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English, TV & Video, 1 season, 10 episodes, 16 hours, 20 minutes
Archived Alpha Waves Radio from 2008-10. See new shows at!
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A Sci-Fi Carol with George Takei -- Alpha Waves Radio

Getting ready for Christmas? You can't do it without a look into the past, present and future. The Wii Fit returns to help host Michael Hinman take a look back, forward and today with the annual holiday Alpha Waves Radio show. Plus, you'll never believe who the voice of Sci-Fi Future is (it's Star Trek legend George Takei!) ... listen in to hear this surprise special guest that will make both your Christmas AND New Year spectacular!
12/24/20101 hour, 10 minutes, 16 seconds
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Stargate: Universe Cancellation -- Alpha Waves Radio

BREAKING NEWS today about the cancellation of "Stargate: Universe" by Syfy. It's sad news for fans of the show, but not really surprising to others who were watching ratings. Alpha Waves Radio comes to you LIVE with host Michael Hinman beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET to talk about the cancellation, what's next for the Stargate franchise, and see what's remaining for genre fans.CONFIRMED GUESTSCurt Wagner, Chicago's RedEye
12/17/20101 hour, 48 minutes, 34 seconds
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Eating Turkey With Syfy - Alpha Waves Radio

Put that turkey in the oven, start baking those rolls, open those cans of beets. Once you get that going, sit down and listen to some of the audio excerpts host Michael Hnman collected from the recent Syfy Digital Press Tour in Orlando, Fla., that we've been promising for weeks. David Eick, Ronald D. Moore, the cast from the Syfy version of "Being Human," "Fact or Faked" and much more ... all in one great show!SCHEDULED GUESTSRonald D. Moore ("Caprica")David Eick ("Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome")Alison Scagliotti ("Warehouse 13")Neil Grayston ("Eureka")Sam Witwer ("Being Human")Meaghan Rath ("Being Human")Sam Huntington ("Being Human")Jael De Pardo ("Fact or Faked")Ben Hansen ("Fact or Faked")Bill Murphy ("Fact or Faked")Marcel Vigneron ("Quantum Kitchen")
11/25/20101 hour, 7 seconds
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Nico Cortez of 'Battlestar Galactica' -- Alpha Waves Radio

The biggest question on everyone's mind is who will play a young William Adama in the upcoming Syfy spinoff series 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.' One of the role's top candidates (according to Mark Stern) joins Michael Hinman to talk about it on Alpha Waves Radio. Then stay tuned afterward for the live Alpha Waves Rewind with Tony Tellado!
11/12/20102 hours, 16 seconds
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Fate of 'Caprica' Live: Alpha Waves Radio

Wednesday's news that Syfy would cancel its "Battlestar Galactica" spinoff series "Caprica" was not so shocking, but it has still rippled through the genre fandom in a negative way. We talk to some of the people who covered, loved or hated the show, and what this might mean for Battlestar fans now. And we're LIVE!CONFIRMED GUESTS:Joe Beaudoin Jr. from Battlestar WikiMike Moody from AOL's TV Squad and TV DeathRay.comCurt Wagner from Chicago Now's Show Patrol
10/29/20101 hour, 59 minutes, 58 seconds
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Craziest Moments Of Alpha Waves Radio

Although Time Magazine called Alpha Waves Radio the most boring show on the planet, you our devoted (and brainwashed) listeners don't think so. At least we hope not. The fall season is here, so when you want to take a break from watching some of the new shows, come and hear some of the funny things we've done on Alpha Waves Radio over the years (or at least what we thought was funny), and hear host Michael Hinman from some other radio appearances as well. You don't want to miss it!
9/10/20101 hour, 54 minutes, 29 seconds
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Judas Kiss (On Set) -- Alpha Waves Radio

Michael Hinman travels to Seattle for a visit to the set of "Judas Kiss," the new independent film currently in production from J.T. Tepnapa and Carlos Pedraza. This show will feature many of the people involved with the film, including Richard Harmon and Genevieve Buechner ("Caprica"), Timo DesCamps, Charlie David, Ron Boyd, Tim Foutch as well as J.T. himself. Get more details on "Judas Kiss" at
8/27/20101 hour, 20 minutes, 13 seconds
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Comic-Con Recap/Mike Nelson - Alpha Waves Radio

Alpha Waves Radio host Michael Hinman had a chance to talk to many actors, writers and producers at the most recent San Diego Comic-Con. Get your first listen on what many of them had to say, ranging from shows like "Caprica," "Warehouse 13," "Hawaii Five-0" and more! PLUS: Mike Nelson, who has made a name for himself since "Mystery Science Theater 3000" through his amazing Rifftrax productions, will stop by and chat up the upcoming live event, "Reefer Madness," appearing live in more than 400 theaters Aug. 19. Afterward, Michael Hinman will take a rare turn hosting Alpha Waves Rewind, the live call-in show featuring you, in an abbreviated format following the podcast.
8/13/20101 hour, 59 minutes, 31 seconds
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Comic-Con Spectacular -- Alpha Waves LIVE

Alpha Waves Radio is hitting the road (or should we say, the skies) and will broadcast LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con in beautifully sunny California. Our live show will be hosted by the amazing Nick Chase, bringing in our Airlock Alpha, Rabid Doll and Inside Blip writers from all over San Diego including Michael Hinman, Tiffany Vogt, Bryant Griffin and more. Find out what happened on the first day, and what there is to expect ... and maybe a celebrity or two will stop by!
7/23/20101 hour, 8 minutes, 36 seconds
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Deric A. Hughes & Benjamin Raab/Warehouse 13 - Alpha Waves Radio

Who better to bring two of our favorite actors from "Firefly" to "Warehouse 13" but the awesome writing duo of Deric A. Hughes and Benjamin Raab? Just after their episode airs July 13, you can hear what led to this great episode, and get thoughts right from the writers themselves! If that wasn't enough, we'll also have Steve Sansweet, the head of fan relations for the huge Star Wars Celebration V coming to Orlando in August! Plus, stay tuned after the podcast for the live call-in show Alpha Waves Rewind with host Tony Tellado, who will be providing listeners with a San Diego Comic-Con preview!
7/16/20101 hour, 58 minutes, 54 seconds