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Andy & The Band – Rockin’ Road Trips Podcast Profile

Andy & The Band – Rockin’ Road Trips Podcast

English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 11 episodes, 2 hours, 41 minutes
The Odd Socks are the best band in the world, and not only do they rock out but they have incredible adventures aboard their tour bus – ‘The Rock’n’ Roller’.
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Holiday to Treasure Island

Ha haarrrr me hearties, the band are off on a pirate adventure… which isn’t actually their intention. They just want a well needed holiday using Cousin Mac’s new invention, a portable holiday destination generator. It’s not working particularly well as they get stuck on a deserted island with a donkey and a palm tree, only to be picked up by the world’s friendliest pirate, Yellowbeard. He has his own problems as his treasure has been taken by the meanest pirate of them all, Ruthless Ruth. So the band simply have to help him…. off to Skull Island!
1/21/202215 minutes, 32 seconds
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Grey Hole

The band need to rehearse for their big gig, but their instruments have disappeared, even the spare ones! Where have they gone? They are about to find out as they get sucked in to a mysterious grey hole. Why is it sucking up the Odd Socks and all their instruments? Well that’s simple – the grey hole is Graham’s, and Graham hates music. There is only one band who can solve this problem. One with awesome songs and the ability to solve any mystery. The Odd Socks have to convince him that music is great, get their instruments and escape from the grey hole! They’ve got a gig to get to.
1/21/202214 minutes, 14 seconds
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Space Odd Sockity

Mac has invented a remote control that controls EVERYTHING and inadvertently causes a space ship to crash into the Rock n Roller. A tiny Alien called Dodo is on board. It has quite an appetite and it needs to get back home! So the band take a space trip to return the little Alien home. It can’t be that hard right? Of course it is! Befriended by the Space Leader on a planet they stop by, the band introduce her to something she’s never heard before….music! She loves it, but now she wants the band to stay forever and play their wonderful music as her prisoners. Time to escape….they need to get Dodo home to its family!
1/21/202216 minutes, 21 seconds
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Whale of a Time

Andy’s Mum is holding a fancy pants dinner and the band can’t wait… BUT UH OH there is a problem! She has no plates to serve her dinner on and she is desperate to show off her priceless gold dinner plates that went missing so many years ago. Stolen by Mum’s Great Great Great Great Grandad, who was an old sea captain, the plates went down with his ship and now rest at the bottom of the sea! She simply must get back them back for this special dinner. With the Rock’n’Roller in full submarine mode, off they go on an unbelievable underwater adventure. Will they find the plates? To have a chance they need the help of one of Mac’s oldest friends to get out of a spot of bother. How do you message the Loch Ness Monster for help? Sing a sea shanty of course!
1/21/202216 minutes, 9 seconds
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Rio The Magician

Rio is learning to do magic, so what better place to visit than a world that’s full of wizards. The MacNav is set and off we go to find an expert that can help Rio with his wizarding skills. Meet Ganymede – unfortunately the worst wizard of all time. Now that’s not we were hoping for but what a nice guy he is….and he needs some help. He’s been thrown out of the castle by Queen Shirley on a quest to find her missing golden ring. The band join him on his mission to find it, and boy what a mission it is! On their journey to the Cave of Doom, they have to circumnavigate a flock of staring ducks, deal with some argumentative Snooters, brave a dangerous collapsing bridge and the small matter of a fire breathing Dragon. As long as music is involved then the Odd Socks are always keen for an adventure! Will Ganymede recover the Queen’s ring?
1/21/202215 minutes, 58 seconds
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Off to the Jungly Jungle

It’s the band’s favourite gig today, the ‘Oddchester Picnic and Pop in the Park’ show. They head on over only to bump in to Clarissa who works at the local Creepy Crawly College and she is looking for a band…look now further - well they are the best band in the land! Great! Or is it? She’s actually after a band of explorers, not a group of musicians. Before they know it the band are off to the Jungly Jungle to return a precious Dung Beetle to its home. So with their emergency supplies, some help from Jungle Jim and a noisy car (don’t ask) off they go to deliver their little Dung Beetle back to its home. Oh and mind the Gorillas on the way!
1/21/202216 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Magical Guitar of Plenty

BLU’s Encyclopedia of ‘Ancient Musical Instruments’ leads the Odd Socks on a road trip to EYGYPT! in search of the ancient ‘Magical Guitar of Plenty’ once owned by Cleopatra herself. This haphazard but ridiculously talented band go on a journey through infested crocodile rivers, over scary rope bridges and inside a pyramid guarded by a talking stone Sphinx! A very familiar Mummy turns up to help and Rio gets to grant his ultimate wish….cheese sandwiches – lots of them. All in, one crazy adventure with a sprinkle of the band’s musical talents!
1/21/202215 minutes, 56 seconds
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The band are desperate to save up for a holiday, so they need to sell a few things first! Moxy is not so keen and when Andy accidently sells her precious prized trophy she is mortified! But all is good when they find out a certain F. Christmas is the one who bought it… they are sure he’ll give it back. So off to the North Pole they go! Little did they know that Moxy’s trophy is the prize for Father Christmas’s annual summer ‘ Snowy Games’. The Odd Socks have to try and win that trophy back! Will 2nd prize cut the mustard? Lets hope so!
1/21/202218 minutes, 40 seconds
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Farm Yard Festival

There is only one thing that makes the super cool and outrageously chilled Blu mad and that’s when his MILK RUNS OUT! But its ok it’s just another excuse for a Rockin’ Road Trip. And where can you get a pint of milk….well on a farm of course, and in this case, Farmer Palmer’s dairy farm! The only thing is, Farmer Palmer is having a problem, her animals keep going missing! So when the Odd Socks turn up to get some milk, she mistakes them for the spy firm she hired. But that’s OK because RIO loves spy stuff, so why not?! In full spy mode the Odd Socks discover that the farm animals are actually holding a secret music festival and these animals can perform! They LOVE music and they want the Odd Socks to perform as special guests. The band LOVE a music festival, but will Farmer Palmer?
1/21/202214 minutes, 54 seconds
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Odd Socks Vs Meme Cat

Mac has created a brand new Oddsocks computer App with miniaturised versions of the band – coooolll. But it’s got a computer bug….which is not so cool. So the band have to get inside the App to find out what’s going on. When they manage to enter the App they meet a cute kitty called ‘Meme Cat’. She’s amazing and can even make rainbows come out of her mouth. Cool! But little do they know that she is the computer bug - NOT SO COOL! Meme Cat sends the band off on 4 different challenges to solve the problem and escape the App. It’s just another rock n’ roll adventure for the band, but will they escape their own App? Only time will tell.
1/21/202216 minutes, 19 seconds
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Welcome to Andy & The Band – Rockin’ Road Trips

There’s never a dull moment on the Rock’n’Roller, the magical tour bus of Andy and the Band. The Rockin’ Road Trips Podcast shows exactly what the band gets up to between shows!
1/21/20221 minute, 2 seconds