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The Other Side - Episode 177: “My Sister Started Her Own Anime Podcast?!”

The boys discuss the incredible ineptitude of the japanese Light Novel industry and how the editors might as well get credit as the actual authors in most cases. Other topics of the day: Insane Clown Posse and Fursuiting, the recent butchering of Dungeons and Dragons to make it more progressive and the new 9th level spell our intrepid hosts came up with to fix it (Power Word: Deadname), the superiority of Drow, Crunchyroll’s ridiculous LGBTBBQ+ panel and Crunchyroll’s equally ridiculous tendency to block everyone and their mother from their official twitter.Tanya did nothing wrong.SONG CREDIT: The Other Side – Pendulum
12/09/20221 hour 24 seconds
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An Interview with Vic Mignogna

Cody Baier interviews the one and only Vic Mignogna.
30/05/202042 minutes 48 seconds
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The Other Side: Episode 186 - House of Weebs

Having had enough of the five alarm autistic dumpster-fire it turned into, Cody goes off on WeebWars! Meanwhile, everyone's favorite ANN personality Zac Bertschy  privately deals with his divorce in an inspiring and dignified manner.Just kidding, he publicly embarrasses himself beyond belief. Join us in pointing and laughing!
14/05/20191 hour 33 minutes 24 seconds
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The Other Side: Episode 185 - Shield Hero Vs. Fox Queero

So there was this little show you might have heard of called “Rise of the Shield Hero”. Is it any good? Is it funny? And why does that huge bird have sunglasses? Also on the chopping block: ANN promoting cult propaganda and the man with the edgiest Fursona ever, “I am everything a Republican hates” Sonicfox.
11/03/20191 hour 15 minutes 40 seconds
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The Other Side: Episode 184 - V is for Vic-tory

Vic Mignogna, known as the voice of Edward Elric and many other characters, has recently been accused of everything from being a primadonna, a jerk, a creep and even a rapist. The boys from The Other Side go over the accusations, who is making them and why they are suddenly springing up like weeds. Thrill as you experience the insane levels of pettiness supposedly grown adults in the industry have! Marvel at the incredible levels of deflection from people who tolerated actual proven rapists! This is an episode you won't want to miss!ADDENDUM:This podcast was recorded before more revelations came to light, which we would like to address briefly here. First, now that her story has been proven false, we feel confident in naming Jessie Pridemore as the accuser mentioned in the podcast. Voice Actor Todd Haberkorn came forward as the one she implied had raped her, and provided evidence showing the sexual encounter was consensual, and that Pridemore has held a
02/02/20192 hours 10 minutes 4 seconds
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The Other Side: Episode 183 - Hellsing Ultimate Cuckold

LeighAnn returns for a lengthy discussion about Hellsing. Topics include the hilarious origin of Schrodinger, why so many characters in this show are cuckolds, how great the Major is and the ridiculous fanfictions people have written about this series. Lastly, there is a special mention of an insane online comic.Read Vinland Saga.
28/01/20191 hour 54 minutes 35 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 182: Sexy Hitler's World War 2 Any% Run

Just when you thought the Isekai genre might not be completely worthless after Overlord, here comes That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime to prove that it's still almost nothing but garbage! If a shitty self-insert show with tons of meaningless MMO factoids isn't up your alley though, there is always Saga of Tanya the Evil, which will have a movie out soon where she fights a Mary Sue (literally).One Piece is still a thing and it has been getting much better since the end of the Big Mom arc. Lastly Whitebeard, everyone's favorite incompetent captain, is finally exposed as the homosexual groomer he actually is.
14/01/20192 hours 7 minutes 52 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 181: My Boy! I'm Podcasting with my Boy!

After going over the recent events regarding AO's Twitter and Patreon, the boys go over various topics, ranging from the origins of the new Randall meme to Mother's Basement trying to start a slapfight with E;R. Lastly, Netflix Castlevania and it's overall great quality is discussed again.
22/12/20181 hour 35 minutes 37 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 180: Cease and Desist Listening to this Podcast!

Straight from the Maddox School of Law and Hurt Feelings, Tara Strong serves up a cease and desist against us! Other topics include the Sargon Strangler and Master of Kekate Gregory Ramos, H3 H3's recent shenanigans and MundaneMatt's amazingly well-designed card game.PS: Abridged series are still not funny.
13/12/20181 hour 15 minutes 40 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 179: Duel of Degeneracy

Since the dawn of time, mankind has asked itself one question: Who are the biggest degenerates, anime fans or furries?  Join the Other Side on a journey through the various fetishes infesting both communities as they attempt to provide a definitive answer. The results may surprise you!
05/11/20182 hours 4 minutes 31 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 178: A Blast From The Past

The boys are back in town! In this episode, various Anitwitter Lolicons are mocked. Special mention goes to Digibro and his various hobbies and eccentricities, including his unique way to wear turbans and his personal fashion shows he does in front of his mirror.  Other topics of discussion are the Ducktales reboot, Steins;Gate and The Legend of Korra (again).
27/10/20181 hour 42 minutes
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The Other Side - Episode 176: My Kengan Asura Waifu could beat up your Konosuba Waifu

Cody likes Fighting EX Layer. Also, Whitebringer and Negatokyo have been released on AO at last and are now available for your reading pleasure. For some incomprehensible reason, Andrew has started to self-harm by reading the Konosuba novels. With more explosions than the average London afternoon, these novels are sure to entertain if you are a horny loser with no standards! Max likes Kengan Asura. There's more Overlord discussion, too. Lastly, the guys speculate on which song the new Jojo anime will end up using.
09/07/20181 hour 47 minutes 9 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode: 175: The Gay Meme Frog Containment Breach

Hey kids, do you like SCP? Well too bad, because it's creators don't like you back! It's understandable though, as they are far too busy writing their newest masterpieces, like the transsexual Tumble-blog having Homestuck self-insert SCP or the evil computer SCP that will destroy the world with meme frogs that totally aren't Pepe and was created by a wife-beating republican rapist! Also on the chopping block is Uma Musume, especially since it's creators are now begging people not to draw porn of the characters so that the Yakuza won't cut their fingers off! Lastly, there is some discussion on My Hero Academia, including it's atrocious openings and endings.
02/07/20182 hours 10 minutes 49 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 174: Don't Fooly My Cooly

The Other Side finally returns, with a new format no less! Instead of letting themselves be constrained to a single topic per episode (with maybe some asides at the beginning), our hosts now talk about a smattering of different subjects! From Castlevania and it's spiritual successor Bloodstained, Star Wars, My Hero Academia, how much dick both Fooly Cooly and it's recent sequel suck all the way to how sexual psychology explains the anime fandom's endless fetishes and ravenous thirst, this episode has it all!
25/06/20181 hour 57 minutes 21 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 173: AO Epic Team Super

The Other Side finally returns! With Pop Team Epic and Dragonball Super having ended, the boys reminisce about their respective highlights while taking some shots at One Piece's horrible Big Mom arc along the way. Also, find out about the origin of Popuko and Pipimi's weird cat-faces and crazy twitter lesbians wanting to genocide Israel.
22/05/20181 hour 48 minutes 35 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 172: Skeletor beats Kirito

After making fun of Anitubers (because dear God, you never run out of material with these guys), the boys from the Other Side dive straight into the first Isekai/MMO-show to actually be worth a shit: Overlord! The adventures of magical Skullomania and his harem of equally horrible and hilarious monsters are discussed in detail. Why does this show succeed where all the other SAO-knockoffs (and SAO itself) have failed? Find out in this episode!
09/04/20182 hours 42 minutes 59 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 171: Springtime for Hitler and Anime Part 2

More editing problems, terrible anime and the spring season (for real this time), this episode truly has it all! Plus some talk about people who don't like Pop Team Epic and why they should not qualify as human in a civilized society. It's fun for the whole family!
16/03/20181 hour 27 minutes 36 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 170: Springtime for Hitler and Anime

After so many audio problems thet made this episode resemble a Slender Man tape, the boys of the Other Side are finally back to talk about the Spring Season... which has long since started. Whoops. Nevertheless, enjoy a blast from the not so distant past as you marvel at how incredibly, totally and entirely accurate all their predictions turn out to be. Again.
07/02/20181 hour 47 minutes 49 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 169: For Shame, Your Name

Get out your spit-sake and hairbands, because we are watching Your Name! The latest entry into the “movie where people on the poster are wistfully standing around in the sky while a word salad title flashes across”-genre spices things up by turning into anime Armageddon halfway though. Why? Who knows! Certainly not the writers, that much is for sure. In fact, there are so many glaring plotholes in this badly-written piece of tripe that you'd almost swear the script was produced with the “monkeys on typewriters” method. Join the boys on The Other Side and their special guest as they tear into yet another movie beloved by pretentious anime critics and the kinds of people that think Jojo is not feminist enough.
23/12/20171 hour 24 minutes 22 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 168: Kemono Friends with Benefits

The hard boys at TOS dive into the strangest post-apocalypse* this side of a Ziltoid invasion: Kemono Friends! From having a budget of 20 bucks and a pair of salad tongs to being screwed over by it's owners, there are quite a lot of things that make this show worth talking about. What does Cody think about Grape-kun? Why are there Penguin idols? Who is the best character?** Is this show finally the proof that Crunchyroll actually helps the anime industry?!*** What is it even about? Are we so dumb we even answer rhetorical questions? And most important of all, is Kemono Friends actually any good? All this and more will be revealed in this episode! *except not really **Moose. ***lolno
07/12/20171 hour 16 minutes 51 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 167: It's Story Time, Kids!

Taking a page out of “Tell 'Em Steve Dave!“, the TOS crew plays a few rounds of anime-themed One True Three – you tell three stories, only one of which is true. From lesser-known trivia to terrible porn, many different areas of anime are touched upon. Who will turn out to be the best liar?
25/11/20171 hour 51 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 166: Neo Yuckio

Neo Yokio, the new favorite show of everyone who think anime can't be enjoyed without a korean supertanker full of hipster irony. But what exactly is it anyway? A masterful work of satire? Just a terrible show? Join the hard boys of the Other Side as they attempt to survive this assassination attempt against good taste!
12/11/20172 hours 13 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 165: Final Deathstination Note

It's the new hot thing Anitwitter couldn't shut up about: The Netflix adaption of Death Note! Is it as bad as everyone says it is? (Yes.) What redeeming qualities were there? And how stupid can the horny teenager bearing Light's name possibly be? Find out as Cody, Max and Andrew dissect what makes this thing tick!
17/10/20172 hours 10 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 164: Anime Seasona 3: Falling Down (Part 2)

It's Crunchyroll storytime again, so Cody, Max and Andrew talk about such wonderful things as driving permissions, cuckoldry, disturbing obsessions with AO and Miles and the Mystery of the Gay Strip Club! You won't want to miss this one! Oh yeah, and also something about the rest of the season overview.
10/09/20171 hour 21 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 163: Anime Seasona 3: Falling Down (Part 1)

The 2017 fall season is upon us, and boy does it suck! From fox-girl hotsprings to women being bought in slave auctions, if it wasn't for one or two exceptions, you'd almost think Japan finally became incapable of making good shows. Join Cody, Max and Andrew on their magical adventure though Japan's most recent animated sewage!
31/08/20171 hour 7 minutes 42 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 162: Get Equipped With: Podcast

The trilogy of video game episodes concludes with a series near and dear to Cody’s heart; Mega Man. The boys at The Other Side talk about the Mega Man OVA, “Upon A Star”, as well as the Ruby Spears cartoon and the OVA’s mysterious connection to it. Interspersed among all that are hours and hours of Cody just nerding the fuck out over Mega Man.
21/08/20172 hours 39 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 161: Castlevania Mania

Continuing their series of episodes on game-based media, the boys at The Other Side talk about the Netflix Castlevania series, reminisce about the Metroidvania titles, and settle the debate once and for all over who the best Belmont is.
14/08/20172 hours 13 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 160: More Sonic Shit

After taking some time off, the boys were looking for something to talk about, when suddenly the world flooded ‘em with everything Sonic-related all in the same week. From the roller coaster o’ drama that is the fate of the comic book, to the hilariously 00’s-style edge of what was coming out from Forces, to Andrew’s adventures through Sonic 4, what better way to relax after digging through the garbage? What they didn’t expect was that the podcast would go so wonderfully off the rails…!
31/07/20172 hours 4 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 159: Check Out This Human Garbage!

