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Ask an Orthodontist with Dr Derek Mahony

English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 14 episodes, 8 hours, 12 minutes
This podcast is presented by Dr. Derek Mahony, an orthodontist who has lectured in over 120 countries about early intervention orthodontics. In this podcast, he will be speaking to the world's leading medical minds, as well as sharing his own, to give you everything you need to know about your journey through orthodontics.
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Orofacial Myofunctional Dentistry - with Dr Donny Mandrawa

Dr Derek chats with Dr Donny in this episode about his practice and philosophies in orofacial myofunctional dentistry.  Here are some timestamps to highlights in the episode 3:45 Craniofacial growth timeframe in kids and adolescence 5:00 Tongue too big or jaw space too small? 5:20 How reduced tongue space leads to breathing and sleep disfunction 7:15 How nasal breathing affects the face and function, kids sleep and behaviour 10:50 What exactly is orofacial myofunctional therapy? 11:50 Can appliances like Myobrace replace treatment? 15:10 Where should tongue ties come in the treatment timeline? 20:15 How do you diagnose and treat lip ties? 24:25 What is the initial patient experience like in your practice? You can find Dr Donny Mandrawa at his Balwyn practice HERE and at Myofocus Melbourne HERE  And you can find Dr Derek Mahony at his Full Face Orthodontics practices HERE on Youtube HERE and Instagram HERE 
8/11/202232 minutes, 14 seconds
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Different orthodontic treatment options explained - with Dr Andres Perdomo

Dr Derek Mahony chats with Colombian based Dr Andres Perdomo, on orthodontic treatment options, taking care of braces, the best time to start treatment, treatment times, and much more. Here are timestamps to some key points in the episode 3:18 Tips to patients on taking care of your braces 5:30 Best time to start orthodontic care 7:30 What type of orthodontics are best 9:50 Which patients would suit fixed braces verses clear aligners 11:30 How does does orthodontic treatment take 13:55 Retainers: how long to wear them? Removable or fixed? 16:05 The difference between Damon braces, and traditional fixed braces 18:00 Elastics verses springs 20:00 How do you use orthodontics to improve the appearance of the entire smile and not just the teeth You can reach Dr Perdomo vis his website And you can reach Dr Mahony at his practices
6/2/202222 minutes, 28 seconds
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Growing Beautiful Teeth - with Dr Estie Bav

In this episode of Ask an Orthodontist, Dr Derek Mahony speaks with Dr Estie Bav, a passionate dentist, and author of the book ‘Growing Beautiful Teeth’ Here are some timestamps we have marked from the episode; 2:15 What is it that drives you in your work? 5:00 Tell us about your book 8:15 What are the common signs and symptoms of unsatisfactory jaw growth? 17:345 How can we find your book? 18:15 What behavioural issues do you see in kids who present to you with dentofaacial issues? 28:15 a message for parents on growing beautiful teeth You can visit Dr Estie Bav in her practice, Princess Street Dental in Kew, Melbourne. And you can find her book 'Growing Beautiful Teeth: simple strategies for your child to have perfect teeth for life', on Amazon and all online booksellers, and from her website And you can visit Dr Derek Mahony at Full Face Orthodontics and Dental Sleep medicine, in Sydney and Melbourne.
5/18/202232 minutes, 54 seconds
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What I have learnt from 40 years in Orthodontics, with Dr Helen Jones.

In this episode of Ask an Orthodontist, Dr Derek Mahony speaks with Dr Helen Jones, a retired Specialist Orthodontist, who has practiced and advocated the paradigm shift in the field of orthodontics, toward an early intervention, airway, and function focused approach to treatment. Here are some timestamps of key points. 2:55 The public awareness and shift to a newer model of treatment 5:30 The benefits of early orthodontics 8:50 Is this modern way of practicing orthodontics widely practiced in the UK? 12:30 What’s your opinion on the influence of the size and shape of the upper jaw on facial aesthetics and oral function? 14:14 Environment vs genetics in crooked or straight teeth 22:15 The best age to bring your child in for a first dental check up. 24:00 The effect of crooked teeth on kids confidence You can find more info, and to reach out to Dr Helen Jones at And you can find Dr Derek Mahony's practices at and for more bite size information, check out his Youtube channel HERE
5/4/202228 minutes, 46 seconds
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In Conversation with Professor John Mew - A Legend in Orthodontics

We are kicking season 2 off with a fantastic conversation between Dr Derek Mahony, and industry great - Professor John Mew. Here is a run down on just a few of the highlights from this episode… 4:16 what causes crooked teeth? 7:40 are crooked teeth a product of genes or environment? 10:50 how does orthodontic expansion work? 14:45 How did you come up with the idea of ‘Mewing?’ 16:45 What is the ‘tooth eruption mechanism’ in layman’s terms? 21:30 What’s the importance of breastfeeding in relation to kids teeth, and how long should babies be breastfed? 24:30 What would you say to orthodontists who don’t follow this school of thought? You can learn more about Professor Mew and his work here And you can reach Dr Mahony and the Full Face Orthodontics team here  ... and also on Youtube here
4/21/202235 minutes, 41 seconds