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The 100th Android Police podcast is everything you've wanted it to be. Google this, Android that, Samsung's broken, OnePlus's broken, and we finally see what's inside The Hatch from Lost. Gemini takes a page from a BAFTA vote that has gone completely insane and the streaming industry makes money on top of showbuilding practices that are incredibly destructive to viewer habits (and, thus, their revenue), but at least Skynet's incompetent intelligence means we get to live another day, folks. Nothing gets cut. Everything's here.This is the show you've been waiting for.01:54 | Spatially AwareFilterworld by Kyle Chayka: Penguin Random HouseTesting the New Apple Vision Pro Spatial Persona - MacRumors07:49 | I've Paid Money For Worse AIGoogle may charge you for generative AI search in the futureLara Croft Crowned Most Iconic Video Games Character of All Time, According to BAFTA Poll | BAFTASonic the Hedgehog Chia Pet® - Chia.com27:05 | How Many Ways Can Google Piss People Off?Google Podcasts is dead but Google’s own podcast isn't on YouTube MusicGoogle Podcasts is gone — and YouTube Music can’t replace it - The Verge41:16 | Update DowngradeSome Pixel owners are experiencing network issues after Google's March 2024 updateGoogle's premium Pixel 9 plans feel too big, too soonSamsung's latest update is causing headaches for Galaxy S23 usersOnePlus just launched a worse version of Magic Eraser for its phones1:02:32 | Get LostStriking numbers: writers work less with streaming TV ( from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (New Line Cinema), hbomberguy (via Sven Bender), retsupurae, Top15s, Blizzard Entertainment (via vannero).Our regular hosts are <a...
4/7/20241 hour, 26 minutes, 14 seconds
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Phone Wars: An Old Hope

Google's had it out for the Android Police podcast all this time. No, not in the ways in which it's made it difficult for us to write the stories we talk about on the show, but with how its grown its phones. Android. Nexus. Pixel. All of it. The bulk of this 99th episode — which does not contain four minutes of cut-out frolicking midshow banter between our hosts — will cover the latest we're hearing about the Pixel 9 very big triple threat XL with a cherry on top. Man, it's like we've been an Android podcast, right?01:19 | Pixel PursuitNew Pixel 9 renders point to 3 Google flagships coming this fallGemini Nano is coming to the Pixel 8 after all33:09 | SUX (Stupid User Experience)The Disney Plus-Hulu merger is way more than a streaming bundle42:10 | Heady StuffTransformed by AI: How generative artificial intelligence could affect work in the UK – and how to manage it | IPPROntario school boards sue Snapchat, TikTok and Meta for $4.5 billion, alleging they're deliberately hurting students ( Apple Vision Pro - 256GB ( regular hosts are Daniel Bader and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
3/29/20241 hour, 10 minutes
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Apple's Ball Pit of Doom

The Department of Justice serves Apple a whopper of an antitrust suit, the consequences of which will take years to suss out and reverberate with impacts on competitors, developers, and consumers. So, what do we see from the shores of Android? The Android Police podcast is all about insights this week, some of them from our interview with Eric Migicovsky of Beeper and Pebble fame. And then we get broken down by a hilariously bad Moto G that should've been kept back in the dusty drawers of 2015.02:03 | US v. AppleUS sues Apple for iPhone monopoly, points to iMessage and Apple Watch dominance, among other tacticsThe US v. Apple monopoly case was inevitable, Beeper's CEO explainsFive takeaways from the huge US antitrust lawsuit against Apple - The Verge38:21 | Didn't Moto Have a Good Year?Moto G Power 5G (2024) review: Simply not good enoughOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
3/24/202453 minutes, 57 seconds
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We Lack A Small Phone Coffin

Marques Brownlee commissions a tiny little coffin into which he places the ZenFone 10 and we're over here trying to trigger the next wave of tiny little phones. As people keep saying, time is a flat circle. That conversation plus another notch in the epoch that is Samsung's management in mobile decline, the big TikTok sovereignty debate, and a couple of tangents on the artist formerly known as Twitter, late-90's MMOs, and tin rooves on this Android Police podcast!01:19 | TikTokThe House has taken a key step toward banning TikTok in the USIs TikTok safe to use?Montana's statewide TikTok ban awaits governor's signature (from April 2023)Chances of a national TikTok ban grow with upcoming bill in Senate (from March 2023)TikTok is now banned from devices used in the US House of Representatives (from December 2022)20:50 | SubspaceContinuum - Meet people from all over the world...then kill them25:56 | Beeg and LeetleThe Pixel 8 feels small after the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but I want a truly tiny phoneAsus Zenfone 11 Ultra review: just another big phone - The Verge42:41 | eX-popularTwitter is becoming a 'ghost town' of bots as AI-generated spam content floods the internet - ABC News (Australia)47:11 | Last CallSamsung isn't bringing its Pixel 8a competitor to the US this yearThe Google I/O 2024 puzzle has been solved, and now we have a dateOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under <a href=""...
3/17/20241 hour, 1 minute, 3 seconds
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Angry Betas, Angry Apples

Man, since when did Google's pre-release tracks of Android return to just utter garbage? And how much longer can Apple sustain its flat-footed outrage against the Digital Markets Act? We're firing some quick shots on the Android Police podcast this week to tackle some touchstones that are carrying the conversation in our mobile sphere for the days and weeks ahead.02:56 | ScatterdroidGoogle's March Feature Drop is here, but not for youAndroid 14 QPR3 Beta 2 is here, but you should be careful sideloading17:03 | Acid AppleEpic Games just got unbanned by Apple — again - The VergeI tested Apple’s EU-only iOS 17.4, and it doesn't feel any closer to Android (yet)Switching from iPhone to Android will get much easier next year32:28 | Flash FryThe Pixel 8a might cost nearly as much as Google's 2022 flagshipAnother Nintendo DS emulator bites the dust following the folding of YuzuWill was on the Android Faithful podcast this week if you want more!Our regular hosts are Daniel Bader and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
3/10/202437 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Loudest Phone

Mobile World Congress has adjourned for another year and the Android Police podcast is here to run through the minutes as trapsed from hall to hall looking for what tech companies are saying is their best for 2024. Is the Galaxy Ring going to deliver on its hype? How many times can Motorola do a bendy wristphone before it gets old? And what's with all these 5G flip phones that aren't foldables? Will joins Manuel Vonau and Dominic Preston this week to sort it out.05:30 | The ShowBest of MWC 2024: Android Police’s awards for the world’s biggest mobile showThe world's biggest mobile show is more concept than everEnergizer just slapped a phone into a powerbankMotorola's bendy smartphone is a futuristic dead endXiaomi 14 Ultra changes the camera but not much elseThe OnePlus Watch 2 was just practically announcedOnePlus Watch 2 review: Worth it for the battery alone7 new things we've learned about the Samsung Galaxy RingA Barbie flip phone is coming later this yearThis phone was made for the worst person you knowOur hosts this week are Will Sattelberg, Manuel Vonau, and Dominic Preston (check out his Substack for Barcelona foodie picks!). Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
3/2/202455 minutes, 9 seconds
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In Defense of Android

Yes, we've seen your comments about how we at the Android Police podcast can get so down on the topic our site is all about, but hey: you'd be distressed about the ecosystem, too, if you had the numbers we're looking at and not much corporate steering power in the backseat. So, on this episode, we chat about the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, the refinement of the Pixel Fold 2, and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. And maybe we'll be a little sad, then hopeful about Android while we're at it.03:34 | Slow week, huh?The Google Pixel 6 Pro's overheating issues are now a legal matterFirst Pixel Fold 2 renders confirm Google is shaking up its design15:52 | Mind over matterSeven different iPhone models outsold every Android phone last yearApple reveals new details about Spotify’s business as possible EU fine nears | TechCrunch34:48 | The closersXiaomi 14 Ultra combines a 1-inch camera sensor with four AI imaging modelsWyze is once again caught in security incident affecting thousandsOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
2/24/202447 minutes, 21 seconds
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Android Makes It a Clean Fifteen

This week on the Android Police podcast, we talk all about the first Android 15 developer preview despite the fact that, at the time of recording, we had barely an idea about what its best features were going to be. Of all things to be part of a Friday news dump, it had to be new software. Plus, further ruminations on generative AI, gaming, and why you need to chill out about the Galaxy S24's display.02:46 | Android 15Android 15’s first developer preview is hereHow to easily install the Android 15 developer preview on your PixelAndroid 15 leaves Snapdragon Pixels behind, and I'm sadAndroid 15 finally lets you disable keyboard hapticsAndroid 15’s new Notification cooldown will silence alert spam automaticallyAndroid 15's timeline plans to get back on trackAndroid 15 gets a mention in Google's latest Easter eggAndroid 15 sticks with Android 14's space theme for some reason20:23 | Gemini 1.5Google Gemini is ready to level up after just two monthsOpenAI introduces Sora, its text-to-video AI model - The Verge44:12 | Other NewsMicrosoft: four Xbox-exclusive games are coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch - The VergeThe Galaxy S24's first update brings a needed fix for your dull display colorsThe Samsung Galaxy S24 could be suffering from even more display issuesThe Nothing Phone 2a is launching on March 5Amazon Prime Video's ads are joined by worse video qualityOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives...
2/18/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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This week's Android Police podcast is a heady, tough one for us, but it's one we have to do because the news and business cycles dictate it. Google climbs up yet another rung on its ambitions of AI domineering and we're taking the time to ask the hard questions that have been pounding around for years. We might answer them, if not for you, for ourselves. Also on the docket, some quaint little Pixel rumors, a reviewer's review of his review of the OnePlus 12R, and a whole lot more.02:21 | Our BusinessGoogle's inconsistent Pixel experience makes its phones impossible to recommendOnePlus 12R review: A real flagship killer for $50019:27 | Gemini, ManGoogle Bard is dead, long live Google GeminiWith Gemini, Google's inability to properly brand products is more apparent than everUsing the Gemini app automatically disables Google Assistant on AndroidGoogle Gemini is promising, but it can't replace Assistant just yetGoogle Gemini doesn't have these Assistant features yetHeads up: Gemini Advanced is only available to the main family memberGoogle Gemini is expanding to more regions next weekWhat is Google Gemini?48:21 | Hard WornFirst Pixel Fold 2 leaks show a radical new design for Google's foldableGoogle's new Android 14 beta hints at the Pixel Tablet 2Google could jump straight to a Tensor G4 for the Pixel Fold 2New Nothing Phone 2a leak is all business in the front, nothing in the backOnePlus compares seven years of OS updates to a moldy sandwichSamsung uses lower quality titanium than Apple on its flagship phoneESPN, Fox, Warner...
2/10/20241 hour, 13 minutes, 47 seconds
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A Vision of the Future (Pro)?

You saw the journos and critics pinch in awkwardly-framed photos. Now you get to hear the takes on Apple Vision Pro that may or may not be spicier than a daring fireball. Sorry, John. And if that's not your cup 'er tea, no sirree (sorry everyone else), the Android Police podcast this week will also bring you a few updated thoughts on the Galaxy S24 series, the Pixel 8 Pro in Mint, and the Play Store's challenges for 2024.01:50 | RefreshersSamsung Galaxy S24+ review: This is the one to buySamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: Still the best, unless you take photosThe Galaxy S24 feels better than ever — and more like an iPhoneThe Pixel 8 Pro’s weird thermometer actually managed to beat my extremely low expectationsHow to fix your Pixel phone's storage problems after installing the January 2024 update19:34 | Apple Vision ProI Spent 24 Hours Wearing Apple's Vision Pro Headset | WSJ (YouTube)Apple Vision Pro review: magic, until it’s not - The Verge53:39 | Play it BackGoogle's new Play Store boss says he's focused on developers, not lawsuitsOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
2/4/20241 hour
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The OnePlus 12 Hits Like A Bus

We're tired. We're in hell. But at least there's a cool spot or two in this painful landscape. On the Android Police podcast this week, we take a second hit on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, extract every bit of solace we can out of the OnePlus 12 (and OnePlus 12R), and then pin our hopes on Google much as one would pin the tail on the donkey. That is, blindfolded and spun around.02:52 | S24 BlurSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: Run it backGalaxy AI is coming to even fewer Samsung phones than we thought24:16 | The One To Turn ToOnePlus 12 review: All flagship, no AI33:55 | Future GoogleGoogle Pixel 8a retail box leaks, confirms Pixel 8-like designFirst Pixel 9 leak eliminates the camera bar's awkward wraparoundNew Pixel 9 leak raises more questions than answersSee Google's Pixel 8 in its brand new mint shade50:20 | All ElseSamsung's cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 model could launch this yearThe Pixel Watch 3 could finally address a major shortcoming of the first two modelsYou'll need to pay up to escape Netflix adsOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
1/26/202457 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Galaxy S24 May Be Worse Than Boring

Well, would you look at that? It's all the changes we expected and then some. The Galaxy S24 is about as close to an inch Samsung thinks it can afford to creep along without actually getting there. We tick off our laundry list of all the reasons why we hate it on this Android Police podcast. Also on the show, Apple's taking a bath with the Vision Pro for now, but will it outlast the seething rage of app developers? But before that (and the obligatory Steam Deck mention), another visit to our old (new) friend, the Rabbit R1.02:08 | Tastes Like ChickenWhy is the internet crazy for the Rabbit R1? | Mashable20:05 | SpamsungSamsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus hands-on: Small changes, againThe Galaxy S24 Ultra feels like Samsung's identity crisisSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, two days in: Predictable in every sense of the word51:13 | Holding Windows In Your HandsLenovo Legion Go review: I want to love it, but I can't ( | A Difference of VisionStoreKit and review guideline update - Apple DeveloperApple Vision Pro will change computing, but there are 4 reasons why I still won't buy it ( won’t be able to use the YouTube app on the Vision Pro - The VergeOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
1/21/20241 hour, 14 minutes, 1 second
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Was Tap to Cast The Only Good Thing About CES?