This week’s episode might seem like run-of-the-mill drama, as TOS introduces you to one of the most heinously cringe-worthy anime podcasts of all time. But it’s oh so much more than that. This week, TOS takes you into the mind of a fetish-obsessed clique of trainwrecks bent on anime fandom domination. God, we wish that were hyperbole. Not only that, but this week’s episode doubles as a public service announcement, as one of them is an active menace to any and all women cosplaying at anime conventions! Also, we all learn that the worst thing you can do is let Cody find out that he can effectively troll someone by bragging… You won’t believe what we found this week, ladies and gentlemen, but trust us: everything we say this week is 100% true. We couldn’t make this shit up if we tried. You thought you knew the worst of the anime fandom? You know nothing….
08/07/20173 hours 20 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 158: Tohou-ly Shit

As a way to say he’s sorry for suggesting Eromanga, Cody gives the reigns of the podcast to Max and Andrew to let them explain to you fine folks just what the hell all this Touhou shit actually is.
02/07/20171 hour 32 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 157: What Eromanga Did To Us

On a really bad decision, the guys at The Other Side decided to watch this Eromanga Sensei show everyone’s talking about, and it’s safe to say no anime in recent memory has broke TOS the way this one did. This podcast ‘bout to bubble. But first, Cody does some housekeeping and tells everyone about the saddest group of people you’ll ever see!
24/06/20171 hour 54 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 156: The Summer Season Still Sucks

Max, Andrew, and Cody continue down the road of the Summer 2017 season, finding all new realms of shit. But first, Cody takes a pit-stop to talk about a Dragonball YouTuber so bad mentioning his very name can send Cody into a triggered sperg-attack.
18/06/20171 hour 22 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 155: The Summer Season Sucks

The boys at the Other Side take a look at the summer anime season, and it’s really fucking depressing. Horrendously so. So depressing and terrible that no description here can do it justice. You have never seen a season so packed with vapid anime series littered with moe blob waifus putting making body pillows and figurines to cover with cum on a higher priority than producing a watchable fucking show. So join us, for this waltz into Hell.
05/06/20171 hour 22 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 154: Otaku is the New Furry

In preparation of the upcoming "A Centaur's Life" anime, one of the AO team members, Jackson Fall, decided to read the manga and was stunned by how unbelievably bad it was. Knowing Crunchyroll was primed to make this their new favorite when the anime came out, the TOS crew had to bring Jackson on to tell the world what’s in this thoroughly batshit insane series. As a bonus, Cody throws out a recommendation for a must-see anime, and explains how the anime fandom is becoming the new furry fandom.
21/05/20172 hours 5 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 153: PR Nightmares

On this funderful episode of TOS, Cody, Max, and Andrew take a look at the unbelievable trainwreck that is the anime industry’s PR. From Crunchyroll’s embarrassing twitter to their PR guy Miles, who may be the worst public relations person you’ve ever seen! And let’s not forget Kodonsha’s Twitter watching all their shows for you, FUNimation hiring despicable racists on their public relations team, and so much more! By the end of this episode, you’ll wonder how this god-awful industry stays afloat!
30/04/20171 hour 21 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 152: Dragonmaidslayer

In this week’s episode of The Other Side, the guys talk about that Dragon Maid show all the weebs and industry twitters are obsessed with. But what’s really in this show? Is it just an innocent show about a dragon girl and her dragon girl friends? Of course it isn’t! So come along for the ride as TOS goes over all the pointless, plotless shenanigans of the show; the author’s dirty little secret; and how this show ahs elements so heinous you’re free to judge, mock, and deride anyone you know who’s a fan! Also, Cody takes some time to eulogize a show that was not only one of the greatest TV shows of all time, but helped to inspire TOS itself.
09/04/20171 hour 42 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 151: The Spring Season Has Sprung

It’s another season overview, as the guys take a look at the spring anime season. Is this season another cesspool of moe garbage and uninspired crap, or are there some gems to be found here? Could anime finally be learning? We got Tanya last season, but is there yet another new IP worth watching? Or was Tanya a fluke? The answer to these questions and more on this episode of The Other Side!
26/03/20171 hour 38 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 150: The Word “Fear” Being Subjective Here…

The waltz through crappy ARGs and indie internet horror continues as the guys take a look at the original haunted video game story of Ben Drowned, and the horror-free horrorverse of the Fear Mythos. And the material based on it which are sights to behold. And as an added bonus, Cody even brings you a couple ARGs that aren’t terrible. One’s even pretty good!
19/03/20171 hour 59 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 149: Argh! Real ARGs!

The boys at the Other Side decide to take a look at the wonderful world of ARGs and internet indie horror, starting with the big Slenderman trilogy (Marble Hornets, Everyman Hybrid, and Tribe Twelve). You’re gonna want to strap yourselves in folks because this one is a DOOZY.
05/03/20172 hours 27 minutes 12 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 148: Bore-uto

TOS brings back Riiser from The Webcomic Relief as a special guest to talk about the movie that proves that Masahi Kishimoto is now a whore who only cares about money; Boruto! Yes, the guys actually sat through this fucking embarrassment, and now you get to enjoy the journey through this waste of animation dollars, too!
19/02/20172 hours 32 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 147: A Hand Bursts Forth from Anime’s Grave (Part 2)

The trudge through the winter anime season continues, as the TOS crew is hit with a surprise they never expected. Could there be an anime this season that’s actually good? One that isn’t based on an established IP?!
11/02/20171 hour 40 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 146: A Hand Bursts Forth from Anime’s Grave (Part 1)

It’s late as hell, but another season overview is here! Join the guys as they take a look at what’s been going on in the Winter anime season you’ve been seeing pimped on every anime industry twitter the past few months! And as an added bonus, hear Cody unload on a thoroughly stupid trend this anime season has brought us!
08/02/20171 hour 55 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 145: Listen To This Podcast or Anime is Cancelled

After the news that Crunchyroll laid off a bunch of people, the boys of The Other Side decided to have a giggle at both Crunchyroll, and the state of the anime industry as a whole, and see if you agree with Cody’s take on why the anime industry is such a damn mess right now!
31/01/20171 hour 19 minutes 41 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 144: Fate/Get Fucked

Ever hear of the Fate franchise? Y’know, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, all that stuff? Ever wonder what it’s actually about? What’s in it? Well hoo-doggie, you’re in for a treat! Strap in, as The Other Side takes you for a ride through Fate Town. And by the end, you’ll really, really wish they hadn’t.
22/01/20171 hour 51 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 143: Finally Understanding BlazBlue

Continuing from a previous series of episodes that explained the plot of BlazBlue for all the many people who didn’t get it, now that the story has concluded, The Other Side helps you fine folks to understand just what the hell happened. What was Terumi’s deal?! What happened to Ragna in the end? What in the blue hell is a “Phenomena Intervention”?! Once you’ve listened to this podcast, you’ll finally know!
05/01/20172 hours 50 minutes 41 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 142: Go Go Powerful Rangers

Out of fuckin’ nowhere, TOS decided to do a Power Rangers episode. Okay, not completely out of nowhere, as Max had started watching a little show by the name of Akibaranger, which kickstarted the idea. But rather go into some boring plot summary of a cheesy children’s show, the guys talk about their own childhood memories of the show, have some laughs at Linkara’s expense, tell you why you should watch Akibaranger, and so much more! Also Andrew is off the next couple of episodes.
27/12/20162 hours 7 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 141: The Fall of One Piece

It had a good run as one of the best shonen ever made, standing alongside the greats like Dragonball, or Jojo when it was shonen. One Piece was among the best. It stood amidst titans. But now it’s turned to shit in a way its former brethren never have. Since the beginning of the Big Mom arc, this former example to all shonen has become a middling, comically unsubtle piece of dragging garbage riddled with recycled ideas, ham-fisted imagery, and villains so awful you can’t believe this is the same series that gave us Sir Crocodile, Donquixote Doflamingo, the Admirals, etc. Take a trip into One Piece’s descent to the garbage heap with the boys at The Other Side, as they go over what went so horribly, horribly wrong.
17/12/20161 hour 52 minutes 12 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 140: Boobs, Butts, and Everything In-Between!

It’s a hum-dinger of a grab bag episode with a special guest co-host! After some initial nerding, including one member of the podcast going into more detail about their history of LARPing than you ever wanted, the guys at TOS tell you all about Keijo, which they subjected themselves to just so they could tell you all about it! But it turns out there wasn’t enough in Keijo to talk about that would fill an entire episode, so the guys and their special surprise guest discuss the increasing insanity of Steven Universe (and its staff), and even get into some sexual eugenics!
09/12/20162 hours 20 minutes 21 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 139: It's The Memes, Jack!

After more DB Super geeking, the boys of The Other Side take a look at the Metal Gear series as a whole. Something Cody’s not super familiar with. Luckily, his co-hosts are here to educate him about all the improbable craziness that Hideo Kojima chap came up with!
29/11/20162 hours 16 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side: Episode 138 - AniTwitter in Trump’s America

Trump won, y’all! America confirmed for Great Again! But the craziness is far from over, as your favorite anime voice actors, writers, and podcasters have thoroughly embarrassed themselves by reacting to Trump’s election in such absurd, melodramatic ways that you’d think we were lying to you if we hadn’t tweeted the evidence last week. But before the TOS trio gets into that, Cody and Max take some time to gush about the greatness that was Dragonball Super Episode 66, and indulge in a little unabashed nerdiness. Also, Cody dispenses some tough love, and blows the hell up on someone he used to consider a friend.
19/11/20162 hours 31 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 137: Andrew Erickson Is Horribly Abused By Us And We’re Sorry

Andrew Erickson’s dive into the world of horrendously bad Steam games continues, as we look at games where you can fuck tanks, games where internet personalities masturbate over themselves, and games with anime waifus no good person should like. There’s even a little time to talk about how great Shadow Warrior 2 and DB Xenoverse 2 are! And as an added bonus, some hysterical riffing on the new One Piece chapters!
06/11/20162 hours 10 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 136: The One Piece Fandom Is Worse Than Radical Islam

A while ago, TOS looked at a horrendously cringe-inducing, virtue-signaling, look-at-me-ladies-I’m-an-ally piece of garbage article on the One Piece Podcast website. Since then the OPP has blocked us on twitter and called that episode “hate speech”. Then they recently released an article even worse, something so fucking embarrassing we had to take a look at it. After looking a little deeper, it turns out that the OPP’s worse than we thought, being absolutely riddled with Tumblr gender theory bullshit. So join the boys of TOS as they go spelunking into this cave of shit!
30/10/20163 hours 5 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 135: I Smell A Rat (King)

It’s finally happened; anime has a Sarkeesian. Or a Sarkeesian wannabe, anyway. Anime Feminist is a new blog helmed by a handful of people from the anime industry who want to obsess over all the identity politics in anime they can in between begging you for Patreon bux. You may find it hard to trust your once-favorite anime licensors again once you find out who’s involved in this little cabal. And a as bonus, The Other Side finds itself having to teach grown-ass adults how human interaction works.
21/10/20161 hour 43 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 134: Pour One Out For Anime (Part 3: Let it Die)

We finally reach the end of the Fall 2016 anime season overview, as the guys look at a franchise zombie that just needs to die already, along with an extra helping of AIDS, and anime is dead now…
15/10/20161 hour 36 minutes 45 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 133: Pour One Out for Anime (Part 2)

The 2016 fall anime season riffing continues as Anime Outsiders editor LeighAnn Williams joins the guys to go over this stinker of a season! Is there ANYTHING watchable this year? Tune in to find out!
25/09/20161 hour 47 minutes
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 132: Pour One Out For Anime (Part 1)

It’s that time again! Another season overview! But this time’s special, because it’s TOS’ first season overview on Anime Outsiders! The guys take a look at the Fall anime season, and try not to just quit anime altogether after seeing what the future has in store for them!
16/09/20162 hours 2 minutes 9 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 131: TGT on TOS

Y’all know about Tails Gets Trolled, right? Of course you do! Most of you have probably heard of it, but how many of you have actually read it? Well we did, and we at TOS are here to share its wonder and majesty with you. But before that, Steven Universe is being retarded again, so we have to address that…!
09/09/20162 hours 12 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 130: Spirit Nazis and Space Nazis

It’s another multi-topic episode! First, the guys discuss the Bleach finale (and yes, there are spoilers), and the current state of One Piece and the Big Mom arc. After that, the TOS trio were GOING to talk about Hitler (remember when they were gonna do that? But then it was a fake-out? There were gonna do it for real this time) but then Max just dropped a bombshell that just dominated the rest of the episode. What bombshell, you ask? Listen to find out!
02/09/20162 hours 1 minute 3 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 129: Pokémon Go Watch All Our Shit

There’s been a LOT of Pokémon media besides the games. You got the anime, the OVA, a bunch of manga, it’s all there! But is any of it good? Any of it worth anyone’s time? Well that’s what TOS is here for; to help you find what’s worth watching! And as an added bonus, the guys finally figure out the secret behind why Ash Ketchum is such an unbelievable failure!
20/08/20162 hours 4 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 128: Otakon Wrap-Up

