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Eric Thomas aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher is the #1 Motivational Speaker in the world and the Lead Pastor at APOC Ministries in Lansing, Mi. Hear his weekly sermons on this podcast. Sermons that teache tangible BIBLE principles that you can apply to your life right away.
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Training Insights from Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and the Invisible Janitor

Unlock the secrets to unparalleled success as Pastor TJ Tyus delves into the transformative power of discipline and passion in "Training Insights from Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and the Invisible Janitor." With the wisdom of champions and the humility of the unseen heroes, this enlightening talk at APOC Ministry reveals that true consistency isn't about the spotlight; it's about what we do in the dark, where our genuine passion lies. Drawing from powerful narratives and biblical wisdom, Pastor Tyus challenges us to examine our own motivations. Are we like Usain Bolt, dedicating years of silent preparation for mere seconds of glory? Or are we the invisible janitors, whose diligent work in the shadows ensures the shine of others in the light? Using the life of Jesus and the Apostle Paul as blueprints for a purpose-driven existence, this message inspires you to ignite your zeal and embrace the silent years of preparation for your moment of significance. Whether you're se
03/12/202345 minutes 6 seconds
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Unlock Blessings: God's Wealth Formula Revealed 💰🙏 | Eric Thomas

Are you ready to unlock the secret to a life overflowing with blessings? 🌟 Dr. Thomas gives a full breakdown of understanding God's blueprint for prosperity—how giving aligns us with divine abundance and peace.  He uses a powerful analogy comparing our lives to a predator-free safari, illustrating how God intends to keep us in a state of tranquility. But are we inadvertently inviting chaos by not following His formula?  As we navigate 2024, Dr. Thomas exhorts us to shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of generosity. By giving, even when it seems we have little, we activate a cycle of receiving that far exceeds our expectations. Discover the transformative power of generosity and how a simple act of faith can open the floodgates of heaven. Watch now and start your on a journey toward God's intended prosperity for you—where giving becomes your gateway to receiving. #UnlockBlessings #ProsperityFormula #GiveAndReceive #EricThomas #APOCMinistry 🙏💰<
26/11/20231 hour 13 minutes 8 seconds
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Unlock Blessings: The Forward Path Awaits You!

Experience an impassioned sermon that will challenge you to decree and declare the changes you seek, leaving behind the shackles of the past to embrace the blessings of the forward path. Through powerful testimony and biblical wisdom, discover how to be obedient to God's calling and the significance of being coachable in life's journey toward victory. Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or a spiritual breakthrough, this message is a beacon of hope. So, dive into this uplifting video, fuel your faith, and get ready to claim the life God has destined for you. Don't forget to support A Place of Change Ministry and join our community for more life-changing content! #UnlockBlessings #FaithForward #SpiritualGrowth #APOMinistry 🙏✨ CHAPTERS: 0:00 - Opening Praise 0:55 - Life Adjustments Guidance 5:21 - Moving Forward Faithfully 11:42 - Embracing God's Mercy 18:15 - Overcoming Past Mistakes 19:30 - Authenticity in Faith 22:55
19/11/202357 minutes 39 seconds
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Cancer Diagnosis: Finding Strength in Faith 🎗️

Embark on a profound journey of unwavering faith with Pastor T.J. Tyus in "Cancer Diagnosis: Finding Strength in Faith 🎗️". Amidst life's tempests, this powerful sermon unveils the transformative might of trust in the Almighty. As you navigate the shadow of uncertainty that a cancer diagnosis can cast, Pastor Tyus offers solace and inspiration, grounding us in the story of Peter and urging us to let go of our expectations to fully embrace God's plan. This message is not just about spiritual resilience; it’s a heartening call to lean into faith when faced with adversity. Discover the pivotal moment when Peter learns the essence of true commitment, not to his own anticipations but to Jesus' guidance. Pastor Tyus masterfully connects this biblical lesson to our own trials, showing us how to rise above the fear and doubt that cancer can bring. #FaithOverFear #StrengthInFaith #TrustGodsPlan #CancerSupport #APOCMinistry Whether battling illness or life's hurdles, thi
12/11/202335 minutes 36 seconds
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Aligning Your Plans with God's: A Sermon on Surrender and Success | Eric Thomas

It's never too late for your life's plans and God's divine guidance to intersect. Drawing inspiration from Proverbs 16:9, which highlights the importance of allowing the Lord to direct our steps, the sermon challenges viewers to surrender all areas of their lives to God. The message emphasizes the need to immerse oneself in God's Word to transform the subconscious mind positively. By avoiding conformity to worldly ways and fear, viewers are encouraged to follow 1 Timothy 4:2, which underscores the importance of keeping faith at the forefront of their actions. The sermon also addresses indicators that suggest a lack of control in one's life, including stress, reliance on one's own way, hasty decision-making, and a failure to trust God wholeheartedly. It encourages viewers to reflect on these signs and make the necessary changes to align their lives with God's purpose. This powerful message serves as a reminder that it's never too late to surrender to God's will and expe
05/11/202332 minutes 5 seconds
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"Faith and Relationships: A Recipe for Personal Victory"

In this sermon, we delve into the vital significance of nurturing your relationships with God and others. Explore whether your connections are characterized by complacency or unwavering commitment, and understand how this commitment is the cornerstone of success. We also uncover two fundamental relationship types: Association, driven by self-gain, and Unconditional love, the unwavering support of others through all circumstances. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more inspirational content to enrich your spiritual journey.
29/10/202337 minutes 59 seconds
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Return on Investment: How God Wants to Multiply Your Blessings

In this powerful sermon, Eric Thomas preaches about the concept of return on investment (ROI) from a spiritual perspective. He explores the idea of being an asset to God and allowing Him to trust you with His gifts and talents, with the expectation that you will multiply them and return them to Him with interest. Can God get an ROI from what He gave you? Drawing from Matthew 25:14-30, Eric highlights the importance of adding value in every area of our lives. He emphasizes that God wants us to make meaningful contributions and create positive outcomes for others, whether it's in our relationships, work, or other endeavors. By shifting our mindset from self-based personal gain to value-based generosity, we can experience greater job satisfaction, long-term success, and a deeper sense of fulfillment. Eric also addresses the dangers of self-centeredness and the importance of reciprocity in relationships. He encourages viewers to prioritize adding value and meeting the need
22/10/202354 minutes 9 seconds
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Overcoming Stagnation: How to Break Free from a Life of being Stuck

Eric Thomas emphasizes the importance of not being a liability to God and encourages viewers to return whatever God gives them with interest. By focusing on God's plan, trusting His guidance, and following His teachings, you can overcome stagnation and step into a life of progress and fulfillment. Join Eric Thomas as he shares practical insights and strategies for embracing change, breaking free from limitations, and embracing a life of purpose. Don't miss this transformative message that will inspire you to overcome stagnation and live a life of abundance. Watch the full sermon now and start your journey towards overcoming stagnation. Subscribe to A Place of Change Ministry and visit their website for more life-changing content.
15/10/20231 hour 7 minutes 45 seconds
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"Unfiltered Faith: Shoot Your Shot and Claim Your Victory

In this powerful sermon from APOC Ministry, Pastor Tyus delivers a passionate message about unfiltered faith and claiming victory in our lives. Drawing inspiration from the biblical story in 2 Kings 13:14-16, Pastor Tyus reminds us that we are all on scholarship for God and can't afford to hold back when someone else has paid the bill. He emphasizes three major keys to unfiltered faith: not allowing circumstances to render us powerless, taking risks and shooting our shot, and overcoming limiting beliefs that hinder our blessings. Pastor Tyus shares personal stories of how unfiltered faith has transformed his life and the lives of others. With his signature storytelling style and engaging delivery, Pastor Tyus urges us to live with unyielding dedication and unwavering resolve, regardless of the challenges and temptations we may face. He encourages us to align our expectations with God's plans and to trust in His power to bring forth complete victory in our lives. <p
08/10/202334 minutes 16 seconds
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STOP Living Broken: An Eric Thomas Apology | Eric Thomas

In this powerful video from A Place of Change Ministry, Pastor Eric Thomas unveils the truth behind living in excellence and offers practical wisdom for breaking free from the cycle of poverty. He emphasizes the need for honest self-reflection and making necessary adjustments in our lives. He challenges viewers to raise their standards and align their actions with God's principles for excellence and financial abundance. If you're ready to discover the keys to financial freedom and break free from the grip of poverty, this video is a must-watch. Join Pastor Eric Thomas as he shares powerful wisdom and practical steps for transforming your financial situation. Don't miss out on this life-changing message! Subscribe to A Place of Change Ministry for more inspiring content and visit our website at to support their mission of empowering individuals to live a life of purpose and abundance. Don't forget to like, comment, and share this video w
01/10/202359 minutes 5 seconds
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The Shocking Truth About Letting Go of Your Past | Eric Thomas

Are you ready to break free from your past and embrace the future that God has prepared for you? In this powerful video from A Place of Change Ministry, Pastor Eric Thomas delivers a captivating message on the shocking truth about letting go of your past and diving deep into forgiveness. Drawing from Jeremiah 29:11, Pastor Thomas reminds us that God knows the mistakes we've made, but He still sees us as His best choice. He challenges us to let go of the ties that are holding us back and to choose a better option - a life of freedom and purpose in Christ. Using his own personal experiences and biblical wisdom, He encourages us to break free from the programming of our past and to fully embrace the love, grace, and forgiveness that God offers. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped to let go of the past and step into the incredible future that God has in store for you. Don't miss this life-changing message - watch now and start your journey towards freedom and fulfil
24/09/202351 minutes 18 seconds
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The SECRET to Becoming More Than a Survivor - You're A Conqueror!

Are you tired of just surviving? Are you ready to become a conqueror? In this powerful message from Pastor TJ Tyus of A Place of Change Ministry, you'll discover the secret to rising above your circumstances and stepping into a life of victory. Drawing from the powerful truth of Jesus' words, "It is finished," Pastor TJ reminds us that God has already conquered every challenge we face. He urges us to see our obstacles as opportunities and embrace our identity as conquerors. With a captivating narrative style and biblical insights, he encourages us to live a life of purpose and fulfill our God-given potential. Don't miss this transformative message that will inspire you to live as more than just a survivor. Watch now and discover the secret to becoming a conqueror.  CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Introduction 00:09 - Frustration in finding opportunities 00:26 - Physical key vs. DNA key 00:53 - The importance of money in taking things to the next level 0
17/09/202340 minutes 2 seconds
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Unlock the Power of Faith: The 3 Steps You've Been Overlooking | Eric Thomas

In this powerful sermon from APOC Ministry, Dr. Eric Thomas dives deep into the importance of studying the Word of God with purpose and applying it with passion. As Christians, it is not enough to simply read the scriptures or attend church services. We must study the Word with a clear purpose in mind, seeking to understand God's ideal plan for our lives. There are three key steps to unlock the power of faith.   The first step is to study the Word of God to show ourselves approved. The second step is to apply the Word with passion.  Lastly, He urges viewers to live out their faith by blessing others, giving generously, and embodying the fruits of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Don't miss this inspiring message that will challenge you to deepen your relationship with God and live out your faith in a purposeful and passionate
10/09/202348 minutes 30 seconds
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Unlocking the Power of Obedience: God's Blueprint for Success | Eric Thomas

With a captivating mix of personal experiences, biblical teachings, and motivational insights, Dr. Thomas inspires viewers to let go of what they have in their hands to receive what God has in store for them. Drawing from his own journey and the teachings of the Bible, Dr. Thomas emphasizes the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones and getting comfortable with being obedient to God. He highlights the fact that no matter how challenging or daunting our circumstances may seem, we can ask God to deliver us from any trap and turn our lives around. Throughout the video, Dr. Thomas provides practical advice on how to deepen our relationship with God and align ourselves with His divine plan. He addresses the notion of being a Christian and the importance of forgiveness, as well as the power of identifying ourselves as children of God. With his signature passion and authenticity, Dr. Thomas challenges viewers to evaluate their priorities and make God the cente
04/09/20231 hour 31 minutes 19 seconds
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STOP the Sin Cycle: The TRUTH About Righteous Living

Welcome to A Place of Change Ministry! In this powerful video titled "STOP the Sin Cycle: The TRUTH About Righteous Living," Pastor Eric Thomas delivers an inspiring message that challenges us to hold ourselves to a higher standard and stop showing favoritism. He reveals the truth about how it is our duty to love and protect those in our circle, but to also address sin with honesty and to stop defending bad behavior. This transformative message is a wake-up call to embrace a higher standard, love and protect our loved ones, and live in alignment with God's will.   CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Introduction and Welcome 01:09 - Desire for healthy relationships 02:23 - The problem of defending bad behavior 03:29 - The insatiable desire to know everything 04:07 - The danger of justifying sin 05:27 - The impact of sin on relationships 06:09 - The need to separate sin from love 07:05 - The importance of order and structure 08:12 - Th
27/08/202337 minutes 23 seconds
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One Giant Away - How Facing Your GIANT Can Change Everything!

