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A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 46 episodes, 23 hours, 51 minutes
"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships". In the world of recruiting, some people have seen it all. They built recruiting teams from the ground up, hired hundreds of people for the best companies in the world, and developed their expertise year after year. I’m Robin Choy and I'm on a mission to collect their learnings
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46. Make recruiting teams more strategic by changing the KPIs. Taylor Roa, Director of Talent @Wistia.

Subscribe here:👉 Apple.👉 Spotify. 👉 Deezer.About this episode : Why are many recruiters trapped into hiring as many people, as fast as possible, again and again? Maybe because KPIs are wrong. Everybody uses the same (us included) and I actually never really challenged this.It makes a lot of sense though: optimizing for time-to-hire pushes to close hires as fast as possible and move on to the next one.Also, why the urgency to hire within 30 days, while most hiring managers don’t plan more than 30 days ahead?Shouldn't we maybe plan 3 months ahead, so that we have enough time to fill the role with quality candidates?Now, how do we escape this rat race? Simply change the incentives. Everything will follow. That’s why I believe everybody should listen to our latest A-Players episode with Taylor Roa, Director of Talent @Wistia.He’s a contrarian, likes to think outside the box, and has a pretty convincing strategy to change the incentives for recruiting teams.This discussion is NOTHING like the ones I had before, and I can assure you you’ll get a lot of great ideas listening to it (I sure did)!In this episode, we cover:👉 (02:35) How to make talent a strategic advantage for your business through talent density.👉 (04:08) The importance of making quality hiring decisions.👉 (05:02) Things to consider when building a strategic hiring function.👉 (06:00) How to optimize for effective hiring rather than hiring as much as possible👉 (08:07) Why “time to fill” and “respond times to applicants” are poor metrics 👉 (15:35) Factors to consider when measuring talent density.👉 (17:43) Using performance reviews and talent x-ray to determine the accomplishments of your recruitment teams.👉 (20:40) Be aware of market salaries and plan to hire people on the high end, to attract A-Players.  👉 (23:30) How to navigate the good and bad metrics in hiring.👉 (27:20) You should make recruiters feel like they belong to the team they hire for. 👉 (30:09) The difference between speed to hire and time to fill.👉 (30:38) How to manage diversity in recruitingFind us on LinkedIn:To follow Taylor, click here.To follow me, click here. To know more about HireSweet, click here.  
12/1/202232 minutes, 12 seconds
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45. You should build a recruiting culture early on. Matt Stephenson, Operating Partner @ Human Capital

Building a culture of recruiting early on in your company is critical.Miss that step and everything will get harder as the company grow:-harder to hire top performers.-harder to reach your targets.-harder to... simply grow.Matt is an Operation Partner at Human Capital, a VC firm based in SF, in addition to being a former sourcer at Google.In this episode, Matt explains:-how to use your sales skills to recruit your first employees-why and how to log every conversation you have with potential candidates-how to pick the good hiring agency for your company-how to fight against cognitive biases when recruiting-how much time should a founder spend into recruitingTo follow Matt on LinkedIn, click here.To follow me, click here.To know more about HireSweet, click here.
11/24/202231 minutes, 57 seconds
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44. Content creation in recruiting: the definitive framework. Matěj Matolín, employer Branding Strategist @HustáKomunikejšn.

I often see recruiters addressing recruiting content like this:-a video by there-occasionally an article-possibly a LinkedIn post. All a bit random (and me the first!).Why?Because we were never given a simple, clear and efficient framework to know which type of content to do, and how to schedule it. So I wanted to find for you a playbook to get there finally.This is the topic of the latest episode of my A-Players podcast, where I’ve invited Matěj Matolín, an employer branding and content creation strategist whose work I truly appreciate.In this episode Matěj reveals to you:-The 4 type of content that performs better for employer branding-The STD framework he stole from Google to segment candidates and push to them targeted content-The exact duration and touchpoints it needs to attract a passive candidate through content-Examples of super easy-to-do content ideasTo follow Matěj on Linkedin, click here. To follow me on Linkedin, click here. To learn more about HireSweet, click here. 
11/17/202228 minutes, 51 seconds
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43. Search is dead. Or is it? Balazs Paroczay, CEO @The Source Code Agency.

Everybody talks about search in sourcing: Booleans, X-Rays etc. But finding candidates is not as valuable as 10 years ago. Because now almost everybody is on LinkedIn. The real valuable expertise? Getting people to reply: copywriting, personalization.That’s what I believe at least. The thing is… Balazs Paroczay believes the complete opposite. Balazs is a legend - a multiple speaker at events like SourceCon and Sourcing Summit, with more than 15+ years of experience.We had a 30-minute debate together on A-Players. In this episode, we talk mainly about:-Is search dead?-Why you are probably missing out on a lot of candidates on LinkedIn-Why it’s so hard to get responses from candidates on LinkedIn-Are reply rates better outside of LinkedIn?-How to best reach out to candidates on Linkedin and outside, to increase your reply ratesTo follow Balazs on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me, click here. To know more about HireSweet, click here. 
11/10/202228 minutes, 30 seconds
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42. Building the Financial Time’s tech employer brand. Christine Ng, Head of Talent and Media @Quantum Motion.

