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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 4 seasons, 203 episodes, 2 days 21 hours 42 minutes
Kati Morton, LMFT is answering all your mental health questions. Building off her wildly successful YouTube channel she's now in podcasting. Send in your questions because she has the answers you need to hear.
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When is it okay to reach out to my therapist? | ep. 203

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton answers audience questions about when and why we would need to reach out to our therapist in between sessions, whether or not therapists judge our “crazy” thoughts, and the difference between fidgeting and self injury. She then talks about dissociation, the different diagnoses and symptoms, and how to work through it. Finally, she discusses why it can be hard for us to get away from our abusers, and some nice ways of telling people we can’t be there for them right now. AUDIENCE QUESTIONS 1. Hi Kati! My therapist always says that I can reach out to her any time that I’m in crisis. I never do even when I’m feeling really down, anxious, and/or dysregulated because I’m not and have never had suicidal or self-harming behaviors. But I’ve gone through some really tough emotions and thoughts when I wanted to reach out. What does it mean to be “in crisis” and when is it appropriate to reach out to your thera
15/02/202446 minutes 23 seconds
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"How do I keep up with life?" | ep.202

On Ask Kati Anything ep. 202 licensed therapist, Kati Morton talks about job-related trauma, medical trauma, and managing life and expectations when we struggle with depression and bouts of suicidal thoughts. She then digs into some tips for opening up in therapy, what it really looks like to ask for help, and explains what eldest daughter syndrome is. AUDIENCE QUESTIONS 1. My question is about job-related trauma. I’m a school crisis interventionist and work with students who can become really dysregulated and physical. Could this physical aggression towards me be considered traumatic? 2. Could you talk more about how to handle life if you struggle with chronic bouts of depression and/or suicidality but you still need to achieve goals and keep your job? It's one thing to take time off when you're acutely struggling, but an entirely different one to you struggling for years on end and even with the perfect treatment (in my ca
08/02/202442 minutes 38 seconds
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"Is my therapist bored with me?" | ep.201

This week licensed therapist, Kati Morton explains her feelings about not seeing clients anymore, why some of us can’t stop thinking about our therapist no matter how hard we try, and why we can obsess over eating disorder content. She then talks about why our struggles can be inconsistent, how to deal with a child who has BPD, and the effects of financial trauma. Finally, she explains what emotional neglect is and how it can play out as we grow up. Ask Kati Anything audience questions for podcast ep. 201 1. I was wondering if you could tell us more about how you feel about not working with clients anymore, the reasons you've stopped and whether you ever miss it? 2. I wanted to ask why I can't stop thinking about my therapist no matter how hard I try. I spend hours of my day either googling her up, or trying to find a way to hear her voice or find a picture. I feel horrible for invading her privacy, but no matter what I do I can't seem to st
01/02/202451 minutes 26 seconds
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"Why is cleaning so hard when I'm depressed?"

This week licensed therapist, Kati Morton talks about why cleaning can be so hard when we are depressed, the reasons we can be depressed and still function at work or school. She then discusses how we actually go about processing emotions and traumas, and why we often want to retreat to our rooms when we don’t want to deal with others in the house. She also explains what she does when a patient with an eating disorder doesn’t want to get better, and how we can rebuild trust with our therapist after a difficult session.  Ask Kati Anything audience questions for podcast ep. 200  1. Why is cleaning so hard when depressed? On a scientific and spiritual level. This can be your room, body, car, etc. (COMMENTS: Same but I have autism as well as depression and even when I break tasks down into smaller tasks the number of things I need to do just seems so overwhelming... 2. Can you be “functional “ at work and deeply d
25/01/202440 minutes 46 seconds
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What They Don't Tell You About Bipolar Disorder and Hospitalizations... | ep. 199 with Gabe Howard

Today Kati interviews Gabe Howard! He is a mental health advocate, speaker, and host of the inside bipolar podcast. They discuss bipolar disorder, being hospitalized for our mental illness, and the symptoms of bipolar disorder no one wants to talk about. They have an honest conversation about treatment options, managing symptoms, and breaking down that mental health stigma. AUDIENCE QUESTIONS 1. Hello, I have bipolar 2 and was wondering if he ever felt like he had a "breakthrough" in his bipolar disorder. Not necessarily a manic episode, but a true moment of "oh....I CAN live life like this and it CAN be enjoyable". I recently had this and it's been life changing for me. I look at every day I'm alive so differently now. 2. Hi Gabe, have you gone into the hospital voluntarily or not? Are you allowed to leave when you want or do the doctors get to decide how long to keep you? Has being in the hospital been helpful or has it been m
18/01/20241 hour 5 minutes 52 seconds
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Loneliness, Anger, Endings, & More | ep.198

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton talks about loneliness and why we can still feel lonely even after spending time with those we love. She also explains why we can struggle to express upset to those who hurt us, and almost prefer to turn it in on ourselves. Then Kati offers some ideas on how to better deal with goodbyes and endings, and times of year when more people reach out for help. She digs into ways we can love people who are hurtful to us from a distance, ECT treatment and its effects, and feelings of abandonment in our relationships. Ask Kati Anything episode 198 audience questions: Loneliness - mine isn’t the ‘simply be around like-minded people’ type. It’s this deep feeling - not always dark, but when it gets dark, it really feels awful, quite dangerous as well. Can you please talk about types of loneliness? Because in trying to talk about my loneliness, I often find myself in a lonelier spot....
11/01/202444 minutes 52 seconds
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Grieving Unlived Lives & Finding Hope: Ask Kati Anything Ep. 197

This episode of Ask Kati Anything tackles the bittersweet realities of unfulfilled expectations and lost dreams. Grieving the life you thought you’d have, parentification, emotional incest and spoucification. We also discuss why we can crave attention from people and hope that they see how badly we are doing. Then we dive into my thoughts on mental health care workers struggling with their own mental health issues, and why we can struggle to share anything with our parents. Finally, Kati offers ways to be more excited and hopeful for the future. Join Kati Morton in this empathetic and insightful episode as she guides us through navigating complex emotions, reclaiming lost selves, and ultimately finding hope amidst unlived lives. Audience questions: How to grieve the life you thought you'd have. i.e not having children, 40 and single/never married... Could you please talk a bit about parentification? I believe that it can be the root of many proble
04/01/202456 minutes 38 seconds
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Depression, Family Drama, Suicidal Thoughts | ep.196

This week Kati talks about dealing with depression and family obligations, how to deal with having past suicidal thoughts on your permanent record, and how to deal when going home causes us to revert back to an old version of ourselves. She also explains why anxiety can cause us to regress to a younger age, why positive emotions can be hard to accept and process, and how emotional neglect can affect us as we get older. Ask Kati Anything ep. 196 audience questions: 1. I’m a 25 year old male and a HSP. I’ve been struggling with depression the last 3 years of Uni. As much as I would like to continue my studies, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to focus on anything. Despite my best efforts to concentrate on schoolwork, I experience mental blocks that persistently cloud my mind. I’ve talked with the school therapist without much progress...2. Hi Kati, I have had “suicidal ideation” in my permanent chart since last year. I also have “chronic suicidality” written in there. I’m also on
28/12/202339 minutes 35 seconds
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"Ruminating or Overthinking?" ep.194

This week Licensed therapist Kati Morton discusses what to do when our medication numbs out our feelings. She also explains why therapists disclose certain information and when that’s inappropriate. Then she digs into the difference between rumination and over thinking, why we have to grieve something we never had, and why we can close our eyes in therapy. Finally, she talks about dating with a mental illness and why DBT can be so confusing. Questions for Ask Kati Anything episode 194: 1. I have been diagnosed with BPD, Bipolar II, CPTSD and anxiety. I recently stopped taking my mood stabilizer because it numbs my feelings. I just started EMDR with my therapist and she indicated that I should probably go back on the mood stabilizer because my feelings are so intense and out of control. My thinking is that if I numb my feelings then the EMDR won't work. 2. In my last therapy session my therapist told me she recently had a client
14/12/202331 minutes 13 seconds
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"Do I have an underdeveloped sense of self?" ep.195

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton discusses what it means to have an underdeveloped sense of self, why we can stop crying when we are struggling with suicidal thoughts, and why certain diagnoses can can frequently co occur together. Kati also discusses TBI’s and other head injuries and the effects that can have on our mental health. She then talks about being a mental health professional and having our own issues, and why therapists leave room for silence in sessions. AUDIENCE QUESTIONS for Ask Kati Anything episode 195 I often see “an underdeveloped sense of self” on symptom lists for mental illnesses, but I’ve never really seen a comprehensive description of what a fully developed sense of self looks like. How do you recognize when someone’s sense of self is underdeveloped? I am struggling with constant suicidal ideation and when I talk about it to my therapist or psychiatrist, I don’t cry when
07/12/202347 minutes 22 seconds
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"Is it burnout or depression?" ep.193

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton discusses why we can overly attach to teachers, how to know if our burnout is turning into depression, and how to get through trauma processing without using unhealthy coping skills. Kati then explains why we can sometimes want to keep our eating disorders, why OCD squashes our insight, and how to sleep when struggling with PTSD. Ask Kati Anything- your mental health podcast, episode 193 1. I think I overly-attach to my teachers who also happen to be my research advisors. I really wish they could be my moms, I constantly seek their validation and approval. I want to make them feel proud of me. You get the idea. How can I become more aware of this? How can I stop trying to fill my parents' void by pushing other people into it? 2. How do I know if what I'm feeling is more related to burnout or is entering into the realm of depression? I am not necessarily sad all the time but am at a point where I am just down and don't really
07/12/202340 minutes 44 seconds
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"Can I minimize my symptoms so much I think I'm fine?" ep.192

Today on Ask Kati Anything, we discuss the urge to minimize our trauma symptoms and whether or not we can do that so much that we think we are fine. I will explain what causes us to be traumatized and why some people aren’t affected like we are. We dive into the reasons we can feel like we are making up our mental illnesses, how to talk about sex with a therapist of the opposite sex, and ways we can cope with extreme anxiety and trauma. Finally, I will cover ways to support our children with their anxiety without making our own worse. 1. Is it possible to minimize trauma symptoms (without realizing) so much that you actually believe you're fine until your therapist says that this looks like something that is still bothering you? I always assumed I'm fine because I have been aware of most of these symptoms but they're not very frequent and I didn't care about them too much (I don't have any feelings related to the trauma). 2. I was
30/11/202343 minutes 55 seconds
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"I feel like I'm never going to recover!" ep.191

This week on Ask Kati Anything, I will discuss feeling like we will never recover and how to get through it. I will also talk about body checking and how often a therapist should call out a client about it. Then I will explain why we can struggle to have fun and relax in life, and why we can feel stuck in a younger version of ourselves. I will dive into what effects being a child of rape can have on us, and why we can feel angry when therapy is ending. 1. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and CPTSD, and if I'm honest with myself, I've never felt like I'm going to recover - I've always felt that one day the things I struggle with will win, and I'll end things. I've been struggling a lot lately to do anything that isn't immediately required... 2. I'm wondering about the frequency that a therapist should be calling a client out for body checking behavior during session? When are times you ignore it vs bring it up? I'm currently in ED recovery and
23/11/202331 minutes 25 seconds
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"Why cant I cry anymore?" ep. 190

This week on Ask Kati Anything, Kati talks about why we can’t cry sometimes, and how on the day of therapy we can actually feel better and not share what’s really going on with us. Then she explains how therapists read the room, and how we can all deal with disappointment and frustration. Finally she discusses ways that we can support a friend who recently attempted to take their own life. Audience questions: 1. When I started therapy, I cried a lot in session because it was just so overwhelming to talk and think about my emotions and things I’ve been through. I had never talked to a therapist before so I would just cry out of overwhelm. I’ve been working with my therapist for almost 6 months now and I’m hitting a block where I can’t cry in session. We are talking about trauma from high school and I can run through the whole story without crying. Even my therapist cried. Why can’t I feel this emotion? Is it because it was so long ago? I feel weird not having
16/11/202338 minutes 45 seconds
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"Why Am I Obsessing about my Diagnosis?" ep.189

Today on Ask Kati Anything, I will be talking about being obsessed with our mental illness and diagnosis, and why we can find ourselves spending so much time researching them. I will also explain sleep's role in our mental health and what to do if we aren’t sleeping well. Then we will dig into exercise and how it can be used as a form of self injury and what we can do about it. We will then discuss dating someone with BPD and how we can be more supportive, ways that we can build safety for ourselves, and what we have to do in order to deserve therapy. I have been constantly thinking about my depression and eating disorder. I am always looking up articles about it, watching YouTube videos about it, and taking online self assessments. Why could I be obsessing so much? How do you cope with life when you don't get adequate sleep? I experienced bad sleep deprivation (from changing shifts originally from overnights to day shift)
09/11/202338 minutes 1 second
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"Why do I crave touch but hate asking for it?" | AKA 188

In this episode we will be talking about why we can crave physical touch yet struggle to ask for it and even feel awkward when it’s happening. I will also talk about asking for things in therapy so that we get our needs met, and how we can forgive ourselves for past suicide attempts. I will then dig into therapy ending and why we can fear it, how people can actually love their life, and finally how to communicate about our mental illness. I hope my answers are helpful! Let’s jump right in! 1. I was wondering what your thoughts or tips are for people who crave physical touch but don’t get it or find it difficult or awkward to try and ask for it. 2. Is it ok to ask your therapist for more directed sessions? When I go into my appointment, she asks what I want to work on and I don’t really know what I want to do or where I want to go. 3. I was wondering what advice you would give for how to forgive yourself for a suicide attempt? I’m struggling years l
02/11/202340 minutes 49 seconds
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"Why Do I Always Feel Like A Bad Person?" AKA 187

This week we will talk about breaking a therapist’s trust and what to do, why we can always feel like a bad person, the signs of past sexual abuse, why we can get stuck in negative thoughts cycles and blaming ourselves for every misstep, and whether comfort is a need or a want. Let’s get into those questions! 1/ II broke my therapist’s trust and she expressed that she felt angry with me. I totally agree that I crossed a line but for the rest of the session I don’t feel like she treated me very kindly. I felt pushed to... 2/ I hope you are doing well. I wanted to ask you why I always feel like such a bad person. I feel like there is something wrong with me, and that's why everyday I try to be nicer and nicer so that no one thinks I'm mean. 3/ I have several signs of having been sexually abused as a little girl. I don't have any memory of it and no suspicions as to who may have done it nor when it happened. I don't have body memories, I don't have flashbacks, a
26/10/202341 minutes 42 seconds
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An Amazing Life... Jiaoying Summers | AKA 186

In this episode of Ask Kati Anything, Kati is joined by comedian and actor Jiaoying Summers. Jiaoying, originally from China, lives in LA and is a fast rising star on the comedy scene. Her personal story of surviving China's one child policy and coming to America, going to University in Kentucky & moving to LA to pursue her dreams is an inspiring one - Don’t miss out! Jiaoying’s Podcast TIGERMILF: For all things Jiaoying, visit: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
19/10/202350 minutes 21 seconds
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Am I Exaggerating My Struggles?

This week we're be talking about how to go deeper in therapy to explore what it means to be you. We will also discuss why we can often feel like we are exaggerating what we tell our therapist, or think we are making up what we have gone through. We will dig into childhood sexual abuse and why it can be comforting, why hearing about it can sometimes be arousing, and all of the things that can come along with that sort of trauma. I will explain the difference between disordered eating and an eating disorder, and when we should reach out for help. We will come up with ways to uphold boundaries with people who don’t respect them, and the effects a near death experience can have on us. Let’s get into those questions! Audience questions for episode 185 of Ask Kati Anything, your mental health podcast. 1. I’m in therapy for anxiety, self esteem and trauma. We talk about surface things like what happened that week and checking in with sympto
12/10/202347 minutes 19 seconds
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Are Eating Disorders Always About Control?