Are you ready to face your giant and change everything? In this powerful video, Eric Thomas takes us on a journey through the story of David and Goliath, revealing the difference between being useful and being significant. He shares his own personal experience of going from being homeless and a high school dropout to becoming a voice for the world. Eric emphasizes that God has extraordinary plans for each of us, plans that go beyond our wildest dreams. But in order to tap into that destiny, we must be willing to face our giants. Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenges that will lead you to a life of significance? Watch this video and discover how facing your giant can change everything. Don't miss out on the incredible future that awaits you on the other side of fear. Get ready to slay your giants and become the person God has called you to be. CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Introduction and discussion about Giants and David 00:09 - Good new
20/08/202320 minutes 17 seconds
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From CLUB to PULPIT: My Unbelievable Transformation Journey

Join this unbelievable transformation journey from the CLUB to the PULPIT. In this powerful sermon, Pastor Tyus reveals how God used all the wrong turns and challenges in his life to bring him to where he am today. Hear personal stories of loss and struggle, including the passing of loved ones and the challenges of being physically and mentally paralyzed. But through it all, discovering the power of praise and the importance of staying spiritually connected to God. Throughout this sermon, the significance of reframing our perspectives and expecting something different from God is emphasized, and the power of waiting upon the Lord and living with expectation. Whether you're struggling with your identity, relationships, finances, or any other aspect of life, this sermon will inspire you to expect something different from God and to speak life into your circumstances. Get ready for a powerful message that will challenge and transform your perspective.  
13/08/202343 minutes 1 second
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Slaying Giants: The TRUTH About Overcoming Life's Biggest Challenges!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by life's biggest challenges? In this powerful and life-changing video, Dr. Eric Thomas shares the truth about overcoming those giants that seem to hold us back. Whether you're a believer in Christ or someone navigating the world outside of church, this message is for you. Pastor Eric dives deep into the two groups of people in the body of Christ: those who are overwhelmed and paralyzed by giants, and those who are unbothered and driven by them. He challenges us to shift our perspective and approach these challenges with faith, resilience, and a sense of purpose. This podcast is a must for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges and is seeking encouragement and guidance on how to overcome them. Pastor Eric's authentic and relatable storytelling style, combined with his powerful message of faith and resilience, will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to face their giants head-on. Don't miss out on
06/08/202358 minutes 21 seconds
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Disconnected From God

Pastor Tyus encourages us to reclaim our spiritual position and strengthen our bond with God. With genuine passion, he guides us on a journey of self-reflection, urging us not to lose sight of our purpose and to play our part in the sacred relationship we share with the Almighty. He reminds us that we have the power to bridge the gap and reignite our faith. Whether you're seeking to deepen your spiritual connection or seeking a way back to the path of righteousness, this sermon offers valuable insights on overcoming doubt and distractions. Experience the transformative joy of reconnecting with God and discover the profound fulfillment that comes from living in alignment with our divine purpose. Let Pastor Tyus' words resonate within your heart, and embark on a renewed journey of faith that brings you closer to the infinite love and grace of the Heavenly Father.
30/07/202342 minutes 26 seconds
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Quit People Pleasing - Just do your part

In this inspiring and transformative sermon, Pastor TJ Tyus delivers a powerful message on living a life of purpose and abundance. Drawing from biblical references, he challenges the audience to examine their roles in life and stop overplaying their part or living to please others. He emphasizes the importance of doing one's part with wholehearted dedication and trusting in God's plan. If you're seeking to find true fulfillment and experience the abundant life God intends for you, this sermon is a must-watch. Join us for this life-changing message and learn how to unlock the blessings of living on purpose for God.
23/07/202333 minutes 38 seconds
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I finally See why I'm Broke

In this week's message Dr. Thomas delves into the profound wisdom of Proverbs and addresses a common struggle many of us face: why we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of financial lack. He uncovers the root causes behind our financial struggles, revealing a deeper truth about our attitudes and choices. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and equipped with the necessary wisdom to transform your financial situation. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
16/07/202357 minutes 54 seconds
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BREAK FREE From your Past

Find freedom and move forward aligned with life's godly path! This message "BREAK FREE From your Past: The God-Aligned Path Forward" is a beacon of hope and peace for those wrestling with their past and future. Paul shares some profound insights from scriptures to overcome guilt, anxiety, and spiritual roadblocks. Through forgiveness, letting go, and seeking God's approval, you too can find strength, forgiveness, and a path to walk into a bright future. A journey filled with healing, love, and redemption begins here. So, don't miss out on creating a better today for a brighter tomorrow. Click, watch, heal, and move forward.
09/07/202330 minutes 58 seconds
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Free Yourself

In this powerful sermon titled "Free Yourself," Pastor [Name] invites you on a transformative journey of healing and liberation. We all carry the weight of our past mistakes, regrets, and hurts, but it's time to break free from their chains. Join us as we explore the profound message of taking our burdens to God and leaving them there. Discover the freedom that comes from surrendering our past to the loving embrace of our Creator, and learn how to embrace a future filled with hope, forgiveness, and purpose. Don't miss this life-changing sermon that will empower you to let go, move forward, and experience the true freedom that only God can provide.
02/07/202336 minutes 2 seconds
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Living an Abundant life!

The scripture passage from John 10:10 states, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." These powerful words from Jesus encapsulate His purpose and desire for each one of us. Join us as we study this verse and unpack the practical steps to unlock the abundant life that Jesus offers to every believer. Through insightful teachings, personal anecdotes, and biblical wisdom, we will uncover the keys to living a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.
25/06/202341 minutes 38 seconds
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Unlocking Financial Abundance - Bible Secrets Revealed

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of financial abundance? Dr. Eric Thomas takes us on a transformative journey through the inspiring stories of Joseph, a real estate guru in the book of acts, Abraham, David, Solomon, Lydia, and Matthew the tax collector. He reveals how these biblical figures utilized their wealth not only for personal gain but also to uplift and build others. Discover the timeless principles that will empower you to align your financial blessings with a higher purpose. Prepare to be inspired, equipped, and transformed as you learn how to unlock the keys to financial abundance in your own life. Join us now and embark on a path towards a life of prosperity, impact, and lasting legacy.
18/06/20231 hour 4 minutes 52 seconds
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Today is the "brokest" I'll ever be!

Are you where you want to be financially? If not, listen to this message, not just once but several times in the next few days. Dr. Eric Thomas delves into the significance of money in both biblical teachings and our daily lives. In this enlightening message, Eric reveals crucial scriptures highlighting the importance of money, even within the teachings of Jesus himself. With over 2300 references to money in the Bible, and an astonishing 15% of Jesus' sermons touching on the subject, it becomes clear that financial wisdom holds great significance. As Proverbs wisely declares, "the borrower is slave to the lender." Prepare to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the role of money in our journey towards financial freedom.
11/06/20231 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds
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Why Can't I see my Breakthrough?

In this powerful YouTube sermon, titled "Why Can't I See My Breakthrough Even Though I Know It's Right There," Dr. Eric Thomas delves into this profound question many individuals face on their journey. Using two different perspectives, explore the key to unlocking your breakthrough and manifesting your desired reality. From the wrong perspective, we tend to adopt the belief that we need to see something first before we can speak it into existence. However, this mindset often limits our ability to experience the breakthroughs we desire. We inadvertently recreate our undesired reality by allowing doubt and negative self-talk to take precedence.  In contrast, the right perspective encourages us to speak what we seek until we see what we said. This transformative approach emphasizes the power of positive affirmations and the spoken word. By aligning our thoughts and speech with our desired breakthrough, we can tap into the divine forces that shape our reality. This sermon
04/06/202357 minutes 22 seconds
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Our Greatest Enemy

Satan's strategy is simple, distorting God's truth and planting suggestions in our minds. When entertain these suggestions, it can seriously derail our faith journey. Drawing inspiration from the story of Adam and Eve, we learn the importance of being vigilant and discerning to avoid falling into his traps. This sermon offers hope and encouragement to those navigating spiritual battles. Learn how to overcome the hindrance of ignorance and embrace the truth that sets us free. Subscribe to our channel for more empowering sermons and spiritual teachings. Don't forget to hit the notification bell to stay updated and share this message with others who can benefit from understanding and conquering our ultimate foe – ignorance. Together, let's triumph over ignorance and grow in wisdom.
28/05/202331 minutes 27 seconds
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Standards over Suggestions

Join us for an inspiring sermon as we explore the timeless battle between standards and suggestions in our journey of faith. God has lovingly provided us with clear instructions for living on Earth, but Satan constantly tempts us with subtle suggestions that question God's rules. By examining the stories of Eve and Job's wife, we'll discover the dire consequences of entertaining these suggestions and veering away from God's ideal intentions. Let's reclaim our path and prioritize standards over suggestions to experience a closer walk with our Heavenly Father. 🌟✨ #Faith #GodsGuidance #StandardsVsSuggestions #TemptationTrials
21/05/202356 minutes 44 seconds
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Running Your Own Play and Failing

Experience a transformative sermon on the importance of running God's plays in your life, and how trying to do things your own way often leads to failure. Drawing from the wisdom of Jeremiah 29:11, discover the power and peace that comes from trusting in God's plan for your life. Learn how to surrender your own desires and fears, and follow God's direction to achieve true success and fulfillment. Don't miss out on this life-changing message.
14/05/20231 hour 6 seconds
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Chilling with your enemies

07/05/202323 minutes 27 seconds
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Who Told you that?