The Android Police podcast is back with a new episode with our own Will Sattelberg commanding the grounds in Las Vegas for CES plus Ara and editor Jules (hi) filling in for Daniel. Plenty of people were hopping around the convention halls for a Rabbit R1, some of them were hogging up space inside Google's Polestar, and only a select handful of tech media got to enjoy Nelly absolutely killing it for an hour inside a giant, empty arena. That's CES for you. We hope you'll be content with the AP account of it as told by our voices plagued by varying levels of sickness. Yes, I know mine's the worst.Best of CES 2024: Android Police’s awards for the world’s biggest tech showHere's everything Google showed off at CES 2024I saw the foldable future in Samsung's wild display prototypesTCL is bringing its paper-like smartphone displays to the US for the first timeWhat is Rabbit R1, does it use ChatGPT, and how does it work? ( Asus ROG Phone 8 redefines what gaming phones look likeGoogle layoffs hit Assistant, AR teams, and Fitbit co-founders ( regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
1/13/202442 minutes, 55 seconds
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Lookback: Stadia

It's a filler episode on the Android Police podcast this week as we peer into the contemporary cognoscenti on the cloud gaming platform that was never meant to be: Google Stadia. We join together two separate eras of the show, bridging from an uneasy launch across to a protracted, aching end. Join us here today and we'll join you from CES next week.Google Stadia cloud gaming debuts with $130 Founder’s Edition this November, free tier coming in 2020Google reveals more Stadia details, including answers about multiplayer and VRGoogle Stadia available now — soon we'll know if it can handle the influx of gamersGoogle Stadia review: This could be bigEpic CEO says so few people play Stadia that a Fortnite port isn't worth doingStadia one year later: The grass is looking greener from up here in the cloudStadia is a year old today — and it's still not a viable alternative to console and PC gamingStadia is finally letting users live-stream their gameplay direct to YouTubeHands-on: Turns out Stadia is a pretty good way to play Cyberpunk 2077Even Google doesn't want to make games for Stadia anymoreGoogle doesn't want to kill Stadia, just Stadia as we know itStadia review, 2022 update: I'm ready for cloud gaming, Google isn'tThe future of Stadia is less about games than everReports of Google Stadia's death are greatly exaggerated, says Google StadiaIt's game over for Stadia, will shut down in early 2023Stadia exclusive Outcasters faces oblivion thanks to platform's impending closureHow...
1/6/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 47 seconds
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This Episode Is A Bad Idea, Right?

Welcome to the Android Police podcast's annual culturecast! Jeez, we've been back for two years and we get to call this a yearly tradition. Anyways, settle up for a great time as Daniel, Will, and Ara discuss how their favorite media in 2023 made them feel and why they loved it all so much. From Olivia Rodrigo to Greta Lee, Radiohead reduxes to a Pulitzer-winning twist on how people live inside of capitalism, we're sharing some consumption picks that might get you through some of the quieter times in your life coming up. Enjoy and we'll see you again in two weeks.04:09 | Moving Pictures‎The Little Mermaid (2023) directed by Rob Marshall • LetterboxdCandela Obscura | Critical Role‎Dungeons &amp; Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) directed by John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein • LetterboxdThe Apothecary Diaries - CrunchyrollSuccession |‎The Holdovers (2023) directed by Alexander Payne • Letterboxd‎Beau Is Afraid (2023) directed by Ari Aster • LetterboxdFX's The Bear | Only on Hulu (FX)‎Past Lives (2023) directed by Celine Song • Letterboxd22:02 | Ear Rattlingboygenius - the recordGUTS - Olivia RodrigoJavelin | Sufjan Stevens ( Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We | Mitski ( | LinktreeA Light for Attracting Attention | The Smile ( Brothers: A Deep Dive into their 2023 Masterpiece, 'The Album'Ellie Goulding - Higher Than HeavenDesire, I Want To Turn Into You | Caroline Polachek ( | Mind ReachWorld's Greatest Con | EPCOT - Part I ('s Greatest Con
12/24/202340 minutes, 47 seconds
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Right In The Beeper

On this Android Police podcast, we follow up on a see-saw week with Beeper on one side attempting to open a pathway for iPhone users to securely message all the non-iPhone people (and services) out there and Apple plainly wanting to shut that down. Down a related vein, Epic v. Google is over (for now) and there's just no getting around the Steam Deck for us. Plus, a quick convo about AP's Best of Awards for 2023!04:30 | Once Again, Beep ThisBeeper Mini has returned iMessage to Android, but it comes with one big catchAndroid users don't want iMessage — they just want peace22:02 | Epicly YoursThe Play Store is an illegal monopoly, says Epic v. Google verdict44:00 | The Best! The Best!Android Police Awards 2023: Our best phone, tablet, wearable and moreOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
12/17/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 13 seconds
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Run the Gems

On this Android Police podcast, the big story is Gemini. Google is floating trial balloons for its multimodal large language model that's set to go against OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo products. We ask where the rush was and what can be done with this next-gen gen AI. Also on the menu, Beeper Mini gets us closer to global rich messaging continuity, and we give a quick dose of our iPhone 15 review. With Titanium.02:44 | GeminiGoogle just released its GPT-4 rival Gemini AI, and you can use it starting todayGoogle Gemini: Everything you need to know about Google's next-gen multimodal AIEvery new feature in Google's December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop36:56 | Beep ThisBeeper Mini is the iMessage client Android's been waiting forOh, whoops: Apple cuts off Beeper Mini’s access to iMessage1:02:41 | LastlyiPhone 15 Pro Max review: The phone everyone else is choosingYouTube Music will finally replace Google Podcasts for good in April 2024Our regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
12/11/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 41 seconds
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Google Plays Monopoly Wrong

We enter into December with an Android Police podcast that tackles the big issues in our industry. And no, there isn't a hint of punchline there. Casetify is accused of plagiarism in its churn-and-burn quest to profit from phone cases while Google is accused of planting stories about how unsafe Fortnite is while actually failing to address how bad gaming on Android really is. Throw in a dose of OnePlus 12 pre-launch hype (don't fall for it) and a dash of the impossible premium connected TV stick that's actually good and you have a jam-packed show.03:39 | Jerry Got RiggedCasetify allegedly ripped off Dbrand's Teardown skinsDbrand's new X-ray skins let you see the guts of your devices, sort ofCasetify might have swiped its case designs from more than just Dbrand23:43 | Peeking into the NewsOnePlus has officially revealed what the OnePlus 12 looks like31:56 | One Good TVWalmart has a new $15 streaming stick with Google TVSonos wants to challenge Google on the headphones and set-top box front44:36 | RedditEvolving the Reddit Brand... A New Snoo Logo, Now with Opposable Thumbs! - Reddit Upvoted47:34 | Epic v. GoogleGoogle wanted to buy Fortnite maker Epic Games to hype up StadiaActivision Blizzard had a plan — or ploy — to launch its own Android game store - The VergeOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under <a href="" rel="noopener
12/3/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 30 seconds
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Sprawling Past The Moat

This is the half-hour portion of the Android Police podcast that we recorded two weeks ago talking a little bit about the everlong travails of Google when it comes to Fitbit and getting Apple to adopt RCS. Well, we at least know how one of those stories worked out, but we also continue writing the story of this very show and the business of what we talk about. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving this week, have a safe and happy one. We're back next week.Google is ending Fitbit sales in over a dozen countriesFitbit Charge 6 review: Do you really need a smartwatch?Google's new 'iPager' video takes on Apple's odd resistance to RCSApple is adding RCS support to the iPhone next year, by the wayAlso, Android isn't cool with teenagers, and that's a big problemOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
11/24/202329 minutes, 16 seconds
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Apple Gets 'Em Young

Every morsel of gravity in the world hits the downhill this episode on the Android Police podcast with OpenAI sacking CEO Sam Altman while Apple outsteps Nothing in bridging the gap between iMessage and the rest of the modern texting world - and there's a very good reason why now was the time for the company to get on board with Google and RCS. But we start things off with Daniel out in Los Angeles not talking about how Tony Hawk was at MediaTek's own summit this week.02:39 | MediaTekMediaTek goes big on its 8 Gen 3-rivalling Dimensity 9300Qualcomm's Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 sounds like the Goldilocks of midrange chipsets13:41 | Nothing ChatsNothing's new chat app brings iMessage to AndroidNothing's iMessage solution might not be as secure as we thoughtNothing pulls its iMessage app from the Play Store following privacy disaster21:59 | Apple Sets Out for RCSApple is adding RCS support to the iPhone next yearWhy Apple finally decided to adopt RCS on iPhone"How iPhone Violates Apple’s Accessibility Guidelines," by Kevin Voller | Medium44:54 | AndroidlescenceAndroid isn't cool with teenagers, and that's a big problem55:59 | OpenAIThe Fear and Tension That Led to Sam Altman's Ouster at OpenAI - nytimes.comOH GOD OpenAI board in discussions with Sam Altman to return as CEO - The VergeWill Was HereDo Teenagers Dream of Android Sheep? – DTNS 4645Apple Supporting RCS in 2024 (Tech News Weekly)Our regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to...
11/19/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 24 seconds
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Inadvertently an Epic vs. Valve Episode

Of course we're going to talk about Humane's silly AI Pin on the Android Police podcast this week — spoiler: we don't make it out to be as silly as you might think it is. That plus a recap of Epic v. Google in the courts and the absolute shambles that is mobile gaming right now as well as a new (but very familiar) Steam Deck that hit us right between the eyes!We've recorded so much show this week that you'll be getting an additional half-hour in our next show, straying from the topical and going into more of the existential... be sure to tune in then.03:56 | Pinned DownHumane’s Ai Pin Looks Exhausting to Use ( | Epic v. GoogleGoogle offered Epic $147 million to launch Fortnite on the Play Store - The VergeEpic v. Google: everything we’re learning live in Fortnite court - The Verge46:41 | Steam Deck OLEDValve announces Steam Deck OLED with an upgraded HDR display, bigger battery, and higher $549 price tag ( regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "13," "18," and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
11/12/202358 minutes
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Logging Back In

After two weeks away, Daniel rejoins the Android Police podcast this week to be the ketchup to our mustard and mayonnaise... who the other two are is up to you. Anyways, we catch up with some chat on the Snapdragon X Elite chips, bemoan the Galaxy S23 FE, continue to praise the OnePlus Open, and give Google a sideways glance and ask how it's doing in court in the next 73 minutes... and then Baby Daniel joins us to wrap the show.03:42 | ElitismSnapdragon X Elite: How PC makers will rival Apple M series ('s best feature is broken, but Qualcomm might be able to fix it21:17 | One Up, One DownSamsung Galaxy S23 FE review: A not-quite diamond in the roughOnePlus Open vs Galaxy Z Fold 5: Open and shut case?45:19 | Alphabetti RegrettiGoogle CEO defends paying Apple to make Google default search engine on devices in landmark antitrust case (Associated Press)Google suggested that Apple pre-install its Search app on iPhonesGoogle passkeys will replace passwords — here's how to set them upGoogle Pixel 8 users are reporting poor battery life on mobile dataThe Google Pixel Watch 2 isn’t always charging reliablyGoogle’s Nexus 5 at 10: A glimpse into the futureGoogle Nexus 5 Review - MobileSyrupOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "10," "18" and "34" by <a href=""...
11/6/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 1 second
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Oryon Arises (Snapdragon Summit 2023)

Will is at the helm for this week's Android Police podcast, but he's also at Qualcomm's annual product launch press junket in Hawaii. Once again, Chris Patrick, SVP and GM of Handsets, joins us. So, what did the chipmaker bring everyone out to the islands for this year? ARM computing, artificial intelligence, mobile console gaming, and not much 5G. The agenda's definitely a different look from previous years, so let's get into it.Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3: Everything you need to know about the mobile platform running the best phones of 2024The Xiaomi 14 will be the first phone with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3Snapdragon Seamless will unify your Qualcomm devices under a single umbrellaThe Snapdragon X Elite aims to make your Windows PC better than a Mac ('s Oryon cores will come to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 ( important Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite X facts you probably don't know ( regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/29/202333 minutes
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An Open Look ft. Michael Fisher

The one and only Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher to the rest of us) is back on the Android Police podcast to trade notes with Will on the OnePlus Open! This episode was recorded on Tuesday evening right before they put the finishing touches on their actual reviews, so if you want to play editorial whack-a-mole and check for any discrepancies in what they say versus what they've written down, feel free to do just that! The OnePlus Open packs everything to take on the Pixel Fold and Fold 5Our OnePlus Open reviewInside The OnePlus Open - And The Machines That Torture It (Mr. Mobile / YouTube)Our Moto Razr reviewOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/19/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 27 seconds
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Pixel Gatekeeping Pro

