? How many days a week? How much time and effort is enough? If you’re finding yourself asking this question, then there’s a very good chance you’re also looking at the accomplishments of others and wondering how your effort stacks up against them. On this episode of the GMB Show Ryan and Andy reveal the truth behind this common question – the fear of not doing enough. You’ll hear them recount their own experiences in learning how to recognize this fear as well as how to reframe it into an opportunity for success.Support the show
23/06/201648 minutes 43 seconds
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Turning Unconventional Play Into A Lifetime of Fitness

As you know, we’re big advocates of getting your play on. So, when someone comes along who’s doing it in an unconventional way, then we have to talk about it. On this episode of the GMB Show Ryan sits down with Mark Smith, the owner and founder of Asylum Fitness, who emphasizes the importance of play as a means of fitness. At Asylum Fitness, Mark combines the best of traditional calisthenics movements with the unconventional techniques of outdoor play in the lush North Carolina forrest. Heading out on trail runs, free-jumping rock formations, and even intense games of “toe tag” are just some of what passes for “normal routines” with Mark and his clients. In this episode Mark opens up about how he found his way out of the rigid mainstream fitness culture and into the freedom of play and self expression and how this approach not only saved his health but created opportunities to help others do the same. Support the show
09/06/201637 minutes 28 seconds
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Changing Habits for Peak Performance

If you’re looking to achieve peak performance, then you’ll obviously need to address your regular habits. And that’s where a lot of us really seem to get tripped up. What if the same strategy you apply to your daily fitness practice is also the most effective strategy for building new habits for peak performance and permanent change in other areas of life? On this episode of the GMB Show, we are thrilled to welcome back our good friend and Alpha Posse member, Josh Hillis. Josh, as you know, is an expert in helping his clients change their lifestyles through establishing and keeping good habits both unconsciously and automatically. As you’ll hear, change can be as simple as just showing up and “doing the reps”. Focus mindfully on the daily practice and not the overall desired outcome and Josh reassures that you’ll see and often exceed that change you’re so desperately seeking. Support the show
02/06/201643 minutes 40 seconds
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Using Fitness As Self Expression with Mark Cheng

Have you ever considered fitness as a means of self expression? It’s something we certainly encourage here at GMB. There’s great freedom in allowing yourself to move in accordance with how you decide to move - creating your own flow and routine. On this episode of the GMB Show, Jarlo dives deep with Dr. Mark Cheng, acupuncturist, FMS/SFMA practitioner, and StrongFirst instructor. Mark and Jarlo look at what it takes to find this path of true self expression and how you can experience this freedom for yourself. Mark has a multi-faceted background in martial arts and fitness studies. And as you’ll hear, he credits those different explorations with leading him into honest self expression. You’ll hear: 2:30: How and why Mark strives to be real on social media. 10:35: How he got into martial arts and studied with some of today&apos;s living legends. 21:20: Some of the lessons that newcomers to martial arts should understand. </l
26/05/201652 minutes 21 seconds
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Improve Your Movement To Improve Your Health with Todd Hargrove

Improving movement is a topic that’s been gaining in popularity lately. It makes sense as people are finally figuring out that there is a direct correlation between better movement and better health. On this episode of the GMB Show, Jarlo welcomes Todd Hargrove, blogger, Feldenkrais practitioner, rolfer, and author of A Guide to Better Movement. Todd specializes in improving people’s health through improving their movement and he draws on his expertise to share some great insights on how we all can do the same for ourselves. Support the show
19/05/201633 minutes 42 seconds
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Cultivating Functional Strength And How To Apply It

Cultivating strength is a huge emphasis here at GMB. More specifically, we advocate the cultivation of functional strength. In other words, don’t just get stronger for the sake of getting stronger. Get stronger for the purpose of applying it to the aspects and activities of life that matter the most to you. On this episode of the GMB Show we’re happy to be able to talk again with Ryan Ford, from Apex Movement, a parkour and athletic training center in Denver, Colorado. Ryan dives into the concepts of cultivating functional strength both physically and mentally, especially from his experiences in Parkour training. He also opens up on how to apply that cultivated strength in all aspects of your life. Ryan’s a big advocate for cultivating strength of the mind as a large part of physical strength, and that parkour can help people experience the discomfort and challenge that is necessary for growth. Support the show
11/05/201636 minutes 49 seconds
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Your Fitness Training Is Not Your Job

