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If you’ve ever wished you could take Amazing Discoveries presentations with you on audio, now you can! We’ve made Amazing Discoveries content even more accessible by making it portable. Don’t have time to sit and watch a video? Want to cut down on screen time? Give your eyes a break? Now you can listen to AD’s informative and inspirational content on your audio device while you’re on the move. Browse hundreds of in-depth Bible study series and sermons while you’re on the go. Explore a wide range of relevant topics, find answers to your questions, and learn something new – wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing. Listen to Amazing Discoveries on audio. Browse hundreds of in-depth Bible study series and sermons while you’re on the go. Explore a wide range of relevant topics, find answers to your questions, and learn something new – wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing. Listen to Amazing Discoveries on audio.
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Freedom Convoy, Trudeau, and the World Economic Forum

In this episode, we look at the truckers’ Freedom Convoy and Trudeau’s response. Why did Canada’s prime minister choose to deepen division in the country rather than work to restore unity? Could it be that the protest gave global power brokers the opportunity they’ve been waiting for to advance the goals of The Great Reset?We look at statements Klaus Schwab has made regarding The Forum of Young Global Leaders, who are the elites in all sectors of global society today. Listen to Schwab reveal how the program’s alumni have penetrated governments around the world. Does this explain why the world’s power brokers seem to share the same mindset on what the only solution to the world’s problems is? Will it result in a new world order?What does a startling quote from Henry Kissinger’s World Order reveal about the ultimate goal of The Great Reset? Find out in this episode and discover why Bible prophecy is still the only reliable roadmap for the future.
9/16/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 46 seconds
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Medical Tyranny: Barbara O'Neill On MRNA Vaccines And Big Pharma

The way Covid-19 has been handled has set many shocking precedents and sparked much controversy, especially around the issue of vaccine choice vs. medical tyranny. Questions about vaccine safety and conflicting statements by experts have divided society. The vaccines were rushed through emergency use authorization and governments and businesses quickly rewarded those who got the shot and punished those who didn’t. All this happened amid accusations that the vaccine roll-out contravened every point of the Nuremberg Code, an international law meant to protect people from the kind of experiments Nazi Germany was guilty of in the death camps. Add to this, restrictions of freedom of speech on social media and recent revelations of promises from Mark Zuckerberg to Anthony Fauci to censor all content unsupportive of the pro-vax narrative. What has happened to free speech and our right to choose for ourselves?
9/16/202253 minutes, 18 seconds
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Razing the Separation of Church and State | Prophecy Report July 2022

The constitution of the United States protects the separation of church and state. But today, the make-up of the Supreme Court holds a bias toward a world view that has a history of being the biggest enemy of individual liberties and rights. Will the US constitution be re-written? Are we witnessing the demolition of the separation of church and state? Is America losing its sovereignty? Discover what Bible prophecy predicts will happen next.
9/16/202228 minutes, 32 seconds
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Considering A Greenhouse? Watch This First

Are you thinking about building a greenhouse? In Greenhouses: Growing Under Cover, Mackenzie Drebit talks with a home-gardener who liked having a greenhouse so much, he turned his growing hobby into a commercial enterprise. Find out what it’s like to have a greenhouse and an easy way to get started. What factors should you consider before building a greenhouse? How can you save money for heating? When do seedlings need to be started and what conditions will they need? Why is venting of critical importance for optimal greenhouse growing conditions? These and other questions are answered in this segment of How To Country. Learn about choosing the right location, planting in-ground or in pots, venting, water, and much more. Get the basics on greenhouse gardening!
9/15/202223 minutes, 24 seconds
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Cold Climate Greenhouse: Seedlings Update

How can you control the temperature in a cold climate greenhouse? What if electric heat isn’t enough for a proper greenhouse temperature in winter or early spring? What do you need to know about starting seeds in a greenhouse in northern regions? Take a look inside our cold climate greenhouse to see how the seedlings are progressing and how we’re managing heat and humidity in this update.
9/15/20226 minutes, 47 seconds
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Fountainview Academy Concert

Amazing Discoveries was blessed to have Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Singers perform a live sacred music concert onsite. Enjoy hearing some of your favorite hymns and inspirational music performed by the internationally known Fountainview Academy choir and orchestra. Pieces performed include The Love of God, Redeemer of the Rain, Your Grace Still Amazes Me, and more!
9/15/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 21 seconds
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Is Fasting Healthy?

Is fasting healthy? What kind of fasting is best? Is there a potential downside to fasting? What are the pros and cons of intermittent fasting? In this presentation we talk about some popular types of fasts such as intermittent fasting, the master cleanse, and the 36 hour fast. We discuss the health principles involved in fasting, including regularity and proper spacing of eating. Learn about the intelligent way to fast that allows your body and mind to function optimally. Discover the benefits of fasting now!
9/15/202211 minutes, 29 seconds
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What's The Best Diet For Me? Exploring Fad Diets

The ketogenic diet is popular for weight loss. But even plant-based keto has problems. What are they? In this presentation, we look at the keto diet and also analyze Biblical diet plans. What’s the best way to lose weight? What health principles should be considered when trying to lose weight? Learn how to calculate nutrient ratios for structuring a diet for optimal weight and health. Discover the principles of planning the best diet for you.
9/15/202212 minutes, 56 seconds
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Cold Remedies in Your Kitchen

What have you got in your kitchen to use as flu and cold remedies? Which common herbs can you use to stop a cough, soothe a sore throat, relieve congestion, cool a fever, and open your airways to improve your oxygen levels? Learn about the powerful healing properties of common kitchen herbs like sage, oregano, thyme, mint, cayenne, and others. Find out what herbs you should have on hand to help you deal with cold and flu. Watch a demonstration on how to make mullein tea using mullein along with kitchen herbs to help the lungs. Discover flu and cold remedies in your kitchen!
9/15/202219 minutes, 25 seconds
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Heart Cleaning and Repair | Heart Health

Heart disease is the #1 killer in developed countries. And many wonder, Can you reverse heart disease or is surgery the only answer? The good news is the heart can heal itself. Do you want to know how to reduce plaque in arteries and find heart cleaning strategies that work? Would you like to know about herbs for heart health? In this episode, Barbara O’Neill addresses heart health and the best ways to look after our hearts. Learn about the most effective type of exercise, how arteries are damaged, and foods that clear arteries. Discover what it means to keep the heart with all diligence.
9/12/202254 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Final Conflict

How do recent world events correlate with end-time Bible prophecy? Is Sunday worship the mark of the beast? What is the goal and purpose of the behind-the-scenes world power—the Roman Catholic Church? How are we to understand recent events concerning Pope Benedict XVI in relation to the nearness of Christ’s return? What do apparitions of Mary, deification of Mary, spiritualism’s infiltration into mainstream churches and government, and the union of church and state have to do with the prophechies in Revelation? Learn the answer to these questions and topics here in this follow-up to the world-renowned series, Total Onslaught.
1/7/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 25 seconds
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Behind the Scenes

Is the idea of a "one world government" commonly known as the New World Order true? If so, who is behind it? This presentation looks at current and past events to uncover the New World Order.How does the U.N. fit into the new world order’s plans? How is the New World Order coming into existence? Find the answer to these questions and take a look at the new education system, the new economic order, the new world religion, and the future plans of this global agenda.
1/7/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 11 seconds
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Religious Controversy

This presentation examines, in detail, the Catholic-Protestant controversy through history and current world events. Using quotes from prominent world thinkers and writers, Dr. Veith shows how ecumenism and Freemasonry play hand in hand—with a look at some prominent Christian leaders such as Robert Schuller, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, and Benny Hinn. Dr. Veith also examines the modern charismatic movement and the music industry and shows how Babylon, Catholicism and Protestantism, is truly fallen and is highly steeped in Freemason ideology.
1/7/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 33 seconds
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Twisted Perspectives

Henry Stober was living his dreams, the kind of life that some might envy. He was young, doing well financially and was happily married. He’d become a successful professional photographer doing what he loved doing - traveling and exploring. Then he had a Christian conversion and began to see that perhaps Jesus’ dreams for him were different than his own.He decided to put his talents to work for God. He conceived of the idea to create a video about creation and photographed scenes around the world – 10,000 images. Then thieves broke in and stole everything. With no photographs to work with and a business that kept him very busy, he had neither the time nor the resources to complete the project. He surrendered it to God, praying that His will be done.This is Henry’s story about how God powerfully took the Creation video project into His own hands and the amazing results that followed.
12/24/202150 minutes, 19 seconds
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Zechariah Part 4

What can we learn about the Second Coming from the Book of Zechariah? How can you prepare for a latter rain experience? This presentation concludes Professor Walter J. Veith’s Bible study on the fascinating Book of Zechariah. In this episode, we examine the enemies of God, the latter rain, God’s ultimate victory over evil, and the restoration of all things. One of the amazing similarities between Zechariah and Revelation is their similar endings. Both books depict in vivid detail the climax of earth’s history, the Second Coming. Both John and Zechariah point to troublous times ahead for God’s people, but God has given many precious promises for our support and encouragement. We must make these promises our own.
12/24/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 27 seconds
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Zechariah Part 3

Part 3 of this Bible study covers Zechariah 6 to Zechariah 9. In this presentation, Professor Walter J. Veith considers the vision of the four chariots and the mountains of brass and compares this image with Jesus’ messages to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. How might this vision have application to the time in which we are living? What constitutes an acceptable fast is considered in the study of chapter seven. A study of chapter eight reflects upon such questions as, Why does God allow apostasy in the church? and, What are the two pillars of the Christian church? A study of Zechariah 9 focuses on God’s promised restoration and what we must do to participate in the establishment of God’s kingdom.
12/24/202149 minutes, 28 seconds
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Zechariah Part 2

Zechariah 4 and 5 feature strange symbols such as women in an ephah, a candle stick with two olive trees, and a flying roll. In Part 2 of this Bible study on Zechariah, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the symbols of these prophecies. God offered encouragement to His church when a remnant returned from Babylon to rebuild the temple. His words of comfort are also applicable to His faithful people today. What future, spiritual applications might there be for the symbol of the “great mountain,” the flying roll, the ephah and the two women? How are these things relevant to us? Answers to these questions and others are considered in this fascinating Bible study on the Book of Zechariah.
12/24/202146 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Zechariah Part 1

The Book of Zechariah describes eight visions rich with Biblical images. In Part 1 of this series, Professor Walter J. Veith focuses on the Biblical images of the first four visions, their future spiritual application, God’s promise of restoration and His message of comfort to His people. What are the issues God’s people face in the end time? Who will qualify to be part of the Kingdom of God when the Man with the measuring line assesses His people? What is the most important message with which the church of God is entrusted to take to the world? These and other important questions are considered in this presentation.
12/24/202146 minutes, 9 seconds
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Experiencing the Real Rain

God desires to give His people a supernatural experience with more intensity than the Apostles had in the book of Acts. The Apostles were able to preach the gospel with power, heal the sick and expel demons from people. What must you do to have your mind prepared that it may be ready to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and receive this power? Join Dan Gabbert for a Bible and Spirit of Prophecy study that answers these questions and take a fresh look at how Jesus' story of "The Sower" applies to this experience.
12/24/202148 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Avoiding the Character Assassination Trap

Have you ever heard of the Sceva syndrome? The sons of Sceva had something in common with the five foolish virgins of Matthew 25:1-13 and with many in the church today. Many of us Christians are in danger of this problem. The sons of Sceva expected the same results as other Christians without having a personal relationship with Jesus themselves. When their faith was tested, they failed. Find out what you must do to have a healing, personal experience with Jesus that will give you victory and prepare you to live with Jesus forever.
12/24/202144 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Mini-Mini Time of Trouble

Why does God allow mini trials in our lives? What can the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness teach us about overcoming temptation? Dan Gabbert shows that the habits you form now in the testing of your faith in mini, mini times of trouble are the habits you’ll take with you into the time of trouble. Without having the mind of Christ, it is impossible to have victory over temptations, because victory is much more than just changed behaviour. The Scriptures show that the battleground is the mind. Learn what mental habits Jesus had that made Him victorious.
12/24/202153 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Mind of the Master Part 2

Dan Gabbert digs into the Scriptures to expose the process of how sinful habits get established in our lives, showing us how we may fight the good fight of faith. The good news is bad habits may be conquered through Christ. But what is our part in allowing God to fight for us? Learn what it means to have the mind of Christ and what we must do to ensure our future eternal destiny with Him. Find out how to overcome sin through Christ.
12/24/202149 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Mind of the Master Part 1

We are counseled to prepare for “what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise” but what does it mean to prepare? And though we’ve been told not to worry about the “latter rain”, we must prepare for it. What does healing, saving Christianity look like? Why is it that nothing can replace time alone in the Word of God? What can the devil do that will ensure his success in his attacks? Dan Gabbert explains the importance of knowing Jesus.
12/24/202155 minutes, 39 seconds
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Tribulation Song

