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Musician and host Laurie Gallardo recaps tonight's best bet for a great Austin music experience.
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Amplify LIVE

Bring the excellent music, and they will come. Amplify LIVE presents a big benefit show supporting the work of I Live Here, I Give Here, a nonprofit connecting the Austin community to organizations and causes they care about. There are so many nonprofits in Austin alone that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start, […]
18/05/20232 minutes 8 seconds
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Wednesday at Cheer Up Charlie’s

Okay, seriously; this is another one of those line-ups where it’s like, did you let the Austin Music Minute book this one? Did you? This week, Cheer Up Charlie’s puts three Austin-based songwriters in the spotlight. Excellent, one and all: Ry Black, a member of Batty Jr., Redbud, and songwriter for his own project Sunroom […]
17/05/20232 minutes 10 seconds
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Waiting To Spill

When We Were Friends by The Backseat Lovers is one of those impossibly good albums making it difficult to pick just one favorite track. Not fair. The ears are coaxed in with the beautiful opener “Watch Your Mouth” and that’s it. It keeps going. You’re hooked. How could it be possible that this 2019 release […]
16/05/20232 minutes 7 seconds
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Some Of Us Are Brave

It wasn’t as if Danielle Ponder didn’t like her job. Her work as a public defender in her hometown of Rochester, NY reflects a soul that’s passionate about supporting her community and using her voice to do so. But that voice is also strongly connected to music. Ponder grew up with music. When it’s in […]
15/05/20232 minutes 17 seconds
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Lucha Por Vida

Luz Elena Mendoza Ramos says the title of Y La Bamba‘s seventh LP Lucha has two meanings. “Lucha,” a nickname for Luz, btw, translates into “fight.” But “luz” can also mean “light.” Both apply to the album’s exploration of an existence in multiplicity – love, queerness, la familia, Mexican-American roots and Chicanx identity, confronting a […]
13/05/20232 minutes 17 seconds
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Where the Journey Goes

In an Austin Chronicle 2022 cover story, J Soulja didn’t hesitate expressing his gratitude in an interview with Derek Udensi. For the Austin-based hip-hop artist, having struggled to make ends meet in his life, understanding the importance of lifting others around him felt like a revelation. And from helping others comes a fulfillment, an empowerment […]
12/05/20232 minutes 5 seconds
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Jason Isbell’s forthcoming LP Weathervanes, his first album of originals since 2020’s Reunions, takes a hard look at…having some growing up to do. At its core, it’s songs played for, and by, grown ass people, as Isbell might put it. Whereas some music connects to the eternal youth in us all (“I Don’t Wanna Grow […]
11/05/20232 minutes 23 seconds
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Quiero Verte Feliz

In the wake of so much pain, Grammy Award-winning band La Santa Cecilia expresses one overarching wish for all: They want to see you happy. And who better for lead vocalist La Marisoul to sing the title track of Quiero Verte Feliz with than one of the most unique and influential voices in the world, […]
10/05/20232 minutes 22 seconds
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Lose These Blues

Lindsey Verrill knows the water holds its own magic. Even the poster she created for tonight’s show at Hole In the Wall shares that wisdom: “The river moves my heart to lose these blues.” And Thor Harris himself once described Verrill and Jeff Johnston‘s Little Mazarn as “…a cool float a few feet from the […]
09/05/20231 minute 58 seconds
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Lovers From the Past

Near and dear to your Austin Music Minute host’s dark little heart. LA darkwave artist Mareux dives deep into the unsettling murky depths of unrequited passion on the new LP Lovers From the Past. Musician and producer Aryan Ashtiani created a haunting soundtrack for a haunted memory, making it almost impossible to move on. Mareux’s […]
08/05/20231 minute 56 seconds
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It’s many things, coming at you from different directions. Maybe Austin-based band Megafauna is given all the descriptions because of this killer musicianship that owns it. All insanely brilliant live performances aside, it’s never been more apparent than on their sixth full-length release Olympica. This thing is tight yet flies across the board. To hell […]
06/05/20232 minutes 21 seconds
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Vikram Vikram

Throwing shapes! All the colors! Action packed! Well, not quite the same action taking you on a whirlwind ride in the 1986 spy thriller Vikram, but the essence of the film’s irresistible theme song is captured to perfection on The Octopus Project‘s kaleidoscopic electro-pop spree “Vikram Vikram,” now with a new video that’s equally as […]
05/05/20232 minutes 29 seconds
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Garden Grow

