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Hey! We are Ash and Katy, this is our podcast, Always the Last to Know! Growing up we were taught how to live in the world, everything was going fine…until literally, the entire world changed, thus making everything we had learned essentially obsolete. Needless to say, Mr. Feeny and Cory Matthews did not prepare us for social media takeovers, taxes, or making our way through an insane world where an entire generation is trauma bonded. It feels like we missed entire lessons on things so the goal is to fill in the gaps of our education- from discussions on current laws to clones, from N.A.T.O to what's hidden under melting glaciers, join us while we attempt to navigate our way through the world, figure out adulthood, and hopefully learn something new along the way!
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S2 Ep88: Secret Cities

This week we have a special episode topic chosen by one of our Dream Maker Patreon subscribers, Bailee! Ash knew nothing about this topic when she started writing her notes, so this was truly a learning experience for all. Reminder, if you would like to pick an episode topic, sign up for our Dream Maker tier of our Patreon! SOURCES https://www.theguardian.
26/11/202332 minutes 20 seconds
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S2 Ep87: Ranked Choice Voting

This week, we learn about an innovative method of voting that would allow for equal opportunity for 3rd party candidates. We learn about the pros and cons of changing our system to ranked choice voting. We also learn about the different stages of political party systems the United States has cycled through. SOURCES <a href=";utm_campaign=Rank+Choice+Voting&amp;utm_source=adwords&amp;utm_medium=ppc&amp;hsa_acc=2833943392&amp;hsa_cam=20284138772&amp;hsa_grp=145582066050&amp;hsa_ad=662820095171&amp;hsa_src=g&amp;hsa_tgt=kwd-339918182565&amp;hsa_kw=ranked%20choice%20voting&amp;hsa_mt=b&amp;hsa_net=adwords&amp;hsa_ver=3&amp;gclid=Cj0KCQiAmNeqBhD4ARIsADsYfTfQV7oMexIebuBOrI4pkCoMhwinBu4x5ODMKwYGGn2PhJo
19/11/202325 minutes 18 seconds
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S2 Ep86: Announcement Regarding Sunday 11/12!

10/11/20232 minutes 3 seconds
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S2 Ep85: Separated at Birth

Katy tells us about a psychological study that took place in the late 50's and the 60's, the repercussions of which are still being felt today. Links to donate &amp; give aid to the Palestinian people To purchase e-Sims so that Palestinians can contact the outside world and their loved ones using the Internet, please follow Mirna el Helbawi, she has a ton of information on exactly what to do to donate Donations for humanitarian aid Donate - Medical Aid for Palestine Palestine Red Crescent society  https://www.palestinercs.
05/11/202335 minutes 11 seconds
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S2 Ep84: Halloween Special: Mystery at the End of the World

Welcome to our Halloween Special! Join Ash, Katy, and their wonderful friend Hayley on an adventure to the end. Stay tuned for special social media content at the site of the mystery location. Happy Halloween Listeners! SOURCES Mark Pappas - Camp Hero - Montauk, NY | Camp Hero History Youtube Video -  <a href="https://www.britannic
29/10/202355 minutes 16 seconds
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S2 Ep83: The Hatton Garden Heist

Today Katy tells us the tale of the last great heist of some of the most prolific burglars in England. SOURCES ht
22/10/202329 minutes 18 seconds
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S2 Ep82: Women's Financial Rights

This week we discuss women's financial rights in America. We go over a timeline of different legislation and their impacts. We also discuss how some legislation only positively impacted white women, or were more favorable to white women. Intersectionality is something that is desperately needed in our country's systems. SOURCES <a href="
15/10/202337 minutes 54 seconds
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S2 Ep81: The Willow Project

We're back, to learn about The Willow Project. Ash gives us the lowdown on what the project is and who started it. We also learn about how the government has handled the project, and what happening now on a legislative level to save Alaska's wilderness from climate change impacts. Earthjustice Sierra Club Sierra Club of Alaska The Wilderness Society Trustees for Alaksa Greenpeace SOURCES <a href="
08/10/202317 minutes 12 seconds
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The rules are simple... just follow us on socials, and like and comment on our giveaway posts on tiktok or instagram! Winners will be announced on October 4th, good luck! **This is very real lol, we are you giving you a chance at the tickets that we were planning on using but have to give up since we'll be out of state creating content for the Halloween episode!**
27/09/202351 seconds
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S2 Ep79: Unconventional Oil Spill Clean Up Methods

This week, Ash teaches us about how hair has become part of the fight in cleaning up oil spills! Find A Hair Boom Salon Near You: Sources htt
24/09/202325 minutes 20 seconds
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S2 Ep78: Scientology Part 2