The Pixel 8 Pro is dumb. Just dumb. You think you can make it all smart with this artificial intelligence crap, Google? How about you just say the quiet part out loud to the Android Police podcast about why it's $300 more than the Pixel 8? This week, a single 50-minute rant as performed by three tech nerds. Also, a reminder that Kirby did not do 9/11 and that it's always Waluigi Time (sound clip not included in the episode).Google Pixel 8 Pro review: Living up to its nameGoogle Pixel 8 review: The Pixel for the massesGoogle axed three nifty Pixel 8 features before launchGoogle's AI-infused Assistant might be limited to the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24, at least at firstGoogle Pixel Watch 2 review: The watch we wanted last yearGoogle's Pixel Watch 2 is already running low on stockGoogle has silently lowered the first Pixel Watch's charging speedGoogle's new Chromebook Plus category doubles performance standardsHumans can’t resist breaking AI with boobs and 9/11 memes | TechCrunchOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/15/202355 minutes, 21 seconds
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An Hour (and more) of Pixel 8 ft. Mishaal Rahman

Our most favorite hardcore Android nerd, Mishaal Rahman, joins the Android Police podcast for what else but for Pixel 8 announcement week! And if we had spent our time just talking about the phones themselves, it still would've breached more than an hour to become our newest longest episode yet. But we've got a little bit of Pixel Watch 2, a little Android 14, and a little luncheon to carry us through another half-hour. Enjoy!Google Pixel 8 Pro hands-on: You flatter meThe Pixel 8 is Google's weakest small flagship in yearsGoogle Pixel Watch 2 hands-on: Spot the differenceAndroid 14 review: Predictable progressGoogle gives up on a fixed day for its monthly Pixel updatesThe Google Pixel 8 can use its insecure selfie camera for secure payments, thanks to machine learningGoogle Assistant is about to become a full-blown AIThe Pixel 8 Pro's improved Magic Eraser uses on-device AI you won't find anywhere elseGoogle Pixel 8 Pro’s best video feature is magically processed in the cloudGoogle Pixel 8 Interview: "The Biggest Shift In Computing, Ever" - Mr. Mobile / YouTubeMishaal Rahman | PatreonOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/9/20231 hour, 42 minutes, 59 seconds
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Curb Your Enphonesiasm

On this Android Police podcast, Will is trapped by rising floodwaters, a war ensues between the titanium, stainless steel, and plastic camps, and Ara records a personal best on the number of rants in an episode. Get up to date on the Fitbit Charge 6 (and our listeners' thoughts on trackers and smartwatches), imagine all the colors of the Galaxy S24, and see if Google can make this year's Pixel phones last into 2030. Now with even more sound effects.02:08 | FitbitYou can preorder the Fitbit Charge 6 starting today09:50 | AgendaFirst Samsung Galaxy S24 leak reveals iPhone-style frameGoogle could give the Pixel 8 seven years of updatesGoogle Podcasts will die in 2024As Google turns 25, here are 10 of my favorite products it’s killed offDisney+ will start its crackdown on password sharing in NovemberiPhone 15 Pro | Titanium | Apple (YouTube)First Alert Weather: 4 p.m. Friday 9/29 flooding update - CBS New York (YouTube)Our regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/1/202342 minutes, 48 seconds
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Do You Feel Alive Talking to Johnny V?

The Android Police podcast may need a name change. And no, The Vergecast is taken. But for a show that delves into the profundity of notions such as the phases of smartphone design and the uncanny valley that is a conversation with a voice assistant, we also get to inject bits of "Her" and "Short Circuit" into the mix. So there's that. We've got chat about the Fitbit Charge 6, Pixel 8a, Amazon's hidden Fire HD 10 and a whole smattering of in-between bits that we just can't stay away from. This is our longest episode yet in this iteration and the show notes go to reflect it. Get ready for some links, buddy.01:44 | Top BreadLeaked Google Pixel 8a images are already making the roundsThere are no beans left to spill on Samsung's next Galaxy BudsGoogle's Pixel Watch 2 could borrow a key Fitbit Sense 2 featureThe Google Pixel Watch 2’s most unique strap yet leaksThe Fitbit Charge 6 is coming later this monthThe Fitbit Charge 6 could bring back a long-lost hardware feature22:56 | MeatAmazon's latest Fire TV lineup includes two new high-end streaming sticks and a soundbarAmazon's new Echo Show 8 wants to be your smart hub of choiceAmazon’s Echo Hub is the latest and greatest way to control all your connected devicesThe Nest Hub Max is losing one of its key features this monthThe age of smart displays is coming to a premature endJibo Review 2018: This Robot Will Steal Your Heart (Through Your Wallet) - Mr. MobileHow Jibo The Robot Succeeded – By Dying - Mr. MobileNo sane person should spend $600 on a consumer-level router | Digital TrendsGoogle's smart home strategy is as disastrous as its messaging strategy (Android Authority)1:07:48 | Yes, This Bottom Slice is Past The Hour MarkGoogle Bard Extensions brings more AI power to
9/25/20231 hour, 28 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Android Police podcast, in our duty to you as a full-service technology publication despite the narrow avenue our name would imply, is here for a go-around with Apple's new iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 lineups. We also talk about tiny robopets and no, William, why would I ever title our site post that? Finally, we dig into our mailbag for the first time because you listeners are extremely eager to spill your guts about Android launchers. This show's 63 minutes long and I can promise you it's worth every second of your time.03:22 | Apple WatchAndroid wearables need some fresh ideas to compete with the Apple Watch17:59 | iPhoneThe iPhone 15 finally brings USB-C to the pockets of your blue bubble friendsApple just pushed ahead of Google in the race for pocket satellite connectivityI want every Android phone to steal the iPhone 15 Pro's Action buttonThe Important iPhone 15 Pro Feature Nobody's Talking About! (Snazzy Labs / YouTube)50:54 | LastlyThe Pixel 8's Tensor G3 chip could run cooler thanks to Samsung's new packaging techAibo owners can recycle their aging robotic dogs thanks to Sony's new adoption programOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
9/16/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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Android Eras

A new era in Android has begun. Not Android 14 - Google looks to be off its scheduled launch window and that's got everybody in the industry scrambling. We do get a better picture, however, of when we'll be able to play with new Pixels and we preview Apple's new pickings coming up on this episode of the Android Police podcast.02:02 | Soft AndroidGoogle's Android 14 release plans may have hit a snagAndroid is getting its first brand makeover in over four yearsGoogle is bringing Pixel's modern At a Glance widget to all Android phones24:57 | Hard PixelGoogle shows off the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 in its latest October event teaseThe Pixel Watch 2 won't work on super old Android phonesGoogle may have just spilled the beans on an upcoming Chromecast34:51 | Mushy, but firm?Apple Event 2023: iPhone 15 Pro Max, AirPods, Watch Series 9, Products to Expect - BloombergThis is a Crypto Phone. Don’t Buy It. - YouTubeOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
9/10/202344 minutes
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Top Gun, but for Phones

It's the IFA show on the Android Police podcast this week as we pour it on Huawei not even pretending that Honor is still functionally its Western-facing apparatus and pushing a foldable phone-purse hybrid. JBL's got some loud speakers that will look good in your home (or not) and work with everything. Also, we've got more Pixel intel about how it'll truly become the iPhone of Google's eye.04:06 | IFA 2023The Fairphone 5 is here, and it's the sleekest repairable phone yetThe Fairphone 5 has me looking forward to our repairable futureThe Honor Magic V2 goes international with a foldable Purse in towAnker's new chargers bring Qi2 MagSafe-style charging to the massesTecno's Phantom Ultimate concept phone is the fake rollable of your dreamsJBL's new smart speakers offer the best of two voice assistant worldsBest of IFA 2023: Android Police’s awards for Europe’s biggest tech showIFA 2023 | Android Police46:43 | PixelGoogle Pixel 8 series and Watch 2 launch date set for October 4Google leak gives us our first official look at the Pixel 8 ProThe Google Pixel 8 could get iPhone-like software supportGoogle kills off Pixel Pass just months before the Pixel 8 launchGoogle Home Routines' powerful upgrade gives you tons of new starters and actionsGoogle Photos Locked Folder now supports cross-device backupOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at <a...
9/3/20231 hour, 31 seconds
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Fight for Your Right to PSP

Apple once again turns around from an anti-consumer stance and could stand to benefit in the public eye because of it. This week on the Android Police podcast, we're covering the company's newfound support for California's right to repair bill. We'll also hit the shoulder triggers for some new handhelds - including a new PSP, but only sorta like how you remember it - debuting at Gamescom.03:55 | Right to RepairSurprise: Apple now supports California's right to repair (The Verge)There's also a bill in NY where Apple previously helped modify language (The Markup)22:11 | GamescomSnapdragon’s new G Series SoC will power Ayaneo's next gaming handheldQualcomm's new gaming chips want to bring Steam Deck power to AndroidOdin2: The New Generation Ultimate Gaming Handheld | IndiegogoSony’s portable PlayStation Portal launches later this year for $199.99 (The Verge)47:40 | Everything ElseYouTube tests making the 'skip ads' button harder to noticeYouTube is cutting corners with its controversial new player designSamsung wants you to pretend that two iPhones are a Galaxy Z Fold 5Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could ditch the curved display for a rounded frameOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
8/27/202359 minutes, 41 seconds
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What Will Google Put in Gmail Today?

On the Android Police podcast this week, our arms are circling back around the clock to our Galaxy Watch 6 review and springing forward to the Pixel Watch 2 as we're on the rumor watch. We'll stop with wordcraft and continue with more ineffective PR campaigns from Google whether you're dealing with training its AI (or the perceived sucking of data for the purposes of training that AI) or blocking ads on YouTube. We cover it all. Lost was good.03:26 | Google's WatchNew Google listing gives us our most official look at Pixel Watch 2 specs yetThe Pixel Watch 2 might get the metal band Google promised for its predecessorGoogle kills Assistant for Wear OS 2 watches18:00 | Samsung's WatchSamsung Galaxy Watch 6 review: Bright but never bold29:16 | Google, Google, Google, XiaomiGoogle could soon roll out a convenient new way to unlock your phoneGoogle's next big swing at AI rumored to launch this fallGoogle is desperate to sell Pixel Tablets, pushing ads via notificationsGoogle's new Transparency Center has big Don't Be Evil energyGoogle wants to reduce hearing loss with Android 14's latest safety featureYouTube’s anti-ad blocking test gets even pushier with a new timerXiaomi's new Mi Mix Fold 3 has all the things the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 doesn'tOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under <a href="" rel="noopener
8/20/20231 hour, 6 minutes
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Flipping Good Enough

Our official verdicts on the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5, Watch 6, and Tab S9 series are online and Stephen Schenck is in for Will this week to help us expand upon them in vocal form on the Android Police podcast. With iteration the name of this battle, where does the next one take us in this "war?" Also up in the episode, some grumblings about the Pixel Watch 2, Android 14, and One UI 6. And we write up a manuscript for a new Google-y movie starring Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci.01:43 | Samsung reviewsSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 review: Something pithy when it's publishedSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review: Polished to a sheenSamsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic review: Iteration with a twistSamsung Galaxy Tab S9 review: Premium, powerful, pricey40:41 | The NewsGoogle just enabled RCS by default for all Messages usersFor real this time: Samsung launches One UI 6 betaAndroid 14 Beta 5 arrives as one last scheduled update before stable releaseAndroid 14 will make scrolling in Chrome as smooth as iOSOnePlus is ready to make a splash with a touchscreen you can actually use while wetGoogle Pixel Watch 2 could pack all the right upgrades over its predecessorOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Stephen Schenck filled in this week. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
8/13/202358 minutes, 48 seconds
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Remember Moto Maker?

