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Angel Ray New Era Of Light

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 12 episodes, 4 hours, 52 minutes
This is the sign you have been looking for to escape the darkness and enter the light. If you are a crystal enthusiast, yoga lover or are law of attraction obsessed then this is the place for you! Maybe you are a aspiring mindful parent or individual, looking to become your best, most authentic self? Join me, Devon Norcliffe, founder of Angel Ray to delve deep into a purposeful life full of self love, growth and healing.
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Chakra Healing pt2

Welcome to Chakra Healing pt2 where I will be guiding you through a technicolour Chakra journey of activation. I have also introduced the higher Chakras and their spiritual representations; Gaia Gateway, Earth Star Chakra, Soul Star Chakra and Stellar Gateway. I hope you enjoy our 3rd guided meditation, a new meditation will be added every Sunday. Love always, Devon. X
12/5/202127 minutes, 30 seconds
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Chakra Healing

Join me in this guided meditation as I help you to restore the 7 traditional Chakras. I explain how each chakra vortex is formed from the pure life force energy known as Kundalini whilst we aid healing and restore the energetic wheels of our spiritual anatomy. Every Sunday during season 2 I will be offering a new guided meditation. I hope you enjoy them! Love always, Devon. X Here are the 7 Chakras, including their traditional names and meanings; Base Chakra - Muladahara; root support Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana; one's own place Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura; lustrous gem Heart Chakra - Anahata; unbroken Throat Chakra - Vishuddha; purifier Third Eye Chakra - Ajna; perception Crown Chakra - Saharara; thousand petaled lotus
11/28/202122 minutes, 29 seconds
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Energy Cleanse

Welcome back you amazing souls! A lot has happened since the last season of Angel so join me for a catch up and a guided meditation. Every Sunday during season 2, I will be offering a guided meditation to help you when this beautiful, yet sometimes difficult human experience gets a little heavy. I hope this helps to guide you to your whole, healed and loved self. Don't forget to check out the new site and enjoy this Sunday's energy cleanse. Arriving perfectly after the eclipse energy. It is good to be back! Love always, Devon. X
11/21/202122 minutes, 58 seconds