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Annie and Eddie Keep Talking

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 149 episodes, 3 days 16 hours
Friends and podcasters Annie F. Downs and Eddie Kaufholz host a 30ish minute show, releasing Tuesdays and Fridays, promising laughs, random topical deep dives and rabbit trails... all the things you've come to expect when Annie and Eddie keep talking.
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...about where Annie + Eddie are now talking!

Yup, we're still talking! But in two new places that we want to make sure you know about. You can find Eddie hosting his new podcast show, Doing the Best We Can with Eddie Kaufholz. Not only is it a podcast but it is also a newsletter that you can subscribe to with a little bit of different content in each. Make sure you are following both to get all the good feels you remember from Annie & Eddie Keep Talking. Subscribe to the newsletter and the podcast now! And Annie is busy reading through scripture over at her new podcast Let's Read The Gospels with Annie F. Downs. Follow alon
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