There is…hesitancy with your AMM host on doing this, but the day and the occasion call for it, so… The force is strong with this one. Kalu and The Electric Joint’s Garden of Eden was due for release in 2020, but that was around the time all hell broke loose, to put it mildly. The […]
04/05/20232 minutes 19 seconds
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Ride On

It’s a great song, perfect for the road, all about choosing rock ‘n’ roll with no regrets. Maybe you just see the title and you kinda start singing it to yourself. But rather than “Ride On,” today’s AMM features another track from The Nude Party‘s self-produced Rides On LP, “Tell Em.” Just tell ’em the […]
03/05/20232 minutes 23 seconds
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Slomo Drags at Hotel Vegas

Seriously, just sign your AMM host up for all of these killer residencies going off this month. Damn. Another badass rez starting this week features Austin-based pop-rock outfit Slomo Drags at Hotel Vegas, and the first show makes for one hell of a special night. Not only will you get the magnificent stylings of R&B/soul […]
02/05/20232 minutes 7 seconds
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Songwriter Mondays at Sagebrush

Gather round for Monday evening magic as Ambitions of Ambiguity songwriter/crooner extraordinaire Buffalo Hunt (also known to rogue royalty and underground moguls alike as Stephanie Hunt) invites special guests to join her for Songwriter Mondays at South Austin hotspot Sagebrush. Every Monday in May, Hunt will be joined by fellow artists for a round of […]
01/05/20232 minutes 15 seconds
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Austin Psych Fest, Saturday and Sunday

The rain didn’t stop it. And gusty winds won’t, either. Welcome to day two and three of Austin Psych Fest, the OG that launched the Levitation vibes round the world. Two stages, no overlap, and all incredible. Just don’t wear a hat today, unless it’s strapped to your head… Doors at 2 p.m. both days. […]
29/04/20232 minutes 7 seconds
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Austin Psych Fest 2023

Levitation followers on Instagram got the briefest onsite glimpse on a post last night. “Getting the spaceship ready for liftoff here at The Far Out Lounge and Stage. See y’all tomorrow, can’t wait!” Even that snapshot of the light projection was enough to generate excitement – but those insane pics of everybody losing their s%$t […]
28/04/20232 minutes 29 seconds
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Satisfy Saturn

The futuristic afro-electronic/hip-hop/neo soul voyage of Satisfy Saturn by Trouble In the Streets is also a celebratory ode to the wisdom of ancestors; a determination to hold space for hope as darkness seeps through; or, perhaps just going for it, even if it all seems pointless. Songwriter/vocalist Nnedi Agbaroji serves as your cosmic guide through […]
27/04/20232 minutes 13 seconds
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Tour Buds

Two Austin Music Minute favorites are heading out on tour together, and they thought, “Hell, why not have big tour kick off show?” Elliot Frazier of Austin-based shoegaze shredders Ringo Deathstarr is a longtime friend/producer of Austin’s noise punk outfit Pleasure Venom, so it’s a natural fit. Frazier also produced PV’s scorching full-length debut Rebirth/Return, […]
26/04/20231 minute 54 seconds
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An Industrial Revolution

Coming up this week at Emo’s, an evening of electronic and industrial music innovators. The AMM is all over it. Ministry, a pioneering figure of industrial rock and metal founded in 1981, used to move more along poppier synth styles in its earlier stages. But as band founder Al Jourgensen experimented with the latest technology […]
25/04/20232 minutes 39 seconds
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Desire and Transformation

Today’s featured AMM track “Sunset” is on Caroline Polachek‘s second album released earlier this year; Desire, I Want To Turn Into You, a poetic homage to the metamorphic powers of desire, sometimes ruled by a frenzied momentum. There’s exhilaration, there is anguish – and every detail is savored on Polachek’s striking arrangements. Desire can be […]
24/04/20232 minutes 7 seconds
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Yee-Craw at Empire

It’s a bit of Texas, a bit of Louisiana, and an incredible line-up of artists bringing you the best of both worlds. Yee-Craw: A Tex-Orleans Experience celebrates music artists from Texas and New Orleans with live music – and it wouldn’t be complete without a crawfish boil, too! Everything kicks off tomorrow afternoon, Sunday April […]
22/04/20232 minutes 10 seconds
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Shabani Time

Don’t sleep on it. Austin-based artist and AMM fave David Shabani has a couple of nights remaining in his April residency at the fabulous Geraldine’s. Shabani and The Nu Leopards deliver the smoothest grooves of hip-hop, soul and R&B, this time with an expanded band and a few special guests joining in. Catch Shabani and […]
21/04/20232 minutes 42 seconds
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Four-Twenty Fiesta

For those who celebrate, the AMM wishes you a very happy – and hopefully mellow – 420! Speaking of which, Latin psych outfit Los Alcos is presenting a spectacular 420 Fiesta with a badass line-up tonight, Thursday April 20, at The 13th Floor, 711 Red River. Check out performances by Los Alcos, Billy King and […]
20/04/20232 minutes 9 seconds
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Everybody! Conga Line!