Hey y’all! BONUS EPISODE! A bunch of the team at AO went to Otakon, and now Cody Baier and LeighAnn Williams are here to give you all the deets on the second largest anime con in America. Learn all about the industry panels, see which one was the only good one, hear all about god damn spergy douchebags who need to learn to shut up, and much more!
16/08/20161 hour 45 minutes 21 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 127: Putting The “Genocide” in Genocide Cutter

It’s another double feature on The Other Side! First, the boys discuss an old interview they heard recently between Vic Mignogna and the assclowns over at Anime News Network, and how their treatment of Vic and apparent disdain for the fact that he likes Jesus really pissed off the TOS trio. This, of course, leads into heavy discussions about heavy things. Then we move on from heavy things to discussion of video game lore! With King of Fighters XIV coming out this month, the boys decided to do a miniature version of one of their catch-up episodes and go through the previous KoF story arcs, to get you prepared for KOFXIV (which begins the newest arc). Strap in, folks, because this is the franchise that injected lore into fighting games to begin with!
06/08/20162 hours 51 minutes 13 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 126: Relief From The Webcomics

Continuing the apparent theme of following up previous topics, Cody goes it alone this time, bringing on YouTube webcomic reviewer Riiser of The Webcomic Relief to discuss something TOS has touched on many times; the “wonderful” world of webcomics! Cody grills Riiser over his positive review of Megatokyo, Riiser talks about his run-ins with some particularly deranged webcomic authors and fans, Cody educates Riiser about the earliest deranged furries, Riiser educates Cody about what furry porn artists really think about furries, and the day tops off with a discussion about how Riiser may have the only legitimate story of bullying on YouTube. It’s a hella-fun special episode that you can’t afford to miss!
22/07/20162 hours 15 minutes 40 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 125: Humpty Dumpty Sat Atop The 4th Wall

After knocking out the last couple of Channel Awesome contributors they missed last episode, the trio at The Other Side go their experiences having actually sat through Linkara’s Atop The Fourth Wall movie. And man-oh-man do they wish they hadn’t! Could this “film” actually be worse than To Boldly Flee? And what’s this about a scene that’s legitimately funny? You’ll have to listen and find out!
15/07/20162 hours 1 minute 30 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 124: Hit A Man With Glasses (While He's Down)

You've asked for it, now you're gonna get it! Ever since TOS' overview of the massive ball of embarrassment that is TGWTG, fans have asked for us to return to the site after the clusterfucks of drama and failings this once-popular internet review hub has seen. So here it is, just for you guys; TOS tackles the collapse of Channel Awesome. And as a bonus; Cody, Max, and Andrew go over some very interesting (and very hilarious) happenings, take yet another opportunity to trash ANN, and if you ever wanted to hear what Cody sounds like when he's actually angry, then you're in luck!
30/06/20162 hours 34 minutes 11 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 123: We Heart Imperial Japan!

FUNimation is at it again! Rather than license or release any of the titles fans have been clamoring for, they instead decided to license Imperial Japanese propaganda from the 40's! But it's okay, see, this is the first full-length animated film from Japan! So it's historical! So surely, FUNimation is treating it with respect as a piece of history with unfortunate involvements and not, say, trying to hype it like they just licensed a new Hosoda film or anything! Right?! Join the guys at The Other Side as they discussed the truly messed up stories behind this film, FUNimation's hilariously moronic statements about it, talk a little history, and then take some time to explain that you should disregard anyone who's been recommending Joker Game to you. Spoiler alert; it's really fucked up.
23/06/20161 hour 32 minutes 52 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 122: Anime is Back, and so are the Losers!

It's a longer-than-usual double feature on TOS! First, the boys go over a recent train wreck for all you listeners to gawk at. It's been awhile since The Other Side generated enough salt from other anime podcasters to bring about some comedy gold. Not since the episode "Feel The Love" have the TOS crew felt their detractors' shenanigans were worth sharing. Recently, however, a big bucket of cringe was dumped onto their doorstep the likes of which rarely come along. So join The Other Side as Cody shares a story so fucking absurd you'll think he has to be lying. Sadly, all of it is true... After that, it's time for another season overview! Once again anime comes at us with a new bushel of big eyes to give social outcasts a magical world to escape into where they won't feel all those icky lonelies. This time, however, the rest of us get thrown a bone or two, as well! In fact, this just may be the best anime season in years! Why? Well you'll ha
09/06/20162 hours 50 minutes 41 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 121: Andrew Erickson's Steam Profile is Irrevocably Tainted

Cody's challenge to the listeners continues, as even more horrendous Steam games have been gifted to TOS' gaming punching bag, Andrew Erickson. And this batch of horrendous games does not disappoint, ranging from little girl simulators to some of the worst art ever seen in a game you're expected to pay money for! And it all ends with a surprise entry we're absolutely positive you're all familiar with. And as an added bonus, you get some of Max Vader's psychotic stories of his school days!
03/06/20162 hours 58 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 120: The Imaishi Interview

Once again, The Other Side has managed to score an interview with a big name in the anime industry! No, we don't know how they do it, either. Seems like a lot of shady shit, if you ask us! After hearing Hideaki Anno tell some interesting stories about the man, the crew at TOS knew they had to speak to them man himself! And now, here he is! TITLE: The Imaishi Interview SONG: Blue Danube Waltz
28/05/20161 hour 8 minutes 31 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 119: Captain Kirkin' It

The Other Side is back, and takes a look at the horrifying Monster Girl Encyclopedia. The hiatus is over, TOS is back! And for some reason, Cody thought it would be a good idea to see where the monster girl craze came from and take a look at the Monster Girl Encyclopedia! He is an idiot! None of the crew of The Other Side could've predicted how truly awful and despicable this book was. And by the end of this podcast, you'll have a hard time ever trusting anyone that's into Monster Girls... SONG CREDIT: Kid CuDi - Scott Mescudi vs. The World
20/05/20162 hours 2 minutes 49 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 1: Nico Nico Dumbass

In their debut episode, the boys of The Other Side–Cody Baier and Alex Barry–take a look at Nico Nico Douga’s top 50 anime series of the 21st century, as voted by its users. What they find is a sad and disturbing indictment on the audience anime has garnered, and Japan’s apparent obsession with schoolgirls. Also, Google Image Search unearths some dark, Lovecraftian evils for which Cody shall not stand. Including spectral rape snakes, which is never a good thing. Especially if you’re a girl with big eyes, a Japanese name, and you happen to find yourself dressed in a sailor suit.
01/05/20161 hour 11 minutes 54 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 3: They're Called "Comics"

In this episode of The Other Side, Alex and Cody take a look at the popular form of webcomics commonly referred to as “Webmanga.” Specifically, they examine why the formula of making anime-derivitive webcomics are doomed to fail, a few choice offenders, and Cody gives us a little insight on what goes into making professional comic art (and in doing so, goes over what does NOT go into making the art found commonly in Webmanga).
01/05/20161 hour 13 minutes 54 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 5: FanDumb Face-Off 2012 (Part 2)

The Other Side’s FanDumb Face-Off continues, as Alex and Cody go over the crazy shenanigans of the Sonic fandom, as well as a few fandoms that didn’t make the top 4, but deserve an honorable mention or two. Also, Cody shares a few of his more self-destructive habits for your entertainment, and all the horrible things he’s seen that no man was meant to behold.
01/05/20161 hour 15 minutes 19 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 2: Gainax

The guys at the Other Side don’t like GAINAX. To say they’re not fans is to say the Atlantic Ocean is damp. But what is it about this highly popular studio and their highly popular works that make it so highly unpopular with Alex and Cody? Well, in this episode, the dynamic duo make their case to the world. Some cases being longer, and are more of a rant, than others.
01/05/20161 hour 10 minutes 11 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 4: FanDumb Face-Off 2012 (Part 1)

In an effort guaranteed to polarize listeners more than they already have, Cody and Alex take a look at the four worst fandoms in existence. And, of course, debate over which is the worst of the four. It’s a goliath of a discussion that couldn’t be contained in a single podcast. But in Part 1, Cody and Alex discuss their choice for the worst of the fandoms, as well as one of the runners up.
01/05/20161 hour 5 minutes 2 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 8: African American New Testament

On a special episode of The Other Side, Cody is joined by guest co-host Max Vader, german expert in all things scandalous, to discuss the wacky and twisted world of anime pornography, better known as Hentai! Very few entertainment mediums are as bizarre and deranged as anime porn, so what better topic of discussion for someone like Cody?!
01/05/20161 hour 26 minutes 48 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 6: Crazy Cartoon Concubines

Alex and Cody are back for another episode of The Other Side, and what better topic of discussion for two jaded anime fans than harem anime?! Alex and Cody dive into the seedy world of Japanese wish fulfillment, sexism, ambiguously gay male leads, and much, much more! Producer’ Note: I’m aware I got the wrong Ayres brother. I meant to say GREG Ayres. Greg. Not Chris. Greg.
01/05/20161 hour 14 minutes 59 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 7: Memory Lane

On this episode of The Other Side, Alex and Cody take a trip through all their repressed memories, looking back on what got them into anime, what made them into the jaded bastards they are today, and even how it was they discovered there was a darker, porn-ier side to anime. And, in doing so, Cody drops a bombshell or two!
01/05/20161 hour 16 minutes 14 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 10: Streets of Rape

In the search for a follow-up to Katawa Shoujo, Cody and Alex searched high and low for more crazy anime games, but found something else. Something darker… An old foe from the FanDumb Face-Off returns to drive Cody into a furious rage, and fighting horses drive a rift between Alex and Cody! Sort of…
01/05/20161 hour 11 minutes 12 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 11: The Wimmins Of Anime

In order to discuss the oft-discussed subject of women in anime in a form of discussion that isn’t normally discussed, Cody Baier brings in a couple of women with very different points of view to help examine and discuss the portrayal of the fairer sex in Japanese cartoons. And that’s certainly something to discuss. This episode discusses Black Lagoon, Queens Blade, Ah My Goddess and other series.
01/05/20161 hour 9 minutes 29 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 9: Sugoi Kawaii Cripples!

Katawa Shoujo… The popular English language visual novel about scoring with disabled girls. Yes, that’s a real thing, and your shock and disbelief is exactly the reason why Alex and Cody just had to give this bizarre sack of melodrama a whirl, wasting so many precious hours out of their lives. Be thankful; they do things like this for your entertainment, no matter how miserable an experience it is!
01/05/20161 hour 24 minutes 40 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 12: The Fanfiction Episode

In this episode of The Other Side, Cody and Alex mark Alex’s triumphant return by discussing a subject the latter is all too familiar with: anime fanfiction. More specifically, everything that is wrong with the very idea of anime fanfiction, and its whacked-out community. And, in the process, the guys end up producing what is, hands-down, their most outrageous episode to date. Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your fragile egos! Please read and review. NO FLAMES!
01/05/20161 hour 19 minutes 49 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 13: Revenge Of The Webmanga

On one of their earliest episodes, Alex and Cody discussed terrible, anime-styled webcomics, or “webmanga.” The comics they discussed were awful. They were dumb. They were ridiculous. But now, Alex and Cody tackle a few more “webmanga,” but this time, it’s not just any old terrible, anime-styled webcomic. Oh no… In this episode, Cody and Alex look at a handful of progressively more and more disturbing works that not only display the kind of twisted SOBs that fancy themselves to be the creative types, but prove, once and for all, that you can produce the most vile garbage imaginable, and still find a loyal and abundant fanbase on the internet. The episode may start out with little more than a fetish-laden sad-fest, but by the end…
01/05/20161 hour 13 minutes 54 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 14: Awful Anime Adaptations

Alex and Cody take a look at 4 terrible anime adaptations of otherwise good licenses. They shock their audience with a more positive tone on this week’s episode and mention Dragon Ball Z, Get Backers, Bleach and Street Figher 2. On a lighter note from the last podcast’s foray into the world of awful human beings and the awful human beings who read their comics, Alex and Cody take a look at 4 terrible anime adaptations of otherwise good licenses. From video games to manga, but mostly just video games and manga, Cody and Alex go over some truly memorable bastardizations.
01/05/20161 hour 33 minutes 39 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 15: Of Policemen And Pube Grenades

After stumbling upon an anime called Mad Bull 34, Cody Baier was beside himself. He couldn’t decide if the show was fantastic, or horrendous. So to help him decide, he called up his cohort Alex Barry to see if this big bag of madness was a winner or a loser. And then, he had a thought… He was reminded of the increasing trend for the current and younger generations to embrace any ridiculous concept, no matter how terrible an idea it was. If it was “random,” they’ll eat it up. Never one to accept such a state of affairs, Cody presented that topic to Alex as well, and a podcast for the ages was born…!
01/05/20161 hour 22 minutes 21 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 16: Anime Might Be Dead