In this powerful sermon from TJ Tyus titled "Who Told You That", he draws a parallel between his personal experience with a potential cancer diagnosis for his mother and Eve's conversation with the serpent in Genesis. Through his moving story and relatable examples, Tyus demonstrates how Satan constantly tries to fill our minds with lies, and how we can combat these falsehoods with the truth of God's word. This thought-provoking video will inspire and encourage viewers to be vigilant in discerning the lies they hear and to trust in God's unwavering truth.
30/04/202331 minutes 55 seconds
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Trusting God Through Suffering

If you're seeking inspiration and encouragement to overcome challenges and trust in God's plan for your life, this sermon is a must-watch. Discover the power of unwavering faith, perseverance, and trust in God, and be empowered to face your trials with courage, resilience, and hope. Don't let your current circumstances define your destiny. Join us for this uplifting sermon and learn how to trust God through suffering and achieve the success you're destined for! To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
23/04/202349 minutes 34 seconds
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Stop Fighting with God

How does it benefit you to surrender to God's will? We are fully capabale of thinking and making our own decisions but somehow, it seems like we come up short. Drawing from biblical examples and personal anecdotes, this sermon will challenge us to let go of our own desires and control, and instead embrace God's wisdom and guidance. Through practical and thought-provoking insights, we will be encouraged to trust in God's sovereignty and experience the freedom and peace that comes from aligning our lives with His purposes. 
16/04/202337 minutes 49 seconds
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Don't Look Back

In this sermon titled "Don't Look Back," we explore the difference between guilt and shame and how the freedom of repentance can lead us to a new beginning. Using the story of Lot's wife, who looked back and longed for Sodom, we will delve into the power of the heart and the importance of leaving the past behind to move forward. Join us as we discover how to break free from the chains of shame and guilt and find true freedom in repentance.
09/04/202340 minutes 10 seconds
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Conquering Selfishness - Your Journey to Joy

In this message, we will explore one of the most important and challenging aspects of living a fulfilling Christian life - overcoming our own self-centeredness. As human beings, it's easy to fall into the trap of wanting the rewards without the responsibilities. We often prioritize our own wants and desires above the needs of others, neglecting the important call to selflessness that God requires of us. This sermon will guide you through the process of overcoming selfishness and embracing a life of greater meaning and purpose. Whether you are new to the Christian faith or a seasoned believer, this message is sure to inspire and challenge you to deepen your relationship with God and serve others with selfless love. Join us as we embark on a journey towards conquering selfishness and living a life that reflects the heart of God.
02/04/202353 minutes 24 seconds
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I Already Won

In this uplifting sermon, we explore the power of triumph in our trials and hardships. Have you ever stopped to think about everything you've been through and how far you've come? Through God's grace, you have already won! His promises in the word assure us that we are more than conquerors. Even in the midst of our struggles, we can find strength and hope in the fact that we are still here, standing strong. Join us as we delve into the victorious spirit that comes with being a child of God and discover the power that resides within you. This sermon will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to face any challenge that comes your way.   “God is greater than your pain, circumstances, and setbacks!”   5:15 - Walk into your battles in life with the mindset of victory! Position yourself so that the Lord can fight for you. 2 Chronicles 20:17<
26/03/202334 minutes 10 seconds
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Stop Being Fake

In a world where social media and image-consciousness are prevalent, it can be tempting to present a polished and perfect version of ourselves to the world. But as Christians, we are called to be authentic and honest with ourselves, others, and most importantly, with God. In this sermon, we will explore the theme of authenticity with God and how it relates to our relationship with Him. We will delve into the truth that God already knows all our flaws, mistakes, and imperfections, and that we don't need to pretend with Him. Because of this, we can approach God with humility, honesty, and vulnerability, knowing that He loves us unconditionally and has already paid the price for our mistakes.
19/03/202343 minutes 46 seconds
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I am a priority

Have you ever felt like you're not a priority in someone's life? Maybe it's a friend who always cancels plans at the last minute or a significant other who seems to prioritize work over spending time with you. It can be a frustrating and disheartening experience that leaves you feeling undervalued and unimportant. But on the flip side, knowing that you are a priority in someone's life can make all the difference in how you go about your day. When you feel truly seen and valued by someone, it can have a profound impact on your sense of self-worth and overall well-being. While many of us may have experienced times when people in our lives have forsaken us, there is One person that always makes us a priority - God. The knowledge that we are a priority in His eyes should bring a sense of peace and comfort to our daily lives.  7:18 - Make a decision today to follow God’s plan for your life. Walk in obedience and faith, believing that God’s word will come to pas
14/03/202350 minutes 22 seconds
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Busted and Disgusted

Everyone has a unique gift or talent that they can use to change their circumstances and achieve their goals. However, discovering this gift requires seeking guidance from your Heavenly Father. Once you have identified your gift, the key to success is to use it relentlessly, meaning you should work hard and consistently to develop your skills and apply them to your goals. It is essential to note that discovering and developing one's gift is a continuous process that requires patience, determination, and practice. Success is not guaranteed, but with perseverance and the right mindset, one can make significant progress towards achieving their dreams.   6:26 - Apply and speak God’s word with intentional actions. Pray & fight the good fight of faith. 1 Timothy 6:12 8:58  God has overcome everything that has happened in the world. There is nothing new under the sun. Stay connected with God’s thoughts instead of Satans to overcome what seem
05/03/202331 minutes 21 seconds
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I'm Locked In

Being "locked in" generally refers to a state of intense focus or concentration on a task or activity, often to the point of being completely absorbed or unaware of one's surroundings or the passage of time. This state is sometimes referred to as "flow," and is often described as a highly productive and fulfilling experience. When's the last time you operated with tis level of focus?
02/03/202335 minutes 49 seconds
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Choosing God's Will Over Our Own

This sermon encourages listeners to prioritize God's will over their own desires and preferences. It reminds us that God's plans for our lives are always better than our own, even if we can't always understand or see the bigger picture. By submitting to His will, we can experience true fulfillment and joy, and ultimately live a life that honors Him.
26/02/202324 minutes
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Give Your Cake and Eat it

Throughout the Bible, we see examples of people who had very little, yet were still able to give generously to others because they trusted in God's provision. Jesus Himself taught that we should not worry about our basic needs, such as food and clothing, because our Heavenly Father knows what we need and will provide for us if we seek Him first (Matthew 6:25-34).  When we give, even when we don't have much, it demonstrates our faith and trust in God's provision. And when we are obedient to God, He promises to take care of all of our needs (Philippians 4:19). This doesn't mean that we will always have everything we want or that life will be easy, but it does mean that we can trust that God will provide for us in His perfect way and timing. So if you are in a situation where you don't have much to give, remember that God sees your heart and knows your circumstances. Trust Him to provide for your needs as you seek to obey Him and bless others with what you do have.
19/02/202334 minutes 48 seconds
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What's In your house

The process of discovering one's purpose often involves a combination of introspection and exploration. By reflecting on your personal experiences, values, and desires, you can gain a better understanding of what drives you and what makes you feel fulfilled. Often times though we spend our time and energy looking outwards for the answers, when God has placed everything we need directly inside and around us. Stop seeking externally for what God has placed inside of you. Look within and tap into your inner resources to uncover your gifts and use them to make a difference in the world.   5:10 - “Using your gift on your God given assignment brings you closer to experiencing peace and not evil.” 12:42 - Psalm 52:7. Are you seeking out your purpose by crying out to God? 16:15 - 2 Kings 4:1-3. Trials and tribulations reveal the significance of your purpose. Allow those moments to draw you closer to God. 20:39 - “Don’t look for man to do what God has place
13/02/202340 minutes 26 seconds
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Blessings & Battles

Would you believe me if I told you that half of our blessing comes from God's Blessings, while the other half comes through our battles? The Bible teaches that all blessings come from God and that He is the source of all good things in our lives. It says in James 1:17, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." The Bible also teaches that we will face trials and difficulties in life, but it is through these battles that we grow and mature in our faith. As Romans 5:3-5 says, "We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us." Today I challenge you to look at your "battles" with a new perspective, It's God helping you to become everything He needs you to be!  
05/02/202340 minutes 26 seconds
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Constipated Gifts

In this week's message, Dr. Thomas explores the importance of recognizing and utilizing our unique gifts and skills. God has blessed each of us with talents and abilities that make us special and set us apart from others. However, when we fail to use these gifts, it can create a bottleneck in our personal and professional lives. We may feel unfulfilled, stagnant, or even lost. But by identifying and utilizing our strengths, we can unlock our full potential and achieve greater success and satisfaction in life. So take some time to reflect on your own gifts and skills, and make a plan to put them to use. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish."
29/01/202339 minutes 46 seconds
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Saying "YES" to God can be challenging as it may require you to make changes in your life and to let go of certain beliefs or behaviors. However, the benefits of a relationship with God far outweigh the difficulties. Benefits that people may experience include: - a sense of purpose and direction, - an increased sense of inner peace, - a stronger sense of community, and - spiritual growth. Additionally, people may feel a deeper connection to the world around them and a sense of hope and optimism for the future. 
15/01/202349 minutes 18 seconds
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Get Back on Track!

08/01/202322 minutes 14 seconds
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What's My Name?

It is true that the way we are referred to by others can have an impact on our sense of self and identity. The labels and names that we are given can shape our perception of ourselves and the way we interact with others. It is important to be mindful of the language we use to describe ourselves and others, and to choose words that are respectful, accurate, and empowering. It can be especially helpful to focus on the qualities and characteristics that we value about ourselves, rather than external labels or expectations. By embracing a sense of self-acceptance and self-worth, we can feel more confident and secure in our identity, regardless of what others may say or think. As we move into a new year, it can be a good opportunity to reflect on the way we perceive ourselves and the roles and labels that we carry. If there are aspects of our identity that we want to change or strengthen, now can be a great time to set goals and take steps towards the name God calls us.
01/01/20231 hour 9 minutes 17 seconds
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You are the gift!

It's true that one of the most important gifts we can give during the holiday season (or any time of year) is our time and attention. Valuing and showing appreciation for the people in our lives can go a long way in strengthening our relationships and making us feel more connected and supported. Each of us has our own talents, skills, and abilities, and by sharing these with others, we can make a positive impact and contribute to the well-being of those around us. Whether it's through our work, our relationships, or our efforts to help others, we can all make a difference in the world. So it's important to remember to value ourselves and to recognize the unique gifts and talents that we have to offer.
25/12/202242 minutes 19 seconds
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Enjoy it

It is true that God is more concerned with our obedience to His Word and our relationship with Him than with our specific results or achievements. In Matthew 6:33, Jesus teaches us to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, saying, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." This means that we should prioritize our relationship with God and living according to His principles, and trust that He will take care of our needs. 9:15 - Ecclesiastes 2:24-25. Find enjoyment in the unfavorable or uncomfortable times of your process. 12:30 - Matthew 25:24-25. “The way we see God determines how we receive from God.”  16:32 - “God is not concerned with results, he is concerned with your obedience to his word.” God wants us to live a blessed and prosperous life that fulfills our desires. Those results are on the other side of obedience to his word. 18:26 - “Don’t pray for the opportunity then run from the
23/12/202220 minutes 10 seconds
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Life or Death

It is believed that the power of the tongue to shape reality lies in its ability to influence thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, and to create or destroy relationships and opportunities. This belief highlights the importance of using language responsibly and with mindfulness, as it can have both positive and negative consequences. 24:21 - “Ask, seek, and knock an it shall be given to you.” Come before God humbly and boldly when asking for help! Believe that God will help when you approaching him. 44:48 - “Don’t allow unfavorable circumstances change the way you speak about positively about it.” Maintain a positive attitude towards what you’re experiencing. Your situation could be God ordained that results in growth, testing of your faith, or getting closer to God. 59:31 - James 3:4-11. Don’t allow negative words you speak corrupt your whole body! We have the choice to speak life or death over our current circumstance. 1:00:37 - Philippians 4:8. Meditate
18/12/202247 minutes 53 seconds
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Own It

Owning something means taking full responsibility for it and not just doing it occasionally or only when it is convenient. It means making a commitment to consistently put effort and attention into it. This can apply to many things, such as a task, a project, a relationship, or a habit. By taking ownership of something, you show that you are dedicated and committed to it, and that you are willing to put in the time and effort to make it successful. “You are a child of God, despite what has happened or is currently happening in your life.” 10:50 - “Just because you obey it, doesn’t mean you own it.” Owning his word means it becomes a part of who you are, in your mindset and actions. 11:07 - Luke 5:4-5. Be obedient and listen out for God's instruction. 15:26 - Matthew 26:69-75. Don’t deny Jesus! Don’t deny that he has helped you in times of uncomfortableness. Don’t forget your needs he has met while showing you great things. 23:30 - Acts 4:1-20. How
16/12/202227 minutes 9 seconds
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Like it, Love it, Live it!

