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English, Religion, 1 seasons, 28 episodes, 21 hours 3 minutes
Atheism UK Podcast looks at life from an atheist perspective, against the false and pernicious claims of religion, its privileges and its malign practices – not least the labelling and indoctrination of children. We reject the notion that faith and religion should not be questioned, and we seek to create an environment of atheistic free thought. Atheism UK is Britain’s only distinctively atheist organisation. Our sole objectives are the advancement and normalisation of atheism and Challenging Religious Faith.
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Putin - The Orthodox Christian Soldier - Atheism UK Podcast #28

Putin - The Orthodox Christian Soldier - Atheism UK Podcast #28 -  RECORDED ON Mar 13, 2022 In this video we look at the deep connection between Putin, The Russian Orthodox Church and the war in Ukraine. QUESTION: Is Putin using his faith to cozy up to the Russian Orthodox Church and does the Orthodox Russian Church now support his war on the Ukraine Links from the show If you like these podcasts then please consider subscribing to the channel, it will really help spread the message of secularism and atheism to a much wider audience...  Website: Apple Podcast: Spotify Podcast: Google Podcast: RadioPublic Podcast:
24/09/202243 minutes 14 seconds
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There Are No Atheists In Foxholes [Debunked] - Atheism UK Podcast #27

There Are No Atheists In Foxholes [Debunked] "There are no atheists in foxholes" is an aphorism used to suggest that in times of extreme stress or fear, in other words like a foxhole in war facing death, that someone who identifies as Atheist will turn to god to save them.  In this podcast we look at the concept and soundly debunk it. Watch this podcast on YouTube: Some people find religious faith comforting during stressful or dangerous experiences, others however, lose their faith when undergoing trauma or witnessing immense suffering. Suggesting that someone who identifies as an atheist would ditch their deep held belief in times of fear is absurd, but it's built on the mistaken belief that Atheists believe in god, but have just turned their back on god. It shows how little theists understand of Atheism. If you like these podcasts
10/03/202249 minutes 33 seconds
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Criticising Religious Beliefs - Atheism UK Podcast #26

Criticising Religious Beliefs - Atheism UK Podcast #26 - In this episode of the Atheism UK podcast we look at criticising religious belief and more importantly the backlash we can get for simply pointing out the problems and issues that arise through religion and religious beliefs and practices. Atheist criticisms of religion are often silenced or attempted to be silenced by accusations of Islamophobia, anti-semitism or anti-christian hate speech as if so called sacred beliefs can not be touched, criticized or called out. This tactic is designed to shut down criticism - painting those who criticise as people with an irrational fear, whereas criticism is wholly based on very rational issues.  Criticism of religious beliefs and practices must be a basic human right (free speech) This criticism may include that religion is outdated, harmful to the individual, harmful to society, spreaders of misinformation, an impediment to
09/03/202248 minutes 17 seconds
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There Are No Positive Arguments FOR Atheism - Debunked - Atheism UK Podcast #25

We recently did a podcast on PRATT arguments (Previously Refuted A Thousand Times) and as a result we had comments regarding arguments that theists put forward. A few weeks ago we answered one from theists which was ‘I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist - Debunked’ which van be seen here - Watch This Episode On YouTube We carry on with these arguments from theists and look at there are no positive arguments for atheism and debunk this argument. Some of the things we discuss are: 1 - Atheism is the default position 2 - mind is the brain a thing of substance and measure, we have no examples of a mind without a brain 3 - The argument from evil - focusing on the suffering of people and animals in this world and therefore the existence of an all seeing, all knowing, all loving god is unlikely.  “Is God willin
12/02/202255 minutes 43 seconds
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Christianity Is Dying In The UK - Atheism UK Podcast #24