Christine had a very interesting challenged: engineer the Financial Times’s tech employer brand. Of course the FT is famous around the globe for its business publication - but when Christine started working on it, the employer brand on engineering & tech roles was close to 0.The way she improved the employer brand on engineering & tech at FT was actually very close to how any startup could do it - and I wanted her to explain to us step by step how to steal her playbook.In this episode, Christine Reveals :-How to attract tech talent when your brand doesn’t sound techy at all.-The framework to succeed in your first month trying to build the employer brand-Why you should consider your candidate journey exactly like a customer journey-How to identify pain points in your candidate’s journey-How to make your career’s page stand out-How to attract more candidates to your company during industry events (without sponsoring the event)-How to include DEI principles in your employer branding strategyAnd many other things ...To follow Christine on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me, click here. To know more about HireSweet, click here. 
11/3/202230 minutes, 34 seconds
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41. Personalization at scale in recruiting. Jonas Waloschek, Senior Technical Recruiter @MANTA, ex @McKinsey.

« Recruiters should personalize their messages to candidates to increase their reply rates.”Ok. But what if we can’t personalize because we have to send messages to hundreds of candidates?In that case, you’ll need a more advanced technique: making your messages stand out. Writing messages that are not personalized, but that have super high response rates.Jonas Waloschek, Senior Technical Sourcer ar MANTA, and ex McKinsey, is the expert of this technique. So I invited him on my podcast to talk about it.During our 30min conversation, Jonas explains to me the art of personalization at scale, giving me some tips and frameworks to apply in our outreach sequences to candidates.Specifically, Jonah reveals:-The difference between personalization and making your message stand out.-Why poetic messages have a better response rate.-Is sending videos to candidates effective? How can I personalize them?-What’s the interest of making your message sounds like it was written on a very specific time.-Why you should stop using emojis in your emails’ subjects.And many other things.To follow Jonas on LinkedIn, click here.To follow me on LinkedIn, click here.To know more about HireSweet, click here.
10/18/202228 minutes, 15 seconds
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40. How to be a coach to your recruiting team. Chris Ahsing, Head of Support Recruiting @Plaid.

Yelling at your recruiting team “be better” will never make them better.Having a right-minded coach above them, will.I’ve been wanting to do an episode on this topic for a while:  how to coach your recruiting team well, to make them outperform. So I decided to bring Chris Ahsing on the podcast.Why Chris?Because in addition to having been a recruiter at Google and Dropbox, he is also... a football coach.In this episode, Chris Ahsing reveals us :-the first principle to know to be a good coach-the simple technique Chris use to understand people better-how to gain ICs trust faster-the framework to give effective feedback-the difference between focusing on the process VS on the resultsAnd much more.To follow Chris on LinkedIn, click here. To follow me, click here.To know more about HireSweet, click here. 
9/21/202230 minutes, 7 seconds
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39. How to win candidates in a competitive market, with Troy Sultan, CEO @ Guide

The baseline experience for candidates is terrible - most companies don't really prioritize improving it. That's a blessing for companies who do, because a very small investment into candidate experience can turn into a strong competitive advantage!Troy has been in the war for talent for years (previously founded a recruiting CRM called, and recently launched a company called that focuses on improving the candidate experience. He's one of the best people on earth to talk about this topic. In this discussion, Troy shares his advice on how to win the war for talent by leveraging 5 key tenets:  Proactive transparency. Be transparent without candidates having to ask for it.  Rapid reponse. Everybody knows about this, but how to really achieve it?  Empathetic opinions. You're in the driver seat. As the same time, always make sure to check in with your passenger. Consistent floor. Make sure the worse candidate experience possible is still OK. Repellent narrative. Know and embrace what in your company is going to repel candidates away.  To follow Troy on LinkedIn, click here.To discover Troy's latest venture, check To know more about HireSweet CRM, click here.And to follow me on LinkedIn, it's here! See you there! 
9/15/202238 minutes, 43 seconds
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25. How to reach a 92% closing rate, with Jose Guardado, co-founder @Build Talent.

Closing candidates is an art & science.   It’s one of the biggest-leverage activities in recruiting - get better at closing and everything else just falls into place. Less sourcing, less interviewing time, and better internal satisfaction. So I brought in the best expert on the topic I could find!  Jose has been doing recruiting for 15 years, working for startups like Nebula, Edmodo, Dropcam, or large companies like Google and Cisco. Jose has also worked at Andreessen Horowitz (helping on recruiting executive talent) - one of the most prestigious VC firm in the world, and then coached Y Combinator founders. He knows his stuff.  There’s one reason why I picked Jose to talk about closing: his impressive 92% closing rate at BuildTalent. See, that’s an agency dirty little secret: when a search firm works on a mandate, they’re only ~40% to actually find someone for the role (hence the reason why companies tend to use several agencies at the same time). Jose is at 92%. That’s twice the industry standard.  In our discussion, Jose shares his closing techniques, his numbers, and his secret sauce.   We used Jose’s learning and then more to write our chapter “Closing” in our Definitive Guide To Sourcing, check it out here. Follow Jose on Linkedin here. Follow me on Linkedin here
4/21/202238 minutes, 53 seconds