It’s always the same. Your AMM host soaks in every sweet mellow groove of “Simply Belong To You” by Austin outfit Shinyribs, then waits ’til the very end for Kevin Russell to hit those high notes. What a treasure. Shinyribs is a free-flowing musical melting pot in the local scene, consisting of so many ingredients […]
19/04/20232 minutes 10 seconds
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Chess Club Tuesday

This is your Tuesday night sorted. Another awesome line-up on the bill at Chess Club: A recently-featured AMM fave, Futon Blonde, who just released their 6-track EP Something That We’ve All Experienced Together Before – start with opener “Lonely as the Sun” and you’re hooked; songwriter Aaron Miller’s solo project Josie Lockhart – today’s AMM […]
18/04/20232 minutes 23 seconds
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This is one of those show that you stay up late for on a Monday. The AMM has spoken. Austin heavy psych-rock trio and KUTX Artist of the Month alum The Well is winding down a spring tour, following several tour dates across the U.S. with Swedish doom metal outfit and fellow badasses Firebreather. Just […]
17/04/20232 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Be True

This’ll get you going, pure joy in music form. Austin-based R&B funk/soul outfit Honey Made is the kind of band that sets the tone the moment they hit the stage, bringing infectious grooves and the kind of call-and-response energy that ignites any crowd in an instant. It’s also a big reason why Radio Coffee and […]
15/04/20231 minute 59 seconds
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This is probably one of the last opportunities you’ll get to see A Giant Dog for awhile, at least in a headlining capacity like tonight’s Sagebrush show. True, A Giant Dog is opening for Dinosaur Jr. at Lakeline Park on April 29, bringing the polar opposite vibe of Soul Asylum‘s scheduled acoustic set that night. […]
14/04/20232 minutes 2 seconds
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Rev It Up

Revival Cycles is hosting the 8th annual Handbuilt Motorcycle Show this weekend, a grand celebration of the craft and design of custom motorcycles with…a helluva lot of great live music, including national headliners and so many of the outstanding local artists we champion on KUTX 98.9. The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is Friday, April 14 through […]
13/04/20232 minutes 6 seconds
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Mad Haunted

From the ashes of the Red River District venue formerly known as Barracuda arose a new band that would not be contained by the 2020 lockdown. Featuring members of Unknown Relatives and Think No Think, ruthless protopunk annihilators Narrow Haunts has been performing and terrorizing the locals for two years now, taking on opening slots […]
12/04/20232 minutes 10 seconds
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Please Have A Seat

Every single track on NNAMDÏ‘s Please Have A Seat is addictive enough to get stuck in the brain, and rightly so. The Chicago-based artist made a conscious decision when making the album: Each track had to be hummable. Heralded as a multi-genre pop savant, NNAMDÏ mixes together what may typically be regarded as disparate sounds […]
11/04/20232 minutes 10 seconds
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Tenci at Mohawk

Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Jess Shoman confronts the question eternal: Why do we not go for the excess of love we deserve? Or, in her own words, “What the hell?” As Chicago-based music artist Tenci, Shoman celebrates self-rejuvenation on her second album A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing, an interplay of multiple instruments, and words […]
10/04/20232 minutes 28 seconds
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Close to Home

The song featured on today’s AMM is R&B artist Daniel Fears‘ “Keep On,” and it caught the attention of composer Nate Laningham. He approached the KUTX Artist of the Month alumnus and asked if he’d be interested in arranging the song for a string ensemble. It made perfect sense. As a conservatory-trained trombonist himself, Fears […]
07/04/20232 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork


They will not be contained. Just before heading out on a spring mini tour, including a performance at This Is The End Fest in Houston, Austin-based hardcore psych/rage punks (and AMM fave) BONDBREAKR get the pit started at a big show tomorrow night, Friday April 7 at Kick Butt Coffee, 5775 Airport Blvd. They’re on […]
06/04/20232 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fa Fa Fa

Do not adjust your TV set. Actually, the adjustments will be made to you. (Insert evil laughter here.) Today’s AMM presents a video premiere for a new track by Hong Kong Wigs, “Fa Fa Fa.” Sure, everything seems all rosy and Brady Bunch-esque at first, including a family with mostly chipper expressions glued onto their […]
05/04/20231 minute 57 seconds
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Tearjerk at Hotel Vegas