In this discussion we look at the statistics behind the fact that Christianity is dying and non belief is on the rise.   We looked at the British Social Attitudes Survey by The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) in regard to Religion, which covers the Identity, behaviour and belief over two decades of the peoples of the UK  The opening statement on the report says… ‘In this year’s British Social Attitudes report (BSA), we see a continuation of one of the most important trends in post-war history: the steady decline in religion and belief among the British public.  This decline is not simply a private matter for individuals and families, but rather a trend with profound implications for our social norms as well as our public institutions’.   You can see the full report here:  We also discuss some deeper personal aspects of Atheism in the UK  If
04/02/202246 minutes 17 seconds
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Dr Hugh Ross Another Failing Apologist - Atheism UK Podcast #23

There has always been a steady flow of religious apologists, desperately trying to prove god exists. Much of their efforts are aimed toward those who already believe, but need validation of their beliefs.  Every argument for the existence of god has been debunked, proved fallacious or is simply based on assumption and presupposition.   There is a relatively new face in town who uses science as a tool to try and convince us that god has to exist. His name is Dr Hugh Ross and it look like we have found ourselves another failing apologist who uses worn out reasoning, dressed in the guise of science.  He’s fallen headlong into the intelligent design argument, the Teleological Argument For God  This is the same old PRATT (previously refuted a thousand times) argument   Cosmic Fine Tuning - If any of the constants of nature were off by a tiny fraction, then our universe would not permit life. But isn’t that the point, because the laws of physics are wh
04/02/202244 minutes 7 seconds
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Religious Infiltration Of Society - Atheism UK Podcast #22

In this Atheism UK discussion, the first in 2022, we look at the way religion has spread it roots through society.   Religion affects the decision making process of our leaders and influencers of society.  We recently released a podcast which looked at the Bishops in the House of Lords and how these bishops used their religious dogma to inform their decisions on political policy.    If you like these podcasts then please consider subscribing to the channel, it will really help spread the message of secularism and atheism to a much wider audience...    Website:  Podcast On Spotify:  Give your feedback in the comments.
04/02/202249 minutes 20 seconds
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I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist - Debunked - AUK Podcast #21

I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist - Debunked..&nbsp; We recently did a podcast on P.R.A.T.T. Arguments ( which are arguments that have previously refuted a thousand times. One that comes up quote often is ' I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist' &nbsp;&nbsp;This argument first come to light in the 2004 book by Norman Geisler &nbsp;and Frank Turek. &nbsp; In this podcast we discuss this heavily fallacious argument and show where it falls down. &nbsp;&nbsp; If you like these podcasts then please consider subscribing to the channel, it will really help spread the message of secularism and atheism to a much wider audience... &nbsp;&nbsp; Debunking The Teleological Argument Debunking The Cosmological Argument Debunking The Argument Form Morality; <
04/02/202241 minutes 51 seconds
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Celebrate Christmas - No Saviour Required - AUK Podcast #20

Do atheists celebrate Christmas? Yes, they do. It’s a holiday with friends, family, food, drink, and gifts; what’s not to like? &nbsp;However, it doesn’t belong to Christians.&nbsp; Populations in the northern hemisphere had a midwinter festival long before the Christians got going.&nbsp; That’s why there’s a decorated tree, holly, ivy, yule log, mistletoe, St Nicholas (Father Christmas, Santa Claus), etc. &nbsp;Christmas is just a winter festival which we can all share in. You may want to call it Yule, or just the winter festival but whatever you want to call it, its a great time of year for all the family.. &nbsp;&nbsp; So, Happy Christmas everyone! &nbsp; Website: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbkJ4RjRXN0g5aF91X2xZaXBYSVBnNmFUMjRVUXxBQ3Jtc0ttc3NHaV9PcU0xSzFndzFXTTJvckN5MV9VQWM4QlJiUXRGSkZUTVh5WEN0a0hnS2VSMWtPLUx1LTRIdTJ0WXJyVlFjeklucEloN1pKUGE0Z3JrMVdKZmxfdlVOVlJUXzd5RGw0cHY1cHdGRWM
04/02/202249 minutes 50 seconds
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Is The Bible JUST Made Up? - Atheism UK Podcast #19

