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English, Social, 4 seasons, 142 episodes, 3 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes
self love advocate with a few curse words ?
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EP 109: First dates women ain’t going on

Hey guyyys! Today we will be talking about the list the BROKE the internet LMAOOOO (I hate when people say that) where are the ladies saying they will not go to for a first date. Is it cap? Are the ladies really standing on business ?? Find out on the new episode of Dragon Ball Z...
10/26/202335 minutes, 37 seconds
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SHE'S BACKKKKK. New name, new b!tch*muahhhh*
10/5/202328 minutes, 44 seconds
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EP 100: Be With Who WANNA BE with you

hope you enjoyyyy !
7/18/202333 minutes, 11 seconds
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we have been here before 🙄 hope you enjoyyyy <3
6/21/202311 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP 96: It's okay to care

Hey frennnnsss, this episode we will be talking about how caring about things and showing up for them is not a knock to you just because it didn&#39;t &quot;work out&quot; thank you guys for listening. I hope you enjoy!
6/16/202311 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP 92: In my bikini with my GWORLSSS

HEY FRENNNSSS ! Today we are going to talk about why making friends is hard for some of us. We also talk about if building new connections is hard or if we don’t put enough effort into maintaining the ones that we already have... tune in to find out LOL thank you for being here guys! This is awesome!
5/24/202315 minutes, 50 seconds
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Hey frennnnsss! You cannot believe what happened 🙄
5/18/202317 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 90: The Token Kneegrow

All this for Tarte? ok
5/8/202335 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP 87: Become obsessed with yourself

Hello frennnnsss ! Today we will be talking about how we should love ourselves through the process and not JUST when we get there. We will be covering why I am making this decison, what has got me here and the current decisions I am choosing to make this all com to fruition
4/14/202328 minutes, 17 seconds
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EP. 82: STEP 2 THE PLATE FT. Allura

Hey friends! In this episode we will be talking about what it like for us to show up for ourselves and what it looks like versus what it use to. I really hope you enjoy!! Allura's Instagram: Absolutely Not:
3/2/202342 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP 81: You ARE enough

Hey friends!!!!! Today is Monday Morning Motivationnnnnnnn !! I just wanted to remind you and myself that we are valuable beings that deserves to be our best selves. Sometimes what I feel like people leave out is the fact that people aren't lazy, it's the fact that we don't really understand our inherent value which reminds us that we don't have to be/do anything to be deserving. We just are :) Thank you much for listening to me. I appreciate you more than you know!
2/20/20239 minutes, 55 seconds
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EP 77: Minding my business cleared my skin

Heyyy friends! &nbsp;Monday Morning Motivation... we are going to talk about gossiping and one of the reasons why I think we do it. we all can and will get caught up in it but I always like to ask why and why is it so addicting once we get started. I hope you enjoy!
2/6/202313 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP 76: You are jealous of your friend ft. Callie

Hey friends!! Today we will be talking about jealousy in friendships and whether there is room for it and how we handle these situations with people we love. Do we hold space for them? Is this a deal breaker? Lets chat ... Callie’s Instagram:
2/3/202346 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP 71: Stay witcha mama

Hello guys!  This episode we will be talking about gay $hit in Black Panther, why you should probably stay home with you parents, interacting with haters and more! Thank y'all for listening !!
11/22/202256 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP 40: You is NOT sorry

Don’t come in this mf shitting & farting!
9/23/202122 minutes, 41 seconds
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EP 39: How low could you go?

How you doinnnn? Today’s episode we will talk about boundaries. Ways I have fallen short of setting boundaries and how important they are in all relationships in our lives. Always with love, never any judgement (only sometimes) 🤍
9/16/202121 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP 36: Those are MY nudes

7/30/202131 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP 35: Your Scars Tell Your Story... Here's Mine

hey there! &nbsp;My first story time in a very long time. I never want to be the spokesperson for anything but I am a huge believer in body positivity. I have noticed such a change in myself when I started accepting and loving the skin that I am in. Each one of these scars tells a story, the story could have been over but it isn't. These scars allowed me to be here, allowed me to share a part of myself.
7/23/202112 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 17: The Blacks

Hello y’all! I hope you guys enjoy this episode. My brother and I had a discuss any and everything under the sun. Thank y’all for listening!
12/30/202020 minutes, 29 seconds