In this week’s episode we will be talking about coming back from a mental health sabbatical and how to ensure we do it properly without relapsing. We also talk about the relationship between eating disorders and control. Then we dig into the difference between ADHD, Autism, and CPTSD specifically in females, and also how those in the medical and mental health field can deal with triggering situations or patients. We also discuss why we can struggle so much with self compassion and why some of us prefer to switch languages when talking about our struggles. Questions for episode 184 of the Ask Kati Anything podcast 1. Do you have any advice for people getting back into the workforce after a mental health sabbatical? I lost my job as a medical technician late last year due to alcoholism and compassion fatigue. 2. Can you possibly talk about the relationship between eating disorders and control? I guess I’m asking this in regard to the
05/10/202354 minutes 29 seconds
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"Why do I feel like I'm making up my problems?" | ep.183

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton dives into negative thought loops and ruminating thoughts. She explains why we can get caught up in them and what we can do to pull ourselves out. She also discusses whether or not we have to dive into the reasons behind our mental health issues to heal, and how to get to a place where we can talk about our past trauma with our therapist. She dives into the ways she knows a patient is dissociating, and how we can have healthy relationships with people who have a mental illness. This and so much more in this week’s episode! Questions for episode 183 of the Ask Kati Anything podcast 1. What makes someone a “complex” case in therapy? Is it a specific diagnosis or cluster of diagnoses? Or is it dependent on how the client presents? 2. My question is about ruminating thoughts and negative thought loops. I constantly find myself in this thought loop in which I’m convinced that I’m lying about my pr
28/09/20231 hour 13 minutes 53 seconds
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"How can I stop hating myself?" ep.182

Licensed therapist Kati Morton addresses our issues with self-hate, shame, and why we can believe we are unlovable. She walks listeners through the ways we can overcome those beliefs and heal from it. She then explains more about dissociation and freeze states. She dives into what causes them, how our nervous system decides what to do, and what techniques she uses to ground her patients when they are dissociating. Kati also talks about regressing when triggered and why that happens. This and so much more in this week’s episode of Ask Kati Anything, your mental health podcast. Ask Kati Anything, your mental health podcast episode 182 If you want to support the podcast please check out my affiliate links in the description. If you shop on Amazon, or Instacart please use my links below! Also, BetterHelp offers 10% off your first month when you use my promo code KATI when signing up. Okay, let’s get into today’s questions. 1. Hi Kati, looking for
21/09/20231 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds
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Why Don't I Feel Allowed to Take Up Space?

Ask Kati Anything ep. 181 | Your mental health podcast This week licensed therapist Kati Morton explains why therapy sessions can go by so quickly and what we can do to better utilize our time in session. She then digs into the reasons we could feel like we aren’t allowed to take up space. If you frequently apologize for just being somewhere, struggle with confidence, or constantly feel like you’re a burden to others, this episode is for you! New Membership Levels Have Opened Up *** NEW MERCH DESIGNS *** I love these new designs :) Which is your fav? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm Kati Morton, a
14/09/20231 hour 1 second
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What Can Happen if my Trauma Is Not Treated?

Ask Kati Anything ep. 180 | Your mental health podcast This week licensed therapist Kati Morton discusses the long term effects of trauma, and what can happen if we never get treatment for it. She also explains why our mental health symptoms can get worse at night and why we can feel tired when we are depressed. She then shares why touch can be helpful and harmful in therapy and her stance on it. She later talks about why we can sometimes want to feel bad or do certain things for attention. This and so much more in this week’s episode! New Membership Levels Have Opened Up - *** NEW MERCH DESIGNS *** I love these new designs :) Which is your fav? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos -----------------------------------------------------------------
07/09/20231 hour 11 minutes 46 seconds
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"Does my therapist know I'm lying?" ep.179

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton addresses whether or not our therapist knows when we lie. She also explained why they may call you out on it, and why being honest is important but difficult. She then talks about why therapists are taught to watch body language and notice what their patients do in session or when stressed out. Kati then explores the difference between a body memory and actual physical pain. She also talks about the difference between shock and dissociation and whether or not they can occur at the same time. This and so much more in this week’s episode!Ask Kati Anything ep.179 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Ask Kati Anything ep. 178 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: 1. Do therapists know when their clients are lying, or trying to avoid certain topics? If so, what do you do as a therapist? 2. From your perspective as a therapist, how important is
31/08/20231 hour 21 minutes 28 seconds
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"Can you be depressed and not realize it?"

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton explains what body memories are, if pain can be related to trauma, and what the difference is between a flashback and an intrusive thought. She also explains why we may need to stay on medication for a long period of time, and why we may not notice when we are depressed. She also talks about what we can do if we are struggling to stay present in therapy and talk about the hard stuff, and what we can do to heal from codependency. This and so much more in this week’s episode. Ask Kati Anything ep. 178 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: 1. I've heard people say that someone can be unhappy or depressed without realizing it and I've seen it happen. I was wondering if that could happen in the reverse? 2. In one of your videos you mentioned that medication should not be needed forever. How do I know it’s time for me to get of
24/08/202350 minutes 14 seconds
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"When I talk about my trauma I feel like I'm lying!" ep.177

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton discusses the many reasons we can feel like we are lying when disclosing past trauma in therapy. She explains why our trauma memories aren’t always there or easy to recall, and the reasons we invalidate, and minimize our experiences. She then digs into how to move past being abandoned by your therapist, as well as how to know when you should stop therapy. Kati then talks about what we should focus on first when starting therapy with a limited number of sessions. This and so much more in this week’s episode. Ask Kati Anything ep. 177 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: 1. Why do I feel like I’m lying when thinking about opening up about past trauma? I really want to open up to my therapist about a past memory of me being SA’d by my brother but the problem is I didn’t have that memory until I was SA’d again some years later by someone else... 2. I've been
17/08/20231 hour 4 minutes 24 seconds
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"How do you handle parents with mental illness?"

This week Kati dives deep into how to come to terms with not having any memory of a childhood trauma. She explains why this can happen, and what we can do to heal anyways. She also offers some ideas on how to deal with a parent who has a mental illness, what to do if we can’t actually talk in therapy, and how to stop thinking we are a burden to those around us. She then talks about the stigma associated with mental illness and sexual kinks as well as how to stop feeling like we are behind in life because of our illnesses. This and so much more in this week’s episode! I'm Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos! Audience Questions: 1. How do I come to terms with never actually knowing if I was sexually abused? I seem to have all the signs (extremely scared of sex, body memories, don’t like being touched, hypervigilance, etc) but I have no solid memory of an actual incident. 2. How do you handle parents
10/08/20231 hour 17 minutes 24 seconds
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"What if I'm terrified of getting better?" ep.175

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton talks about the reasons we can be scared to get better, and why having our mental illness be part of our identity is detrimental to our recovery. She also addresses the reasons we should change therapists, how termination should be handled, and what to do if therapy is making us worse. Kati then digs into how to stop comparing ourselves to others, why it’s okay to be behind other people in life, and when she would suggest a higher level of care. Ask Kati Anything ep.175 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: Q1 0:38 I’m terrified of getting better. I’m suffering from gad, social anxiety, depression and self harm. I think the reason I’m afraid of healing is related to why I’m hurting myself... Q2 15:53 I rece
03/08/20231 hour 24 minutes 15 seconds
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"Why am I so afraid of abandonment?"

This week Kati discusses attachment to our therapist. Why it can happen, what triggers the attachment and what we can do to better handle it. She also talks about suicidal ideation, and why it can sometimes be done to get more attention. Then Kati explains what the ethical implications are when we find out our therapist is seeing our significant other, and what visualizations can mean for our trauma response. This and so much more in this week’s episode! Xoxo Ask Kati Anything ep. 174 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Join Kati in her powerful new LIVE Online Workshop on ATTACHMENT - JULY 21st &amp; 28th ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Can&#39;t make it to the LIVE event? Pre-order your recorded version ⁠⁠⁠here Audience questions:</stron
27/07/20231 hour 9 minutes 14 seconds
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"Why is it so hard for me to do things?"

Join Kati in her powerful new LIVE Online Workshop on ATTACHMENT - JULY 21st &amp; 28th ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Can&#39;t make it to the LIVE event? Pre-order your recorded version ⁠⁠here⁠⁠ This week licensed therapist Kati Morton dives into the reasons it could be hard for us to do the things that are really important to us, and why starting new things can be so difficult. She also dives into why having so much insight into the “whys” behind our behavior can help therapy move along more quickly, but doesn’t mean that we are necessarily doing better. She then walks us through how we can choose what we should work on first in therapy, and how to overcome our emetophobia. She also explains what a disorganized attachment is and the various causes, why we can feel like there’s always a wall betwee
20/07/20231 hour 15 minutes 11 seconds
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"Why Do I Constantly Feel Ashamed of Myself?"

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton talks about shame, and how to pull ourselves out of the spiral. She addressed how it can present itself in our anxious thoughts, PTSD symptoms, and also in our depression. She offers insights into ways we can receive therapy if we are battling financial insecurity, and how to do the basic things when we are deep in a depressive episode. She also talks about negative self-talk and why people think it can be motivating, as well as why we have to heal ourselves but also need other people to support us. This and so much more in this week’s episode! Ask Kati Anything ep 172 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFTAudience questions: 1. Why do I constantly feel ashamed of myself or my actions? 2. How does one persist in therapy if they are battling financial insecurity and sometimes poverty? 3. It is often advised that we should fulfill our own needs, so our happiness doesn&#39;t d
13/07/20231 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds
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"What causes people to pick at their skin?" ep.171

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton talks about the reasons we can pick at our skin, bite our nails, and pull on our hair. She also explains why this can all be driven by OCD or other anxiety disorders. Next, she explains why we push ourselves to remember all of the details surrounding a trauma, and also why some of us don’t want to remember any of it. She also dives into grief, how heavy it can be, and why it can sometimes be traumatizing. Kati also discusses the reasons we may struggle to say what we need to in therapy, and how to have boundaries between our work and home life. This and so much more in this week’s episode! Ask Kati Anything ep.171 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: 1. What causes people to pick their lips, bite their nails or scratch at their skin? Not only when they are triggered, but at random moments when they’re safe and there’s nothing wrong? I’ve struggled with picking my lips... 2. Than
06/07/20231 hour 16 minutes 9 seconds
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"Why can't I identify my emotions?" ep.170

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton discusses the pluses and minuses of doing intense research about therapy and the process. She also talks about suicide risk and what is considered low, medium, and high risk. She digs into what constitutes eating disorder behavior and her thoughts on using cannabis before therapy. This and so much more in this week’s episode! ATTACHMENT WORKSHOP - We will be exploring the way attachment to our primary caregivers affected us and how it may still be impacting us today. DETAILS: I will be hosting a LIVE workshop on July 21st &amp; July 28th (session 2). Can&#39;t make the LIVE Workshop? we are offering a recorded version as well. Got to to choose the right one for you. If you attend the LIVE workshop, you will have access to the rec
29/06/20231 hour 24 minutes 52 seconds
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"Why do I freeze when making decisions?" | ep.169

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton talks about the freeze state when making decisions. She explains why this can happen and what we can do to move through it. She also discusses PTSD and why we have the urge to minimize it or even struggle to call what happened trauma. She then digs into when it’s time to end therapy and the red flags we should look out for. She also talks about our fear of doing something wrong and its link to trauma and hypervigilance. Kati explains why we can feel the pull towards relationships with people we know are unavailable or unable to give us what you know you deserve. This and so much more in this week’s episode! Ask Kati Anything ep.169 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: Audience questions: 1. Could you give some strategies for when you go into the freeze state when you have to make decisions? I do this often and sometimes the decisions are simple... 00:31 2. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I can&#39;t
22/06/20231 hour 13 minutes 7 seconds
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"Why am I so angry with myself?" | ep.168

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton explains why we can strive for attachment with a figure in our life that we thought was kind and good to us. She also talks about the reason we can have an aversion for people who are the same gender as our abuser. She then discusses why we can be so angry with ourselves, yet forgive people for doing worse things. Kati then talks about stage fright and how to deal with it as well as the differences between being lazy, depressed, and burned out. This and so much more in this week’s episode.I&#39;m hosting a LIVE Healthy Attachment Workshop in July - Find out more details here: Tickets will sell out. Reserve your spot today! Ask Kati Anything ep. 168 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: 1. I tend to attach to women teachers, psychologists, doctors (my aunts as well), etc. it always happens when there is even the slightest sign of care or interest in me. It has been happ
15/06/20231 hour 13 minutes 46 seconds
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"Why Do I Feel So Empty Inside?" ep.167

This week Licensed Therapist, Kati Morton, LMFT explains why depression can cause us to feel empty inside, and like we are a burden to everyone around us. She also digs into why COCSA can feel so complicated to process because they were kids too, and it can feel wrong to blame them for the abuse. Kati then explains a therapist&#39;s perspective around bridging up new information in each therapy session and feeling like we are just doing it for attention. She also discusses a professional crying in session and that our reaction to it is the most important piece of information. This and so much more this week!! All that and much more in this week’s episode of Ask Kati Anything! Ask Kati Anything ep. 167 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: I&#39;ve experienced emotional neglect and physical abuse from my parents and family members. I struggle with depression and anxiety right now. Even when I feel
08/06/20231 hour 9 minutes 27 seconds
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"Why Does My Mind Go Blank In Therapy?" ep.166

This week Licensed Therapist, Kati Morton, LMFT explains why we can forget everything the second we step into our therapy sessions, and what could help us remember what we wanted to say. She also discusses real ways to combat those suicidal thoughts and why depression and suicidality are not always related. Next, Kati talks about the ways we can work to repair our relationships that could have been damaged due to our mental illness, and why a suicide attempt can be a traumatic experience. She also talks about flashbacks and how they can be felt in the body, flashes of memory that we see, smell, or even taste, and we can even have emotional flashbacks. This and so much more this week!! All that and much more in this week’s episode of Ask Kati Anything! Ask Kati Anything ep.166 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions Why is it that my mind goes blank during therapy sessions? Before and after I have
06/06/20231 hour 15 minutes 15 seconds
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"What Can Cause DISSOCIATION?" | AKA ep.165

This week licensed therapist Kati Morton talks us through the various causes of dissociation, and child on child sexual abuse. She also explains what natural curiosity is versus something caused by abuse. Next, Kati discusses why we can struggle to see how bad our depression or anxiety has gotten, and why that can impede us getting the help we need. She also offers ways to heal when our “safe person” turns out to be hurtful, and how we can combat our urge to focus on the negative things going on in our world. This and so much more in this week’s episode! Ask Kati Anything ep. 165 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT AUDIENCE QUESTIONS 1. I have a question about dissociation. Does it have to be caused by trauma or are there other things that can cause dissociation? 2. This is something I have never spoken about as I&#39;m so embarrassed. When I was a child (6-8ish), my male friend and I (same age and both consensual, I&#39
25/05/20231 hour 12 minutes 8 seconds
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Processing Trauma, Nightmares & Mental Blocks | ep 156

This week Kati talks about dealing with nightmares, how to know if we have processed our trauma completely, and whether or not we have to tell our therapist about our self injury. She also gives us tips for pushing through mental blocks, ways we can tell our therapist what we need, and she explains confidentiality in therapy. This and so much more in this week’s episode of AKA. xoxo Ask Kati Anything ep. 156 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: 1. I recently read a book called The Choice by Dr Edith Eva Eger. In it she discussed how she often thought she was done processing her trauma only to realize she was wrong later. My question is, how would you know you were no longer being affected by your trauma/had finished processing it? 2. Do u have any coping tips when it comes to struggling with nightmares? A few months ago my therapist retired and I&#39;m in the process of finding someone new... 3. Is it critical to share
23/03/202352 minutes 3 seconds
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Why do I love therapy & want to quit it at the same time?!? ep.141