How many jobs do you truly have? You most likely have a job that you get paid for, and you also might have a job within your family or home. Not to mention all the outside responsibilities, roles, and activities that require your attention each day. But which ones are your real jobs? Not having clarity on this can cause a lot of harm, especially in terms of personal fitness. On this episode of the GMB Show, Ryan and Andy discuss doing your job and doing it well. And more specifically, they look at how to discern what is and is not your real job. Many people fall into the trap of switching from program to program or making changes to a fitness regimen laid out by a professional trainer, simply because of something they read online or saw in a video. When it comes to fitness, your job is not to be your own fitness coach. Ryan goes so far as to say that if “you’re coaching yourself, your coach is an idiot.” In fact, your exercise programming isn’t your responsibility either. Your
05/05/201620 minutes 28 seconds
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Boosting Fitness With Mental Models

What are your current default fitness mental models? It’s easy to get stuck in habitual ruts. You’ve probably had it happen in day to day life, personal relationships, and of course, fitness training. These ruts are clues that it’s time to change mental models. Doing so will free you from habitual repetition and move you forward towards successful accomplishment and achievement. In this episode of the GMB Show, Jarlo talks to longtime friend and GMB client, Duff McDuffee. Duff’s a specialist in reprograming mental models to create successful change. Duff has helped hundreds of people to learn how to change their default mental programming and in this conversation he graciously shares processes for you to adopt new mental models that you can immediately start using in life and training. Support the show
27/04/201640 minutes 48 seconds
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The “Hell Yes” Method Applied to Training and Life

Every one of us is faced with numerous decisions each day. Some of them are not optional; everyone has to do laundry, for example. Many of the choices we make could just as easily be made another way, though. What do you want to wear today? Should you brush your teeth or shower first? Should you plan on going out for drinks after work? Making all of these decisions on a day-to-day basis can be stressful, even though the decisions themselves small. In today’s podcast, Andy and Ryan are discussing how you can make a mental model, or a new way of framing thoughts, that will allow you to make decisions automatically. We call it the “hell yeah!” method, and as Andy says, it’s “one of the most freeing and liberating concepts I’ve ever run across in my life.” The basic premise is to choose to do only what makes you excited and happy, rather than basing decision on what others think you should be doing. In this episode, you’ll learn: How using the “hell yeah” method can help you say no with
21/04/201620 minutes 12 seconds
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A Simple Method For Encouraging Active Healthy Kids

Encouraging healthy active kids is something all parents want to do for their children. This is especially true when you’re a parent who’s undertaken a fitness routine of your own. But, how can you help them build that healthy active lifestyle in a way that sticks with them? In this episode of the GMB Show, Andy, Ryan, and Jarlo speak candidly about their experiences as fathers raising healthy active children. Besides the usual Dad duties, you’ll also hear them draw on their many years of experience in teaching fitness to children. During the conversation, you’ll learn about some common misconceptions parents can have about kids and fitness as well as see just how easy it really is to teach kids to be active and healthy and have them stick with it. You’ll learn: • How to determine what programs are appropriate for your kids. • The number one way parents ruin fitness for kids, without ever realizing it. • The simplest yet often overlooked approach to fitness that easily encoura
24/03/201614 minutes 10 seconds
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How To Make Fitness Fit Your Lifestyle

Learning how to make fitness fit in with your current lifestyle can seem a bit backwards to most of us. A common misconception in the fitness world is believing you need to radically alter your current lifestyle to accommodate your new fitness routine. Otherwise, how will you ever achieve the successes and radical transformations promised by all those mainstream fitness programs? Here at GMB, we know for a fact that achieving your fitness goals doesn’t mean adopting the lifestyle of something you have no desire to become - the hardcore athlete, the gym rat, the 5am cardio slave. That’s why we created the GMB Method. And within that method is the guiding principle of learning to make fitness fit into your current lifestyle, rather than the other way around. In this episode of the GMB Show, Ryan and Jarlo give you a candid look at what they’re both working on currently in terms of fitness routines and how they adapt their fitness to fit their busy lifestyles. You’ll learn how J
17/03/201623 minutes 42 seconds
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The Injury Recovery Formula With Mike Fitch

