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Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

English, Health / Medicine, 7 seasons, 161 episodes, 4 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes
Authentic sex is a podcast about all-things sex, pleasure and relationships and is hosted by Australia’s leading sexologist, Juliet Allen. With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet shares her expertise on sex and relationships, plus facilitates real-life conversations about sex with some of the world’s leaders in the field of sexuality and relationships. Find out more at
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10 Must-Read Books For Better Sex

Educating ourselves about sex is essential for a better sex life! In this episode Juliet talks about the top 10 books that have impacted her life and allowed her to have the great sex that she enjoys daily.
7/10/201822 minutes, 22 seconds
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Love, Lust & Cheating

What is cheating and why do people cheat? And how do we avoid cheating in a relationship? In this episode of Authentic Sex Juliet is joined by her friend Zoe in answering all of these questions and so much more. 
7/3/201839 minutes, 13 seconds
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Sex, Parenthood & Marriage

In this episode of Authentic Sex Juliet talks to her friend Tabitha about how to keep sex alive in long term relationships, how to juggle sex and the chaos of parenthood, and the secrets of a healthy an happy marriage
6/26/201837 minutes, 56 seconds
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Is Stress Killing Your Boner?

Is stress killing you and killing your sex life? In this episode Juliet talks with her partner, Nick, about the impact of stress on intimacy and libido and gives practical ways that people can reduce stress in every day life.
6/19/201857 minutes, 49 seconds
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Self-Pleasure as a Sacred Ritual

Setting up a ritual space for self-pleasure is a beautiful gift to yourself. In this episode Juliet talks about how to set up a ritual space, plus gives practical tips on how to turn your self-pleasure practice into the deep love making that you've always desired.
6/12/201815 minutes, 30 seconds
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Q&A with Juliet Allen - Double Penetration, Weed & Sex, Low Libido, Lesbian Sex and Aphrodisiacs

In her latest sex Q&A, Juliet answers questions about double penetration, weed and sex, lesbian sex, low libido, and aphrodisiacs.
6/5/201825 minutes, 19 seconds
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Six Things Men Need To Know About Sex With Women!

What are the keys to creating deeper connection and pleasure with women during sex? In this episode of Authentic Sex Juliet has a conversation with her friend Zoe about what women truly want and need sexually. This is must-listen for both men AND women!
5/29/201845 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ecstatic Sex With Crystal Pleasure Wands

Ever wondered how to experience great sex using a crystal pleasure wand? Well, this episode tells you how. Crystal pleasure wands can be used not only for self-pleasure, but also for partner sex. There's so much to explore and learn about these beautiful modern day sex toys. Listen and learn!
5/22/201827 minutes, 56 seconds
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How To Choose the Right Relationship ... Is There Such Thing As 'The One'?

How do we know how to choose the right relationship? Is there such thing as THE ONE? And what are some practical ways to make a relationship last? Juliet answers all these questions in this latest podcast about long-lasting relationships and love.
5/15/201823 minutes, 46 seconds
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Secrets of a Well-Fucked Woman

In this episode of Authentic Sex Juliet talks about what well-fucked women do on a daily basis to get to the point of feeling well-fucked. Want more sex and better quality sex? Listen to this and discover the secrets of women who have it all.
5/8/201825 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Art of Non-Ejaculation For Men

In this episode Juliet talks about why and how men can choose not to ejaculate during masturbation and partner sex. What are the benefits of non-ejaculation and why would men choose this ancient Tantric practice? All this and more is spoken about in this episode of Authentic Sex
5/1/201837 minutes, 31 seconds
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Blood Magic & Sex While Bleeding

This episode of Authentic Sex talks about the power of blood magic and period sex. By combining sex and blood together in ritual, we can manifest a life full of abundance and joy. This topic sheds light on new ways of viewing menstrual blood and sex.
4/24/201816 minutes, 10 seconds
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Q&A with Juliet Bisexuality, Contraception, Anal Pleasure, plus so much more!