This week Kati talks about the therapy process, relapses, and wanting therapy but also wanting to quit at the same time! She also talks about hospitalization, and the difference between voluntary and involuntary inpatient. Kati also explains alexithymia, feeling our emotions, and how to deal when our therapist is on leave. This and much more in this week’s episode! &nbsp; Questions: &nbsp; 1. I usually have therapy on Wednesdays. My therapist is a great fit for me, she has just the right balance of pushing me but not too hard and she's picked up on my anxiety... &nbsp; 2. My therapist recently pointed out to me that I always seem very tense during our sessions. I've been going for a year but I still feel my heart pounding and as if I'm about to give a presentation or be tested whenever... &nbsp; 3. I wanted to preface this with saying that I'm not in immediate danger. My wife and I have a safety plan in place right now so I'm not really ever alon
09/12/202259 minutes 7 seconds
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Building Up Resilience: Emotional, Physical and Relationship Tips for a Stronger You! ep.136

Ask Kati Anything ep. 136 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT &nbsp; This week Kati talks a lot about building up resilience, emotionally, physically, and in our relationships. She addresses how we can’t MAKE people feel or do anything, but they are still responsible for their actions. She also discusses suicidal ideation and why it can feel like it pops out of nowhere, and how someone with BPD can manage attachment in therapeutic settings. Kati explains the link between childhood trauma or CPTSD and being sensitive to stress as an adult, and why being a parentified child can make us immature in other ways. Finally, she offers advice on how to be more emotionally mature, and whether or not she thinks everyone can change. This and so much more in this week’s episode! &nbsp;&nbsp; Audience questions:&nbsp; I hear a lot about how people are not responsible for the feelings of others, or that you can’t “m
08/11/20221 hour 9 minutes 11 seconds
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Sunday Anxiety Starting A New Week? | ep.134

This week Kati shares the best way to manage the anxiety that comes around before we begin a new week, why we can have bursts of emotions sometimes, and she also explains why some traumas are easier to acknowledge than others. She talks about the different types of therapy and why we have to find one that works, why it can be hard to focus on what our therapist is saying, and the stigma associated with bulimia nervosa. Finally, she explains why those with BPD can hate boundaries, and what the difference is between hypomania and just plain joy. That and so much more in this week’s episode! &nbsp;&nbsp; Ask Kati Anything ep. 134 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT &nbsp;&nbsp; Audience questions: &nbsp; 1. How does someone actually deal with the “Sunday Scaries”? Every Sunday I get so overwhelmed with anxiety for the upcoming week I just freeze. Even though I have things I need to accomplish (i.e. meal prepping, laundry,
20/10/20221 hour 19 minutes 9 seconds
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"The ripple effects of being a parentified child..." | ep.128

This week Kati talks about the ripple effects of being a parentified child, and how that can leave us wanting to not become an adult. She also addresses recovery after a suicide attempt, major life decisions and our mental health, and whether or not we can trust repressed trauma memories. She also explains dissociation, processing trauma when therapy was what traumatized us, and touch aversion in autism and relationships. Finally, Kati discusses whether or not attachment and intimacy issues can be self inflicted, how to get out of a marital rut, and whether or not mental illness is a choice. Hopefully some of her insights and thoughts on these issues are helpful in your own life journey! Ask Kati Anything ep. 128 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions: 1. How do adults who suffered childhood emotional neglect, abuse and parentification deal with being an adult, taking responsibility and being self-reliant, things that are potenti
01/09/20221 hour 26 minutes 1 second
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126 - Ask Kati Anything with Kati Morton, LMFT

Ask Kati Anything ep.126 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT &nbsp; Synopsis:&nbsp; &nbsp;In this week’s episode Kati discusses why we can feel emotions in our body but not recognize them in our mind. She also talks about how to be our real selves when in therapy, what unconditional positive regard is, and how much self-disclosure we should expect from our therapist. She digs into passive suicidality and how to tell our therapist about it, and whether or not she thinks it’s part of having an eating disorder. She explains why we may act childlike in therapy and why it may be hard to let ourselves be happy. Finally, she shares her biggest learning in her own therapy, and what we can do to stop our ED from turning into a different one. &nbsp;&nbsp; AUDIENCE QUESTIONS&nbsp; 1. Why is it that my body reacts in a way as if I am feeling a certain emotion, but my brain doesn’t necessarily “feel” the emotion? My body will physically react as if th
18/08/20221 hour 24 minutes 58 seconds
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"Why do I miss my depression?" | AKA p.123

Ask Kati Anything ep.123 | Your mental health podcast, with Kati Morton, LMFT Audience questions Does anyone else feel more comfortable talking about their mental health struggles in their non-native language? I’m relatively comfortable talking about my struggles with anxiety in English. However, in my native language (German) I’m so uncomfortable, I often shut down and just don’t... Can you please talk about how to treat anxiety when you are prone to making everything worse due to your anxiety? E.g. when you are worried about performing badly, but then your anxiety makes you so dizzy that you perform badly. Or when you are worried about not getting a point... Why do I miss my depressive and/or suicidal thoughts when I don't feel them for a bit? When I do feel these feelings, all I want is for them to pass, but when they do actually pass, I feel nostalgic and want them to come back.... I honestly do
09/08/20221 hour 29 minutes 22 seconds
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"How Do I Stop Using Avoidance as a Coping Skill for my Anxiety?" AKA #113

Ask Kati Anything | podcast episode 113 centers around Anxiety (panic attacks, social anxiety, hypervigilance, etc) &nbsp; QUESTIONS 1. What is a healthy or “normal” amount of anxiety to have around losing your job? I get great reviews at work and I even recently got promoted, but whenever I make even a small insignificant mistake or I didn’t do my absolute best, I get really hard on myself and I start to... &nbsp; 2. How do I stop using avoidance as a coping skill for my anxiety?? It’s gotten SO bad. It’s a terrible cycle because when I get behind in school work and housework I get anxious and cannot make myself do the work (especially when it’s something I really don’t want to do) &nbsp;and I get further behind and the anxiety grows... &nbsp; 3. I know you've talked about something similar not too long ago, but I'm still wondering about anxiety surrounding therapy. I have so much of it. outsid
19/05/20221 hour 24 minutes 4 seconds
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"Why do I feel so much shame and guilt about my trauma?" ep.110

EPISODE FOCUS: Trauma, PTSD, and recovery. Ask Kati Anything - Kati Morton's mental health podcast&nbsp; Episode 110 audience questions: &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;Why do I feel so much shame and guilt about my trauma? It’s not just a necessary shame that it happened. It’s also guilt for upsetting others with it, and worrying that they’ll think less of me. Fear that they are judging. I almost want to downplay it to show that I’m still “normal” and it’s “no... &nbsp; &nbsp;My question is can sexual abuse happen through people on the Internet. I’ve never heard anyone with a degree talk about it. But I’ve heard other people had the same experience as me through them talking about it on tik tok. My generation was the first generation who could have talked... &nbsp; &nbsp;Is it possible to heal from trauma (child sexual abuse, incest) while still seeing your family? The abuse was disclose
28/04/202252 minutes 51 seconds
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"Is it normal to have constant thoughts of suicide?" ep.109

Ask Kati Anything, your mental health podcast - Episode 109 Your Questions: &nbsp;Is it normal to have constant thoughts of suicide? Whenever anything goes mildly wrong, or even when nothing is wrong but I feel overwhelmed, self-harm and suicide are always where my mind goes to, even though I've never attempted it. How can I cope with this? Also, does it indicate that... &nbsp; Can you talk a little bit about the effect of depression on the ability to concentrate? How does the lack of concentration in depression feel, and is it different from the lack of concentration in (for example) ADHD? (COMMENT: As a follow up question, could you talk about mental fog and how it might be... &nbsp; &nbsp;Do you have any input on dealing with a single parent that has depression as a teenager that still lives at home? I feel like no one talks about this and it is really hard to live day by day because I am just wor
21/04/20221 hour 5 minutes 5 seconds
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"What is a flashback?" ep.107

Ask Kati Anything ep.107&nbsp; audience questions&nbsp; 1. Can you please explain the difference between when it is important to "feel your feelings"/sit with your feelings versus when you should use distraction based coping skills? I feel like I get stuck doing too... &nbsp; 2. I am wondering what you would constitute an “emergency” that would be acceptable for your client to reach out to you between sessions. I am constantly worried about crossing boundaries and not bothering my therapist, especially... &nbsp; 3. Could you go deeper into what a flashback actually is? What is the difference between a flashback and an emotional flashback, or body memories. How do triggers come into play also? You have mentioned that with a flashback you go back to another time, a place, do you physically... &nbsp; 4. &nbsp;Can you talk a bit about the importance and healing power of the therapeutic relationship (specifical
07/04/20221 hour 20 minutes 18 seconds
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Why Can't I Tolerate Intimacy? | AKA 103

Ask Kati Anything! Your mental health podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT episode 1031. What advice do you have for those of us who can’t tolerate intimacy? Too much eye contact, love, and attention often seems to overwhelm me. I find it so much easier to connect with people I barely know, but when people get too familiar and close I panic...2. When working with trauma how do you build that window of tolerance? I feel at times like I’m stuck and can’t stop myself from dissociating. We have built several safety measures, worked on body awareness but yet the second the past comes into play I can feel my anxiety climb...3. I’ve been seeing a lot of people on TikTok talking about how they sort of habitualized a certain food (like the same bedtime snack every night or same breakfast every morning), not out of an eating disorder...4. If someone has had an ED for a long time (say 5/10+ years) how likely are they to recover in your experience?  If i
24/02/20221 hour 17 minutes
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What happens in the brain when I dissociate? AKA 101 with Ben Rein, Ph.D.

Ask Kati Anything! Your mental health podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT Episode 101 Audience Questions1. Hi Kati, what happens in the brain when you dissociate? Does it reduce blood flow to certain areas of the brain? What happens in the brain when you do coping techniques? I am really interested to hear what happens with neurotransmitters and blood flow and brain activation when dissociating and when trying to get out of this state. Also is there any research on the long term effects of regular dissociation for the brain? Thanks for creating these podcasts, they are interesting and eye-opening. (COMMENT: Also, does derealisation and depersonalisation impact the brain differently? Lastly, what does it look like in an MRI scan? Is it diagnosable just by looking at brain waves?)2. Epilepsy patient dissociation aura. posteromedial cortex PMC 3Hz firing (PMC part of DMN, involved in internally focused cognition like autobiographical memory). Ketamine causes
15/02/20221 hour 12 minutes 9 seconds
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Is it fear of abandonment or rejection? AKA 102

Ask Kati Anything! Your mental health podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT episode 1021. Can you talk about the fear of abandonment vs fear of rejection and how they differ? As a kid, I was left out a lot, felt excluded, and like I didn’t belong. I still feel the effects of those social rejections to the point that...2. My friend and I both were suicidal in the past, but we were suicidal in completely opposite ways. I thought it was interesting. For her, suicide was a last resort, an escape from painful feelings. Feeling hopeless, like...3. Why do I feel so empty when sharing traumatic stories with my therapist? I just can’t access those emotions and it makes me wonder if they are even there. It also makes me question the validity of the stories...4. Are therapists supposed to hide their emotions in response to a story shared? As in, remain calm, soothing or neutral. Recently, I shared with my sister how my therapist shows her anger in sessio
08/02/20221 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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"Why do narcissistic people believe their past trauma means..." | AKA ep. 99

&quot;Why do narcissistic people believe their past trauma means...&quot; | AKA ep. 99Guest: Lana Seiler, MSW, LCSW - Primary Therapist at APN LodgeLana is a licensed clinical social worker and primary therapist at APN Lodge. Lana places a high value on “holding space” for guests to process their experiences and begin to heal. She is a champion of holistic and scientific mental health and addiction treatment, helping clients fight for their development of a healthier view of themselves, others, and the world. Those hard-won results are her greatest reward.Addiction &amp; Mental Health Treatment: If you are looking for an in-person treatment center that provides expert help with addiction recovery and mental health, All Points North Lodge is a great option. All Points North Lodge offers evidence-based and holistic treatment in the Colorado mountains. Chat with a member of their team at or call (218) 306-82141. D
08/02/20221 hour 29 minutes 25 seconds
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What are Body Memories? AKA podcast ep.100

Ask Kati Anything! Your mental health podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT episode 1001. What exactly are body memories? How do I know I have them, what do they feel like and what options are there to treat them? In your last podcast you were talking a lot about body memories and wondered whether you would share some more information about them. 2. I find I tend to wallow in negative thoughts when I am in bed, before I fall asleep. I go over old arguments, think about past events that upset me, and despair over things I dislike about myself. It can spiral into thoughts of suicide or self-harm fantasies. While I’m improving in many areas...3. Sometimes it seems like you answer the same kind of questions each week so here is a different question. Do you have any ideas why I feel the need to masturbate whenever I feel stressed or sad? I have noticed that I do this often but I never thought much of it until watching...4. Why do we invalidate ours
08/02/20221 hour 11 minutes 11 seconds
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What is Sleep Paralysis? AKA ep 98 with Dr Jalal

On ep. 98 of Ask Kati Anything, Dr. Baland Jalal is our guest. He is a neuroscientist at Cambridge University and previously at Harvard University and considered one of the world&apos;s leading experts on sleep paralysis. Can you have sleep paralysis in places other than your bed? A member of our community recently felt like she had this happen in a car. What percentage of sleep disturbance is chemical or naturally formed and what percentage is trauma induced?What causes sleep paralysis? How can we get it to stop?Is sleep paralysis more common when you’re young?Why do many experience sleep paralysis most often right as they are falling asleep?How much sleep should someone get every night? 7 or 8 hours?Can SSRI’s or SNRI’s cause sleep paralysis?--------------BooksTraumatized u ok?  <a href='
20/01/20221 hour 8 minutes 45 seconds
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What if I never want to stop therapy? | AKA 97

Ask Kati Anything mental health podcast episode 97Is it ok if I never want to stop going to therapy? It’s not an attachment thing, I just truly enjoy having a safe, neutral place to drop my baggage off every week… I think I’m a lifer… But is that a bad thing?My therapist recently told me for the first time that most of my relaxation methods have a self-injurious character. However, I don&apos;t intentionally self-injure, it tends to happen unconsciously (e.g., bath water too hot, etc.) and because of my issues with... How can those of us who can’t remember our trauma feel validated? I feel like there are no communities for people like me who are scared and experience trauma responses but don’t have memories to talk about the trauma. I’ve been doing trauma work for years and my...I’m hoping I can keep this short… I was raised by verbally/emotionally abusive parents who raised me to fully believe that no one could possibly like me. They do
18/01/20221 hour 10 minutes 32 seconds
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How can I open up to my therapist? | AKA 96

Ask Kati Anything mental health podcast episode 961. Hey Kati! How can I start to feel more comfortable sharing things with my therapist? I have been in therapy for a few months now and I still feel like I am holding back. I do trust her and want to be able to open up, but I...2. During session there are times when my therapist acknowledges and validates my emotions which I love but I have a hard time tolerating them. I either become very emotional because she has put words to them or...3. Any tips for nighttime anxiety? During the day, when I&apos;m at work, I am fine. Virtually no anxiety. I don&apos;t know whether the anxiety is  truly less or, since I have a fast paced job, I simply don&apos;t notice it as much, but...4. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how aspects of our identity are impacted by therapy! I feel like a completely different person to the one who started therapy, and wondered if there’s any pattern to how...5. Is
18/01/20221 hour 35 minutes 51 seconds
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Why do I test my therapist’s boundaries? AKA 95

Ask Kati Anything mental health podcast episode 951. I’ve got a question about boundaries. Why am I testing the boundaries of my therapist? I don’t want to do it but it’s just happening and I get irritated at myself for doing it. Do you have any tips and do you get annoyed as a therapist when your client is testing your boundaries?2. I hope you’re doing well! How do I appreciate the happy moments where my depression disappears when all I can think in the back of my mind is ‘when will it get bad again’3. How can I stop idealizing my therapist?  I really idealize my therapist and keep telling my t how much I love her and how I never want her to leave me. Maybe it doesn&apos;t have anything to do with it but my therapist seems so perfect to me even if I know on a rational level she isn´t but I´m so focused...4. I am in counseling for depression and anxiety. However, I find I have a strong reluctance around getting better. I think there are a vari
13/01/20221 hour 14 minutes 29 seconds
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"Why do I feel like a child even though I am an adult?" | AKA ep 93

