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Am I The A**hole? Podcast Mini-Episodes (AITApod)

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 6 episodes, 1 hour, 4 minutes
All the things you know and love about the unofficial podcast of r/AmItheAsshole but in shorter versions. Maybe you're looking for a specific situation or you just like to scroll or something. Submit and find all our links at
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Am I The A-hole For Telling My Parents in Law They're Boring? (Reddit Stories)

A  listener writes in saying that they recently had to sit down with their painful parents-in-law. It cannot be denied, they are BORING, but does that mean that it was OK for listener to call them out on it? A lot of you need to hear this one, FOR SURE. See our submission form and all other links, including full episodes at 
5/23/20196 minutes, 11 seconds
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Am I the a-hole for returning a wedding ring?

A listener writes in after her boyfriend proposes to her in a not-so-ideal situation. She loved the vacation, she loves him, but she just can't imagine looking back and remembering a HOTEL room as where she was asked. Is she the a-hole? 
5/23/201914 minutes, 58 seconds
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Why Do People Hoard? Is Hoarding OCD?

Have you ever wondered what is the root cause of hoarding? Us too, compulsive hoarding is definitely a topic worth understanding. It's easy to judge a hoarder, or want to just clean the heck out of their house, but those aren't the cures for hoarding. Why do hoarders hoard? Well it's not OCD and it's not as simple as you'd seem, watch to learn more. Submission, Comments, Full episodes, EVERYTHING:
5/22/201914 minutes, 40 seconds
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Am I The A-hole for not paying my wedding planner?

A listener writes in asking if not paying her wedding planner may be a valid move. It seems that the wedding planner did a lot of stuff. For instance, she was at the wedding. OK, that's literally all she did. This is one heck of a reddit-esque story. We also go on to talk about how you have a right to demand what you ordered from anyone. Get what you pay for people!  Submission, Comments, Full episodes, EVERYTHING:
5/22/20196 minutes, 41 seconds
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AITA for not attending my own wedding?

u/thrwy594 debates not attending her own wedding. The thing is - mom is paying and she still has grandparents alive. ARe you really entitled to say "f off, whole family, I want a court house thing ONLY."  Full eps and all links at:
5/21/20198 minutes, 31 seconds
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Would I Be The Asshole If I Kicked My Pregnant Wife to the Street?

u/stupidtest_14 is really going through it. His wife is eating ALL of the food he makes. Then she's complaining that it ALL sucks. He finally loses his mind after a rando girl hits on him after the gym. He shoots her down bc he's freakin' married and then what, then it turns out IT WAS A TEST PUT ON BY THE WIFE. Is that grounds for leaving her prego self?
5/15/201913 minutes