Why does God allow Christians to go through the fiery furnace of trial? What should we do when we experience trials? Is it true that trials and tribulations are blessings? What is it that makes the storms of life so difficult to navigate? Dr. Eric Walsh asserts that it’s not the storm itself, but rather something inside us that makes it difficult to plot our course through testing times. Dr. Walsh shares his personal testimony of trial, loss and persecution and the lessons he learned from what he went through, concluding that if Jesus is in the ship it can’t sink.
12/24/20211 hour, 17 minutes, 16 seconds
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Aftermath of Deception

At Jesus' baptism, John the Baptist came into contact with Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, who make up the Godhead or Trinity. What can we learn from this event? What can it teach us that will help us to navigate the stormy waters of doctrinal upheaval that have hit the church? Dr. Eric Walsh shares the moving story of the death of his cousin and of the faith of his praying grandmother in relation God's nature. He also takes a look at the controversies that surround God's nature.
12/24/202151 minutes, 59 seconds
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Perfected in Persecution

What did Jesus mean when He said, "Blessed are those who are persecuted"? After Jesus’ baptism, a time of severe testing and trial came both to Him and to John the Baptist. As John the Baptist is a representative of God’s last-days church, we can expect similar experiences of persecution in our own lives. Dr. Eric Walsh discusses how to prepare for persecution, why God allows it to happen, and why persecution is the greatest honour a Christian can receive.
12/24/202155 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Cry of Light

John the Baptist was a representative of those who are to prepare a people for our Lord’s second coming. What was John the Baptist’s work and why was he successful? Are there lessons we can learn from John the Baptist's life that will help us prepare the way of the Lord? Striking similarities exist between John the Baptist’s times and the times we’re living in today. Using statistics and current events, Dr. Eric Walsh draws startling conclusions about the days in which we are living and shares how we can prepare for Jesus' return.
12/24/202141 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Called in Dark Times

Can we learn something from the life and childhood of John the Baptist that will help us prepare ourselves and our children for service in the army of Christ? John the Baptist is a prototype for the remnant church and there are many lessons to be learned from his life. In this episode, Dr Eric Walsh shares the secret of sanctification and victory over sin. Learn important lessons to help you prepare your children to be victorious over sin and live a life of service to Christ.
12/24/202148 minutes, 57 seconds
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Preaching from the Grave Part 3

In his third and final testimony for this series, Phodidas Ndamyumugabe shares the importance of service for Christ. He shares a little bit about how God has lead him after the Rwandan Genocide and the ministry he’s been able to do by God’s miraculous power. He also shares how he became a witness for God during his time in that awful genocide. He describes events where God wasn’t only trying to save the life of Phodidas but also trying to save the souls of the people doing the killing.
12/23/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Preaching from the Grave Part 2

In his second testimony, Phodidas Ndamyumugabe shares how he experienced a crisis in the Rwandan genocide but was able to survive through the power of Prayer. Phodidas shares how God answers prayers when they are sincere and faithful. He shares how God didn’t answer his prayers exactly in the way he expected every time but God saved his life in many miraculous ways. No matter how many times he faced death, God did not allow him to receive any harm. Learn the faithfulness of God through the testimony of Phodidas.
12/23/202148 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Preaching from the Grave Part 1

In the first part of his testimony, Phodidas Ndamyumugabe shares his early life and how he came to learn about God through the Bible - something he would cling to for dear life, literally, during the most difficult time of his life. Hear the captivating true story of how he survived one of the most tragic events that took the lives of more than a million people in the east-central African nation of Rwanda and be reminded of God's providential care, as He leads and protects Phodidas and continually gives hope in hard times.
12/23/202152 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Greatest Invitation

Is Baptism necessary for salvation? How is Biblical baptism a celebration of Christ’s resurrection? What does the Bible reveal about the controversial issue of baptism? Baptism is the believer’s response to the greatest invitation Christ offers – to surrender all and to follow Him. Jesus commissioned His disciples to preach the Gospel and to baptize believers in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But did He mean infant or adult baptism? Is there a right way to baptize? Which form of baptism does the Bible teach – sprinkling, pouring, or immersion? Why does it matter? Find out in this episode on the new birth experience and the Biblical mode of baptism.
12/23/20211 hour, 42 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Long-Awaited Millennium

What is the millennium of peace? When will the present kingdom of pain and sin end? The world is waiting for a millennium of peace in which Christ will set up His kingdom and all evil will cease. When will the ushering in of the true millennium take place? What does the Bible really teach about the millennium, a time in which the saints will judge the world? How does the Biblical millennium compare with common beliefs about it? Find out in this intriguing presentation. Catch a glimpse of the new world and the kingdom of Christ where there will be no more death, nor pain, nor suffering!
12/23/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

History's Coming Climax

What does the Bible really teach about the second coming of Christ and how does it compare to the array of teachings abroad in the world today? The coming of Christ at the end of the age has been prophesied in the Bible, and for centuries people have been awaiting this great event. Is there a secret rapture? What happens to the dead when Christ returns? These questions and more are answered in this eye-opening study that clearly portrays God’s final intervention to vindicate those who have stood for truth and righteousness.
12/23/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 6 seconds
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Signs & Wonders

Are the spiritual signs and wonders we are seeing today really from God? The Bible warns of lying signs and wonders that will be performed at the end of time in an attempt to deceive God's people. What modern-day signs and wonders have been taking place in association with the New Age and Marian movements? What insights does the Bible give regarding apparitions of Mary and other supernatural occurrences? Where is it all leading and what will be the grand finale? This presentation includes a look at the apparitions at Lourdes and Fatima, the book Thunder of Justice, and Marian miracles around the world. Discover the truth about signs and wonders in this episode.
12/23/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 46 seconds
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1844 & The Final Onslaught

What happened in 1844? In the Old Testament, God's prophet Daniel saw visions of what would happen throughout history. Those prophecies are being fulfilled in our time. This episode deals with the culmination of the 2300-day prophecy of Daniel 8 and 9. It shows that the same animosity that caused the crucifixion of Christ will be manifested at the end of time. In the corridors of secret societies, and in New Age thinking, there is a movement to destroy those who believe in salvation in Christ and the truth of His Word. This presentation gives evidence for the plans to eradicate those who stand for truth and righteousness, including discussions of the judgment hour message, significant happenings in 1844, the Bahai faith, the theory of evolution, the Georgia Guidestones, and the plans for worldwide population depletion.
12/23/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Loud Cry

In this lecture, the world power's hidden agendas are exposed. The "loud cry" is the climax of warning to the world and is followed by the intervention of God Himself in the affairs of humanity. This study of Revelation 18 deals with God's description of the destruction of the powers that dominate world events today. We look at the economic world, the religious world, the entertainment world and see they are all in harmony. What is the power that is fostering a convergence of human thought and action? Who is orchestrating the assault on Christ and His kingdom? Find out in this Revelation 18 study.Topics covered include: occult connections of famous people and corporations in entertainment and business, what’s behind the increasing frequency of mega-company mergers, and the tell-tale signs of freemasonry at work in the world around us.
12/23/20211 hour, 25 minutes, 59 seconds
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Earth's Final Warning

This study of Revelation 14 looks at the final message of warning God sends to the world. The message of the Three Angels is God’s response to the setting up of Satan's kingdom by the political and religious leaders of our time. This episode shows us how far we really are in the final endgame. What makes the Three Angels’ Message the most serious warning ever given to humankind? Find out in this presentation.This episode also covers the following topics: Jewish feasts, Karl Marx, the French Revolution, the motto of the New World Order - Ordo Ab Chao, separation of church and state, the false prophet, the seal of God, and the mark of the beast.
12/23/20211 hour, 23 minutes, 3 seconds
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God's Guiding Gift

How do you identify a true prophet? What does the Bible say are the characteristics of a true prophet so we can avoid being deceived? Are there modern manifestations of the true gift of prophecy? What does the Bible reveal on this issue? According to Revelation 12 and 14, one of the distinguishing features of the organization that opposes Satan’s kingdom is that it has the testimony of Jesus, the Spirit of Prophecy. Does God still speak through prophets today? Among the array of prophets claiming to have messages from God, is there a voice that really comes from the throne of grace? Learn about Ellen G. White and the Spirit of Prophecy in this episode.
12/23/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 20 seconds
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A Stone to Rest Your Head

Why are there so many denominations? Is there one true church? Does God still have a remnant church? This study of Revelation 10 reveals the counterpart to the Beast and identifies the organization which God raises up to counter the errors Satan has placed in the world to rob us of salvation. What message of warning has God given this movement to proclaim to the world? What is the 2300-day prophecy? Who was William Miller and what happened during the Great Awakening? Does the Bible identify which Christian denomination is right? Learn what the Bible says about the distinguishing features of God’s remnant church.
12/23/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 37 seconds
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Battle of the Giants - Christ vs. Satan

The battle between good and evil, Christ and Satan, has been brewing for millennia. How has this spiritual battle manifested itself on the physical scene of history? This episode presents the great controversy between Christ and Satan throughout the ages as described in Revelation 12. The hatred of Lucifer for God’s Son, and for all who follow His leadership, has led to more bloodshed, pain, and suffering on this planet than many realize. The persecution of all who believed the Bible in the Middle Ages as well as the great final conflict that will come upon the earth are revealed in this riveting presentation.
12/23/20211 hour, 25 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

The UN & The Occult Agenda

What are the real motives behind the United Nations new world order? Does the United Nations have only a political agenda or is there a spiritual dimension to its activities? In this video, the hidden agenda of the UN is clearly exposed. From its inception to its ultimate goal, the creation of a global religio-political system will have far-reaching consequences for every individual on Earth and possibly catastrophic consequences for those who trust in salvation in Christ alone.This presentation includes a look at Robert Mueller’s school and philosophy, and how the cosmic christ and the United Nations go together. Topics covered include: the UN's religious side, its education philosophy and the work of Robert Mueller, the cosmic christ, and the UN prayer and meditation room. Learn about the powerful influence of the mystics who shaped UN spiritualism, including Teilhard de Chardin, Helena Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, and Annie Besant. Discover the spiritual face and aspirations of the United Nations.
12/23/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Strange Fire

In this episode we look into what the charismatic movement is all about. We also learn that in modern theology there has been a shift from God-centered religion to self-centered religion, from salvation by faith to a social Gospel. This presentation deals with the miraculous manifestations found in modern Christian worship. The origin and methods of mega-churches and their needs-related religion are discussed and exposed for what they are. What is the source of their inspiration?Find out where mega-preachers such as Schuller, Hybels, Warren, Copeland, and Hinn are going with their philosophies. Other topics covered include: the "needs gospel,” origin of Pentecostalism, Kundalini yoga, similarities between sun worship and Pentecostalism, modern Christian musicians, and the influence of preachers like TB Joshua, Oral Roberts, and Jesse Duplantis. Discover the truth about the charismatic movement.
12/23/20211 hour, 54 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

That All May Be One

In an age of religious tolerance and ecumenism, old hatchets are being buried. Churches that have long been separated on questions of doctrine are reuniting. Are the current ecumenical developments based on Scripture or humanistic principles? Is truth being sacrificed for the sake of unity? Are we moving to the era of peace which the Bible warns us would come just before sudden destruction? Who leads the ecumenical movement? What are the goals of ecumenism? And what are the philosophies of ecumenical preachers like Robert Schuller and Billy Graham? Find out in this episode on ecumenism.
12/23/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

The New Age Agenda

Who began the New Age movement and what is its aim? This episode is an in-depth analysis of the New Age movement and includes a look at Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Christian Science movement, Maitreya, Buddhism, false christs, and Benjamin Crème. Using direct quotes from writers and people involved in each of these movements, Dr. Veith shows that their ultimate agenda is to usurp Jesus Christ.Other topics covered in this episode include: Jesuitism and the New Age movement, the use of subliminal images by Jehovah's Witnesses, Harry Potter, the Maitreya, Mary Baker Eddy, Gnostics, New Age teachings in Catholicism, New Age in Freemasonry, genealogical connections between US presidents, Alice A. Bailey, and NASA’s religious connections.
12/23/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Mystic Realm of Death

What happens when you die? Where do the dead go? Is there an afterlife? What does the Bible teach on this issue? Is there a hell? Seven heavens? Life after death? Reincarnation? Are there ghosts? Does the Bible have anything to say about spiritism? What happens when you die is perhaps the biggest question many will ask themselves in their life. With a wide range of different interpretations and beliefs, how do we know which one to trust? Discover the true teachings of the Bible on this often-misunderstood topic.
12/22/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 45 seconds
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A New World Order

Is there a New World Order on the horizon? Who is behind it and what are the consequences? This episode explains the emergence of a New World Order and its purpose, with all its political and socio-economic ramifications. The intrigues behind the setting up of a universal order dictating to the conscience of humanity are clearly exposed. This presentation discusses events leading up to this order, such as the great terrorist attacks of our time, and the battle against the so-called “axis of evil,” as well as how the new structure will personally impact the lives of the citizens of the world.
12/22/20211 hour, 43 minutes, 46 seconds
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A Woman Rides the Beast - Catholicism's Return to Power