As promised, Scientology Part 2! This week we delve more into who David Miscavige is and what his influence on Scientology has been. We also hear the stories of people who have escaped Scientology, including Leah Remini. PODCASTS: Fair Game with Leah Remini and Mike Rinder Blown for Good: Behind The Iron Curtain of Scientology Surviving Scientology Radio BOOKS TO CHECK OUT: 'Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology' By Leah Remini 'Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape' By Jenna Miscavige (David's niece) 'Ruthless' By Ron Miscavige (David's father) A Billion Years: My Es
17/09/20231 hour 13 minutes 58 seconds
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S2 Ep77: Freedom of Information Act

Hi Listeners! Scientology will be back next week, we promise! This week, Ash teaches us all about the Freedom of Information Act. Since this entire podcast is all about educating ourselves, we figured we'd bring you some info on how to make requests from government agencies for documents, and share the history of how FOIA came to be. Sources <a href="ht
10/09/202334 minutes 26 seconds
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S2 Ep76: Katy vs. Mike - Hypothetical Situation Showdown

This week we are taking a small break from Scientology and giving you some hypothetical situation questions. Ashley judges between Katy and Katy's husband, Mike, on who has the best answers. Attention Mike's Aunt Susan... maybe skip this episode, your nephew gives some *unhinged* responses.
03/09/202326 minutes 18 seconds
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S2 Ep75: Scientology Part 1.5

The topic of Scientology has turned into a bigger project than we thought it would, so here's an episode where we go over the players in the game, we give some more context to things we learned about in part 1, and we really dive deep into how Scientology took on the IRS. Sources Going Clear HBO Documentary (WARNING: THIS IS THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE. TREAD LIGHTLY) <a href="https:/
27/08/202348 minutes 20 seconds
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S2 Ep74: Scientology Part 1

Katy is starting a deep dive into some different cults, and this week we are starting with Scientology! We learn about the beginnings of the "religion" in this week's episode. We discuss the ways in which L. Ron Hubbard began his journey with Scientology by using a special type of therapy that is very similar to the cognitive behavioral therapy that is common today, and how that morphed into what we now know Scientology to be. Sources
20/08/202355 minutes 9 seconds
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S2 Ep73: Naming Hurricanes

This week we learn about the history and current systems of naming hurricanes. Here are some mutual funds to help support Maui in the wake of the fires: Maui Nui Strong: Maui Food Bank: Aloha United Way: Chef Hui: Maui Humane Society: Sources <a href="https://www.nhc.noaa.
13/08/202312 minutes 14 seconds
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S2 Ep72: The WGA & SAG AFTRA Strikes with Clara Sterling

This week we have a fantastic discussion with Clara Sterling about the writers and actors strikes, specifically in Los Angeles. Clara has been spilling the strike tea through her TikTok account, and today we go a little more in depth on some of the aspects of the strikes that she has reported on. Clara has been participating in the picket lines, and we urge you to check out her social media for accurate updates on what is going on with the strikes. You can find Clara on TikTok @thatclarafied &amp; on Instagram @clarafied33.
06/08/202347 minutes 43 seconds
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S2 Ep71: The Effects of Climate Change on The Bahamas

To our listeners in The Bahamas, this episode is dedicated to you! For months now, you have keep us in the Top 100 Society &amp; Culture Podcasts for your country on Apple Podcasts. The love does not go unnoticed, ever. We get so excited every week when we receive our chart update email. This week, we learn about the negative effects that climate change is having on your beautiful islands. The majority of the blame falls on larger countries, who have a bigger impact on our climate, when it comes to the extreme weather and rising sea levels that are impacting the Bahamas. We also discuss the different actions that the leadership of The Bahamas are taking to lessen their own carbon footprint. Sources <a href="https://www.greenclima
30/07/202329 minutes 45 seconds
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S2 Ep70: Body Brokering

This week, Katy tells us all about the ethics, or really the lack thereof, behind donating your body to science. We hear very real examples of what can go wrong when there aren't guidelines and checks &amp; balances in place for these kinds of organizations. It is not all doom and gloom though! Stick around til the end to hear about the places that are doing right by the dead &amp; their families. Sources <a href="
23/07/202344 minutes 11 seconds
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S2 Ep69: Having Your Shit Together Is A Lie

This week, Ash leads us through a discussion based episode. We talk all about the societal pressure to have your shit together, what it looks like to have your shit together, and if we think the notion is real or not. Ash asks Katy 6 questions during the episode. We would love to hear your answers, please share them with us on our Instagram and Tiktok accounts! Sources
16/07/202350 minutes 16 seconds
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S2 Ep68: Update on Ash's Dog, Chalupa

We apologize for no episode this week. We hope after you hear the update on Chalupa that you can understand why we are taking a week off. We love you all, listeners.
09/07/20232 minutes 6 seconds
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S2 Ep67: Media Literacy, Fast Fahion, and Super Computers

And we're back! Thank you for your patience while we took a weekend off. This week, we'll be discussing the importance of media literacy &amp; we have some updates regarding fast fashion and the AI world. Tiktok Ash mentions in the episode: Stonewall Rebellion - Gina Tonic
02/07/202337 minutes 14 seconds
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S2 Ep66: Quick Announcement!