Did you know that injury of yours is actually a sign of improvement? Injury recovery right in the middle of training isn’t something any of us want to experience. However, the reality of bodyweight fitness is that injuries can and will occur—and believe it or not, that’s a good thing. In this episode of the GMB Show, Ryan Hurst and Mike Fitch relive their personal experiences with debilitating injuries and reveal a simple, yet seemingly contradictory approach to injury recovery that actually enabled both of them to come out the other side with increased strength and ability. Support the show
03/03/201623 minutes 45 seconds
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Playfulness As A Means Of Mastery with Josh Vogel

When most people think about mastery, they envision long hours of grueling practice, sweat, blood, even tears. But, what if there’s a better way? In this episode of the GMB Show, Ryan is joined by Josh Vogel, a black belt and instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Balance Studios in Philadelphia, a Level 2 Movnat trainer, FRCms, and a Kettlebell athletics level 1 trainer. During the conversation, you’ll learn how Josh’s playful approach to mastery involves leveraging different arts and activities to create unique opportunities for growth in situations that most people perceive as limitations.Support the show
19/02/201641 minutes 13 seconds
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Slow Down to Build Strength with Vincent Thibault

Often we train hard and our sole focus is the end result. What happens if we slow down while training? What happens if we practice mindfulness through out training and life? Ryan and his guest Vincent Thibault discuss the positivity associated with focusing on the process. Support the show
12/02/201640 minutes
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Training Differences Between Men and Women with Al and Grace Kavadlo

Training can be different for men and women. Al and Grace have trained many different clients, and talk with Ryan about the common strengths, weaknesses, and the attitude someone might share toward training. It doesn&apos;t matter if you are a man or women. At the end of the day we all should be strong! Support the show
28/01/201625 minutes 17 seconds
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Bad Workouts and Slow Progress - with Mike Fitch

Feeling down about a disappointing workout or slow progress is something we ALL deal with at some point. Ryan and Mike have dealt with their fair share, and talk about how they combat that negativity and keep training. We&apos;re all going to encounter negativity. The key is knowing how to face that and move on.Support the show👉 Try a free strength and agility workout
22/01/201640 minutes 14 seconds
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Prioritizing Training Goals with Al Kavadlo

Training goals for a beginner should obviously be quite different from those of a more advanced trainee. In this episode, Al Kavadlo co-hosts and he and Ryan talk about how to adjust training goals depending on what level you&apos;re at, and why people coming from different backgrounds shouldn&apos;t necessarily be doing the same things. Support the show
15/01/201623 minutes 56 seconds
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Level Up Your Life with Steve Kamb

Steve Kamb is the rebel leader at Nerd Fitness. He&apos;s committed to helping desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives every day, by taking charge of their health alongside a massive community of likeminded individuals. Steve just released a brand new book called &quot;Level Up Your Life&quot; and he&apos;s here to talk about his epic adventures and what he&apos;s achieving with Nerd Fitness. Support the show
13/01/201646 minutes 58 seconds
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Climbing & Movement Skill with Mercedes Pollmeier

Mercedes Pollmeier is the author of &quot;Simple Strength: The Outdoor Athlete&apos;s Guide to Better Movement.&quot; She&apos;s a competitive climber with a whole lot of wisdom about how movement plays into climbing and other competitive sports. Support the show
10/01/201627 minutes 38 seconds
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Overcoming Struggles To Discover Your Strength With Danny Kavadlo

How do you get strong and stay strong for life? Are you getting stronger in relation to where you are right now? How can you tell? We’re glad to have Danny Kavadlo back on the GMB Show as he and Ryan talk candidly about what it really takes to build both a strong body and a strong self. You’ll get Danny’s take on what he believes to be universal standards of strength and learn a concept he calls “adaptive strength” – building both internal and external strength that enables you to fully engage in what life has for you in the moment. In order to truly measure how you’re progressing in building strength, Danny recommends that you stop comparing your level of strength with that of others and where they’re at in their process. Focus on your own process and you’ll have all the feedback necessary for consistently getting stronger. In life you are confronted with the unexpected and what can’t be controlled. Are you strong enough to take whatever obstacle is in front of you, embrace it, t
10/12/201536 minutes 10 seconds
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Tracking Your Progress

