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Tagalog, Social, 2 seasons, 35 episodes, 1 day, 4 hours, 53 minutes
Your 20-something millennials navigating through life, trying to get by pero hindi pa rin talaga alam ang ginagawa. Join us as we look back on our past decisions, talk about controversial topics and look forward to new beginnings as we experience adulthood. Check us out on our Instagram accounts: @anyare.podcast @micmicgarcia @erwinmate @bjtapia_
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S04E02: Right Love but Wrong Time?

Join us as we talk about the intricacies of the complicated relationship status: "Right Love at the Wrong Time". How do you know it's the right kind of love? When is the love not enough to fight the wrong time? Lahat ba magagawan ng paraan? Sabay-sabay nating pag-usapan lahat 'yan and more, only here with the Anyare Podcast.
9/20/202133 minutes, 47 seconds
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S04E01: We got fired!

And we’re back!! Join your favourite trio for more kwela, more kwentuhan and more katatawanan! In this episode, join us as we talk about the experiences of being rejected and being the rejector - why? how? and ANYARE?!
9/13/202135 minutes, 41 seconds
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S03E08: Anyare? Paano Naman Ako? | With Alec Cuenca

Anyare, Paano Naman Ako? Join us on a special episode with Small Talk! podcast host Alec Cuenca as we discuss how we can best navigate a post-break-up world. How are you feeling and what should you do with these feels? Should I block him? Can I cry myself to sleep every night? Paano ba? Grab the tissues and your favourite drink dahil hindi ka alone tonight - the Anyare Podcast is here para sa ating weekly kwentuhan, onting iyakan at tuloy-tuloy na kwelahan!
5/12/202150 minutes, 34 seconds
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S03E07: Anyare? Bibitaw Na Ba?

Anyare, Bibitaw Na Ba? Join us as we trudge through the difficult decision of staying or letting go. What are the signs of a weathering love affair, and when is it time to let it all go? What should be your reasons to stay, and will your decision be worth it? Join us, Amanda, Beej, and Erwin as we traverse this stormy hills of a failing relationship as we get some answers to the question – bibitaw na ba? Only here on the Anyare Podcast.
5/5/202139 minutes, 46 seconds
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S03E06: Anyare? Tayo na ba Part 2?

We’re continuing our discussion on commitments and making long-term relationships work! Join us for more kwela and kwentuhan as we try to figure out this crazy little thing called love.
4/30/202129 minutes, 42 seconds
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S03E06: Anyare? Tayo na ba?

Anyare, Tayo na Ba? Join us in a special two-part episode as we laugh, reminisce and talk about commitments and long-term relationships. What are the signs that your partner is ready to commit? Are you ready to meet the parents and friends? And paano nga ba natin ina-navigate ang isang relasyon during this pandemic? All this and more sa inyong Wednesday (and Friday) habit, the Anyare Podcast!
4/28/202148 minutes, 37 seconds
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S03E05: Anyare, Walang Label?

Anyare, Walang Label? Join us as we discuss the whats, whys and hows of “Situationships”: Why do we choose to get into a no-label relationship? Paano natin sini-set ‘yung terms? What happens when we want ‘more’? Let’s talk about the relationships we normally don’t want to talk about - from the arrangements we agreed on, to the assumptions and expectations for the future that we ‘shouldn’t have’ but we still do. Mahirap when things aren’t clear pero hayaan niyo, the Anyare Podcast is here to try to make more sense of our “Ano na ba tayo” - feels!
4/21/202149 minutes, 6 seconds
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S03E04: Anyare? 'Di Mo Ba Ako Mahal?

Anyare? ‘Di mo ba ako mahal? Join us as we dissect and dive deep to find the reasons kung bakit ‘di ka niya mahal. Let’s talk about what it is to be in love: Paano mo nga ba masasabi na mahal mo na siya? How do we come to terms with unrequited love? How do you know when it’s time to move forward? Let’s unearth everything from the past to the present, the lessons we’ve learned from along the way and the expectations and standards we have for future when it comes to unrequited love. Don’t feel down kahit ‘di ka niya mahal, because here in the Anyare Podcast, we’re sure that we love you!
4/14/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 14 seconds
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S03E03: Anyare Pag Single Ka?