Sturgeon’s Law is an unforgiving beast. One that no medium or genre can escape. That includes anime, and nothing proves that point more than the shows coming down the pike for the 2012 summer anime season. One look at this roster of shows will shame any western otaku claiming that Japanese cartoons are the superior entertainment, and make you wonder how anyone can consume that medium exclusively. So, who better to point and laugh at this year’s convoy of crap than The Other Side’s Alex Barry and Cody Baier? Join Alex and Cody as they judge many, many books by their cover and give an alternative perspective to the coming season. This is no neutral, forgiving, glossing-over of the latest anime titles. Strap yourself in for an unforgiving run-through of a cavalcade of shows no one in their right mind should watch.
01/05/20161 hour 32 minutes 42 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 17: Lunatic Loser Exhibition #1

If there’s one thing Cody and Alex of The Other Side enjoy, it’s having a laugh at the expense of fandoms. As a couple of guys who love geeky stuff, but lost all tolerance for the geeks they share their interests with, nothing brings them more scadenfreudian glee than to have a good laugh at the ridiculous antics of various fandoms. And few can produce more trainwreck humor than those ever-infamous individuals within those fandoms. The kind of people that make Encyclopedia Dramatica actually worth visiting. So, with that, the boys on the Other Side present the first edition of their spotlight on various “lolcows,” as they’re often called. In this first run-through, Alex and Cody look at three wackos of decreasing scumbaggery, but increasing hilarity.
01/05/20161 hour 16 minutes 17 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 19: Left4KidsDead

In celebration of 4Kids selling off its assets–marking the final nail in the company’s coffin–Alex and Cody decide to show zero respect for jobs lost by looking back at the “legacy” of 4Kids Entertainment, and having a good chortle at their expense. From their needlessly convoluted editing practices to their uncomfortable xenophobia, all of 4Kids’ best qualities are spotlighted for the world to enjoy. Their “delightful” dubs of One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Sonic X are also put on the chopping block for a few derisive yuks. And, as a bonus, a lost Other Side episode is briefly discussed for your listening pleasure!
01/05/20161 hour 34 minutes 47 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 18: Stay Free Fandom

There are some fandoms to which Cody and Alex ascribe; the fighting game fandom. Cody’s boner for King of Fighters is matched only by Alex’s boner for Guilty Gear. Unfortunately, just like any fandom, their’s is one wrought with dillholes and assclowns. Never ones to shy away from casting a spotlight of accountability, Cody and Alex put their own kin on the chopping block, taking the fighting game fandom to task. David Sirlin inspires Alex to steal the show, Skullgirls is properly eviscerated, and one subsection of the fighter fandom proves too worthless for even Cody to have some fun sharpening his teeth on.
01/05/20161 hour 23 minutes 9 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 20: Anime Is On Life Support (Part 1)

With Alex MIA, Cody is joined by guest co-host Jahmere Durham, of 2 Guys and a Mic fame, to take a look at the upcoming fall anime season. Books will be judged by their covers, and judgments will be passed as Cody and Jahmere find that this new season is almost worse than the summer season! Almost… If not for one shining gold nugget in the sea of animated feces…
01/05/20161 hour 30 minutes 13 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 21: Anime Is On Life Support (Part 2)

After an unscheduled hiatus brought about by a product so faulty no company should ever allow it to reach the general marketplace, The Other Side returns to continue its overview of the fall anime season, with guest co-host Jahmere Durham. More godawful shows are lambasted, many with some super-uncomfortable premises, and Jahmere reveals a dark secret about himself that threatens to tear his very credibility in twain! What is that dark, twisted secret? Well, you’re just going to have to listen and find out!
01/05/20161 hour 32 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 23: Big Eyes On The Idiot Box (Part 1)

The story of how out Japanese cartoons have been brought to us has been a long and semi-boring one. Oh, sure, most podcasts would discuss anime’s growing acceptance into mainstream culture, and how this was both caused by, and led to, anime’s increased presence on television. But The Other Side is not most podcasts. So, instead, join Cody Baier and Alex Barry as they make fun of Speed Racer’s theme song, discuss what it’s like to have a good day, and Cody Baier shows us that there is an inverse side to his usual angry rants; much more positive, but just as manic.Runtime: 00:57:04
01/05/20161 hour 46 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 25: Sayonara Alex

On Alex Barry’s last episode, the boys dissect the nature and origins of the negative reactions they’ve received. Butthurt. A word bandied about in such a casual manner, one tends to overlook its actual meaning. Its true nature. As Alex Barry says farewell to The Other Side, he and Cody can think of no more fitting a subject for his final podcast than an examination into the childish reactions their views, and the manner in which they’ve expressed them, have garnered from some people. From accusations of trolling, to outright temper tantrums, Cody and Alex (though mostly Cody) have evoked a sizable amount of ire from a substantial amount of people within the anime fandom. While Cody couldn’t be happier, he and Alex take it upon themselves to ask the burning question; why? Where does this unhealthy, childish rage come from?
01/05/20161 hour 14 minutes 39 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 24: Big Eyes On The Idiot Box (Part 2)

The Other Side finally reaches the age of Toonami in its look at anime on television… Too bad everyone and their mother has looked back on Toonami, so forget that! Instead, Alex and Cody (mostly Cody) take a look at an anime block that was an unsung hero of the day. A block close to Cody’s heart–possibly a little more than even Toonami–that few anime podcasts even acknowledge. Which programming block could that be? Well, you’ll just have to listen and find out! And have another taste of “happy manic” Cody as the boys discuss the revival of Toonami!
01/05/201658 minutes 25 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 22: 2Deep4U

Sometimes, your favorite anime show decides it wants to be deep, meaningful, or just look smart, so it’ll throw in some philosophical ramblings in there. Or it’ll just quote people who actually knew how to do this whole philosophy thing. Or it’ll throw random-ass visuals in your face and pretend it means anything. So, who better to tear this pretentious gobbledygook apart than the good folks at The Other Side? For this episode, Cody is joined by special guest co-host Max Vader, a student in philosophy himself, to give added insight into just how much these terribly pretentious shows fail miserably at being anything more than a joke. Also, watch, as Cody spends much of the latter portion of the episode fumbling to find his words, learning that doing a podcast at 4 in the morning is never a good idea…!
01/05/20161 hour 38 minutes 12 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 26: The Really Gross Episode

Alex is gone, but a new co-host arrives to take his place. Max Vader, German connoisseur of the strange and surreal, joins The Other Side as Cody’s new co-host. In his debut episode, Max joins Cody in a look at what is quite possibly the most sick and twisted thing those in the anime fandom must live with; the existence of hentai manga and doujin. When a horny, repressed Japanese artist is allowed to let his fetishes and sexual preferences run wild in an environment without any oversight or scrutiny, what the rest of the world gets is a slew of hornball horrors. Images that will burn themselves in your mind, and haunt your nightmares, all brought to you by people that you know, right off the bat, by virtue of just being a decent person, you are better than them. An underground cesspool of sheer sleaze alleviated only by the fact that, no matter how surreal and disgusting it is, it’s just drawings. It may not do much to help, but at least it’s something…
01/05/20161 hour 19 minutes 4 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 27: Crowning Moment Of Dumbass

What started as a website to catalog recurring elements in fiction, at some point, became the hub for the worst of the worst that fandom has to offer. Especially the anime fandom, which has pervaded that site like all manner of cancer. The story of TV tropes’ downfall into the abyss of becoming the internet’s biggest punchline was just too fascinating–and ripe for mockery–for Cody and Max to ignore. So join the boys as they take their scalpels to this frog of pathetic fanwankery, as they dissect it, find out what makes it tick, and giggle like idiots at how gross the whole thing is.
01/05/20161 hour 33 minutes 20 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 28: Fullmetal Dead [Censored] Magician

Remember that first Fullmetal Alchemist anime? The one that is, thankfully, been rendered obsolete thanks to Brotherhood? Well, The Other Side remembers! They remember all the ridiculous, laughable, even offensive details about that godawful rendition of an amazing manga. From the unfortunate implications of inept dramatic twists, to the director’s apparent vendetta against Rose, to the brain-breaking non-logic behind everything about the Homonculi, Cody and Max leave no stone unturned as they look back and dissect why, exactly, that first Fullmetal Alchemist anime was pure garbage, and why the manga and Brotherhood are the best thing since sex on sliced bread and why everyone needs to go check that shit out like pronto!
01/05/20161 hour 25 minutes 37 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 29: The Tragedy Of Comedy

Japan is not funny. This is a harsh truth many anime fans simply cannot bring themselves to accept. Perhaps some just cannot allow themselves to admit Japan is imperfect, or perhaps it’s because these terrible anime comedies properly pander to them in such a way that they giggle at non-jokes because said non-joke brought up their favorite show. Or maybe their sense of humor is just terrible. For whatever reason, this fact of life has spent far too long simply lingering in the room in the guise of a 500 pound gorilla. With that in mind, Max and Cody discuss a handful of particularly egregious examples, while also taking a look at those few flukes; the rare beast that is an anime comedy that’s roll-on-the-floor funny.
01/05/20161 hour 44 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode: 30 This Is A Thing

The internet has brought us more than plenty of mind-numbing, brain-searing, inexplicably stupid crap. Things that anyone living in the real world would surely think were just satirical. But those of us in the know, well, we know better. As much as we want these things to have been done in jest, they weren’t. Someone made them, or they meant what they said, or they tried to produce something legitimate. And even worse, many times these horrid, moronic pieces of garbage will not only have fan followings, but sizable ones, to boot. One such monolith to unintelligence is Fallout: Equestria. A masterpiece in garbage that manages to both cross over and miss the points of both Fallout, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s a grimdark joke of a story played totally straight for many, many insanely long chapters filled with brutal rape, murder, and a story that’ll make you swear the author was probably drooling on their keyboard half the time. It’s a sight to behold, so Max and Cody ar
01/05/20161 hour 22 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 31: You Should Be Watching

Everyone needs a break sometimes, and that includes Max and Cody. After dealing with terrible show after terrible show, and fandom bullcrap after fandom bullcrap, the boys decide to take a week off from all that. What better way than to highlight four superb series that everyone should check out, if they haven’t already! 2 from Max, 2 from Cody, the boys of The Other Side decide to play Oprah, with an anime equivalent of a book club! They’d call it an Anime Club, but considering the stigma attached to your typical high school anime club, they’ll stick to comparing themselves to Oprah Winfrey, thank you very much. If you haven’t seen these series, run out and do so. If you have, bask in their glory with us!
01/05/20161 hour 26 minutes 48 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 33: The Webmanga Strikes

It’s so perfect it makes you wonder why they haven’t done this before! The two writers, past and present, for Project AFTER’s Comic Release article, examine 4 more terrible webmanga in The Other Side’s continuing look into the world of rip-offs, wish fulfillment, fetish fappery, and Roger Ebert-esque failures of critics to become writers. This time, Cody and Max explore a couple fetish comics that acts as a sort of reverse viagra for the rest of the world, a comic that stands as one of the most infamously terrible on the Internet, and one prominent comic that may not be as bad as the other three, but represents a hypocrisy that is awe-inspiring, if nothing else. And, of course, we get a few art lessons from Cody, and the story of how he almost unloaded on one of the internet’s most infamous human failures in person.
01/05/20162 hours 4 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 34: An Anime Called Boku

In an attempt to do something no other anime podcast has ever, or will ever do, Cody Baier and Max Vader braved the animated hell that is Boku no Pico. With their psyches thoroughly crushed, The Other Side duo drag themselves back from the pits to podcast on this putrid Prime Evil.
01/05/20161 hour 18 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode: 32 Tumblrs Better Than Pumprs

Oh god, Tumblr! The worst of humanity calls it home. The most vile of psychopaths. The most pathetic of fandom’s refuse. The most laughable of political wingnuts. Tumblr is the place where intelligence goes to die. It is a cesspool of awful people saying and doing awful things. It is an insane asylum run by the inmates. Nothing more can be said. The Other Side hunkers down, and gets a little serious, as they go over this nest of horridness. Fasten your seatbelts, folks. Bumpy ride, and all that. This is gonna sting…
01/05/20161 hour 38 minutes
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The Other Side - Episode: 35 Good Vs Evil