It can be tough to know if you&apos;re making sufficient progress with a training program. In this episode, Ryan and Andy talk about how to track your progress, and how to know when you&apos;re ready to move on.Support the show
20/11/201525 minutes 27 seconds
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How to Learn Any Skill

Learning any new skill is built upon your capabilities and abilities. In this episode, Andy and Ryan talk about how to explore your capabilities and abilities so you can learn any skill you want.Support the show
09/07/201525 minutes 35 seconds
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Fitness for Mental Health with Amy Clover

Amy Clover is the owner of Strong Inside Out through which she helps people overcome depression and anxiety by empowering themselves with fitness. She speaks about her own experiences with this, and her story is quite inspiring.Support the show
12/06/201523 minutes
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Animal Movements

We use a lot of &quot;animal movements&quot; at GMB, and they&apos;ve become very popular in the fitness world. In this episode, Ryan and Andy talk about why we like these movements, how we use them, and how they can be used in other contexts.Support the show
22/05/201526 minutes 22 seconds
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Dr. Andreo Spina on Re-Learning to Use Your Body

Dr. Andreo Spina is an expert on the human body and function. In this interview, Ryan picks Dr. Spina&apos;s brain about how we can learn to use our bodies better even in our Western culture.Support the show
09/04/201548 minutes 35 seconds
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Why You Must Master Maintenance Mode

Sometimes the best thing you can do for making progress with a certain skill is to put it into maintenance mode. Here&apos;s what that means and how to put it into practiceSupport the show
13/02/201518 minutes 16 seconds
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Al Kavadlo on His New Book "Zen Mind, Strong Body"

Al Kavadlo&apos;s back on the GMB show to talk about his new book, &quot;Zen Mind, Strong Body.&quot; He and Ryan discuss the concept of zen, and how it applies to training, nutrition, and life.Support the show
30/01/201528 minutes 36 seconds
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Do Whatever the Hell You Want!

People like to share their opinions all the time about how you should train, the &quot;right&quot; way to practice a particular skill, and all sorts of other nonsense. If you&apos;ve found something that works for you, do it! Don&apos;t worry what other people say.Support the show
26/12/201420 minutes 31 seconds
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Interview with Top Level Gymnastics Coach, Mark Folger

Mark was Ryan&apos;s gymnastics coach, and he&apos;s taught thousands of athletes, written books, and even been voted coach of the year in US. Hear what he has to say about building skill.Support the show
05/09/201411 minutes 19 seconds
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Perfecting Your Pull-Up

Pull-ups are great for building upper body strength, but how many should you do? And what position is best?Support the show
17/07/201417 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mastering the Basics of Bodyweight Exercise

What are &quot;the basics&quot;, and why are they so damn important? Support the show
26/06/201429 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sitting All Day Isn't a Death Sentence

Sitting all day doesn&apos;t have to be a death sentence. There are things you can do to mitigate the damage (and no, quitting your job is not one of those things).Support the show
30/05/201424 minutes 31 seconds
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Getting Stuck: What it Means and What To Do About It

What does `getting stuck` really mean? And what should you do when it happens? This episode will clear up the confusion, and set you straight about the search for the &quot;perfect exercise program&quot;.Support the show
09/05/201431 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building Leg Strength with Bodyweight Exercise

Squats are king, right? Well, usually, yes. But depending on your goals, you need to choose the right squat variation for your application. This episode covers bodyweight exercises for leg strength and functional applications. Support the show
25/04/201431 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Breathe, Dammit!