Anyare Pag Single Ka? Join us as we dish it all out about the single life. What are the differences between dating apps vs real life dating? What are the unsaid guidelines and expectations kapag sumusuong ka sa iyong first date? What are the signs na gusto ka rin niya? And why does even ghosting happen? Sabay-sabay nating pag-usapan lahat yan and more, as we share from our personal experiences and points of view! We know na ang daming feels during the single life, but don’t you worry dahil we’re always here for better or for worse.
4/7/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 25 seconds
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S03E02: Anyare sa Burnout?

Anyare sa Burnout? Join us as we talk about our experiences of burnout: What are the tips and tricks to avoid burnout? What are the signs and symptoms of burnout and how does it affect not only our bodies but also our way of thinking? How can we keep our passion projects, relationships, career, and relationships in check when we’re constantly stressed? Let's explore the cause and effect of what keeps our flame low, and our aspirations blurry, and what are the ways we can help avoid or manage experiences of burnout.
3/31/202159 minutes, 19 seconds
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S03E01: Anyare sa Adulting? | with Sky Quizon

Anyare sa Adulting? Join us and our special guest, Sky Quizon, as we talk about this crazy stage of life we’re in called, Adulting: Are you anxious or pressured being in this adulting stage? How do we keep our relationships and friendships in check? Should we be more conscious about what we post on our social media? Let’s share our plans, fears, tips and feels as fellow young adults navigating through social pressures, cultural limitations and personal expectations.
3/24/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 12 seconds
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Season 3: Anyare is Back!!

Anyare?! Did you miss us? Don't worry, because your triple treat every Wednesday night is back! For season 3, expect more fun, learnings, and amazing conversations with your favourite trio. We can't wait to continue sharing our real life stories, wacky experiences, and emotional journeys living as an everyday Millennial. We hope you guys plug in every Wednesday at 8PM, relax and enjoy the ride only here with us, the Anyare Podcast - powered by Podcast Network Asia. TTYL!
3/17/20211 minute, 2 seconds
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S02E10: Anyare sa Cancel Culture?

Anyare sa Cancel Culture? Join us we deep dive and share our thoughts in this very controversial topic. Why and how "cancelling" famous personalities start? Is there any limitations on cancel culture? Should we cancel people just for the simplest of mistakes or is this reserved for the graver errors? When and how is it okay to "cancel" someone? Are celebrities, influencers and other famous personalities responsible for being informative? Let's discuss and understand why this "phenomenon" is so easily used to protect or sometimes hurt other people.
2/3/20211 hour, 55 seconds
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S02E08: Anyare sa First Impressions?

Anyare sa First Impressions Natin? Join us as we talk about the intricacies of First Impressions: Do First Impressions last forever? What impression would you like to leave after a first encounter? How do you make a good first impression? Let’s take a deep dive into our own personal mindsets when we meet someone for the first time and see how our personalities, comfort zones and even pet peeves play a role in the possible connections and relationships that we form.
1/20/202157 minutes, 15 seconds
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S02E04: Anyare Ngayong Pasko?

Anyare Ngayong Pasko? Join us as we talk about our favourite Christmas traditions and how we're adapting with the current COVID-19 restrictions: What are some of your favourite Christmas traditions? How's your Christmas Shopping going? Are you still going to Simbang gabi? Let's look back into our past Christmases with friends and family and reminisce on our favourite memories as we celebrate a different yet still special holiday season this year. 
12/23/202046 minutes, 21 seconds
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S02E02: Anyare sa Pagka-Jologs mo?

Anyare sa Pagka-Jologs Mo? Join us as we talk about how the concepts of 'Jologs' and 'Jejemon' affect our thoughts, actions and judgments: What were you first experiences hearing these terms? What are the common connotations we associate with these terms? Ano ba kung "Jologs" or "Jej" ako? Let's look into our own personal understanding of these terms and see how they influence our friendships, relationships and views on Filipino Society and Culture. 
12/9/202047 minutes, 35 seconds
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Season 2: Anyare sa Anyare?!

Anyare sa Anyare Podcast? Well, we’re back! This season, get ready for juicier, more controversial and impactful kwentuhans. Still with the same kulitan, katatawanan and your favourite trio. So in the meantime, hang in there, stay safe and stay tuned!
11/28/20201 minute