We apologize for no episode this week. We have been a bit overwhelmed the last two weeks with general life things, and we've currently embarked on a "get our friend a puppy 5+ hours away from home" mission. We promise we'll be back next Sunday with a fantastic episode for you! - Ash &amp; Katy
25/06/202348 seconds
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S2 Ep65: Magnus Hirschfeld & the First Trans Clinic

This week, Katy teaches us about the complicated history of German physician and sexologist, Magnus Hirschfeld. We learn about his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, the world's first trans clinic, and the community of support he helped build. SOURCES:
18/06/202331 minutes 22 seconds
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S2 Ep64: Drive Us Forward: A Conversation with Maria Weston Kuhn

This week we speak with Maria Weston Kuhn, Founder of Drive Us Forward and car crash survivor. Drive Us Forward is a Gen Z led 501(c)(3) non-profit organization advocating for the end of gender inequity in automobile safety standards. Maria tells us about how her experience as a crash survivor led to her activism and to starting the foundation. We hear her perspective and experience when it comes to working with elected officials to address the gender inequities in our policies surrounding car crash testing, the kinds of test dummies we use, and how we can hold government entities accountable for their inaction on the matter.  You can find Maria on Instagram, @mariawkuhn. You can find Drive Us Forward on Instagram and Tiktok, @driveusforward. You can also visit their website,  Sign their petition! <a href="
11/06/202344 minutes 23 seconds
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S2 Ep63: Crash Test Dummies Update

This week, we go over some updates that have developed since we released our Crash Test Dummies episode. Sources
04/06/202326 minutes 14 seconds
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S2 Ep62: Dr. Feelgood Part 2

This week we cover the rest of Max's story. This is where he gets absolutely unhinged in his medical practices y'all... definitely a TW for drug use and abuse with this episode. Sources  Dr. Feelgood by Richard Lertzman (;context=L&amp;vid=01NLM_INST:01NLM_INST&amp;lang=en&amp;adaptor=Local%20Search%20Engine&amp;tab=LibraryCatalog&amp;query=lds04%2Cexact%2C7704062)
28/05/202351 minutes
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S2 Ep61: Dr. Feelgood

This week we finally discuss Dr. Feelgood, after all the connections to historical figures that we've discussed thus far. Katy tells us all about his early years in this episode, how he got his start in medicine, and his experiences in Nazi Germany as a Jewish man. Sources: Dr. Feelgood by Richard Lertzman (;context=L&amp;vid=01NLM_INST:01NLM_INST&amp;lang=en&amp;adaptor=Local%20Search%20Engine&amp;tab=LibraryCatalog&amp;query=lds04%2Cexact%2C7704062) <a href="
21/05/202344 minutes 57 seconds
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S2 Ep60: Environmental Emergencies in Hawai'i

This week, we have our first update episode. We pick up where we left off at the end of our O'ahu Red Hill Spill episode. There have been several environmental and legal updates since we last spoke of these spills. Sources <a href="
14/05/202330 minutes 33 seconds
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S2 Ep59: Wild Weekly News

This week we give you a taste of what one of our segments on Patreon sounds like. We hear about searches for meteorites, stolen cadavers, and a doppelgänger poisoned by cheesecake. Enjoy!
07/05/202330 minutes 51 seconds
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S2 Ep58: The Cult of Pythagoras

This week we get mathematical (not really though, cus it makes our brains hurt) and we learn all about Pythagoras and his cult of followers! Sources https
30/04/202334 minutes 55 seconds
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S2 Ep57: Oysters: A War Story

You may be asking, what do oysters have to do with war? We tell you in this week's episode! Join us for a crazy historical tale that spanned nearly a century. Sources </di
23/04/202338 minutes 47 seconds
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S2 Ep56: Crash Test Dummies

This week, Ash drops some knowledge about the gender, age, and body size disparities in the process of car crash testing. We hear about how the first crash test dummy was made, what the testing standards started as and what they are today. We also learn about what some of our legislators are doing to progress testing standards. Petitions Sources <a href="
16/04/202349 minutes 31 seconds
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S2 Ep55: Trips Through Time Or Just Tripping?