After having their faith in all that is good and decent thoroughly shattered by Boku no Pico (and after suffering a monster cold on Cody’s part), Cody and Max decide to bask in memories of some true A-List anime entertainment to remind themselves of why they watch anime in the first place. To do that, the boys of The Other Side take a look at some prime examples of how various things are done; from overall quality, to fighting anime, to comedy. To hammer the point home, they’ll compare these grade-A animes to some true stinkers in their respective ballparks, encompassing their thesis of what makes for good entertainment. It’s like a Do’s and Don’ts column for anime! For objective quality vs. niche appeal, they’ll take a look at Cowboy Bebop vs. Haruhi Suzumiya. To compare over-the-top fighting series, they’ll look at Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vs. Baki the Grappler. Then they’ll compare the use of the girl who’s “really 1000 years old” by pitting Spice and Wolf against Dance in the Vam
01/05/20162 hours 16 minutes
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The Other Side - Episode 37: Schoolgirls Killed The Anime Star

Schoolgirls. Teenage girls who attend school. Uniforms. Uniforms. Girls under the age of 18 in an academic environment. Schoolgirls. Schoolgirls. Moe. Schoolgirls. Big-eyed schoolgirls. Schoolgirls. Sailor uniformed schoolgirls. Schoolgirl skirts being worn around the waist of a schoolgirl. Schoolgirls. There, now you have an accurate depiction of the Winter anime season. Now here’s Max and Cody to shit all over it.
01/05/20161 hour 52 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 38: The Arty Michael Bay

Never ones to shy away from controversy, Max and Cody go after the one target thought untouchable in the anime community. Unlike most anime fans (and certainly unlike the good folks at a certain news network who the boys at the Other Side are beginning to believe touch themselves at night to photos of the man), Cody and Max are none too fond of “legendary” director Hayao Miyazaki and his works. But, being more than simple trolls, they can back up this disdain. In this episode, the boys take umbrage with Miyazaki’s environmental themes, storytelling abilities, characters, and even the man himself. What could someone POSSIBLY find wrong with the supposed “Japanese Steven Spielberg”?! This is one episode of The Other Side you won’t want to miss!
01/05/20161 hour 53 minutes 25 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 36: King Of Lames

Yu-Gi-Oh, that cash cow that’s been around for as long as you can remember, and never seems to want to die. One series ends, another begins, more cards are printed, and the hair just gets more and more ridonkulous. Being the goofy juggernaut that it is, the boys over at The Other Side saw potential for quite a bit discussion (and laughs), and bring you this episode to share with you that discussion (and also laughs). Also, this episode has the distinction of being an anime podcast that discusses Yu-Gi-Oh, and doesn’t rattle off every catchphrase from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged while the hosts giggle amongst themselves because lol i laughed so hard when i saw that u guyz!!!11one
01/05/20161 hour 47 minutes 10 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 41: Ani - Music Get It

It’s not often that Cody gets a chance to discuss music; his first love. So this week, The Other Side sets him loose on the music of all your favorite (and least favorite) anime. With the stipulation that Yoko Kanno’s genius was a given and wouldn’t be focused on. From excellent soundtracks like those found in Detroit Metal City, Beck, and Heat Guy J, to stinkers like the generic J-Pop that permeates anime, and the especially rancid sounds of Lucky Star and Panty and Stocking. And if you thought “Hateful Cody” was manic, just wait until you see what “Happy Cody” is like!
01/05/20162 hours 4 minutes 9 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 39: Incest Is Best Apparently

For reasons unknown and unfathomable by man, Japan is all about the family fun! No, not the kind you have at Six Flags, the kind you have in illegal videos you have to go to special websites to see! So, Cody and Max decided to look into this garbage, even going over such gems as Kiss x Sis, Aki Sora, and My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, to see what the deal behind all this asian redneckery is. And unlike garbage they’ve seen before like, oh, say, Boku no Pico, this garbage is PREVALENT. There’s a LOT of it. And this realization was just too much for poor Cody…
01/05/20161 hour 12 minutes 21 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 40: Lunatic Loser Exhibition #2

One LLE wasn’t enough, so Max and Cody take a look at 3 more wacked-out nutjobs drowning in internet drama and infamy! Chris Fischer and his obsession with Gadget from Rescue Rangers; the sad wish fulfillment of My Life With Fel; and a look at the infamous archmoron Richard “Sonmanic” Kuta. Not to mention a bonus, unnamed crazy person! Strap yourselves in, folks! It’s about to get crazy up in here!
01/05/20161 hour 51 minutes 33 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 43: Jojo Awesome Adventure

They’re gone on and on about it in previous episodes, so now it’s time for Max and Cody to get it all out of their system and just sing the many praises of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. From its crazy cast of characters, to its compelling story, to all those music references that make Cody happy, the boys go over all that is JoJo with a fine toothed comb. From Part 1 all the way to the current story arc, no stone, or Stand, will be left unturned.
01/05/20162 hours 25 minutes 37 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 44: One Piece

After going over the greatness that is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the boys at The Other Side would be remissed if they left out the other greatest fighting manga/anime of all time; One Piece. Known for its unique art style, crazy character designs, and intricate storylines known to make grown men cry like babies, One Piece stands out in a sea of derivative shonen series. While other shonen manga shove escalating vertical power ladders, DBZ-wannabe fighting-centric plotlines, and ass pulls (often involving “secret techniques”), One Piece has always been there offering readers something more. And that something more will be discussed to death in this three-part overview of the series. Also, watch Cody get his fanboy on over the greatest anime villain of all time!
01/05/20162 hours 28 minutes 13 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 42: Anime Is Undead

Another anime season has been announced, another sheet of preview material has made it to Max and Cody’s hands. which means it’s time for another rundown of another season of terrible anime! That’s right; no new Tiger & Bunny, or Spice and Wolf… But hey, you get more Girls und Panzer!
01/05/20162 hours 7 minutes 53 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 45: Two Piece

The One Piece overview continues as Cody and Max cover the series from Water 7 to the Sabaody (or however you spell it) Archipelago. The boys go over everything from Oda’s lapses in subtlety, to the delightful antics of Spandam, to more lousy portrayals of women, to the accidental races of the Admirals. And if you didn’t think a shonen series could get uncomfortably rape-y, you haven’t seen Thriller Bark! But before all that, Cody tells the folks about a must-read manga that everyone should check out!
01/05/20161 hour 49 minutes 16 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 46: Red Piece Blue Piece

The Other Side’s overview of One Piece reaches its conclusion as Max and Cody go into such funderful topics as the awfulness of Boa Hancock and Whitebeard; the sheer, unbridled greatness of Donquixote Doflamingo; Crocodile and Mr. 1 sharing one of One Piece’s manliest moments; why you just don’t mess with Magellan; and the ever-growing beard of Blackbeard. It may have its shitty arcs, but One Piece remains one of the greatest action series of all time, and by the time this podcast is over, you’ll know exactly why. And you’ll be all caught up, and have no excuse not to start following the manga yourself.
01/05/20161 hour 53 minutes 53 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 47: S#@!fest!

From the mental defect that brought you the SCUM Manifesto, it’s Sinfest, by Tatsuya Ishida! This comic–the paragon of ham-fisted preaching–has become notorious for its radical feminist soapboxes and nonsensical, contradictory sermons that border on self-parody. Also one of the most prolific webcomics on the ‘net, as it’s been around for all the years and has, like, a million strips. Some say it used to be good before the feminism tirades started, but Max and Cody pose the question; did it really?! Was Sinfest ever good?! And just how bad is it now, really? All that, plus Cody and Max get real once again as the madman’s doctrine that is this comic spurs on discussions about feminism, modern social justice movements, and just how severely the brain will play Devil’s Advocate if faced with ideological insanity!
01/05/20161 hour 33 minutes 22 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 49: Understanding BlazBlue (Part 1)

BlazBlue; it’s a popular fighter known for its rockin’ soundtrack, colorful cast of crazy characters, over the top combos, and massive, almost unwieldy storyline. Along with King of Fighters, BlazBlue is the most story-heavy fighter in the fighting game genre. With the newest entry to the series–ChronoPhantasma–looking pack even more meat, mystery, and questions to the story, the boys at the Other Side decided to help all y’all get up to speed. Luckily, Max and Cody are one of the chosen few who actually understand what the hell is going on in this series! Especially Cody, whose knowledge of BlazBlue’s story borders on dorky. So for all of you looking to jump into the series, but are put off by its massive, dense storyline, worried you’d be totally lost, let this three part expedition help you get past all those reservations. By the time Max and Cody are done, when ChronoPhantasma hits, you’ll be all caught up and ready to jump right in!
01/05/20162 hours 14 minutes 56 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 48: Pretty Sure Anime - Is Still Dead

Another season, another Summer, another season overview from The Other Side. And much like previous seasons, this one was littered with a lot of trash, and less than a handful of treasures. But this time, the treasures are especially magical! 2 new anime gems that’ll bring us hope for the future! …And then a truckload of bug-eyed moe. And the boys of the Other Side even discover a secret Nazi plot concocted with the Japanese to get revenge for the A-Bomb! What’s that? You think TOS has devolved into Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theory? Well check out the episode to find out! You might just see the truth…
01/05/20162 hours 9 minutes 28 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 50: Understanding BlazBlue (Part 2)

The Other Side’s overview of BlazBlue continues, as the boys delve into the conclusion of Calamity Trigger, and the whole of Continuum Shift. From Hakumen’s memorable “old man’s tale”, to Makoto being the victim of the most chilling scene in video game history, the boys will walk you through every pivotal moment of BlazBlue up to this point. And when its all said and done, Max and Cody take a look at the game’s hilarious comedy bits, and demonstrate why Hazama is as popular as he is with a “best of” list consisting of his greatest troll moments. While we wanted to share some choice story scenes, they’ve sadly all been taken down from YouTube (although an awful quality version of the Makoto scene is there if you want to find it). Thankfully, however, these haven’t…
01/05/20162 hours 1 minute 50 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 51: Understanding BlazBlue (Part 3)

And with that, both their BlazBlue overview, and season 2 of The Other Side, comes to a close. Max and Cody (but mostly Cody) go over the contents of BlazBlue’s various backstory novels and drama CD, as well as the information we know so far about ChronoPhantasma. From the paradoxical story of Bloodedge, to the tragic tale of The Wheel of Fortune, to Shuichiro Ayatsuki’s in-your-face mancrush over Relius Clover, all the important backstory deets are covered. With this final installment, all you folks will be nice and caught up and ready to jump into ChronoPhantasma when it hits consoles! You can thank us later, Arc System Works…
01/05/20161 hour 29 minutes 47 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 53: Project - A-Hole

Always one to put entertainment value above everything else, Cody Baier devised a diabolical plan: to “recommend” an anime he knew one co-host would like, and one would hate. Why? To demonstrate a thesis, and to use the resulting reactions to make one hell of an entertaining podcast. In what may be one of the best episodes of The Other Side yet, Cody, Max, and Andrew discuss the 80’s anime extravaganza that is Project A-Ko. Max rages, Andrew gives us a summary of the OVAs in his lovely radio voice, and Cody cackles like a diabolical mastermind at how his evil plan has unfolded!two porn novels of various degrees of strange, and take a look at Tsukihime, and the rest of the “Nasuverse” in all its deranged glory!
01/05/20161 hour 59 minutes 13 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 52: VN Nation

The Other Side begins its third season with a topic every anime fan is well acquainted with; the swamp of unfortunate implications that is the Visual Novel. While not an inherently evil medium, the type of visual novel most people are familiar with are the ones that all end in porn. In fact, virtually every PC visual novel DOES end in porn. And some of them manage to get inexplicable massive fan followings. So join The Other Side as they look over two porn novels of various degrees of strange, and take a look at Tsukihime, and the rest of the “Nasuverse” in all its deranged glory!
01/05/20162 hours 4 minutes 28 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 55: Lolicon Discussion #2 Pedophile Boogaloo

In an effort to get revenge for being toyed with in the A-Ko episode, Max Vader decided to suggest that The Other Side do an episode on Astarotte’s Toy. This one suggestion set into motion a chain of events that would lead to what is quite possibly the most venomous episode of The Other Side. Fueled by a rage only Japanese pedophilia can cause in a decent human being, Cody, Max, and Andrew proceed to tear down this pedophile garbage, burn several bridges, and bring to light an alarming study that proves, once and for all, the majority of Japanese men are pedophiles. And if you think that’s hyperbole, or a platitude, you need to listen to this podcast. The world’s about to look a lot darker…
01/05/20162 hours 27 minutes 39 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 54: The Other Side Fixed Anime

It began as a discussion about Saya no Uta; the visual novel by Gen Urobuchi that is absolutely horrible. It is vile. It is also horribly written, riddled with plotholes, and just plain objectively terrible. The boys of The Other Side set out to expose you fine folks to this trainwreck, and prove once and for all that it does not deserve a lick of the reverence it is given by so many people. It is, in fact, on a level beyond mere “garbage”. But from this garbage, The Other Side found something magical… From this garbage, Andrew, Max, and Cody devised a scenario that retroactively makes every terrible anime, visual novel, manga, and video game awesome. A simple headcanon (though the official stance of The Other Side is that this scenario is full-on canon) that turns even dogshit anime like Evangelion and Kodomo no Jikan into gold! Join the boys of The Other Side for the greatest episode they’ve ever recorded! The Other Side has done the unthinkable; they’ve fixed anime!
01/05/20162 hours 7 minutes 13 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 56: Flowers Of Propane