Here&apos;s how to develop efficient breathing for your workouts without a lot of craziness.Support the show
11/04/201422 minutes 21 seconds
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How to Stay Active and Prevent Injuries as You Age

First things first, even if you are young, NOW is the time to learn how to prevent age-related physical decline. And if you&apos;re already dealing with it, here&apos;s how to keep moving and keep fit as long as possible.Support the show
28/03/201436 minutes 8 seconds
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Returning to Training After A Break

Injuries suck, and can be an unfortunate yet expected part of building a fitness habit.We’ve talked before about injuries and how you can deal with them if they arrive as well as how to know if you are indeed injured.What we haven’t really covered before, though, is how to successfully resume training after you’ve recovered from an injury.How do you start back up with training once you’re healed up and cleared by your doctor?Is there a way to ease back into training that ensures you quickly and safely return to where you were before?In this episode of the GMB Show, Andy and Ryan reveal their smart strategies for safely and effectively resuming training after recovering from an injury.Support the show
07/03/201430 minutes 36 seconds
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Learning How to Play

We talk a lot about exploring and playing with movements, but if you come from a traditional training background, that might not mean a lot to you. Rest assured, you can learn how to enjoy playing - and it doesn&apos;t have to wait until you reach an advanced level either. Support the show
28/02/201421 minutes 26 seconds
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Origins of Movement Skills and the GMB Method

It&apos;s natural to see an interesting physical movement and want to know where it came from and who thought it up, but usually, the true origins are thousands of years ago. GMB was founded by three dudes with diverse backgrounds, so it&apos;s natural that we draw inspiration from a lot of sources. In this episode, Ryan, Jarlo, and Andy discuss the real influences that make GMB what it is.Support the show
14/02/201436 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Universal Movement Principles

So many systems out there claim to have discovered the one, true path to physical mastery, but it simply isn&apos;t true. We all have different bodies, different goals, and different backgrounds. No one rule will apply to all of those situations, but you can use some simple critical thinking to find out what&apos;s best for you. Support the show
07/02/201418 minutes 30 seconds
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Making the Most of Your Time

You only get 24 hours. We all do. When you start training, you learn quickly how much stuff you need to do, but what if you simply can&apos;t fit it all in? We&apos;ll tell you how to maximize the benefits of your training time.Support the show
31/01/201426 minutes 19 seconds
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Getting Paid, Getting Laid, and Not Dying

When fitness products talk about wanting to &quot;look great naked,&quot; it&apos;s just an excuse to pander to your insecurities. Let&apos;s talk honestly about fitness, sex, and body fat for a change.Support the show
24/01/201430 minutes 32 seconds
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How Movements Fit Together

With so many different skills and abilities to practice in the world of bodyweight exercise, how does it all fit together? Well, figuring that out has more to do with how you practice individual movements than anything else. Support the show
17/01/201434 minutes 26 seconds
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Training for Recognition vs. What Really Matters

Congratulations feel nice, but what&apos;s really important is what you get out of your training. A lot of people go after big skills just for the praise they&apos;ll get at the end, when they should be training for things that really make a difference.Support the show
03/01/201425 minutes 35 seconds
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Dealing with Training Injuries

If you keep pushing your body hard enough for long enough, eventually you will get injured. If you&apos;re lucky, it will be minor. But in any event, you&apos;re going to want to know how to take care of yourself when it happens. Listen up, and we&apos;ll fill you in.Support the show
30/11/201327 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Art of Movement?

Naming a brand of movement is a great way for trainers to stake a claim and mark their territory, but do we really need another pissing contest in our lives? Here&apos;s some real talk about different disciplines of movement and why you don&apos;t have to choose if you don&apos;t want to.Support the show
16/10/201329 minutes 12 seconds
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Death By Muscular Imbalance

Imbalances can be problematic. That&apos;s true. But they&apos;re also a fact of nature. You have to live with and negotiate imbalances daily. Likewise, your training program does not necessarily have to be perfectly balanced at any given point, so long as it balances out in the mid-to-long term. And if it doesn&apos;t, we&apos;re betting it still won&apos;t kill you.Support the show
15/10/201330 minutes 2 seconds
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Escaping the Guru Mentality

We don&apos;t care which system you think is best or which particular guru you follow. In fact, if you feel the need to make such a decision, we&apos;ll probably just think less of you. This podcast is about thinking for yourself instead of blindly following what any expert (including us) tells you to believe. Support the show
04/10/201329 minutes 59 seconds
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Gotta Get Your Cardio, Dude

Spoiler alert: the way most people approach cardio is stupid. Want to know why? Then listen up.Support the show
27/09/201330 minutes 22 seconds
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Immerse Yourself in Positive Practice