What modern-day system is represented by the whore of Babylon in Revelation 17? Who is the woman called “Mystery Babylon”? This verse-by-verse exposé of Revelation 17 describes a woman controlling a coalition of powers. The woman has the attributes of the mystery religion of Babylon and entices the world to follow her precepts.Who were the Gnostics? How are secret societies connected? What is the origin of sports and the Olympics? Find out how these things are related to the whore of Babylon as Walter Veith presents a thorough exegesis of Revelation 17 and identifies Babylon’s influence on modern religion and society. Discover how Revelation 17 sets the stage for the final events in the conflict between good and evil.
12/22/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Wine of Babylon

Is Catholicism pagan? This episode traces the ancient religion of Babylon from its origins to the very time in which we live. See evidence that this ancient religion is alive and well in religious systems of our day, dressed in a garb to suitably camouflage it from the eyes of the casual observer. Could the most powerful church in the world be pagan at its heart? Learn about mother-child worship in ancient cultures, the use of sun worship symbols in Catholicism, and occult influences in cathedrals like St. John's Lateran. Discover the occult language of ancient sun worship in the heart of Catholicism.
12/22/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 14 seconds
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Two Beasts Become Friends

Since identities of the two beasts in Revelation 13 are a matter of life and death with eternal consequences, it is vital that we understand who these powers are. This exposé of Revelation 13 explains how the beast of the sea and the beast of the earth become friends, culminating in a new system of worship which honors the first beast. Giving clear evidence about the identities and objectives of these political powers, this presentation includes a look at the USA in Bible prophecy and the importance of church and state separation.
12/22/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Crime of All Ages

Who is the Antichrist power, and what is he up to? What is the mark of the beast? How can we avoid the mark of the beast? This episode reveals the behind-the-scenes activities of the Antichrist power: how he places himself in the temple of God, claims to be God with power even over the Almighty, and claims to have the capacity to alter even the precepts of Christ. In this presentation, the Bible and the Bible alone is used to expose the Antichrist's activities. This episode also includes a study on the mark of the beast and how to avoid it.
12/22/20211 hour, 21 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Islamic Connection

This topic has puzzled numerous expositors: how does Islam fit into the picture of global conflict? Is this a political or religious conflict, or both? What is Islam's origin and what are its goals? How does it impact ecumenism and the doctrine of salvation in Christ? Can we find evidence that the Catholic Church created Islam or helped them grow? Find out in this informative video. A clear line is drawn through history, showing that the reality is more startling than the theory. This presentation includes a look at some powerful Islamic leaders past and present, a comparison of Catholicism and Islam, and a discussion of Islam and Mary worship.
12/22/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 17 seconds
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Revolutions, Tyrants & Wars

Major revolutions in history have shaped the world we now live in. What do they have in common? Have they been controlled by some guiding power? Revolutions, tyrants, and wars need finance and support in order to succeed. Who is behind the major conflicts that have plagued humanity during the last centuries? Are sinister forces working behind the scenes to bring about a new order to the world?Some highlights discussed in this episode are the revolutions of the previous century, the rise of the USA as a superpower, the Kennedy assassination, and the setting up of the New World Order. This presentation also includes a discussion of the major players in both world wars, the Jesuits and their role in wars, Freemasonry and its role in wars, famous 33rd-degree Freemasons, fascism and the US, and the hidden meaning of the Statue of Liberty.
12/22/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 45 seconds
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Changing the Word Part 2

Are all Bible translations the same? What is the best Bible translation? What do we need to be aware of when choosing which Bible to read? See a near-exhaustive comparison of modern Bible versions with the King James Version in this episode. What changes have been made in modern translations that rob Christ of His divinity? This episode takes a hands-on approach to evaluating Bible versions and exposes Satan’s attack on Christ through modern Bible versions. Find out what’s been changed and why.Part One on Spotify: One on Apple Podcasts: One on Google Podcasts:
12/22/202137 minutes, 33 seconds
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Changing the Word Part 1

Are all Bible translations the same? What is the best Bible translation? What do we need to be aware of when choosing which Bible to read? See a near-exhaustive comparison of modern Bible versions with the King James Version in this episode. What changes have been made in modern translations that rob Christ of His divinity? This episode takes a hands-on approach to evaluating Bible versions and exposes Satan’s attack on Christ through modern Bible versions. Find out what’s been changed and why.Part Two on Spotify: Two on Apple Podcasts: Two on Google Podcasts:
12/22/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 4 seconds
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Battle of the Bibles

History gives us an interesting insight into who the translators of the Bible were and what they believed. Could Satan be using modern Bible translations to set the stage for a final attack on the Word of God? In this episode, Walter Veith exposes the history and affiliations of those who have dared to reshape God’s Word to suit their occult philosophy. He also shows why the issue is not so much about particular versions, but about which manuscript each version was based on.What is Gnosticism and how have gnostic teachings influenced modern Bible versions? How was the ancient city of Alexandria important to the occult world and why is this relevant to a discussion about Bible versions? Find out in this eye-opening episode about Bible translation history.
12/22/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 1 second
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Hidden Agendas

Who are the Freemasons? Are the Freemasons Satanic? Do they worship Satan? This episode exposes the philosophy behind secret societies and shows from the most authoritative sources that the deity worshiped in the shrines of secrecy is not the God of the Bible. With quotes from Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, perhaps the most influential source book in Freemasonry, Walter Veith reveals who the god of Freemasonry is and what a 33rd degree Freemason believes.
12/22/20211 hour, 32 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Secret Behind Secret Societies

Much has been written on secret societies. There are numerous speculations as to which powers control them. The nature of secrecy is such that the real power behind the power remains exactly that: secret. In this episode, clear evidence is provided to show who really stands behind the throne of earthly power. This episode includes an introduction and overview to Albert Pike, the Jesuit Order, Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, Skull and Bones, and the Bohemian Grove.
12/22/20211 hour, 29 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Beast From the Bottomless Pit

Understanding Revelation 11 is an important step toward grasping Bible prophecy. This video offers a detailed look at the French Revolution and the setting up of the New World Order. It includes a discussion of the power behind the French Revolution, the birth of human rights, and their significance in current events. In Revelation 11, a beast arises out of the bottomless pit. This vision suggests that form and structure are added to a gospel of falsehood threatening to rob the world of light.How was the French Revolution depicted in Bible prophecy? What characteristics of the French Revolution is Satan employing in the kingdom of darkness he’s setting up on Earth? How will these developments affect your life? Find out in this episode which lays a foundation for understanding current world events in the context of Bible prophecy.
12/22/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 48 seconds
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When Trumpets Sound

The seven trumpets of Revelation 8-11 have always been a bone of theological contention. What do they represent? Trumpets in the Bible are heralds of judgment. This episode compares various interpretations of the Revelation trumpets using Biblical exegesis based on the structure of the book of Revelation. This episode also covers the seventh-day Sabbath, the sealing of God’s people, the 144 000, the contrast between trumpets and plagues, four interpretations of the trumpets, and various philosophies that emerged after the Dark Ages to undermine the Bible and Jesus Christ.
12/22/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 18 seconds
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Seven Seals

The book of Revelation reveals the good news that there will be a people who, despite persecution, will stand on the platform of truth and will not submit to compromise. This exposé of Revelation 4 to 7 shows the battle surrounding the Gospel and explains the historical significance of the seven seals and their interpretation. It is a fascinating tale of the war between light and darkness which culminates in a final all-out onslaught on the Bible’s teaching that salvation is through Christ alone. This lecture includes both a broad survey of the many interpretations of the seals, and the historical significance of the seals. Learn the history of the Christian church as portrayed by the seals. See the great controversy between Christ and Satan recorded on the pages of history.
12/22/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 48 seconds
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Seven Churches

What does Revelation have to say about the Christian Church throughout history? Is it relevant for the Church today? A look at the prophetic interpretation of the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3, this episode sweeps through the history of the Christian Church. From the time of Christ through a time of spiritual decline and apostasy, a time of compromise to a time of Gospel restoration, these chapters set the stage for the unraveling of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Learn how the Sabbath was changed. Revelation is a book you can understand. See for yourself!
12/22/20211 hour, 32 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Revelation of Jesus Christ

What is the best way to interpret the visions in the book of Revelation? What background knowledge do we need to understand God's Word correctly? The Book of Revelation Explained is a verse-by-verse exposition of Revelation 1, highlighting the deity of Christ and the great battle between good and evil. It takes us back to the time of ancient cultures right up to the present, showing that apostasy from the truth in the past finds its mirror image in the present. Some other topics explored in this episode include: An overview of Revelation's chiastic structure, the symbols of Revelation, sun worship and its symbols, symbols used as occult communication, the Rabbinic course, and an overview of the time of the end and the 2300-day prophecy.
12/22/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Man Behind the Mask

What is the little horn? And who is the Antichrist? Does the Bible say when the Antichrist will appear on Earth? In this episode, Walter Veith lets the Bible speak to show us who the Antichrist is. Modern-day deceptions regarding the little horn power, along with the doctrines of preterism and futurism, are contrasted with the plain teachings of the Bible. The twelve identifying features of the little horn power of Daniel 7, the signs of the Antichrist, point to the only entity that can qualify as Antichrist. Find out who it is!
12/22/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Mists of Time

What could the dream of a king who lived more than 2 000 years ago tell us about Napoleon, Hitler, and the powers that rule our present world? Daniel 2 records Nebuchadnezzar’s dream about a great statue. This dream reveals the history of the world to the very close of time. The details of this vision tell us where we are in the stream of time and what events are about to occur on Earth. In this Bible study on Daniel 2, Walter Veith analyzes Nebuchadnezzar's dream in detail and shows how history vindicates the Bible’s authenticity. Find out about Napoleon, Hitler, and their occult connections. Discover what the future holds!
12/22/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 27 seconds
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An Advocate For Our Time

How is the plan of salvation depicted in the sanctuary services? Is there a heavenly sanctuary, and if so, what happens up there? What did the ceremonies and feasts of the old Israelite sanctuary portray? Is God really into blood and sacrifice? Was the law nailed to the cross? Discover new facets to the plan of salvation and the beautiful meaning behind the symbolism of the sanctuary and its services. In this study, Walter Veith also looks at the different laws of the Jewish system, with a special focus on contrasting the ceremonial law vs moral law.Learn about Christ's role in the sanctuary system. Discover the Advocate who acts on your behalf in the heavenly courts.
12/22/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 18 seconds
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Where Jesus Walked

Follow Christ's footsteps through ancient Israel and get an insight into the life of Jesus in this remarkable remake of Christ's journey. This episode takes a visual journey through ancient Palestine retracing the steps of the Master and highlighting His great teachings such as the Sermon on the Mount. The life and ministry of Christ, His birth, and death on the cross are portrayed in multimedia format in a thought-provoking study. You will enjoy this look into the life of Christ.
12/22/20211 hour, 32 minutes, 2 seconds
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Just Another Man?

Who is Jesus? Does He measure up to the Messianic prophecies of the Bible? Is Jesus God? Learn about the 70 weeks of Daniel, a prophecy that pinpoints the date of Messiah’s appearance and find out about the rabbinical curse that threatens those who would calculate the date. Explore the astronomical odds against one man fulfilling even just a few of the hundreds of Messianic prophecies. Professor Walter Veith unravels the ancient prophecies about the Messiah and compares them with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Consider the evidence and decide for yourself.
12/22/202157 minutes, 11 seconds
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A search for stars

Have you ever felt life is meaningless or wondered why you're here? God has a purpose for you and a plan for your existence at this time in Earth’s history. Understand what His intention is for your life and realize that you are not here by chance, but rather you have been called for such a time as this. Join Pastor Daniel Pel for an in-depth look at the great cosmic conflict of the ages and see where your place is in the controversy that will soon come to an end.
12/22/202157 minutes, 43 seconds
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The two most important questions in the book of Revelation

Revelation is a fascinating book. It was written 2000 years ago, but it was written especially for those living in Earth’s last days. So, in a special way, Revelation is for us, and a blessing is promised to those who study it. Many of the prophecies contained in Revelation are being fulfilled in our time. Nevertheless, many Christians have questions about Revelation. Is it possible to unseal this mysterious book? What important truths can we discover there? What are the two most important questions in Revelation? Find out as the mysteries of Revelation are unsealed in this presentation.
12/22/20211 hour, 1 minute, 17 seconds
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A compromise and calamity

King Jeroboam, the first monarch of northern Israel following the revolt of the ten tribes, led his people into a counterfeit system of worship. His story is being repeated on a worldwide scale before our very eyes. Through a careful study of the story of King Jeroboam, we are able to see the components of a counterfeit system of worship and how this king's disobedience led many into apostasy. Join Pastor Daniel Pel for an in-depth study on false systems of worship. Find out what we can learn from King Jeroboam's history.
12/22/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 35 seconds
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A New Exodus