What level of commitment do you have to your values, to your family, to your life? Do you just - LIKE IT, - LOVE IT - Or do you LIVE IT! John 4:14-17. Ask questions that will allow you thrive while you’re living! Get rid of what’s stopping or holding you back from walking righteously.  “You want the life, but you don’t want the sacrifice.” Make the decision daily to live righteously. Take one day at a time, fir each day has troubles of it own.  1 Corinthians 15:31 & Matthew 6:34 Your standard of living will determine your level of sacrifice. Matthew 13:20-21 “When
11/12/202235 minutes 53 seconds
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Grace to go on

Pain or discomfort doesn't disqualify you from doing what God asks of you. Actually it's quite the opposite, “Serving God through pain is the standard. 13:53 - “God will not compromise your purpose for your pain.” 22:21 - God isn’t asking you to be comfortable with pain; he’s asking you to be consistently committed to your purpose. Questions 1. Are your actions showing your belief in God during trials in your life? 2. What would you tell an individual asking you to persuade them to be a Christian? Takeaways ⁃ God is with you in the midst of your storms. He will provide grace for you to endure it. ⁃ Don’t let people doubt Christ by showing the pain you’re experiencing. Show them it’s possible to prevail while learning valuable lessons that will transform lives.
09/12/202220 minutes 4 seconds
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No dream too Big

The things that you see in your future, your family, your lifestyle, those pale in comparison to what God has in store for you...In today's message find out how you can get on one accord with God and achieve everything you imagine. 5:46 - “Nobody has to agree with your ideas. Trust the process and God’s perfect timing.” God will always deliver on his promises. Don’t become distracted with someone’s negative thoughts or opinions. 12:26 - James 1:3 states, “because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” Use God’s test to build your trust in him! The pruning process can bring forth revelation, clarity & strength to continue walking with God. 18:57 - Pray for the relationship with God to continue after receiving his blessings. Remember your pruning process in order to sustain your faith & trust in God. Takeaways ⁃ Time is what God is using to purify you. Be aware of how God is trying to communicate with you. Don
04/12/202221 minutes 43 seconds
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We Have History

What do you do when life is "lifing?" Things happen to us all and we get discouraged, but today's message is that much needed reminder, that no matter what you are going through, you are not alone. If you just take a few moments and think back over your life, you will see that you've always been supported and comforted by God Himself. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us, so we just have to remember to do our part and hold on, becuase He hasn't failed us yet and he won't fail us now!!! “You may not know how at the moment, but that challenge is an opportunity for God to intervene and show you the correct way. ”You weren’t created to be..  ⁃ Defeated  ⁃ Depressed  ⁃ Conquered  You were created to be..   ⁃ A Survivor   ⁃ Fulfilling Purpose  ⁃ An Overcomer  9:15 - Exodus 3:2. Don’t overlook the blessings you’ve received from God. Observe what God has done for you & the disciples in the Bible despite
02/12/202224 minutes 46 seconds
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Watch Your Mouth

In this sermon, Pastor Thomas discusses the importance of engaging in the right conversations with yourself and other people.  There’s nothing more important than knowing what to ask and who to ask it of. - “Speak to where you are going.” Situations are temporary, but our words can prolong them longer than needed. Don’t give Satan an advantage over you (2 Corinthians 2:11).  - Ephesians 4:29 states, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Recite God’s promises spoken over your life while believing that troubling times you experience are for your greater good. - 2 Corinthians 12:20. Go to God humbly but boldly (Hebrews 4:16) when you need help. - “God gives you what you can
27/11/20221 hour 2 minutes 15 seconds
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My Space

Pastor Tyus discusses different type of environments that will determine your values, mindset, an ability to walk with God. “Remove yourself from environments that either hurt or tear you down.” 4:26 - “When you protect your space, you protect your purpose.” 6:05 - Genesis 12:1-2 ESV. Go to where God is calling you. 10:49 - Genesis 12:3-4. God will fight battles on your behalf! He has a safe land prepared for you. Stumbling Blocks? ⁃ Matthew 16:23 NIV Faith Drainers? ⁃ Mark 5:37-38 ⁃ Be intentional about whose around while your on the journey with God. ⁃ Avoid people who will sabotage your growth or not be willing to go through what’s needed for vital revelations. ⁃ Mark 5:41-42. Things will immediately happen when you act upon God’s instructions. Spectators ? ⁃ Matthew 14:22-31 ⁃ Don’t become satisfied with solely observing God’s w
25/11/202229 minutes 18 seconds
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Does God Really Care?

Most of us believe in God! We've heard about "Him" from grandparents, parents and other relatives, but there comes a time in each of our lives where we ask the question, " Does God really Care about me?" We've been sick, we've lost loved ones, there has been so many tough things to deal with, that truthfully some of us give up on God... Today's message addresses this exact feeling and how we can finally decide whether or not God is going to work things out for us...
20/11/202222 minutes 46 seconds
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The Separation

In this sermon, Pastor Tyus challenges us to separate ourselves from the world with our values, goals, standards and actions. 4:30 - Pastor shares his testimony of choosing God’s way when unfruitful habits were tempting him. 10:01 - Matthew 25:31-34 ESV. God has something prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Walk in agreement with God to receive what no man nor eye has seen for wholeheartedly believing him. 11:51 - Matthew 25:35-44. Be different in your actions! Don’t be afraid to walk alone when when it comes to your journey with God. He will never leave nor forsake you while supplying everything you’ll need to walk purposefully. 20:12 - “Other peoples negative response should have no effect on doing what God has asked you to do.” 21:30 - “You’re different when doing what supposed to do versus what you want to do.” Takeaways ⁃ You can influence an environment to become better, without partak
18/11/202221 minutes 52 seconds
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A Present Power

Have you ever wondered where God was in your time of need? Have you ever felt like God didn't show up on time to help you or a loved one? In today's message Pastor Thomas shows how Martha, though in the very presence of Jesus, didn't realize the love and power that He for her. There are over 7500 promises in the bible FOR YOU, and God can back up every one of them, but you have to do your part. Commit to learning God's will for your life and hearing His voice and learn to lean into His timing... 3:15 - Isaiah 55:8-9. Seek to understand what God has spoken over your life. Examine his perfect ways, while casting down and subduing any thoughts that are contrary to his word. 10:54 - Stop questioning God on how he does things! Trust that his timing will supply everything that you need. 19:30 - God has present power! Recite God's promises to him with faith & belief that he will execute them. James 4:2 ESV states, You do not have, because
13/11/202227 minutes 26 seconds
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Sticks and Branches

The scriptures are clear, when we put our trust in man failure is imminent! More directly, God says in the book of Jeremiah, cursed is the man the trusteth in man. Just a few scriptures later, The comparison is made with those who trust in God, and the promise is for them to always have green leaves and been fruitful. Are you experiencing a season of fruit and green leaves? 13:30 - “When you become disconnected from the source, you don’t have access to the same power or information to remain fruitful or productive.” Stay connected & consistent in walking with God. 16:40 - Jeremiah 17:5-6 ESV. “Put your trust in the source and not the resource.” Trust God! Major Keys ⁃ What you receive is useless if it’s dependent up the resource and not the source. ⁃ Failing and fruitful. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to take action! ⁃ When you experience failure in walking with God, look for the lessons that can be learned. All things work together for tho
11/11/202226 minutes 39 seconds
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It's The Process

God's promises are neatly packaged in THE PROCESS! The things that you dream of and desire often are in line with what God wants for you, but we often change directions when things get challenging. The only way to achieve and acquire everything that God intends for us is to go through the entire process. Believe that God has left his spirit with us to overcome anything. 4:09 - We must do our part in order for God to act on his promises. God's word will never return void to him. Have confidence that he'll act upon his word when we walk in faith and obedience. 15:41 - Be smart by operating in your lane. Do what you're great at to the highest level possible. 22:56 - Are you including God in the process of your actions? Would he approve of your actions? Continue to study God's word. Thoughtful Takeaways: - Stop trying to convince God to help you how you want to be helped. - Lean onto the experts in areas of li
06/11/202225 minutes 53 seconds
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Your bag

This may sound harsh, but when you get into your feelings and emotions you actually become worthless! God has created you to fulfill a specific purpose in your lifetime and has promised to provide all the resources to help you throughout the process. 
03/11/202220 minutes 6 seconds
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Productive not fruitful

One of the first commands God gave Adam and Eve after placing them in the Garden of Eden was to "Be fruitful and multiply." This command still applies to us today, but unfortunately, many of us don't truly understand what it means. We are often times productive and confuse that with being fruitful. There is a very big difference between the two...
30/10/202233 minutes 57 seconds
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The People's Champion

Walking with God requires us to stay focused on pleasing Him rather than man. God can take any situation and turn it around in ways that you cannot even imagine. 5:45 - “Stop being a Christian for people instead of being a follower and disciple of Christ.” 8:45 - “Your patterns reveal your priorities.” Make sure that your actions align with God’s word. 19:53 - Galatians 6:7-8. You reap what you sow. That applies to good and bad things engaged in. 22:14 - Matthew 6:1. Beware of practicing your righteousness before others to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Let your actions please God instead of looking to impress man. Takeaways ⁃ Stop being a Christian for people instead of Christ. ⁃ We are living sacrifices unto God. ⁃ Call out the patterns in your life that are holding you back. Present them to God so he can direct your steps to overcome them. ⁃ Take respo
27/10/202225 minutes 9 seconds
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Great and Precious Promises

 To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us There are over 7500 promises in the Bible and we know that God's word does not come back void, so how do we activate these promises in our lives. This week Dr.Thomas shares the tangible steps we can take to take hold of these promises. “Stop going to people before you go to God for blessings.” 11:27 - “Give God the credit for where you’ve ended up successfully in life.” 19:30 - How are you preparing today for what your believing God for? 26:12 - “Gods promises does not change over time.” 28:15 - Close out prayer. Takeaways: “Your not doing God any favor by not receiving the promises he’s laid out for you.” ⁃ Your source is God, not tangible items in the world. Seek God first in all that you do! ⁃ Stop looking for people to bless you before talking with God first. Our life becomes blessed when w
23/10/202231 minutes 2 seconds
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Wash Your Hands

Just like we need clean hands to keep our bodies healthy, renewing your mind is a daily process. 4:21 - In order to go to the next level, you must "wash your hands.” 11:36 - “If your foundation is built on sand, you will fall every single time.” 14:50 - Don’t bring dirt from your past into your current space. 22:06 - “Figure out why you procrastinate in some areas and not others.” Takeaways: - Wash your hands immediately when your life gets dirty. Repent of your mistakes quickly while continually renewing your mind to move forward. - When your life is dirty, sin has opportunities to spread amongst your family, friends an others who are connected to you. - Wash your hands(getting rid of sins), Know what you want (goals) and learn all of the ingredients (steps) needed to provide the best outcome. - Take responsibility for your life: wants and all.   Questions 1. What dirt are you tra
20/10/202223 minutes 28 seconds
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Activating God's Promises

16/10/202233 minutes
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Proximity of change

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us In this episode, Pastor Tyus encourages us to grow spiritually by following God at a close distance & to lean on his word when life gets tough. 3:03 - “Stop putting the plans your friends and loved ones have for you over God’s plan for your life.” 6:47 - Mark 14:54. Do you follow Christ only when it’s convenient for you? 11:29 - “Your change is going to come when you go through something.” 12:30 - James 4:8. Are you being loyal to who God has called you to be? 20:39 - “You were saved to serve, not to sit.” Christ died so that we can live an abundant life. 25:02 - “It’s not about what you go through, but who will bring you through it!” God stands in between time with the ability to change circumstances very quickly! It’s our job to have hope and stand on his word in times of trouble. Major Keys 1. Don’t complain about getting dir
13/10/202231 minutes 22 seconds
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Double Standards

