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English, Religion, 1 seasons, 32 episodes, 3 hours 40 minutes
If you lay in bed at night with a world of worry or concerns on your mind — if you're dreading the days or weeks to come and can't turn your mind off at the end of the day, the At Night podcast is for you. Each short recording set to music is meant to be played as you're getting ready for bed or as you're lying down ready for sleep. May these brief episodes filled with Scripture, thoughts to calm your heart, and prayer bless you and keep you, my friend. Welcome to At Night.
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When I Need to Remember Who God Is to Me

Today let’s take a few moments to breathe deeply, sit back and meditate on Psalm 61 and 62.
15/01/20244 minutes 18 seconds
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When I Just Really Need to Trust God

When I'm the most tangled up inside my thoughts, my worries and my obsession over things I can’t change is when I need to decide I’m going to trust God no matter what is going on inside my mind.  I just really need to trust Him ... That’s what it comes down to.  So today I’m going to do that. Let’s take a few minutes to read some Scripture to solidify that trust in Jesus, our Savior and our sovereign God…   
15/12/20234 minutes 49 seconds
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When I Don’t Know What the Future Holds

I have this habit of mentally jumping too far into the future, and then deciding I’m going to be afraid of it. Of whatever might be there waiting for me. I fear that a new problem or crisis will come crashing into my life, or more commonly, what current hard thing will be so much worse by then? I fear sickness, loss, disease, rejection and deep disappointment. But what’s worse is that I fully believe I’m right and validated in my fear … and I can sometimes leave God completely out of the scenario. Because when God is considered, and His great and surprising works are factored in along with his omniscience and goodness, we can be so very wrong. If you get stuck in cycles of being so very afraid of the future, this short episode is for you.   
15/11/20235 minutes 34 seconds
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When I'm Having Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is necessary to good health in both the mental and physical sense, so when it’s elusive and feels out of my reach, I start to spiral and question everything. I even let myself believe that God has forgotten me, because why would something as simple and vital as nighttime rest be unavailable to me?  I’ve learned that my hardships don’t mean God is hard-hearted toward me. Sleepless nights display my humanity — evidence of a life lived in a human body. So when I’m having trouble sleeping, heading to Scripture and leaning on some real truth makes a world of difference. Let’s close our eyes and soak in these words from two different beloved Psalms tonight.   
16/05/20236 minutes 15 seconds
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When I Need to Remember I'm God's Beloved

  When walking through daily frustration, sadness, ongoing sickness, chronic pain, disappointment or deep heartbreak, it’s easy to slip into the mindset that God has forgotten all about me, and has sidelined me from His loving and watchful eye.  It’s easy to assume that if He saw me and loved me, that He would never allow me to feel this way or give any room for me to think He is anything but good, loving, caring and protective of me.  To be beloved is to be “greatly loved.” But what if what we see in front of us doesn't look like God’s love? What if we know we are loved in our head, but don’t feel it in the midst of our circumstances?  
15/04/20238 minutes 27 seconds
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When I Don't Know What to Pray

When I’m overwhelmed and feeling sad, helpless and lost, I often don’t know what to pray.  I want to pray — I’m not against the act of prayer when I feel this way… I need it. I need to be with my Father in times like these because I know that prayer aligns my heart with God’s heart and helps me get in a good head space..  My relationship with Him is strengthened too when my prayer life is active.  And whenever I’m feeling so low that I can’t find the words to say … I know I can pray my own jumbled words and that He hears me and sees me. I also know I can borrow prayers prayed by others who have felt overwhelmed like me. Listen in!    
15/03/20235 minutes 16 seconds
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When I'm Struggling and I Trust God

How do I know God sees me? How do I know God hears my prayers? How do I know God cares about my pain? How do I know God knows what’s best for me and those I love?   When I’m feeling sad or low, I sometimes wonder how much God sees and hears. When I’m devastated by deep pain, I sometimes wonder if He cares and truly does what’s best for me.    But over and over again, even when I’m at my lowest, what it comes down to is: I trust God.    I’ve seen too much of Him not to. I’ve experienced too much with Him to deny it. I believe in Him and I believe Him. If you find yourself struggling, but you truly trust God too, listen in and know God is worthy of your trust.   
15/02/20233 minutes 34 seconds
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When I'm Hoping For Better Days Ahead