This week, Katy tells us all about the time traveling tales of Andrew Basiago. We hear about his alleged involvement in a DARPA project as a child, his "trips" through time and space, and his official affidavit to the U.S. government about the project as an adult. Sources
09/04/202342 minutes 29 seconds
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S2 Ep54: The Electricity Wizard

Happy Anniversary to us! It's been 1 year today since we started Season 2, and there's no end in sight! This week we both tell you the story of an incredible scientific mind! Sources https://www.ener
02/04/20231 hour 34 minutes 53 seconds
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S2 Ep53: The Pink Tax

This week we're learning about the pink tax. We discuss multiple ways that it affects all genders and racial groups differently. We bring up side by side comparisons of different products and discuss studies done on the pink tax. We end off the episode with the failed and passed state and federal legislation on the topic, and provide some petitions that listeners can sign to let our legislators know how we feel about the pink tax. All petitions can be found below in the sources. Sources <a href="
26/03/20231 hour 3 minutes 6 seconds
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S2 Ep52: The Mother of WiFi: Hedy Lamarr

In this week's episode we cover Hedy Lamarr's incredible life story. Katy teaches us all about Hedy's early life and how she fled from her first husband and his connections to Nazi Germany, how her persistence in speaking up for herself landed her a job in the U.S. film industry, and how she tinkered in her spare time, which lead to the invention of a crucial piece of technology. Here is the story of an icon who definitely has not received the recognition she deserved for how incredible her mind was. Sources BOMBSHELL: The Hedy Lamar Story
19/03/202352 minutes 5 seconds
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S2 Ep51: A Conversation with Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman

To celebrate Women's History Month, we had a conversation with Congresswoman Coleman about the start of her career in public service, honoring her father's legacy, the way many of the bills she has sponsored interconnect with prison reform, and her hopes for the future of our country. It was an absolute honor to be able to speak so candidly with someone who has taken great strides in her leadership roles to protect Americans, specifically marginalized communities. We hope you enjoy this insightful and passionate conversation.
12/03/202326 minutes 55 seconds
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S2 Ep50: Not So Fyre Festival

This week Katy takes us down the rabbit hole that is the disastrous Fyre Festival. We learn all about the man behind the festival and his many schemes and scams. We also spill the tea about who was involved with the Netflix documentary, and why we definitely prefer the Hulu doc.  SOURCES Hulu's Fyre Fraud  Netflix's Fyre
05/03/20231 hour 12 minutes 35 seconds
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S2 Ep49: CROSSOVER: Let's Not Label Eleanor Ft. Sweet Baby Gay Podcast

This week we have our first crossover episode ever! We talk with Abbey of Sweet Baby Gay Podcast all about Eleanor Roosevelt and her relationships. We discuss a flight with Amelia Earhart, her friendship with Anna Genovese, and the love letters between her and Lorena Hickok. You can find Sweet Baby Gay Podcast on Instagram @SweetBabyGayPod And here's a link to listen to them on Spotify Sources  Book: The Three Graces of Val-Kill by Emily Herring Wilson <a href="https://www.fdrl
26/02/20231 hour 10 minutes 21 seconds
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S2 Ep48: Jake Bird & Inadequate Legal Representation

This week we are featuring our first ever Patron picked episode! Thank you Katy Bjorkman, you lovely Dream Maker, for this week's topic! We start by telling the story of serial killer Jake Bird, and then shift into an explanation on inadequate legal representation. We cover three facets that contribute to the issue; lack of funding, lack of ethical standards, and racial biases &amp; discrimination. Sources <a href="ht
19/02/202355 minutes 16 seconds
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S2 Ep47: Ghosts and Time Travel

You'll quickly realize that Ash lost her voice, but we didn't want to leave ya'll hanging this week, so please enjoy this off the cuff episode about time travel and ghosts.
12/02/202315 minutes 22 seconds
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S2 Ep46: Norma Jeane Series Interview: Lauren Bowser

Welcome to our first bonus episode! We have a fantastic interview with Lauren Bowser, Mortuary Practitioner and all around bad ass. We talk about the ethics behind Marilyn's funeral and resting place, the auction of the crypt next to her, and we get some questions regarding Marilyn's autopsy answered. 
07/02/202341 minutes 19 seconds
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S2 Ep45: Part 4: Marilyn Monroe: A Feminist Icon