Ask Kati Anything ep 93Audience questions:1. Why do I feel like a child even though I am an adult? I am 32, I have a career, a partner and I am living a responsible adult life. But I feel like a child. Whenever I am subjected to ‘adult’ topics, like alcohol, sex etc. I catch myself thinking that those things are for adults only and I am still too...2.  How do I get over the feeling of not deserving to be in therapy and to get help/better? Part of me knows that I do need the help because inside I feel like a mess but outwardly I appear fine and fully functional, so every time I go, I start to feel like don&apos;t deserve to be there, and that I am just...3. I’ve noticed that lots of times after a therapy session, my brain turns to mush. I keep having those ‘uhhhh….’ moments where you know what the answer is but it’s just not coming to you. Like, it’s on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach. I keep blanking on really simple things. Shoul
30/12/20211 hour 18 minutes 18 seconds
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Why is it hard for me to take a compliment? AKA ep. 94

Ask Kati Anything episode 94Audience questions:1. Hey Kati, why is accepting any sort of praise or compliments so hard for me to do? I genuinely do appreciate them, but I don&apos;t know if it&apos;s that I don&apos;t believe they are true and don&apos;t deserve it, or if I just don&apos;t like the attention...2. Is there a way to tell the difference between real memories and things imagined in your dreams? Sometimes I need to imagine bad things happening to me to fall asleep. I don&apos;t want these things to actually...3. Can you talk about passive suicidal ideation? Also, how is it that I encourage/support the fight to live for others but I can’t seem to provide that same thought for me? I just recently lost an immediate family member back in August due to...4. I’ve always wanted to be a therapist or a counselor, but I have one big issue with that: I get frustrated when people don’t see what’s right in front of t
27/12/20211 hour 23 minutes 31 seconds
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What is emotional trauma? | AKA ep. 92

Ask Kati Anything podcast episode 92Hi, Kati! Is it possible to not be traumatized by something that is clearly traumatic to other people or are you just denying that you are? My parents were kidnapped and held at gunpoint when...Hi Kati, can you go into emotional trauma a little more? I experience all of the symptoms of emotional trauma but my parents were always there if I needed them, including if I ever asked they would support me emotionally and give advice. They ...Hey Kati, How do I handle not taking people &quot;worrying&quot; about me seriously? For example, in my last therapy session, towards the end, my therapist told me I can always call or email him if I need someone to talk to. He probably offered that because Hi Kati, could you please tell us more about how you experienced each of your different roles as a psychologist throughout your career? When you were at the ED clinic, private psychotherapist, and now a youtuber? And how do
21/12/20211 hour 15 seconds
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What is TMS & How Does It Work? (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) | AKA ep. 91

Ask Kati Anything podcast episode 91Today&apos;s guest is Jason Thompson a a certified EMT-P and trained in TMS for Brainsway and Nuerostar. Since 2004, he has working in a variety of healthcare settings such as an EMT and Director of Neuromodulation in Texas Jason Thompson brings his passion for healing and educating to his role as Director of Deep TMS and Hyperbaric Services at All Points North Lodge. He loves educating and treating clients with newer technologies and guiding them through the healing process with a holistic approach.Addiction &amp; Mental Health Treatment: If you are looking for an in-person treatment center that provides expert help with addiction recovery and mental health, All Points North Lodge is a great option. All Points North Lodge offers evidence-based and holistic treatment in the Colorado mountains. Chat with a member of their team at or call (218) 306-8214Aud
16/12/20211 hour 9 minutes 51 seconds
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"How do I bring up my trauma in therapy?" | AKA ep 90

Ask Kati Anything podcast episode 90Today&apos;s guest is Jessica Harp, LPC, MS! She joins All Points North Lodge in her role as Clinical Operations Manager. She is passionate about employing empirically proven treatment and innovation to aid patients in identifying core belief systems that are affecting the ability to function in relationships, professions and being a meaningful member of society.Since 2013, Jessica has been serving clients in a few different clinical settings such as Partial hospitalization, inpatient and outpatient. Some of her roles have consisted of ensuring all programs were compliant with current laws, rules and regulations of federal and state licensing agencies, supervising individual and group counseling and overall providing high quality care to all clients. The most rewarding moment of her career has been providing awareness and education on Moral Injury. She is confident that she is able to provide support and guidance in clin
09/12/20211 hour 33 minutes 21 seconds
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"What if my therapist is working harder than me?" 87 AKA

Ask Kati Anything podcast 87Audience questions:You’ve mentioned several times that a therapist shouldn’t be working harder than the client, but what if they are? How do you address a client who has run out of motivation to get better? I struggle a lot with comparing myself to other people who seem more happy, successful, talented, and so on, than me. I know that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ but doing this is automatic to me, like a reflex. Being told not to compare myself to other people is like being I was recently diagnosed with Psychological Non Epileptic Seizures, can you explain what exactly this is and how something psychological can turn into the physical. Thanks Kati, have a great day! (video link: ) I was wondering (and I hope this isn’t too insensitive). It seems that everyone is struggling with their mental health to an extent. But if it’
11/11/20211 hour 24 minutes 4 seconds
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"How do I learn to let myself be cared for?" AKA ep 89

Ask Kati Anything episode 89Audience questions:How do I get over the feeling of being hyper aware about myself in therapy? When I&apos;m in session I always feel like I&apos;m a little girl who&apos;s in trouble. Which makes me super aware of every single part of my body. The way I move or talk, even the way my ...I’m wondering how to deal with anger and hurt over being emotionally neglected as a child. I have been burying my trauma down for years so I wouldn’t have to deal with it, but have recently uncovered it all in therapy. Now that I’m aware of the abuse in my past, and understand why I act in certain ways (like my avoidant attachment style or clinging... Are there ever times when anxiety legitimately has no cause? I have recently started therapy and have been exploring the causes of my anxiety and in some cases I can identify what is causing it, but other times it feels like there is no cause. I will be fine one minute then all o
11/11/20211 hour 12 minutes 52 seconds
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Is It Worth Getting Upset Over? | AKA ep.88

Episode 88 audience questions:1. If you are taught growing up that your feelings were not valid, how do you start to feel okay feeling feelings? Throughout my childhood and as I grew up, I was consistently told I was just being too sensitive or overreacting or whatever happened was not worth getting upset over... 2. I just started therapy to work through physical and sexual abuse and was diagnosed with PTSD. My therapist has pointed out (with compassion) that I’m very ambivalent. I didn’t think this was necessarily bad until I looked it up and saw that it can be a predictor of failed...3. Can you talk about intellectualizing rather than processing trauma? My therapist says I seem to be able to talk about details of my trauma with a &quot;clinical&quot; viewpoint, as if I&apos;m talking about someone else, with no difficulty at all. (I have a degree in social work).4. Hope you’re doing well. Can you talk a little bit about building i
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Why do I feel like I failed at my illness? - Ask Kati Anything! podcast episode 86

Ask Kati Anything! podcast episode 86Audience Questions:1. Why do I feel like I failed at my illness? I had anorexia for several years and then morphed into bulimia. But I don&apos;t really feel like being bulimic and more like a &quot;failed anorexic&quot;.It really keeps me from wanting to get better and makes me so ashamed...2. Is it possible for older teenagers (16-19yo) to be groomed? Also, is grooming always explicitly sexual, or can it be only vaguely sexual or even not sexual at all? Thanks for all you do...3. What is religious trauma and how do you know if you have experienced it? I am a part of the LGBTQ community and I am going to church, but it also conflicts my sexuality. I have looked up some of the signs/symptoms, but I am unsure because I am second guessing myself...4. Here, in The Netherlands, I am 30 years out of treatment because they didn&apos;t want to help me
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How do you treat trauma that you don't remember? ep.85 - Kati Morton's mental health podcast

Ask Kati Anything episode 85Questions:1. Is it “normal” to constantly talk to yourself? basically whenever i’m alone i’ll be having full on conversations out loud to myself. feel like half the time it’s just maladaptive dreaming and i’ll be talking about something I...2. How do you treat trauma that you don&apos;t remember? I can hardly remember my childhood, but sometimes I have emotional flashbacks in response to certain questions in therapy. Without pictures or sounds...3. I hope you are doing well! Could you talk a bit more about emotional abuse? A few months ago, I realized that I was emotionally abused for 6 years during my teenage years. As I am trying to deal with it...4. When I was in high school I used to thought stop every emotional thought I had. I convinced myself I was emotionless when really all I did was repress everything. I always tried to use logic and facts to counter my...5. I have sta
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Is That Dissociation? with guest Dr. Alexa Altman | ep.84

Ask Kati Anything podcast with Dr. Alexa Altman | ep.84Audience questions:1. For the past 6 months I now realise that I dissociate. I didn&apos;t realise up until now because I had only heard of the more severe types of dissociation. My therapist told me that some people who dissociate can go for long periods of time and not remember...2. I really struggle with boundaries. I recently went to my teacher to talk about mental health struggles, and she...3. Do you think it&apos;s possible for our struggles e.g. anxiety, depression, lack of self worth to ever go away completely? I feel like there are some things, my anxiety...4. I am trying to work on recalling events surrounding a traumatic situation to be able to make a statement to police and assist with other cases that may be linked to...5. I keep downplaying my symptoms and even contemplate canceling my therapy sessions sometimes. I&apos;m not quite sure
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Why Do I Want Attention So Badly? Ask Kati Anything! ep.83

Ask Kati Anything! the Kati Morton podcast ep.83 Audience Questions1. Can you give us an overview of what a therapist does vs a psychologist? What’s the difference between therapy and psychotherapy? Would someone who struggles in all different areas benefit from seeing a psychologist rather than a therapist? For example, if someone has autism, C-PTSD, OCD, and an eating disorder, would a therapist be able to help them... 2. If you (as a therapist) have seen a client for a long time, do you notice if he or she feels sadder in a therapy session than usual?  3. What is the first thing that goes through your head (a therapist’s head) when a client starts to cry? (COMMENT: Or has a panic attack or starts dissociating badly (as in can not move, see or talk) in session? 4. I hope you’re having a great week! I got sick a while ago and was in the hospital for a few weeks. Ever since then, I’ve been missing and craving the kindness and attention I
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Do therapists get annoyed with their patients? Ask Kati Anything ep.82

Do therapists get annoyed with their patients? Ask Kati Anything podcast ep. 821. Do therapists ever get annoyed when clients say “I don&apos;t know” a lot during sessions? I find myself saying I don&apos;t know to questions in sessions...2. Do you ever get annoyed with your patients? I feel like I am annoying my therapist because I repeat judging myself and she keeps telling me that it&apos;s her job to sort through my thoughts and I should...3. Do you have any advice on talking to therapists about their reactions to things said in therapy? Recently I disclosed to my therapist details about a specific instance of childhood sexual abuse that I have always...4. Slowly but surely I&apos;m recovering from my burn-out. Now I&apos;m wondering what I should do with my life. Something needs to change and I know for the sake of my own mental health that I need to quit my job...5. Why do people not realize the ab
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What if Cognitive Behavior Therapy Doesn't Work? What can I do? ep.80

Ask Kati Anything podcast ep.80 Audience questions:1. What advice do you have when CBT doesn’t seem to be working? I have been diagnosed with GAD, and I know it’s supposed to be the gold standard for anxiety, but I feel like it isn’t doing anything for me. I can identify what is causing my anxiety/ all the distortions in my...2. How do you know what to say as a therapist? I get that your education and practice help a lot but what about in the beginning (your first few clients). How do you know what questions to ask so that...3. As kids my parents spanked my siblings and I. We were always scared when our father would be the one to discipline us. Now looking back at that time as a kid I feel...4. How many sessions are necessary before trusting a therapist? I had 20+ sessions with my former therapist and still didn’t trust her and didn’t feel safe enough to share my trauma fully. I recently...5. How do I stop worrying about my ther
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Is My Worry Warranted or Is it Anxiety? | Ask Kati Anything podcast ep.81

1. Why do therapists often like to sit and silently observe you for an uncomfortable amount of time? It happens when the conversation slows down and everything goes quiet and they just sit looking at you...2. How can you tell apart when your worrying has a legitimate reason and when it&apos;s just caused by your anxiety / perfectionism? I&apos;m always worrying I won&apos;t work hard enough for my university, that my boyfriend will leave me, that I&apos;m not trying hard enough in therapy...3. I hope you are well! I was wondering, do you have any tips to keep your brain from freezing up or going blank when talking about trauma? I recently started having what I think are recovered memories of sexual abuse, but I don&apos;t know for sure if...4. How do you handle it when a patient gives you “doorknob disclosure”? Is it common? Do most therapists find it annoying? Is there a reason some patients do this?5. My question is... How are you? A few wee
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When are suicidal thoughts dangerous? | #79

Ask Kati Anything ep.79 - Kati Morton&apos;s Mental Health &amp; Psychology Podcast1) How much of our childhood is normal to remember? I remember some things, but not a ton. My family life was fine growing up, I had loving parents, but I experienced bullying at school and social isolation because of that. I&apos;m wondering if me not remembering stuff is because of the &quot;trauma&quot; of bullying or if it is just normal not to...2) Are suicidal thoughts dangerous when they aren&apos;t exactly in the near future or planned? I personally had this thought that once I start university I won&apos;t be able to handle the extra fears as I...3) I think you never talked about helicopter parents and the effects they have on children. What if instead of emotional neglect you receive so much attention and emotional presence from a parent you don’t learn how to operate on your own? How can one overcome the embarrassment...4) I have recently started seei
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Does a Narcissist know what they are? | #78

Ask Kati Anything ep.78 - Kati Morton&apos;s Mental Health &amp; Psychology Podcast1 (0:48) What&apos;s the best way to build self esteem after years of emotional and physical abuse? I was abused as a child and it feels like no matter how hard I try, my inner monologue/strongly held beliefs always...2 (18:43) Did going to school to be a therapist bring things up for you? I just started my program and I’m loving it, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people in my program are struggling to an...3 (24:17) Is it possible for someone with narcissistic personality disorder to be aware they have the disorder? It seems like a lot of therapists...4 (30:44) Have your clients ever gotten mad or angry at you during a session? If so, do you ever get frustrated with them/ not want to work with them anymore? How would you go about it?5 (38:29) In my last session with my therapist, she told me something that my mom told her. My mom doesn’t believe I wa
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#76 Why do I want to be sicker than I am?

To order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED please visit Kati Anything, ep.76 audience question:How to tell or show your therapist that you are doing worse than what she thinks. My therapist thinks I’m doing fine but I’m not, I feel like I’m dying from the inside. I don’t know why I’m like this, but I want to be sicker than I am. Like, I know logically I probably only have anxiety and maybe autism, but I want to get diagnosed with a personality disorder...I hope you are well. Can we please talk about what happens when depression starts lifting? I am starting to look back now and I feel so sad at all the time I&apos;ve lost, at all...As a therapist do you find it challenging to not wear your therapist hat in a regular situation where you’re not in that position of being a therapist?Is it common to feel as though you a
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#77 What causes us to invalidate our traumas?

To order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED please visit Kati Anything! ep.77 audience questionsCan you give your therapist a ‘Summary of Me’ document so you don’t have to waste so many sessions getting through your whole life story? Or make your own trauma timeline to give to your new therapist instead of doing it in session? How much thinking about therapy is too much? I find myself constantly analyzing myself and thinking about things I need to work on and things I need to talk about in therapy. The second I walk out of my session...What causes us to invalidate our traumas? I experienced multiple traumatic events growing up. I know it happened but it seems like I always downplay those events....In my last therapy session, I told my therapist about some trauma that I dealt with as a kid. After I told my therapist about it,
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#75 "What if you had a client who did very bad or shameful things?"

To pre-order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED visit Kati Anything episode 75What is/are the most common things where a client thinks they&apos;re the &quot;only one&quot;, but really a therapist hears it ALL the time. What might be the most surprising? How do you handle a client that appears to be really struggling at the very end of a session? As in about to burst into tears and very obviously just trying to hold everything together (but unsuccessfully)?Why do I find the thought of my therapist comforting or feeling empathy for me so soothing yet so uncomfortable? I&apos;m not sure about it being attached to her. Is there any &quot;real&quot; therapy work in the beginning/ when the client comes in every session with a whole bag of stories... What if you had clients who did very bad things or shameful things? Should they mask it w
17/08/20211 hour 7 minutes 57 seconds
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#73 Intimacy After Trauma?