If you're living in the midst of deep pain and heartbreak, and are praying for and dreaming of better days ahead ... But you can’t see how any of what you’re walking through could ever possibly be good, turn out well or be used to bring God glory. You just can’t see it.  You ask: Will there ever be any resolution or fix for what I see in front of me?  In this moment, let’s trust that He sees, is sovereign over all you’re facing and is working in your life as I read through some beloved passages from the Psalms.
15/01/20235 minutes 19 seconds
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When Your Weary Soul Needs a Thrill of Hope

When you’re weary, it wears on you. When you’re weary at Christmastime, it’s magnified. The world appears to be cheerful, merry and carefree — when you feel anything but.  Though into our world, Emmanuel — God with us, also came. To us and for us. Click play whenever your weary soul needs a thrill of hope in this season. 
15/12/20223 minutes 25 seconds
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When I Wonder What It's All For

For when you wonder if your story matters and if God even sees you ... For the moments when you aren't sure what it's all for. Take a restful few minutes to take in the reminders you need right now and know God is directing a bigger story above and around you written by His hand, orchestrated by His will and unveiled according to his calendar.
15/11/20222 minutes 36 seconds
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When My Life Feels Like Too Much

At Night is back with a new episode! For the days when we don't know how we're going to get through — figure out — or have the strength to face the days ahead … or even the hour we're currently standing in. I pray this 7-minute episode will meet you where you are and remind you that you'll never do this life alone. 
15/10/20227 minutes 12 seconds
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When My Words Get Me in Trouble

When my emotions are running high or exhaustion has taken its toll, my words can sometimes get me in trouble.   When I let down the guard of wisdom and self-control, the words I speak are not wise or controlled.   When I feel resentful, I speak as a person who has not communicated my desires and capacity.   When I feel angry, who knows what will spill out.   When I feel exhausted? Well, the people around me don’t get the kindest version of me.   Words. They take self-control, dependence on God and practice to get them right. Do your words sometimes get you in trouble? I pray this 4-minute episode will help you time and time again when you're struggling with the words you speak.
15/05/20224 minutes 19 seconds
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When I Feel Forgotten

When I’m in a painful season that doesn’t seem to ever let up, I can begin to feel forgotten and wonder why a good God would allow such pain in my life. If this is where you're at today, friend, I pray this 4-minute episode brings the peace you need to keep going and keep hoping in the God who never forgets you. 
15/04/20224 minutes 17 seconds
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When Life Feels Impossible

When life feels impossible, not only do I feel stressed and hopeless, I begin to question everything.   Will life ever feel smooth and enjoyable again? How will I get through this? Will I recover from this? How could this happen?   In this 6-minute episode, you will feel seen in your circumstance that feels impossible... while also be reminded of what's true. Listen in, friend. 
15/03/20226 minutes 6 seconds
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When I Need to Hear Some Truth

On days like these, when the world and its difficult circumstances and relationships are pressing in, what we really need is some Truth. So today let's set our minds on and take in that much needed Truth straight from God’s Word.   Do you have a few minutes to quiet your soul and take in some Truth? This one's for you.
15/02/20226 minutes 13 seconds
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When I Need Courage to Keep Going

Do I need the courage to step out and make a move that is uncharacteristic for me or is just plain scary?   Do I need courage to make a change in my job, the way my family operates, in my parenting, my key relationships, or for my health?   Am I needing some courage to face being misunderstood, to address being treated unfairly or harshly? Do I need to speak up about something that’s bothering me?   Where do I need courage to keep going? Listen in. 
15/01/20226 minutes 46 seconds
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When All I Want Is Peace

When I think about what I could use a lot more of in my life, my answer is peace. Every single time.    Peace in my heart, in my mind, in my home. In relationships, in conversations, in my body… and within my soul.   If this is where you find yourself, take 8 minutes today to find a pocket of peace set to soothing music as we're reminded about true peace and the Prince of Peace himself. 
15/12/20218 minutes 22 seconds
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When Sadness Overcomes Me

If life circumstances that don’t seem to have a fix or a resolution feel like they're taking you under and you're asking God: Will it ever get any better than this? Will I ever feel joyful and content?   I pray this brief episode of At Night will meet you right where you are today. 
15/11/20219 minutes 15 seconds
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When the Lord Is My Dwelling Place