This week we bring you the final installment of our Norma Jeane series. This episode is lengthy and filled with a lot of information that can be very upsetting, so we ask that you take breaks while listening if necessary. Extra trigger warning for topics such as suicide, drug use, death, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and medical abuse. Sources Books: My Story by Marilyn Monroe The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe J. Randy Taraborrelli Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon by Charles Casillo Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Death, Movies, &amp; Facts Marilyn Monroe is found dead Marilyn Monroe's Death: Her Sudden Passing and Its Aftermath <a href="
05/02/20232 hours 28 minutes 4 seconds
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S2 Ep44: The Real Norma Jeane - Part 3

Buckle up folks! You're in for a long one this week. We continue with Norma Jeane's life story. We cover the end of her relationship with Joe DiMaggio, her friendships with Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, her time at the Actors Studio, the start of her film company, and her tumultuous relationship with Playwright Arthur Miller. We also dive into her miscarriages, eating disorders, and endometriosis, so please be aware of this before listening. We also provide a trigger warning at the beginning of the episode. Sources Books: My Story by Marilyn Monroe The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe J. Randy Taraborrelli Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon by Charles Casillo Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Death, Movies, &amp; Facts Marilyn Monroe is found dead
29/01/20231 hour 36 minutes 3 seconds
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S2 Ep43: The Real Norma Jeane - Part 2

We continue on with Norma Jeane's life story in this week's episode. We discuss her films, which ones helped her career and which didn't, her relationship with film execs, her introduction to and relationship with Joe DiMaggio, the reappearance of her mother, and so much more. Sources Books: My Story by Marilyn Monroe  The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe J. Randy Taraborrelli Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon by Charles Casillo Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Death, Movies, &amp; Facts Marilyn Monroe is found dead Marilyn Monroe's Death: Her Sudden Passing and Its Aftermath Fact o
22/01/20231 hour 3 minutes 47 seconds
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S2 Ep42: The Real Norma Jeane - Part 1

Katy brings us the beginning of Marilyn Monroe's, née Norma Jeane's, tumultuous and enchanting life. We hear about family back story that gives us a look into the events that shaped Norma Jeane's life and personality. We want to do our best at telling her story in the most respectful manner, considering the way society has not always had respect for her, in her life and her death.  Sources Books: My Story by Marilyn Monroe  The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe J. Randy Taraborrelli Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon by Charles Casillo Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Death, Movies, &amp; Facts Marilyn Monroe is found dead Marilyn Monroe's Death: Her Sudden Passing and Its Aftermath <br
15/01/20231 hour 2 minutes 34 seconds
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S2 Ep41: O'ahu: Poisoned by the U.S. Navy

The Navy has been leaking jet fuel into the landscape of the Hawaiian Island of O'ahu for decades. We learn how long these leaks have been occurring and we learn about the leaks that have occurred since the beginning of 2021, that have caused a massive public outcry against the Navy. There were copious amounts of human errors that led to devastating consequences for the surrounding communities, the land, and the wildlife. We must hold our military and government leadership accountable for their atrocities. Sources AP News Teen Vogue Sierra Club https://sierraclubhaw
08/01/202339 minutes 37 seconds
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S2 Ep40: Important Announcement from Ash 12/31/2022

Dropping by with an announcement about the episode that was planned for 1/1/2023
31/12/20222 minutes 4 seconds
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S2 Ep39: The NSA Banned What?

Merry Yule friends! This week Ash is taking us on a trip to the late 90's to hear about the time the NSA banned a popular home item from entering their premises. Enjoy this lighthearted episode for the holidays, we'll see you in the New Year! Sources <a h
25/12/202234 minutes 35 seconds
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S2 Ep38: JFK: The Assassination Part 2

This week we bring you the final episode in the JFK series for the year! We discuss all the crazy coincidences and dive into the different conspiracies behind the assassination. Katy asks Ash what she believes happened now that she's learned all about JFK and the events on that fateful day. <a href="
18/12/20221 hour 40 minutes 10 seconds
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S2 Ep37: JFK: The Assassination Part 1

We have finally reached the last day of John F Kennedy's life, and ready to begin the first part of this infamous day in November. Sources: James Patterson- House of Kennedy Docuseries- American Dynasty (found on discovery+) JFK: The Lost Tapes JFK and The Unspeakable- James W Douglass This is the website Katy was
11/12/20221 hour 11 minutes 27 seconds
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S2 Ep36: JFK’s Time in the White House

This week, Katy lays out the ground work for who exactly may have wanted John F. Kennedy dead after his time in the White House. From the Bay of Pigs disaster, through the Cuban Missile Crisis and his many affairs, JFK made quite a bit of enemies. Join us while we prepare to cover his assassination next week. Sources James Patterson’s House of Kennedy American Dynasty Docuseries
04/12/202238 minutes 21 seconds
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S2 Ep35: JFK: The Early Years

