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English, Architecture, 1 seasons, 13 episodes, 5 hours
‘Architect Russell Uncensored’ is the only place where you will learn the truth about everything being an architect, through the eyes of Architect Russell. Architecture and architect life raw, unscripted, unfiltered and uncensored. Russell also shares his candid experience not only on architecture and design, but also on other knowledge of such travel, working internationally as an architect and making content on social media where he has grown over half a million followers around the globe.
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Energy & Atmosphere

Energy and Atmosphere (EA) section is one of the categories within the LEED rating system. This episode Russell goes through the following sections: Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning This involves a thorough commissioning process to ensure that building systems are installed, tested, and operated efficiently. It helps identify and address issues that could impact energy performance. Minimum Energy Performance To reduce the environmental and economic harms of excessive energy and achieve minimum level of energy efficiency Building Level Energy Metering & Advanced Energy Metering To support energy management and identify oppotunies for energy savings Fundamental & Advanced Refrigerant Management To reduce stratospheric ozone depletion and meet compliance to Montreal Protocol while minimizing direct co
19/08/202314 minutes 6 seconds
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Sustainability & LEED

Russell gives an overview of sustainability and LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) rating system including: 1. What is sustainability? 2. Why get a building sustainability rated or certified? 3. What is LEED and why it is used? 4. What is a LEED Green Associate and LEED AP? 5. What are the LEED rating certifications 6. The LEED rating types. 7. Overview of the 8 LEED point system areas: -Location and Transportation -Sustainable Sites -Water Efficiency -Energy & Environment -Materials and Resources -Indoor Environmental Quality -Innovation Then the key areas above will be discussed in more detail in the next few podcast episodes. 
17/02/202316 minutes 29 seconds