To pre-order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED visit Kati Anything ep.73 audience questions:1) Is fidgeting bad to do in a therapy session? I tend to fiddle a lot with my hands, lean forward and sit at the end of the seat in session. My therapist made me sit back and spread my hands and stop moving them, so I ended up  bouncing my...2) Has it ever felt strange going to therapy when you, yourself are a therapist? Does it ever seem kind of trippy, with their layers of perspective on top of yours? Or is being a therapist something you basically “shed” before your... 3) Is it possible to have symptoms of a disorder and not have the &quot;full blown&quot; thing? I struggle with fear of abandonment, attachment issues, self-harm and an unstable sense of self, but I don&apos;t think I struggle badly enough to have it classified as BPD... 4) This i
12/08/20211 hour 20 minutes 27 seconds
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#74 "Why Is It Terrifying To Be Cared For?"

To pre-order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED visit Kati Anything episode 74Can you talk about whether it’s more important to prioritize processing past trauma or working through issues in the present? It feels more important to prioritize the...Can you just replay social situations over and over in your head without having social anxiety? I often find myself ruminating after socialising on what has happened, what I have...How do you know if you’re being re traumatized in your therapy sessions?I’ve been working through traumas in therapy and I’ve been unable to stay present. It started as dissociation in...Please can you give examples of what less severe dissociation is? I feel numb/ empty quite a lot of the time and like there is a part of me missing. When in therapy my mind can go blank...I’m struggling to know when I should tak
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#72 "Why is it physically so hard to talk about trauma?"

To pre-order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED visit Kati Anything ep.72 audience questions:1) I was wondering if a therapist would know if their patient isn&apos;t feeling that great or something&apos;s bothering them or their anxiety is a bit high... 2) Are therapists faking themselves in sessions? My therapist told me that she adapts to each client and is more mindful... 3) Can you please talk about why it’s physically so hard to talk about trauma? I want to try to talk through things in therapy, but I find that it’s physically hard to get...4) Can you talk about chronic loneliness and what it is? I thought I had social anxiety, and maybe I do, but it&apos;s this feeling of being unconnected that has me feeling hollow...5) I was wondering what inspired you to become a therapist? Specifically what made you want to focus on
03/08/20211 hour 21 minutes 34 seconds
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#71 Why is Feeling Good So Uncomfortable?

Pre-order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED here: questionsHi Kati, hope you&apos;re taking care of yourself. Can you talk about the boredom that comes with being okay? I&apos;ve been experiencing extremes for so long, (manic/suicidal) that on the days/weeks where I&apos;m more stable, I can&apos;t deal with the boredom of not having those extreme emotions, and often end up deliberately triggering myself to end the monotony...Hey Kati, do you have any tips on how to live for yourself and not for others? As a chronically suicidal person, the only reason I’m here is to keep other people happy. I don’t want help or to be alive, but I do. I constantly flip flop between this and was...Why is it there is such shame with sexual abuse/trauma? How can someone feel such shame and guilt about something that wasn’t their fault? (COMMENT: H
27/07/20211 hour 25 minutes 25 seconds
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#70 What is Touch Aversion? (plus 9 other mental health questions)

Pre-order your copy of Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED here: questions1. How do therapists notice the non-verbal signals in their clients, what are obvious signals and what are less obvious signals? 2. Do you have any tips for people who feel like they have missed out on their teen years and early adulthood and would like to just be a teen again to experience what they feel they missed?3. Can you talk a little about touch aversion?  I grew up with almost no touch aside from physical abuse, and I have never learned to like touch - being touched or touching others. I do deal with MDD and GAD, and an avoidant attachment style...4. I get really uncomfortable and anxious in places with loud music, lots of people talking or basically anywhere that is really loud.  I also freak out and panic whenever I hear people yelling.  I have never experience
22/07/20211 hour 9 minutes 10 seconds
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#69 Can Therapy Make Dissociation Worse?

Ask Kati Anything episode 69***  Kati&apos;s new book TRAUMATIZED is available for Preorder today! questions:1. If you&apos;re comfortable talking about it, have you ever suffered from mental illness? I know therapists often say they know better but don&apos;t necessarily always do better...2. Is fear of crying during a session something that should be talked about? Every time I go to therapy I purposely don’t talk too much about things that get me teary or...3. How do you know what is the most important thing to bring up in therapy? I have so much to talk about, so much that happens in between sessions and...4. Can therapy make dissociation or any other symptoms worse? Is this just a part of &quot;it gets worse before it gets better&quot;? Ever since I&apos;ve been working with my therapist on feeling more, I&apos;ve started dissociating more intensely...5. What’s y
08/07/20211 hour 8 minutes 34 seconds
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#68 "What Causes Us To Have Attachment Issues?"

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything!How does a therapist feel when a patient gets mad at them in session? Nothing threatening or personal, but things like copping an attitude, getting sarcastic...What are the things that can cause us to have attachment issues (other than abuse/neglect from our primary caregiver)? Can toxic friendships and having been bullied as a child and teenager cause us...Can you talk about avoidant attachment style (or avoidant personality? What’s the difference?) stemming from childhood trauma? I thought I was doing fine looking at others going through the periods of abusive...Can a singular &quot;small&quot; event, such as your dad kicking you as a kid, be considered a trauma? Or what if its combined with a bunch of small things happening occasionally over many years - like my dad slapping me, my parents yelling at me, telling me I&apos;m stupid, worthless, etc...I feel like I struggle to feel any fe
01/07/20211 hour 22 minutes 38 seconds
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#67 "Is it possible that I have used sex as a form of self harm?"

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything!1. I was wondering, do therapists have to like their patients? I always have a fear that secretly my therapist doesn’t like me, that I&apos;m a burden to her and every... 2. Does someone actually “recover” completely from trauma or abuse that has occurred resulting in C/PTSD? Or is it actually having healthy coping mechanisms to... 3. How can a trauma survivor tell the difference between truly toxic behaviour and just human mistakes? Sometimes I&apos;m wondering if people around me are truly toxic or if I&apos;m just... 4. When I am experiencing the very low lows of my mental health I find myself in an uncontrollable deep dive into mental health educational content. I’ll re-listen to your podcasts... 5. Can you explain the differences (if there are any) between dissociation, the freeze response and panic attacks...6. Can you talk about sexuality and how that can affect someone
23/06/20211 hour 14 minutes 48 seconds
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#66 "The 5 Best Questions to Ask a Therapist..."

Ask Kati Anything! #66 audience questions:1. I recently started therapy but I&apos;m not sure what we&apos;re really doing. I just spend the time talking about how miserable I am and not much else. I asked her what I should be bringing up in therapy...2. Hey Kati, how are YOU doing? Do you still see clients for therapy or have you shifted entirely to Youtube? If so, do you plan on returning to clinical work?3. I&apos;ve been struggling with overthinking for quite a while now, I have really obsessive intrusive thoughts that are centered around my thought patterns. I have these obsessive thoughts...4. What does being fully recovered from trauma look like and how do you know if you&apos;re there? Can you answer this question for complex trauma too if the answer is any different?5. How would one start talking about trauma with a new therapist? There’s just this imaginary boundary that I can’t cross and even if I write it down I do
15/06/20211 hour 19 minutes 46 seconds
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#65 "Dating and Depression..." | Ask Kati Anything!

Ask Kati Anything! #65 audience questions:1. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 and a half years. Overall our relationship has been great. I have depression, and when we first started dating, my depression almost...2. I just finished undergrad this semester and will be starting grad school in the fall. Throughout undergrad, I have struggled to keep up with school because of my mental…3. Recently I have begun to notice that my parents are more concerned about my sisters mental health than mine. for example when she is acting even the slightest bit different…4. I went to a therapist not that long ago but I was so anxious that I couldn’t really open up to her and just lied to her to make her think that I was doing better even…5.  hope you are doing well. My question is about dissociation and suicidal thoughts. I&apos;m 26 and for the first time in my life I have recently started talking about my experience with…<br
10/06/20211 hour 17 minutes 40 seconds
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#64 "I realize that I might be autistic..."

Audience Questions for Ask Kati Anything Episode #641. Hey Kati! You have talked several times from the perspective of kids where well meaning parents just weren&apos;t able to fill all of their children&apos;s emotional needs. Do you have any advice for the well...2. I have recently been learning a lot more about autism spectrum disorder and realize that I might be autistic. I struggle with changes in routine, noise, connecting with others, eye contact...3.  I may be a little older than most of your listening audience. My husband has pushed me into going to a couple swingers parties. I dread them. I cry about them. Yet I go. He loves them. He ...4. Hi Kati, if a therapist tells you you&apos;re showing signs of Trauma, does that automatically mean you have a trauma related disorder like PTSD, or does it just mean you&apos;re traumatized by what...5. What are some lessons you&apos;ve learned about the world or about people that
02/06/20211 hour 23 minutes 52 seconds
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#63 "Was I Sexually Abused & Completely Forgot about It?"

Audience Questions for Ask Kati Anything Episode #631. My therapist told me that they would be surprised if i actually committed suicide, when i had finally got the courage to tell them about my suicidal thoughts in session. Their reasoning was...2. How can I relax more during a session? I’m so nervous every time... Because of those nerves I answer all her questions with: “I don’t know”. This feels like failure...3. My therapist and I are working on attachment at the moment and it&apos;s the hardest thing I&apos;ve had to do. Part of me wants her close and wants her attention and warmth all...4. How to stop self-harming when self harming is the only thing that keeps me visible? As a child, I was always left alone and nobody took care of me. I was in a lot of emotional pain but...5. Could I have been sexually abused and completely forgotten? A few years ago, I found out that we had a high school male live at our house for a few weeks when
27/05/20211 hour 20 minutes 45 seconds
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#62 "How Do I Stop Being Self-Destructive?"

Ask Kati Anything #62 listener questions:  1/ Hi Kati, I&apos;m 22 years old and have a rare genetic disease that is causing my body to fail. I&apos;ve been sick since I was a baby. My digestive tract is paralysed so i have been tube fed for 3 years, with one tube going into my small intestine to give me nutrition, water, and medication, and another tube into my stomach to drain out the...2/ Hi Kati! I would love to hear your thoughts on why therapists are so stubborn that their way of being a therapist is the only right way? For instance, I was watching another therapist here on youtube (don’t worry, I like your channel better) who was absolutely horrified, that a therapist in a tv show hugged a client at the end of a session, because she thinks there can be NO TOUCHING in the therapeutic relationship...3/ Hey Kati, I&apos;ve been in therapy for about 2,5 years and starting to finally feel like life is good and my brain doesn&apos;t spin off all the ti
30/04/20211 hour 9 minutes 17 seconds
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#61 Complex PTSD & Trauma

1. I’m kind of struggling to accept my sexuality. I know that I am only attracted to women but I still have a hard time to allow myself to be okay with it. I struggle with social anxiety...2.  I find it super problematic when people use words from the mental health field for everyday things. I can&apos;t think of a specific incident, but I mean things like...3. A friend of mine with whom I was really close, decided to stop talking to me out of the blue. Like, one day we were talking about uni and everything was fine (at least I thought it was ...4. Can you please talk about Complex PTSD and Chronic Trauma? My therapist recently told me I have both of these and it&apos;s really scary! Is the &quot;chronic trauma&quot;...5. How do I remember things that are helpful for me? I feel like my brain just turns off when I think about things I can do for my mental health. With YouTube videos I can recognize things that I relate to...6. Is it p
30/04/20211 hour 14 minutes 32 seconds
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Ask Kati Anything ep #60 audience questions:Hi Kati! Do you ever suspect a patient of yours has gone through abuse in their childhood before they tell you?How can one deal with not being able to work/learn their dream career? ( for context) Grades are fine but for other reasons the university won&apos;t let me (i want to be a teacher but i have a speech issue - minimal improvement in speech therapy in the past....Hi Kati! Can you talk about being totally overwhelmed with the daily maintenance of adulthood. It&apos;s like a never ending list of things I need to do...Hi Kati! I have recently got into my dream school for my dream career but I am unable to feel happy. Every time I achieved something great and have told my...Hi Kati, hope you are having an amazing day! My question is how to deal with missing a therapist and does it ever even stop? I&apos;ve been out of therapy for over a year now and I still miss my therapist and thi
30/04/20211 hour 24 minutes 13 seconds
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#59 AKA with guest Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars is on the podcast today! We discuss her experiences in therapy, how dance has been healing, overcoming trauma, addiction, and so much more! Follow Cheryl&apos;s podcast &amp; YouTube channel Video version of episodes Kati&apos;s bookAre u ok?;s Amazon Suggestions: THERAPYI do not currently offer online therapy.  BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online counselor
22/04/20211 hour 18 minutes 41 seconds
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"I can’t remember the first 12 years of my life - What does that mean?" #58

Ask Kati Anything - audience questions for podcast episode 581. I was recently diagnosed with depression by my therapist, but I struggle to tell people about it. When I have tried to tell people close to me, they seem to care but don&apos;t really understand what I am going through. When they ask...2. How can you not compare your weight and size when you have a friend with an eating disorder? I do not have one, but hearing the way my friend talks has caused me to become more self-conscious. I still want to keep supporting her and would love...3. I can’t remember the first 12 years of my life, does that mean I have been abused as a child? Or could I have just had a very boring childhood?4. Is it best to work on the ‘original’ trauma to begin with, as opposed to working on its ‘symptoms’ individually i.e. anxiety, depression, eating disorder, OCD, PTSD etc in the hope that this will hopefully improve all? 5. Happy Thursday! Do triggers
14/04/20211 hour 19 minutes 20 seconds
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"I want connection & friendships but I push people away..." #57

Ask Kati Anything! audience questions from ep 57  1. Why is it that I can so desperately long for connection and friendships, yet I constantly mentally push people away and put up a mental wall? It&apos;s like I CANT connect, as much as...2.  Hey Kati! I feel like this isn&apos;t a topic talked about a lot in the world today. So, I am hoping this gets answered. What are your thoughts about children who have a traumatizing sexual encounter with another child? Such as inappropriate touching and fondling. Is this abuse?3. Hey Kati! Do you  &apos;always&apos; have to try to get better?  What if I don&apos;t want to get better? I know I am suffering but it&apos;s not consistent. On some days, I am all fine. I am not feeling my worst. My therapist says I&apos;m...4. How do I stop being so lazy? I&apos;m not necessarily happy with my life (because I&apos;m too lazy to change it), but mood-wise I&apos;m pretty happy most of the time. So it&apos;s not
07/04/20211 hour 33 minutes 46 seconds
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Do You Think It's An Eating Disorder? #56

Audience questions:As a therapist would you ever bring up or mention a client&apos;s weight gain/loss (a client who is not in treatment for an eating disorder)? I&apos;m actually a very shy/anxious person but I always push myself into situations I feel very uncomfortable in. Like taking part in conversations I would like to avoid...I&apos;m not sure what to do because I feel like unhealthy ways to cope are the only things that help me at this point.. when I&apos;m not self-harming I use disordered eating habits to cope. I purge, restrict and get really obsessive, there are...I am overweight and I&apos;ve always struggled with food, eating, and body perception. My therapist however confirmed that I am not really suffering from an ED. Society seems to pass the message that everyone can just lose weight and be thin if they just...I have always found it difficult to be sexually intimate with my fiance. I find myself faking orgasms to pleas
31/03/20211 hour 30 minutes 23 seconds
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#55 "Why Don't Therapists React With Shock, Surprise or Sadness"