In reading the story of the children of Israel, we are able to gather important lessons from Exodus. During these end times, the journey of the children of Israel can give us insights into what we are going to experience. Join Pastor Daniel Pel as he takes us back to Exodus and shows us valuable lessons. Discover how the delivery out of the bondage of Egypt, recorded for us in Scripture, is a shadow of another Exodus we all are invited to experience.
12/22/202158 minutes, 7 seconds
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Revelation's two witnesses

We are introduced to the two witnesses in Revelation 11. Who are these two witnesses? Learn about the two witnesses in this in-depth study. Who did Jesus say testified of Him? Find out in this study of the two witnesses and see how God’s Word has stood the test of time. Discover how you can make the Word of God your firm foundation in life.
12/22/202159 minutes, 25 seconds
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The last tower of Babel

This in-depth Bible presentation will bring you from Genesis to Revelation, revealing the character of the system of false worship known as Babylon, and unmasking the deceptions of our days that have their roots in the past. The spirit of Babylon is alive and flourishing in churches and in the world. It lies behind the confusion we see not only in the world but also in some doctrinal teachings within Christianity. This spirit is rooted in exalting self above God and replacing the teachings God has given us with the teachings of man and false gods. Learn how to identify the deceitful spirit of Babylon.
12/22/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 46 seconds
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Faith that will be remembered, part 2

Grace is an incredible free gift from God. But how does grace work? Grace is one of the most important concepts in the Bible to understand but many are not entirely sure what it means. Grace gives us a deeper understanding of the gravity of sin and the sacrifice Jesus Christ paid on the cross. In Romans 5:12 Paul tells us, "That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord." Are you ready to get a deeper understanding of grace by turning the pages in the book of Romans? Join Daniel Pel as this concept is further explored.
12/22/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 4 seconds
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Faith that will be remembered, part 1

In this episode, journey through the book of Romans with Daniel Pel. The book of Romans provides us insight and an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The book of Romans is often misunderstood and misinterpreted by various denominations. This book requires a dedicated and intricate analysis to fully grasp the messages contained within. At the core, the book of Romans explores what salvation is about, and gives a detailed outline of what Christian doctrine should be about. As you follow along and flip through the pages, you will see the inspired writings of Paul come together in a clear and concise manner.
12/22/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 25 seconds
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For such a time as this

It can be incredibly reassuring to know that God says of each one of us, "Before you were born I knew you." This statement made by God, if we believe it, would answer many of the questions we ask ourselves everyday. Are we here by accident? Is there any purpose to life? In this episode you will discover a God that has given you purpose since before you even existed.
12/22/202150 minutes, 8 seconds
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The parable of the fig tree

The parable of the fig tree should make us pause and reflect. There are numerous lessons found in this parable that not only show us the character of God but our responsibilities as His followers. The Master Gardener, who represents God, is patient, merciful, and willing to forgive. But at one point God's patience will run out. We also learn from this parable that we must stay rooted in Christ. He understands that we are weak as humans but He calls on us to lean on Him and ask for His strength. Lastly, Jesus cursed the fig tree because it had the appearance of fruitfulness but didn't produce fruit . Find out how this incredible parable will play out in our lives.
12/22/202159 minutes, 21 seconds
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Lost but Found

The parable of the lost sheep teaches us many fascinating lessons. Jesus makes it clear that the Kingdom of Heaven is for anyone and not just an exclusive place. Through this parable, Jesus teaches us that everyone is important to Him and He's willing to leave the 99 to search for one because the missing one is just as valuable as the others. He paints a picture of how much rejoicing there is when that last sheep is found and brought back to the fold. But is there something else in this parable that we are missing? Take a closer look to see that Jesus' parables reveal our value and purpose in the eyes of heaven.
12/22/20211 hour, 1 minute, 38 seconds
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The Best Fats for our Health

Are all fats created equal, or are there truly good and bad fats? In this lecture, Dr. Diane Burnett dispels common myths surrounding fat consumption and discusses what makes a bad fat bad in addition to sharing why even good fats might not be so good after all. Explore the science behind good fats vs. bad fats and learn how to implement proven principles in your life so you can enjoy better health.
12/22/202155 minutes, 17 seconds
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What's Love Got to do with it? Sugars: The Good, Bad, and Hurtful

Are you addicted to sugar? Sugar is something many of us consume daily without a second thought, but science has proven that the effects of sugar on the body are terrifying. Studies have found that sugar can be as addictive as cocaine, and can have side effects that include cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, you may be consuming more sugar than is safe. In this lecture Dr. Diane Burnett shares how sugar addiction is formed, why sugar is detrimental to the body, and how to break free from sugar addiction.
12/22/20211 hour, 21 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Appetite War

Are eating habits something that we control, or do they control us? Is there really a correlation between what we eat and salvation? Although God created a perfect world, sin has brought chaos and destruction. Even the food we eat has been affected by sin. In this lecture, Dr. Diane Burnett shares how the food industry manipulates and controls people every day, and how foods can affect the mind and body. She shares why controlling appetite is crucial to optimal health and spiritual wellbeing.
12/22/202150 minutes, 46 seconds
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Physiology of Victory

Are you addicted to food? Once we become comfortable in our eating patterns, it can be difficult to change, even though many of the foods we enjoy may be harmful. The food industry is using proven techniques to get you addicted to their products, but you can be free! Learn about the formation of habits, how to identify and avoid traps used by the food industry, and how to break food addiction in this lecture by Dr. Diane Burnett.
12/22/20211 hour, 22 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Physiology of Addiction Part 2

What happens when we sin? Are we doomed to be slaves to sin all our lives or is there a way to break free? Have you ever wondered how to stop addictive behaviours?Dr. Diane Burnett explains the psychology of addictive behaviours and how Satan captivates the mind by reversing God's established order. Understanding these things will assist in overcoming temptation and help us bring the limbic system back under the control of the frontal lobe so we can be free from sin and addictions.
12/22/20211 hour, 17 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Physiology of Addiction Part 1

Do you have an addiction? In the Bible it clearly states that all have sinned and we have all fallen short of the glory of God. Does that mean that we are all slaves and servants to our addictions? In this lecture, Dr. Diane Burnett examines habit formation in the brain, and how addiction can take hold in your mind. She explains the physiology of the brain and how everything we do leaves a mark on the mind. Learn why understanding addiction and the brain is the first step to taking control of our lives.
12/22/20211 hour, 21 minutes, 20 seconds
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Protecting the Brain

Dr. Diane Burnett presents information you need to optimize your cognitive health and help your brain function at its best. Do you want to protect yourself against Alzheimer’s? Want to learn what you can do to clear brain fog, help to get free of depression, or improve your memory? Many factors influence cognitive health but there is much you can do to protect your brain and maximize its potential. What are the laws of life that govern cognitive health? Did you know that mental stability has its foundation in the foods we eat? In this lecture, you’ll not only discover the best foods for brain health, but you’ll learn about the risk factors and lifestyle choices that are important, too. Find out what you can do to maximize your brain’s potential today!
12/21/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 34 seconds
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When cells break: The Mechanism of Cancer and How to Prevent it

The incidence of cancer is staggering. Nearly 1 in 2 people will face this dreaded disease in their lifetime. What are cancer risk factors and how can you avoid them? If cancer runs in your family, will you inherit it? Or is it possible, by lifestyle choices, to prevent even an inherited tendency for cancer development? Did you know that everyday every one of us is producing cancer cells? Dr. Diane Burnett discusses what cancer is, what causes it, and how to prevent it. Learn about the single most important factor in cancer prevention in this presentation on how to prevent cancer.
12/21/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 30 seconds
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Overcoming the top causes of death

Do you know what the leading causes of death are and how to avoid them? Do you want to know how to prevent heart disease and other leading causes of death? Why are cancer, heart disease, and diabetes rampant in our society? What can we do to prevent these and other diseases? God gave us a divine prescription for health because He loves us. Dr. Diane Burnett shares Scriptural principles for optimal health from God’s Word and looks at lifestyle patterns associated with wellness. Discover the laws of life and how following them can not only prevent, but also heal disease.
12/21/20211 hour, 17 minutes, 9 seconds
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Homeland Security: The body’s natural defense and how to strengthen it to fight today’s plagues

The signs Jesus said would mark the end of the world are coming to pass before our eyes, including an increase in frequency and severity of pestilences. How can we protect ourselves? How does the immune system work? In this lecture, Dr. Diane Burnett explains the primary organs of the immune system, how they work, and what they require to work effectively. What causes inflammation and why is it so dangerous? What is autoimmune disease and what triggers it? What lessons have we learned from the Spanish Flu of 1918? Dr. Burnett answers these questions and more. Discover the amazing work of the immune system and learn about God’s healing plan.
12/21/20211 hour, 21 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Laws of Life (The Basic Foundation of Health)

Following the laws of life keeps us in health and provides all the essential needs of the body. Breaking these laws leads to a breaking down of the vitality of the body, eventually leading to death. Which of the laws of life addresses the mind/body connection? Few doctors will inquire about the status of this factor, but it’s essential to our well-being. Find out what it is and learn why nine out of ten illnesses start in the mind. In this lecture, Dr. Diane Burnett identifies the seven needs of the body and the role of each on the pathway to health.
12/21/202158 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Health Message 156 Years Later

God gave Ellen G. White visions on health to instruct His people not only for their own well-being, but for the restoration of physical and spiritual health of those around them. Following a 45-minute vision, Ellen White wrote hundreds of pages on health and set forth principles, urging the value of nature’s remedies, that have stood the test of time and scientific research. We’ve had the health message since the time of the American Civil War. But what have we done with it? Walt Cross discusses the characteristics and structure of God’s health care system and reminds us of our responsibility to employ the right arm of the Gospel to point the sin-sick soul to Christ.
12/21/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 20 seconds
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God's Prescription

Walt Cross looks at some of the problems with the way disease is treated by modern medicine and dangers involved with prescription drug use. As an alternative, he offers God’s prescription as the true solution. He reminds us of our mission, the importance of obedience to God’s counsels and identifies the prerequisite to eliminating the use of drugs in the treatment of disease. Learn what God requires of every one of us in relation to those who are sick around us.
12/21/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 58 seconds
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Preparing the Brain for Battle

What makes the brain our most important organ? It is through the brain that God communicates with us. When our brain is not optimally provided for, our ability to discern God’s will and differentiate between right and wrong is weakened.In this presentation, Walt Cross discusses each of the laws of health and how these apply to optimal brain health. He shares insights on epigenetics (how our choices can affect gene expression) and how lifestyle choices affect brain function. With Scripture, statements from the Spirit of Prophecy and data from scientific studies, he reveals important principles that will help us protect our most important organ, the brain.
12/21/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Unemployment Line

"I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but the medical missionary work.” EG White, General Conference Bulletin, April 12, 1901 par. 21 How does medical missionary work prepare the way for people to receive the Gospel? What has medical missionary work got to do with the Third Angel’s message? Why are we told that God’s people are not prepared for the loud cry? Who does God call to become medical missionaries? Walt Cross answers these and other questions relating to medical missionary work. Find out why it is that unless we embrace health evangelism, we will be on the unemployment line as God’s work goes forward in the last days.
12/21/202156 minutes, 52 seconds
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Health and Happiness

Want to live longer and healthier? What do longevity studies reveal about how to live to 100? Do you know what the pros and cons of veganism are? Want to learn how to transition to a plant based diet? Retired health researcher Professor Walter J. Veith, presents the science on plant based diets. Getting adequate nutrition from plant based foods isn’t a complicated problem as some believe. Professor Veith shares three simple rules to ensure adequate nutrition on a vegan diet.Learn how to prepare simple plant based substitutes for favorite foods and see how easy and delightful the switch can be.
12/21/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 36 seconds
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Udderly Amazing

Are dairy products good or is milk bad for you? What is the connection between milk and diabetes? What is galactose and why is it a problem for every human who uses milk products? Professor Walter J. Veith looks at what research reveals about dairy consumption and its impact on human health. Is it true that dairy is the best source of calcium for humans? Is milk necessary? Discover the truth about milk. Find out what science reveals about dairy consumption and human health.
12/21/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 43 seconds
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Sitting on a Time Bomb

Massive culling of farm animals due to disease outbreak is becoming more commonplace these days. Why? What is different today about animal husbandry and what are the issues that should concern us? Animals used for food are fed recycled animal protein feeds, manure, and petrochemical waste. In addition, a host of drugs are used in the industry. The consequences of these practices for human consumers are potentially devastating. In this episode, Professor Walter J. Veith shares results from his research in commercial animal husbandry and lessons we can apply to our own lives for better health.
12/21/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 6 seconds
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Your Health Your Choice

What are the lifestyle risk factors that are setting you up for disease? How can you have optimal health? We are living in a quick-fix society that relies heavily on drugs and stimulants to make it through the day. Unfortunately, some of the most common everyday foods and beverages have serious, long term, negative health implications. What are the risk factors in your lifestyle that affect your health? In this presentation, Professor Walter J. Veith analyzes some of the most common wellness-wreckers in our diet and shows healthier alternatives, because making better choices is easier when you have similar healthier options to replace your favorite bad foods with. Learn about tasty alternatives that won’t sabotage your health goals or set you up for future health problems.
12/21/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Life At Its Best

