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English, Personal health, 1 seasons, 13 episodes, 4 hours 29 minutes
Men's health & Well-ness.| Let's get Better Together.
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DEPRESSION 2: Why are anti-depressants deadly medicines?

In this episode, 1. What are anti-depressants?2. How do anti-depressants work?3. What are the important brain chemicals responsible for mood & behavior?4. What are the major side effects of anti-depressants?5. Why should we avoid anti-depressants?
15/03/202214 minutes 14 seconds
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DEPRESSION 1: Definition & 6Ds of depression in Men.

In this episode I discuss the definition of depression and anxiety disorders. I also describe the 6Ds of Depression in Men. The 6Ds are responsible for stagnation, rust and eventually depression in men.The 6Ds of Depression in Men:- Diseases- Diets- Dopamine, Drugs & Alcohol- Debts- Deviation- Death
15/03/202213 minutes 41 seconds
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SEMEN RETENTION 2: Benefits of semen retention

In this second part of  Semen Retention, I discuss the benefits of Semen Retention. I also share a simple approach in mastering this technique of semen retention.
19/11/202128 minutes 4 seconds
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SEMEN RETENTION 1: Introduction to semen retention

Semen retention is the act of avoiding ejaculation either by abstaining from sex for a specified period of time or embracing dry orgasm during sex.In this episode, I discuss:1. Ejaculation2. Definition of semen retention3. Semen and sperm production4. Key micronutrients for quality sperm productionPS: Read about the causes of scrotal or testicular pain on my blog here:
05/11/202120 minutes 26 seconds
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HEARTBREAKS: The ABCD of how a man can bounce back from a break-up.

In this episode, I talk about the simple steps a man can approach to bounce back from a heartbreak.  I describe these steps as ABCD. These steps will buffer a man and make him immune to future  rejection from women.1.  Abolish her existence2. Build your consciousness3. Create your value4. Develop your masculine essence
23/09/202115 minutes 58 seconds
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FASTING 2: Understanding autophagy and its benefits to human health.

Every week I promote a 48 hour challenge known as #AutophagyMarathon. In this episode, I discuss AUTOPHAGY. By the end of the episode, I expect you to learn, The definition of autophagy. How the autophagy machinery works.The health benefits of autophagy.The timing of the autophagy process.
07/05/202122 minutes 1 second
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FATHERLESSNESS: How a man who grew up without a father can recreate himself.

In this episode, I talk about fatherlessness:1. The definition of fatherlessness.2. The causes of fatherlessness.3. The problems faced by a fatherless family.4. The consequences of fatherlessness in our society.5.  The recreation of a fatherless man.
27/04/202120 minutes 54 seconds
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TESTOSTERONE 1: An introduction to the primary male hormone.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone responsible for regulating sex differentiation, producing male sex characteristics, spermatogenesis, and fertility.In this episode I introduce you to testosterone. This episode discusses:1. Definition of testosterone.2. How testosterone develops in the embryo.3. Functions of testosterone.4. How testosterone is produced.5. The role of testosterone in sperm development.6. Normal levels of testosterone in men and women.7. Some abnormalities associated with testosterone.
26/03/202122 minutes 32 seconds
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FASTING 1: Understanding the basics of fasting.

Fasting is as ancient as man. Ancient physicians prescribed fasting to patients and results of positive recuperation were notable.In this episode, learn about fasting.- Definition.- History.- Why we should fast.- What happens in your body during fasting.- The DO's and the DON'Ts during fasting.- How to start fasting.I  also wrote about Intermittent Fasting, you can read here.
17/03/202128 minutes 35 seconds
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The 'Nice Guy': Who is a 'nice guy' and why does he attract sluts and damaged girls?

 In this episode, I talk about the  'nice guy', how to spot a 'nice guy', the consequences of being this pussified man and how to get out of this pussification. 
04/03/202122 minutes 30 seconds
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Loneliness Part 2: Causes, consequences and treatment of loneliness in a lonely man.

Don't let the force of an impression when it first hits you to knock you off your feet. Just say to it, "hold on a moment, let me see who you are and what you represent. Let me put you to test."- Epictetus.
21/02/202124 minutes 52 seconds
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Loneliness Part 1: Don't contemplate dating a woman if you are a lonely man.

If you are a lonely man maybe who has been fired from his job, or dumped by his woman or abandoned by the world, listen to this podcast. In our moment of loneliness, we tend to blame others for the mistakes and failures that sunk us into the rock-bottom of loneliness. These negative self defeatist feelings will sabotage our lives by unconsciously creating the toxic hurdles that pull us deeper into the pits of loneliness.  A lonely man has only one option: to use his loneliness to turn around his wrecking boat and steadily make his voyage better for him and the people around him.
15/02/202119 minutes 53 seconds
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Intro: Start now!

Every moment waited is a moment wasted, and each wasted moment degrades the clarity of your purpose. - David Deida.Welcome to the first episode of
07/02/202115 minutes 32 seconds