We're celebrating the big one-zero at the Android Police podcast, but not for ourselves (though we do get a pizza party at the end of the show). We're taking a look back at three Google products that helped get Google's hardware department where it is today: the Chromecast, the Nexus 7 (the second one), and the Moto X.04:50 | ChromecastGoogle Chromecast at 10: Our hopes for new hardwareHey Google: Make your next Chromecast like this23:43 | Nexus 710 years ago, Google launched the 2nd-gen Nexus 7, and no tablet has captured its magic since34:06 | Moto XMoto Maker Customization System For Moto X Shown Off In Video, Coming To Other Carriers As Well47:11 | Other newsExclusive Google Pixel Watch 2 faces leak online showcasing dynamic themingOnePlus Open foldable faces possible delayAndroid’s unknown tracker alerts are starting to go liveGoogle’s new search tool will make your most private photos disappearSync for Reddit returns as Sync for LemmyOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
8/6/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
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Galaxy Z Flub 5

It's a flub. A flop. Samsung's pocket flaps are showing and the numbers are not good. At least that's what we're making of this week's Unpacked event. Daniel, Ara, and Will are putting in their say on this episode of the Android Police podcast. From the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, the Galaxy Watch 6, and the Galaxy Tab S9 series (which we didn't remember inviting to the party), there's just a lot of gristle to chew through. Sharpen your teeth.02:34 | Flippy Floppy MessThe Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 wasn't made for youThe Galaxy Z Flip 5 fixes my biggest gripe with Samsung's flip phoneSamsung Profit Beats Estimates, Signal of Tech Spending Rising Again - BloombergGalaxy Flip 5 / Fold 5 Hands-On – After A Year On The Flip 4 &amp; Fold 4 (Mr. Mobile / YouTube)34:45 | Six O'ClockI wore the Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung hoped I’d never take it off45:11 | What Tablets?Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 series brings slight upgrades but keeps its painful price54:16 | A Mixture of Bodily FluidsGoogle pushing for better big-screen appsSay goodbye to Twitter and hello to XReminder: The official ChatGPT app for Android is now up for grabsThe Sony WF-1000XM5 are here and they are glossy‎Oppenheimer (2023) directed by Christopher Nolan • Reviews, film + cast • LetterboxdOur regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.Android Police lives here. Reach out to us at [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under <a...
7/27/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Galaxy Changes at a Glacial Pace

After a break last week to recover from Prime Day and some unwelcome strep, we're back with a preview of what Samsung will Unpack this week! You can tell from the brimming excitement in our hosts' voices that there will be plenty to look forward to with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5. Or maybe we'll talk about Motorola again, look, I just cut the show up and write the notes up, I can't be held responsible for what Will does.03:34 | SamsungSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: News, leaks, rumored price, and release windowSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: News, leaks, rumored price, and release windowSamsung Galaxy Watch 6: News, leaks, pricing, and release window39:30 | Some Other ThingsNothing Phone 2 review: Finding its nicheMotorola is making good smartphones again, and you should pay attentionNothing Phone 2 Review: Lighting Up The Competition | HotHardwareAndroid Police lives here. Reach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/23/202352 minutes, 37 seconds
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Thready Set Go

The social media news cycle was on meth this week. We don't know how else to say it. Twitter and Reddit continue their slow-motion meltdowns while Mark Zuckerberg actually comes out the winner for once. This episode of the Android Police podcast is dominated by Threads and where the yarn goes from here.02:46 | ThreadsJoin Instagram Threads beta program on Play Store to test drive upcoming featuresYou can't delete your Threads profile without deleting your whole InstagramHow to use Meta's Threads app without sacrificing your privacyWeekend poll: Did you sign up for Threads? 28:04 | TrimmingsSamsung announces its next foldables on July 26, but you can save $50 by reserving yours right nowEnjoy the Samsung Unpacked lineup from all angles and in all colors ahead of launchGoogle might not go full-custom with its Tensor chips until 2025Android Police lives here. Reach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/10/202340 minutes, 20 seconds
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Not Quite Pixel Gold ft. Michael Fisher

Is it a coincidence that the Mr. Mobile, Michael Fisher, is joining the Android Police podcast for the second time (the first time under a different run) and both times the discussion at hands was about foldables? Maybe it is, but whatever the case may actually be, this episode is all about the Pixel Fold and our evaluations on how Google's first step into foldable phones has landed.Google Pixel Fold review: An $1,800 rough draftPixel Fold Review: The Price Isn't The Point - Mr.MobileAnd if you want to be reminded of the first time we had Fisher on, it was for talking about the Motorola Razr. The original one. That folded. In 2020. You know.Android Police Podcast Ep.357 — A Razr to a Phone Fight ft. Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile)Android Police lives here. Reach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/2/202351 minutes, 20 seconds
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A Slice+ Above The Rest

It's a study of contrasts with reviews going out for Motorola's Razr+ and Google's Pixel Tablet. This week, the Android Police podcast is graced by the presence of Digital Trends mobile editor Joe Maring to chat about garbage fires and unexpected triumphs as well as marketing of charming and questionable natures.02:34 | SucksGoogle Pixel Tablet review: That first-gen feelingThis is what Google’s new weather app looks like on phones29:17 | SurprisesMotorola Razr+ review: My new favorite foldable45:13 | PiratesGoogle's latest Pixel campaign stars the iPhone as its clueless best friendChromebook X is Google’s new high-quality laptop initiativeReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/26/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 41 seconds
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Read it, Reddit, Dead Innit?

It's a summer of discontent running right through the Android Police podcast. Topping our show, of course, is Reddit's war on itself — namely, the user community it relies on for its success. We also watch the axe fall on more Google services with even more uncertainty ahead for its entire business. Finally, we talk about wood and how nice it looks and feels... on a phone. Dog days? Psh, who says these are dog days?08:11 | The Reddit ChroniclesReddit blackout explained: Why subreddits have gone darkA popular Android Reddit app may survive the site's absurd API pricing23:15 | All the Googley bitsThe EU threatens to break up Google over advertising dominance concernsPrivacy concerns are keeping Google Bard from making its debut in the EUGoogle’s Pixel June Feature Drop is here with cinematic wallpapers and much moreGoogle's a little surprised at how we've all been using RecorderThe Google Pixel Fold seems to be having inventory issues34:02 | OvertimeMy time with Motorola's new Razr phones has me rethinking foldablesSony Xperia 1 V review: Too much money, not enough phoneGoogle Domains is dead, business sold to SquarespaceReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/17/202349 minutes, 12 seconds
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Apple is Killing Its Darlings for a Vision

We're not beyond giving Apple some attention here at the Android Police podcast, especially during a week where the company decided to tease a $3,500 VR headset. Indeed, the road to popularization is long and filled with deep potholes, but the company is taking a chance on it in neglect of its other major existing platforms — arguably harming the Apple user experience by raising the already-high walls surrounding its garden. This week, we have XDA-Developer Apple Editor Mahmoud Itani on our show to discuss. Also, our own Stephen Schenck and his 2 million Reddit Karma.03:05 | Apple's seedHands-on: The Apple Vision Pro is best AR and VR experience I've ever tried (and I've tried many) ( 17 beta 1 hands-on: A buggy delight that further alienates Android usersApple is going to let you use your iPhone as a smart display with new Standby featureiPadOS 17 brings interactive widgets, enhanced lock screen, Health app, and morewatchOS 10: Smart Stack, new features, and everything you need to knowiOS 17 might just make iPhone owners hate green bubbles less43:31 | ChaffReddit looks set to kill third-party clients with multimillion dollar feesApollo for Reddit is shutting down - The VergeIt’s not just Apollo: other Reddit apps are shutting down, too - The VergeAndroid 14: News, features, leaks, and what's new in Beta 3Android 14’s new lock screen customization is live in Beta 3Reach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/11/202359 minutes, 48 seconds
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An iPad for Your Face

Motorola is having a good year and the streak continues, it seems, with the rollout of its new Razr+ and Razr(-) for 2023. Our Will Sattelberg shares his experiences at the hands-on event. Also on the Android Police podcast, we debate Apple's merits as it's rumored to be preparing a $3,000 consumer-focused AR/VR headset that's sure to please James Cameron. That and a lot more on this week's show!03:43 | Crazy for RazrThe Motorola Razr+ and Razr are ready to take aim at Samsung's clamshell crownMy time with Motorola's new Razr phones has me rethinking foldables30:45 | Dub DubApple Reality Pro and Apple Glasses: What's the story so far on Apple's AR/VR devices? ( Quest 3 announced beating Apple Reality Pro to the mixed reality punch ( | All Together NowGoogle canceled its first Pixel Fold design because it wasn't good enoughPixel Tablet tipster stokes rumor fire with conspicuously absent stylus and keyboardThis Google Pixel Watch 2 upgrade could solve the first model's biggest problemGoogle launches a fresh fleet of features across Android phones and watchesThe original Chromecast has reached its end of lifeReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/4/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 33 seconds
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Re: Generative

We take a look at Google's enhanced online search engine with generative AI results and... whew, we've got a long way to go. Surprisingly, we bounce around Sony a bit in the middle before discussing the next Moto Razr, the demise of YouTube Stories (you forgot those were a thing, right?), and yes, air out laundry in our impromptu Letterboxd segment. It's just another week on the Android Police podcast.02:55 | A New Way of Googling?Google's next-gen AI-powered search experience is ready for a test driveGoogle Search Labs: What it is and why you need it23:06 | The Rest of the ShowThe solution to Pixel fingerprint scanner problems may be right under your noseGoogle pulls app from Play Store over paper-thin connection to 'piracy'Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic leak shows the return of a beloved featureSony’s $1400 Xperia 1 V packs a fancy Exmor T sensor and headphone jackWhat Is Sony’s Project Q? ( is bringing its PlayStation-friendly controller to AndroidThe Motorola Razr 40 Ultra looks smoking hot in the these leaked rendersAmazon's Fire Max 11 wants to dominate the midrange Android tablet marketNetflix password sharing is now officially deadHBO Max rebranding renders dedicated button on Android TV remotes uselessGoogle is mercy killing YouTube StoriesReach out to us - [email protected] - "1," "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
5/30/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 3 seconds
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Luncheon Heat

On the menu for the Android Police podcast this week, we'll be probing a Pixel 8 rumor much like how one temps a steak with a thermometer. We've got a few thoughts to dish out on the Montana TikTok ban, too. And, if that's not enough, for dessert, we'll be having BlackBerry pie... in the form of an impromptu movie review. Order up!02:04 | AppetizerLeaked Google Pixel 8 Pro video shows new design and a built-in thermometerGoogle wants to turn your Pixel phone into a car dashcam21:12 | EntreeChatGPT now has a dedicated iOS app, Android version incomingYouTube has started blocking ad blockersMontana becomes the first state to ban TikTok43:23 | After EightsGoogle Pixel 7a review: If déjà vu were a smartphoneHow Google can solve its Pixel A-series identity crisisDisney Ending Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Just Over 1 Year After Launching It ( (2023) | ScreenRantReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
5/21/20231 hour
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Google I/O 2023: Disapixelment

It really felt like everything that you could tie back to the core product of Android took a back seat to some weird, rushed gimmickry through the power of artificial intelligence at this year's I/O conference. Already bad at keeping a lot of its secrets, Google has made none whatsoever about pushing applications for its various forms of AI modeling out to consumers. So, the Android Police podcast is taking the goliath to task on just how much neglect it is paying to the Pixel brand it has proudly cultivated and the shaky path ahead for its fleet of magic features to come.03:40 | Pixel TalkGoogle Pixel 7a review: A Pixel 7 by any other nameGoogle Pixel Fold hands-on: The good, the bad, and the uglyGoogle Pixel Tablet hands-on: What's up, dock?43:38 | I Love AI?Google Bard loses waitlist and comes to more languages soonGoogle will write your emails for you in Gmail with AIGoogle Search will use AI to help you find more of what you're looking forGet ready for your favorite emoji to star in your next wallpaperGoogle is giving Pixel lock screens some much-needed customization optionsGoogle Photos’ upcoming Magic Editor is Magic Eraser on steroidsGoogle I/O 2023: Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, and everything else announcedReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
5/15/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 26 seconds
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Surfer Rosa

If your alarm on Android phone is cutting itself off prematurely, with your feet in the air and your head on the ground, try this trick and spin it. Report back to us what happens, if you can. We're up to the brim on the Android Police podcast this week with Pixel Fold and 7a discussion days ahead of Google I/O and a bundle more. Here comes your show.04:26 | The First PartGoogle officially reveals the Pixel Fold ahead of I/O 2023Google Pixel 7a: Everything we know so farThe first OnePlus foldable phone could launch in AugustNothing Phone 2 hype season kicks off with mysterious close-up videoThe Galaxy S23 FE could have a major camera upgrade in storeSamsung One UI 5 Watch will launch on this year's new Galaxy smartwatches32:36 | The Second PartGoogle Passkeys will replace passwordsGoogle vows to fix a glaring omission in Authenticator's cloud backupGoogle Home's lighting control picks up a long-awaited faceliftYou can blame this Pixies song for Google Assistant canceling your alarmRedfall is Now One of the Lowest-Rated Steam Games of All Time ( out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
5/8/202345 minutes, 56 seconds
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A Google Puffer Vest

Will goes back-to-back this week on the Android Police podcast with a debrief of his reviews of the OnePlus Pad and the Motorola ThinkPhone. Both devices provide one hell of a time each and we explore the depths of such depravity. We also roam around rumorland with the Pixel 7a and the Galaxy Watch 6, then torch Google Authenticator's makeover and Amazon's weak attempt at some sort of fitness tracker. Oh, you want merch? We got merch. That's going into the trash. That's this week.01:46 | Touch GlassOnePlus Pad review: A new challenger enters the ringMotorola ThinkPhone review: Business as usualTecno Phantom V Fold review: The most affordable foldable yet32:26 | Everything ElseGoogle Authenticator now backs up OTPs so you’re not SOL when your 2FA device goes MIAGoogle vows to fix a glaring omission in Authenticator's cloud backupAmazon Halo trackers are dead, you might be eligible for a refundAndroid 14 Beta 1.1 is here to help save your phone from Google's most frustrating bugsLeaks spill all the Google Pixel 7a specsThe Google Pixel 7a has leaked in a new bold and fun colorwayThe Galaxy Watch 6's most anticipated feature really might be making a comebackYou can finally use Gboard's Emoji Kitchen stickers in real lifeReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/30/202353 minutes, 30 seconds
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A $500 Pixel 7a?