Discover what science reveals about macronutrients - carbs, proteins, fats. How does your diet measure up? Take the health quiz and find out! Are carbs fattening? What’s the truth about carbs? How much protein do we need? Why is eating too much protein a problem? Are some protein sources better than others? What surprising facts has science discovered about fats in the diet? In this presentation, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the science of health. You’ll also have an opportunity to evaluate your diet for essential nutrients by taking a fun and informative health quiz.
12/21/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 16 seconds
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Step 7 - Intercession

Christ desires for us to live a victorious Christian life, but we must realize that we cannot hope for peace with God while continuing to sin. If he could, Satan would kill us all before we had opportunity to repent because he knows that just one sin unrepented of has enough power to keep us out of heaven. But if we fall, we don’t need to despair because Christ is our advocate and He is not willing that any should perish. The same compassion that rescued Peter when he denied his Lord is there to rescue everyone. For Jesus, no one is too sinful to save. Those who are rough, bad-tempered and stubborn are the very ones who draw most upon Christ’s sympathy and love because He understands their experiences and knows why they’re resistant. He loves those who don’t get anything right in their lives and has made every provision to turn their defeat into victory. What is Christ’s part to play if we fall? What is our part? Learn what we can do to disappoint the enemy and honor our Redeemer.
12/20/202150 minutes, 1 second
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Step 6 - Temptation

Did you know that Christ weighs every temptation that comes to us against our personal circumstances and only allows what He knows we can resist with His help? That is why, in the day of judgement, none will have a single excuse for being overcome by sin. But then why are we so often overcome? Where does the fault lie and what must we do to live victoriously? What is the key to living a successful Christian life? Many of us are weary of fighting against sin and losing. The Bible says a righteous man falls seven times. If he falls so often, what does he do that he may still be considered righteous? The truth is, the weakest Christian can make Satan and his host tremble. Learn the two things that we must do to resist temptation and have victory over temptation every time.
12/20/202129 minutes, 21 seconds
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Step 5 - Bearing fruit

How can you witness for Christ when so many people are tired of hearing about religion? Our Lord is put to shame by those who claim to serve Him but who misrepresent His character and multitudes are deceived and led into false paths by double-minded Christians. The truth is, many Christians live a life that is insulting to God. Have you passed the test of being a genuine Christian? Are you bearing fruit? Sadly, at home, at work and at church board meetings, many Christians show that the spirit controlling them is not of Christ. Are you tired of being a hypocrite, tired of pretending to be something you’re not? Learn why Christ is more interested in your demonstration than in your proclamation.
12/20/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 58 seconds
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Step 4 - Forgiveness

What is the process of sanctification? What is holiness and how do we get it? How can we have the experience of Enoch whose walk with God so transformed him that he was fit to be taken straight into heaven without seeing death? It’s true that Christ wants to clothe us with His righteousness, but it’s also true that Christ’s robe of righteousness will never be put upon a sinner to hide his deformity.In the time of Moses, many Israelites died of snake bites when the remedy was very near. They lamented of their wounds and pains until their strength was gone when they might have had instant healing. Are many Christians today doing the same thing? In fact, we are told, many fail and will ultimately be lost, simply because they allow their feelings to dictate unbelief in Christ’s promises.How can we develop the faith that brings spiritual healing? Learn how we may be walking miracles and demonstrate the power God has to raise the dead and waken those who are spiritually dead.
12/20/20211 hour, 28 minutes, 10 seconds
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Step 3 - Repentance

We’ve often heard from the pulpit that we must repent, but many of us don’t understand what true repentance is. And the truth is, we cannot even repent on our own because we love sin more than we love Christ and don’t want to give it up. But repentance is a condition we must meet before we can even receive forgiveness. What, then, must we do to be saved?The sad reality is that there are many Christians who are merely modified but have never been transformed. One of Satan’s major deceptions is that we don’t have to fully surrender to God. The problem is many of us have idols that possess our hearts while we claim to be Christ’s followers. But Christ cannot be satisfied with only a corner of our hearts while Satan occupies the throne.Learn why the struggle you feel is a beautiful thing.
12/20/202158 minutes, 18 seconds
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Step 2 - Conviction

In the Garden of Eden when they fell into sin, Adam and Eve felt the shame of nakedness and hid from God. It’s the same for us today. When we fall into sin and feel guilt and shame, the natural response is to run from God. We feel condemned by Him. We experience guilt as a punishment from God.Feeling unworthy of His love and grace, we don’t want to pray, don’t want to read our Bibles, don’t want to go to church. We mourn for our shortcomings, but never seem to be able to overcome. As a result, many of us are Sadventists, looking for Christ’s return while we wallow in our unhappy, sinful state because we’ve failed to meet the first condition required before being accepted in Christ. But is guilt a punishment? Or is it a gift? Learn how to deal with guilt in this presentation.
12/20/202129 minutes, 40 seconds
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Step 1 - Love

Is God’s sole purpose to get us into heaven? Or is there something more that He wants to do for us? Are we missing His full purpose for us? Many Christians feel something is lacking in their experience and long to know completeness in Christ. In ignorance of our great need, we compare ourselves with others, and think, At least I’m not like that person. Deep inside, though, we know we’re lacking something essential. Like a surfer thrown by an overpowering wave, we feel that we’re fighting a losing battle, trying to reach the shore but drowning in sin instead. Experienced surfers know it’s useless to fight the waves. In the same way, victorious Christians must learn that fighting against Christ is harder than surrendering to Him. Learn what the mysterious power of Christ is that draws us to Him.
12/20/202136 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Essential Oil

Do you find yourself constantly backsliding in your Christian walk? Christianity is not just about forgiveness but having the power to live a Christ-like life. But how do we get that power? Many of us are caught in a repeated cycle of falling into sin, asking repentance, then falling into sin again, and again. We haven’t experienced the holiness of a life lived in wholeness for God. Jesus’ parables about the ten virgins and the improperly dressed wedding guest have lessons for us. What was the essential oil that the five foolish virgins failed to bring with them? Why would the others not share with them in their hour of need? How was the man deceived into thinking his own clothes were good enough to get him into the feast? We may excuse our faults for a time, but in that day, like the speechless man who came to the wedding feast without a wedding garment, we will have no excuse. Learn how to come back to God after backsliding and end the cycle.
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The Struggle of Being an On-Fire Christian

The Laodicean message is for those who believe in the Three Angels’ Messages. It is for lukewarm Christians in God’s last day church. But what does it mean to be Laodicean? Some mistakenly think that not working hard enough for God is being Laodicean and the solution is to simply do more for God. But this is a fatal deception, for what greater deception can come upon human minds than a confidence that they are right when they are all wrong? Why is Christ knocking at the door of your heart? What is keeping Him out that He doesn’t enter? And what is the only thing that can bring us into harmony with God?
12/20/202139 minutes, 21 seconds
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You Had One Job

Are you a lukewarm Christian? How can you tell if you are being a lukewarm Christian? The message to the Laodicean church is for us. Christ laments that His church is lukewarm and in a spiritual condition that sickens Him. Thinking we are rich, increased with goods and in need of nothing, we are blind to our true, deplorable condition. What can we learn from the experiences of the rich young ruler and Nicodemus, who were also rich, increased with goods and in need of nothing? These two men both had close experiences with Christ, but the results upon their lives was vastly different from each other. What is the one job that the rich young ruler refused to do? What must you do to avoid making the same mistake? Through this talk you will learn how not to be a lukewarm Christian.
12/20/202152 minutes, 32 seconds
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A Restored Kingdom

The purpose of prophecy is not just for us to know what the future holds, but to help us prepare for Christ’s restored kingdom. The last part of Revelation opens with a vision of Christ returning to earth riding on a white horse as a victorious conqueror, describes 1000 years when the saints reign with Christ, the final battle, and the restored kingdom. What event marks the beginning of the millennium and what will happen during the 1000 years? Where is the bottomless pit? What is Armageddon and where does it happen? What is heaven like? How can we secure our place in God’s kingdom? Discover the Eden-to-Eden perspective of Bible prophecy. Be empowered by the knowledge of what God has in store for us.
12/20/202156 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Fall of Babylon

Revelation 17 shows a startling picture of the far-reaching consequences of false worship. Using repetition and enlargement, God reveals details of Mystery Babylon, the power that opposes Him and His people right until Christ’s return. Revelation 17 is the last great unmasking of Babylon the Great, Satan’s counterfeit, persecuting worship system that is setting up its new world order in these last days of earth’s history. Who is Mystery, Babylon the Great (Revelation 17:5)? Who are her daughter harlots? Daniel Pel looks back into history and opens God’s Word to reveal the truth about this great apostate. The prophetic scene has been set and is all ready for the final events to unfold before our eyes. Are you ready?
12/20/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Final Battle

The whole world is embroiled in a conflict between darkness and light and each of us is caught up in it. Revelation 13 and 14 depict the climax of the controversy and describe two groups of people who choose one side or the other. What are the messages of the three angels in Revelation 14 and how are they relevant to us? Scripture contains no stronger warning from God to humanity than that given by the third angel in Revelation 14:9-10. How does the warning apply to us?What is the everlasting Gospel? What is the image of the beast? What does the Bible say about the mark of the beast and the seal of God? Find out why the message of the third angel is present truth for our time.
12/20/20211 hour, 35 minutes, 58 seconds
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Revelation’s Two Witnesses & The Key to Overcome

Revelation 11 talks about two witnesses prophesying in sackcloth. Who are the two witnesses? Applying the clues given in the prophecy takes us back to Old Testament stories to identify the two witnesses. What is the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit to make war against the two witnesses? What event is portrayed by their dead bodies lying in the streets of the great city called Sodom and Egypt? Learn God’s message to us in the prophecy of the two witnesses and understand the experience He wants us to have. Discover the key in this prophecy that will enable us to be overcomers in the final struggle of earth’s history.
12/20/202159 minutes, 53 seconds
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A Movement of Prophecy and an Approaching King

The sequence of the events of history are prophesied in the judgments announced by angels with seven trumpets. What events fulfilled these prophesies? What were the locusts that tormented men for five months in Revelation 9? What remarkable event marked the end of this time period? What was John’s sweet/bitter experienced portrayed by the eating of the little book in Revelation 10? What is Christ’s message to us in the seven trumpets? See the unfolding of Christ’s timeline through the fulfillment of prophecy in the events of history. Where are we in relation to Christ’s return? Discover the surprising answer!
12/20/202153 minutes, 29 seconds
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Revelation’s Countdown

What does the scroll sealed with seven seals represent in Revelation 5? Why did John weep when no one was found worthy to open the sealed scroll? In this presentation, we turn to stories of the Old Testament for clues to help identify the contents of the sealed book. In the stories of Jeremiah, Ruth, and in the Jewish laws, we see parallels that help us to recognize the significance of the sealed book. Who are the 144 000 and the great multitude? Why is there silence in heaven for half an hour? Find out how you can have your name written in the Lamb’s book and have your title restored.
12/20/202159 minutes, 4 seconds
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Letters from a Lonely Isle

The visions of John which are recorded in Revelation cover the whole period of Christian church history until the Second Coming of Christ. Daniel Pel explains the dual application of the letters to the seven churches as being literal messages to real churches in his time, as well as providing a panorama of the Christian church through the centuries. See the progression of history as portrayed in the letters to the seven churches and find out how close we are to history’s climax – the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
12/20/202159 minutes, 50 seconds
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Final Deliverance!