Many of us don't realize it, but we have and practice double standards. We show favor to people and circumstances that benefit us, but until we operate with consistent standards, we will not experience what God has designed for our lives. "When you don't know what to work on, work on yourself." 6:05 - You' ll have better outcomes in your life when applying biblical principles to your life challenges. 11:29 - God will bring what you deserve at the right time. No man can stop God's timing. 13:52 - Psalms 32:5. Acknowledge your sin to God without hiding or feeling ashamed of where you are in life. From that moment, things can begin to turn around for the better. 21:20 - Jeremiah 3:13. Don't give away your "thrive" factor by not walking by God's standards. WIth our messed up human nature, even if we try our best to please those around us - we still will fall short... Takeaways: - Spend t
09/10/202231 minutes 41 seconds
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The "1" Thing

God never promised walking with him would be easy, but we have ample evidence to prove that is is more than worth it. Pastor Tyus discusses giving partially to God vs. giving our best, being accountable & focusing on the most important task at hand. “Don’t just do something, do the most important thing.” 5:50 - “We can’t complain about the results of something we don’t focus on.” What you reap are direct results of what’s sown. 10:50 - “You will never maximize your full potential until you give your best.” 16:48 - Genesis 4:5-7. Accept and do what is right unto the Lord’s eyes. 19:45 - Genesis 4:8-9. “Don’t become jealous of the excellent habits of others that expose your average behaviors.” Key Takeaways 1. Don’t just do something for the Lord, do the most important thing for the Lord. 2. Don’t complain about the harvest you sowed. 3. Address you, not the person God used to expose you.<b
06/10/202227 minutes 50 seconds
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Love + Protect - Bad Behavior

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us Personal accountability is one of the key principles to having success in life. Pastor Thomas speaks on how to strengthen your will to walk God's standards. 5:32 - “There’s unity when the spirit of the Lord is present.” Invite the Lord into your atmosphere. Matthew 18:20 9:00 - How do we overcome having two wills? By “loving and protecting those you love but not defending their bad behavior.” 15:40 - “Don’t justify sin! For it only separates you from God.” All sin is susceptible to punishment from God. Turn from wicked ways, seek God wholeheartedly, then proceed to walk in righteousness. 17:17 - Romans 12:10. Psalms 8:82-84. Don’t change how sin is viewed dependent upon the person operating in it. Sin is sin! 30:50 - “The standard should be the word of God despite who the person is.” Romans 2:11 Questions<
02/10/202237 minutes 23 seconds
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Weightless Pt.2

Are you fully aware of the results caused by your decisions?When we make the same mistake over and over again, it's no longer a mistake but a choice. Listen in to see how you can change your decision making process. 5:08 - Luke 21:34-36. Don’t get caught up in the cares of the world. Focus on the promises of God. 9:08 - Philippians 3:7-9. Be all in with God! 14:45 - “God will always provide a way of escape, but we must be willing to take the emergency exit when we see it!” 17:05 - 1 Corinthians 10:12-13. Endure the temptations that come your way, knowing that God will provide a way of escape for you. Takeaways: ⁃ Keep pushing until God provides a breakthrough for you! His word declares it and will not return void to him. ⁃ Be hot or cold with God. Being a lukewarm Christian is not pleasing to God. ⁃ He will not tempt you more than you can handle. There is a purpose and lesson for your pain & temptations. Be aware of what a gif is
29/09/202222 minutes 24 seconds
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Follow The Leader

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us In the continuance of the haves series, Pastor Thomas encourages us to take accountability & responsibility in obtaining our oil. When you're centered with God, everyone around you will be blessed. 6:42 - all believers were created equal. 9:01 - do not cast away your responsibility. Takeaways: Reflect on how disciples were executors of the word of God. We have the same ability (faith) and resources (God's Word) to live righteously and to prosper. Our time is limited. Make the most of it. Stay away from people who speak negatively, who don't put God first, and who have negative spirits. There is no obtaining abundant life without the life-giver. The lamp represents righteous living and obedience to God's promises for us. Oil represents the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
25/09/202223 minutes 58 seconds
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Weightless Pt. 1

Bearing too much weight can hinder you and cause unnecessary stress. Pastor Tyus points us to God for help in laying aside sin & the weight of the world that hinders progressive movement. “We can’t be sinless, but we can be free from the weight of the world.” 5:40 - Hebrew 12:1-2 ESV. Lay aside things that can hinder you from walking & growing with God. 10:45 - “The joy of what’s to come is greater than what you’re going through right now.” There is a purpose for your pain! 11:50 - “When life gets rough, it’s not about what happens to us, but what happens in us. Don’t let external circumstances cause negative internal responses.” Work on controlling your outcome by responding with God’s word in “unfavorable” situations. 18:09 - James 1:2-4 ESV. Testing of your faith produces steadfastness (ability to keep moving forward) in your life. Rejoice in your trials because it’s nothing but preparation to be able to sustain and
22/09/202225 minutes 24 seconds
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Lose Control

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us Pastor Thomas continues in Part 3 of The Haves series by demonstrating biblical & tangible examples of how we must relinquish control to walk wholeheartedly and successfully with God. It's not too late for your life's plans and God's to collide. 4:15 - Proverbs 16:9 states, A mans heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. Are you surrendering all areas of your life to God? 25:12 - Study God's word so that your subconscious can be filled with it, which affects your actions positively. Don't let your subconscious be seared by walking in man's way or fear! 1 Timothy 4:2 Thoughtful Takeaways: 1. Study how the lamp, oil, bride groom represents your life. 2. Let go & let God. 3. Ask God for strength to walk in the plans he's laid out for you. Be specific in asking God for what you need to execute his will instead of
18/09/202232 minutes 5 seconds
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The Be-Attitudes Pt. 2

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us Having the right attitude will determine the outlook and success experienced in your life. Pastor Tyus discusses the importance of renewing your mind, suffering for Christ's sake, & what to expect from following God wholeheartedly. 2:53 - “Your attitude determines who you’re going to be, not what you want to be." 6:45 Romans 12:2. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. We must train our minds to see the world how God does. 7:40 Matthew 5:8-11 CEB 17:40 - Matthew 5:10-12. Harassment is an honor and indicates that you’re standing with Jesus Christ. Blessings are equivalent to those who exemplify righteousness. Stand in patience with God until he sees you through. 21:50 - “When you chase righteousness, you will suffer.” Takeaways 1. Pursue Pureness - Serve God only! Don’t serve any other Gods, woman, man, or money. 2
15/09/202222 minutes 17 seconds
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Resuscitate Your Life

Guest presenter Dr. Cheryl Wood shares an empowering message about walking in alignment with God despite any circumstances or trials you face.  No more playing it safe. There are divine appointments with your name on them.  24:05 - 1 Peter 4:10. God has uniquely placed a gift inside you that can’t be duplicated. There is power in saying yes to God that opens doors in your life. Your gift could also have the answer for others to walk with God wholeheartedly.  28:22 - “Don’t excuse yourself out of your divine calling.” Speak positively to yourself every day. There is power or death in the words that we speak! Proverbs 18:21 40:45 - “God can elevate anything when he’s in the midst of it.” 43:27 - “God will provide enough grace to
11/09/202232 minutes 5 seconds
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The Be-Attitudes Pt.1

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us Having the right attitude is the standard that God requires to live out his best in you. No matter what the situation, speak positively. 6:15 - “To be who God called you to be, you need a certain attitude.” 6:37 - Matthew 5:3-7 13:48 - “Being full is the enemy to being great.” Never become complacent along your journey with God. Consistently believing in him for something keeps you hungry and humble. 3 Takeaway Principles ⁃ Remain hungry for righteousness. Remove any pride and admit that help is needed. ⁃ “You’ll be made glad when you grieve.” Grieving is a form of submission that allows room for God to operate in. ⁃ Continuously being hungry allows room for continuous feeding from God. ⁃ Show mercy, and mercy will be shown unto you. Show leadership by exemplifying that behavior towards others.<br
08/09/202222 minutes 26 seconds
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Don't Save them, They don't wanna be saved!

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us Pastor Thomas continues to speak on empowerment from God, focusing on helping people who want to obtain oil for themselves and the many promises the Lord has to offer. “You’re missing out on blessings because you hear the word without applying it.” “Don’t miss out on pouring into the wise by giving all your oil to the foolish.” 7:25 - Psalm 25:8-9. 8:30 - “Every choice we make, we reap what we’ve sown, good or bad.” Galatians 6:7-8 23:25 - “Don’t give out your oil to people who don’t prepare.” Giving out your oil to people who won’t value it can diminish your oil (faith, belief, and stance with God). Takeaways ⁃ Listen carefully to God’s instruction. ⁃ Help is Godly When it produces empowerment. ⁃ Help is not Godly when you enable someone to achieve or persist in self-destructive behavior. ⁃ What are the people who follow yo
04/09/202227 minutes 17 seconds
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Condition or Choice

#apoc #faith #church To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us At a young age, we can involuntarily be placed in situations we don’t have control over that shape our thoughts & perspectives. But as we become older and more informed, we should be more responsible for our actions. “God will use your pain to prosper you if you allow him.” 5:25 - Job 2:7-10. “Job knew his job, which kept him in obedience during trials in his life.” You’ll respond the right way to situations when you are aligned with God’s will. We must show our faith with actions, for it’s impossible to please him without it. Hebrews 11:6 7:45 - “God will bless you with grace to endure. He is preparing to use you for His glory!” Look for the lessons while God prunes you! Allow patience to have its perfect work that you may lack nothing when receiving his promise. James 1:3-4 8:47 - 1 Samuel 17:24.
01/09/202221 minutes 17 seconds
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Stop Being A Substitute

To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us Ever been asked to help a friend in need and didnt know what to do? In this episode Dr. Thomas, once and for all outlines God's expectations and, our role as it relates to helping others.  4:01 - Matthew 25:8. There are things we've asked of God that we'll never see because we procrastinated and have wasted the gift He has given us. God never gave you that authority, and you don't have permission to waste it.   5:52 - "Foolish people realize the wise have oil to spare." Pay attention to wise people's actions. Fools come to the wise when they're about to run out of oil. Guard and protect what you've worked to obtain while being led by the Holy Spirit to give unto people who need it.  12:16 - "God did make you the overseer of his promises." We have a choice to obtain oil for ourselves, and there's a way that God has provided for us to do so. Be strong and ta
28/08/202228 minutes 58 seconds
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Prosperity in Adversity

Attitude and perspectives can be the catalyst for good behaviors and performances. It can also be used for the opposite as well. Pastor Tyus speaks to us today about fixing your mind on Christ and what’s ahead rather than being paralyzed by the past. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
25/08/202225 minutes 40 seconds
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Light Work

Letting your light shine should be driven by God's word, his goodness, and what he’s brought you through along the journey. Pastor Tyus explains how hearing, receiving, an applying the word of God allows your light to shine amongst the world for people who need it most. 17:00 - “Stop letting external influences dictate your actions!” God’s servants have the responsibility to speak his word into the world. Our obedience can either plant or water a seed in someone’s life. God can make the growth happen. 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 19:29 - 2 Corinthians 4:6. Let your light shine out of darkness! God will provide you grace to carry out his assignment until completion. Continue spending intentional time with him consistently to build your faith. 21:25 - “You can’t control the event, but you can always control the outcome.” Things that unexpectedly happen in your life provide opportunities to improve character, endurance & perspectives. Let those circumstanc
21/08/202246 minutes 31 seconds
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Do you Understand?

