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English, Social, 1 seasons, 6 episodes, 2 hours 30 minutes
Life as an adoptee has never been straight forward. Atypical Adoptee is an open conversation centred upon the adoption of Jacci Grace; a Fijian girl, raised in a Kiwi/Canadian home. Atypical Adoptee navigates the emotional ups and downs of adoption from the POV of the adoptee. Although a seemingly sensitive topic, this podcast hopes listeners learn something new, and to understand that not all adoptions require the fear of curiosity.
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Episode 5: Q&A

Q&A's allow me to provide actual insight/information/perspective on things people, like you, are actually curious about. Today's episode is exactly that; 8 chosen questions that hopefully cover a nice range of topics that are interesting to everyone :)  I say this in every episode but THANK YOU so much for still listening to my little passion project. The conversations I've had in response to some of these episodes have been super wholesome and deeply appreciated. If you're new here, I'm adopted LOL. Make sure to follow the socials etc too! @atypicalyadoptee DM's are always open. Enjoy the episode ❤️ --- Send in a voice message:
25/09/202230 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 4: am I enough?

What exactly does it mean to be enough? Is there one definition?  I grappled with this idea/question for so long and I realised that this active pursuit of feeling enough, the collective generational struggle of seeking affirmation and achieving goals, media-centric influences... all these thoughts showed me how ambiguous this idea/question really is. The earlier topics within this episode will hopefully be relatable to many listeners, especially those of us who grew up in an age where the pursuit of happiness is engrained in our daily intake of media. Later in the episode I take a deeper turn (no surprise..) where I also talk about my internal struggle with feeling whole and wanted as an adoptee, and burden of fulfilling the expectations of breaking stereotypes as an adopted person of colour.  Enjoy the episode and let me know your thoughts :) @atypicaladoptee --- Send in a voice mes
10/07/202235 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 3: saviours

Are my parents saviours for adopting me?  Today's episode unpacks the idea of White Saviour Complex/Syndrome in the context of adoption. The idea of adoptive parents as saviours/messianic figures is sad misconception that tends to be reinforced by warped representations of adoption. Perhaps it's the social and cultural climate we are living in that perpetuate these misconceptions, or maybe it's just a lack of education on the topic of adoption. That's why I'm here :) This episode will be covering topics such as the pros/cons of interracial adoption, the fear of being 'returned', and what an ideal adoptive parents should look like (in my opinion of course).  @atypicaladoptee --- Send in a voice message:
15/05/202226 minutes 40 seconds
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Episode 2: disabled

My brother is disabled and he is adopted. As a child, I felt at peace knowing that my family was crafted with love. But, the public perception of a disabled person, little brown girl, and two older white people didn't seem to sit well in other people's eyes. From as young as I can remember, I was always aware of people's eyes on me when I was with my family. A supposed happy excursion, turned sour by the curious eyes of onlookers.  In this episode, I will be discussing how my parents came to adopt my brother, feeling ostracised, the anger of being stared at, and how my role as a sibling of a disabled person had a massive influence over my childhood.  (turns out this is the longest episode, not episode 1!) PS: A future episode will be a Q&A! so hmu if you're keen :)  --- Send in a voice message:
08/05/202223 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 1: emotional

Today, I dive deep into the emotional stuff; anger, confusion, hurt and shame. It may be expected of an adoptee to feel these things! But, what happens when you desire healing, but don’t know how to ask for help? What happens when you’re physically a person-of-colour, but socialised in a ‘white’ household? In this episode you’ll hear of my adoption story, how I ran away from home and the emotional implications of what adoption meant to me as a child and as a teenager. Grab a cuppa... this'll be a whopper.  Expect revelations, unexpected emotions, and the hope that things DO get better ♡ Follow us on IG: @AtypicalAdoptee  --- Send in a voice message:
17/04/202226 minutes 25 seconds