This podcast was a response to many of the posts that are put on our Social Media channels, one in particular that asked a serious question from a theist which was ‘Do Atheists think the Bible was JUST made up?’ We have done many podcasts pointing out the inaccuracies of many holy books including the Bible. So we thought we would discuss and respond to this question. If you like these podcasts then please consider subscribing to the channel, it will really help spread the message of secularism and atheism to a much wider audience...&nbsp; Debunking The Teleological Argument Debunking The Cosmological Argument Debunking The Argument Form Morality Jason Sylvester's Book - Manifest Insanity Manifest Insanity is an irreverent social commentary that traces the hi
09/12/202154 minutes 54 seconds
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P. R. A. T. T. Arguments - Atheism UK Podcast #18

P. R. A. T. T. Arguments - Previously Refuted A Thousand Times In today's podcast we discuss P.R.A.T.T. Arguments or arguments we have with theist apologists that have been previously refuted a thousand times although it feels like more. Theist apologists stick to an 'argument for god' script no matter how many time it has been proved wrong or fallacious. &nbsp; If you're a regular to this channel you'll know that every single argument put forward for the exitance of God has been debunked, proven wrong or is based on a fallacy or 7..&nbsp; We discuss a few of the reasons why the god concept is incoherent. If you like these podcasts then please consider subscribing to the channel, it will really help spread the message of secularism and atheism to a much wider audience...&nbsp; Debunking The Teleological Argument Debunkin
09/12/202153 minutes 25 seconds
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Remembrance Day Is No Place For Christianity - Atheism UK Podcast #17

Remembrance Day in the UK is specifically to remember those who died in service, and yet right across the country the Christian church is still an official part of many of the Remembrance Day ceremonies. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Remembrance Day should be completely secular. The Cenotaph was designed by Edwin Lutyens as a secular memorial because the war dead were from an array of different people from many faiths, not just Christians such as Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and those of no faith. &nbsp;It is no longer appropriate for the Church to presume to lead the nation in such events considering the majority of the UK population is not Christian, and over half the population are not even religious, we believe our civic ceremonies should reflect that. &nbsp; In fact all ceremonies of national importance should be secular in character. This would mean all members of British society should feel equally included. &nbsp; The Guardian Article we referred to in the podcast
09/12/202143 minutes 5 seconds
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Time For The Bishops To Go From The House Of Lords - Atheism UK Podcast #16

Is it time for the ‘Lords Spiritual’ (The Bishops) to go from the House Or Lords? Our opposition to clergy, an arbitrarily appointed body that has been included to scrutinise and comment upon the legislation of UK politics, is simply not right. More than 55% of the UK population is non religious. UK legislation therefore, should not be influenced by people who base their decisions on the will of, or the supposed word of an unproven god. We are now in the 21st Century. We should be looking to a secular society, and these arcane appointments must go. Basing moral judgement on Christian values and morals in a modern inclusive democratic society that influences laws to make the lives of the people better through secular non religious judgement has to be the future. The Bishop's assessment of this and other bills that go through the House of Lords is based on archaic biblical text and the questionable moral values held within their
08/11/202134 minutes 19 seconds
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Apostasy.. The 21st Century Thought Crime - Atheism UK Podcast #15

Apostasy.. The 21st Century Thought Crime - Atheism UK Podcast #15 &nbsp; The act of being an Apostate is seen differently throughout religion. It simply means a formal disaffiliation from, abandonment of, or renunciation of a religion. The punishment for this formal self removal from a religion is also varied depending on the religion, the social and cultural or the sect of religion but includes shunning, excommunication, verbal abuse, physical violence, or even death. &nbsp; It’s hard to believe that in the 21st Century we have such a concept as Apostasy. It’s essentially a thought crime. If you renounce your religion in thought or through deed, those who follow the religion are expected to offer some punishment. &nbsp;&nbsp; Religious laws upheld and enforced by the state are ridiculous in the 21st Century. This also allies to blasphemy as well as apostasy. &nbsp; Website: <a href="
01/11/202141 minutes 41 seconds
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The Afterlife - Atheism UK Podcast #14