In their recent trend of watching horrible anime out of some masochistic need to entertain you folks with their hilarious, over-the-top pain, the boys at The Other Side take a look at this Aku no Hana thing everyone’s talking about. The rotoscoped nightmare that only looks half as ridiculous as its plot and characters. Strap yourselves in, as Cody, Andrew, and Max dive into the idiocy that is the story of Aku no Hana, its failed attempts to be deep, the objective failure to produce quality television it engages in, and how it even fails by the standards of one of America’s greatest authors. Then sit back and watch as the Other Side fixes yet another anime, applying their unique Tanbo-Nurse canon to Aku no Hana, and discovering a whole new, much more entertaining plot beneath the plot.
01/05/20161 hour 57 minutes 19 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 58: The Call Of Crapthlhu

As part of the seemingly endless cycle of revenge that has dominated Season 3 of The Other Side, the boys subjected themselves to an anime as horrifying as the abominations it desecrates. Where H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horrors have been reduced to body pillow bait. A piece of garbage so heinous it left The Other Side in a depression from which they won’t escape for a long time. Also a recent twitter feud is discussed (and by discussed, we mean “reveled in”), Max shares his thoughts on Inferno Cop, and Cody shares his discovery of a promising anime series that hopefully won’t burn him like so many have in the past…!
01/05/20161 hour 32 minutes 34 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 57: Feel The Love

Shortly before The Other Side was set to record its episode on Inferno Cop, Cody Baier found himself surprised with an early Christmas present, via Twitter. Another anime podcast got its jimmies rustled over Cody and his antics. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but this was special. From the melodramatic tone, to the content of the site hosting said podcast, to a King Leonidas-esque call to arms for all fans of lolicon and moe to rise up against him, what Cody found was a trainwreck the likes of which he thought only existed in his derisive hypotheticals about the anime fandom. To see this much of it all, and all of it very, very real, was simply too much, and an early podcast recording was called. Time zones being what they are, Max missed out… But one can’t spend an entire podcast eyeballing a trainwreck, so following that excursion into rubbernecking, the boys at The Other Side take a look at one of the greatest things ever to come out of Japan: INFERNO COP! Prepare fo
01/05/20161 hour 57 minutes 9 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 62: The Other Side Of Otakon

As you may know, it’s anime podcast law that all anime podcasts must do regular coverage of at least one anime convention. Well The Other Side’s own Cody Baier just happens to be a regular at Otakon, so he decided to bring the folks a look at the convention! But, sadly, Max and Andrew couldn’t come along. So, previous guest co-host LeighAnn Williams joined him for the ride! In this episode, Cody and LeighAnn brings you all the sights, sounds, smells, and attractions they experienced at Otakon. From a marriage proposal, to LeighAnn’s Fedora Counter! From a surplus of body pillows, to a couple people Cody and LeighAnn are certain have dead children stashed in their basement! And that’s not even getting into a bombshell FUNimation dropped that made their year! And that’s not even getting into the wonders of “Orange Man” and “Thousand Yard Stare Guy”! This is one episode you’re not gonna wanna miss!
01/05/20161 hour 58 minutes 38 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 60: Oh, Japan (Part 1)

The Other Side often prides itself in being a counterpoint to every other anime podcast. Probably why so many other podcasts whine about them. In keeping with that tradition, The Other Side presents an alternate view from all the other Japan-worshiping anime podcasts that litter their episodes with J-Pop, and update you on all the news about voice actors’ personal lives, and who got voted onto AKB40. Japan is known for its utter insanity (and for being the most sexist country in the First World), and nothing’s more entertaining than insanity! So join The Other Side (with guest host “Bonglorio”) as they go spelunking through the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Sankaku Complex (because it’s funnier that way) to find some of the most wacked-out stories from the land of the rising sun!
01/05/20161 hour 48 minutes 24 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 61: Oh, Japan (Part 2)

The boys (and girl) of The Other Side continue their look through the wild and wacky world of Japan. Bonglorio missed the party (but he shall return), so the Other Side crew had to procure a surprise guest host! Such a surprise her name is clearly listed above! Check out this week’s Other Side, and the crew further examines the insanity of Japanese bullying, comes up with an awesome new video game idea, and Cody goes all CMT on us!
01/05/20162 hours 9 minutes 36 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 59: Anime Is A Desecrated Corpse

Another year, another fall anime season, another season preview, another Other Side overview! Once again, the boys at The Other Side scan the upcoming anime lineup and filter out the turds from the gold. But can one pile of gold save an otherwise septic season? Can one bombshell title make up for a lineup saturated with shows designed for lonely men to replace human contact? And what is this challenge Cody Baier extends to fellow Anime 3000 podcast 2 Guys and a Mic in the last quarter of the episode? This is gonna be one Other Side season overview you’re not gonna want to miss! Unless you’re the sensitive type, of course…!
01/05/20161 hour 54 minutes 8 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 64: We’re Gonna Be The Strongest

On their next stop down the road of anime genres, the trio at The Other Side take a look at that classic, cliche-ridden, pre-programmed genre that is shonen. A genre unique to anime, shonen is a genre built on specific tropes and cliches. While not all titles classified as shonen use the building blocks given to it by Dragon Ball, the color-by-numbers shonen formula is one of the most ever-present in all of anime, and is something the boys at the Other Side just can’t ignore. So join Cody and Max (and maybe Andrew when he feels like chiming in) as they look through the formula Dragon Ball created, what works, what doesn’t, and how one shonen manga managed to out-do the infamous “The Heart” page from Bleach!
01/05/20162 hours 7 minutes 31 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 63: Love Stinks Yeah Yeah

Starting off their look at various genres of anime, The Other Side begins with a subject they’ve had on the back burner for over a month or so. Romance is a genre that anime has crashed and burned in its attempts to pull off more than any other genre. The Other Side has seen bungled attempts at storytelling before, but the romance genre is littered with unfortunate implications. Where what is sold as the sweetest love story can be the ickiest thing you’ve ever seen. So join Cody, Max, and Andrew on a trip through sadsville as they discuss a doomed genre, examining WHY it’s doomed, why the great anime romances are, in fact, uncomfortable exercises in ickiness, and why romance works better as a subplot than a focus.
01/05/20161 hour 41 minutes 52 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 65: Chicks Dig Giant Robots

No genre is more associated with anime in the mainstream consciousness than mecha–or “giant robot”–anime. From Gundam, to Evangelion, to all their derivatives. Big-ass, human-shaped robots fighting other big-ass, human-shaped robots for whatever cause or reason has been a staple of Japanese animation since people willingly wore acid-wash jeans. While you were just starting to jam to new wave because funk was “so last year”, Japan introduced the world to the wonder that is Haro the Ball. Oh, and some big blue-and-white robot. And while the boys at The Other Side take a look at all these colossal mechanoids, maybe they’ll address a few other issues, as well! Because they like tangents…
01/05/20161 hour 56 minutes 54 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 66: Anime Voyeurism

Slice of Life is a boring genre that borders on voyeuristic. It’s an entire genre of just watching characters do things with little to no plot. With a genre this exciting the boys at the Other Side just knew they had to jump right in and see what the fuss is all about! After all, this tends to be one of the most popular genres among fans. Join The Other Side as they delve into why this is the case, what the deal with Slice of Life is, and why anyone would watch it at all. And let’s not forget Cody’s epic meltdown over the show he watched for this podcast! Of course, with this genre being as boring as it is, the boys at The Other Side couldn’t help but drop the subject completely near the end and talk about something much funnier. What is that something? Listen to the podcast and find out!
01/05/20161 hour 55 minutes 59 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 67: Nude Transformation Sequence Go

Magical Girl is a genre that has been synonymous with anime as much as mecha has. Perhaps even more. The average Tom, Dick, and Harry is more likely to be familiar with Sailor Moon than Gundam, after all. Something about little girls turning into magic schoolgirls and fighting monsters with sparkle powers has endeared itself to Japanese men (you heard me; MEN) for years. Like extra-creepy super sentai! Join the trio of The Other Side as they traverse the treacherous terrain of Magical Girl anime, and learn why fans of some shows just should not be allowed to breed. Also, Cody discovers a horrifying truth to the ending of Princess Tutu!
01/05/20161 hour 33 minutes 8 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 68: The Third @#*!ing Episode On @#*!ing

Bringing their foray into various anime genres to its logical conclusion of insanity, the trio of The Other Side takes a look at hentai anime… For the third time. It seems like once a season The Other Side uses hentai for an easy “hey, look at this crazy shit” episode. So, to make things interesting, the Other Side trio all actually sat down and watched this crap. But not just any hentai; the boys tracked down the worst ones they could find (that wasn’t Boku no Pico), leaving Andrew scarred, Cody indignant, and Max… well, indifferent. He’s used to this. Also, a bizarre tangent causes Max and Cody to have a revelation about themselves, and a certain German dictator gets name-dropped so many times it’d make Godwin blow his brains out.
01/05/20162 hours 1 minute 54 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 69: Schrecklichen Nachrichten Netzwerk

Ever since the odd Hitler Building from Space Chief, Hitler has been making some strange, random-ass appearances in anime and video games. From Bionic Commando’s final boss, to a one-off joke in a Dragonball Z movie, to THE FUCKING HITLER BUILDING IN SPACE CHIEF, the guy just keeps showing up! With that in mind, The Other Side goes full-on Godwin, examining what’s behind this, and why it’s so damn funny to point out!
01/05/20162 hours 8 minutes 14 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 72: The Many Breakdowns Of Cody Baier

While preparing for a future episode, Max and Andrew just randomly decided to watch Dance in the Vampire Bund, for the hell of it. Hearing about this, Cody decided to use their terrible life decision as the premise for an episode of The Other Side! But what seemed like a fun, if filler-y episode turns into an episode for the ages as various topics (not just the show in question) cause Cody to have multiple breakdowns, culminating in a major statement to both anime fans across America, and to FUNimation Entertainment. And it’s all capped off by the wonder that is “Fly Son”.
01/05/20161 hour 32 minutes 7 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 71: Gaming Feminism

Social Justice “Causeheads” have always jumped from cause to cause over the years. Nowadays, the big draw to get your faux-intellectual rocks off is feminism. Countless nerd guys trying to look progressive and intelligent (as well as try, in their lonely desperation, to impress women by saying “I CARE ABOUT YOUUUU”) by fighting the fight for women everywhere, mostly by whining about big tits in video games. With gaming journalism becoming as saturated with this reactionary theater as it has been, gamers have been forced to sit through self-aggrandizing diatribes of holier-than-thou peons who spent their formative years pushed into their own lockers, fighting desperately to feel important in adulthood to attempt to caulk up the cracks in their fragile egos. We’ve seen it all; the cries of sexism over big boobs in Dragon’s Crown; game reviewers trampling over themselves to be the first to speak out against the newest scantly clad female character of the week; the pissing content over who
01/05/20162 hours 10 minutes 47 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 70: Forget RWBY Smoke A DWBY

Monty Oum’s “masterpiece” RWBY is a computer-animated, anime-aping crudfest the likes of which The Other Side has never seen before. It’s derivative, it’s boring, it’s poorly animated, and it’s full of the most soulless automatons trying to pass as human the boys have seen since that creepy Robo-Robin Williams from Bicentennial Man. Marvel as the trio at the Other Side thoroughly dissect everything that is so very wrong with RWBY. And find out why some people would rather watch hardcore rape hentai than this series!
01/05/20161 hour 35 minutes 10 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 75: Hit A Man With Glasses (Part 1)

In one of their many forays into geek culture, the trio at The Other Side decided to bring out the magnifying glass of scrutiny and point it towards Channel Awesome, and their flagship site “That Guy With The Glasses”. Examining the good, the bad, and the ridiculous over at the popular review hub. And while they’re at it, the boys have themselves an extended discussion about inner and outer beauty, objectivism, and the need fanboys have to bring their favorite internet personalities into their world.
01/05/20162 hours 6 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 73: Cast REVIVE On ANIME (Part 1)

Continuing with their tradition of season overviews, The Other Side–joined by guest host “Bonglorio”–takes a look at both the Winter 2013-2014 anime season, and some TBA series slated for either Winter, or possibly early Spring. What makes this season overview special? This time there’s more than a few diamonds in this rough! While the season is still comprised mostly of crap, this is the most amount of solid material the boys at the Other Side have seen in years!
01/05/20161 hour 17 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 74: Cast REVIVE On ANIME (Part 2)