What is the time of trouble spoken of in Daniel 12:1? Who is the archangel Michael? What are the time periods referred to in Daniel 12:7, 11, and 12? What is the significance of the prophecies of the 1290 and 1335 days in Daniel 12:12? Daniel 12 is the short and final chapter of the book of Daniel, but it’s packed with important information for God’s people. In this presentation, Daniel Pel explains why, though we are about to enter a period of trouble the world has never experienced, we can still have confidence and the assurance that Jesus will stand by us and deliver us.
12/20/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Peek Behind the Scenes

Daniel 11 is perhaps the most detailed prophecy recorded in Scripture and reveals the spiritual battle that’s been going on behind the scenes throughout history. Chapter 11 covers significant events of history until the time of Christ’s return.What were the historical events that fulfilled the details of the first part of the vision? How did these events set the stage for what will take place in the time of the end? What power is represented by the king of the north in the last five verses of Daniel 11? How is Daniel 11:45 good news for God’s people living at the end of time? Find out in this Daniel 11 commentary and study.
12/20/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 54 seconds
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A Judgment in our Favor

The latter part of Daniel 7 to the close of Daniel 9 contain earth-shaking prophecies that we need to understand. They include God’s judgment scene in heaven (Daniel 7:9), the 2300-day prophecy, and prophecies identifying the Messiah. What is the cleansing of the sanctuary? Why did this prophecy make Daniel sick? How do the prophecies of the Messiah unmistakeably point to Jesus Christ? Daniel Pel gives a study on the Mosaic sanctuary, revealing details of Christ’s ministry and keys for understanding the sanctuary prophecies in Daniel 7-9. Find out why the judgment is good news for God’s people.
12/20/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Rise of the Antichrist

What does the Bible say about the antichrist? This episode opens the study of the prophetic chapters of the book of Daniel beginning with Daniel 7 which introduces the antichrist. What does the word “antichrist” mean? How does Lucifer fit both parts of the antichrist definition? Which power is he using on earth to fill the role of antichrist even today? With thorough Scriptural references and statements recorded in history, Daniel Pel gives a point-by-point study on the antichrist and reveals its unmistakable identity. Who is the antichrist? Where does he reign? How long will he hold power? Find out in this unforgettable presentation.
12/20/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Story of Three Kings

Before covering the stories of Daniel 4-6, Daniel Pel presents a brief history of the last kings of Judah before Jerusalem was attacked by the Babylonians. He reviews the 100-year-old prophecies that were fulfilled to the letter by the siege and 70-year Babylonian captivity and shows that the Bible records truthful accounts of history that have been verified by archaeology. An introduction to prophetic terms later used in Revelation is also given. Learn about God’s appeals to kings Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Cyrus, and Darius. See how God’s word and power have eclipsed the plans and decrees of the greatest monarchs of history. Discover God’s faithfulness to His people in this study of the historical first part of the book of Daniel.
12/20/202159 minutes, 44 seconds
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Prophetic Symbols & The Future of this World

Do you know the Nebuchadnezzar Dream? This dream, found in Daniel Chapter 2, contains the foundational prophecy which the later prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are built upon. Understanding this prophecy is the key to understanding what God has revealed about the end of time and how we will be affected. What do the metals of the Nebuchadnezzar Statue in Daniel Chapter 2 represent? How has history confirmed the exact fulfillment of the prophecies given in King Nebuchadnezzar's dream? How can we know for certain that the kingdoms of Europe will never unite? What does the future hold? Discover the message of the Nebuchadnezzar Dream.
12/20/202143 minutes, 16 seconds
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A Lost Kingdom

In this introductory study of the book of Daniel, Daniel Pel shows parallels between the world of Daniel the prophet and the world of today. As Daniel was a captive, so we are captives in a world taken over by God’s enemy. How did our world become a place of conflict and suffering? What does the book of Revelation contribute to our understanding of this conflict? Why should Daniel and Revelation be studied together? Though Daniel was stripped of all his possessions and even his name, what was the one thing that could not be taken from him? Find answers to these questions and more in this revealing study.
12/20/202143 minutes, 16 seconds
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Light Shining in Darkness and the Last Great Deception

In this episode, Eric Wilson shares his testimony of deliverance from the demonic forces that had come into his life through martial arts. He explains how he found freedom as he, by faith, laid claim to the promises in the Bible. Martial arts had been Satan’s door to take possession of his life and only by the power of God could he get free. Learn about Satan’s ultimate goal and how he uses Eastern mystical practices to take possession of God’s temple. Discover how to be free from his control.
12/17/202150 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Serpent's First Lie - Pantheism and the Roots of the Tree

What is the philosophy behind all the different forms of Eastern mysticism? This episode looks at pantheism, or nature worship, and spiritual formation. What are the origins of these practices? Is Eastern mysticism the way to spiritual enlightenment and unlimited power? Many people think so. Famous, influential people have popularized New Age ideas. Have Christians fallen for the lie, as well? Have we been duped by the same lies that deceived Adam and Eve? Find out how Eastern mysticism has crept into the churches and religious institutions through spiritual formation. Discover just how dangerous the mingling of truth and error can be.
12/17/202152 minutes, 9 seconds
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Science or Sorcery - Miracles, Myths and Magic

This episode looks at the history of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, reiki, acupuncture, qigong, yoga, and kinesiology. Are these practices safe? Or is there perhaps something much more sinister working behind the scenes? Satan is the master of counterfeiting the truth, often using sorcery to mimic miracles. Could Eastern “health” practices be a form of sorcery in the devil’s bag of tricks? What is the source of power in traditional Chinese medicine? The Bible tells us to test the spirits. Learn how the Eastern healing arts compare with God’s Word and ways.
12/17/202147 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Path Into Darkness and the Shadow of Doubt

In this presentation, we look at martial arts and spirituality. Many think of martial arts as providing useful self-defence skills, a good way to become physically fit, and a way to improve confidence. But few consider the spiritual element. Yet, martial arts and spirituality are closely linked. Many martial arts emphasize self hypnosis and emptying the mind through deep breathing. The spiritual practices incorporated in martial arts are pagan in origin and open the doorways of our minds, allowing evil forces to come in. Find out how Eastern mysticism has drawn many away from the true path of Christ and has led them into darkness. This episode reminds us that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against powers and rulers of darkness.
12/17/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 18 seconds
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A Step Onto Enchanted Ground - The Seduction of the West

What is the history of martial arts? How did Eastern mysticism develop? Why is there such an emphasis on light and darkness in Eastern philosophies? Learn about the inroads of Eastern mysticism into Western culture. What influence does it have on our views and perceptions today? In this exciting first part of the series, learn how martial arts are a counterfeit of God’s way. Could the popularization of martial arts and Eastern mysticism in Western culture be a tool to get us accustomed to more violence, more sexuality, and more liberalism? Find out in this eye-opening episode.
12/17/20211 hour, 44 seconds
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The Third Temple

Construction plans have been drawn up, temple coins have been minted, priests have been appointed, red heifers are ready for sacrifice and temple furnishings are prepared. Will the third temple usher in the Messiah’s earthly reign? Expectations for the building of a third temple rise from dispensationalism. Where did this theology come from? Is it Biblical? Jesuits Francisco Ribera and Cardinal Robert Bellarmine introduced dispensationalist teachings in the 1500s as part of the counter-Reformation. Nevertheless, dispensationalism has gathered millions of Protestants into its net. What does this theology do with Jesus Christ? What is the central issue behind preparations to build the third temple? Walter Veith looks at God’s purpose for Israel, the plan of salvation and the third temple.
12/15/20211 hour, 29 minutes, 40 seconds
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Mind of God

In Philippians 2:5, the Bible tells us, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." How do we have the mind of Christ Jesus? Learning to have the mind of Christ will help you avoid the endtime deception of the mark of the beast. Many people will take the mark of the beast because they haven’t learned in daily experience to trust in the Lord with all their hearts. They will lean upon their own understanding and deceive themselves into going along with Satan’s plan, even believing that their disobedience to God is righteousness. How could they be so deceived? Could it happen to us? Many of us have entered into careers, marriages, lifestyles based on lies we’ve fashioned for ourselves through leaning on our own understanding. It is possible for us to so deceive ourselves that we may even look in the Bible for verses that validate our sinful course. In the end, we deceive not only ourselves, but others also. Christopher Hudson examines principles that will help us to trust God with all our hearts and avoid the traps of Satan.
12/15/202146 minutes, 35 seconds
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Foundations of Our Faith

As we look into the word of God to understand the symbols of John’s vision, we discover that God has given us a blueprint to follow to build our characters. The blueprint is there in Revelation 10 and incorporates seven pillars. If we build on these seven pillars, when the rains descend and the winds begin to blow and beat on our houses and try our characters we’ll stand because God was the One building our houses, fashioning our characters. The question is, Is God building your house? Or have you made some amendments to His plan and submitted your own version to God?
12/15/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 55 seconds
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Scripture tells us in 1 Peter 4:17 judgment begins in the house of God. The signs around us tell us probation is about to close and the time has come that judgment must begin at the house of God. Why must judgment begin with God’s people? Because when you made a profession of your faith you entered a not guilty plea, believing that Jesus paid the penalty of sin for you. Your profession of faith gives you the right to a trial with an examination of the evidence. How will your case go? In this presentation, Christopher Hudson looks at Jesus’ answer to the man who asked, “Lord, are there few that be saved?” Learn what it means to strive and find an entrance into the heavenly kingdom.
12/15/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 58 seconds
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Enduring the Crisis

When God speaks of a patience that will strengthen us to endure a crisis, He points us to Job. There are many important life lessons we can learn from Job. Satan took all that he had in a day but left Job’s wife, his bride, to be a snare to him because she was nearest to him and had influence. But Job had the same two character traits that must be possessed by the 144 000. He withstood the crisis. Job vindicated God’s character by showing that God was worthy of his love, and that he would rather die than dishonour Him. Does your relationship with God look like Job's?
12/15/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 40 seconds
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Diet of Perfection

Isaiah prophesied of the special spiritual diet of the Messiah and it is our privilege to be nurtured by the same spiritual food. But what was the spiritual food that Jesus ate? In this study, Christopher Hudson examines symbolic food terms found in the Bible and what they represent. What are the characteristics of mature and immature Christians, the distinguishing features that are not dependent upon how long a person has been a Christian? Has your spiritual diet made you a burden on the church? Are there truths that God would like to reveal to you but cannot because He knows you would not be able to bear them? How can we know the truth about our spiritual condition? Learn about the spiritual diet that God has provided to mature you and perfect you in Christ.
12/15/20211 hour, 33 seconds
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Am I a Man or Beast

Living like Jesus is a struggle for many of us. There are many Scriptures about living like Jesus, but how does one achieve this? Are you living up to God’s high calling? When we live to ourselves, absent-minded of God’s grand purpose for our lives, we live like the beasts that perish (Psalm 49:20). And those who live like the beasts will receive the mark of the beast. If we really understood what God’s purpose for us is, it would radically change the way we live our lives. Every decision we make would be guided by the overarching principle that God made us to reveal His character which is His glory. But how can a finite being reveal the character of an infinite God? In this presentation, Christopher Hudson looks at how this is possible and what it means to be an overcomer.
12/15/202145 minutes, 30 seconds
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Build Me a House

What can we learn from a study of the typologies of the third temple and Solomon’s temple? Why was the temple built on the threshing floor of Ornan? What startling parallels are there between the endpoint of the Gihon River and the endpoint of the river seen by Ezekiel? Where did the blood poured out at the base of the altar go, when God expressly required that blood be poured out upon the ground, not upon a marble floor? And what applications do these facts have for us today? Through a study of typologies, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at God’s covenant with David in relation to the work that He’s called us to do in these last days. Find out what’s required of us and what’s at stake.
12/15/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 51 seconds
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Babylon Has Fallen Part 2

Why does Revelation 13:4 say people will worship the dragon? What does the Bible say about the elements of dragon worship? Are people being deceived into worshiping the dragon now? Revelation identifies a worship system at the end of time that is in direct opposition to God, set up for the worship of Satan himself. Revelation 13: 4 says, “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast.” What is this system and how can it be identified? What are the three issues raised by the dragon in Genesis that mark the dragon’s worship system?Has the world been deceived into worshipping the dragon?
12/15/20211 hour, 19 minutes, 48 seconds
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Babylon Has Fallen Part 1

Are the messages of Revelation 18 still relevant to God’s people? Who is Babylon? Have we forgotten what we once taught? Who will give the Loud Cry if the church is fast asleep? The headlines show that we are standing on the very brink of eternity – massive charismatic revivals are springing up under the leadership of popular preachers, the wall between church and state is being swiftly demolished, the pope has breached the gaps between world religions including Islam, and daily headlines trumpet world-changing events that are happening with lightning speed. Have we fallen asleep? Will God have a remnant to prepare those living in the last days for Christ’s coming?
12/15/20211 hour, 23 minutes, 46 seconds
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Light Upon the Path

What did the Great Awakening accomplish? How did the Great Awakening set the stage for the Advent movement and the messages of William Miller? How did the Seventh-day Adventist Church emerge from this historic period? Are the doctrines of these movements relevant today? The close of the 18th century was marked by a very low period in Christianity in North America so God worked a mighty revival known as the Great Awakening. It was during this period, the great Advent movement swept through North American churches, preparing a people for the second coming of Christ. Today, the gathering work continues as God prepares a remnant that will stand in the final conflict.
12/15/20211 hour, 29 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Character of God on Trial

What is God like? Is God a wrathful deity? Can He be charged with evil? How did the doctrine of predestination affect how American Protestants thought about the character of God? The Protestant Reformation accomplished much in restoring Biblical truth to the world. But these truths were met with opposition and persecution. Fleeing Protestants carried their beliefs to North America where God continued to correct doctrinal errors and guide His people toward greater truth. One of the errors that needed to be confronted was the thought that God is a wrathful deity. Professor Water J. Veith looks at such doctrines as predestination, grace and the law of God and how our understanding of these issues affects our views of God. See why this is a vital, life-and-death issue.
12/15/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 29 seconds
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Pearls of Truth in Settings of Gold

What is the history of religious liberty in America? Why is knowledge of the history of Protestantism in North America important? The Protestant Reformation brought many forgotten truths of the Bible to light and, as a result, Protestants were driven out of Europe. Many fled to North America and so it was that on the North American continent God gathered the distinct jewels of Biblical truth that came out of the various streams of Protestant theology, now scattered among many denominations. Will He gather His people into one movement? And if so, will there be another great conflict?Professor Walter J. Veith explains why the United States of America will play an important role in end-time events and why history is bound to be repeated in our modern age.
12/15/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 5 seconds
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I Think Therefore He Is