What's the best contraception? How do I support my bisexual partner? How to heal from a toxic relationship? How to have great sex in a long distance relationship. In this episode I answer all these questions, and more.
4/17/201817 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Joy of Dirty, Slutty, Rough Sex

This episode of Authentic Sex encourages you to explore the darker side of sex and embrace the dirty, slutty & rough sex that so many of us desire. This style of sex is often in the shadows and it's time to bring it to the light and ravish each other!
4/10/201814 minutes, 15 seconds
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Sex As a Healing Modality

There's so much more to sex than meets the eye. Sex can in fact be a super powerful healing modality. Stop waiting for the perfect time to make love, start today and enjoy journeying deep with your lovers.
4/3/201818 minutes, 32 seconds
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What Women Really Want Sexually

Uncover the secrets of what women REALLY want sexually! This episode sheds light on the stuff that women need and desire from their lovers/partners. This is a great listen for women and lovers of women.
3/13/201815 minutes, 31 seconds
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How You Do Sex Is How You Do Life

Stop making excuses for your shitty sex life! This episode talks about how the way we approach sex is often the way we approach all areas of our life. Learn how to make healthy choices and boost your libido in a holistic way.
3/6/201819 minutes, 55 seconds
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Loving Domination and Sweet Surrender

What is loving domination and how can I completely surrender to my lover? This episodes talks about the dance of the masculine & feminine energy and importance of polarity during sex.
2/27/201817 minutes, 36 seconds
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Blow Jobs and The Art of Loving Cock

Want to know Juliet's top 8 tips for great blow jobs, tune in and listen to this fun episode of Authentic Sex! Also learn how to love cock from the bottom of your soul!
2/20/201823 minutes, 34 seconds
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Sex & Relationship Q&A with Juliet

In this Q&A episode Juliet answers your questions about anal sex positions, emotions during sex, how to set boundaries, how to deal with ex's and orgasm tips and tricks.
2/13/201817 minutes, 26 seconds
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Courage, Communication & Asking For What You Want

In this episode of Authentic Sex Juliet talks about the importance of communicating from your heart space and asking for what you want in your relationships. Transparency, honesty and authenticity are key to great communication.
2/6/201817 minutes, 5 seconds
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A Guide To The Sacred Art of Pussy Worship

Learn about the sacred art of pussy worship - this is for women and men who want to transform their life with the potency of this beautiful healing ritual.
1/30/201828 minutes, 56 seconds
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7 New Year Rituals For Better Sex

Learn about simple new year rituals that bring in new energy and allow for great sex to unfold in the new year! These are rituals that Juliet personally does each year to create the life that she wants and loves.
12/19/201712 minutes, 36 seconds
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Vulnerability And Love In Relationships

What does it feel like to open your heart and share from a space of deep vulnerability and presence with your lover? This episode talks about how to experience vulnerability and love in relationship to yourself, and with others.
12/5/201715 minutes, 2 seconds
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Sex, Sluts & Money

What do these 3 topics all have in common? Well, they are all taboo and all loaded with stigma! In this episode I talk about how I have learnt to love money, love my slut and embrace my desire for a lot of sex. And you can to! Listen and learn about how the topics are so deeply linked to each other.
11/28/201716 minutes, 50 seconds
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5 Things I Wish I Learnt In High School Sex Ed

Sex education in schools is extremely inadequate and quite frankly, a bunch of shit! In this episode of Authentic Sex I talk about what I wish I'd learnt about sex earlier on in life! This is a great listen for parents and teachers who are ready to give children the sex ed they deserve.
11/21/201712 minutes, 40 seconds
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6 Signs You Are A Sacred Slut

The Sacred Slut resides within us all, both women and men - she's not ashamed of her sexuality, she embraces it all and owns that part of herself. This episode of Authentic Sex is all about how everybody can embrace their sacred slut and fully own it!
11/14/201719 minutes, 13 seconds
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A Beginners Guide To Self-Pleasure For Women

How can we enjoy self-pleasure on a daily basis and fully embrace our pussy and our sensuality? In this episode I talk about practical ways that you can enjoy your own body and your own pleasure.
11/7/201715 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Difference Between Good Sex, Takeaway Sex & Ecstatic Sex