Ask Kati Anything! ep.55 audience questions1/ Hey Kati, could you talk about why therapists sometimes don’t react with shock or surprise or sadness to things you might tell them like abuse, or they don’t give away any emotional clues about...2/ Hi Kati, how is a therapist to react when a patient doesn&apos;t even trust them enough to tell them why they&apos;re here? Can such a patient even get therapy? Or would they be deemed...3/ Hi Kati! How do you meet your need in comfort and reassurance, and why can one crave it? I have a strong feeling that I want someone to comfort me, tell me everything is going to...4/ What can we do when the thought of having to calm yourself is triggering? You talk so much about being able to soothe yourself but what if you associate being calm with...5/ How do I come clean about secretly recording our sessions to my therapist? I started recording them because I couldn&apos;t remember a thing about
24/03/20211 hour 27 minutes 25 seconds
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Ask Kati Anything ep.54 audience questions:1. I feel like I don&apos;t understand the point of our day. Not in a &quot;what is the meaning of life&quot; sort of way. But I struggle to not feel shame about being unproductive when I am not at work or working out. If I...2. I wanted to ask if your clients are aware of your online presence? I am mainly thinking of clients with attachment issues. For me personally, I am super attached to my therapist but she does not have social media, or at least...3. I was wondering why my suicidal thoughts often get worse when I am doing well instead of when I get worse. I struggle with anxiety and depression...4. Struggling w/ physical intimacy. I have never been a very physical person. I struggle with the negative automatic thought that all men really want is sex. And everything else is just a means...5. How do therapists handle clients who aren’t honest?? (either because they are too sick to see rea
18/03/20211 hour 20 minutes 23 seconds
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"...A Child of Emotional Neglect" ep.53

Ask Kati Anything - episode #53 audience questions:1. I am a child of emotional neglect and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to stop minimizing and downplaying my trauma. Even calling it trauma makes me uncomfortable because it wasn’t overt abuse. I can’t stop feeling like my trauma is...2. Hi Kati! I feel like I spend a lot of my time playing through scenarios in my head about different events. For instance, if there is a conversation I want to have with someone I will play through it in my mind before I...3. Hi Kati! Can you talk about finding the root of your unhappiness or sadness? You frequently talk about how without resolving the root of the issues you cannot get rid of unhealthy coping skills. How do you know what is THE problem?4. Hey Kati What&apos;s the difference between a very confident person and a narcissistic person? What&apos;s the line between confidence and narcissism?5. Hi Kati! Why does my therapist sa
11/03/20211 hour 17 minutes 41 seconds
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How do I give myself permission to be ok with not being ok? ep.52

Audience Questions:1. I remember in one of your videos a few years ago you mentioned that therapists notice everything. When I&apos;m in therapy, I get distracted because I notice myself not making eye contact, being tense, moving my hands, smiling when I&apos;m talking about something upsetting...2. How do I give myself permission to be ok with not being ok? I’m afraid of allowing myself to feel as I’ve avoided truly allowing myself to deal for a long time. I’ve had to be strong, or fake being strong, hide the tears, and...3. I find myself feeling really bad and crying in between sessions, but I can not cry in front of my therapist even though I really want to. It&apos;s like I&apos;m blocking my emotions out in therapy, but...4. I’m going to try again and hope this gets answered this week! My question is: How do I “heal” from anxious attachment? My anxiety surrounding romantic relationships is really making it hard for me to even...<br/
03/03/20211 hour 14 minutes 24 seconds
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"How many therapy sessions are needed to start feeling better?" Ask Kati Anything

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything! Hey! I wanted to ask for tips on building up emotional resilience and knowing when to self care and when to push yourself to be &apos;productive&apos;. Last month I had something happen with my roommate which triggered me and caused me to have a panic attack in...Hi Kati. I was wondering if you could explain why talking about past childhood trauma makes me feel so much worse? and I also wonder why I feel worse now than I did when the trauma happened? I stared talking about a sexual abuse 3 weeks ago and...Hi Kati. How do I stop “what iffing” myself to death? How do those of us terrified of people get help? I’d say my anxiety is mostly Catastrophic Thinking, but everything I’m afraid of keeps actually happening...Hey Kati, how many therapy sessions are needed to start feeling better? I&apos;ve had 12; 1 about every 2 weeks. So far the only change is getting very nervous before each session and frustrate
24/02/20211 hour 9 minutes 26 seconds
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What if I actually don't want to get better?

Ask Kati Anything audience questions for episode 501. What if I actually don&apos;t want to get better? Sometimes I catch myself being &apos;happy&apos; that I have a mental illness. I experienced childhood abuse from my grandma and probably because of that I developed BPD...2. I&apos;ve always been curious about what you would do if one of your patients has completely opposing views to you? For instance, what would you do if they turned out to be...3. Is there a way for me to open up in therapy? I have a great T, which is very supportive, but there are sessions when it’s really hard or even impossible to talk about certain things...4. Any tips for not being so nervous in therapy and being able to open up. I started getting worried about some of the homework she was giving me to say hi to someone as I walked by, so she had me do Square breathing as...5. I&apos;ve been struggling to have calls ever since I remember. I&apos;ve b
17/02/20211 hour 9 minutes 26 seconds
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11 Important Mental Health Questions

Ask Kati Anything!1. How can I stop avoiding life? I’ve finished university and have been struggling ever since. It took me so long to finish my degree and I don&apos;t even like anything about it. I´m scared of starting to...2. Can you talk about the differences between panic attacks, anxiety attacks, meltdowns and just general overwhelm? I struggle to tell the difference and feel it might be easier to deal with...3. In a previous AKA, you mentioned giving yourself time once a week or so to just cry. But what if I can&apos;t? I&apos;ve tried listening to sad music, watching sad videos or reading emotionally tugging stories. But later, I&apos;ll find myself bursting into tears...4. What can I do in and outside of therapy if I struggle with connecting? Sometimes I just feel out of touch with reality and out of touch with...5. Why do I struggle with not feeling sick enough because I’ve never had to be hospitalized for a...6.
10/02/20211 hour 13 minutes 39 seconds
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ep48 How can I feel safe in my own skin again?

Ask Kati Anything, questions for episode 481. What IS a crisis? There&apos;s a lot of talk about, &quot;If you&apos;re in crisis call and reach out and do this or that,&quot; but no one ever explains what that means. In light of last week&apos;s second question, it seems pertinent to discuss what &quot;crisis&quot; means...2. Hi Kati! My therapist will regularly ask me to rate my anxiety from 1 to 10 but I never know what to say. I feel like I just say random numbers as I don’t really know how I feel. Sometimes I think that saying a high number will make it look like I am not improving but...3. Hi Kati! I hope you are taking care of yourself. How can I feel safe in my own skin again? I’m on high alert all the time, any sudden...4. Hi Kati! If a client were to ask for more frequent sessions, how do you tell the difference between that person really needing more care or having an attachment to their therapist? Or can it be a mixture of both? For
03/02/20211 hour 6 minutes 14 seconds
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ep47 "Why do I sometimes fantasize about horrible things happening to me?" | AKA

Audience Questions for Ask Kati Anything episode 471) Hey Kati, How long does it take you to &quot;read&quot; your clients mood if they don´t say anything? Can you see if they are struggling a lot or is it harder to see? I always wonder what techniques a therapist uses to adjust to each client&apos;s...2) Hi Kati, how do YOU keep yourself from judgment towards your patients (and us)? You always say that nothing is weird and we can say everything to our therapist, but don’t you ever find things weird, or stupid? Is our shame never in place? Isn’t it human to...3) Hi Kati, Why do I sometimes fantasize about horrible things happening to me? Sometimes I fantasize or almost wish something awful would happen to me...4) Hi Kati! I was wondering if you&apos;ve got any tips on staying motivated. Recently, I&apos;ve been having trouble getting things done such as schoolwork and other necessary tasks throughout the day. I&apos;ve always been a straight-A
28/01/20211 hour 6 minutes 9 seconds
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ep46 "Will the pandemic create generational trauma?" | AKA

Ask Kati Anything!  Audience questions for episode 46Hi Kati, How do you know if you’ve truly “gotten over” a particular trauma? I feel I’ve worked through my big ones, but sometimes when I see...Any advice for someone who is having a hard time accepting themselves as a lesbian? I was raised in church being taught that it is wrong and so after a while you start to feel wrong. I know I’m gay and want to be able to...I get distracted super easily working from home which means completing a task takes longer than it should, which sometimes means working later into the evening. My productivity has...Will the pandemic create generational trauma over time? If so, how can we be aware of that towards the future? (COMMENT: OMG YES! I think about my grandma, who lived through (and raised a child in!) the Great Depression and her response to food and hunger throughout her life. Dementia patients, in general, struggle with appetite loss and...Hi
20/01/20211 hour 6 minutes 29 seconds
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ep45 "I'm going through my own stuff while in school to become a therapist..." | AKA

Ask Kati Anything!  Audience questions for ep.45Hi Kati, every time I see my therapist look at the clock I get nervous that I am boring her and she&apos;s just waiting for the session to finally be over...Hello Kati, hope you&apos;re taking care of yourself. As someone who has always had suicidal ideation and just a general feeling of not wanting to exist, how do you talk honestly and openly about it with a therapist without being put in a facility or put on suicide watch?Hi Kati! What is the best way to stop extreme nervousness before a zoom call or any social interaction? I always think of the worst that can happen...Hey Kati happy Thursday! Has any of your clients had panic attacks during a session and if so what did you do about it in the moment?Hi Kati, hope you&apos;re doing well. How can I stop believing I have nothing interesting to say or contribute in a conversation? I find myself wanting to say something in response to a per
14/01/20211 hour 6 minutes 32 seconds
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ep44 "What are some things you would never say to a depressed person?" | AKA

Audience Questions for Ask Kati Anything!Hello! Can emotional abuse or neglect lead to complex ptsd, hypervigilance and dissociation? I have experienced this during my whole childhood but..Hi! How do I in the best way allow myself to be honest in therapy? Many times I make something sound less bad or not truly express how I feel or how bad it...Hi Kati, do you have any advice on choosing what to prioritise in session when every week it seems there&apos;s something more important?Do you believe it’s always possible for a patient to overcome an attachment to the therapist? In these past few weeks, my brain has brought me to believe that I’ll never get over my attachment to my therapist and have a normal and happy life. Thoughts like this have...Hey Kati, how can I take constructive criticism? Every time someone criticizes me I feel deeply offended. I know people just want me to do better but I still feel bad when someone...Hi Ka
07/01/20211 hour 9 minutes 8 seconds
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ep43 "How Can I Stop Blaming My Past Selves?" | AKA

Questions for Ask Kati Anything1. Hey Kati! How can I know if I am still attached to my therapist or if it started to be a healthy bond? Also, How do I know that everything I feel towards my therapist isn&apos;t just transference? How would I...2. Hey Kati! Hope you are doing well. How does one get over having to switch therapists and process the loss of that relationship and having to start a new one? Thank you for your content!3. Hi Kati! I hope you&apos;re doing great. I wanted to ask: am I ever going to make peace with what happened to me as a child and the collateral damages it has created? I was sexually abused from the age of 6 till I turned 8. I&apos;ve been in therapy on and off...4. Hi Kati, How do you get through social anxiety during therapy sessions (when therapy triggers it much more than any experience ever has), anxiety leading up to sessions, dissociation during...5. Hey Kati! What impact does having a surgery as a b
31/12/20201 hour 5 minutes 27 seconds
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ep42 "How do you deal with feeling discouraged when symptoms of mental illness return..." | AKA

1. Hi Kati, how do you deal with feeling discouraged when symptoms of mental illness return despite doing everything to prevent it? I have been taking medication for depression for over a year and consistently go to therapy, but my symptoms...2. Hi Kati! Why is it so hard for me to bear my therapist&apos;s silence in sessions? Is it part of me wanting to hear her opinion, so I don&apos;t have to be confronted with my own...3. EDIT!!!!  Hi Kati! Why do I feel so responsible for other people&apos;s words/actions? I am often on edge when around others because I feel responsible for their words/actions and if they say or do something offensive or hurtful, I can feel super...4. Hey there! :) What is an appropriate gift for my therapist for the holidays? What gifts have you gotten and what gifts have you had to decline?5. Hi Kati, I am a frontline healthcare worker and I am so beyond exhausted, I’m not sure how much more I can take. It is so heartbr
24/12/20201 hour 10 minutes 18 seconds
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ep.41 How Do I Find Meaning In Life? | AKA

Ask Kati Anything audience questions:1. Hey Kati! Thank you for all that you do! My question is how do I find meaning in my life? I struggle...2. Hey Kati happy Thursday! My dad left when I was 8 and recently he reached out to me for the first time in ten years. I repressed the feeling for so long that I truly lived in a happy delusion of believing my dad leaving had zero effect on me...3. Do therapists really mean it when they give you compliments or are they just saying it to build the therapeutic relationship? I&apos;ve had therapists say things like &quot;i&apos;m in awe of you&quot; or &quot;I was completely blown away when you said...&quot;. I find my inner voice saying...4. Hi Kati! I was wondering, if you&apos;re around a narcissist for a long period of time (dating, married or grew up with one etc) can their narcissistic qualities rub off on you making you display their...5. Hey Kati, what is a healthy amount of control? I t
10/12/20201 hour 8 minutes 6 seconds
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ep.40 Can you Choose to be Emotionally Neglected? | AKA

Ask Kati Anything audience questions:Hello Kati, I&apos;ve had such a horrible week despite my efforts to bring my mood up. And get myself feeling happy I&apos;ve just been so tired every day, drained even with sleep. I&apos;ve been unable...How do you tell the difference between feelings of loneliness, being alone, and being an introvert or “lone wolf”? I really struggle to tell where one starts and the other...Hi Kati! I&apos;m gonna just get straight to the point here - I feel like I always have a desire to be the victim. For lack of a better term, I&apos;ve experienced a &quot;rush&quot; at the thought of it. I feel uncomfortable if I...Hi Kati, ethical / therapy-related question here. I opened up with my therapist about part of my past sexual abuse, and I told her that I first realized it was actually sexual abuse when, recently, a friend told me of a  similar situation and we both found it disturbing and unacceptable. At the end
09/12/20201 hour 15 minutes 21 seconds
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ep.39 Rebecca Zamolo | Ask Kati Anything

ep.39 Rebecca Zamolo &amp; Kati MortonAudience questions1. Hi Kati, please ask Rebecca how she manages to still have hope and faith after such a trauma. Maybe this inspires someone...2. Hi Kati, I have multiple chronic illnesses including autoimmune disorders, Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, pain disorders, chronic fatigue, etc.  My doctors have tried to tell me to stop working for many years, but it&apos;s unrealistic.  I also don&apos;t...3. Hey Kati and Rebecca! Can you talk about how to improve social skills (and maybe social anxiety) and learning how to improve/develop relationships? I&apos;m an introvert with social anxiety...4. Hi Kati and Rebecca! Can you talk about trauma, and how it can affect your overall health? I experienced trauma as a child, and I think the stress has had a negative effect on my overall health. I often have symptoms of anxiety, I have a high resting heart...5. Hi Kati, Can reading articles on mental
03/12/20201 hour 32 minutes 22 seconds
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ep.38 "How do you know that you're ready to start talking about your trauma?" AKA

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep381. Hey Kati, how do therapists deal with things that trigger their own mental illnesses? I want to be a therapist, but I struggle with anxiety and eating disorders myself and I’m afraid that there will be a patient who triggers me, potentially even to the point of relapse.2. Hi Kati! Is it weird that I really want to cry in therapy but never can? I’ve always been someone that suppresses and ignores my emotions because I grew up thinking they were a sign of weakness.  Because of this...3. Good day, Kati! Why do I keep pushing my friends away when I’m in a depressive episode? I know that’s when I need them the most and I need their support, but I just push them away and...4. How do you know that you&apos;re ready to start talking about your trauma? I keep telling myself I&apos;m not ready but what if I just don&apos;t want to? A couple of months ago i got some really strong flashbacks from what might
25/11/20201 hour 39 seconds
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ep.37 "I Was An Emotionally Neglected Child & Teenager" | AKA