What will the new world order look like? Will it be a kingdom of God on earth? We’re told in Hebrews 11:10 that Abraham looked for a city whose builder is God. In contrast, those who have authority to rule are looking for a city of their own making and are building a “kingdom of God” on earth. What will that coming kingdom be like? Professor Walter J. Veith examines papal encyclicals to catch a glimpse of the shape of this earthly city. The buzzwords associated with it sound so noble and good. But what do terms such as “religious freedom,” “common good,” and “universal destination of goods” mean, and how will the implementation of these phrases affect God’s people?Find out why those who believe the Bible must recognize and separate from the mindset that is at enmity with God.
12/15/20211 hour, 45 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Herodian Mind Part 2

Who rules the world? Who is the second beast of Revelation 13 who exercises power on behalf of the antichrist? In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the second beast of Revelation 13. Those who rule the world today are in conflict with God and His followers, just as they have been throughout history. Those who have the mark of Cain and have been permitted to rule can exercise their power to a limit which God sets and when that limit comes, He will bring their dominion to an end. Today we are at point where the same principles that applied to the close of probation in all the other kingdoms are coming to a head in our time. We are heading for the final cataclysm and it is our duty to make people aware of the danger they are in.
12/15/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Herodian Mind Part 1

Who are the rulers of evil who have authority to rule over the disobedient as Cain did? How was Cain marked and set apart from God’s people? “Every false religion . . . has been based on the Cain principle, that man can depend upon his own merits and righteousness for salvation” (ST, December 23, 1886). Through history, the rulers of evil have followed in the steps of Cain. Who rules with Cain’s authority today? Professor Walter J. Veith answers this question in this introductory lecture on the Herodian mind.
12/15/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 59 seconds
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Without Me You Can Do Nothing

Jesus said, “Without Me you can do nothing.” How will we bring the Three Angels’ Messages to a world that sees no need for Christ and salvation? What tools has the enemy used to bring about such a mindset in society? Professor Walter J. Veith gives a history of Jesuit theatre and discusses the effects it has had in all its forms upon society’s mindset. Christ has given us a commission to carry the Three Angels’ Messages to the world. But how can we do this when society has been dumbed down and we’re living among the spiritually dead? It will only happen through faith in Christ, because without Him we can do nothing.
12/15/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 22 seconds
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A Double Portion

The stories of God’s interaction with His people in the days of Elijah and Elisha are full of lessons and warnings for those who are entrusted with the Elijah message in these last days. What can we learn from these stories? Elisha requested that a double portion of Elijah’s spirit be given him. What does it mean to receive a double portion? In the early rain experience of Adventist history, 50 000 Christians joined the Millerite movement. But after the shaking, only 50 remained. Will the Adventist church in our day experience a similar result? How can we prepare to withstand the shaking? The pillars of Adventism must be maintained and we must plead for a double portion of the Spirit to meet the crisis that is just ahead of us.
12/15/20211 hour, 35 minutes, 41 seconds
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Righteousness by Faith in Verity Part 3

The year 2017 was a pivotal year for ecumenism as the world speeds toward religious unity. The charismatic movement is playing an important part and Christians are pointing to signs common among charismatics as proof that the Holy Spirit is with them, regardless of doctrinal differences. Is speaking in tongues, or other manifestations, all that’s necessary for religious unity? Walter Veith looks at the World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit in which religious leaders and political leaders gathered and signed religious unity documents. Can world peace exist when Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is excluded?
12/15/202150 minutes, 16 seconds
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Righteousness by Faith in Verity Part 2

How does Christ’s blood provide for the remission of sins? How does the selling of indulgences align with Catholic teaching on justification? Catholicism teaches that because Christ lived a perfect life, His merits, along with those of Mary and the saints, are stored in a treasury that can be accessed by sinners in ways prescribed by the church. However, the Bible teaches that “without shedding of blood is no remission” (Hebrews 9:22). Are the two views compatible?In this lecture Professor Walter J. Veith compares Catholic teachings on justification with the Protestant understanding. Why does Protestant theology insist on the necessity of the shedding of Christ’s blood, while Catholic theology does not? And how has Catholic teaching on this issue contributed to the development of other Catholic doctrines such as purgatory, indulgences, and praying to saints? In brushing aside these important questions to establish unity with Rome, are Protestants selling their birthright as Esau sold his?
12/15/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 45 seconds
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Righteousness by Faith in Verity Part 1

Do we really understand the doctrine of righteousness by faith? Why is the law essential to the righteousness of Christ? What is the relationship between law and grace? The Bible clearly defines righteousness by faith, but there is also a false righteousness by faith which Satan is using to deceive people. We must know the difference between the two if we are to avoid the mistake the Jews made when they rejected Christ their King and chose Caesar instead. In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith studies what the Bible teaches on justification and compares it with statements Protestants have agreed to in the document Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification.
12/15/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 50 seconds
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Verily My Sabbaths

What is the essence of the 4th Commandment? Is the Sabbath about a ritual or a relationship? What is the essence of the Sabbath commandment? Is it possible that we could be the best of Sabbath-keepers and have a form of religion, but miss the kingdom of God because we have missed the essence of the Sabbath? In Verily My Sabbaths, Professor Walter J. Veith explains why keeping the Lord’s day means having a real relationship with God. Learn about the benefits of a deep and meaningful bond with our Heavenly Father.
12/15/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 12 seconds
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How to Think About Science in the Age of Evolution Part 2

Who is in control of what we consider to be science? Learn about the true nature of how science is actually created. Explore some examples of paradigms in science. With all this newfound knowledge about the true nature of science, how are we, as God’s people, to think about science? How can we be witnesses to others who are followers of "Science"? Discover what it means to stay faithful to the Lord and how we can guard our minds against scientific deception in our world today.
12/14/202141 minutes, 36 seconds
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How to Think About Science in the Age of Evolution Part 1

Science is sometimes considered the pinnacle of human knowledge and understanding. This type of thinking has created a term called scientism. But what is scientism? And what about things science can’t explain, such as morals, politics, and religion? If science is so important, why does it not solve all of our life questions? Thomas Bentley explores these questions and more in How to Think about Science in the Age of Evolution.
12/14/202127 minutes, 51 seconds
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There are no Miracles

Do miracles happen or can they be explained by science? People often try to justify miracles with scientific explanations of chemical reactions and unproven theories. Those who attack miracles are not only evolutionists, but church leaders and members are also striking out against miracles. Why do seemingly religious people try to find systematic and scientific explanations for divine miracles? Thomas Bentley shows us that this final hook of there not being any miracles is not just confined to science, but exists in the Christian church itself. Witness how liberal theology is destroying Biblical truths and how many are worshiping liberalism and culture instead of the word of God. Bentley reveals proof for different prophecies in the Bible, showing us that miracles did, and still do occur. Keep your eyes open and your minds sharp to how our culture tries to hide miracles from view. Watch this important final video of this series and decide for yourself whether we have miracles happening today.
12/14/202152 minutes, 24 seconds
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Love is Just a Chemical Impulse

In our culture, many people dissect love and attribute the idea of love to a chemical reaction and evolution. They say what people call love is just a chemical reaction. In part five of this series, Thomas Bentley poses the question, “Is love just a chemical reaction?” Listen to the evolutionist view of love, and see how evolutionary theorists have diminished the beauty and selflessness of love. Contrast that view with the creationist view of love, which teaches that God has given us the choice of selfless altruism, caring, and love. Bentley explores different theories on the origin of love, and how these manifest differently in our modern society. How has Darwinism skewed and tainted the notion of Godly love? This video discusses how we are not merely mechanisms loving randomly and for our own gain, but we are cleverly and intricately made with love, to love.
12/14/202144 minutes, 37 seconds
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You Have No Choice

Do you believe in the survival of the fittest and genetic determinism? Are we really all products of our genes, believing and acting as we do just because our genes are sequenced a certain way? If that is so, then we have no choice in the matter. We do not make conscious decisions but only act in ways determined by our genetic programming. Perhaps you have seen articles and programs about how smoking or alcoholism is genetic. Now, however, there are more extreme writings that claim sexual preference, altruism, and even infidelity are genetic. This slippery slope leads our generation to believe that anything we do is a forced action from our genes. In this episode we define genetic determinism and look at the notion that genes control everything.
12/14/202145 minutes, 31 seconds
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There is no Evidence for Creation

In the third video in this series, Thomas Bentley explores the differences between naturalistic philosophy and materialism and explores the question, Is there evidence of creationism? Can we find scientific evidence of creationism? See how materialism has given us weak substitutes for God that many people are putting their faith in, and what those differing belief systems mean to our culture. See how our belief systems can drastically affect the world around us, and witness how people are quickly succumbing to nature worship instead of worshipping the one true God. Bentley reveals the ways in which the language of our DNA and the complex life systems on our planet prove intelligent design by a Designer. With all this proof, why are evolutionists still convinced that life happened by accident and chance? Bentley expresses warnings and the dangers of our choices of incorrect belief systems. Watch this captivating video and decide for yourself which belief system is correct.
12/14/202155 minutes, 13 seconds
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Only Evolution Fits the Data

Have you heard the saying, “Only evolution fits the data”? It is repeated throughout the scientific world, but as we see in this video, it is not true. Evolutionists have three main arguments: random mutation, natural selection, and time. In fact, there are many problems with evolution. Thomas Bentley debunks the veracity of each of these arguments and reveals many instances of falsified scientific data and incorrect theories. See how evolutionists have planted a seed of doubt in our minds, causing many to believe in evolution when there is no hard evidence and every seeming proof has been disproven.
12/14/202156 minutes, 46 seconds
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Science is Just about Facts, Religion is Just About Faith

Thomas Bentley contrasts secular culture's belief that religion is just about faith with the belief that everything we hear from science is a fact. This creates what seems to be a battle between science vs religion. Witness as scientists and evolutionists are left speechless and without supporting evidence for the theory of evolution. Why is it that people still believe in evolution if they cannot even support it? Can we still accept evolution as true, in the face of all this data proving otherwise? Bentley proposes some reasons why evolution is still taught as fact in our schools, and why it is still so popular. In this episode we look at the science of archaeology to show that Biblical Christianity is historical and true, resting on a foundation that is filled with scientifically verified facts. On the other hand, science is shown to be totally faith-based.
12/14/202147 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Final Elijah

Who is Elijah? What were the issues at stake in the times of the first and second Elijahs? What is the message that Elijah must bring to restore all things? Who will the final Elijah be? What characteristics will the final Elijah have? Who was William Miller and what similarities did he share with the earlier reformers? What was the Great Awakening and how widespread was it? What are the five doctrinal pillars of Adventism? What is the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church? And is Seventh-day Adventism a cult? Professor Walter J. Veith leads a Bible study on the final, antitypical Elijah. It is a study of the defining features of God’s remnant people described in Revelation 14.
12/14/20211 hour, 51 minutes, 7 seconds
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History's Endgame

There is such a confusion of ideas about Christ’s coming kingdom that it’s time to go back to basics. What does the Bible say about the return of Christ? In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith presents a Bible study on Jesus’ Second Coming. Is there a secret rapture? Who will live through the time of trouble? Does the Bible speak about the millennium? Where will Armageddon take place? How will Jesus come again? What will happen when He comes? The Bible clearly defines, in unmistakable detail, Christ’s Second Coming. Why, then, is there so much confusion about this pivotal event? This video provides Biblical answers for these and many other questions about Jesus’ Second Coming.
12/14/20211 hour, 37 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Coming Kingdom

Many are expecting the kingdom of God on earth to be set up very soon. But could this earthly kingdom be a deception? This video presents information to help people understand why Jesus said, in answer to the question about His Second Coming, “Be careful that no one deceives you.” Professor Walter J. Veith shows how the devil has managed to hide his identity and to deceive people into believing that the kingdom he is setting up is the kingdom of God. What new theology has infiltrated the Christian church in recent years to cause Christians to forget Biblical teachings? Is it true, as proponents of The Seven Mountains Initiative believe, that when the church controls business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family, and religion that the kingdom of God and the millennium of peace will be ushered in? Or will it be the devil’s new world order?
12/14/20211 hour, 47 minutes, 17 seconds
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Charismatic Renewal

What kind of fire from heaven will the lamb-like beast use to deceive the world? Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His role? How does the Holy Spirit reveal Himself? Why is it essential to know who He is and how He works? How can we test the spirits? What are signs of the work of the Holy Spirit? The Bible clearly defines the work and role of the Holy Spirit so that none need be deceived. In this episode, Professor Walter J. Veith applies the Scriptures to test the spirit made manifest by the charismatic movement. This is a Biblical exposé of what the spirit of the charismatic movement is. It is an appeal to Pentecostals, in particular, to reconsider the basis of the movement and see where it is leading.
12/14/20211 hour, 37 minutes, 25 seconds
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Two Allies, the Beast and Its Image