The Afterlife - Atheism UK Podcast #14 - One of the big philosophical questions &nbsp;- those existential questions that for some reasons we seem to need answers for includes what happens when we die &nbsp;Sensitive psychological problem, we somehow want to believe because we don’t want to lose our loved ones forever and I know people who cling on to that for their psychological well being and I would never take that away from them. However - religion has almost weaponized it with the concepts of heaven and hell.&nbsp; For those in religion, the concepts of afterlife are intrinsic to their faith, but the question is that belief justified or is it just another man made belief system based on zero evidence? &nbsp;In this video we look at the idea of an afterlife and if Near Death Experience [NDE] in any way proves an afterlife is a rational position. &nbsp;Are we, as Carl Sagan so eloquently put it simply.. ‘the stuff of stars’ - I think that is profound and beautif
25/10/202150 minutes 26 seconds
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Leaving Religion - Atheism UK Podcast #13

Leaving Religion - Atheism UK Podcast #13 - Leaving any religion can be difficult from a couple of perspectives. The first is from belief to non-belief. This can in some be an existential crisis that many suffer alone. There is also the secondary issue that many face which is problems with family and friends. &nbsp;In this podcast we welcome Esther, The Afro Humanist who speaks about her journey from Christianity. Esther has her own channel which is; Please support the Atheism UK channel b hitting the subscribe button and don’t forget to also click on the notification button on our own YouTube channel; WEBSITE: &nbsp;; Podcast On Spotify:
08/10/202155 minutes 5 seconds
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Religious Misogyny - Atheism UK Podcast #12

In this podcast we look at Misogyny In Religion and joined this week by Nuriyah Khan who is an ex-Muslim and has a great YouTube channel (Holy Humanist) that highlights the issues facing women in Islam Religious misogyny is hard baked into religion. It, like many institutions is male dominated and places men above women. Unlike other institutions that aim to bring equality and fundamental change as we move into the 21st century, religion can not, and will not change. Misogyny and patriarchal rule is at the heart of religion. This grates so loudly against the aims of modern society that you have to question if the Abrahamic religions have had their time. &nbsp; WEBSITE: &nbsp; &nbsp; Holy Humanist YouTube Channel &nbsp; Podcast On Spotify:
04/10/202155 minutes 21 seconds
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The Question Of Morality - Atheism UK Podcast #11

The Question Of Morality - Religion seems to claim the moral high ground. We are asked if you don’t believe in god where do you get your morals from? &nbsp;The question of morality is directly linked with the question of what is right and wrong, what is good and what is evil, and yet we asked to look to religion for our moral guidance. These are the religious institutions that harbour child sex abusers, sanction slavery including sex slaves, that say it’s OK to beat your wife or to murder someone because they are gay or leave your religion. The question of morals has always been part of the theist v atheist debates. What’s your opinion? &nbsp; WEBSITE: &nbsp;<a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqazE1bC1aN2tWc09QUW91STRfdUdUbk10ZXpDZ3xBQ3Jtc0tsekpMSTBFZkZuVkFpMklzVlVpekZLS05fUmJmUTc5VUZTVTZBc084WnQ4YVlDTzVESGR2VXhDNnV5U0xPQ3A2cEVhQWY5VUxZTXZpRUwtWXFnY2VxdVNrakhaQzBUTWV3eDR0Wm5HMTJraUcxOUdnVQ&amp
27/09/202149 minutes 29 seconds
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Religious Evidence - Atheism UK Podcast #10