How can you be sure to always make progress? Dive deeply into it. Hang out with others who are achieving it. Make it a (BIG) part of your life. Ryan and Andy talk about immersing yourself in the experience of getting better.Support the show
29/08/201332 minutes 26 seconds
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Training Around Injuries and Other Recovery Tips

We get FAR TOO MANY questions about injuries that should really be directed to a medical professional. But we do have a little advice for minor injuries you may experience. Also: active recovery and supplements.Support the show
22/06/201331 minutes 18 seconds
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Safety Rant & How to Ask Quality Questions

If you ask stupid questions, you&apos;ll get stupid answers. Want to know the secret to getting actionable advice form knowledgeable people? Listen up! Also enjoy Ryan&apos;s rant on safe driving. Support the show
08/06/201330 minutes 55 seconds
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Creating Confidence Through Movement

Part of developing confidence is knowing exactly what you can - and can&apos;t - do. This episode is about building that knowledge through mindful practice.Support the show
25/05/201338 minutes 32 seconds
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James Clear on Habit Change for Fitness

Fact: We&apos;ve all got things we&apos;d like to change, but our stupid, stupid habits make it difficult. To learn more about how to change those habits to better ones, we&apos;re chatting up James Clear - and you need to listen up, because this stuff can change your life.Support the show
20/04/201345 minutes 38 seconds
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Steve Kamb Nerd Fitness Interview

Most fitness sites and trainers talk about which exercises to do and what program is the best. Steve Kamb started Nerd Fitness to make getting healthy accessible to people who might not necessarily be &quot;fitness&quot; types. NF and GMB have a lot in common in that respect, and we finally got a chance to talk about it on this podcast.Support the show
06/04/201342 minutes 37 seconds
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How to Motivate and Regulate Your Workouts

Learn how to motivate yourself rather than relying on others to tell you what you should want for yourself. Ryan also nails the key point almost everybody misses about autoregulation in your workouts - hint: it has nothing to do with how you feel. Support the show
16/03/201346 minutes 22 seconds
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Overcoming Fear of Challenging Movements

In this episode, Ryan and Andy talk about getting over fear when performing difficult moves like back flips. Also: beating dizziness when starting tumbling and tips for learning acrobatic moves. Support the show
14/12/201243 minutes 3 seconds
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Teaching, Sleeping, and Cardio

We&apos;ll cover the difference between a teacher and a coach as well as other exciting topics like sleep. What? You&apos;re not excited about sleep? You should be. You should also be prepared to laugh a little more than usual.Support the show
10/11/201251 minutes 38 seconds
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Back to the Wall

Sometimes, you just have to go back to square one, put the training wheels back on, and mix a few metaphors to make progress again. Also, Ryan&apos;s the guy to see if you need some Werther&apos;s Originals.Support the show
06/10/201233 minutes 27 seconds
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What the Hell is Good Form?

Finally, a clear explanation of good form. Also: stop kipping. Please. Support the show
15/09/201248 minutes 6 seconds
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Evidence Shmevidence

&quot;Evidence-based&quot; training is all the rage, but there&apos;s a lot more to getting results in the real world than finding a new research study. Also: questions about flexibility and making continual progress.Support the show
03/09/201233 minutes 38 seconds
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The Body You Want

We often get asked &quot;How can I get the body of a gymnast?&quot; In this episode, we discuss why this questions misses the real point and some better ones to ask. Also: why the Paralympics are freaking cool, where to hang gymnastic rings, and how to tell whether or not you should hire a coach.Support the show
20/08/201239 minutes 3 seconds
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Why the Warrior Mindset is Dumb

Also: how not to be a dick online, why you shouldn&apos;t be afraid of protein, and how to pitch a tent. Support the show
10/08/201233 minutes 47 seconds
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Pain is weakness...

The fitness world is full of pithy sayings that are utter BS. In this episode, we shoot holes in a couple of them and also discuss the importance of squats and the truth about mastering the handstand (you might not want to hear this). Support the show
28/07/201244 minutes 55 seconds
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Walk Before You Run

Our first ever podcast... Ryan and Andy talk about the importance of basics and the difference between big goals and stupidly big goals. Support the show
16/07/201233 minutes 4 seconds