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English, Hobbies, 1 season, 13 episodes, 15 hours, 43 minutes
Casual conversation about anime, manga, and otaku culture.
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#13 Changes, Anime tropes and cliches

changes are coming to the podcast so lets talk about it!
7/12/202154 minutes, 6 seconds
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#12 Special Guest talks his favorite anime!

A good friend of mine joins the show to talk his favorite anime and other random rants along the way!
6/4/20211 hour, 36 minutes, 41 seconds
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#11 Anime Trivia at the Coffee House

Today jacob and nicole test their knowledge of anime with hand picked questions to test each other who will prove to be the bigger weeb?
5/26/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 44 seconds
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#8 Best Antagonist in Anime

Today we follow up are episode on best protagonist in anime with a best antagonist episode. This is not are favorite or top 10 best just some of the best that came to mind when writing the outline hope you enjoy! 
5/4/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 58 seconds
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#2 Top 10 favorite anime

Jacob and Nicole go through and tell you about there Top 10 personal favorite anime!
3/17/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 49 seconds
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#1 Welcome to the Anime Coffeehouse, Death Note, and Golden Time

In our first episode, we introduce the world to the Anime Coffeehouse and discuss two anime we finished recently, Golden Time and Death Note.
3/9/20211 hour, 17 minutes, 39 seconds