Religious Evidence - This podcast focuses on the nature of the evidence given by religious apologists. There seems to be a different concept on what the evidence means to those defending religion and trying to prove that their beliefs are real and backed up. &nbsp;It's hard to take religious people seriously when they fall back on scripture to prove God's existence, to lay claim to truth or to take the moral high ground stating that it's the divine word of God, whilst at the same time brushing under the carpet the parts that collapse any credibility in the reliability of the text. &nbsp;If the words laid out in the Bible, Tanakh and Qur'an are the words of God then the God portrayed is morally corrupt. &nbsp;If you layer upon that the fundamental and literal interpretation of the word of God it gets even crazier. We've had conversations with "young earth creationists" that have shocked us. Their understanding of reality has been eroded (possibly from childhood) to such an extent tha
27/09/202140 minutes 8 seconds
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Religious Indoctrination Of Children - Atheism UK Podcast #9

Religious Indoctrination Of Children &nbsp;In this podcast we look at the indoctrination of children into religion and the problems that arise from that. We wanted to be quite clear that the parents are not to blame, but we ask simply that theist parents just take a step back and think how this religious indoctrination may affect their children. &nbsp;The future of humanity is fragile. Our world has some spectacular issues. The act of putting God and the superstitions of the past behind us is the first step toward a more civil, rational and connected world. &nbsp;Teaching our children that it's OK to believe in the supernatural and superstition is setting them up for failure, to be gullible later in life when it really matters, as well as actively enabling the stunting of their education. Robbing them of the ability to use scepticism, and critical thinking is no way to help them approach modern life. Gullibility is how people walk into social indoctrination; it's how freedoms are er
27/09/202143 minutes 7 seconds
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Sexual Abuse In Major UK Religions - Atheism UK Podcast #8

Sexual Abuse Prevalent In Institutions Across Major UK Religions &nbsp;Content Warning: This podcast contains content such as Child Sexual Abuse, Paedophilia, Abuse by Clergy/Priests, which some viewers might find distressing. &nbsp;A report was released on Thursday which courted quite a bit of media attention in the UK which looked at the unacceptable level of child abuse in the within religious organisations. &nbsp;The report said that there are "shocking failings" and "blatant hypocrisy" in the way major UK religious groups handle child sex abuse allegations. The report examined evidence from 38 religious groups with the UK including Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, Methodists, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and non-conformist Christian denominations. &nbsp;In this podcast we look at the way religious institutions cover up this abuse and how that has enabled child abuse to be perpetuated just to protect the image of those religious institutions. &nbsp;We welcome comme
27/09/202131 minutes 53 seconds
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The Holy Trinity - Atheism UK Podcast #7

Most Christians believe there is only one God, who is experienced as three persons, also known as the Trinity. These three persons are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The only source of authority for the creation of the Trinity is the Nicene Creed, which is a statement of Christian belief put together by the church itself. The trinity is not biblical - There is nothing in the bible that describes this supposedly important doctrine. It has been developed over time by men. The Theology of the Trinity took 300 years of development through church council to create The Nicene Creed. &nbsp;It seems, religions can not agree what god is, and within the same religion, there is disagreement on the nature of god. If god existed, surely there would be no doubt. Could this lack of coherence demonstrate that no one religion knows anything about any god concept, and point to religion being a wholly constructed ideology? Take a look at our website at: <a href="https://www.youtub
27/09/202141 minutes 31 seconds
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The Value Of Religious Debate - Atheism UK Podcast #6

In today’s podcast we look at the idea and validity of debating and specifically debating with believers. Some of us in Atheism UK have taken part in organised and ad hoc debates on many different subjects including the existence of god, the resurrection of Jesus or the Holy Trinity.. &nbsp;&nbsp;Let us know what you think about the concept of debating, do you think it’s worth it or do you do it yourself. &nbsp;&nbsp;More information: &nbsp;The Atheism UK Website: Video Version On YouTube:;t=1059s
27/09/202147 minutes 50 seconds
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The Teleological Argument - Atheism UK Podcast #5

