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English, Arts, 2 seasons, 48 episodes, 1 day 23 hours 17 minutes
Artgasm is about the intersections of art, media, and sex. Episodes feature interviews with working artists, sex professionals, and cultural critics. We talk about your favorite movies, shows, artists and artworks that move the needle around the way we discuss and perceive sex. Is the MCU all cheesecake and no sauce? What's unique about indigenous sexuality? How can porn change the way normies understand sex? Host Allison Moon is the author of Girl Sex 101, Bad Dyke, and a bunch of other things you've never read or seen. She teaches workshops on polyamory, sexual pleasure, and all sorts of other things you wish you learned about when you were younger.
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Maltese "Goddess" Figures and the Errors of Interpretation

Malta has some of the most remarkable Neolithic artifacts including what many refer to as "goddess" figures. But what do these figures actually represent? What were they for? And how do our modern sensibilities skew understanding of ancient cultures?
24/03/202024 minutes 27 seconds
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Erotica with Rachel Kramer Bussel

Artgasm is back! Kick of season 2 with erotica writer/editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. We talk about the power of listening to smut while shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers AND how filthy fiction can expand your mind.
18/03/20201 hour 13 minutes 27 seconds
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QUICKIE: Sex Positivity, Myths, & Choosing the Right Enemies

This Artgasm Quickie is inspired by a recent dust-up I had over on the book of faces. I talk about what sex positivity is, where it came from, what it's for, and why so many people misunderstand it.  As always, I welcome your thoughts in the comments! Thank you for your support!    ** To get more content like this, support my Patreon at where I post mini-solo episodes on a monthly basis. ** ::The main podcast is currently on hiatus! Subscribe to get new episodes when we come back in the Fall! ::
15/07/201927 minutes 27 seconds
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More Than No with Bitsy LaBourbon and Jimaneika Eborn

Performance Artist/Activist Bitsy LaBourbon and Trauma Specialist Jimaneika Eborn join Allison to discuss using art as a healing modality for sexual trauma and addressing rape culture through performance. Intersectionality in show curation | The Opposite of Rape | Performance Art as Healing Modality | Art as Mental Health Care | “Ism’s” are Out | Using an Audience for Free Therapy | Creating a Safe Space for Free Expression | Tap-dancing Asexuals | Inclusivity as a Natural Byproduct of Curiosity   Links: Even In Art, ‘Free Speech’ Can’t Override Consent   Correspondence between Michael Northrup and Blake Andrews <a href= "http://bla
04/09/201858 minutes 17 seconds
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Diva Practice with Pepper Pepper

Drag is for Everybody with Drag performer Pepper Pepper! We talk all things Diva- from witch to victim to transformative practice.  We get deep about trauma, transmutation, and the alchemical power of performance. Deconstruction of drag tropes |  Gender punks | Monster drag | The Myth of the Diva |  Feminine Suffering via the Torchsong |  Clown, Ballet, and Butoh | What Drag Race has done for drag queens | Reclaiming words | Using a drag persona as a grief witch |  The Sexual Capital of Drag Queens | The Power of “Taking the Wig Off” |  Communal reclamation of glamour | Fabulous takes practice | Gay men gatekeeping drag | Social media addiction | What is “realness?” <p class="
21/08/201859 minutes 48 seconds
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Love's Not Colorblind with Kevin Patterson

Polyamory educator and comic book aficionado Kevin Patterson joins Artgasm to talk Black Panther, Get Out, Black masculinity, and his deep love for the X-Men.  Plus: The Oppression and Privilege of Polyamory | Race and Polyamory | Being a Sports Nerd | Masculinity and Open Relationships | Being a “Blerd” | Gatekeeping Fandom | Black Masculinity on Film | Black Dystopia vs. Black Utopia | Afrofuturism | Beefs with Characters Who Don’t Kill | The Problem with Single Readings on Subjects | Flawed Blackness vs Black Perfection | X-Men As Family | Superheroes with a Social Message | Ryan Coogler’s Repertoire | When Superhero Movies Go Deeper | Fruitvale Station |  Non-Toxic Masculinity in the MCU | Erik Stevens as Batman | Being a Black man with white partners | The Evil Genius of the Get Out Villain | Escalation of Microaggressions | Afrofuturism | NK Jemison & Nnedi Okorafor & Janelle Monae <
07/08/20181 hour 18 minutes 29 seconds
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Everyone is Bisexual! with Author Lev Rosen

Happy Pride! Author Lev Rosen talks about gay respectability politics, from Gay YA to Slutty YA, majoring in Victorian sexuality, being the “wrong kind” of queer, gay movies that were filmed in Ohio, queer super powers, confronting trolls, and why everyone should have to come out. Plus, learn fun details about his newest novel, Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) releasing in October.
12/06/20181 hour 4 minutes 19 seconds
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Sexing the X-Men with Baruch Porras Hernandez

Writer Baruch Porras Hernandez talks shipping, slashing, and other ways readers make their fan-fiction sexy. Plus: * Acting skills for writers * Goths love Wuthering Heights * Literature as a competition * The need for queer heroes * Mexican comic book characters for the win! * How fans can improve canon works.  Shipwreck SF: Iceman (Marvel comic) Read more about Baruch: Artgasm Patreon:  
14/05/20181 hour 2 minutes 35 seconds
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Call Me By Your Name with Michael Schulman

New Yorker writer Michael Schulman joins Allison for a deep dive into the Oscar-winning movie "Call Me By Your Name." Intergenerational gay relationships | Good parents | The closet | Bisexuality | Unconvincing Jews | The romance of Italy | Heartbreak | The importance of "feeling" the art | First time sex | Inevitable gay tragedy | Remembering the agony of young love   Read more from Michael: MoPOP's Marvel Super Heroes Exhibit:  InnThrall: GQ's "21 Books You Don't Have to Read" Allison's Workshop at the Pleasure Chest:
01/05/20181 hour 1 minute 11 seconds
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Upgrading Your Stuff with Dirty Lola

Dirty Lola of Sex Ed A Go Go joins Allison to talk about sex "edutainment" and answering butt stuff questions in bars.    Looking derpy | Being a demisexual stripper | Go-go dancers as sex experts | The privacy of porn stars | Awkward questions | Stumping sexperts | Jaded New Yorkers | The Woes of Themed Shows | Using Ringers | Are all sex educators freaks? | Producing a show on the road | Finding guests in new cities | Fans vs. Superfans | Meat Space    Learn more: Support: Lola's website:    
03/04/201850 minutes 15 seconds
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Low End Show Business with Bastard Keith

Bastard Keith joins Allison to discuss burlesque, MCing, acting, filmmaking, Pokemon, and losing touch of the struggle. Facebook Real Names policy | Pokemon | Moonlight | Losing touch of the struggle | Authentic experiences | Fandom | Bombing | Shock vs Surprise | The Fourth Wall | Chris Pine is f*cking awesome | Voiceover work | H.P. Lovecraft | excising cynism | Acting in commercials | Theater and greenscreen | Being a "weird dad" | Coming up in the theater | Keeping some things private | Vulnerability | Bawdy Fun | Shame vs. Having Edges Pushed | Tragedy vs. kindness | Getting paid to do cartoon voices    Links: Order your color copy of Girl Sex 101 at The Slipper Room
03/04/201847 minutes