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Audaciously You with Charis Jones

English, Education, 1 season, 10 episodes, 3 hours, 45 minutes
The ‘Audaciously You’ Podcast w/ Charis Jones celebrates the dreams, ideas and overall badass that silently lives on the inside of you. There’s just one problem, she’s screaming to live out loud in a bold, audacious way! No more suppressing girlfriend; Charis Jones shares strategies, tips and experiences to call your audacious inner woman, up to center stage.
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The Challenges and Joys of Connecting with Our Loved Ones with Special Guest Dr. Amber Wright

This conversation is incredibly timely and juicy, as we can all relate and do much better on the topic of effective communication in our relationships. Join me and Dr. Amber Wright as we journey through the challenges and joys of connecting verbally and non verbally with our loved ones. Grab a notepad, there are tons of gems that sparkle in this candid convo.
5/26/202334 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Power of Stabilizing at Each New Level with Special Guest Mahisha Dellinger

Welcome back to the Audaciously You Podcast with myself, Charis Jones, CEO of Sassy Jones. We are always looking for improved ways of helping your inner unicorn come out to play and today is definitely no different. One of my first business idols and Mompreneur is my very special guest today, Mahisha Dellinger of the company, Curls. Curls was one of the very first natural hair care brands to make it mainstream. Join us for a juicy conversation on worthiness, challenges as you grow, and staying true to who you are no matter what.
4/13/202337 minutes, 49 seconds
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Fear Have a Seat

I’m delighted to share with you my personal meditation experience. I realize that we know exactly what our purposes but sometimes we allow fear and anxiety to stifle our progress. I’d like to arm you with a tool that you can use at your leisure, a guided meditation to redirect fear toward its rightful place. I hope you enjoy and thank you for listening.
7/6/202215 minutes, 24 seconds
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How I built this: Sassy Jones

Success looks very different for different people, and I am a lucid portrayal of that. I’m sharing my story of how I earned my success along with the bumps and bruises that came along with it. Listen along for this incredibly transparent tapestry of how I built Sassy Jones.
4/11/202234 minutes, 57 seconds
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Truths about Entrepreneurship

Have you ever considered a side hustle or stepping out on your own? Well, I’d like to share some of my truths about entrepreneurship and the things that I love as promised from the ‘Lies about entrepreneurship’ episode. Enjoy!
3/25/202215 minutes, 31 seconds
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How To Stay Motivated

Have you ever felt stuck, not good enough or overall unmotivated? Yep, so have I and it’s completely normal to be in this place. I’d like to share proven strategies with you to help you break out of that mold and press forward mentally to shine your absolute brightest. Check out more episodes at: Sponsored by:
3/9/202215 minutes
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Lies About Entrepreneurship

Why is it that everyone thinks that entrepreneurship is sexy, glamorous and easy? If I had to take a guess, it's because of social media. There are tons of embarrassing stories about my bumps and bruises of scaling a brand to be #1 in our category on INC5000 and it's time to share. Don't let the lashes and fancy cars fool you, it can be oh do rewarding while oh so challenging. I'm here to expose the lies many have about entrepreneurship, tune in.
2/21/202220 minutes, 18 seconds
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How to Reduce Guilt

Suffering from feelings of guilt, shame or struggle in your life? I'm sharing some pretty powerful strategies to help free you from those feelings that women typically deal with in motherhood, family and friendship. Moving to a guilt free mind set may be the one thing you need to live that unapologetically audacious life. Tune in and please leave us a review!
2/1/202220 minutes, 41 seconds
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Strategies for Manifesting

On this week's episode I'll share my personal strategies on manifesting the exact life I want to live and what manifesting actually means to me. There is so much we can actually achieve if we simply focus with intentional clarity. So dive in, grab a pen & pad and get ready to go higher.
1/13/202213 minutes, 30 seconds