In this episode I discuss the three types of sex that most of us are experiencing in life. From average sex, to soul-sucking sex, to dreamy ecstatic sex - this episode talks about how you can take your sexual experiences to a whole new level.
10/31/201715 minutes, 21 seconds
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3 Ways To Pleasure Your Woman Every Single Day

Pleasuring a woman isn't rocket science, it's actually very simple. In this episode I talk about creating a safe space for your woman, letting go of the end goal of orgasm and the importance of staying with your woman after sex.
10/24/201711 minutes, 28 seconds
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Keeping Intimacy Alive In Long Term Relationships

Here's some basic and practical ways that you can keep the intimacy and sex alive in your long-term relationship! This episode explores co-dependency, communication, date nights, boundaries and desire.
10/17/201720 minutes, 31 seconds
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Sex Magic & The Power of the Moon

What is sex magic and how can I begin practicing it in my life?  I answer this question and so much more in this fun episode that I recorded on the full moon. I talk about using the energy of sex, the moon and your blood to super charge sex magic and manifest anything you want in all areas of your life!
10/10/201719 minutes, 33 seconds
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Q&A with Juliet Allen - Anal, Crying During Sex, Faking Orgasms, Loving Your Body, Asking For What You Want

In this episode of Authentic Sex I answer your questions about all-things sex: What's the best position for anal? Is it okay to cry during sex? How do I stop faking orgasms with my partner? How do I embrace my body? Plus so much more!
10/3/201716 minutes, 7 seconds
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How To Manifest Your Ideal Lover

In the episode of Authentic Sex I speak about the power of manifestation and how I use manifesting to attract in my ideal lovers. It's a simple and powerful practice that anyone can do and it actually works! Ready to attract in the woman/man of your dreams? This episode will show you how.
9/26/201719 minutes, 11 seconds
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Monogamy vs Polyamory

In this episode I talk about monogamy vs polyamory, the pros and the cons. This episode is largely based on my own personal exploration in the field of relating with intimate partners. I openly share the challenges I have faced with both monogamy and polyamory and offer advice on how to navigate your way in both styles of relating.
9/19/201726 minutes, 25 seconds
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Making Love vs Fucking

In this episode I talk about the concept of making love verse the concept of fucking. I believe that we can integrate the two styles of sex into an ecstatic sexual experience, and I talk about how you can make that happen in your own sex life.
9/12/201718 minutes, 16 seconds
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A Guide To The Sacred Art of Cock Worship

The sacred art of cock worship, is it even a thing? Yes, it is! I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t require a bunch of magical Tantric sex techniques to achieve … fact, cock worship is a simple and erotic practice that anyone can enjoy if they want it enough.
9/7/201718 minutes, 30 seconds
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How To Survive A Breakup

In this episode I speak about how I have personally moved through the pain of a breakup and give practical ways in which we can move through a breakup with ease and love. Reality is breakups are often painful and challenging, but with these tips I believe that we can learn to love the process and eventually emerge from the darkness of the cocoon with a deeper strength and power as a single person moving through the world.
8/29/201717 minutes, 12 seconds
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Increase Your Orgasmic Potential and Learn How to Hold Pleasure in Your Body

In this episode of the Authentic Sex podcast I speak about how to hold more pleasure in our body and how to expand our experience of orgasm in daily life. So many of us are engaging in goal-oriented sex whereby we race to the finish line and experience a clitoral or ejaculatory orgasm. Reality is that there is so much more to sex than this and if we can learn to hold pleasure in our body and cycle the orgasmic the energy around our body, then we naturally begin to access more ecstatic orgasmic states!
8/22/201716 minutes
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Tantra 101

What is Tantra? And how can I integrate Tantra into my life? In this episode I talk about how Tantra has transformed my life, especially in relationship to sex and intimacy. I speak about the dynamic of the masculine and feminine energy, the four energy centres in our body, and how we can integrate loving presence into all styles of sex. This episode is for you if you're ready for deeper intimacy and ecstatic sex with yourself, and with others.
8/15/201722 minutes, 6 seconds
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Sex Q&A with Juliet - Casual Sex, Faking Orgasms, Pussy Grooming, Libido Boosting Ideas & How To Experience Orgasm in Partner Sex