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep.37Hi Kati, what does a healthy attachment to your therapist feel like for the client? I am constantly wondering whether my attachment is healthy, for example, is it okay to be excited to tell them something that has happened to...Hi Kati! I’m just curious to know if therapists “stalk” their patients on social media? I would find it so tempting to want to know more about my patients if I was a therapist and I feel like I would want to look through their Instagrams and...Hi, Kati! I have a question. I’m 21, and I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for several years. I’ve tried therapy on and off starting when I was 14. I would always just talk with a therapist about how I was feeling, but it never really went anywhere. I eventually stopped because it wasn’t helping. I feel...Hello Kati, Do you think “birth order” may play a role in mental illness, and have you seen any trends in your counseling ses
18/11/20201 hour 16 minutes 47 seconds
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ep.36 "How Do You Cope With Feeling Lonely?" | AKA

Intro with thoughts about Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard &amp; his relapse.Audience questions:Hi Kati. How to deal with being a later-in-life virgin? I&apos;m 21 and I&apos;m getting to be requested to talk about it in therapy. It all started when we were talking about my poor interpersonal skills...Do therapists get bored if a patient doesn&apos;t give new information in sessions? I usually answer with &apos;nothing happened&apos; when she asks how my week went, because I can&apos;t recall anything...Hi Kati. How can I cope with feeling lonely and seeking connection and validation while simultaneously being incredibly stressed out by human contact? I am easily triggered in conversations...Hi Kati! Is avoiding deep and hurtful emotions a sign that a person lacks empathy or the opposite- that they have too much of it? Is it healthy to keep avoiding sad/hurtful emotions? For example, I do ever
11/11/20201 hour 25 minutes 43 seconds
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ep.35 "Any tips on how to become less body-focused / more body-positive?" | AKA

Ask Kati Anything audience questions:1. How do therapists feel when their client talks about something really traumatic? I mean, therapists are people too and really terrible things happening to other people...2. A friend of mine received a phone call from the school psychologist because her 10-year-old daughter used her school computer to google “How to commit suicide.” My friend recently...3. Hey Kati! Could you explain a bit more the science behind false memories ? I do not know if my abuse was made up because it became a problem in my life only a few years ago when I started learning about psychology in college and I started remembering stuff from...4. Hope you&apos;re doing great. Can you talk about hiding things we want to talk about but are ashamed of or scared of. I&apos;ve been meaning to talk about more of my sexuality (being gay) and traumas I&apos;ve...5. Hi Kati! Why can’t I be okay with the way I feel for my therapist?
01/11/20201 hour 23 minutes 1 second
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ep.34 "Am I Sick Enough For Help?" | AKA

Ask Kati Anything audience questions:1) Hey Kati!! I beat myself up a lot over not being able to self harm severely. I&apos;m suicidal in my thoughts, but my actions aren’t always reflecting that directly.  Every time I ask those around me for help (regarding these suicidal thoughts), because I’ve not...2) Hi Kati, how do we actually &quot;process&quot; any emotion/situation? I never know how long to sit with hard emotions, I end up crying for a few minutes and then just saying to myself &quot;okay time to do something...3) Hi Kati, have you ever needed to take time to grieve when a client has finished their sessions with you? I know you&apos;ve said before that we as clients need to...4) Hi Kati! How can I ask my therapist about a specific disorder without seeming like I&apos;m self-diagnosing? I have done a lot of research on my specific symptoms and I would like to ask to be evaluated for a specific disorder or...5) Hi Kati! Why d
28/10/20201 hour 23 minutes 24 seconds
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ep.33 "I don’t know how to say HELP ME" | AKA

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep. 331. How come I feel really bad during the week but then I go to therapy and seem like the happiest person ever. I don’t know how to say help me?2. Hey Kati, I&apos;ve been in therapy for a while now and have this thing where I&apos;m always looking forward to the next session but when the day actually comes I dread going. In between sessions, I think about what I want to bring up next but I always end up feeling like I&apos;m overreacting right before the next session. I usually warm up after a while but I was just wondering where this feeling comes from even after...3. Hi Kati, what do therapists think of adults who self harm? I know your opinion might not be representative of all therapists, but I just want to hear your...4. Hi Kati! What’s the best way to take care of your own mental health if you have loved ones with serious mental health problems? My brother is a recovering addict, an
21/10/20201 hour 9 minutes 25 seconds
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ep.32 "Why Am I So Attached To My Therapist" | Ask Kati Anything!

Questions for Ask Kati Anything!1. Hey Kati, how can I calm down in therapy? Most of the time I feel really anxious and nervous in session and it really bothers me because I feel as if I am not able to think and talk about my issues very well and I tend to push all of my feelings away and just feel empty or dissociate. I am not really able to...2 .Hi Kati, what do I do if I feel like my therapist doesn&apos;t always believe me? There are times when I feel like she dismisses my problems, or doesn&apos;t realise how much they are truly impacting my life. I will want to...3. How can I draw the line between coping &amp; coddling myself too much? Sometimes, I feel like I am being too forgiving with myself when I am trying to cope. It almost feels like I am using &apos;coping&apos; as an excuse to get out of..4. Hi Kati! Is it normal to feel triggered by someone being soft with you? Sometimes I get triggered by people like my therapist making me fee
15/10/20201 hour 14 minutes 18 seconds
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ep.31 "How Can I Learn To Communicate My Anger?" | Ask Kati Anything

Audience questions for ep.31 of Ask Kati Anything!1. Hi Kati! Can your depression change over time? I&apos;ve been depressed for about 10 years but my depression feels different now (I&apos;m 22) to when I was younger, for example around 15. It feels like...2. I have this faulty belief that I am not as good as everybody else. It is so deeply ingrained that I&apos;m starting to witness myself sabotage myself. No matter what I do, I start by looking at myself then to a person who does...3. Hi Kati! Is there any advice you can give to help people who have no way of affording therapy right now? I lost my job due to COVID and haven’t been able to find another one. I have dealt with anxiety issues for a long time...4. Hi Kati, I hope you are doing well. What do you tell your clients when they want to give up? I have had so many periods where I’ve discovered a lower rock bottom than I could ever imagine, and every time I think “it really does get wor
07/10/20201 hour 12 minutes 56 seconds
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ep.30 Alison Rosen on Ask Kati Anything!

On ep.30 of Ask Kati Anything! we have writer &amp; podcaster Alison Rosen, the host of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend and Childish with Greg Fitzsimmons.  Alison’s roots are in traditional media, having written for Rolling Stone, the NY Post, Vibe, Spin, Maxim, the Village Voice, People, Seventeen, and Elle, among others. Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything! Hi Kati and Alison! I would love to hear what’s your go-to activity when you&apos;re having a shitty at-home mental health day, and similarly what’s your most enjoyable form of self-care in pandemic times. Big fanHey Kati can you talk about “helicopter parenting.” Whether it is beneficial to a child or not. An
30/09/20201 hour 25 minutes 44 seconds
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ep.29 Coping Skills, Dissociation & Isolating | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience Questions for ep. 29 of Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati - can you please talk about ways on how to communicate our needs and hurts to our friends without feeling like an exposed nerve when we do it? I grew up in a family that was great at being practical but was somewhat terrible at communicating honestly and being...What do you recommend for those who tend to isolate themselves when they’re feeling down or depressed? I push everyone I know away, and ultimately it...Hey Kati I am well into my 30s now but still, feel stuck in a very childlike brain. I feel very incapable of doing adult things...Hi Kati, how is it &apos;normal&apos; to want your therapist to worry about you? I certainly don&apos;t exaggerate my issues but I just constantly crave her attention and it makes me feel...Hi Kati! I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to stop having intrusive memories. I’ve always looked at past memories with a feeling of dread because
24/09/20201 hour 18 minutes 49 seconds
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ep.28 Toxic Relationships & Boundaries w/ Christina P. | Ask Kati Anything!

Today&apos;s guest is Christina P., a stand-up comedian, writer, TV personality &amp; host of the WHERE MY MOMS AT!? podcast. It&apos;s the show by the Moms for the Moms. An open place to admit no one really knows what they&apos;re doing.iTunes WATCH ON YOUTUBETwitter @christinapInstagram TheChristinaPFacebook questions:Opinions on not wanting a previously absent, neglectful, and sometimes abusive parent ever in your life again? Is it okay
17/09/20201 hour 12 minutes 33 seconds
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ep.27 Setting Boundaries With A Toxic Parent | AKA

Here are this week&apos;s questions for Ask Kati Anything!Is it possible to have depression, but not feel terrible? For me, I think I feel fine, but I can&apos;t seem to clean my room or take care of myself as well as I should, and I have...Hey Kati, you know how we&apos;re supposed to set BOUNDARIES WITH A TOXIC PARENT. So I did with my dad. We barely...Happy Thursday Kati! Can you talk about indecisiveness? Why do I have such a difficult time making decisions? Can this be...Hi Kati! Could you talk a little bit about emotional flashbacks, how do you know if you’re having them, how intense would they be, how to recognize them in the moment and stop them?  I believe that I have been...Hey Kati :) Is it weird that I never feel proud of my accomplishments? I usually just think &quot;thank god that&apos;s over&quot; and feel relieved that everything worked out. I would love to...Hey Kati, How do you stop feeling like you
09/09/20201 hour 8 minutes 44 seconds
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ep.26 "How do you decide whether a relationship is toxic?" | AKA

Here are this week&apos;s questions for Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati! I’m wondering if you can tell when a client isn’t being authentic with you (and themselves) during session? Does this happen often? I found myself leaving session with my therapist and being frustrated because...What is the difference between coping skills and straight up ignoring signs of mental distress? I’ve been SO stressed lately. I lost my job with COVID six months ago and...Hi Kati! Do you ever have patients that don’t seem to get better after trying every possible treatment plan? I suffer from depression and generalized...Hi Kati, I know that there are intrusive thoughts, but are intrusive emotions a thing? I have these painful emotions that hit me at seemingly minor incidences or while I am having a...Hi Kati. I wanted to ask you about how could I know what is therapy-material. For example, I&apos;m bisexual but I think it&apos;s not something that, on
03/09/20201 hour 13 minutes 43 seconds
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ep.25 "I was @ Ariana Grande’s concert (there was a terrorist attack) & now suffer from severe PTSD" | AKA

Audience Questions1. I was wondering how therapists decide it’s time to stop therapy. Is there a point you decide that they’re either fully recovered, or no longer benefiting from therapy, and then tell the client they don’t need...2. Do you get tired of hearing the &quot;same&quot; stories/issues over and over again? I imagine it feels almost like solving and answering a certain type of math question over and over and over again...3. Hi Kati, I have been struggling with becoming overly attached to female teachers/ other school staff for a few years now. I often find myself fantasizing about experiencing a traumatic event like being raped or experiencing a murder. I think it’s because I crave their attention and care but don&apos;t know how to get it to the level that...4. How do you deal with the grief that comes with losing people? (not necessarily by death, I mean yes sure but also rejection, neglect, friendships drifting apart and...<br/
26/08/20201 hour 36 minutes 56 seconds
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ep.24 "Is it weird that I would secretly really like to be diagnosed with something?" | AKA

Audience Questions for ep24 of Ask Kati Anything!Hey Kati, is it weird that I would “secretly” really like to be diagnosed with something?? I’ve been struggling mentally for about 8 months...I see my therapist once a week, but after each session I find myself already longing for the next session because it feels so nice to talk to her. The 6 days in between appointments feels like forever! Is this a sign of good therapy, or an unhealthy attachment? Does it mean I should ask for more...In what way are therapists &apos;responsible&apos; for you? If you commit suicide or homicide, how can they investigate how much you told your therapist about your plans?Hi Kati, is it normal to feel abandoned/rejected when your therapist has to cancel a session? Recently we had a hurricane in NJ and...Hey Kati! I have been diagnosed with GAD for a while.  Whenever I’m trying to concentrate, whether it’s reading something, or trying to do school, my brain
13/08/20201 hour 15 minutes 13 seconds
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ep.23 - "Do you ever want to tell a client to just STOP complaining?" | AKA

Audience Questions for ep23 of Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati! I’ve heard of repressing bad memories, but is it possible to repress good memories?  I had a traumatic childhood and have a lot of bad memories as a result, but as hard as I try, I can only recall a couple of good memories...Hi Kati, Is it normal to be defensive and sad without knowing why? In front of people, I’m always snappy and mad. Everything is so...How can you tell the difference between enough self-care to get through your day, and being too focused on yourself? I&apos;ve been accused before of being too...Hi Kati, I have a paper/picture-perfect family. Problem is, I have never felt loved or cared for. I know my parents love and care for me, but I never feel any of the love, care, and support I’m supposedly...Dear Kati, I hope you are well. My therapist pointed out that I put a lot of effort into trying to stay a step ahead of her. I see what she means...Hi Kati
12/08/20201 hour 16 minutes 31 seconds
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ep.22 "How can I stop judging myself for feeling the way I do?" | AKA

Audience Questions for ep22 of Ask Kati Anything!How is a therapist generally trained to respond when they notice their client getting teary in session? Hi Kati! I really struggle with feeling responsible for other people&apos;s emotions, including my therapist. I constantly analyze people to ensure...Hi Kati, I have this problem that nobody seems to understand. It has to do with time and my feeling that I wasted my whole life so far...Is it normal to feel exhausted for weeks at a time? Things still mostly get done but...Hi Kati! A little question about morals/ethics. My mom slept with my therapist. They were ‘friends’ before he became my therapist and I walked in on them...Good morning! How do you deal with people that are in therapy and have trust issues?  Therefore, it&apos;s hard to open up to a therapist and afraid to talk about sensitive issues.  Thanks from San Francisco,  CA!Hi Kati :) I sometimes struggle wit
05/08/20201 hour 11 minutes 53 seconds
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ep.21 "Are nightmares after therapy normal?"| AKA

Audience Questions for ep21 of Ask Kati Anything!1. I wonder if therapists ever get &apos;&apos;desensitized&apos;&apos; to sad stories and get less empathetic after listening to so many of them from clients? Also, does listening to so many sad stories affect your...2. I&apos;ve heard you talk about how important it is to set a treatment plan in therapy. Can you give some examples of a treatment plan you set with clients, how you went about it, and...3. Usually, after a therapy session, I feel great and much better than when I came in. But once in a while, I feel shitty and frustrated after a session because I feel like...4. How can we learn to trust ourselves when our mental condition leaves our ability to get things done unpredictable and we have often said that we would do things that turned out to be impossible for...5. Is it normal to not feel any connection with my parents after realizing that I...6. Any suggestions o
29/07/20201 hour 11 minutes 32 seconds
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ep.20 "I feel like I can't cry & I'm emotionally numb. What can I do?" | AKA

Audience Questions for ep20 of Ask Kati Anything!1. I hope you are doing okay. I was wondering if you could talk about emotional numbness and not being able to cry. I have always found myself struggling with showing emotions while...2. Why do I constantly have suicidal thoughts? Whenever something happens my initial thought is always along the lines of it want to kill myself etc...’ despite not actually wanting to do it or...3. Why can&apos;t I let myself see and accept that I am making progress in therapy? My therapist keeps telling me I actually do make progress but I can&apos;t let myself see it no matter how much I..4. I have never been a hugger (people have commented many times), and tend to go very still, pull back, and do a lot of “bro hugs...5. Do you have any tips on how to stay calm during a task that makes you anxious? I know how to calm myself down before or during breaks...6. I’ve been feeling suicidal and extr
22/07/20201 hour 31 minutes 44 seconds
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ep.19 "What do you recommend for someone without a support system?" | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience Questions for ep19 of Ask Kati Anything!How do I stop feeling like I don&apos;t need anyone or anything? Deep down I know I need people and that I need to be vulnerable because it&apos;s human...What do you recommend for someone without much of a support system aside from their therapist? For example, having no friends or...Hey Kati, I&apos;d like to know: What can I do to deal with multiple unfortunate events? I had 4 breakups, followed by multiple rejections on job search and rejected by multiple Master&apos;s degree scholarships. It really traumatized me...Hi Kati! Could you talk about the difference between intrusive thoughts and actual suicidal thoughts? Is it possible to have both? I’m diagnosed with... Hi Kati, these last few weeks I have been feeling a lot of self-hatred. It has always been there but now it&apos;s so much worse...Hi Kati! How to accept that someone can be gentle with me or make me feel seen wi
15/07/20201 hour 18 minutes 33 seconds
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ep.18 "When Do Therapists Give You A Diagnosis?" | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience Questions for ep18 of Ask Kati Anything!1. Happy Thursday! I’d like to know: When do therapists ever get a break? How do therapists avoid burnout from working so much? How does a therapist coordinate going on vacation or...2. Is it normal to have episodes of extreme sadness and hopelessness before and during your period? I have considered self-harming during those times. Do you think it’s just the mood swings? OR Could it also be my body’s need to...3. Do I have to believe therapy will work in order to get better? I’m depressed and not super hopeful, but I am trying. I just can&apos;t imagine wanting to live...4. Hi, I wasn’t sure where to leave this for a request for a video on sibling emotional abuse/ bullying, especially in adult siblings - this is a very real and underlooked issue by society and mental health community, in general, the that is extremely hard to find support for as it’s often misunderstood as...5. What do you r
08/07/20201 hour 10 minutes 27 seconds
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ep.17 "My anxious brain NEVER EVER RESTS" | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience Questions for ep17 of Ask Kati Anything!Hey Kati. My question is about why therapists don’t just TELL US when they can see something in our story that we don’t see ourselves? I’ve been in and out of therapy over...Hi Kati, I hope this makes sense, but how would you identify the line between worrying or being anxious about something (where it would help you prepare in a good or productive way) and being too anxious where it would be...Hi Kati, Any tips for dealing with rumination? My anxious brain NEVER EVER RESTS. Something could belong in the...Do you have any advice for how to get into the habit of living like a productive functioning adult?Hey Kati, Do you think there are some jobs that are magnets for people who struggle with mental health? I was really shocked to learn how...Hey Kati! How can I stop letting other people&apos;s opinion of me affect my emotions? I recently started to stand up for myself, after 2
01/07/20201 hour 18 minutes 28 seconds
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ep.16 "I sometimes feel as if my existence doesn't matter." Ask Kati Anything!