Alright, Prosser. We're talking about your leak. Lots of Pixel pricing and availability to deal with on this episode of the Android Police podcast. But we'll balance it out with another amazing Chinese phone that none of us will practically be able to use and a remembrance of a brand that truly defined the cutting edge of Android hardware a decade ago. This episode runs like a tight ship, so prepare for smooth sailing.02:01 | On the Front Page...Google might shadow drop a new smartphone at I/O, but it's not the one you wantGoogle's inaugural Pixel Tablet could finally hit store shelves this JuneIt looks like the Google Pixel Tablet won’t be cheap21:05 | In Other News...Xiaomi 13 Ultra raises the camera hardware bar with its variable aperture lensNetflix password sharing will be dead by summer30:47 | Give It A ThinkHTC One M7 turns 10: A decade ago, one phone set the bar for AndroidElon Musk gives complimentary Twitter verification to LeBron James, Stephen King, and William Shatner - The VergeReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/21/202340 minutes, 40 seconds
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Schrodinger's Galaxy S23 FE

You can't complain about pre-release software, but we're going to try and do that anyway this week on the Android Police podcast as the first beta for Android 14 comes online — we're left asking where the ambition is? Also, why 12% isn't a bad stat for Android 13 distribution, loosening our grasp on the dying genre of small phones, high praise for a shiny new gaming phone, and more. You could say this pod's packed to the Max.05:48 | Soft EggAndroid 14 Beta 1 is here, and you can join the beta program nowAndroid 14 Beta 1 hands-on: Wait for the next oneAndroid 14: News, features, leaks, and what's new in Beta 1Android 13 is now running on over 12% of Android phones23:09 | Hard BoilGoogle Pixel 8 could be a lot smaller than the Pixel 7You probably don't need a flagship phoneLatest rumor claims the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE lives to die another dayAsus ROG Phone 7 review: High score36:17 | MaxSay goodbye to HBO Max and hello to just... MaxReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/16/202341 minutes, 20 seconds
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Subscription Hell

We're already going through it with our cell service, our streaming services, and everything that makes life a little easier through the magic of technology. But man, do we gotta deal with this in our cars? GM customers are raising their hackles. We discuss. Plus, Google kills another thing that wasn't near, but definitely was dear to our hearts. And Nothing gets drunk. It's the Android Police podcast.04:04 | Bury Me In My ChevroletFuture GM EVs won’t support Android AutoEverybody hates GM’s decision to kill Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its EVs - The Verge19:11 | Tabby TalkThe Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ poses for the cameras in a new leakSamsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra spec leak teases performance and durabilityThe Pixel Tablet's FCC listing reveals a key connectivity feature26:18 | Pour Out a Cold OneGoogle is finally killing off its old Now LauncherThe latest Moto G Power pairs some crucial upgrades with questionable prioritiesNothing, not fooling around, announces Beer (5.1%)Reach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/8/202352 minutes, 41 seconds
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Sting Like a Dragonfly

Our team's taking an off week this week, but the Android Police podcast goes on. This episode, we're bringing you a conversation with our producer Jules and John Maletis, VP of Product Management for Chrome at Google. We talk about how the company is working with its OEM partners to produce better Chromebooks like HP's Dragonfly Pro Chromebook and where the platform is after a pandemic-fueled boost in developmental support.HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook review: Not a black-and-white decisionGaming Chromebooks are real and going on sale from Acer, Asus, and LenovoWhat is a Chromebook?Here is your first look at Material You on ChromebooksChromebooks may soon signal the start and end of your day with custom wallpapersReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/2/202321 minutes, 50 seconds
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Praying for a Pebble Standard Issue

Google Bard dominates the conversation starters in tech circles for another week and the Android Police podcast is no exception as we get some early off-kilter responses that are sure to amuse and bemuse at your dinner parties. Similarly, some former Pebble employees are thinking about some names for a small phone they want to make. And if Meghan Trainor isn't out of your head after nearly a decade, well, get ready to be reintroduced with our Pixel Tablet convo. What a week, y'all.03:31 | Once a Bard, Always a BardHow to use Google Bard to find the information you're looking forGoogle Bard has arrived to blow your mind15 best funny Google Bard responses so far15:03 | Gadgets GaloreThe Oppo Find X6 Pro combines a throwback design with a cutting-edge 1-inch camera sensorLatest Google Pixel Tablet leak is all about that basePebble founder's Small Android Phone team wants to keep the dream aliveThe new Huawei Mate X3 is one of the world’s lightest foldable phonesThe Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 could almost be usable when folded43:24 | Chat StewYes, your Google smart speakers are louder than usual at lower volumesAndroid 14 could finally separate the ringtone and notification volumesCTL's new see-through Chromebook offers a peek at its gutsReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
3/27/202359 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Gang Talks About BlackBerry

For, like, a hot second. And not before we get through a flood of Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 intelligence from the past week. Also on the docket, a Samsung non-controversy, a real Samsung controversy, a new Samsung phone, and... just a lot. It's everything, everywhere, all at... okay, maybe not so much that. No multiverse here. Just a lot of tech talk on the Android Police podcast.05:11 | Eight is GreatBig Pixel Fold and 7a leak suggests a summer full of new Google hardwareGoogle's Pixel Fold might just avoid the pricing pratfall of past foldablesCheck out the Google Pixel 7a in these hands-on imagesThe Google Pixel 7a prototype eBay listing reaches its inevitable conclusionThe Google Pixel 8 leaks in renders and it's a tad smaller than its predecessorFirst look at the Google Pixel 8 Pro fixes the ugliest things about its predecessor36:07 | SamstuckSamsung gave the Moon a beauty filter because that's what users actually wantInsecure Exynos modems put dozens of Samsung devices, and other Android phones, at riskSamsung's Galaxy A54 5G is just the right amount of phone for 202348:04 | Grab BagYouTube TV now costs more than twice as much as it did at launch'BlackBerry' movie trailer lets you relive the smartphone's chaotic (and Canadian) early daysMicrosoft 365 Copilot aims to boost productivity at every level thanks to AIFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under <a href="" rel="noopener...
3/19/20231 hour, 6 minutes
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The Best Phone You Probably Can't Get

Whip out the Dole Whip and relax with the Android Police podcast! This week, we cover the usual grounds with the I/O event announcement and more progress on Android 14. Spotify plans to clean up the mess it's made out of its app with a tiny cotton swab, YouTube cleans up its language about bad language, and Sonos shapes up with some speakers coming out of its comfort zone. All that and more in the next 54 minutes.04:52 | Google coverageGoogle I/O 2023 is set for May 10thAndroid 14 Developer Preview 2 is here for Pixel phonesYou can now try Android 14’s new back gesture on the latest developer previewAndroid 14 makes me excited for the future of gesture navigation22:55 | On (the) MediaSonos Era 100 and Era 300 first listen: Adding a new dimension to the smart speaker gameSpotify's app redesign takes cues from TikTok to help you find new contentYouTube now allows mild-ass swearing without slashing creator ad revenue41:28 | Chicken Caesar Wrap It UpMeta is building a decentralized, text-based social network ( 13 Pro hands-on: Xiaomi is growing upReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
3/12/202354 minutes, 20 seconds
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MWC 2023 - Rizzer (sic)

Will, Manuel, and, for the first time, our editor-in-chief James gather for a debrief round robin after a week of MWC 2023 coverage. From spotting Carl Pei at the Unihertz booth to destroying Motorola's rollable phone concept with facts and logic(?), the team's got a lot to talk about. Too bad our expensive audio recorder doesn't like our expensive SD cards. Or that we didn't have a Mini-USB cable. Despite all of that, we hope you enjoy this episode of the Android Police podcast!OnePlus 11 Concept hands-on: This mobile cooling tech isn’t for saleOnePlus's folding phone is official, and it launches this yearMotorola Rizr rollable concept hands-on: Simultaneously cool and dumbThe Nokia G22 is taking Fairphone head onLuna - Embrace the Light in Your Life ( Phone 2 will be powered by a top-end Qualcomm chipsetHonor Magic Vs review: You win some, you lose someXiaomi 13 Pro hands-on: Xiaomi is growing upThe Tecno Phantom V Fold undercuts the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 by hundredsRealme brings 10-minute ultra-fast charging outside of China with the GT3MWC 2023 | Android PoliceFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
3/3/202342 minutes
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What The Frenchy Firmware!?

Our Zachary Kew-Denniss joins the Android Police podcast this week to express all the things that have finally gone right for him in the world. By that, we mean getting a Galaxy flagship phone that doesn't have an Exynos chip in it. Plus, more chat about YouTube Premium, Android Auto, and the uncanny valley of Spotify's AI DJs all in this episode!01:44 | The Curse of ExynosWill the Galaxy S23 series mark an end to Exynos? Samsung's Texas-sized answer is 'no'Samsung Galaxy S23 review: A small success20:27 | GoogsoftGoogle is bringing Magic Eraser to every smartphoneAndroid Auto briefly takes some smart Maps direction from CarPlay44:25 | Listening InYouTube Music's next major addition has Spotify squarely in its sightsYouTube says it isn’t messing with 1080p — ‘1080p Premium’ is higher-bitrate - The VergeSpotify Debuts a New AI DJ, Right in Your Pocket — SpotifyFind us at or [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
2/26/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 20 seconds
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Samsung Isn't Willing to Make The Right Upgrades

Is this a hot take? We don't really think so. For all the changes, the abacus flicks, the eraser shavings that have been spent on moving from Galaxy S22 to S23, Samsung has failed to change some of the fundamental flaws it has carried for years on end. We discuss that issue plus we find the joys and discomforts of the Oppo Find N2 Flip, find our feelings for the milquetoast OnePlus 11, and — first and foremost — laugh at the simulated pain and suffering that artificial intelligence has wrought on itself thanks to Google and Microsoft on this edition of the Android Police podcast.0:49 | Bing v. BardMicrosoft plots superpowered Bing app to break the dominance of Apple and GoogleMicrosoft Brings AI to Bing: Here's What to Expect ( unveils Bard AI as its response to ChatGPT for conversational search11:22 | Reviews, continuedSamsung Galaxy S23+ vs. OnePlus 11: Two of the bestOppo Find N2 Flip goes global, the first true Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 rival48:35 | Odds and endsExclusive: This is iPhone 15 Pro: Thinner bezels, thicker 'curve' design, no Lightning port, more - 9to5MacYouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is leaving after nine years in chargeTetris Movie Trailer: Taron Egerton Steals Video Game From Soviet Union ( out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
2/19/20231 hour
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Bing Gets a Ding on Google

It's a full house on the Android Police podcast this week as our Manuel Vonau fills in for the vacationing Daniel, friend of the show Mishaal Rahman joins us to break down Android 14's first developer preview, Google breaks down trying to explain what its AI applications do, and Will tries not to break himself cramming in some thoughts on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and OnePlus 11. Like a good tarp, we cover a lot of ground.02:03 | Android 14 DP1The Android 14 Developer Preview is here, get it right nowAndroid 14 timeline revealed: Six releases before it’s stableGoogle and Qualcomm tease satellite connectivity for Android phones24:01 | Artificial IndulgenceGoogle unveils Bard AI as its response to ChatGPT for conversational searchMicrosoft debuts new version of Bing that could finally rival Google ( Google-Microsoft AI tussle could be a windfall for Apple ( | Will's 8,000 wordsSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. OnePlus 11: Two great phonesSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review: Familiar, fantasticOnePlus 11 review: The right way to compromiseFind the team online - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @manuelvonau @MishaalRahman @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
2/13/202345 minutes, 58 seconds
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Galaxy Snore 23?

Iterative may be boring. But will the small details matter enough to get people talking and buying a new Galaxy S phone this year? With Unpacked out of the way, we're talking with XDA TV's Alex Dobie (who's had a lot of chat time with Daniel and Ara) about whether Samsung has made its case for an upgrade to the people it needs to convince. Get ready for a full 44 minutes of Galaxy S23 discussion!Apologies for Ara's audio for most of the episode — the RAM suck that is Chrome affected her file, but that's fixed in the last 8 minutes of the show.The Galaxy S23 series is officially unpacked — here's everything you need to knowSamsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ hands-on: To boldly go where it went beforeSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands-on: Incremental changes have never been more appealingWhich size Samsung Galaxy S23 should you buy?Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra: Spot the difference on expert modeSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra: Is the upgrade worth it?Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Time to trade upThe best Samsung Galaxy S23 series deals: Preorder bonuses, bundles, and creditsWhich Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra color should you buy?Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, two days in: The start of something familiarFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @AlexDobie @AndroidPolice @xdadevelopers @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
2/4/202344 minutes, 15 seconds
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Small Blue Pill for Your Dock In A Box

The best things you'll hear on the Android Police podcast can't be scripted. We swear. In the prelude to Galaxy Unpacked, we chat about potential Pixel Tablet delays, the sound of a OnePlus Pad, and the bad, bad things Google has done across the advertising market, Google TV, Android Auto... it just piles up. Join us.03:10 | Absorb this informationGoogle Pixel Tablet plans get streamlined as latest rumor goes all-in on ProHere’s your first look at the OnePlus Pad13:32 | Not in a buying moodSmartphone shoppers said 'no thank you' to last year's boring, expensive lineup23:46 | Google be trippin'Google TV ads are getting awfulAlphabet hit with a new antitrust lawsuit over Google’s online adsAndroid Auto’s 8.7 update is probably not the one you’ve been waiting forWaze is nearly ready for Android Auto's latest redesignFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
1/29/202339 minutes, 31 seconds
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You Can't Make Compost Into an iPhone

We are the trash compactor of tech podcasts this week at the Android Police podcast as we whistle past Stadia's headstone, wobble between Samsung and Qualcomm's big partnership with the Galaxy S23, graciously evaluate Apple's mini-show of the season, and then throw it all away in a compost bin, replete with expensive subscription service. This will be the most enjoyable dumpster fire of an hour you'll spend this week. Enjoy!04:41 | Vale StadiaWill Google Stadia be missed?Google's Stadia Controller Bluetooth upgrade tool has arrivedNvidia cranks up GeForce Now’s frame rate big time with new RTX 4080 tier23:38 | SamsoupSamsung Galaxy S23 phones could run this exclusive souped-up version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Samsung's shifting focus in smartphone SoC development could spell the end of Exynos33:06 | At Home with AppleApple could have a home-first Google Pixel Tablet competitor in the worksApple announces a new full-size HomePod speaker47:49 | Dump ThisNest co-founder wants to help turn food waste into chicken feedFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
1/22/202356 minutes, 26 seconds
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Marques Had To Microwave This Take