Standing strong with God despite what you’ve been ordained to go through is less challenging with the proper perspective. Pastor Tyus examines Job’s life and provides insights on surviving fiery trials with faith, trust, prayer, and belief. "Seek to understand rather than to be understood." 8:20 - Job 42:1-6. “No plan of his will be thwarted.” Stand firm in the faith despite your enemies, family, and friends attempting to distract you from God’s plan for your life. 10:28 - “Job came to a point where he relented and found comfort in God.” 11:45 - “God’s not doing it to you; God's doing it through you.” We won’t understand why we experience certain events during the journey, but when we trust God to see us through it, we will prosper in the end. 13:35 - Job 42:7-8. Don’t allow friends or associates to cause you to lose your stance with God. 17:30 - Job 42:9-10. Job prayed for his friends that spoke against G
19/08/202231 minutes 19 seconds
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Fool-Ish Decisions

It all comes down to your decisions. The parable of the Ten Virgins outlines how the decisions we make on a daily basis impact our current and future lives. Revelation is not for the mind but for execution. 1:33 - “Pray for an agreeable spirit.” 7:12 - Take your lamp and add oil to it! 11:03 - “When you have a why you don’t need a how or what.” What’s your driving force to be productive each day?  11:45 - Do you retreat or operate out of feelings when someone challenges you?  15:11 - Are you showing consistency or commitment to the gift God has blessed you with?  19:25 - Don’t destroy good decisions you’ve made by taking care of people who make bad decisions that aren’t willing to change. There’s nothing wrong with helping others, but it can be problematic when they don’t want to change.  Takeaways  ⁃ Take care of God's house like he takes care of you with the same intensity & respect. Treat God’s house as if it was your
14/08/202224 minutes 50 seconds
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Obsessed Attitude

In this episode, Associate Pastor T.J. Tyus takes us through the successful life of John The Baptist. He teaches us how to confidently walk in the wilderness with strong faith, trust, and belief in God. Be prepared to see the best solution despite any trial that enters your life. “Going to the next level requires you to be obsessed.” 12:20 - Luke 1:14-16. God decided you were going to win before you were born. Before you were formed in you mothers womb, God had great and prosperous plans for your life. It’s up to us to overcome the oppositions that life deals you. 14:47 - “You can’t fail doing things according to God’s will.” God’s word and promises will never return void to him. Walk in alignment with God to receive what he has in store for you. 15:20 - “If your doubting your gift, you’re doubting the God who gave it to you.” Don’t allow the enemy to rob your faith! Put on the whole armor of
11/08/202235 minutes 19 seconds
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The Haves and The Haves

Dr. Eric Thomas shares a completely different perspective on the story of the five virgins in this week's message. Open your heart to receive God's will for your life. Do you strive to be the head and not the tail in your life? 8:12 - Your cup runs over when walking out God's word. God wants to bless you with the desires of your heart! In return he's asks us to be faithful to his will and trust his ordering of our footsteps. 12:54 - Spend intentional time reading and meditating on God's word. If faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17), it's imperative that we know scriptures that will remind us of God's love, grace, & desires for us. 15:43 - Matthew 6:33. Seeking God first sets your days, actions, & life up for success! 19:39 - Ask anything according to his will and it will be given to you. James 4:2 tells us, you do not have because you do not ask God. God is willing to move on our behalf when we make our request known
07/08/202233 minutes 12 seconds
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Attitude of Impact

In order to impact others, we must first impact our own lives. Pastor Tyus uses the life of Jesus as an example of how a period of "darkness" precedes light and impact. As you go through what you go through, be able to praise, pray and be patient. 7:45 - Luke 2:47. Jesus stayed behind so he can learn the word. If Jesus sat down to learn the word, we must follow the example and do the same to elevate to new heights. 14:01 - There was a gap of darkness when Jesus focused on learning and growing in the word to impact himself before impacting the world. 24:47 - Jesus was obedient in the dark for 18 years before coming to light. Can you remain obedient to God's word without knowing when he'll bless you? Can you stand to be patient and pruned by God? Turnaround Takeaways: 1. Direct results is direct evidence of what you do consistently in private. 2. Are you receiving words that inspire you to impact your life for the better?
04/08/202233 minutes 28 seconds
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Forget Your Problems

In this episode, Dr.Eric Thomas reveals the ultimate solution to any and every problem that we will encounter. Be prepared to renew your mind, faith and belief system as Pastor Thomas provides scriptural evidence of Jesus being the solution. 2:45 - 2 Timothy 1:7 states, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Fear is a tactic used by Satan to destroy faith and belief in God! When fear comes into your mind or heart, cast down the thought (2 Corinthians 10:5) to eliminate negative thoughts receiving life. 3:39 - God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and beyond, all we think or imagine. Take your problems and turn them over to Jesus! He will provide the best solution in return. 1 Corinthians 2:9 states, No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. There is a great reward for exemplifying trust in God. 13:59 - There is Power in being obedient to the
31/07/202219 minutes 43 seconds
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Level up

Can God trust you with something thats valuable to Him? In this episode, Associate Pastor T.J. Tyus illustrates how Apostle Paul had the right attitude despite his circumstances. Prepare to feel encouraged while gaining confidence to complete what God has started in you.  7:25 - “Don’t think you can’t be used by God because of your faults.” Your trials & tribulations matter to God! Don’t allow the enemy to deceive your thinking on how God views you! 8:15 - Matthew 25:19-29. The Lord trusts us with great responsibilities and expects a return on His investment! 17:34 - “You can’t make all situations fit
28/07/202230 minutes 46 seconds
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Focus on the Solution

We serve a loving God who is able to turn any troubling situations around. We have access to his divine power when walking in strong faith & belief. In this episode, Pastor Dr. Eric Thomas encourages us to cast our problems unto the Lord versus working to resolve problems under our power. Go to God knowing that God is able & desires to fix the problems in your life. 3:23 - Problems aren't meant to paralyze you, but rather direct you to the Lord for relationship purposes. God can use situations in our life to ultimately direct us back to him. The problems we face are temporary when we allow Jesus to help. 5:15 - The devil wants to use your problems to paralyze you. If that occurs, that can stop prayer and the desire to approach God. Jesus is worthy of praise during the good & troubling times of our life. Praising him during the troubling times allows you to see the lesson God is attempting to teach you. 12:51 - There's nothing that you're dealing with that's beyo
24/07/202221 minutes 7 seconds
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Just do it!

In this episode, Associate Pastor T.J. Tyus talks about walking in obedience with God, following his word despite others opinions, and focusing on the principles Jesus used to defy the trials of life. Observe how Jesus conducted himself from the second chapter of John. “I won’t let my problems distract me from God’s promises!” 4:36 - “Outward obedience provides inward growth.” Obeying God’s word prospers your mind, soul an ability to make great decisions. 8:20 - John 2:1-12 18:15 - Don’t take God out of the equation! There’s a distinct difference between Godly and good solutions. Godly solutions sustains your life greatly versus good decisions potentially having a temporary effect. 25:15 - “Walk in expectancy with God. His word does not return void!” Put on the armor of God and believe great things are headed your way! Takeaways ⁃ What has been depleted from your life that you need to depend on God to replenish?<
21/07/202230 minutes 46 seconds
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Elevate or Depreciate

Your environment has the power to either elevate or depreciate you. 20:54 - Is there power in your environment? Do you find yourself recharged or drained? 28:13 - The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. And the Lord God commanded the man, You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die. Genesis 2:15-17 31:29 - Your words supplemented with actions show God that you're ready! Be able to show evidence of your words to God when test arrive. Discussion Questions 1. Are you hanging with people that can teach you principles to help you grow in life? 2. What layers are you allowing to cover you that's preventing you from going before God's presence? 3. Are you taking care of the environment you're in? Takeaways 1. God strategically placed yo
17/07/202245 minutes 22 seconds
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The "IT" Factor

How do you separate yourself from people who have similar attributes as you? - 6:47 - “Respond in faith and not fear.” - 13:43 - “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” Obey regardless of what people are telling you to do.” - 20:15 - Remain Settled! James 1:6-8 instructs us to believe and show no doubt! We can’t expect to receive God’s best when lack of faith & belief are exemplified. Remain encouraged in faith without wavering into doubt concerning your request from God. Matthew 26:52-54. God’s word does not come back void. Have faith that his spoken word will be complete on his timing! It’s our job to stand in faith an obedience. Where is your “It” Visible? 1. In your behavior 2. In your actions 3. In your performance 4. In God’s G.P.S Directions Types Of “It”. ⁃ Knowing your why! Jesus knew and understood his why before He died on the cross. Spend valuable time with God to obt
14/07/202227 minutes 16 seconds
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This is the Last Time - Use the G.P.S.

Dr. Eric Thomas continues speaking from 1 Samuel 1, on how giving your situation fully to God is needed before any real change can take place. ⁃ 1 Samuel 1:15. Observe how Hannah prayed differently before change entered her life. She cried out to God in deep sorrow and pain while giving him ultimate control. ⁃ Don’t try to help God with your perspective of the situation! Lean on his understanding and not your own. Approach God first and let him order your next steps. Proverbs 3:5-6 ⁃ “You will get there by the spirit and not your own might.” ⁃ Matthew 16:17. Blessings are revealed to you not by flesh, but by our father in heaven. Our Lord & Savior will always remain the source of life and blessings. Immerse yourself in his ways to make the rest of your life the best of your life! Dangers Of Flesh Actions ⁃ Repeating Cycles. ⁃ Continuous Murmuring. ⁃ Inconsistency. ⁃ “Stop ex
10/07/202227 minutes 15 seconds
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Are your actions betraying your words? Philippians 2:5 states we ought to adopt the attitude that Jesus had. That includes death of your flesh, your past and your feelings when following God. We can’t get anything new walking in old ways. Position yourself to receive what eye has not seen nor ear heard through your obedience to God.   Romans 12:1 tells us to present our bodies as a living sacrifices unto God because of his mercies. Verse two explains not letting our actions be conformed to the world. We must choose Christ daily over our comfortableness and convenience. “Attitude dictates performance.” Renew your mind daily to not only walk in Christ’s attitude, but to make consistent Godly decisions.  Behavioral Takeaways</
07/07/202229 minutes 10 seconds
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Keep it Clean

Senior Pastor Dr. Eric Thomas talks about immersing yourself in mutual relationships, having the right spirit amongst storms in your life, and principles that help you sustain success from God’s grace. “You can’t go to a new level hanging with people who don’t desire to go to another level.” 6:25 - “I don’t think about problems when I have a God that can give solutions.” God has overcome the world including any problem that’s presented to us. Lean on his word an understanding to bring you through turmoil in life. 10:25 - Be sure you’re in mutual relationships with people. It’s vital to your growth and can influence the quality and direction of your life. 32:12 - “You're talking to people that steer you away from the blessings God has given you.” Protect your "ear gate!" Be careful to not let people's negative words become your thoughts! Subconsciously it can shape your actions. 45:41 - “Stop worrying a
03/07/20221 hour 10 minutes 47 seconds
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Every Season is My Season

Having the right attitude & mindset are required to have success in God’s Kingdom. In this episode, Associate Pastor T.J. Tyus explains how bearing a fruitful life comes from from applying God’s word in every season of your life. “Don’t wait for someone to tell you to praise God & to be excited.” 6:30 - “There is no off-season at the next level.” That does not mean there is no off day. If God took a day of rest from creating the world, then we ought to do the same from our weekly schedules! Be strategic & precise with planning your schedule to be productive not busy. “You can’t control the season, but you can control the perspective of your season.” Train your mind to look for the good from every situation you’re in. Doing so helps your faith and belief system during trial periods. 8:21 - 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. There is a prize for completing the race that God has started in you! Take hold of the faith that comes from hearing and s
30/06/202222 minutes 6 seconds
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This is the last time - Keep it Real!

