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English, Video Games, 1 seasons, 2 episodes, 2 hours 42 minutes
The former 'Bad Boyz' of Pokemon GO, are now the 'Badder Boyz' of the A.R.™ world. Any questions? Really. Tweet @theARclub
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Episode 101: How to Survive the Holidays

What kind of idiot chooses to have a Holiday get-together at a rural mountain cabin? Oh, the boys are in over their head this time...with snow.
19/12/20181 hour 12 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 100: WRap Party

It’s been a great 2 years for us here at AR Club (formerly known as Pokemon GoCast). There were ups, downs, sideways, and barrel-rolls along the way but we somehow made it to the end. Like all journeys in life the point is not to reach the end but to enjoy the time spent along the way. This episode is our “thank-you” to all of our dedicated fans who helped us get through the (sometimes tedious) task of bringing you what passes for “News” around here. This is the longest episode in the history of our show because it was so hard to finally say goodbye. Join us for one last thrill-ride as we say goodbye to our memorable cast of characters in a way that only AR Club can: freestyle rapping. Thank you everyone.
14/07/20181 hour 29 minutes 44 seconds