Because it's pretty cold. But we'll get to that in due time. Also on this episode of the Android Police podcast, we round up our finds so far on Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2, let the Galaxy S23 color us unsurprised, and tie it all up with a pretty bow from Nothing because the present ain't worth it. We have to pace ourselves; it's packed a show.04:13 | In Google31 new emoji hit Google Pixels with Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 can force-theme all icons on your home screenGoogle's upcoming eSIM tweaks put users in control, not carriersSkagen Falster Gen 6's long-awaited Wear OS 3 update took away as much as it gave23:20 | On SamsungThe Samsung Galaxy S23 series is just drowning in leaks, and we've got all the picsSamsung could revive the Galaxy S Fan Edition series43:18 | Anywhere else?@MKBHD | Hot takes: No more budget phones. Just longer software support for flagships.Here's every Samsung device that will get 4 Android OS upgradesHow long will my Google Pixel get Android and security updates?OnePlus trumps Google with its new Android update schedule, but it's not perfectThe Nothing Phone 1 is finally heading to the US, sort ofFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
1/15/202357 minutes, 38 seconds
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ThinkPhone meets Pee Pebble

Our Stephen Schenck and Taylor Kerns have been trapezing across Las Vegas as CES 2023 rolls along and they were kind enough to drop by the Android Police podcast for a few minutes to give some thoughts on what they've seen so far from the likes of Razer, Withings, Lenovo, and others. Plus, Ara and Will cover Pixel 7 shatterings and Android Auto matters. It's all on this first episode of the year!Apologies for the rough and choppy audio in the early portion — we had to take up our backup file for Stephen and Taylor's bytes.0:15 | CES, the showWithings U-Scan is a golden opportunity to smarten up your toilet with health insightsAcer debuts new Chromebox and all-in-one that's not actually all in one at CES 2023Get ready to live life on the Razer Edge, as this next-gen Android gaming handheld prepares to landThe Lenovo Tab Extreme combines the best of Apple and Samsung into one behemoth tabletThe super rugged Motorola ThinkPhone combines carbon fiber with your daily 9-to-5The best of CES 2023: Android Police’s awards for the big tech show21:15 | Back at the RanchAndroid Auto’s massive redesign is finally rolling out to everyoneSome Google Pixels are failing to connect to in-car Bluetooth after installing January's security patchThe Google Pixel 7's rear camera glass spontaneously shatters for someCarriers love the Google Pixel 7, and so do their subscribersFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @StephenSchenck @taylorkerns @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY...
1/8/202337 minutes, 11 seconds
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This Episode is Presented in 4DX

What do we use our technology to read, listen, and watch? Will and Daniel share their top picks across cinema and TV for what they ranked highly in 2022. It's Christmas — what else are you going to listen to? Happy holidays and we'll see you in a couple weeks to cap off CES.‎Will Sattelberg’s profile • LetterboxdAvatar: The Way of Water (2022) | ScreenRantSpider-Man: No Way Home (2021) | ScreenRantThe Fabelmans (2022) | ScreenRantTop Gun: Maverick (2022) | ScreenRantEverything Everywhere All at Once (2022) | ScreenRantNope (2022) | ScreenRantThe Batman (2022) | ScreenRantJackass Forever (2022) | ScreenRantConfess, Fletch | ScreenRantTar (2022) | ScreenRantAftersun (2022) | ScreenRantAndor (2022) | ScreenRantYellowjackets (2021) | ScreenRantStation Eleven Ending, Real Meaning &amp; Book Changes Explained ( Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) | ScreenRantAtlanta (2016) | ScreenRantthe dropout | ScreenRantAbbott Elementary (2021) | ScreenRantThe White Lotus (2021) | ScreenRantThe Rehearsal (2022) | ScreenRantFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"
12/25/202247 minutes, 9 seconds
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This week, we can't help ourselves. A billionaire who's in way too deep with a $44 billion waste of time has once again proven that he can't handle a little heat from journalists. Will he get out of the kitchen anytime soon? Preferably without burning the house down? That plus our first look at what features Pixel phones might get this spring, our picks for the Best of 2022, and so much more! It's the Android Police podcast.04:15 | Where's Elon?Free Speech On Twitter Doesn’t Apply To Journalists Who Cover Elon Musk ( | QPR2 StartAll you need to know about what's new in Android 13 QPR2 Beta 123:09 | MedleyThe inevitable Moto ThinkPhone leaks with all the fake carbon fiber you'd expectMatter is rolling out to Android phones and the Google Home ecosystemGoogle Wallet lets you add digital IDs in beta, if you're lucky33:55 | Creme of the CropAndroid Police Awards 2022: our favorite phone, smartwatch, tablet, and moreExtracts:The search for the saddest punt in the world | Chart PartyMatter: Making the smart home a more connected, comfortable, and helpful place.Find the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
12/17/202253 minutes, 56 seconds
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Big Dolphin Energy

This week on the Android Police Podcast, a case of artificial intelligence-induced Seasonal Affective Disorder and yet another cold have stricken at least one member of the team. It'll make talking about the latest Pixel Feature Drop, some Pixel Fold rumors, and those crazy Lensa profile pics a lot more interesting. Best enjoyed with a recommended dose of DayQuil or NyQuil.03:01 | Drop the FeatsDecember Pixel Feature Drop has Clear Calling, a free VPN, and new Recorder tools for Google's latest phonesGoogle Pixel Fold animations offer best look at the foldable yet37:00 | Machine Lightning RoundHow To Turn Your Selfies Into ‘Magic Avatars’ With Viral App Lensa AI ('s New Conversational Chatbot Is Free To Use (For Now) ( the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
12/10/202247 minutes, 14 seconds
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OnePlusses and Minuses

December has come and we're on a merry-go-round here in Androidland with plenty to keep us busy. Whether we're bringing out our spectrometers for color critiques, needlessly bashing OnePlus (more than we have to) for its software updates, and rightfully bashing Elon Musk for using his favorite hammer to bash all his Twitter problems into shape, we invite you to come along with the Android Police podcast as we head into the last month of 2022 together!01:16 | Radio ViolenceSpotify Wrapped 2022 is finally here for you to show off how cool your listening tastes were this yearYouTube Music is back with your 2022 Recap, highlighting all the songs that kept you going this year05:31 | Under the (Table) InfluenceThe FTC wants to fine Google nearly $10m over deceptive Pixel 4 ads aired three years ago15:36 | Pixel PixHere's your first look at the Google Pixel 7a23:08 | Upping the UpdatesOnePlus trumps Google with its new Android update schedule, but it's not perfect31:28 | Oh, Elon...Elon Musk should not make the Twitter Phone — for his own sake41:23 | Color TheorySamsung Galaxy S23's official cases and color options detailedFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
12/3/202250 minutes, 21 seconds
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Is Alexa's Goose Cooked?

Yes, we're dropping this episode early this week — happy Turkey Day from the Android Police podcast. Don't mess with the bad birds.In this episode, Will gets back from Hawaii safely and has more Snapdragon stuff to share. Also, we catch a ride on the struggle bus through Silicon Valley as the world tells Elon Musk to "soak their deck" and Amazon tries to whisper about Alexa being a failure without them hearing.01:59 | Mahalo for the trip, QualcommQualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has got what 2023 flagships craveQualcomm's plans for persistent machine vision feel very Google — in the best way possibleThe Razer Edge is a powerful Android tablet designed for cloud gamingQualcomm has a name for its custom Windows on Arm silicon: Oryon ( | What now, Alexa?Amazon's Alexa is in troubleFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
11/24/202247 minutes, 26 seconds
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Snappier in Gen 2

But will it be Dragon-ier? Maybe. Our own Will Sattelberg was at Qualcomm's Tech Summit in Hawaii this week for the debut of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. We're taking a quick run-through with SVP of Engineering Chris Patrick of all the things you need to know about it on this week's episode of the Android Police podcast.Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has got what 2023 flagships craveOppo is first to announce a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phone, with a whole lot of collaborative swaggerOnePlus 11 is coming, featuring the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Samsung Galaxy S23 could go all-in with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Qualcomm's plans for persistent machine vision feel very Google — in the best way possibleFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
11/20/202223 minutes, 29 seconds
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The One Thing Stadia Got Right?

Surprising SFX from the start! This was the title that the team played around with during the recording of this episode and it turned by the end of the session that this was not even true. You'll learn more about it from Android Police coverage later on. In the meantime, we've got old Google business, new Google business, and also our dip on the new MediaTek chip. Welcome to the Android Police podcast.03:09 | Political birdballTwitter ruined blue verified checks so Dbrand's like: screw it, stickers08:09 | Pixel AteGoogle Pixel 8 leak tells us codenames, new Tensor chip, and more RAM15:47 | Why Is All the Stadia Gone?Google has started refunding your Stadia purchases23:49 | YouTube MoneyYouTube Music and Premium now have over 80 million paid subscribers34:17 | Immense DimensityMediaTek’s new Dimensity 9200 chip is the flagship Snapdragon competitor we’ve been waiting forFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
11/13/202244 minutes, 7 seconds
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Matter Chatter

This week, we're settling down in our smart homes with the announcement of a bunch of gear supporting Matter, the new protocol that's supposed to unify the disparate Amazon, Apple, and Google ecosystems. Plus, a heaping side helping of Steam talk from the ChromeOS tests to our favorite games. It's the Android Police podcast.06:18 | It's Matter TimeNew smart home standard Matter is finally officially official with 190 certified devicesUsing Matter across multiple smart home ecosystems is a little complicated, but it will get betterLong-awaited Matter support is coming to 17 Amazon smart speakers and displays next monthNanoleaf announces its first Matter-enabled lighting products, launching 2023What is Matter: The new smart home standard explained27:24 | Steamy ChromeChromeOS gets serious about gaming as Steam support enters betaThe redesigned Steam app is live, complete with a new login flow42:11 | Shower thoughtsValve's Steam Deck is the latest attempt to make portable PC gaming a thingNiagara Launcher Pro decouples from Google Play, now on all Android phonesFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
11/6/202253 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Tech Industry is Kinda Like Prometheus Right Now

In that it's kinda bad. That's it.Daniel may have a cold (or something), but that won't stop him from taking down the Pixel Watch, the $449 iPad, and the massive financial wreck that is the tech sector these days. Also, Ara and Will are in there, too. And we get to talk about Android. I mean, Andor. This is what we're calling the jazz hands version of the Android Police podcast.07:37 | GoogleGoogle’s latest earnings confirm new hardware focus, fewer moonshots, and economic downturnGoogle needs to release a budget Pixel Watch a to be competitiveThe Google Store's got a big problem with trade-insThe Pixel Watch has a calorie problem33:29 | AppleApple confirms it will create a USB-C iPhone, but the Lightning port may not completely disappearApple flexes its control over the App Store - The VergeI am stuck on MagSafe, because MagSafe isn't stuck on my phoneAndor (2022) | ScreenRantThe Leftovers' Season 2 Overhaul Made It Must-See TV ( (2012) | ScreenRantThe Last Duel (2021) | ScreenRantKingdom of Heaven Director's Cut Changes: Why It's Better ( the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/30/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Pop Social Gab Hour

The Android Police podcast is now available to own on DVD.Sound the "pivot" klaxon as we cover Google's turning on the entire ship from YouTube to Pixel to cloud gaming and more. We might not survive the first 20 minutes of the episode.03:16 | Down the YouTubesYouTube Premium subscribers just got a massive surprise price hikeYouTube Music’s redesigned playlist view is rolling out widely28:20 | Message Me ThisGoogle is making Messages even more like iMessage, but still won't get you that blue bubbleNew Google Messages and Contacts app icons rolling out in betaSignal is dropping SMS support — and that's a good thing38:38 | Post-Stadia Blues?Gaming Chromebooks are real and going on sale from Acer, Asus, and Lenovo soon47:43 | The Ultimate PivotGoogle is going all-in on Pixel hardware to fight Apple, de-emphasizing AssistantThe wild, wonderful world of North Korean smartphonesFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/23/202258 minutes, 54 seconds
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Pixel Peepshow

After barely a week to review the phones and watch, we're all Pixel-pooped out. But hey, we're still more than ready to deliver you what we're thinking about the Pixel 7, the Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel Watch — the stuff that actually didn't make it into our articles. All that plus some "breaking news" from Netflix (it was fresh on a Thursday) on this episode of the Android Police podcast!03:47 | Pros talking ProGoogle Pixel 7 Review: The Most Refined Pixel YetGoogle Pixel 7 Pro review: A showcase for GoogleThe Google Pixel 7 Pro’s display draws an obscene amount of power33:39 | Netflix goes AD hocNetflix's ad-supported tier is here, and it's got some major restrictions48:19 | A Palatable Watch?Google Pixel Watch review: Fashion over fitnessThe Google Pixel Watch's health and fitness features spell trouble for Apple WatchGoogle makes solid hardware, so why aren't more people buying its products?Find the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/16/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 58 seconds
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Google's Pride and Prejudice