It's time to be fully transparent with God. God is moved by honest expressions of our feelings, cries and prayers to Him. Observe the transparent journey of Hannah’s turnaround when she kept it real with God. “Stop settling! Stop being where God doesn’t want you to be. Enough Is enough!” 7:02 - Luke 18:9-14 shows us that God will humble the proud and exalt people who humble themselves. Everyone has fallen short of the Glory of God. It is in our acknowledgment that God can make significant changes in our life. Comparing our situation to someone else’s in a proud way can cause you to be humbled by God.  13:34 - “Don’t suppress the truth or what hurts. It affects your body and your mind.”  23:20 - 1 Samuel 1:8-17. We can never control the actions of other people towards us. But if we discern the situation, we can see that it was ordained by God to happen. The pain and frustration of being teased, made Hannah go before God in ways she’d never done befo
25/06/202236 minutes 28 seconds
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The Producer

Pastor T.J. Tyus encourages and provides principles to answer the call from God so that we can walk confidently in the plans he has for us.  “No matter what you’ve gone through, the lord still has plans to prosper you.”Jeremiah 29:11 6:30 - “Anyone can produce something. But if you’re not producing something involved with your purpose, then you won’t be fulfilled.” If your work doesn’t fulfill you, put aside some time to converse with God about it. He could be using those situations to get your attention & direct you back to him.  8:45 - “You were created to be a producer.”  Genesis 1:27-28 summarizes the we are to produce what God has placed inside us. The seed has great value and blessings when we trust the steps of the plan He has made. Jeremiah 1:5 states that God knew you before birth while being formed in the womb. Your destiny is already written & ordained by God. He has called us to be apart from the world by following his ways of living. 
23/06/202226 minutes 42 seconds
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I don't Feel, I obey

God never promises that following him will be easy nor pleasant. Taking up your cross and following him takes sacrifice, obedience & suffering along the journey. Associate Pastor T.J Tyus provides tangible and biblical examples of obeying God’s word rather than your feelings.  4:03 - “You can’t have execution an excuses.”  11:15 - Hebrews 16:24. Following Jesus comes at a cost. Denying yourself of worldly pleasure takes yielding to the Holy Spirit daily while trusting him wholeheartedly in the uncomfortable situations. Faith in him will bring forth suffering and conforming to his way of living.  15:22 - Galatians 5:16-18. Being guided by the Holy Spirit lowers the voice of sin. You can do the right things and still not be led by the Spirit of God. Humbling your heart makes it more susceptible to hear God’s word. 18:41 - “Feelings aren’t facts.” There’s a fine line between acknowledging that feelings are legitimate an assuming that what you feel at t
19/06/202235 minutes 37 seconds
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How to make this time, the last time!

The quality and outlook of your life is solely based on the daily decisions you make. God has promised in Jeremiah 29:11 to prosper us, and it’s imperative that we walk continuously with him believing that his word will not return void.  5:42 - There is nothing we can do to make God love us more. John 3:16 states, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…God knew & loved you before you entered this world! He desires to have a genuine relationship with you.  10:25 - Are you expressing to God that you want everything he has for you? Are you willing execute on everything he wants you to do? 22:30 - Make God a part of your decision making. God’s word declares he knows the plans for our life to prosper us. Satan fights what pleases God, which is our faith. Operate in faith actions with God although you may not fully
12/06/202240 minutes 6 seconds
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What's your excitement level when it comes to praising & acknowledging God? God's word declares that he has plans for us to prosper if we lean not to our own understanding. In troubling or growth situations, we try to take control and leave God out. Trust and believe that his ways will always remain higher than ours. Grab hold of the lesson from Jeremiah 18 in becoming moldable for God's use. Moldable - Willing to be used however God wants to by giving him your all. Flexible - Bending a little bit to be used by God while maintaining control of your will. 9:35 - Don't be willing to be changed in your current position but not willing to have the position changed completely. We can't become too picky in how we want God to bless our life. Have a discerning spirit to hear & follow God's voice when he is directing you to a different yet fruitful path in your life. 14:14 - Jeremiah 18:1-6 summarizes when clay is in the potters hand, it can be reworked int
09/06/202227 minutes 32 seconds
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This is the Last Time

You have the freedom of choice. This is the last time! When realizing there’s power in taking accountability & responsibility for your life, things can truly begin to change. In this self-reflective episode, Senior Pastor Dr. Eric Thomas biblically illustrates how to move past struggles by changing your mind and heart permanently.  7:00 - Going deep into your layers to fix the issue your spirit is facing. Expressing deep anguish for change shows sincerity in prayers. When praying to God, pray from the heart as Hannah did in 1 Samuel 1:13. When we cry out to God, we must be willing to receive the instructions to turn our actions around for the better.  20:15 - Are you willing to do whatever it takes to overcome life's struggles and strongholds? 24:00 - When you don’t stop living by standards detrimental to living ful
05/06/202240 minutes 18 seconds
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Climb The Tree

Are you too blessed to be saved? Executive Pastor Tj Tyus poses this question as he takes us through Luke Chapter 19. He illustrates how Zacchaeus was aware enough to realize he needed his relationship with Jesus to be rich, despite being rich with money and material items. - Luke 19:1-4 summarizes before rising to the next level spiritually, we must seek our Lord Jesus Christ first! - Luke 19:6-10, Zacchaeus was not too proud to acknowledge his wrongdoings and restore things fourfold to people he had wronged in his life. When Jesus witnessed his confession, he released salvation unto his house. - 19:15 - What excuses are you telling yourself that are holding you back from walking towards the blessings God has in store for you? - 22:30 - If you don't have habits that will separate you, then you won't have results that'll separate you. - 26:34 - God can't heal what you don't admit. Principles 1. Are
02/06/202232 minutes 28 seconds
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Execution Vs. Temporary Feelings

Your decisions can either elevate you or destroy your life. The Lord has given us the power of choice to follow His principles or our feelings. Executing in His ways takes belief, patience, awareness, and trust. Be encouraged that it isn’t too late to make decisions to better your life.  23:02 - Growing as a Christian takes more than simply reading the Bible. There need to be seasons of action to progress in areas you struggle in.  27:15 - “Pray to be a better decision-maker.” We can prolong our destiny in God with poor decision-making. In Jeremiah 29:11, His word declares that the plans He has for us are to prosper and not harm us. We must choose to believe His promises while making decisions that support His principles.  34:49 - “Execution is not only impossible when driven by feelings, but it also leads to imminent destruction.” 38:38 - When people examine the fruit of your life, will they see execution or poor decision making?  42:28 - “When yo
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Who's Got the Juice?

t's a guarantee that we will go through storms in life, but how we weather the storm depends on how faithful we are to God's word. Caleb observed, trusted, and remained faithful long enough to receive God's promises. 4:15 - Are you connected to the source of God consistently? 8:21 - Numbers 14:6-9. Don't look at the promises of God from the wrong perspective and miss His blessings. To reach the next level of your life will require your full commitment. 11:46 - Whose perspective is framing your thoughts and actions? Is it the voice of your peers or the promises written in the word of God? 14:53 - You can't receive your promise focusing on people. When you focus on the promise and not the people, He will place the right people in your life to support and enhance your promise. 18:33 - numbers 14:24. Believing in God unfolds the promises for you and your descendants. All he is asking for you to receive that promise is to believe and stay true to his wo
26/05/202222 minutes 28 seconds
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The Significance of the Insignificant person

Knowing who you are in our Lord Jesus Christ can keep you confident & walking in the purpose he has for you. Remember that God pre-approves you at birth, and the enemy cannot steal that identity. Keep your faith strong to live a meaningful life in God. - There is significance in the insignificant people around you. Please don't overlook the value they have that could promote you to the next level in your life. - You might be viewed as insignificant by family members or loved ones, but you have great significance from the author & finisher of your faith in our living God. - Everyone needs someone to open the door to the next level of their life. - What man rejects, God anoints! He will use what's less than and make you great. God calls things that are yet, not as though they were. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
22/05/202227 minutes 43 seconds
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Sinking Stress

Stress comes from unexpected events that occur in everyday life. The strength of our faith will determine how we respond during life's storms. Each storm presents an opportunity to demonstrate or strengthen our faith in Christ, who masters the storm and has the authority to end a storm at any time. Observe how Jesus responded in Mark 4:37-41 and the faith exemplified during a massive storm. Key Points: - Slow down to connect with God internally (mind, heart & soul) during your storms. - You may not be able to control the external storms in your life, but you have a chance to control your emotions internally. - Don't let anything break your connection with God. - The size of your boat will determine the size of your stress. When your faith is sure, you minimize the chances of worrying. - You are swamped, not drowning. With words having significant power in creating faith or doubt, it's important
19/05/202225 minutes
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Totally Committed

Being Committed takes consistent courage and awareness. If we are not careful, we can become derailed from walking purposefully with God. Senior Pastor Dr. Thomas illustrates Paul's journey and his willingness to commit to God & deny the flesh. - Adversity is guaranteed, but how you respond depends on your decision-making. - Give your all when it comes to following God's plan for your life! He plans to prosper those who believe in him. Our lives should be lived unto him, through him, for him, and about him. - Are God's works benefiting from your gifts & money that he has blessed you with? Truthful Takeaways: 1. Become Committed. 2. Giving God Full Access To Your Life. 3. Connect With Other Believers. 4. Don't present God with your scraps regarding tithing, prayer, and conversing with God daily. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
15/05/202225 minutes 54 seconds
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The Storm is bigger Than me

Having faith through a storm can be impossible or manageable depending on where your focus lies. When Peter focused on Jesus, he walked to him on water. When he focused on himself and the impossibility of walking on water, he began to sink. The lesson is to focus on Jesus entirely even when you don't understand fully. 2:30 - The storm is bigger than you. Your testimony has the power to turn people to Jesus Christ. 5:30 - God either causes or allows something to happen to you. God will be God during the good and troubling times of your life. He is faithful and will never leave nor forsake you. Ask God to Invite you where he wants you to be. It is your faith in Christ that sustains and supports you in your circumstance. Matthew 14:22. Takeaways: 1. What are you focusing on when you go through a storm? 2. Can you recognize God in the midst of your storms? 3. To whom are you speaking more; the storm or God? To learn more and to suppo
12/05/202227 minutes 52 seconds
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Death, or Just the Beginning?