It’s the power of the inner metamorphosis. Tearjerk songwriter/vocalist Vanessa Jollay pierces the heart with dream folk resplendence on today’s AMM-featured track “Can’t You See I’m Changin’,” a gentle but unwavering admission of letting go and rebuilding, with a renewed point of view. “I’ve opened blackout curtains / Dug up wisdom from within…” Tearjerk kicks […]
04/04/20232 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Pat and Jaimee

Yes, it’s a special occasion tonight at The Saxon Pub. Following BMI‘s Songwriter Series performances, 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., will be an intimate evening with two Austin artists on The Texas to Tennessee Tour: Tonight’s show starts at 8 p.m.
03/04/20232 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Larger Than Life

Time for the AMM to dish out the drama. There’s NO rest for the wicked famous. You can’t go for a walk, a coffee, or a freakin’ bathroom break without the ruthless paparazzi mowing you down in the damn bathroom stall with cameras and personal questions referencing that mean-ass tweet about you that went viral. […]
01/04/20232 minutes 21 seconds
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Double Release Show at Hotel Vegas

Here’s another friendly reminder during KUTX’s spring membership drive of all the musical discovery that KUTX brings to you. This week, the Austin Music Minute spotlights two bands putting out new singles: Felt Out’s new album Until I’m Light is out April 14, and just ahead of its release is the hushed “fraught pop” beauty […]
01/04/20232 minutes 13 seconds
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Lonely As The Sun

Expect three new EP’s from Austin-based band Futon Blonde this year, starting with today’s new release, Something That We’ve All Experienced Together Before, with the fantastic opener featured on today’s AMM, “Lonely As the Sun.” And on each EP, the band’s taking a leap into different genres, with the newest leaning more into brighter pop/rock […]
30/03/20232 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Livin’ the Daydream

Just on the heels of a very busy SXSW, Austin-based dream pop/shoegaze psych outfit Daydream Twins are wrapping up their March residency at Hole In the Wall tomorrow night, Wednesday March 29. It’s been a solid run at Hole, with ample opportunity for the band to share a new song on each show night, in […]
28/03/20232 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Walking the Rope

When not shredding for Hong Kong Wigs or Sweet Spirit, Jon Fichter embarks on his own mad scientist musical experimentation as Jon Lloyd. And what’s in the lab? Fichter delights in weaving unusual and intriguing soundscapes into traditional pop styles. Inspired by all the good things like horror films, detective novels, good doggos, road trips […]
27/03/20232 minutes 15 seconds
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Today’s AMM featured track “Filtered,” a single from the forthcoming EP Unraveling by Austin-based duo Deer Fellow, explores the side effects of endless exposure to personal details of people’s lives via social media. But is this actually reality, these perfectly packaged action shots of brief moments that are meant to stir up envy? It’s time […]
25/03/20232 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

On Fire

More shout-outs are in order from the AMM! If you haven’t already, make time to listen to Pause/Play‘s episode highlighting the experiences of Black artists in the local music scene. One of those artists is in the spotlight on today’s Music Minute – writer, actor and hip-hop artist Te’aunna Moore, known to the world as […]
24/03/20232 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Trash Pick Up

Xavier Sanchez and Thom Valles first met during their high school freshman year in their hometown of El Paso, and it strikes the AMM as hilarious that the two couldn’t stand the sight of each other. However, a drumline teacher at school instinctively brought them together in band. Something clicked back then, and now their […]
23/03/20232 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Yawn Productions Presents

If you’re on Instagram, the AMM recommends following Yawn Productions (@yawnproductions – sporting a yellow logo and the subheading “Stevie Ray Yawn”), spearheaded by the wonderful and talented Jake Ames. Somehow, the bassist for The Good Looks and guitarist/lead vocalist of The Stacks finds the time to book these awesome shows for South Austin treasure […]
22/03/20232 minutes 39 seconds
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Wednesday at Mohawk

If you know, you know. This is a special occasion with plenty of beautiful music to go around. Today’s AMM points you toward a cozy gathering of magical artistry stirring the mood tomorrow night, Wednesday March 22, at Mohawk on Red River. The indoor stage will be graced by the gorgeous musical ambling and hushed […]
21/03/20232 minutes 17 seconds
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Danny B. Harvey at Kick Butt Coffee

All right. Perhaps you’re still in bed, guzzling water or craving greasy food. Or maybe you managed to maneuver your way around the SXSW-induced chaos and avoided it altogether. Either way, you’ve survived SXSW. Well done. However, the AMM is here to remind you that the music keeps going here in Austin all year round. […]
20/03/20232 minutes
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SXSW Picks: Friday March 17

