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An Acquired Taste Podcast

English, Social, 7 seasons, 485 episodes, 3 days 22 hours 3 minutes
Every week Bethany and Kathleen get together to chat about their lives and what's weird in the world, and they're inviting you to join them! Pull up a chair. Pour yourself something warm or strong or bubbly. There's room at the Tastebud Table for everyone.
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Potential Paranormal Puddle Problem - Bonus 4

Renowned paranormal investigator Jason Hawes joins the women to discuss Sam's mysterious puddle: is it a leaky pipe or something worse? Listen to Jason Hawes' radio show, Beyond Reality Radio, at, and follow him on Twitter! @jchawes Listen to Dave Schrader's podcast, Beyond the Darkness, at, and follow him on Twitter! @darknessradio
21/09/201724 minutes 43 seconds
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Thanksgiving, The Best Holiday Of All? - Bonus 3

The ladies talk turkey, uncomfortable memories and everything they are thankful for this year!
23/11/201625 minutes 41 seconds