In this episode of AUTHENTIC SEX I answer your questions about sex.  Is it okay to fake orgasms? Why can't I experience orgasm with my partner? How do I get my libido back? Is it okay to wax my pussy? How do I function in everyday life when I feel so turned on? Is there such thing as too much sex?
8/8/201720 minutes, 45 seconds
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7 Non-Sexual Things That Make People Sexy As Fuck

Let’s be honest, what entails ‘sexiness’ in a man or woman isn’t just good looks and charm … there’s a whole heap of other stuff that drives people crazy sexually.  In this episode I name seven non-sexual qualities that make people sexy as fuck! This episode is for women and men who want to experience powerful relationships and intimacy with other amazing human beings.
8/1/201716 minutes, 40 seconds
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Masturbation For The Modern Woman

Why is self-pleasure so important in every woman's life? And why should we steer clear of clitoral orgasms, ditch our vibrators, and expand our overall experience of pleasure and orgasm? I answer these questions and more in this Tantra-inspired episode of AUTHENTIC SEX. Find out about full body orgasmic states and open your mind to new masturbation techniques! This is just the beginning of a whole new world of ecstatic orgasmic experiences.
7/25/201722 minutes, 51 seconds
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Creating a Sacred Space For Sex

Creating a sacred space for sex is the first step to experiencing great sex in life! In this episode of AUTHENTIC SEX I talk about how to de-clutter your home and bedroom, how to clear out negative energy from the past, how to bring in items that will ignite the bedroom with sensuality,  and how to create a place where you can manifest ecstatic sexual experiences into your life on a daily basis.
7/19/201721 minutes, 48 seconds
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How To Talk To Kids About Sex

In this episode of AUTHENTIC SEX I talk about how to talk to kids about sex. I approach the topic from a holistic viewpoint and believe that the best education we can give our younger generation is a healthy transmission of being a sexually empowered adult. Learn about how to be honest, open, authentic and real when talking about sex with the children in your life!  
7/11/201723 minutes, 42 seconds
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Period Sex and the Sacred Power of Menstrual Blood

In this episode I talk about my personal journey with my blood and my cycle, in particular why I enjoy period sex and how I've learnt to honour myself during menstruation. I speak about why I believe a woman's blood is so sacred and why we, both women and men, need to learn more about how to embrace the different seasons of the monthly cycle. I also cover period sex and give practical tips on how to enjoy and experience great period sex with women.
7/4/201728 minutes, 3 seconds
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5 Secrets of Sexually Empowered Women

What does it mean to feel sexually empowered as a woman? Why do some women appear sexually empowered, and others not so much? In this podcast I talk about my own definition of what it feels like to be an empowered woman in a world where sex is still so taboo. I also share what I believe to be the top five secrets of sexually empowered women. This episode is for anyone, both women and men, who want to dive deeper into how they can use their potent sexual energy to create a life they love.
6/27/201722 minutes, 5 seconds
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Threesomes. Who, what, where, when and why?

Threesomes: who, what, where, when and why? In this episode I talk about my own personal experience exploring threesome dynamics, plus share my top tips for how to have a successful and fun threesome (whether you're single, or in a relationship). This podcast includes how to negotiate a threesome, why communication is so important, where and how to find your ideal threesome team, and why discussing boundaries and consent is crucial.
6/18/201724 minutes, 20 seconds
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Magical Anal Sex

Magical anal sex, is there such a thing? Well I say yes! In episode 02 of Authentic Sex I give you my top tips for great anal sex. How can I prepare beforehand? What position is best? How can I make it really comfortable, fun and pleasurable? I answer all these questions and more, plus share about about my own personal love of anal sex.
6/18/201719 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Sacred Slut

What is a Sacred Slut, and why do I identify as one? In this episode I talk about my own personal sexual journey from childhood to adulthood. I explain why and how I became a Sexologist and what qualifies me to be talking about sex all day long. I also talk about how we can all embrace our inner sacred slut (women and men), plus what happens if we shame, tame and repress that vital part of ourselves.
6/8/201727 minutes, 24 seconds