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Bonus Episode on Children‘s Sport

In this episode I speak with Ciaran Fadden about his Emerald Soccer initiative which aims to support 'football for fun' and offers an alternative to the competitive streams currently available. Given the increasing problems with over-competitive nature children's sport and media stories about recent cancelations of games due to dissent from the sidelines etc. it is timely to consider different ways in which we can encourage children to continue participation in movement and activity.   This episode discusses lots of interesting topics about trying to get as many as possible playing for as long as possible.   Keywords: Childrens Sport, Competitiveness, Sport for Fun    email : [email protected]  twitter : @Asking4aParent instagram : asking_for_a_parent
11/17/202132 minutes, 33 seconds
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Listeners Questions with Mary O'Kane

In this weeks episode we speak to Dr Mary O Kane about how things have been for her over the last number months. Mary is a lecturer in Early Childhood studies and author of the new parenting book 'Perfectly Imperfect'. She is also a parent of three and she fills us in on how challenging it has been with the school closures, college from home and job losses over the last number of months and how she has coped. We also answer some really interesting questions where we look at managing obsessional behaviour in children, supporting a child who wants to become more independent and how to manage communicating the importance of the public health restrictions to a teenager who wants to mix with their friends. We also discuss in detail how to help someone cope with Panic Attacks and provide practical tips on this topic.  This is a great episode where we answer a lot of your questions Keywords: OCD, Obsessionality, Rituals, Panic Attack, Childhood Independence, Parental Control and Public Health Guidelines and Teenagers.   email : [email protected]  twitter : @Asking4aParent instagram : asking_for_a_parent    
5/12/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 5 seconds
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Listeners Questions with Aiofe Lee

In this weeks episode I am joined by Parenting support founder Aoife Lee to help answer all your questions. In this episode we talk about the preparation for a Covid Christmas.    We also discuss many topics including how to manage toddler tantrums and misbehaviour. We talk about Childhood anxiety and supporting children through friendships when betrayal and disrespect is evident. Alongside a discussion about keeping a child with learning needs engaged in school.    We talk about ways to challenge Negative Automatic Thinking, the importance of self esteem when it comes to relationships and the emotional challenges of dyslexia.    In this episode Aoife and I discuss the challenges of parenting during times of stress and how to manage our expectations when we feel overwhelmed.    Keywords: Managing Toddler Tantrums. Supporting anxious children. Helping children with Dyslexia and other learning needs. Supporting resilience in friendships and Negative Automatic thinking.    email : [email protected]  twitter : @Asking4aParent instagram : asking_for_a_parent
12/6/202048 minutes, 2 seconds
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Need to understand of the meaning behind a child's behaviour? The ‘Asking for a parent’ podcast will describe the most common and complex child rearing challenges and provide better ways for listeners to understand a child’s behaviour. This is a conversational podcast with  ‘real world’ solutions and takes into account parental pressures.  Listeners can send in their own questions or worries by emailing [email protected] about their child or indeed about their own mental health concerns and these will be addressed where possible. About the author / presenter Dr Colman Noctor is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and has working with families with mental health difficulties for 25 years and has a wealth of international experience. Colman does not describe himself as a ‘parenting expert’ as he believes the concept doesn’t exist. Colman’s advice and suggestions are based on his knowledge of the emotional, psychological and behaviour of children and the learnings he has achieved from working with families for the last 25 years.
10/22/202044 seconds