This week Katy gives us the low down on the way JFK was prepped for his political career by his *cough cough horrible cough* father. We also discuss the beginning of his relationship with Jackie O. and his many illnesses. Covering the context of how his early years directly relate to his future assassination. SOURCES:  American Dynasty Docuseries  James Pattersons House Of Kennedy  JFK Revisited By Oliver Stone
27/11/202235 minutes 13 seconds
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S2 Ep34: The Kennedy Curse

Curse...or Karma? This week we begin our deepest dive ever, all leading up to John F. Kennedy's assassination. We begin with Joe Kennedy Sr. and his rags to riches story, including: the death of a few of his children, his quest for political power, his fall out of society, the work he went through to start JFK's political career, and the fate of his daughter, Rose Marie Kennedy, whose horrible treatment inspired her sister to start the Special Olympics. Sources: <a href="
20/11/202243 minutes 33 seconds
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S2 Ep33: Cleopatra's (Maybe No Longer) Lost Tomb

With news about the possibility of finding Cleopatra's Tomb dropping this week, it seemed only right to cover her incredible life, mysterious death, and everything that has happened since. Join us while we refresh ourselves on the details surrounding one of the baddest, most intelligent, powerful, wise, and kindest b*tches in of all time.  SOURCES Documentary "Cleopatra: Sex, Lies and Secrets" from 2020 <a href=""
13/11/202258 minutes 15 seconds
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S2 Ep32: The Violence Against Women Act

This week, we discuss the Violence Against Women Act. We cover the history of it, what it currently entails, and the ways in which it can be improved. We talk about the loopholes that leave some victims of sexual violence on the hook for medical bills from their rape kit and post-assault care, and mull over the ways that these loopholes can be fixed. Sources <a href="
06/11/202234 minutes 4 seconds
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S2 Ep31: Black Eyed Kids

This week we're having some Halloween fun as Katy reads us some truly terrifying tales. Is it real, is it creepy pasta? Let's find out together! Happy Halloween! Sources: <a href="https://keanr
30/10/20221 hour 7 minutes 48 seconds
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S2 Ep30: Executions and Ethics

After last week, we still had a lot of questions about executions, doctors involvement, the ethics behind that, botched executions and the firing squad.  Since we still felt like there we things to cover we took a closer look at last weeks topics, and the American Medical Asscociation's Code of Ethics to see what they had to say about it all. Sources- <a href="
23/10/202248 minutes 48 seconds
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S2 Ep29: The Death Penalty

This week we are discussing the origins of the death penalty and the reasons it still exists in the United States.   Sources: CIVICS 101 - podcast episode about the death penalty and
16/10/202245 minutes 54 seconds
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S2 Ep28: Football, Brain Trauma, and the NFL's Lies

This week we take a look at traumatic brain injuries in football and how the NFL made concussions into a conspiracy in order to protect their pockets.   SOURCES:
11/10/20221 hour 30 seconds
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S2: Special Announcement about Sunday's Episode!

Take a listen for a special announcement about this coming week's episode!
07/10/202212 minutes 23 seconds
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S2 Ep27: Protecting Survivor's Rights to their Rape Kits & Ending the Backlog

This week, Ash informs us of the process of a rape kit and our justice system's backlog of untested kits. We learn about what is causing the backlog and about the short amount of time that many assault survivors have before their kits are destroyed. This leads us to talk about Amanda Nguyen, an activist whose own issues with her rape kit have emboldened her to write new legislation, the Sexual Assuault Survivor's Bill of Rights, and have it passed in Congress and the United Nations. Stay tuned for the end of the episode, we give links to organizations who are trying to end the backlog and change our legal system for the good of assault survivors.   Sources <a href="
02/10/202258 minutes 1 second
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S2 Ep26: What is Happening in Iran

This week we are covering the current protests in Iran over the suspicious death of Zhina Mahsa Amini by Iran's morality police.     Sources: Tiktok user Wakance posted a video on actionable items for Iran, Please seek out their account, if you do not use tiktok we posted it our instagram and facebook.  Opening tiktok from user tytysplanett Actionable Items
25/09/202234 minutes 15 seconds
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S2 Ep25: The Justice System's Revictimization of Abuse Survivors

This week we are staying on theme with our recent discussions about trafficking and sex work. We will be dicussing the cases of abuse survivors being criminalized after defending themselves against their abusers and attackers. We learn about Battered Woman Syndrome and coercive control, and how the courts would rather make these women seem mentally unstable as a defense than acknowledge the actual history of abuse performed against them. We also discuss the issues with certain state's laws that force women to pay restitution to the abuser's families.   Sources <a href="https://www.rollingsto
18/09/202245 minutes 28 seconds
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S2 Ep24: Nuances of Sex Work

