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English, Sciences, 26 seasons, 143 episodes, 1 day 7 hours 55 minutes
Join Andrew Dunkley (Space Nuts host) and his AI sidekick Halley as they bring you the days Space, Astronomy & Science News update in a bright and breezy, easy to digest format. Enjoy!
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S02E30: Voyager's Triumph // Bubbletrons // The Wonders of Graphene

**Date:** 7th August 2023- **Host:** Steve Dunkley**Main Topics Covered:**1. **Personal Updates:** - Steve celebrated his son and his partner Kate's birthdays in Sydney. - Lunch at a famous Australian landmark.2. **SpaceX News:** - SpaceX tests their new booster. - Static fire test conducted for the Starship First Stage prototype, Booster 9.3. **Graphene in Space:** - The wonder material graphene is being researched for use in space building and development. - Scientists from the Italian Space Agency discuss graphene's potential role in space exploration. - Up to 1.9% of interstellar medium carbon is made of graphene.4. **Voyager 2 Update:** - NASA reestablishes contact with Voyager 2. - Voyager 2's history and its journey through the solar system. - Voyager 1 and 2 carry golden records with information about Earth.5. **Bubbletrons:** - A phenomenon from the early universe where massive bubbles may have emer
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