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English, Social, 3 seasons, 10 episodes, 3 hours, 21 minutes
Motherhood has always been associated as a task that mothers have to undertake and this holy duty that requires them to give everything up to care for their child. However, mothers are humans too and they need time out as well. In the Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye Podcast, we intend to explore this guilt-free motherhood and examine motherhood through the lens of mothers, as well as a psychologist.
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Ep 3 ft. Ramneek Singh

We all need a little comedy & entertainment in our lives. Something to comfort us, cheer us up on bad days, and inspire us. Hello, I am Rohini Ramnathan, and this is Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye Podcast by SBI Life. In today’s episode, we will be in conversation with Ramneek Singh, a comedy content creator who loves spreading cheer & laughs to his fans & family. In this episode, we will talk about Ramneek’s journey to becoming a content creator, managing work-life balance, and much more.   Follow SBI Life on all Social Media Platforms: Instagram: SBI Life Insurance (@sbilifeinsurance) • Instagram photos and videos Twitter: SBI Life Insurance (@SBILife) / Twitter LinkedIn: (25) SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd.: Overview | LinkedIn Facebook:  SBI Life Insurance - Home | Facebook   Follow Ramneek Singh on all Social Media Platforms: Instagram: Ramneek Singh | YouTuber (@ramneeksingh1313) • Instagram photos and videos LinkedIn: (26) Ramneek Singh | LinkedIn Facebook: Ramneek Singh | Facebook   You can get in touch with our host Rohini Ramnathan : Instagram: Rohini Ramnathan (@rotalks) • Instagram photos and videos Twitter: Rohini Ramnathan (@rotalks) / Twitter LinkedIn: (26) Rohini Ramnathan | LinkedIn Facebook: Ro Hini Ramnathan | Facebook  You can check out this show on the IVM Podcasts website and app, or wherever else you get your podcasts from  This podcast is brought to you by SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd. For more details, please visit IRDAI Registration No. ARN: RLS_ALAKL/Cr3/09/22/POD/ENG  See for privacy information.
6/26/202334 minutes, 37 seconds