After our trafficking episode, we wanted to discuss some issues related to sex work. We dive into the history of sex work, deprogramming the stigma against legal &amp; consensual sex work, and the ways that sex workers have had their lives unjustly impacted by law enforcement. We focus on a specific law that was made with good intentions, but in reality, made it immediately more difficult to track real trafficking victims online and pushed legal sex workers out of having their own full authority over how they work &amp; back into unsafe situations on the streets or with pimps.    Sources Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Season 9 Episode 2 - Found on HBO <a href="https://d
11/09/202238 minutes 40 seconds
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S2 Ep23: Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle

September is here, and we're getting spooky! Katy takes us on an adventure as we discuss the weird happenings of the Bermuda Traingle.   Sources: (lol) BuzzFeed: unsolved episodes can be found on hulu  The UneXplained episode on "strange disappearances" found on hulu  
04/09/202243 minutes 27 seconds
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S2 Ep22: The Lies We've Been Told About Human Trafficking

This week Katy tells us all about the misconceptions and misleading things we've been taught about trafficking and stranger danger. We discuss how there is a major lack of accurate statistics surrounding this issue, why that could be, and how the things presented to us cloud to real issues of human trafficking.    SOURCES;rep=rep1&amp;type=pdf <a href="https://www.ctda
28/08/202242 minutes 19 seconds
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S2 Ep21: Adoptions: A Web of Trauma and Its Repercussions

This week we discuss Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Christian adoption agencies, the "great replacement theory", and forced sterilization of women from Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities with a focus on how it all relates to the trauma in the adoption process for both birth mothers and children.   SOURCES <a href="
21/08/20221 hour 4 minutes 57 seconds
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S2 Ep20: What's Hidden In That Glacier?

This week we discover what has emerged from glaciers as they melt more rapidly due to climate change. This is an aspect we never really considered when talking about the effects of climate change on our planet. The things we'll be talking about range from light hearted to devastating.   SOURCES: https://link.
14/08/202241 minutes 47 seconds
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S2 Ep19: Clones... What Are They All About?

This week, Katy surprises Ash with a topic! We're talking clones! Katy has apparently been hyperfixating on it at work, so now we get to hear all about it! Join us as we discuss different methods of cloning, some successful cloning stories, and the laws surrounding human cloning.   SOURCES
07/08/202246 minutes 53 seconds
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S2 Ep18: Diving into Simulation Theory

This week we take a VERY deep dive into simulation theory (yesss, yes, we know it's scientifically categorized as a hypothesis) what some of the greatest minds around us have to say about it, and just maybe convince our guest that we are living in a simulation.     SOURCES;  Built-In Article- The Why Files-;v=4wMhXxZ1zNM Nick Bostrom- Vox- Scientific American- <a href="https:
30/07/20221 hour 49 minutes 8 seconds
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S2 Ep17: Glitches in our Matrix

This week is a little bit different...Katy covers some real and fictional stories involving simulation hypothesis, and glitches in the matrix that are just unexplainable. Next week we will be back with our FULL simulation hypothesis episode including a phenomal guest. Enjoy!
24/07/202228 minutes 33 seconds
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S2 Ep16: Hidden Paintings & Art Heists

This week we have a more casual episode, with some discussions about past &amp; recent events in the art world!   Sources:  
17/07/202238 minutes 33 seconds
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S2 Ep15: Artificial Intelligence Part 3

We conclude our 3 part series on Artificial Intelligence with a discussion about an information leak from an ex-employee of Google, regarding whether or not an AI system from Google has become sentient.   Sources
10/07/202246 minutes 37 seconds
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S2 Ep14: Artificial Intelligence Part 2

This week we continue our conversation about AI. We hear about accidents involving robots in factories  &amp; errors in self-driving cars. We get into an ethical discussion about the usage of self-driving cars, referencing the trolley problem, and we ponder whether humans need to work at all.
03/07/202247 minutes 42 seconds
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S2 Ep13: Artificial Intelligence & The Ethics Behind It

This week we begin a 3 part series where we cover the history of AI (Artificial Intelligence), accidents involving AI, and the ethics of AI and self-driving vehicles. We will also be discussing the recent headlines of a Google AI possibly becoming sentient. Sources https://blog.robotiq.c
26/06/20221 hour 8 minutes 41 seconds
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S2 Ep12: The Disinformation Dilemma And Its Impact On Society

This week we discuss the differences between disinformation and misinformation, and the harmful impacts both have had on our society.   Sources <a href="
19/06/202242 minutes 43 seconds
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S2 Ep11: This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