The analysis of antichrist is continued in this Revelation 13 study where Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the chapter verse-by-verse. Who is the first beast of Revelation 13, which has the same characteristics of Daniel 7’s little horn power? How will the world be deceived into worshiping the dragon? What was the mortal wound that the beast received? How was the mortal wound healed? Is the mark of the beast a literal, physical mark? What is the underlying issue surrounding the mark of the beast? Could the movement for Sunday as a day of rest and a day free from commerce have anything to do with these things? These questions and others are answered in this in-depth study of Revelation 13.
12/14/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 4 seconds
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Twisting the Ten Commandments

What relationship exists between God’s law and the character of God? Can anyone change God’s laws? One of the Antichrist’s identifying features is that it will change times and laws. Has the Antichrist done this? Has a new authority taken the place of God? Are the human rights God-given, as the Pope has said? Are they based on God’s laws, or on something else? If they’re not based on God’s laws, whose laws are they? What god is the authority behind them? Who is behind the morality that’s being legislated all over the world today? This is the issue facing humanity today: Who has authority over my moral choices? Is it the God of heaven? Or another god?
12/14/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 35 seconds
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Protestants, Prophecy, and the Papacy

Who is the little horn of Daniel 7? Why were the reformers so certain of Antichrist’s identification that one of them, Georg Nigrinus, could say that the Bible was so clear about Antichrist’s features that his identification was unmistakable and “as true as it is that Jesus is the Messiah”? What is Protestantism and what does it mean to be a Protestant? In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the history of Protestantism and reformed theology. Learn where the church began to stray from Biblical teachings and what has happened in recent times to confuse Protestant thinking. If the reformers were right and the modern theologians are wrong about the little horn and Antichrist’s identity, it must be one of the greatest deceptions of all time that has come upon the world.
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Creation Restored

Must there always be conflict between Christians and evolution? Are science and religion compatible? Is it possible to be a Christian evolutionist? More than 15 000 Christian clergy who have signed the Clergy Letter Project believe it is. Many feel that to reject evolution is to choose scientific ignorance. Is that the case? Though Charles Darwin started off in his academic career with the goal of becoming a clergyman, he couldn’t reconcile the idea of a beneficent Creator with the violence he saw in the natural world. He concluded that Scripture was not a reliable source of information, there was no revelation and never had been, and there was no God. In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at genes and the factors that influence their expression. Might Darwin have come to a different conclusion had he know what we know now?
12/14/20211 hour, 32 minutes, 34 seconds
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From Crete to Malta Part 5

In making peace with Rome, have Protestants given up their loyalty to King Jesus and said, “We have no king but Caesar”? This video concludes analysis of “From Conflict to Communion” with a look at transubstantiation, papal infallibility, and the Lutheran church’s rejection of Luther’s identification of the pope as Antichrist.In “From Conflict to Communion” Lutherans deny that their church originated with the Reformation and have apologized for their very existence. In admitting to guilt for “damaging the unity of the church” they are denying the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the Reformation. This video demonstrates that none of the issues of the Reformation have been resolved. Learn why the time has come for those who’ve been crushed by the iron foot of Rome to make a choice and to stand either with the King of kings or with the king of this earth.
12/13/20211 hour, 33 minutes, 19 seconds
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From Crete to Malta Part 4

Has the surrender of Protestantism set the stage for last day events? For unity with Rome, Protestants have cast aside key Bible doctrines. But at what cost? And what will the results be? In a highly significant move, Lutherans were the first of the Protestants to sign “From Conflict to Communion” and are working toward full visible unity with the Roman Catholic Church. Because the prophecies that were understood by the Reformers have been rejected, there is now a vagueness about what is happening in the world and Christians seem unaware of the danger signs. Were the issues that sparked the Protestant Reformation resolved by Vatican II or have they intensified? Look at the issues and decide for yourself.
12/13/20211 hour, 49 minutes, 34 seconds
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From Crete to Malta Part 3

What is the history of Jesuit drama? What is the connection between Jesuit theater and today’s entertainment industry? Revelation 13:3 says, “All the world wondered after the beast”. The word “wonder” implies a captivation of the mind. One of the most powerful weapons of deception that Satan has in his arsenal is entertainment media. What are the modern-day manifestations of Jesuit theater? How is it shaping modern thinking and setting the stage for the last great conflict between Christ and Satan? The world seems hypnotized by on-screen entertainment. Discover the role Jesuit drama has played in setting the stage for last day events.
12/13/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 36 seconds
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From Crete to Malta Part 2

What role has Jesuit education played in Satan’s war strategies against Christ and His people? How do the military orders of the Roman Catholic Church operate? What was the purpose of the creation of the Jesuit Order? And what has this got to do with Gnosticism and its entrance into the church? The Jesuit Order was ousted from most European nations in the 18th century and was finally banned by the Pope himself in 1773, only to be reinstated in 1814. What happened there? Might “The Art of War” shed some light on this subject? What have the Jesuits accomplished since that period in their history? Military orders such as the Knights of Malta and the Jesuits are in positions of great power and influence today. What are they accomplishing through events we hear about in the news? What are their plans? Will they succeed? Find out!
12/13/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 50 seconds
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From Crete to Malta Part 1

Jesus told us to watch the prophetic signs of the end so that we won’t be caught by surprise. One of those signs is the talk of peace and safety by world leaders as they make plans for a better world and work for religious unity. What was accomplished by the World Alliance for Peace Summit in the push for unity of religions?The final confrontation between Christ and Satan is opening before our eyes. Who are the two key players of Revelation 13 who are acting their parts in these last days? These are the ones to watch if we are to avoid being taken in the snare. This introductory lecture sets the stage for an examination of Bible prophecy, history and current world events to show us where we are and where we’re heading.
12/13/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 40 seconds
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A Price to be Paid

Has the Protestant Reformation lost its relevance? Why do Protestants not know or care about the issues Protestant Christian martyrs were willing to die for? This presentation is a call to return to the Reformation principles upon which so many stood and died--a rekindling of the Reformation. Professor Walter J. Veith reviews the sacrifice of four almost-forgotten Protestant Christian martyrs that stood for truth in England: Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley, John Rogers, and Hugh Latimer. What were the events that led to their executions? What were the doctrinal positions that they defended with their lives? What beliefs upheld them in the face of severe suffering? In this episode, we visit the sites of Protestant Christian martyrs. Did they die in vain?
12/13/20211 hour, 21 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Typology of Deliverance

Should God’s people fear the final judgement? Why, instead, should we be grateful for it? Typology of Old Testament stories of deliverance shed light upon the deliverance of God’s people at the time of the final judgement described in Revelation. What led up to the disastrous judgments that fell upon Jerusalem when the city was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD? When did Christians stop keeping Sabbath and begin keeping Sunday and why? Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the typological elements of familiar Bible stories and fills in the details with information archaeology has revealed. What can history tell us about how prophecy will be fulfilled in the end? Why is the final judgement a thing not to be dreaded by God’s people? Take a fresh look at old stories that have important lessons for us today.
12/13/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation Part 2

What is New Age Christianity and where did it come from? How did New Age teachings infiltrate the Christian church? What have the Jesuits got to do with New Age Christianity? What are modern-day manifestations of Jesuit infiltration into Protestantism? Is the work of the counter reformation still going on? In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the signs of New Age Christianity and connects the dots between the major influencers of society and Roman Catholic ideologies. What do people like Robert Schuller, Oprah Winfrey, Rick Warren and Joel Osteen have in common? Who’s behind the teachings of Willow Creek and other mega churches? Where is Christianity heading? The world no longer remembers what the Protestants really stood for or against. This presentation explores the impact of Jesuit theology on religion today.
12/13/20211 hour, 51 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation Part 1

What is the counter reformation and who is behind it? Who are the Jesuits and why was the Jesuit Order established? What is their role in the Catholic Church? In recent times, Jesuits have become prominent in news reports of significant international events. How do Jesuits fit into current world events? Are the Jesuits still relevant? The great Protestant Reformation changed the world. But forces arose almost immediately to nullify its monumental effect and to bring the world back into line with papal teachings. Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the Jesuit Order and its role in the counter reformation. Find out about the success of Loyola’s Jesuits and how they have effectively rewritten history.
12/13/20211 hour, 55 minutes, 25 seconds
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Heritage of Israel

What is dispensationalism? Many Christians believe that God has divided history into distinct dispensations and deals with each dispensation differently. Is dispensationalism a Biblical notion? Is this what the Bible teaches? What erroneous doctrines are supported by dispensationalism? Will modern Israel fulfill Bible prophecy in the near future? What was God’s ultimate goal and purpose in gathering Israel from among the nations? Why did He set them apart? How important is it to establish a genealogical connection with the lost tribes? Will the 144 000 be made up from these lost tribes? How does the Jewish nation fit into Bible prophecy and current events? Find out about Israel’s role in the last days.
12/13/20211 hour, 53 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Fourth Man in the Furnace

What impact do equity laws have on religious liberty? How are rights and freedoms being destroyed under a pretense of protecting rights and freedoms? How are Jesus Christ’s Messiahship and Godhood under attack even in Protestant churches? In this presentation, Professor Walter J. Veith explores the many inroads that the one-world religious movement has made in religious thought and society. If you thought there were differences between religions, think again. In recent times, popes have made a public show of embracing non-Christian religions. Why is the Papacy promoting acceptance of Buddhism, Islam, shamanism, and other non-Christian religions? Who will benefit from an amalgamation of all religions? Who will become the high priest of a one-world religion?
12/13/20211 hour, 42 minutes, 33 seconds
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They Have Made Void Thy Law Part 2

Antinomianism is a rejection of law. God’s law is especially under attack but so are the laws of civil society. What movements are we seeing in both religious and secular society for the removal of God’s laws and even morality? How has international law replaced the laws of God? How have equality laws impacted society’s view of God’s law? How does the Catholic church’s social doctrine replace God’s laws? Did the reformers reject the Ten Commandments? Discover how the international community has been coerced into rewriting God’s laws to the point that it is considered unfair and discriminatory to practice God’s laws, to pray in Jesus’ name, to worship God on His Sabbath, and even to exalt Jesus as the Son of God. Find out how fascist ideologies will shape the new global society. See what astounding efforts have been made to set up the legal right to replace Jesus the Son of God with the false New Age christ.
12/13/20212 hours, 10 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Beamable Sustainable Princes

Is there a hidden agenda behind the rapid push toward sustainable development? Could the events of the Middle Ages still be affecting us today? What information about church and state relationships is hiding in titles such as “esquire” and “liege”? What was the concession Britain’s King John made to Pope Innocent III? Is it binding today? Professor Walter J. Veith explores the issue of sustainable development and the fascinating history of England’s crown and its forfeiture to a religious power. Learn how it came about that England and its former colonies are all vassals which belong to Rome and how an agenda of worldwide control is being foisted on Earth’s inhabitants. History has startling answers to why we are seeing certain players on the world stage. Find out more in this significant and eye-opening presentation.
12/13/20212 hours, 23 minutes, 7 seconds
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They Have Made Void Thy Law Part 1

What will be the rule of law in the new world order? Will it be the Ten Commandments? Or Roman Catholic natural law? Who is behind the removal of God’s Ten Commandments in society? God’s laws are not to be tampered with, but one by one the Ten Commandments are being attacked and made void. Every precept of God has been marginalized and reduced. They are being wiped out of our constitutions and international laws. In this episode, Professor Walter J. Veith examines the assaults against God’s Ten Commandments. Satan has been subtly working to obliterate God’s law in society. How is he doing it? Learn the alarming truth about the new fascist human rights laws and Roman Catholic natural law that are being touted by the UN and the Papacy as the answer to the world’s problems.
12/13/20211 hour, 39 minutes, 26 seconds
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Let There Be Light

Why were the Middle Ages also known as the Dark Ages? What was dark about that period of history? Could it be that light was being hidden? As the Roman Empire crumbled, the Roman Catholic Church’s power grew. By Martin Luther’s day, the Catholic Church was ruling the known world of Europe. It was dictating policy to kings and queens. The masses were illiterate, the Bible was chained to a desk, and to think for yourself was heresy. People were controlled by fear and their only hope for salvation was through obedience to the church. The spiritual darkness that existed during that time was deep. Since the time of the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Church has been trying to regain the power it lost because of the Protestant Reformation by uniting all religions. Professor Walter J. Veith traces the life of Luther and looks at what the Church today has done to reunite the world under its authority.
12/13/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Twin Pillars of the Reformation

Many people are asking, Who is the Antichrist? The Reformers all knew and agreed on the identification of the little horn of Daniel 7:8. Why is this not common knowledge anymore? What has the Antichrist done to mask his identity? There are two pillars of the Reformation which are still important today. The first is the centrality of Christ and His work of salvation. But few know the other pillar of the Reformation, the identity of the Antichrist. Find out why the Reformation’s founding principles are still as applicable today as they were in the 16th century. Discover the lost identity of the Antichrist!
12/13/20211 hour, 44 minutes, 33 seconds