The Other Side’s look into the most promising anime season in a long time continues, as the boys find yet another must-watch series they didn’t see coming! And if that weren’t enough, you get a rousing debate between Cody and Max, giant farting slugs on Capitol Hill, and a funny story that demonstrates the true power this podcast wields! This is one episode you’re not gonna want to miss!
01/05/20161 hour 32 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 77: Hit A Man With Glasses (Part 3)

Finally, The Other Side’s longer-than-they-wanted-it-to-be look at TGWTG comes to a close with a look at their last handful of good content producers, before bringing you folks the horrors of their godawful anniversary specials. Cody, max, and Andrew braved these hellish pits of sheer un-entertainment to bring you, the listener, a recap of everything you’re thankfully missing out on by avoiding these comedic abominations. And to top it all off, Andrew drops a joke so funny it stops the podcast dead in its tracks!
01/05/20161 hour 39 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 76: Hit A Man With Glasses (Part 2)

You’d think TGWTG would just be a place to see internet reviewers internet review things, right? Well you’d be wrong! It’s also a place where you can see human beings completely melt down, humiliate themselves, and commit both figurative and literal abortions. The trio at The Other Side continues their look at TGWTG by highlighting the self-destruction of The Spoony One, the living joke that is Angry Joe, the torrid story of the comically liberal Nostalgia Chick, and cap it all off with a couple more shout-outs to producers on the site who actual make quality material worth watching! And what Other Side episode would be complete without tangents that lead into discussions of serious social issues on a shock jock podcast for an anime website?
01/05/20161 hour 45 minutes 48 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 79: SCP - 6969 The Haunted Podcast

ITEM #: SCP-6969 OBJECT CLASS: Keter SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Subject is to be uploaded onto for the enjoyment of the public. All personnel are recommended to listen at thier earliest convenience. If personnel are thin-skinned, or posses an unhealthy obsession with Japanese culture and entertainment, they are to avoid listening. In the place of listening, said personnel are to be flogged with a wooden paddle upon the posterior as per Procedure 420-Yomomma. DESCRIPTION: SCP-6969 is a podcast starring Cody Baier, Max Vader, and Andrew Erickson, where the three discuss the popular SCP Foundation wiki, as part of their forays into general geekdom. The Foundation wiki has always been a popular creative hotspot, with upwards of 2000 entries of varying quality. In this episode, Cody, Max, and Andrew go over the best, and the worst, that the wiki has to offer. During the first half of their discussion, an anomaly can be detected at random intervals that suggests the pre
01/05/20162 hours 14 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 78: Krap La Krap

It’s rare that an anime comes along that’s so bad, it renders Cody Baier, of all people, nearly speechless. A show so terrible it drains the very joy from his soul. Kill la Kill is just such an anime. But what makes it so terrible? In this episode of The Other Side, the boys dissect the ins and outs of why this is, objectively, one of the worst anime to come out in years. And to provide a little backup, Cody Baier’s partner-in-watching-terrible-shows LeighAnn Williams joins the fray. Usually making observations that are relayed by Cody, this time she’s here to speak for herself! But before all that, the crew discusses another controversy stemmed from the podcast involving some familiar faces!
01/05/20161 hour 43 minutes 27 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 80: Activating Your Aspergers

In the anime fandom, it seems like autism is everywhere. It permeates the fandom, it swarms the internet, and it even drives the creation of many, many anime that we know and… well we know of them. So what IS autism? Why has it led to so much strife within fandom? Why are so many people jumping on the bandwagon to self-diagnose themselves? Why is autism the new geek chic? To find out, Cody gave his usual co-hosts the boot, and sat down with two well-adjusted autistic folk to discuss what autism is, why it’s so prevalent in fandom, and the difference between what someone with autism can become if they try, and what they become if they use it as a crutch.
01/05/20161 hour 45 minutes 14 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 83: Go Go To Hell

One day, the boys of The Other Side found something on Steam. It was a game they weren’t quite fully convinced was real. It was a visual novel dating sim-slash-series of playable Wikipedia articles. Combined with the ridiculous dating sim archetypes and the fact that it doesn’t even end in any real payoff, they knew it would be worth subjecting themselves to for an episode. Listen as the trio go on a million and one tangents in order to desperately avoid reliving this inane experience, before begrudgingly reliving this inane experience.’
01/05/20161 hour 38 minutes 56 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 81: Anime Has Been Obliterated

As is tradition, The Other Side takes another look at another season of anime. The Spring 2014 season can only be described as a cesspool. One of the worst seasons we’ve gotten in awhile. But one show dares to look this garbage in the face and say “I shall entertain”. The Other Side, of course, puts this pandering, substanceless garbage through the ringer, while propping up that lone oasis. And while they do that, Cody makes Andrew feel uncomfortable when Max is away, and the boys at The Other Side shill for Loadout!
01/05/20162 hours 1 minute 29 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 82: Abridge To Sell You

The spread of Abridged Series is out of control. It’s become like a virus that’s infected the anime fandom so deeply it seems like most people that start Abridged Series don’t even know why they do it, anymore. Like a compulsory need to make an abridged series out of every anime ever made. So, Cody braves through a viral infection of his own to gather his co-hosts to critically discuss this phenomenon. They’ll take a look at the small handful of good Abridged Series, leave the rest out with the trash, and get into the nitty gritty of this zombie-like trend. As well as demanding an end to certain things that every anime fan (even some A3K contributors) needs to stop doing. Seriously, people, cut it out.’
01/05/20161 hour 30 minutes 13 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 84: The Church Of Bad Webcomics

The Other Side is back with a look at three new awful webcomics; The Lounge, The Wotch, and Dresden Codak. Three pieces of crap that have become legends among bad webcomics. Countless reviews have been written compiling all that is wrong with these three abominations unto entertainment, and now The Other Side brings their unique perspective. Of course, that’s not all, as the revolting aspects of Dresden Codak’s plot opens up some deep discussions on meaning and humanity… and then Cody and Max square off in a verbal cage match!
01/05/20162 hours 30 minutes 24 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 87: Anime Is A Thing Of The Past (Part 2)

Continuing their coverage of what may be the worst season of anime since they started doing these previews, The Other Side (with special guest Jahmere Durham) encounters the worst garbage they’ve encountered throughout this entire season, including a few OVAs that can’t be anything but porn.’
01/05/20161 hour 25 minutes 55 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 85: Just Say No - Bunaga

For reasons no one can really understand, anime directors and manga authors have a bizarre obsession with Oda Nobunaga. So much material has been made with him in it–if not outright focusing on him–that you could make a genre out of the guy. Luckily, one of the members of the Other Side crew just happens to be one helluva history buff! Can he explain this bizarre phenomena? Also, stay tuned for the tangent extravaganza in this episode, where the boys discuss the origins of Japan and why samurai were pretty evil; lazy trends in anime; a blasphemous sullying of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure; and crazy Code Geass doujins. All this, plus you get to learn what Cody’s “trigger” is!’
01/05/20161 hour 58 minutes 48 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 86: Anime Is A Thing Of The Past (Part 1)

It’s that time again! Another anime season, another season overview from The Other Side! But this time, the boys have a special guest; Jahmere Durham of Anime 3000’s own 2 Guys and a Mic joins the fray to take a look at a particularly horrendous anime season. Summer 2014 turned out to be the worst anime season the guys at TOS can ever remember gazing upon, and now you can hear all about why you should spend the summer going outside and avoiding anything from japan for a couple months.’
01/05/20162 hours 39 minutes 29 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 88: Beware Of The Glob

In an episode that was originally going to feature Jahmere and Mike of 2GAM as guests, the boys at The Other Side set out to take a look at anime series centered around MMOs and other “trapped in the video game” scenarios. But then Sword Art Online was just too stupid and crazy to let them talk about anything else. Stay tuned for this doozy of an episode, as not only will the Other Side trio teach you about what makes writing objectively bad, but to top it all off Andrew Erickson presents a reading of the glorious trainwreck that is Sword Art Online’s big sex scene. Quite possibly the worst love scene ever put to paper!’
01/05/20162 hours 10 minutes 16 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 89: Rape Faeries And Anime Terrorists

The Other Side is back with another look at the madcap world of bad writing and anime cliches that is Sword Art Online, this time looking at the show’s second season! It’s going to be hard to top the mega-hit that was the previous episode, but the TOS Trio gives it a shot, dissecting the imbecilic plot of the series; examining why “idiot plots” will always be terrible; why so many American anime fans were turned off by season 2; and why Kirito is worse than Al Qaeda! It’s a parade of insight and nazi jokes the likes of which you won’t find on any other podcast!’
01/05/20162 hours 17 minutes 31 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 91: Black Bullet

Black Bullet is being hailed by some as the rival series to Attack on Titan… If this is what counts as a rival, Attack on Titan might as well relax, because it’s guaranteed to win this hypothetical contest. Black Bullet holds the distinction of being one of the dumbest, most poorly-conceived shows The Other Side has ever encountered. With plot holes so baffling they defy human comprehension, and a good ol’ helping of pedophile fanservice, this is one show that ranks among the worst of the worst this season. Join the guys from TOS as they dissect everything that is so very wrong with this series, and why Attack on Titan might have grounds for a lawsuit.’
01/05/20161 hour 38 minutes 24 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 90: The Great DashCon Of 2014

It was the most disastrous convention that everyone saw coming, but no one knew just how right they were. Tumblr’s own convention DashCon came and went, producing a barrel of memes based around the ineptitude and sheer, utter failure of its staff and participants. It was a failure so spectacular that the Other Side, who have already taken tumblr to task in the past, had to revisit their old friend to laugh at its pain. And this time they brought “tumblr expert” LeighAnn Williams along to help explain all the dumb shit they don’t know about. LINKS: Jim Norton intellectually piledrives a radical feminist. Hebe Goldstein’s DashCon footage:’
01/05/20162 hours 19 minutes 19 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 92: Breaking The Wind Rises

In a follow-up to their infamous Miyazaki episode, The Other Side takes a look at Miyazaki’s “last” film, The Wind Rises. Specifically, the creepy undertones of revisionist history and the apparent denial of any responsibility from Japan for WWII. Was Jiro really the pacifist he was painted as in the film? Can Miyazaki be any crappier of a person? Find out the answer to all these questions, and more!’
01/05/20161 hour 47 minutes 3 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 93: Lunatic Loser Exhibition #3

It’s been awhile, but The Other Side once again brings you a look at a few more individuals to rubberneck at. This time, they’ve found a couple rather big names within the anime fandom, proving once again how much of an embarrassment the anime fandom can be. From the flagrant racism of Humon, to Ken Ashcorp’s crimes against music, to the cult of virgin weaboos who worship ZONE. All this, and find out why Cody has a bone to pick with Tim Schafer, and why all y’all need to be watching a certain popular YouTuber, if you’re not already.
01/05/20162 hours 4 minutes 23 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 94: Terra Formars

Unfortunately deemed as “the best sci-fi manga in years” by some guy at Viz who should’ve kept that to himself, Terra Formars is a manga best described as Fist of the North Star meets outer space meets Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat. What would normally be an unremarkable (if somewhat entertaining) action series is made ludicrous and infamous with its unbelievable balls-to-the-wall racism. And if you think it’s JUST the design of the cockroach people (although that’s a big one) you ain’t seen nothing yet. When you’ve got heroes named after Hitler and his girlfriend, you know you’ve got some serious problems. The Other Side examines just what these problems are, discusses the portrayal of black people in anime (and often, the lack thereof), Japanese xenophobia that permeates many anime series, and has a grand ol’ time mocking the racism that seems to be slathered all over this manga like butter on toast.’
01/05/20161 hour 57 minutes 30 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 96: Anime Is Rotting In The Ground

It’s that time again! Another season, another batch of preview material at AniChart, another Other Side season overview helping you to decide what to watch, and what to skip! But this season just happens to be one of the worst yet, so the guys are gonna need some help! Well never fear, 2GAM’s own Jahmere Durham is here! This fearsome foursome trudges through the septic tank that is the Fall Season, and one member of the podcast doesn’t make it to the end…!’
01/05/20162 hours 15 minutes 21 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 95: Grave Of The Fireflies

Often described by Cody in previous podcasts as a “soulless, joy-sucking experience,” Grave of the Fireflies is often the recipient of boundless praise. But can a 97% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes be wrong? Well when you’ve got critic after critic calling it an anti-war movie when the director clearly states it’s not, yeah, it’s a possibility. But in the process of reviewing the film for this podcast, the boys at The Other Side learned the truth behind the movie, and made a startling discovery; it’s not just a terrible movie, it’s outright despicable. Find out why this movie is so heinous the boys at The Other Side make it clear you’re just plain not allowed to like the movie once you know the truth!’
01/05/20161 hour 38 minutes 26 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 98: The Defeat Of Cody Baier

