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Autisable Dads: Life with Autism from a Parents Perspective

English, Parenting, 4 seasons, 45 episodes, 19 hours 13 minutes
Welcome to Autisable Dad's, the weekly podcast for pretty much anyone interested in the subject of autism. Every Friday we release a new episode where we dive into specific topics that shine the light on what life is like with autism and special needs. From a parent's perspective. From diagnosis and marriage, and everything in-between, our guests range from parents to autistic individuals, as well as those who work in the autism community as well as the media. For more exclusive content, become a patron at
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S2 E7 : Mark Llobell

Joel speaks with Mark Llobell, who spearheaded efforts to get Autism Insurance reform legislation passed in the state of Virginia.
17/03/201934 minutes 42 seconds
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S2 E6 : Hilary Scharton

In this episode, I chat with Hilary Scharton while I'm on the road. Hilary Scharton is VP of K-12 Product Strategy for Canvas by Instructure. Her focus is on leveraging technology to support improved instruction and equitable access for all students. Prior to joining Instructure in 2012, Hilary worked as a psychologist in Utah school districts, spending her time focused on RtI and PBIS as well as Special Education assessment.
26/12/201832 minutes 58 seconds
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S2 E5 : Walter Zahorodny

In this episode, Joel Manzer dives into the latest CDC Autism Prevalence Report with Walter Zahorodny, Ph.D, who lead the New Jersey Portion of the report. What does 1in59 really mean, anyway?
14/05/201842 minutes 48 seconds
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S2 E4 : Anita Lesko

In this episode, Joel Manzer interviews Anita Lesko who is an Anesthesiologist and Autistic at Age 50.
08/05/201840 minutes 32 seconds
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S2 E3 : Doron Somer

In this episode, Joel Manzer interviews Doron Somer, who is an autism dad, Co-Founder and CEO of AngelSense.
30/04/201836 minutes 27 seconds
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S2 E2 : Ben Lewin

In this episode, Joel Manzer interviews Ben Lewin, who directed the film"Please Stand By" - Starring Dakota Fanning.
21/04/201834 minutes 7 seconds
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S2 E1 : Brynjar and Bjarney

Brynjar Karl built a 26 foot long Lego Titanic, and his passion for ships is very evident in this interview.  His Mom, Bjarney, also shares her insight on her support of his efforts - a lesson we should all take note.
13/04/201820 minutes 33 seconds
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A quick description of what our podcast is about. Have a listen.
12/04/201858 seconds