These lists are not so random. There’s a method to the madness. It’s just that the madness tends to take over. Here are the AMM’s SXSW picks for Friday, March 17. Remember to hydrate: Also tonight: Adrienne Mack-Davis at Shangri-La, 1016 E. 6th St.; The Tiarras at Cooper’s BBQ, 217 Congress Ave.,; Blondshell at Swan […]
17/03/20232 minutes 29 seconds
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SXSW Picks: Thursday March 16

All right, little trooper. Little camper. Little buckeroo. These are your AMM SXSW picks for Thursday. And if you can sneak a nap in between shows, you are one lucky bastard:
16/03/20232 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

SXSW Picks: Wednesday March 15

Making lists. Checkin’ ’em twice. Gonna find out…if you can handle this much in a single night, but that’s how SXSW is, right? Here are some AMM South-By selections for your Wednesday shenanigans. Live and in yo’ FACE, freak:
15/03/20232 minutes 41 seconds
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SXSW Picks: Tuesday March 14

Time for the next heaping batch of AMM South-By selections for Tuesday, March 14. It ain’t right to feel this tired, it’s only Tuesday: And don’t forget: KUTX Live at Scholz Garten kicks off tomorrow morning with KUTX Artist of the Month Jane Leo at 7 a.m. No, that’s not too early. Just don’t sleep […]
14/03/20232 minutes 36 seconds
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SXSW Picks: Monday March 13

All right. We’re doing this. Here’s an AMM list of SXSW picks for Monday night, including official showcases and the cool stuff off the beaten path. Whaddya mean, you’re tired? It’s only Monday. Drink some water and get going:
13/03/20232 minutes 17 seconds
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SXSW Picks: Saturday March 11

Honestly, it’s a series of lists, isn’t it? That’s because there’s so much going on in the next few days that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the Austin Music Minute to focus on just one show. The AMM presents another handful of selections to kick off SXSW this weekend, including official showcases and those shows off the […]
11/03/20232 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

SXSW Picks: Friday March 10

They’re baaack. KUTX and the Austin Music Minute are here to guide you through the mighty beast known as SXSW with official showcase selections and shows off the beaten path. It can be a little overwhelming. Here’s a short list of just a few shows happening tonight. Buckle up:
10/03/20232 minutes 15 seconds
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Lizzie Page at Hole In the Wall

“when my eyes are in my lids / i dream of hell,” intones Chris Lopez from the warped and warbled beginnings of “Hell Rises.” The single is from Lopez’s multi-layered project Lizzie Page, an experimental sonic incarnation described by Lopez as “queer, Chicano, bipolar music.” Lizzie Page’s discography includes solo albums and Lopez’s collaborations with […]
09/03/20232 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

But You Won’t Break Me

Add this to your International Women’s Day soundtrack ASAP. Actually, add it to any soundtrack that reminds you that you’re a badass. Austin-based R&B dynamo Alesia Lani clarifies the situation with “Breaking Me Down,” a rock ‘n’ soul firebomb releasing the exasperation from going round in circles. Our protagonist is done with the cut-downs, the […]
08/03/20232 minutes 15 seconds
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Simple Things

At a time when it feels as though slowing down is next to impossible, The Band of Heathens forges through all the doomscrolling with a deep appreciation for the Simple Things. Their new album, out March 17, includes recent single releases “Stormy Weather,” “Heartless Year” and today’s AMM featured track “Don’t Let the Darkness,” each […]
07/03/20232 minutes 6 seconds
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Me to the Mer to the Mo

Your Austin Music Minute maven has returned from her two-week hiatus, which included an extremely brief but brilliant Nashville trip to see Lord Friday the 13th at The Blue Room at Third Man Records, and providing a literal weep fest at this year’s Austin Chronicle Austin Music Awards, so much so that every tree, plant […]
06/03/20232 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hilary York at 13th Floor

Your AMM host’s first introduction to Hilary York, self-described “’70s singer/songwriter stuck in the present,” was with York’s 2006 romantic full-length debut The Moon, in particular the intimate sway of “Out of Sight” and the awe and wonderment in “Any Sweeter” (“…Something like that day / It’s the same light today”). Originally from Houston, York […]
20/02/20232 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Larger Than Life

Exciting times for trash-glam punk outfit Lord Friday the 13th, starting with this week’s release of their new EP, Disaster Piece – most of which was recorded in early 2020, pre-pandemic (and now available on cassette via Feels So Good Records, FYI). A dazzling, TMZ-styled new video for today’s AMM featured track “Larger Than Life” […]
18/02/20232 minutes 20 seconds