Learning God's Word can keep us moving forward despite the circumstances. Those moments can propel us to greatness, if we allow them to.  3:15 - Ecclesiastes 3:1 summarizes that there is a time and season for everything. We are on borrowed time. With death being apart of life, it’s vital that we enjoy the moments of what we have now to the fullest. There is also a life expectancy for certain relationships or events that take place in our lives.  10:30 - “You have what you have.” We may not be born or raised with the right standards of living, but if God has placed something in your heart, He will guide you through the  finish line of that vision! Our job is to believe it is done.  13:36 - “When you realize all things work for your greater good, you’ll stop questioning or worrying when bad
08/05/202249 minutes 25 seconds
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Separation Precedes Elevation

We hear it all the time, whatever you are exposed to you become! This may be a season where you need to purposefully separated from environments and people that are not conducive to your relationship with God. 4:25 - You will not elevate unless you go through a time of separation. 12:49 - Have you separated from the old you in your thoughts an actions? 15:45 - Just because they're not bad people, doesn't mean they're good for you. Takeaways: - Sometimes you don't need to move; Somebody in your presence needs to move! - What do you need to part ways with in order to receive ALL from God. - What's in your heart, is hindering your deliverance. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
05/05/202221 minutes 33 seconds
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Don't Worry Be Happy

It can be extremely confusing and frustrating when you try to do right and everything seems to go wrong... As much as we want everything to go perfectly well everyday, Romans 8:28 doesn't say, All things will be good, it says, "And we know that all things work together for good..." Learn to be content with situations of your life whether it's good or bad. God can operate in both situations and enhance your relationship with Him. Takeaways: 1. Devil wants to shake your mental an emotional state so you are unable to fight at your greatest capacity. 2. Don't quit on the journey, you never know when it's going to work. Have Faith! 3. Relationships matter. 4. Devil wants to kill, steal, destroy the relationships you love and need. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
01/05/20221 hour 18 seconds
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The Trade Off

Are you willing to let go of what you love most for what you believe most? Listen closely to the story of Abraham and how he was willing to walk away from his most valued possession to step into what God was ultimately calling him to do. Making decisions for God involves being close to him in conversations, prayer, actions and beliefs! What are you holding on to that could be holding you back from everything that God has in store for you? Genesis 12:1-3 - Your hesitation is delaying where God wants to ultimately take you! God is calling us to trust him in the things we have not seen or heard. That comes with great faith and obedience. God wouldn't call us to come out of what we love if he didn't have something better that we can't even fathom at the moment. Genesis 22 shows us that if we leave what we love most for what we believe most, God will provide instructions when we get there. When you make that leap of faith, be prepared to face a big test o
28/04/202229 minutes 49 seconds
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Agape Love

There are levels to everything in life even love, and they are easier to identify than you think. The ultimate goal is Agape love. Many of our favorite Bible characters operated in Eros or brotherly for a long time before exhibiting any form of Agape. In what stage of love do you most often find yourself? Adversity in life is guaranteed, but your actions will reveal your level of love. - If it's Eros, it can be eroded. - God gives us an opportunity to make our wrongs right. - Moving through the stages of love is a part of growth in personal relationships and with God. - Keep Agape love front of mind. Making principal based decisions keeps you close to God. Paul the apostle, talked about putting on the armor of God daily. It's essential we do the same. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
24/04/202225 minutes 38 seconds
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Take The Lid Off

Stop putting limits on God's ability. We can't ask God to bless us and determine how He does it. We can't say do it right now, or do it that way because we may be blocking a blessing that we just can't see. We have to submit to God's purpose for our lives despite the imperfections we have. 9:01 - Are you questioning God when he gives you sign that he's with you? Are you seeking advice from man when God has already given a clear answer? 10:02 - When God calls you to something greater, imperfections will still be present. Moses spoke to God about not being eloquent enough to do his will. God will never start a work in you that he does not plan to finish! He will be with you each step of the way in your transformation and renewal of the mind. Working through the imperfections allows God to not only receive continuous praise, but it keeps him front of mind as the source when we need help. Exodus 4:10-17 13:10 - God does not make mistakes, he makes masterpieces. Our
21/04/202225 minutes 21 seconds
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Senior Pastor Eric Thomas and Associate Pastor T.J. Tyus share the stage educating us that we are deemed by God! Each day we have the opportunity to be redeemed by God to live in the purpose he's laid out for us. Our ability to walk in that belief relies on the relationship we establish with God. If there is anything that hinders that belief, it is time to let it go. 5:44 - God is never too far away from a situation to help you. No matter the starting point. 8:50 - God is not slow to keeping his promises! He is patient and wants to ensure we have the endurance to sustain what we are asking him for. We have opportunities to repent, grow in his grace, & grow our relationship with him in each day that we have. Take advantage of his grace to do so! 19:45 - Are you spiritually alive? The health of your relationship depends on trusting him when he says no to your request. Sometimes that can move you closer towards your destiny. 28:35 - F
17/04/202241 minutes 7 seconds
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The Spirit of Change

Many of us live under a spirit of fear and rejection. Have you ever considered that failure can be ordained for your good. Prepare to walk away more encouraged and transformed to walk in God's calling for your life. 10:02 - 2 Timothy 1:6-9 states in order for our gift to make room, we can't operate under the spirit of fear. The spirit of change must be present because it allows us the opportunity to let go of things that hold us back from God's purpose. 11:45 - Fear is a major hinderance to change. 15:50 - Proverbs 24:16 states the righteous will try, fail and rise. In failure you can learn, grow and depend on God more in your life. Look for the lesson in each time you fail. 18:55 - Proverbs 27:10 states, For my mother and father have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in. No matter who rejects or has opinions about you, the Lord will always have
14/04/202226 minutes 44 seconds
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The Relationship Pt. 2

The Lord has plans for you. Our goal shouldn’t only be to read and know the word, but to know the author of the word, and intentionally build a relationship with him.  Like many of us, in his early experience Peter had a one sided relationship with Jesus. The relationship was great when it didn’t cost Peter anything. Following God will cost you something. Whether that’s faith, certain behaviors or mindsets, or people.  8:55 - Steward the relationship you have with God and others. Failure to do so heightens the chances of self sabotaging what’s important. With the enemy out to kill, steal and destroy, it’s vital to evaluate your surroundings determining if it’s conducive to growing in God.  15:30 - Are you complacent or committed in your relationships? 17:16 - It is difficu
10/04/202237 minutes 59 seconds
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Talk is Cheap

Talk is cheap, results speak! It's so much easier to say it than to live it. We often know the right thing to tell someone else, but are we holding ourselves to the same standard? 9:35 - Matthew 23:1-4 If a leader preaches something but doesn't practice it, an unnecessary and heavy burden is now placed on their followers. Be a leader by example. 15:31 - God's opinion of you over other's opinion of you. This also applies to your purpose. Don't envy others because of what they have obtained. 19:25 - Titus 1:16 tells us our works should align with our profession of knowing God. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
07/04/202228 minutes 6 seconds
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My Source

Being connected to the right source is everything! The wrong voltage from an outlet has the ability to completely destroy an appliance. So it is with our lives. When connected to the right source however we are able to functioned as designed. But what happens when you know God is your source and you’re not where you want to be? God either designs or permits events to occur in your life. Unfortunate events occur, but we need to recognize that those moments can build faith & trust if we allow them to. Every season is your season. Types of seasons include harvest, sowing and reaping. Sowing should never be predicated on number of people you are serving. Faithful over few! Ways To Grow:  1. Handle Rejection With Christ Maturity 2. Value & Grow The Relationship With God. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
03/04/202246 minutes 52 seconds
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Growth is NOT optional

We’ve been told that we should read God’s word everyday, but is that enough? Are there any additional actions that we should be taking?  4:00 - Take accountability of your life and actions. 6:15 - 1 Peter 1: 21-24 shows us that through belief in God, our souls will be purified by remaining obedient to his truthful word.  9:45 - The obstacles we faced to get here also help us to be prepared for what’s ahead. Take heed to the lessons learned. If we choose to, we can learn from the good and bad things present in our lives. Yearn for God and his word like a new born infant despite circumstances.  15:40 - 1 Peter 1:8-9 tells us that we obtain the final outcome of our belief by faith. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy your faith. Stay connected to what brings faith and
31/03/202224 minutes 49 seconds
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The Relationship Pt. 1

27/03/202246 minutes 51 seconds
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Growth Takes Time

Do you find it hard to be patient sometimes? This week's message explores what happens when the growth process is rushed - the outcomes can be detrimental. 6:15 - Building a firm and in depth relationship with God, requires us to spend intentional time with Him daily. 8:40 - Building takes time. It's imperative that we don't rush process of growth. It's never at the pace that makes us feel comfortable. 16:12 - Protect your ear an eye "gate"as they are the pathways to your mind. 24:16 - If God has started a good work in you, he will surely finish it. Phillipians 1:6. 3 Signs of Healthy Spirituality 1. Humility(LADD. Listen,Apply, Don't Defend) 2. Bilingual (Worldly & Spiritually) 3. Perfect Intentions to Imperfect Action. Take action and learn along the way. God can take actions and make them perfect. 4. God prefers we be hot or cold, not lukewarm. 5 Signs of Healthy Soil 1. You
24/03/202228 minutes 6 seconds
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Trust The Voice & Execute

Success always leaves clues! if we take the time to study people from the beginning of time, the ones that are remembered, heard the voice, trusted it and executed. To learn more and to support A Place of Change Ministry please visit us
20/03/202226 minutes 39 seconds
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Season 2 season

What are the qualities of a mature Christian? Pastor Tyus explores how mature Christians believe, prepare, & change in order to receive what they're asking of God. 3:00 - You ought to be growing Season to Season, learning from each life experience. Don't be an immature Christian who only receives the word but has little strategy to execute it. 12:20 - If you haven't sown any good seed, why do you expect something to grow when it rains? Be encouraged in process of seed and harvest time. God's word assures us that he delivers on his promises, sow in faith and be patient until God brings rain for growth! 17:01 - In order to grow you must change. With all change, comes loss. With all loss, comes pain. Sacrifice comes with growth, change and loss when moving in the right direction. 23:15 - When you worry, you're putting a down payment on something that may never happen. Luke 2:52 states, And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God a
17/03/202228 minutes 53 seconds
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A new level of "Executionism"

13/03/202254 minutes 22 seconds
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Growth is optional Pt. 2

This week we talk about the importance of your gift, responsibility, and commitment. The first and most important thing is though, having the right mindset. You don't have to know HOW God will bless you to be happy and joyful during the day, He promises to never leave us or forsake us, so know that your blessings are already taken care of. 4:30 - You must commit to your responsibilities before anything else in your life. Not doing so makes you a liability in that area. 6:00 - Stop being committed to what the world wants you to do, and start being committed to your responsibility. 9:15 - Phillipians 2:12-13. You can lose your gift by not operating in it. He gives according to your ability and expects it in full return. 17:00 - Romans 12:2 NIV states, Do not conform to the pattern of this world ,but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.Then you will be able to test and approve God' s will, his good, pleasing and perfect will. 18:55 - Ephesians
11/03/202233 minutes 40 seconds
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The 12 Steps of Execution

We have so many questions in life and truthfully, most of the answers can be found simply by being grounded in God's word and executing on the plan he has for our lives. We must fight hard to break our relationship with sin so we don't tear down what God is building up for us. 5:57 - Execute on the plan God has for our lives. There's a blessing in execution. He knows the plans he has for us. 12:55 : Ephesians 4:14-15 tells us to be rooted in God's word & not be distracted by multiple doctrines. We ought to mature and advance in all that we do. Sin can strip you from your health, wealth and gifts. 17:30 - What stops you from reaching your fullest level of execution? Ask God for strength to turn your back on it. Steps To a Renewed Spirit - We should make a moral inventory of our lives. Don't let things tear you down while God is trying to build you up. - Come to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. - A
06/03/202239 minutes 4 seconds
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Growth is Optional

In this episode, Pastor Tyus elaborates on effective growth & change stages. He encourages us with scriptural texts from Philippians, Ephesians, and Matthew! Be prepared to be energized! Philippians 1:6 - “He who has begun a good work unto us will carry it out till completion." 4:45 - "God is not asking you to be perfect, but to have perfect intentions on growing!" 6:20 - Ephesians 4:14-15. Be purposeful & not emotionally driven in your actions. Talk, think and behave as mature spiritual men and women. The devil can't make you do anything; he can only make suggestions. You have to choose to act or not. The choice is always yours. 12:30 - Meditate on good thoughts and the word of God daily! As a man thinketh, he becomes, Proverbs 23:7. Your actions often show what you think and believe. Let's work to be intentional in thoughts and words. We should evaluate our actions regularly to see if what we do ali
04/03/202237 minutes 15 seconds