What's been made by Google can be unmade by Google, too. Yes, there was a big event last week that focused on refining what can be considered to be a successful hardware line. We also had a bunch of sticky notes reminding us to come back to other bits later. And then there's the juxtaposition of demise as we examine how Google continues to fail consumers with an emboldened policy of attrition toward programs like Stadia. We're riding the pendulum on this episode of the Android Police podcast.05:11 | Pixel PhonesGoogle Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro hands-on: Refined eleganceThe Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are here: Google nails the balancing act29:03 | Pixel WatchGoogle Pixel Watch hands-on:&nbsp;Trying to live up to the hypeThe Google Pixel Watch is finally here with a premium $350 price tag39:51 | MiscellanyGoogle teases Pixel Tablet once again, reveals magnetic speaker dockGoogle Pixel Tablet may have two different dock optionsGoogle's new wired Nest Doorbell is here a whole year after being teased47:24 | The endIt's game over for Stadia, will shut down in early 2023How to receive a Google Stadia refundFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
10/9/20221 hour
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Not a Good Week for Mobile Gaming

And to think that we recorded this episode on Tuesday! Crack onto Thursday and Stadia goes kaput. But alas, we're here with a great show this week as people deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian and as we look ahead to more severe weather for as long as we live. We talk about how to prepare and what's coming to help on the tech side. That and a lot more on the Android Police podcast.04:40 | Check out our Pixel Bracket!Android Police on Twitter15:46 | Weather troublesHow your phone can help you prepare for emergency weatherThe best weather apps for Android23:47 | Walled garden of gamesApple Arcade Adding 4 New Originals Including Tom Hanks Trivia ( wants another games studio and it'll build it by itselfOxenfree delisted on Android in favour of new Netflix version ('s G Cloud gaming handheld arrives today with an obscene price tagFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
9/30/202235 minutes, 41 seconds
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Always Actually On

Daniel walks on the edge of buying an Apple Watch Ultra, Will calls out Apple for doing a bad job of copying Android's always-on display, and Ara just wishes cases for foldable phones were better. It's a quintessential episode of the Android Police podcast and it starts with Pixel news...02:14 | Tensor tension and Watch strappingThe Pixel 7's Tensor G2 has a lot of surprises for a boring upgradePixel Watch retail leak suggests Google thinks it can get away with Apple Watch pricingThe Pixel Watch could come in four colorways19:23 | My Fold or Flip for a good case!Google's Pixel 7 cases could actually be worth buying this yearShout out to Smartish32:27 | Never-sleep displays and other odd endsApple's hubris is standing between the iPhone and a fully baked always-on displayCheck out the ambitious, unreleased LG Rollable phone in this hands-on videoThe Apple Watch Ultra is the rugged fitness watch Samsung should have madeFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
9/24/202251 minutes, 30 seconds
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Apple Must Be High

Sometimes our work gets in the way of other work and that's what happened last week with the Android Police podcast. But we promise this week will be a heckuva one with Apple bashing, Android smashing, and some ass kicking. Get out of our way. Or get in it. In your ears.02:38 | Apple coresThe Apple Watch Ultra is the rugged fitness watch Samsung should have madeAs Android wants to get rid of hole-punch cameras, Apple doubles down with Dynamic IslandGoogle apps want in on iOS 16's lock screen widgets and we're not at all jealous or anything17:54 | Google upGoogle could make the 256GB Pixel 7 more widely available than Pixel 6Google's next budget Chromecast shouldn't be prohibitively priced, after allThese wild new Emoji Kitchen thumbs-up combos are pure nightmare fuel31:25 | Google downGoogle cuts funding to Area 120, kills half of its projects prematurelyGoogle is reportedly finished making PixelbooksGoogle’s record Android EU fine won't be overturned, confirms court41:39 | Why can't you two just get along?Tim Cook would rather sell you an iPhone than bring RCS to iMessageThe sooner Android accepts RCS is dead, the sooner we can choose the next messaging platform that mattersThe iPhone 14 still can't perform a very simple taskFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under <a...
9/17/202255 minutes, 45 seconds
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Booth Hopping at IFA

Berlin isn't known for potpourri, but we're making our own here with the Android Police podcast. Join the usual suspects plus our Europe Editor Manuel Vonau from outside IFA 2022 as we pick out some of the cool stuff from the trade show.6:11 | Your starter course...Lenovo's first 120Hz Chromebook debuts at IFA — but it's not for gamingOppo Reno 8 Pro’s third launch brings its low-light specialist camera to more marketsLenovo Glasses T1 ( | Phones in actionSony's Xperia 5 IV is a pared-down flagship that still costs four figuresSamsung is bringing the affordable Galaxy A23 5G and its 120Hz display to the USNokia’s new Circular phone subscription is built with sustainability in mind34:27 | Lightning roundSamsung starts dunking on the iPhone 14 a week earlyUSB4 is upgrading to 80Gbps, because apparently 40Gbps was just too darn slowGoogle and Qualcomm tease satellite connectivity for Android phonesHonorable mention (Manuel was headed here next):Honor 70 first look: A significant step forwardFind the team on Twitter - @ManuelVonau @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
9/3/202240 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Cheaper Samsung is Better

Daniel is off again this week, but we have our own Stephen Schenck in with Ara and Will to discuss our virgin experiences with foldable phones of the Galaxy variety (we're talking about the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4). And if that wasn't enough Samsung coverage for you, we've also got Galaxy Watch 5 chat on the way, too.It's been a good, long week of testing and writing, so this show is just our labor of love to you, dear listener.01:25 | Flip and Fold fo(u)rth!Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: How I learned to stop worrying and love foldablesSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review: Futurephone21:35 | Lumps of metal on your wristSamsung Galaxy Watch 5 review: Suffering for slimnessSamsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: All-star battery, minor league fitness trackerFind the team on Twitter - @stephenschenck @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
8/29/202250 minutes, 16 seconds
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Is Android Becoming The Villain?

Google gave us an Android 13 surprise earlier this week and we have a special surprise guest because sometimes we like to show off — it's Jerry Hildenbrand from Android Central! And with a show that's pretty much hardcore Google, you're in for a treat. Tiramisu, to be specific.01:49 | Commissioner Gordon says...Android 13 review: The update we need, not the one we wantAndroid 13 breaks automatic clipboard syncing, and Google won't fix itGoogle won’t let you downgrade your Pixel 6 or 6a from Android 13 — here’s whyGoogle’s official Android 13 statue sure looks a bit like a butt32:38 | In other Pixel-related news...Pixel 6 Pro mod promises extended battery life by making one little tweak you might not even noticeOngoing Pixel 6a 90Hz display testing shows better successGoogle Pixel tablet going 64-bit-only? That's a big dealFind the crew on Twitter - @gbhil @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
8/19/202246 minutes, 31 seconds
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Zac Attack on Unpacked

The Android Police podcast has been preparing for today and you get this lovely episode for our efforts. So, what's so great about the stuff Samsung Unpacked today? We have hands-on coverage and many more opinions from the usual suspects as well as our point man for Samsung stuff, Zachary Kew-Denniss!01:52 | Zac holds up his Galaxy Z Fold 3 against the Fold 4.14:43 | Will flips for the Flip 427:31 | Watch 5 has Ara feeling feelings41:06 | Executive Daniel executive sums up the Galaxy Buds 2 ProSamsung just Unpacked the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4, the two coolest phones of the summerSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 &amp; Flip 4 hands-on: A little progress, lots of polishSamsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro hands-on: A real gem of an upgrade43:52 | Oh, boy, is Google really going on about RCS again?Google calls on Apple to 'fix texting' and adopt RCS messagingFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @shutupzac96 @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
8/11/202253 minutes, 32 seconds
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Pro-Pixel Buddies

This week on the Android Police podcast, we celebrate some more ChromeOS catch-ups, seek ad and tracker salvation from Google, and pick over the Pixel Buds Pro and more of the Pixel 6a.2:13 | Daniel has some words about the Pixel Buds Pro and 6a.Google Pixel Buds Pro review: Catching up, tuning out, and rocking onThe Pixel Buds Pro aren't even out yet, and the best colorway is already selling out everywhereSamsung Galaxy A53 vs. Google Pixel 6a: Which deserves your $450?21:36 | Will strolls by some new Play Store policy and some lagging cookie replacement policies. Also, the inevitability of big smartwatches in the next few years.Play Store lays out new rules to curb intrusive full screen adsGoogle's scheme to kill cookies needs a little more time in the ovenIt's time for the era of big smartwatches45:00 | Ara takes us into overtime with some of ChromeOS's sprucing up.Chromebooks are getting a new video editor from Google Photos with some pro-level featuresChromebooks are finally getting the automatic light and dark themes you've been waiting forGoogle Photos integration keeps your Chromebook desktop looking fresh with minimal effortFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/30/202255 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Sexy 6a

The embargo's been lifted and we can finally talk about how we feel Google's new Pixel 6a has changed us for the better. That, or, we can just talk about it. Plus, other new phone launches in the next few weeks and a patch of tumult in Android launchers. All this week on the Android Police podcast!2:21 | The hot topic.Google Pixel 6a review: Regression is the better part of valueCheck out how Google's new Magic Eraser camouflage feature works before the Pixel 6a arrives next weekQualcomm's new chips might be what Wear OS needs to turn around — if they actually deliver19:16 | Will takes us through what Samsung and OnePlus wanna do.Galaxy Unpacked is official for August 10, and Samsung's already offering big reservation bonusesOnePlus 10T is making its formal debut on August 3 in New York31:54 | Ara's got dirt on Nova Launcher and LawnchairOne of Lawnchair's core developers has ceased his involvement with the launcherNova Launcher has been acquired by analytics company BranchFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/22/202244 minutes, 53 seconds
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Does Nothing Matter?

Well, whaddya know? It's our regular episode of the Android Police podcast and we have our Europe Editor Manuel Vonau on to talk about his Nothing Phone (1) review. And you know it's super-fresh because we recorded it this morning!2:07 | Nothing.Nothing Phone 1 review: Premium design meets midrange everything else20:14 | We're in Ara's hands (or on her wrists, I guess?) now...Samsung teases One UI 4.5 for Galaxy Watch4's new keyboard experience, watch face options, and moreQualcomm teases its next-gen Snapdragon Wear chip, and we couldn't be more excited31:19 | Will cleans it up with Android 13 and Sonos's sledge to GoogleAndroid 13 Beta 4 is here to convince you it's ready to be your daily driverGoogle would rather ruin its products than pay SonosFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @ManuelVonau @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/16/202242 minutes, 41 seconds
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OSOM Sauce

We've got the sauce on OSOM, the Android startup founded by a collective of former employees who worked for Essential before Andy Rubin, facing public pressure for salacious work behavior at Google, dissolved the firm. OSOM tried to mix focuses on iconic industrial design as well as privacy and performance, but had to delay and reshape its launch product as it announced that the Solana blockchain would be backing what would be its first phone.We dig into why with two people who are on the inside track through long chats with the company's executives: Android Police's Ryne Hager and Esper's Mishaal Rahman.Former Essential staff have started a new company called OSOM ProductsOSOM plans to release its first privacy-focused product next yearOSOM OV1 is the new phone from the team behind the Essential PhoneThe OSOM OV1, an Essential Phone 'sequel', will be made of stainless steel, titanium, and ceramicOSOM's hotly-anticipated OV1 smartphone succumbs to crypto gimmick as Solana SagaHow to build an Android phone (with GMS) - Android Bytes (powered by Esper)Why OSOM went web3 | TechCrunchFind the team on Twitter - @PointJules @RyneHager @MishaalRahmanReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/15/202229 minutes, 28 seconds
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Switch to Android (for the keyboards)

Every week is a big week outside of the Android space and while we can talk about those things, we at the Android Police podcast feel more equipped to be your nerdy escape. That said, please scream into the ether (or your pillow) as you need to. Also, drop a review if you can — we need some fresh feedback on our performance and it tends to matter more on the podcatchers. Thanks.1:56 | Will, what are you angry about this week?T-Mobile has started selling your app data to advertisers — here's how to opt outU.S. carriers under fire for continuing to sell phone location data to third partiesDitching your iPhone just got way easier with Google’s latest Switch to Android app13:37 | Old stomping grounds for Ara: accessories and Chromebooks.Samsung has teamed up with Starbucks for limited-edition Galaxy S22 casesThe HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook comes with a haptic trackpad and optional 5G connectivity25:28 | Daniel is in the Android nerd corner this week.Google is finally helping developers fight back against smartphone manufacturers breaking how Android apps workCar crash detection may soon shed its Google Pixel exclusivityGoogle I/O 2012 set a high-water mark for innovative hardware that has yet to be approached againFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
7/1/202239 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Respect to Redirect

We had a whole bunch of one-liners in this episode that I could've used for the title, but most of them were R-rated and even though our show seems to be designed with the 'E,' I'm trying to help the Android Police podcast go up in the rankings. Just a bit. 3:35 | Ara dishes on Chrome and Google Assistant remindersChromeOS 103 is all about bringing Chromebooks and Android phones closer togetherGoogle might be shaking up its approach to reminders on Android, starting with Calendar18:54 | Will drives home his hatred of the Google Assistant driving experienceGoogle kicks off the summer driving season by killing Android Auto for phone screens31:46 | Daniel figures someone has to be talking about new phones this week... might as well be him.Dive deep with new Tensor and display details from yet another Pixel 7 Pro prototypeThe most interesting Android phone of 2022 won't be sold in the USFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/24/202246 minutes, 4 seconds
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Soul of LaMDA