Audience Questions for ep16 of Ask Kati Anything!Hey Kati, Is it normal to not want to tell your parents about anything that’s going on in your life? I have really nice supportive parents. I just don’t ever feel like I can open up to them about how I&apos;m...Hi Kati, Ever since childhood, I&apos;ve had a difficult time crying in front of others.  I don&apos;t like showing my tears to other people since I want others to...Hey Kati!! Just wondering how therapists hide their emotions during a session. For example, if a client mentions something that is hard to hear details about or shocking and your mind is thinking WTF, how do you...Hi Kati, Do you have any advice for people who find it hard to accept that there are things that we have no control over especially the future. This is something that I have struggled with since I was...Kati, do you hug your client? I have been receiving trauma therapy for past abuse. With the transference
24/06/20201 hour 11 minutes 36 seconds
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ep.15 "Can depression alter your brain permanently?" | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything #151. I was wondering how to cope with grieving the loss of therapy and not seeing one&apos;s therapist again (assuming that one wouldn&apos;t be able to go back to therapy at least for a while)? 2. I moved into college 7 weeks ago and have been full-on relapsing into anorexia since then. I have been telling my therapist about it, but I don&apos;t want to go back to recovery at...3. What would you say to your patients/clients if they came in and told you they felt like they were wasting your time?  Here lately I feel like I’m...4. Can depression alter your brain permanently? Even after a depressive episode is over it feels as if my mental capacity is not the same as it used to be. As though I&apos;ve lost parts of myself...5. I just wanted to know if seeing a male therapist after not having any kind of relationship with men, (because of trauma) therapeutic in itself? I know part of my therapy
18/06/20201 hour 18 minutes 53 seconds
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ep.14 "An Existential Crisis, Brain Fog & Toxic Parents." | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience questions for Ep 14 of Ask Kati Anything!1. Hi Kati, I have trouble focusing/concentrating almost all the time. I worry a lot about the past and how it&apos;s affecting my future. This leads me to try to ...2. Hey Kati! I’ve been going through what feels like an existential crisis since my grandmother passed away last year and I struggle with dp/dr, anxiety, OCD, and depression. Ever since she...3. Complaining can feel validating especially when the listener is empathetic and agrees with your troubles. Although some degree of complaining is good, what are some ways to know you...4. Hey Kati, How do I shake the guilt of distancing, or &apos;cutting contact&apos;, from toxic parents? I  am/was a scapegoat child who dealt with years of emotional and verbal abuse. More recently I&apos;ve recognized this and have begun taking...5. Hey Kati. You are calling yourself a fashionista, so I was wondering how does your favorite outfit l
10/06/20201 hour 5 minutes 13 seconds
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ep.13 I'm Anxious & Worried, I Feel Like a Failure" | Ask Kati Anything!

In episode 13 of Kati Morton&apos;s podcast Ask Kati Anything! ep 13 she answers these questions:1. How can I deal with the anger, frustration, sadness, powerlessness of seeing Black people killed every day for no good reason? I&apos;m sick of things and the system not changing. I&apos;m anxious and worried for my Black friends&apos; safety. I can&apos;t sleep; I can&apos;t focus; I can&apos;t stop crying…2. Can you talk in-depth about intellectualization?  I learned about it in therapy as I talked about childhood trauma...3. Hi Kati, I always struggle with the start of my sessions. My therapist usually starts with asking &apos;how was your week?&apos; It feels impolite to launch into how I&apos;ve been, I feel like I should ask her....4. Is feeling like I don’t deserve therapy or crying because other people “had it worse than me” is a sign of emotional deprivation schema? What is this emotional deprivation schema anyway?5. how to no
03/06/20201 hour 11 minutes 11 seconds
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ep.12 Counting Calories, Irritable Outbursts, Feeling Down and Anxious... | Ask Kati Anything!

The audience questions for Ep 12 of Ask Kati Anything!1. How to stop irritable outbursts that come all of a sudden when you’re feeling fine? Like I don’t feel any kind of emotion but all of a sudden a...2. How to stop counting calories? I won’t let myself eat over a certain amount each day now and I feel like I’m becoming a bit obsessed and it’s led to me binge eating every...3. Hey Kati, I have been feeling down and anxious lately as well as not being able to get to sleep or concentrate. Because of this, my school work is getting worse which is adding to the stress. I have tried to talk to people about it but it’s too...4. My therapist seems burnt out. I’ve been with him for three years and I’ve never seen him like this. For the past few weeks, he’s seems checked out during sessions, mixing up names of people in my life, forgetting big things that happened to me. I totally get that we’re all going through a lot right now, even him. But I just
27/05/20201 hour 12 minutes 15 seconds
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ep.11 "How Do I Learn To Trust Again & Open Up?" Ask Kati Anything!

The audience questions for Ep 11 of Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati, is there ever a time when you think by yourself in a session; &quot;Well, you didn&apos;t need to share THIS. But okay...??&quot; every Sunday I send my therapist an ..Hi Kati, &quot;happy thursdayyy!&quot; I was raised in an environment where I stopped opening up to my parents very young. I can&apos;t remember telling them anything emotional or ...How does it feel when the videos that blow up on your main channel are about you? Since your Kati Morton channel is for education, does it feel...I have my exams in less than a month...and they will determine if i get to college or not. I feel really sad and can&apos;t focus at all. I feel like my negative emotions overpower my...Hi Kati, how do I learn to trust people again? Growing up everyone I trusted stabbed me in and back and eventually I stopped trusting everyone
21/05/20201 hour 7 minutes 52 seconds
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ep.10 - "Is it common to fantasize about going through a traumatic event?" Ask Kati Anything!

The audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep.10 are:Hi Kati! I was wondering if it’s unhealthy or weird that I go to my teacher to vent and get advice instead of my mom or family? I feel like it’s so weird, but I’m more comfortable with her, is that messed up? Thanks!How to help a spouse get help. Working on myself has been a process but finally getting my anxiety and codependency and trust issues in order but if we’re both not healing and bettering ourselves it’s not going to work. My spouse desperately needs to work on opening up, communication...Hi! I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between letting yourself feel an emotion, just let it pass through...Is it common to fantasize about going through a traumatic event? Does this only happen among...What is the etiquette if your therapist goes through a loss in their family? I have my first session with my therapist since his mom died, and I&apos;m really nervous. I f
14/05/20201 hour 2 minutes 37 seconds
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ep.9 "Are Depression & Anxiety on The Rise?" Ask Kati Anything!

The audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep. 9 are:What can one do if small tasks feel impossible or out of reach? Simple things like getting out of bed, basic hygiene, making a decent meal, etc.How do you tell your therapist you are super depressed if she thinks you have been doing so well?I really struggle to make decisions, even small silly ones. How can someone get better at decision-making, especially if they have anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses that add to the difficulty?Hey Kati, can you talk about depression/anxiety getting worse with the coronavirus and how to prevent mental health from getting really bad again with all the stress going on?Hi Kati, I identify as a Christian and there seems to be a big stigma of &quot;hide your mental health issues&quot; in various religious communities. What are some ways that those of us in these different religious communities can help to reduce that stigma?Hi
06/05/20201 hour 7 minutes 40 seconds
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ep.8 "You Are Leading A Double Life?" | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience Questions:1 My therapist talks about herself a lot. I kind of want a new therapist but I don’t know how to tell her that. Is there any advice you can give me?2 What is your take on cutting toxic family members out of your life? I feel like it is really stigmatized in our society (especially when it comes to mothers) and I&apos;m also not sure how to go about actually doing it (in a nice way if possible), thanks!3 Hi Kati. I&apos;m a college student with BPD that lost my apartment and is now living with my family while doing college online. Do you have any tips on asking for more space during this pandemic?4 How can I cope with my parents being toxic to each other all the time??5 What types of experiences are considered traumatic? For an experience to have been traumatic, does a person have to fear for their life or can it be things that are just emotionally/psychologically distressing?6 How can I stop imagining ter
29/04/20201 hour 2 minutes 34 seconds
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ep.7 "How Can I Set Boundaries?" | Ask Kati Anything!

This week on Ask Kati Anything, we&apos;re going over some great mental health questions! Put your headphones on and spend a little me time :)1) How does a person regain confidence in themselves to do a certain job, when employers think they are worthless?2) Hey Kati, I have been seeing my therapist for a little over a year now. I struggle with depression and my therapist said it may be time to see a psychiatrist. At this point, I&apos;m tired of feeling shitty so I&apos;ll try anything. I&apos;m so afraid of medication side effects though. For example, weight gain is a common issue but I have body image issues already and if I gain weight these issues might worsen.3) How to set up healthy boundaries during this time?4) Do comfort and solace have to come from within?  If so how the heck do you do it?  I think one of the reasons I binge eat is to provide myself comfort because I have no one to provide it to me (dealing with pdd and childhood em
23/04/20201 hour 3 minutes 3 seconds
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ep.6 Highly Sensitive People, Intrusive Thoughts, Toxic Family | Ask Kati Anything!

Audience questions:1. Hi Kati! When I talk about my parents/ my childhood, I’m constantly worried I’m making things up / remembering it wrong / not being objective. How do you deal with this? How can you help someone understand their childhood when all you have is some blurred memories from only the patient’s perspective? Thanks and take care x2. How to cope with being a highly sensitive person, especially when someone&apos;s just discovered it, within the last week or so. Also, how to think positively about it, if the discovery is causing grief.3. How does a therapist find giving online therapy? You’ve talked about how we might find it, but if you are doing this during the lockdown, what’s it like for you?4. How to deal with self-harm intrusive thoughts during quarantine? Being constantly at home and not working is making my intrusive thoughts more loud and persistent, which often drags me to anxiety attacks. Any tips on how to calm this down
16/04/20201 hour 4 minutes 28 seconds
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ep.5 "I think I have Bipolar Disorder..." Ask Kati Anything!

Audience Questions:Is it common to go backward at the beginning of therapy? I&apos;ve found that when I first begin therapy, after being away for a while, I always feel worse for a few weeks before getting better.Hey Kati, I recently realized that I was parentified when I was a child and may have also been emotionally abused. My therapist suggests that I try to forgive my parents to ease some of the resentment I hold, but I don’t know if I’m ready to do that or will ever be ready. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this?How can I prepare for online therapy sessions via skype? I feel very nervous about it... How can we know if we had depression in the past? I know I&apos;m not supposed to self-diagnose but I am fairly sure about it.During this pandemic, how can we cope with having all appointments canceled? It&apos;s been really difficult to suddenly have no support while I&apos;m struggling the most with my ED and mood<l
09/04/20201 hour 6 minutes 38 seconds
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ep.4 I find it really hard to talk about my feelings as a result of abuse/trauma - Ask Kati Anything!

1 I find it really hard to talk about my feelings as a result of abuse/trauma, I&apos;ll often just shut down and not be able to make eye contact...2 For long-term depression that has been deemed medication-resistant, what are the best next steps?3 My first therapy session was supposed to be this week but it was canceled because of coronavirus. I just feel like I can&apos;t handle a whole month in quarantine dealing with ....4 Any advice for students (who are still learning virtually in the pandemic) on how to stay focused doing day-to-day reading, assignments, etc.? Between the stress of the situation and distractions of...5 I’m currently in high school and I want to pursue a psychology/therapy kind of profession. What would be the best types of classes that I could take in school or even out of school???  Also what colleges should I ...6 What are the ways to maintain connection and feeling safe in video therapy/telephone sessions?
02/04/20201 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds
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ep.3 - Quarantine & Self-Isolation as a Teen? Disruption to Our Daily Lives? Ask Kati Anything!

Welcome to Ask Kati Anything!, the podcast where Kati Morton, LMFT answers your mental health questions and talks about psychology. Audience Questions:1. Why do some people never recover from mental illnesses that most people make a recovery from (e.g. depression, rather than a chronic mental health condition such as bipolar)? Are some people just unfortunate in their brain chemistry etc or is this a reflection on our healthcare system and/or the way society views mental health?2. Hey Kati: When you&apos;re in quarantine or self-isolating, how do you take care of your mental health as a teenager if you rely a lot on social stimulants to keep you going??3. In light of current events: What strategies can people use to cope with sudden, massive disruptions in their daily lives? Yes specifically those with emetophobia4. Do you have any tips for people with
24/03/202058 minutes 1 second
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ep.2 How do you maintain your mental health when you are in physical pain? Ask Kati Anything!

Welcome to the second episode of Ask Kati Anything!, a fun podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT where she answers your mental health questions and talks about psychology. Audience Questions1. How to deal with atypical anorexia how to deal with feeling not ill enough?2. How do you deal with clients who don&apos;t make progress or continually self-sabotage? I&apos;m BPD and so many therapists have gotten frustrated and irritated with me for this and basically made my BPD reactions and outbursts worse by seemingly &apos;abandoning&apos; me.3. Is it truly possible to fully recover from a mental illness or is it like asthma where it&apos;s always there but can be managed? So you always have to be aware of it but there are times where it doesn&apos;t flare up and you can live a normal, healthy life? Or can it fully go and someone can come to live life fully without having to worry about depression, anxiety or an ED again? 4. How do you maint
09/03/202051 minutes 23 seconds
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ep.1 Do you ever get frustrated with clients not making progress? Ask Kati Anything!

Welcome to the first episode of Ask Kati Anything!  a fun podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT where she answers your mental health questions and talks about psychology. Audience Questions1. Have you ever lost a client to suicide? If so how did that make you feel?2. When can therapy be more harmful than beneficial?3. Do you ever get frustrated with clients not making progress? How do you address that issue?I&apos;m not sure if this has been asked before, but what is the process for clients if a therapist dies? I feel like it would be very traumatic and a setback.4. How to access and fix unconscious negative beliefs that have formed in early childhood and strengthened during growing up?5. How can you open up and talk about your feelings if all you feel is numbness? For me, I don&apos;t know how to describe my emotions... What do you think this means? Thank you!6. What made you want to become a therapist?<br
09/03/20201 hour 6 minutes 38 seconds