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English, Arts, 5 seasons, 34 episodes, 16 hours, 23 minutes
Ana Brandt Ana Brandt is one if the most recognized Maternity and Newborn Photographers in the world and has been a Professional Photographer for 18 years. She is an International Speaker and Leader in the Photography Industry. Podcasts related to Pregnancy and Newborn Photography - Marketing and Motherhood. She teaches around the world in person and online to Photographers, and runs a busy Photography studio in Tustin, California.
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Social Media Etiquette

To learn more about Ana, visit any of her sites. Her work Workshops and Mentoring Online workshops Posing apps  
7/19/202323 minutes, 59 seconds
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Rise Up - Thoughts from the Summit

For the coupons and to learn more, visit
7/3/202340 minutes, 35 seconds
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Ana Brandt Memberships Explained

visit for online learning   the code lastcall is good for one more day the lifetimeaccess offer is also good for one more day 75% any course or bundle worldwide   In person/ mentoring   For booking
6/3/202311 minutes, 1 second
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Get Out of the House

Life's greatest adventures await beyond the walls we build around ourselves. It's time to step outside, shed the shackles of procrastination, and embrace the exhilarating journey of taking action.  for international training - our education portal for all links for online training Photographers membership and coaching app-   Ana's work  
5/21/202327 minutes, 5 seconds
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So What About AI

"Creatives get bored because their minds crave constant exploration, innovation, and the pursuit of new possibilities. Boredom is the catalyst that ignites their restless souls to seek untrodden paths, push boundaries, and create anew.”     Ai Disclaimer   When using AI-generated content, it is essential to include a disclaimer to provide transparency and clarify the source of the material. Here's an example of an AI disclaimer: "Disclaimer: The content provided in this material was generated with the assistance of an artificial intelligence language model. While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented, please be aware that AI-generated content may not always be entirely error-free or reflect human opinions, expertise, or context. Therefore, this content should be used as a reference or starting point, and it is recommended to verify and cross-check any important details or seek professional advice as necessary. The responsibility for the use and interpretation of this content lies solely with the reader." Feel free to modify this disclaimer based on your specific use case and requirements. It is important to clearly communicate the limitations and potential considerations associated with AI-generated content to maintain transparency and set appropriate expectations for your audience. Join Ana Brandt's AI community  for international training - our education portal for all links for online training Photographers membership and coaching app- Ana's work  
5/17/202323 minutes, 56 seconds