On this week's show, a meditation on what one Google engineer saw in the artificial intelligence he was working on. Oh, and phones. Phones worth talking about, maybe phones worth talking down.2:52 | It's the LaMDA segment and Dan is vibing.Google suspends engineer who claimed that the company’s LaMDA chatbot has become sentient23:32 | Samsung says "Fan Edition." Ara says "What fans?"Samsung may fix the Galaxy S21 FE's biggest problem with some new hardwareSamsung may be giving up on Fan Edition phones32:15 | Will talks about Nothing.Nothing Phone 1: News, rumors, leaks, and everything else you need to knowPlus, our news appendix:John Oliver attacks Google for its anti-competitive grip on search on Last Week TonightDISH's Smart 5G™ Wireless Network is Now Available to Over 20 Percent of the U.S. PopulationSamsung will fix your Galaxy phone’s broken display for just $50Adobe Photoshop will soon be free to use on the webFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/17/202249 minutes, 22 seconds
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Apple: The Fun Company

Well, those are some words I didn't expect to put together in that order. Curveballs all the which way as we cover WWDC 2022 on the Android Police podcast. Also, Daniel is back (yay)!3:27 | Dub dub.6 things Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that Google did firstApple pulls an Android with iOS 16's new lock screen customizationApple is following Google's lead on cleaning up iMessage reaction textsA decade after launch, Apple Maps will support trips with multiple stopsApple's next-gen CarPlay teaser is making me anxious about Android AutomotiveApple's drag-and-drop-the-dog Visual Look Up tool is the coolest iOS 16 feature you never knew Android neededDark Sky API gets reborn as Apple WeatherKit, with plans to support Android35:29 | Newsflash: EU officially on track to adopt USB-C for phones in two years.USB-C will be mandatory on all phones sold in the EU by end of 202445:19 | Android 13 still in beta, but it's mostly baked through.Android 12 QPR beta program ends, Pixels in it will be unenrolled automaticallyFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/11/202252 minutes, 37 seconds
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Prime Pride

Happy Prime Pride Month! On this week's Android Police podcast, we stay on the Pixel beat with the upcoming phones and watch, beat down on carriers for not putting themselves to a higher standard and appreciate the heck out of newly-released Chromebooks. And Jules is back in the hot seat for one more week, but Daniel should be back and in control of things next week.3:01 | Will is concentrated on Pixel news.Someone listed a prototype Pixel 7 on eBay months before sales officially beginPixel 7 might end up reusing more than just the Pixel 6's cameraDon't expect the Pixel Watch to blow your mind when it comes to battery life16:24 | Jules wants more accountability from carriers about software updates.US wireless carriers should get real with customers about software updates27:54 | Ara's latest toys of the week...IdeaPad Chromebook Duet 3 ( Acer Chromebook Spin 513 available for $614.99 ( the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
6/3/202245 minutes, 28 seconds
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This Android TV Gets A 6-Series/10

We've got an Android TV review of a panel that has gone through its growing pains much like the Pixel 6 has. But we've got more Wear OS news to get through first. Plus, news about news on the Android Police podcast.1:52 | I think this is Ara's third week in a row (barring I/O) where she's been on about watches and apps. I mean, she's excited for them, thank god.Google Assistant is rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, at long lastSamsung Galaxy Watch4 is getting a One UI Watch beta next monthHere's one reason why the Pixel Watch might remind you so much of the Apple WatchGoogle Pixel 6 cases are aging just about as well as a glass of milk19:39 | Will is giving Android TV some love this week. It's also overdue.Google TV multi-user profiles are just now finally starting to arriveTCL 6-series TV review: The perfect TV for that PS5 you still can't buy36:58 | Jules talks about how Google is forced to pay news publishers under a new law in Australia and what's to come as the U.K. prepares to consider similar leverage.Google seems to be panicking as its free news empire starts to crumble around itGoogle letting News Showcase readers break through paywall at partner publishersFacebook showdown with Australian government and local media (ABC Media Watch, YouTube)Follow up coverage (ABC Media Watch, YouTube)Former Australian competition bureau chief on the future of bargaining law he spearheaded (The Guardian)Daniel should be back next week (whee!)Find the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under <a...
5/28/202248 minutes, 49 seconds
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What Google Wants...

...well, sometimes it'll get. We have a medley of topics on this show from a Play Store app falling victim to the roboreview to YouTube Music's latest attempt to find relevance with YouTube users. Dose in a dash of LG remembrance and we've got another Android Police podcast — this week featuring editor Jules in for Daniel, who's on paternity leave.3:09 | Ara is all about the Google apps this week.YouTube Music on Wear OS now lets you stream music from your smartwatchThe YouTube app gains more shortcuts to jump from a music video to YouTube MusicLatest Android Auto update fixes S22 woes for some, while Pixel owners are left hanging17:45 | Newsflash: Amazon finally kills Micro-USB on its Fire tabletsAmazon finally gets with the times, brings USB-C to the Fire 7 tablet21:36 | Will brings us back to the Google arc, this time on the services sideGoogle unveils its free personal tier for legacy G Suite users ahead of a new June deadlineTotal Commander forced to stop letting you install APKs31:18 | Jules previews an upcoming feature he's writing on our favorite LG phonesLG V10 Review: LG Got Me Falling In Love (Android Police)LG V10 review: upping the ante (Pocketnow)Find the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
5/20/202245 minutes, 28 seconds
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I/O: Cylon Seven

Google I/O is always brimming full of nerdy tidbits, but the closest the general enthusiast class gets to learning all about the best of what's going on at the company is with the main keynote. We'll be getting to some of the grittier stuff next week, but this week, the Android Police podcast is covering just some of the shiny objects from the show.3:59 | Let's talk about the non-Android, non-hardware stuff first. I know, I know. This is why we have timecodes.Google Search's recently introduced multisearch feature is about to get way more usefulGoogle will give you more choice over the ads you see with My Ad CenterYou can now Look and Talk to Google Assistant on your Nest Hub MaxGoogle announces AI-powered document summaries in Google Docs17:13 | A few developments in and around Android...Android 13 Beta 2 launches today for Pixels and select third-party devicesGoogle activated over one billion new Android devices last yearMore than 20 Google apps are getting tablet-centric updatesAndroid Auto is almost ready for split screen mode as streaming video apps come to Automotive26:00 | Alright, here's what you've been waiting for.Google Pixel 6a lands in July with Tensor in tow and a $449 price tagGoogle teases Pixel 7 &amp; 7 Pro with redesigned cameras, new colors, and fall release dateThe Google Pixel Watch is official, and it’s coming ‘this fall’ alongside the Pixel 7Google's Pixel Buds Pro are arriving in July for $199 with ANC, multipoint, and Silent Seal for a perfect fitGoogle is making a Tensor-powered Android tablet, coming in 2023Google teases standalone AR glasses with an unknown release dateSome family notes: we want to thank Taylor Kerns for helping us launch the pod revival. He's still with Android Police, but has decided to step away from the mic. We're happy, though, to introduce Will Sattelberg as our new, permanent co-host. Meanwhile, Daniel will be off on paternity leave for the next couple of weeks, but we'll keep the seat hot — stay tuned and thanks for subscribing and rating the show,...
5/14/202256 minutes, 52 seconds
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Limoncello Buds

We're in a gap week between the Android 13 beta drop and Google I/O and we're talking about what we would do if we dropped a highlighter-yellow Pixel Bud in snow that someone peed on. It's the Android Police podcast.1:12 | Daniel draws on new leaks (and last week's chat about spatial audio in Android 13) for some major ANC audio gear from Google and Sony.Rumored Pixel Buds Pro could take advantage of Android 13's new audio techGoogle Pixel Buds A-Series review: Drop beats, not bucksAndroid 13 Beta 1 hints at the Pixel 6 picking up this audio feature from iPhonesSony XM5 headphones may not offer better battery life than their predecessor, after all16:35 | On the Chromebook beat, Ara brings up her experiences with Acer's Chromebook 514 and we wonder exactly who it fits.Acer Chromebook Spin 514 (3H) first look: Return of the RyzenThe HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook comes with a haptic trackpad and optional 5G connectivityAsus reveals three new Chromebooks, including one for gamersAcer Chromebook Spin 713 (2021) review: The best Chromebook of 202129:24 | In other news, Google finally begins abandoning passwords for account logins and the Galaxy Watch5 may get a Pro tier.Google is bringing passwordless authentication support to Android and ChromeLeaked Samsung Galaxy Watch5 codenames cement the existence of a pro modelFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
5/7/202245 minutes, 37 seconds
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Android 13 Beta with Mishaal Rahman

Google finally dropped the beta this week and we're thrilled to be joined by none other than Mishaal Rahman, senior technical editor at Esper and co-host of the Android Bytes podcast.02:39 | We start with the view thus far for Android 13. Rahman's continuous changelog is unmatched as a resource for this.Android 13 Deep Dive: Beta 1 Changelog ( | So, where does Beta 1 take us? We have our initial impressions.Android 13 Beta 1 hands-on: A smooth, squiggly, and subtle upgradeFeature focuses: system photo picker, notification permissions, per-app languages, and spatial audio.32:39 | A quick detour to the Pixel Watch leak everyone's talking about.Here's what it looks like to actually wear the Google Pixel WatchFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @RyneHager (in for&nbsp;@TaylorKerns&nbsp;this week) @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/29/202241 minutes, 41 seconds
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Worn OS

Daniel's worn down by COVID, we're worn down by the wait for Wear OS and Android 13 beta updates, and everyone's getting worn down by Netflix. Let us commiserate.02:55 | A quick gripe session on how Google is dragging its feet in releasing the first Android 13 beta.Android 13: Everything we know about Google’s next-gen operating system05:00 | We're getting all excited about Wear OS 3.1 — including when Google Assistant will make the jump — and the Pixel Watch even though we still have plenty of waiting to go, it turns out.The Google Store has been redesigned, and it looks like it’s preparing for the Pixel WatchThe latest Pixel Watch leak offers our best look yet at the upcoming Google smartwatchGoogle Assistant still isn't quite ready for the Samsung Galaxy Watch417:06 | Netflix knows it is bleeding subscribers and will continue to do so as it begins cracking down on password sharers. Add to that the spectacular implosion that is the end of CNN+ and we're wondering what the heck streaming has in store for us...Netflix's latest shareholder letter should be anxiety inducing for anyone using a shared passwordScoop: CNN+ looks doomed ( | Let's calm down a bit and talk about Google Seed Lab's latest arts-and-crafts project called Little Signals: tiny robots befitting your coffee table or high shelf that help take the place of your phone for notifications.Google's Little Signals experiment uses air to send distraction-less notificationsGoogle's Little Signals experiment finally has me excited about Digital WellbeingFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @TaylorKerns @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/22/202237 minutes, 9 seconds
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Pixel 6a specs spec

That's specifications speculation to you. Welcome back to another week here at Android Police. Here's what's been tickling our heads this time:02:31 | Daniel has a "mish-mosh" of topics surrounding the Pixel 6a as well as a gut check on the Pixel 6. Plus, the iFixit-Google partnership and a step ahead for right-to-repair supporters.Google Pixel 6a hits FCC, and at least one version will have mmWave 5GGoogle releases Android 12 QPR3 beta 2 for Pixel phonesGoogle's new DIY repair program will let you fix nearly any Pixel phone in your collectionGoogle Pixel 6 bugs &amp; how to fix them: Delayed updates, biometric failures, signal issues, and more13:43 | Ara brings us on a dipsy-doodle through the Pixel experiences that have her coming back time and again.Google has disabled Hold for Me and Call Screen on the Pixel 6 after the December updateNew Google Pixel bug is changing ringtones and alarms for someSamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. Google Pixel 6 Pro22:11 | Taylor wishes macro photography on Android phones were as great as how Apple was able to show it off on iPhones...These stunning iPhone macro photos make me wish Samsung took macro photography more seriouslyThe Pixel 5's camera is so good that I've ditched my mirrorless cam while traveling28:05 | Free storage on Google Photos is coming back... to T-Mobile customers.T-Mobile will soon offer unlimited Google Photos storage — for a priceFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @TaylorKerns @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/15/202234 minutes, 25 seconds
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Welcome back to the Android Police Podcast: the podcast that insists it's not the Android Central Podcast, but that's because two of our hosts came from there. Don't be too harsh on them, there's always a first time.Whether you're an old friend or new to us, this is as good a place to start as any. Here's what we're talking about:02:54 | Daniel gets everyone to talk about their experiences with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review: A mostly portable powerhouseThe top 5 things we'd change about the Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraMove over, Fold3! The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 takes the crown as most popular foldable phoneWhy your brand-new smartphone will scratch just as easily as your old one (The Verge)13:52 | Ara has gripes about Android launcher customization and Material You's color pickingOur favorite Android app launchers for 2022How to use Samsung's Smart Widgets on your One UI 4.1 phoneMaterial You upgrades its dynamic colors in Android 13 DP2The 8 best apps updated for Material You23:02 | Taylor turns heads with the latest of his perennial iPad reviews.iPad Air (2022) review: Making $1,000 Android tablets look sillyThe 2021 iPad Mini is my favorite tablet you shouldn't buyReview: The Google Pixel Slate is a beautiful mess - but mostly just a messFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @TaylorKerns @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
4/7/202237 minutes, 17 seconds