On a whim, The Other Side co-host max Vader decided to go looking for something strange, and boy did he find it! A little-known German visual novel by the name of “Bernd and the Mystery of Unteralterbach”. A beast so maddening that it broke Cody Baier completely. It rendered him powerless. Something that is good, while it is also abhorrent. Not something that is sometimes good, and sometimes abhorrent, no… This is a beast that is both at once, and none at all. A lovecraftian horror the likes of which Cody Baier simply was not equipped to handle. Strap yourselves in for a landmark episode of The Other Side, as Max Vader makes like Bane and Breaks the Baier.
01/05/20162 hours 34 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 97: The Psyguy Story

He’s one of the most influential people in fandom. Much of the thingswe make fun of nerds on the internet for–Sonic fans especially–can be traced back to this one guy. He’s Bryon “Psyguy” Beaubien, and as is befitting someone who started so much shit, he himself was revealed to be a thoroughly shitty person. Such revelations would prove to mark the end of an era, with the makings of a story VH1 would be giddy to air if it had anything to do with music your parents listened to. Come with The Other Side, as they share the tawdry tale of the man who ruined Sonic the Hedgehog’s presence on the internet, and how his D-list internet fame ended not with a bang, or a whimper, but with his tail placed firmly between his legs as being faced with the consequences of his actions left him running away like a coward, dual trails of flaming tire tracks and a stream of urine behind him.
01/05/20161 hour 52 minutes
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The Other Side - Episode 99: Avatar Legend Of Varrick

Since Avatar: The Last Airbender was dropped on us many a year ago, the Avatar franchise has caught on like wildfire. First with The Last Airbender, then with The Legend of Korra, with multiple games, a hilariously bad movie adaptation (with an even more hilarious Rifftrax), and a fanbase that’s nuttier than one of those giant-balled tanuki things eating grape nuts while listening to the Nutcracker Suite. But is it actually any good? Does it deserve all this attention and acclaim? And why does a choir of heavenly angels start singing whenever the name “Varrick” is mentioned? There’s only one way to find out…! Producer’s Note: You may notice Cody’s mic quality is different in this episode. At the time it was recorded he was recovering from an illness, and was not able to record with his usual mic.’
01/05/20162 hours 21 minutes 23 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 101: Andrew Erickson's Excellent Adventures

Some time ago, Cody Baier issued a challenge to his listeners, giving out co-host Andrew Erickson’s Steam name and telling them to send him the worst games they had. Well, people sent him games, all right. Taking full advantage of Andrew’s compulsive need to play every game in his possession to completion, the poor man was inundated with a stream of horrendous games that somehow made it through Steam Greenlight. And now his pain is your listening pleasure as we take a look at the fruits of that challenge!
01/05/20162 hours 44 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 100: Moe Podcast

Who knew they’d last this long?! The Other Side celebrates its 100th episode! For this special occasion, the boys take a look at a larger problem that has plagued the entire anime industry for decades. That problem being the creatively bankrupt cancer that is moe, and all the fantasy girlfriend archetypes that come with it. Join Cody, Max, Andrew, and a SUPER SPECIAL GUEST as they examine the bug-eyed squeak toys that have permeated the entire medium of anime.
01/05/20161 hour 45 minutes 46 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 102: Lunatic Loser Exhibition #4

After 100 episodes, it’s time to finally start listening to their fans! Ever since The Other Side first started doing episodes about crazy people on the internet, there have been a few names that have been requested by the fans numerous times. Three particular individuals you, the Other Side listener, have wanted to hear the guys make fun of since Alex Barry was still the co-host. Well just call ’em your genies, ’cause Cody, Max, Andrew, and special guest LeighAnn Williams are here to make your wish come true. But just who were these three highly-requested wack-a-doos? Well that would just ruin the surprise! You’ll just have to listen and find out!
01/05/20161 hour 40 minutes 5 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 104: RIP Anime

Oh god we’re here again! Another season of anime is upon us! With each new wave of garbage thrust upon us our continuing support of the anime medium is tested time and time again, and this season is no exception. Once again The Other Side looks at all the animated manure being sent our way from Japan, looks for the token one-or-two good show(s) in the season, reaffirm “Vader’s Law”, and try to use Jojo to distract themselves from the pain… Play the Ecchi/Harem Drinking Game. For each show Andrew, Max & Cody go through that has one or both of these categories, take a drink! Good luck! Also, the new Attack on Titan OVA doesn’t count. Nothing new or original is worth the bandwidth you may use to download the torrent.
01/05/20161 hour 42 minutes 47 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 105: Blast Podcasting

For whatever reason, there has been a bajillion shows and comics about Sonic the Hedgehog. Heck, they recently gave him yet another one! And to make things even crazier, they’re all vastly different in tone, quality, and style! No one knows why so many people think Sonic is such a marketing goldmine, but the boys at the Other Side figured they’d hunker down and check ’em all out. Listen in to find out which ones are terrible, which ones are pretty good, and which one is so great Cody gives it a glowing recommendation!
01/05/20162 hours 3 minutes 4 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 103: Foxes Aren't Wolves

So there’s this revered director named Mamoru Hosoda who gets all the good reviews on the anime news places and had a movie recently that has caused the word “feel” to get thrown around more than in the testimony of a victim of molestation. But is he really THAT good? Well the boys at the Other Side just had to find out. So just what did they think of the films made by the man people call “The Next Miyazaki”? Stay tuned, folks, ’cause this one’s a hum-dinger!
01/05/20162 hours 18 minutes 30 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 107: What Is Gamergate?

If you’re on social media–Twitter especially–you’ve probably heard about this #GamerGate thing. Friggin’ everybody’s chimed in on it at this point. Once-beloved creative personalities have completely embarrassed themselves and ruined their reputations over it. Our timelines have been savaged by twitter wars over it. But what IS #GamerGate? Between a comically corrupt press and over-reactionary twitter folk, it’s hard to get a straight answer that’s not laced with hyperbole, flat-out lies, propaganda, and knee-jerk reactionary BS. So, to help clarify what all this crap is about, The Other Side brings on YouTube personality (and all-around swell dude) Mundane Matt, who found himself knee deep in the controversy in its very beginning, to help clarify all this nonsense, and answer the pressing question; what is #GamerGate?
01/05/20161 hour 51 minutes 8 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 108: Dub The Dragon!

It’s the anime that got an entire generation interested in anime. It was a cultural phenomenon, and became the show that an entire company was built on. But Dragon Ball Z had a bizarre, rocky start in America. A dub that was initially overlooked, changed hands, changed casts several times, and saw its actors go from sub-amateur level to some of the best in the business. The Other Side explored all the various ways that Akira Toriyama’s smash hit series has been adapted for English audiences. And as a bonus, a little Dragon Ball GT discussion to wet your whistle!
01/05/20161 hour 56 minutes 23 seconds
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The Other Side- Episode: 106 The Legend of KorraSami

So Legend of Korra ended awhile back. You might’ve heard about it. ‘Lotta brouhaha over the statement by the creators of the show that Korrasami is canon, but is it true? Do we really have our first homosexual couple in children’s television? Or is there something else going on? Could the “Word of God” actually be wrong, here? Is The Other Side making such a bold statement? If they were, they’d have to have some pretty strong proof, now wouldn’t they…? Also, The Other Side dives DEEP (so very deep, perhaps TOO deep…)into the hentai habits of Linkara of Atop The Fourth Wall. How does the TGWTG star get off? All sorts of ways!
01/05/20161 hour 46 minutes 29 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 111: Steven Pooniverse

Sometimes, when some things get an oppressive amount of buzz, The Other Side just has to check it out. And sometimes, when they do, their misery becomes your entertainment. This is one of those times. After seeing the fervor and cult-like devotion toward Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, the boys at The Other Side would be fools not to see what the hype was all about. Even several members of Anime 3000 have sung this show’s praises! Now, find out why The Other Side really is the only show on the network you can trust, as the boys from TOS utterly dismantle the series, and prove that Steven Universe is demonstrably terrible!
01/05/20162 hours 18 minutes 43 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 109: Anime May Live Again

It’s that time again, though thanks to their big buffer window it came late this time! The Other Side looks over another anime season! With this season, the guys find some glimmers of hope (and a couple pleasant surprises) among another sea of garbage. The difference is, this time, there’s a positive trend amongst the garbage. And as an added bonus, the guys come up with more awesome show ideas, then get upset that their show ideas aren’t real shows and we’re stuck with this crap instead…
01/05/20162 hours 25 minutes 49 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 110: Rubber Men In Refrigerators

As gender politics becomes more and more vogue among unintelligent, insecure millennials desperately attempting to sound smart, One Piece has found itself in the crosshairs of more and more adult kids with issues. Trigger twenty-somethings the internet over have chimed in on how problematic One Piece has been since the Dressrosa arc started, coming to a head with an article on the One Piece Podcast website. But does this claim hold water (hurr hurr ’cause it’s pirates)? Or are there more holes in this line of reasoning than Whitebeard’s corpse? The Other Side tackles the arguments made in this article, and other podcasts, and finds themselves having to explain basic concepts to people who are supposed to be older than 5. But hey, if you’ve ever been confused as to what the difference between sexism and not being good at writing women is, this is the episode for you!
01/05/20161 hour 56 minutes 52 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 112: The Hideaki Anno Interview

Using their mysterious, extensive network of connections, The Other Side has managed to do what no other show on Anime3000 has ever managed to do; secure an interview with the legendary Hideaki Anno! In what is sure to be a classic episode of TOS, the boys sit down with Mr. Anno, as he reveals never-before-told truths about his work, the animation industry, and even his personal demons! If you’ve ever wondered what (or who) keeps this anime legend up at night, wonder no longer!
01/05/20161 hour 34 minutes 5 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 115: Flaccid And Angry

For a year, now, the boys of The Other Side have been threatening to subject themselves to High School DxD, but never had the guts to actually do it. Until now. Yes, the TOS Trio finally bit the bullet and sat through this Ecchi trainwreck. If you ever thought that there was no such thing as too many tits, Cody, max, and Andrew are here to inform you that you are sadly mistaken. Hear all about their experience through this garbage, and how fanservice can get so obnoxious it can destroy your libido. And as a bonus, the guys school you in the correct way to pronounce “anime”, and even hook you up with a feww good things to watch!
01/05/20161 hour 45 minutes 31 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 114: Final Fantasy & Getting Really @#$%ing Confused Over Time Travel

With a FF7 remake now becoming reality, this major bombshell of an announcement at E3 prompted the guys to take a look at the Final Fantasy franchise. With a focus on what they liked, what they didn’t like, Max’s adventures playing Final Fantasy 13, how time travel is a massive mindscrew, why people seem to forget what Final Fantasy 7 was really like, and why you should never have a geek and a philosopher have a discussion on time travel. And, of course, the answer to the question you’re all dying to know; which Final Fantasy is the best?
01/05/20162 hours 40 minutes 55 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 113: Anime's Obituary

It’s another season, people! What do you want from us?! Well how about the return of Jahmere Durham to The Other Side to help go over all the stinkers in the summer 2015 anime season, pick out the couple of good ones, and tell us which stereotypes about the Navy are totally true!
01/05/20162 hours 32 minutes 52 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 116: Nasu Interview

The mind behind Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night comes to The Other Side! With Cody absent, Max and Andrew sit down with Nasu, the creator of the most lucrative Visual Novel games of all time! What was the creative process behind making these groundbreaking titles? What kind of background does such a creative mind come from? What was the inspirations behind Tsukihime? You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about the creator of the Fate series!
01/05/20161 hour 22 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Other Side - Episode 117: Anime En Mortem

It’s that time again! Time for TOS to rope Jahmere Durham into appearing again to go over another anime season! A season that’s particularly bad, mind you, though it does have one hella-good announcement. Other than that, it’s wall-to-wall garbage… But hey, TOS is here to help ease the pain and make some hilarious jokes about that garbage for you to enjoy! And if you’ve ever wondered why weird yaoi fangirls seem to hate Vic Mignogna, the boys go over that, too!
01/05/20162 hours 6 minutes 5 seconds
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The Other Side - Episode 118: Et Tu FUNi?

You’ve heard Cody shill for them for years, but now the once great FUNimation done screwed up royally, completely botching a PR nightmare the likes of which the anime industry has never seen before. But what really happened? Why do so many people seem so mad at what seems to be a throwaway line? Let The Other Side walk you through why, exactly, certain people at FUNimation need to lose their jobs. [email protected] Head of FUNimation PR: [email protected] FUNimation CEO: [email protected] RELEVANT INFORMATION:
01/05/20161 hour 48 minutes 26 seconds