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English, Education, 1 season, 10 episodes, 8 hours, 14 minutes
Come aboard as we challenge the status quo and explore the future of learning with thought leaders from across the globe, and ask one of life's most important questions: WHY? Explore the creative ways we engage and learn from the world around us, and look at the groundbreaking ideas that are shaping our future.
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Lifelong Learning: Alternative Education and AI with Katelyn Donnelly

Katelyn Donnelly is an experienced venture capitalist and advocate for alternative education. She believes that Continuous Education is important for adults to stay competitive - which has birthed companies like Reforge and Curious. Follow Katelyn's journey as she navigates the ever-changing landscape of education, exploring topics such as quantification models, virtual reality, team meetings and more.
4/14/202352 minutes, 14 seconds
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Revolutionising Education: Emerge's Bold Approach to Addressing the Skills Gap with Jan Lynn-Matern

Jan Lynn-Matern is democratizing access to opportunity by investing in education companies that bridge the global skills gap through Emerge, a venture fund focused on EdTech and Adult Learning. His approach: Changing what existing education providers are teaching, increasing the supply of education providers, making delivery of education more flexible, and bringing employers into the mix. But with technology companies bringing powerful learning experiences with venture scale outcomes, will Emerge's model be enough to bridge the gap? Find out how Jan and his team are tackling this challenge.
4/14/202359 minutes, 49 seconds
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A World Beyond Degrees: The Importance of Upskilling in Career Development with Sherry Coutu

Sherry Coutu is an entrepreneur on a mission to help people skill up for the future. With her predictions that braided careers and flexible employers are the wave of the future, Sherry is looking to technology to solve big problems at a global scale. With a background in team problem-solving and second master's degree, Sherry believes that recording "aha moments" and preferences can open up new paths of learning. Get ready to join Sherry in her journey to embrace the future of learning and skills development!
4/14/202337 minutes, 38 seconds
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Imagining Tomorrow: Learning Innovation and Future-Forward Education with Christian Rebernik

Christian Rebernik is a tech entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionize education. He founded Tomorrow University to empower students to become change makers with effective and flexible online learning experiences. With the innovation cycle speeding up and assessment shifting from grades to feedback, Christian believes virtual reality (VR) could provide an effective way to launch an MBA program. What potential VR holds for focusing conversations and increasing engagement remains to be seen - stay tuned for this exciting journey!
4/14/202346 minutes, 2 seconds
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Education for All: Unlocking Opportunities and Shaping the Future of Education with Frank Visciano

Frank Visciano is a startup advisor and fractional executive who began his career on Wall Street in 2004. Since then, he's been on a mission to democratize education and professional development, using hybrid learning models that combine individual engagement with critical evaluation of material and social learning experiences. With Udemy, Frank helped to make this vision a reality. But what will the future of learning look like? How can society learn collectively to make decisions before it's too late? Uncover the answers with Frank Visciano's story of taking risks and creating an accessible education platform.
4/14/202358 minutes, 28 seconds
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Educational Frontiers: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education with Mary Curnock Cook

Mary Curnock Cook, former Chief Executive of UCAS, believes that a combination of in-person and online learning should be used in the future to modernize the curriculum and create new categories of credentialing and learning. Join us as we discuss the future of work and learning, and look at how we might be able to assess these new skills in the future.
4/14/202347 minutes, 27 seconds
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Breaking Down Barriers: A More Interdisciplinary Education System with Ed Fidoe

Ed Fidoe is the Chief Executive of the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS), and is leading the charge for education innovation, determined to equip students with the knowledge they need to tackle global challenges and complex problems. Ed is exploring the future of education, and how AI can help with adaptive learning and meeting people where they are. An inspiring story of ambition and drive, Ed's work is sure to revolutionize education as we know it.
4/14/202337 minutes, 4 seconds
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Transforming Learning: General AI and the Future of Learning with Stephen Kosslyn

Stephen Kosslyn, former Dean of Social Science at Harvard University and President of Active Learning Sciences, is exploring how technology and data can be used to create individualized assessments and provide feedback on what people are good at. In his upcoming book, "Preparing for Prometheus: What We Need to Learn to Flourish in the Age of Artificial General Intelligence," he delves into the far-reaching implications of AGI for a stable society and how humans will find meaning in their lives. Get ready to explore the future!
4/14/20231 hour, 1 minute, 43 seconds
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The Future of Learning: Envisioning a World Driven by Voice and Augmented Reality with Andy Bird

Andy Bird, CEO of Pearson, has been a leader in media and entertainment for decades. His vision of learning as a lifestyle and using tech to reward those who learn has led to the launch of Pearson Plus, providing high-quality content that people can trust. Andy expects audio, personal coaches and augmented reality to play a larger role in learning over the next 5-10 years. But will AR be more successful than VR in the long run? Find out how Pearson is changing how people learn forever.
4/14/202340 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Intersection of AI and Education: Adapting to Technological Change with Pedro Vasconcellos

Learn how AI is changing education and career paths with Pearson Ventures' Corporate VC, Pedro Vasoncellos, as he explores the potential risks and opportunities in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Discover how automation, vertical AI, and education are creating new opportunities to enhance productivity and create personalized learning paths. Join Joshua Wohle, CEO @ Mindstone, in this fascinating conversation exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence on learning, problem solving and career navigation.
4/11/202353 minutes, 31 seconds