Psalm 91 is the perfect psalm to listen to and meditate on when your heart and mind need some peace and when you need to be tucked under His loving and capable wings. May this episode bring you hope and peace each time you click play and listen. 
15/10/20212 minutes 31 seconds
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When the Wait Is Long

As much as I hope otherwise, I am never free from waiting on something or someone. Here on earth I’m sometimes shattered by the wait involving important people and circumstances.    And sometimes? This drags me down. Way down.    Listen in to this brief episode of At Night where we ponder the wait and gain some relief from the weight of it. 
15/05/20218 minutes 58 seconds
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When I Need White Space

For when you need a moment of peace where no one needs you, you don’t need to do any more work, and your worries and fears are a world away.   If it feels crowded right now in your mind and life, sit or lie down while breathing in some rest for your weary mind, body, and soul.   
15/04/20218 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

When I've Lost My Joy

There are days where I feel so far away from who I want to be.   I am worn out from the rigors of daily life. There are circumstances and people that drain me, and the heaviness of it all makes me feel like a tiny sliver of my former self. Like a sad stranger living inside of my body.   Who is this person who looks like me and answers to my name, yet can’t find my way home to me? Or worse yet, is this person who I am now? If this resonates, I pray this 11-minute episode will meet you in this place, but show you that you don't need to live there. 
15/03/202110 minutes 54 seconds
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When Anxiety Overwhelms Me

If worry and anxiety plague you at night, let this 12-minute episode help you pause and rest in the God of hope tonight.
15/02/202111 minutes 46 seconds
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When I've Had a Really Hard Day

Some days are so difficult, so frustrating and so painful that all we want to do is crawl into bed in hopes that all our problems will fade away as we sleep. In this 9-minute episode, you'll go from the difficulty of a hard day to refreshment from the book of Lamentations and beyond. Thank you for listening to At Night.   
15/01/20219 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

When I Wonder How It Will Turn Out

Having unknowns that are unresolved are one of the hardest parts of being human. Waiting to see how it all turns out can be excruciating.   Wondering if I’ll be okay…. if they’ll be okay. If I can even make it to the other side.    Listen in for 12 minutes of understanding and hope tonight. 
15/12/202011 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

When the Relationship Is Hard

My mind is wide awake tonight. I’m thinking about the relationship. The one that feels stuck and difficult right now. And I wonder... will it ever get any better than this?    If this is where you are tonight, then this episode is for you. Listen in for 8 minutes of help, hope and some understanding and encouragement from the Word of God. This is At Night.
15/12/20208 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

When I'm Overthinking

If overthinking were an Olympic event, I’d have won several gold medals by now. I can laugh at myself, but I also know my overthinking can be problematic.    My overthinking ramps up when life is pressing, when I’m up against a deadline, or when a relationship is in turmoil. I hash and rehash everything that was said, done, and is not yet said and... not yet done.    I feel like I can’t stop the ruminations from filling my mind at all hours of the day — and especially at night.
15/11/20208 minutes 9 seconds
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When I'm Hurting

I’m in pain and it hurts so badly. If it’s not the pain in my body, it’s the pain of my aching heart. Suffering of every kind has the ability to lead to the same sad result ... despair. If the pain is long-lasting or repetitive, despair is more and more inviting if we’re counting on an end-date or some kind of resolution.    And when there’s not, we ask:    How could there be any good found in this when I’m hurting so much? Will it ever end? Is God truly good?    And if He is… <span style="
15/11/202013 minutes 10 seconds
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Welcome to At Night

15/10/20201 minute 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

When I'm Worried

For when you can’t stop thinking about it and you’re worried about the what-ifs and the what-mights. Worry tends to build up during the day and culminate at night, leaving us feeling more burdened and more exhausted. This 9-minute meditation set to music will guide you in laying down your worries so you can rest.
15/10/20209 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

When I'm Exhausted

There’s a part of us that questions: is this my life now? This cycle of tired that keeps repeating itself?   In these moments, we have to remember that exhaustion isn’t a sign of weakness, or that our lives are over. It’s a sign of humanity. Take 7 minutes tonight to let God infuse you with His strength as you get ready for restful sleep.
15/10/20207 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

When I'm Stressed

This 7-minute calming and relaxing stretch of audio will help you remember to depend on God as your rescue during times of stress.
15/10/20207 minutes 36 seconds