This week Katy teaches about what it means to dream! We cover the studies behind where dreams come from, lucid dreaming and its effects on the brain, and more.   Sources
12/06/202245 minutes 22 seconds
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S2 Ep10: The NRA: How We Can Actively Change Its Non-Profit Tax Exempt Status

This week we wanted to talk about a topic that we can actively try to change the outcome of. In light of the terrible mass shootings that have been occurring and the lack of immediate action from certain groups, we wanted to discuss something related that has had a massive bearing on the gun laws in the U.S. The NRA. We will dive into its tax-exempt status as a "non-profit" organization. We'll tell you why it was started, what it has become, which politicians they donate to, and how we can take active steps to change their tax exemption status. The time for action is now.   Mail or Email a tax exemption complaint to the IRS using this link -&gt;   Sources:</
05/06/20221 hour 1 minute 32 seconds
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S2 Ep9: The Ins & Outs of Sex Ed in America

This week Katy teaches us what our schools are actually saying during sex education. We learn about the legislated requirements on a State level basis. We also discuss the newly proposed sex education guidelines in New Jersey and have discussions around consent. If you're a parent looking for resources to begin your childs education, Katy's personal favorite is Sources  
29/05/202249 minutes 19 seconds
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S2 Ep8: The Borough-Based Jail Plan: Impact on Chinatown

This week Ash is discussing a new jail plan proposed by the city of new york. We dive into the public health, environmental, and economic impacts on the residents of Chinatown.   Sources:
22/05/202242 minutes 34 seconds
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S2 Ep7: MK-ULTRA: The Saga Finale

This week we wrap up our series on MK-ULTRA. Katy clues us into the consequences, or a possible lack thereof, that people involved with the projects suffered. We get closure on Frank Olsen's death and Gottlieb gets sued.   Sources will be posted later today.
15/05/20221 hour 7 minutes 56 seconds
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S2 Ep6: mmMKay-That’s ULTRA upsetting- The Subprojects

Katy continues our series on MK-ULTRA with an overview of some of the subprojects. Find out some of the crazy experiments the CIA was doing on while on a quest for mind control, and what institutions played a role in participating in these projects. Sources: Stephen Kinzers "Poisoner in chief"  Transcript of the Joint Hearing before the Select Committee of Intelligence
08/05/20221 hour 37 minutes 57 seconds
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S2 Ep5: The Background Info for MK-ULTRA

Before we can get into the clandestine experiments the CIA conducted on peolple around the US, we need to cover a few important pieces of information.  This week Katy covers Camp Detrick, Operation PaperClip, and the Cold War. We'll learn about how they connect, what they lead to, some of the literal skeletons in the closet of CIA from the 1950's, and what put them there.    SOURCES:  Stephen Kinzer's book, published 2019 Poisoner in Chief  Transcript of the Joint Hearing before the Select Committee of Intelligence
01/05/20221 hour 17 minutes 1 second
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S2 Ep4: The CROWN Act: Hair Discrimination & its Legislation

This week, Ash is discussing the history of hair discrimination against the black community in America. She covers the Tignon Laws, current court cases, and the CROWN Act at state and federal levels. To find your state representative's phone numbers, please go to: SCRIPT FOR CALLING REPRESENTATIVES: “Hello, my name is… I am a constituent of (your state) from (your town) and I am calling to urge (senator’s name) to vote in favor of Bill S. 3167 - CROWN Act. This bill will help protect the black community from unnecessary discrimination. Thank you.”     SOURCES <a href="https://www.naacpldf.
24/04/202250 minutes 4 seconds
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S2 Ep3: The Cost of Fast Fashion

This week, Katy teaches about fast fashion &amp; its faults, including a deep dive into the dark history of fashion, sweatshops, size disparity, and environmental impacts. It is important to note that we believe the responsibility for fixing these issues lies with the companies that create them, not the consumer. SOURCES:
17/04/20221 hour 44 seconds
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S2 Ep2: Havana Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

During Katy's research on MK Ultra, she noticed something that possibly ties into Havana Syndrome, so we figured, why not talk about that this week instead? Have you ever heard of Havana Syndrome? if not, you're in for a wild ride! If yes, probably not with this much detail to it. Join us this week for the wild, speculative story that is... Havana Syndrome!     Sources:
10/04/20221 hour 6 minutes 41 seconds
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S2 Ep1: NATO: Explained

With everything going on in Ukraine, we've noticed a lot of confusion about the purpose of NATO &amp; the functions of Article 5. Don't worry, we were also confused. Ash is bringing you the lowdown on all of your NATO/Ukraine questions. Buckle up, cause this one's a big info dump!   SOURCES: http
03/04/202255 minutes 48 seconds