Arguments For God? - The Teleological Argument &nbsp;Hey, welcome to the Atheism UK podcast. This week we look at another classic theist argument, The Teleological Argument which suggests that the world displays elements of intelligent design. This idea goes under a number of names such as the 'argument from design' which is again an argument for the proof of gods existence, or at the very least proof that the universe and everything in it was designed by a cosmic creator. &nbsp;The word Teleological is derived from two Greek words, telos meaning purpose or goal and logos meaning reason or explanation, in other words, Teleology is concerned with the reason for the purpose of things. &nbsp;More information: &nbsp;The Atheism UK Website: Driven Beyond Belief: The Teleological Argument Or The Argument From Design <a href="
27/09/202129 minutes 40 seconds
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The Cosmological Argument - Atheism UK Podcast #4

Arguments For God? - The Cosmological Argument &nbsp;Hey, welcome to the Atheism UK podcast, this week we look at one of the apologetic arguments for god. The one we discuss today is ‘The Cosmological Argument’ for god. &nbsp;Religious Apologetics is not new. One of the most common philosophical arguments for the existence of god is called 'The Cosmological Argument,' which can be traced back to Aristotle and beyond. &nbsp;&nbsp;It was further developed in the early Christian period, then during the 9th to 12th century through medieval Islamic theology and then revived in medieval Christian theology in the 13th Century by Saint Thomas Aquinas, an Italian Dominican friar and Catholic priest. &nbsp;There are a couple of versions of the cosmological argument worth noting, one stronger than the other. The Cosmological Argument (promoted by Thomas Aquinas) is a philosophical argument which is inductive, meaning its aim is to persuade rather than prove that the cause of the universe is wh
27/09/202129 minutes 41 seconds
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The BBC's Religious Bias - Atheism UK Podcast #3

The BBC's Religious Bias - Atheism UK Podcast - For decades the BBC has promoted religion to an ever increasing secular audience. In this podcast we discuss the continual normalisation of god belief and the religious bias exhibited by the BBC. &nbsp;We also look at the way people of faith think that their moral foundation is rooted in religion, which implies that without that belief, you have no moral foundation. &nbsp;We highlight a recording from the Today program on the BBC aired on the 13th of July 2021. This was picked because we wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of the message, but it’s delivery from the speaker implies that thinking in that way requires or is based on belief in god or devotion to Jesus. &nbsp;The truth is, belief in god is in no way necessary to take a stance on a moral issue. Christians, or any religion has no monopoly on empathy or moralistic views on society &nbsp;We think it’s time for the BBC to stop normalising god belief… &nbsp;We also had 5 minu
27/09/202146 minutes 17 seconds
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The Bible… Fact Or FICTION? - Atheism UK Podcast #2

This week.. The Bible… Fact Or FICTION? &nbsp;- Welcome to the Atheism UK podcast. Today, Andy Rich and Embers are joined by Author, Historian and prolific blogger Jason Sylvester A.K.A. Diogenes of Mayberry. &nbsp;&nbsp;Is the Bible the inerrant word of God or a politically motivated, mystical and historically distorted mythology? &nbsp;&nbsp;There is no doubt that the bible is an important ancient document but should you base the way you live your life on it? &nbsp;Please subscribe to the channel, and of course like and comment. &nbsp;&nbsp;Take a look at our website at: Video Version O
27/09/202144 minutes 19 seconds
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ATHEISTS... Who Are They? - Atheism UK Podcast #1

Welcome to Atheism UK - Join Andy, Rich and Embers to look at the concept of Atheism, from an Atheists point of view. &nbsp;&nbsp;many people (especially theists) have a very slanted view of what an atheist is. We've been called a few choice things in our time and so we thought we'd have our say. &nbsp;Please subscribe to the channel, and of course like and comment. &nbsp;&nbsp;Take a look at our website at: So if you think we have no moral foundation, think we eat babies or worship Satan, then listen to the podcast the video.. Video Version On YouTube: <a href="
27/09/202143 minutes 31 seconds